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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  May 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment wet and cool weather is moving our way. the first alert radar shows this system creeping toward us. that's expected to make for a very soggy saturday. stotesbury cup regatta day two. a live look now at boathouse row. the weather could impact the world's oldest and largest high school rowing event. a live report from the
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schuylkill river is straight ahead. and an emergency landing from a blimp. what we're learning about this unscheduled stop in philadelphia. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i am rosemary connors. it's just after 6:00 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. we've got the rain with us today. let's take a live look outside at the center city skyline. not too bad. it looks a little cloudy but at the moment dry. meteorologist michelle grossman tells us that the wet weather is moving in quickly. >> it will be here soon. we'll see rain overspreading the entire area. lancaster reporting light rain. in the western suburbs we're seeing the rain falling. the clouds will build in for everybody, and the rain will eventually build in as well. looking outdoors. gray skies out there. not too bad right now in some spots. some spots seeing partly cloudy skies. that will change for everyone heading throughout the next couple of hours. weather story today, a soggy saturday. if you're headed out today you want to wear the layers too. it will be cool and damp and
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breezy in some spots. radar showing us exactly what's happening right now. most of us dry still at this point. you can see that's changing pretty quickly. in the next hour we'll see pretty gobig changes. to the south and west we're seeing heavier rain. we can plan on that as we head throughout the later part of our saturday. from time to time we'll see pockets of heavier rain if you're headed out this afternoon into the evening hours. zooming in closer, lancaster seeing rain falling. registering at the airports here. that will be the case throughout the next couple of hours as it nears philadelphia. right now it's cool. warmer than this time yesterday but still cool. we'll be cool throughout the day. the temperatures not going far from here. 57 in philadelphia. 53 in allentown. 56 in wilmington. same story back to the east. 53 in mount holly, 55 in atlantic city. 55 in trenton. the temperatures are warmer compared to 24 hours ago. you'll feel the difference when you step out this morning. as we go throughout the
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afternoon hours, we'll see the temperatures staying put in the low 60s. currently wind speeds 5 to 10 miles per hour. light but gusting higher throughout the afternoon. by the afternoon, it will be a raw day. you need the layers. breezy with winds gusting to 25 miles per hour especially along the coast. rain could exceed an inch in spots. a big-time warmup, 80s in the ten-day. it's day two of the stotesbury cup regatta, the oldest and largest high school rowing event in the world with over 5,000 athletes and nearly 200 teams and rain or shine it's all happening right here on the schuylkill river. monique braxton is live there for us this morning. monique, organizers hoping for the best when it comes to weather but i know they're prepared no matter what comes their way. >> reporter: absolutely. we've seen about four people arrive here so far. two people have grabbed some chairs. it's hard to see them because they -- there is a guy with a
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cool cooler. there are folks set up in two chairs here down by the water. if you go to your right here, you see two people awaiting the other member of the rowing team. >> get ready. >> reporter: hundreds of teams of rowers will descend on the schuylkill river for the oldest and largest high school rowing competition in the country. new this year, the petite singles for male and female seniors. whether they're rowing as single participants or in groups of eight. we spoke with some of the folks who will spend a second day here at the stotesbury cup regatta. >> the competition. you know where to set the standards for next year. kids from ontario, dallas and everywhere in between. >> we're prepared for rain with boots and rain gear. >> reporter: you see one man who is about to set up now to
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operate his own food stand in the next half hour we'll look at what you can expect at the races today. live along kelly drive at the stoits bri regatta setup. monique braxton, nbc10 news. one man is dead overnight and two others wounded in a shooting in north philadelphia. police were called to north 13th street just a block away from temple university hospital around 11:30 last night. an 18-year-old young man was dead after being shot in the head. another man was shot twice and a third victim had graze wound. right now there are no arrests in the case. also overnight a fireworks accident sent a man to the hospital with a hand injury. just after 1:00 this morning police responded to a report of an explosion on mutter street in north philly. the man lost four fingers in the accident according to officers. we have new information on a
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story we first told you about as breaking news last night at 11:00. police are investigating a deadly crash in chester county as a possible dui. sky force 10 was over the route 35 pass in coatesville where the accident involving several cars and a tractor-trailer killed one person. medics took four others to the hospital. reports on social media from witnesses say a driver going the wrong way caused the crash. police shut down the westbound lanes of route 30 for several hours. it's now back open. >> we got reports that a blimp was down. not something you see every day. a blimp crash-landing in philadelphia. two people on board the aircraft, the pilot and a passenger, were lucky and were not hurt at all. federal investigators are looking into the crash in fishtown. it happened last night in a construction yard near i-95. viewers shared this cellphone video with us. by the time our crews arrived as you saw a few moments ago, the
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blimp had deflated. police tell us the aircraft floated down across delaware avenue just missing a utility pole. >> the blimp had a hard landing, had engine problems. it was overheating. the substructure of the blimp is made out of metal. if it hit the wires, we could have a lot different incident. >> as you can see the pilot and his passenger are doing just fine. nobody on the ground was hurt. no property was damaged. the blimp belonged to an advertising agency. many of our viewers sent us their pictures of the blimp. if you would like to see more, check them out on and on the nbc10 app. looking for something to do today? not going to let the rain keep you trapped inside? well, you may want to head out to the rittenhouse row spring festival that's going on rain or shine. this is video from last year's event when the weather was cooperating. the festival showcases some of the area's finest foods and fashions.
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check it out for yourself from noon to 5:00 along walnut street. be sure to bring your umbrella and rain jackets. same advice for the italian market festival today in south philly. the south ninth street italian market festival will go on. head to the nation's oldest outdoor market and eat your way through delicious offerings while enjoying live entertainment and other family fun. eight minutes after 6:00 right now on this saturday. about 57 degrees outside the studios. this morning an officer with the nypd is under fire after he was caught on camera punching a teenager. coming up we'll show you what happened moments earlier that one witness says made him fear for his life. shot at the white house gates. the secret service opens fire on a schuylkill county man whom they say had a death wish. we'll explain.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. we ended the work week so nice. temperatures around 76 degrees. actually above normal. lots of sunshine and a beautiful end to the work week. then the weekend starting out dry right now in most spots but we'll be soggy pretty soon. some spots already seeing light rain falling. outside in philadelphia we're dry and a little gray. cloudy skies in philadelphia. to the east we're seeing some sunshine breaking through the clouds. everyone will see the clouds overtake the area before the rain arrives. this is a live view from our eastern pennsylvania camera. tamp temperatures on the cool side. rain is rapidly approaching the area. most of the heavy stuff still off to the south and west. we're banking on heavy rain coming through later this afternoon and evening hours. for the most part it will be steady and we'll see pockets of
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heavier rain. zooming in a little closer. lancaster reporting some rain right now. it is getting closer and it will continue to spread through the entire area over the next couple of hours. temperatures are cool right now and looking at mainly 50s across the area. 53 north whales. 54 in el roy. parts of bucks county. 51 in newtown. temperatures not going very far from here. some spots staying put in the 50s and some into the 60s. today everyone will see a soggy, damp and cool day. me neshaminy, 64. easton, 65. tomorrow tracking the chance for additional showers and we're tracking a pretty big warmup into the 80s. more on that coming up. this morning, new information into the crash of egyptair flight 804. what investigators now believe happened just before the jet
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went down. plus, cellphones capture what appears to be a sucker-punch by an nypd officer this isn't the only incident at this scene that has investigators looking into the possibility of police misconduct. we'll fill you in on this one after the break.
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the new york police department is reviewing this video that witnesses say shows an officer punching a man in the face. it was taken thursday night when officers chased an illegal dirt biker to a housing complex. while they were arresting that person allegedly involved one of the officers appeared to point his weapon at bystanders.
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minutes later the same officer punches the 19-year-old witness. >> hit him for no reason. hit him real hard. feel like he should be terminated immediately. >> reporter: the officer arrested that bystander. law enforcement sources say that the bystander allegedly yelled "i'm going to kill you" just before the officer reacted. the nypd says the officer has been placed on modified assignment pending an internal review. for the latest on the crash of the egyptair flight. investigators now say smoke was detected in multiple places on the plane just before it crashed in the mediterranean sea. still, the cause remains unknown. search crews are looking for the black boxes right now. they have recovered human remains and wreckage from the flight. there is still no clear explanation for what brought the plane down late wednesday night our time with 66 people on board. egyptian authorities think
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terrorism was the cause. wilmington this morning is mourning the loss of another student. howard high school of technology freshman brandon wingo was shot in the face and killed this weekend. it happened a few blocks from school after dismissal on thursday. the gunman ran away. police have not confirmed a gang connection in this deadly shooting. >> everyone is just praying for, you know, peace in wilmington. unfortunately it is impossible to escape your environment completely, and i think that can be the case here. >> neighbors tell us gang activity is on the rise in the area and gang members keep getting younger and younger. now, that deadly shooting follows the death of 16-year-old amy joyner-francis. she died after a fight inside a bathroom at howard high just last month. three girls have been charged in the case, one of them with negligent homicide. this morning a philadelphia man is wanted on attempted murder charges for allegedly
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trying to run over a police officer in chester county while driving a stolen vehicle. tyrell winchester, seen right here, is considered dangerous. authorities say he intentionally rammed an officer's cruiser with his stolen car during a pursuit. it happened thursday afternoon in willstown township. according to investigators winchester was last seen near ridley creek state park in delaware county. this morning police need your help to find a burglar caught in the act. look at this surveillance video. police say this man broke into a home thursday morning in penn valley. he searched through the dressers in the master bedroom and stole jewelry and electronics. if you recognize the suspect, the police would like to hear from you. now your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. a good saturday. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. tracking rain for today, heavy
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at times especially in the afternoon and evening hours. besides the rain we'll be cloudy, damp and breezy by the afternoon. a cool, raw day. live look outside. dry right now in philadelphia. some spots seeing partly cloudy skies and breaks of sunshine. heading out this morning, depending on where you are, you are seeing partly cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies and cloudy skies and light rain in spots. soggy saturday. that's the weather headline this morning. you will need the umbrella today and into the evening hours. sunday mostly cloudy but we can't rule out the chance of spotty showers in the afternoon. monday too we have a chance for shower showers. drying out on wednesday. wednesday into the mid 80s, thursday into the upper 80s. so get ready for that. right now we're tracking the rain. you need the umbrella today. a look at the radar. most of us dry right now but back to the west you see rain falling.
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lancaster reporting rain. back to the west in parts of washington and maryland seeing heavier rain. we'll see that throughout the afternoon hours. pockets of heavier rain especially around dinnertime, 5:00, 6:00. most of it is back to the west right now. soggy saturday is your weather headline today. we'll track it for you over the next couple of hours. steady rain pretty much all day long no matter where you are. by 10:30, the rain falling. by the afternoon is begins to pick up in spots, especially closer to the evening hours. raining at 2:30. 4:00 same story. throu definitely bring the umbrellas as you head out later this evening. 57 in philadelphia, 53 in allentown. 56 in wilmington. 53 in mount holly and 55 in atlantic city. temperatures not too bad right
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now but they don't go too far from here. if you're headed to the rittenhouse row festival, layer up. by 12:00, 62. 5:00, 60 degrees. maybe wear some layers because we'll see the temperatures staying pretty cool. 59 today. that will be your official high with the rain falling. tomorrow, drier. we could see spotty showers. 17. cool and below normal on monday with the shower chances. 69. the showers extend into tuesday. thursday looking good. 87. that's a warm day! 84 on friday to kick off the memorial day weekend. the weekend not looking bad. as of right now we're looking at saturday and sunday, temperatures in the low 80s. might see a chance for a shower on memorial day. place your bets. the second leg of the triple crown fires off today. on paper it looks strictly like a two-horse race. coming up next, the preakness favorites.
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who the experts are giving the best odds to win. the phils try to stay hot against the struggling braves. highlights coming up in sports.
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♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much,
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to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. 6:24 right now on this
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saturday. today, kentucky derby winner nyquist goes for the middle jewel of the triple crown, the preakness, in baltimore. you're looking at nyquist working out at pimlico yesterday. that's him wearing the red nose roll. the derby chance is the three to five favorite for the race today. on paper it looks strictly like a two-horse race. it doesn't show much imagination but nyquist and exaggerator. nyquist has beaten exaggerator all four times. exaggerator gets a little closer each time. >> they lead an 11-horse field facing the shortest distance of the triple-crown races at a mill a mile and 3/16. the coverage begins at 5:00 this afternoon. this morning thousands of high school rowers are in our area for a major competition on the schuylkill river. we'll take you to day two of the
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stotesbury cup regatta as the rowers and their fans hope the rain holds off for just a little bit, michelle. >> it will hold off for a little bit but not likely for the entire day. a soggy saturday today. cool for the rowers. cloudy view from the cape may camera. we'll track the timing of the rain and let you know how much and will it last into your sunday. the answers in a few minutes. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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this morning rowers will hit the schuylkill for day two of the stotesbury cup regatta. we're live along the river with details on the biggest event of its kind in the world. the athletes rowing in wet weather. tracking rain moving into the area this morning. we'll tell you about the timing for your neighborhood coming up. two years after this fire, a south jersey farmers market is
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set to hold a grand reopening this weekend. good morning and welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 6:30 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking some cloudy skies right now. michelle. >> yes, the clouds have set in. we'll see rain throughout the next couple of hours. yesterday we had bright sunshine and warm temperatures into the upper 70s. today we'll stay put in the upper 50s and low 60s. cool and damp day. also breezy in the afternoon. gray skies in philadelphia. some spots seeing partly cloudy skies but most of us are seeing mostly cloudy skies if not cloudy skies across the area. some of us even seeing the rain. most of the rain is still back to the west. the heaviest to the south and west. this will move through over the next couple of hours and we'll see steady rain pretty much all day long. and we'll see pockets of heavier rain. this is a wider view. we have rain falling in spots. lancaster seeing the rain falling and along 76.
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be prepared for that this morning. for the most part, most of us are dry right now. that will change in thefecti ne couple hours. to the east, 53 in mount holly. 55 in atlantic city. 53 in trenton. the temperatures are a little warmer compared to this time yesterday. about 11 degrees cooler in some spots -- warmer, excuse me. warmer compared to 24 hours ago. clear skies yesterday morning. today we have the clouds that's keeping us warmer. these temperatures not going far from here. as we head throughout the next couple of hours, by 8:00 we're looking at 59. 10:00, 63. lunchtime, 63 degrees. the afternoon, temperatures staying put in the low 60s. cool day for you. notice the winds pick up in the afternoon. it will be breezy. it will be a cool breeze. neshaminy, 61 degrees. temperatures pretty much all in the low 60s, upper 50s.
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bethlehem looking at temperatures in the low 60s. cool day today. we're not even going to be close to the normal 75 degrees. tracking additional showers. monday still showers and finally tracking sunshine and a big-time warmup mid-week. we'll talk about that coming up. today the annual stotesbury cup regatta wraps up on the schuylkill. in just more than an hour from now high school rowers will take to the river for the historic competition. nbc10's monique braxton is live along kelly drive. good morning, monique. >> reporter: half a dozen people have arrived to heat up the grills in what is known as the make-shift food court along kelly drive. they're preparing food for the crowds expected. rowers will descend on the schuylkill river in less than two hours for the oldest and largest high school rowing competition in the country. more than 5600 athletes are
6:32 am
participating this year. 984 boats will be in the water over the two-day event. new this year, the petite singles for both male and female seniors, whether they're rowing solo or in groups of eight. we spoke with some of the folks who will spend a second day here at the stotesbury cup regatta. >> it's insane. you know, it makes you feel really small when you come to a race like this versus competing just within your state. but it's a good feeling to see, you know, not coming in last place and coming in good place and seeing, i am competitive, i can build up within where i am. >> reporter: moments ago i checked with the organizer. he says the competition begins at 8:00 rain or shine. now, semifinals will take place this morning, and then finals get under way this afternoon when the downpour should be upon us. live now along kelly drive, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> oh, those jackets, those rain jackets will come in handy.
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thanks, monique. >> reporter: absolutely! a fireworks accident sent a man to the hospital with a hand injury. police responded to a report of an explosion on mutter street in north philly. officers tell us the man lost four fingers in the accident. a stabbing in south philadelphia overnight. step investigators tell us someone stabbed a man several times before 1:00 this morning. medics took the victim to the hospital. he is now in stable condition. nbc10 was also on the scene of another stabbing a few blocks away. it happened on south second and wolf streets just after 1:00 this morning as well. police say the wounded man is in stable condition. no arrests in either of these stabbings. today in cumberland county a viewing and funeral will be held for 15-year-old makayla moseley.
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makayla and her classmate deja sullivan were killed hours after their prom last weekend. two other teens were hurt when the car smashed into a tree in millville. new jersey state police are investigating what led up to the deadly accident. let's head to washington. the secret service says an armed man from pennsylvania who was shot by an agent just outside the white house appeared to have a death wish. the white house went into lockdown while the incident played out yesterday. president obama was not there at the time but vice president biden was. authorities say the man approached a security checkpoint with a gun. he refused to drop it. and that's when agents shot him in the chest. the suspect is in the hospital right now in critical condition. authorities say they've learned that he made statements recently suggesting that he wanted to die in a suicide by cop scenario. it didn't take long for law enforcement to start searching the house of the suspect identified as jesse oliveri of
6:35 am
ashland, schuylkill county. investigators were seen going in and out of his house yesterday. the secret saturday says it does not believe there is any connection to terrorism related to this incident. in other news this morning, a newly released transcript shows bill cosby's wife camille refused to answer dozens of questions during a deposition this week. according to the transcript at one point she left the room. at another time she said i'm done. she also invoked spousal privilege when asked if her husband has been truthful with her. the questioning came as part of a defamation lawsuit by seven women who claim cosby sexually assaulted them and then called them liars. cosby has denied the allegations. a lehigh county judge will decide if pro wrestler jimmy snuka is competent to stand trial. he testified yesterday that he
6:36 am
could not remember his mother's last name. a defense expert says snuka suffers from dementia, prosecutors say he may be faking. the 73-year-old is accused of killing his mistress in 1983. you may want to head so south jersey today. the farmers market in burlington county is holding its grand reopening. skyforce10 was over the market on route 206 yesterday. the market is rising out of the ashes of a fire. take a look. in november of 2014 you may remember that part of the market was destroyed by flames. ten businesses were forced to close. the cause of the fire was believed to be electrical, but because of the significant damage, investigators were never able to determine an official cause. a philadelphia police officer who survived an ambush is honored for his commitment. last night officer jesse hartnett, seen right here,
6:37 am
received the law enforcement purple heart award. it was one of several honors handed out at the sixth annual law enforcement awards ceremony. hartnett was ambushed while sitting in his patrol car in west philadelphia. this is back in january. he was shot three times. his arm shattered. the alleged shooter, edward archer, is charged with attempted murder. 6:37 on this saturday. the boss is doubling up for fans in philadelphia ♪ >> didn't get tickets the first go round? you'll have another chance to see springsteen this year. details next. plus, major endorsement for donald trump. we'll explain who is throwing support behind the preysumptive gop candidate.
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neighborhood weather. >> welcome back. it will be a big dishfference compared to yesterday. sunny skies and warm temperatures. today it will be cool with the rain falling. you need the umbrella and the jacket. temperatures staying put in the 60s. live look outside. seeing a little bit of sunshine in the east. otherwise cloudy across the area. some spots even seeing some rain. bring the umbrella if you head out this morning. we'll see the rain falling. a soggy saturday. that's your weather story. we'll track steady rain throughout the day no matter where you are. we're looking at the potential for heavier rain, fr from .25 inches to an inch of rain in some spots, especially to the south. nearing 9:00, seeing the steady rain falling pretty much for everybody. same story by 11:00.
6:41 am
throughout the early afternoon we see the rain falling. closer to dinnertime we see pockets of heavier rain. if you have dinner out, we're looking at the potential for rain. you see yellows and reds popping into the map. that will be your heavy downpours. same story by 6:30 of the showers continuing tonight and the potential for showers on sunday. wide view on radar showing us rain back to the west. some of the western suburbs seeing the rain falling already. most of it is to the west and the heavier rain to the south and west. the rain will work into the area through the next couple of hours. cool right now to start out with, seeing the temperatures drop a bit. 51 in milford township. to the east. 54 in parts of bucks county. 51 in new hope. we'll track a really big warmup in your ten-day and actually
6:42 am
lots of sunshine. temperatures into the 80s. more about that coming up. ♪ the boss is coming to philadelphia not once but twice this year. bruce springsteen added a second show at citizens bank park minutes after his first show sold out yesterday. spinningstein and the e-street band perform wednesday, september 7th and friday september 9th. coming up next in the decision 2016 coverage. donald trump and the second amendment. >> 13 million right to carry permit holders in the united states. i happen to be one of them. we'll have more on what trump has to say about the right to bear arms as he gets an endorsement boost on the campaign trail. permission to protest. tens of thousands of demonstrators say they want their voices heard at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. details ahead.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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now to our decision 2016 coverage. donald trump, the presumptive republican presidential nominee now has the endorsement of the national rifle association. the nra threw their support behind trump at their convention in kentucky yesterday. trump promised the crowd there he would not let them down. he spent most of his speech attacking the gun policies of hillary clinton, the democratic frontrunner. today clinton is scheduled to take part in a gun control event with the mothers of shooting victims, including trayvon mart martin. thousands of bernie sanders supporters are expected to protest the democratic national convention here in philadelphia in july. the convention is just two months away. some 43,000 protesters how have
6:46 am
the city's permission to voice their concerns. they have permits. most of the demonstrators are backing sanders. a live look at the wells fargo center right now in southfulsouth philly. the dnc will be held here from july 25th to the 28th. some supporters of senator sanders are gearing up for a floor fight at the convention. sanders battling hillary clinton for the nomination. black hen for bernie is one of four groups. >> we come to argue for the position and for senator sanders and where we believe the momentum has shifted for senator sanders, but also for the things that continue to plague us in our urban communities. >> during the dnc people can demonstrate at city hall, thomas payne plaza and fdr park, the place closest to the wells fargo center. as i mentioned, the site of the convention. now your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather.
6:47 am
>> get ready for more rain on your saturday. right now we're going to start to see the clouds building in for everyone. this then we'll see the rain overspreading the area. yet again, another weekend start with some rain. we could see showers on sunday as well. a look outdoors. a little gray in philadelphia. a slow start to the day. some spots seeing a bit of sunshine but they'll see the clouds too. weather headline, rains some heavy, especially in the afternoon and especially later this evening and down to the south and east. it's kind of depending on where you are. sunday mostly cloudy, a little drier than today but we can't rule out the chance of a few afternoon showers. the showers continue into monday and tuesday. but next week, 80s return to the forecast. that's the good news. mid 80s by wednesday. the upper 80s by thursday. looking pretty warm for your memorial day weekend. tracking the showers right now. most of us dry right now but the rain is close to our doorsteps.
6:48 am
some of us seeing it in chester and burks county. the heaviest rain back to the south and west, and most of it is still off to the west, but this will work in over the next couple hours. and yes, we'll need the umbrellas. future cast over the next couple of hours. this saturday is very busy for everyone. by 10:00, still seeing the rain falling on the soccer players across the area, baseball games happening. by 2:00, steady rain still falling. same story throughout the evening. if you have saturday night plans you'll see rain falling. especially by 6:30 and 7:00 seeing pockets of heavier rain where you see the yellows and reds popping on to the map. temperatures into the low to mid 50s. we're going to end up in the low 60s. a big difference compared to yesterday. 57 in society hill. 54 in chestnut hill and same story to parts of the south as well. winds not bad right now but we'll be breezy later this afternoon if not gusty in spots.
6:49 am
we're looking at rain falling, 64. by 5:00. 60. 59 today. tomorrow, 71 with showers. showers monday and tuesday. wednesday, 83. i want to show you this quickly. 87 degrees. on thursday. looking at sunshine to kick off our memorial day weekend. >> thanks, michelle. 6:49 right now on this saturday. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show at 7:00. we check in with schannel jones and craig melvin. >> we are live in egypt with the latest on the crash of the egyptair flight. this morning we're getting our first pictures of some of the debris that was discovered. news overnight that smoke filled the plane for several minutes. was it terrorism? our experts will weigh in on what could be responsible. >> also ahead, the latest from the white house after a huge scare when a man with a gun was
6:50 am
shot trying to get close to the president's home. what police are learning about him this morning. >> also, warning. low bridge ahead. why truck drivers in durham, north carolina, may finally be able to stop crashing into that same bridge over and over again. >> hope so. and we're getting you ready for a safe and fun memorial day from the latest high-tech gadgets to a cheap and quick getaway. >> that's stories and more. >> thanks, guys. see you at 7:00. >> see you, rosemary. the phillies were one of the hottest teams in baseball facing the worst team in the majors. the braves came in 10-30. the fanatic getting into bark at the park night. it was kind of a dog of the game for the phillies. aaron nola hadn't given up a home run in five weeks and gives
6:51 am
it up to freddie freeman. nola had only given up three homers this season. gave up two. freeman kills the phillies every time. phillies lose to atlanta, 7-1. more young players are on the way. the flils' best prospect, jp crawford promoted to triple-a lehigh valley. 21, the second youngest player in the international league. his first at-bat. he flies out to center. he goes 0 for 3. odd finish against toledo. tie game, two out, bottom of the ninth. easy flyball to right. and it is dropped! unbelievable! this is in the ninth. so the iron pigs win. that's how they win 4-3. villanova's ryan afternorcidiac working out for the sixers.
6:52 am
the sixers worked out six players including isaiah miles. he is auditioning for many nba teams. a lot of miles around the country. sixers have the number one pick and they publicly say they still haven't decided who they are taking. >> this is a massive decision. it comes with a lot of responsibility. not only do you have the time, you have the just multiple people that you will interview and talk to from high school coaches to managers to teammates to a team manager to, you know, other scouts. it's extensive. >> the phillies are not the only team chasing first place. jim curtain's union get there with a win over d.c. united. nice score in overtime. richie marquez finishes! union wins 1-0 and take over first place in the eastern conference. let's go to steelers workouts.
6:53 am
watch out who you call a dummy these days. the team debuted tackling dummies that are robots. they are fast, they can move. they run the 40 yard dash in five seconds. i don't think they can catch the ball. pretty fascinating! you'll see a lot of teams using them probably. i am john clark. enjoy your weekend.
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we know the rain is coming, but still a few events going on today rain or shine. the rittenhouse row spring festival is one of them. this is video from last year's event with better weather. it show cases the area's finest foods and fashions. it's from noon to 5:00 today along walnut street. you may want to head to the italian market happening in south philly. they have the south ninth street italian market festival going on today, all day. it's the nation's oldest outdoor market. you can eat your way through some delicious offerings while also enjoying live entertainment and other family fun. and finally the stotesbury cup regatta. semifinals and the finals of the regatta are scheduled along the schuylkill river in philly. the stotesbury is the world's oldest and largest rowing event. kelly drive closed today between strawberry mansion and fountain green. if you're in the area, keep in
6:57 am
mind that kelly drive will be shut down. usually westover drive, mlk drive is shut down on saturdays too. may be a little bit of traffic on the schuylkill today. >> that's the way i go home. i know. takes a little bit longer on the weekend. tracking rain on saturday once again. all the fun activities we just showed, you'll need the layers. it will be cool too. temperatures in the 60s. rain will be falling. a live look along boathouse row. some spots seeing more sunshine right now. we'll all see clouds over the next couple hours and the rain falling. by later this afternoon temperatures in the low 50s in philadelphia. some spots into the 60s. a little warmer tomorrow, not close to normal but warmer than today with a chance of spotty spou showers on sunday. same thing monday and tuesday and the warmup starts on wednesday. >> finally spring! we'll see you in 25 minutes for local updates. have a good one.
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good morning. good morning. breaki on this morning about doomed egyptair flight 804. investigators confirming smoke alarms were going off in the front of the plane before it crashed into the sea. this as we're getting our first look at the debris from the plane. we're live in cairo with the latest in the investigation. the gunman's motive. secret service takes down a man moments after he was spotted with a handgun in plain view as he headed to the white house gates. >> he had a gun out just in plain sight. i mean, it wasn't even hidden. >> this morning, what police are saying about what that man was thinking. major break? police in texas asking for the public's help to int


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