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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  May 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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saturday once again. more rain to kick off the conco weekend. we're starting to see the rain moving in. it's overspreading the area. we have been watching this all morning. the heavy rain to the west. this will take the next hour or two to overspread the area where everyone will start to see the rain. it's a little heavier in parts of chester county and burks county where you see the yellows and oranges. that will be the case from time to time throughout the afternoon and evening hours. for the most part it will be steady rain. we could see .25 inch to a half or an inch of rain in some spots. dry right now and cloudy skies. we're going to continue to see the clouds spreading in as well as the rain. it's also cool. temperatures mainly in the 50s. we'll be cool later this afternoon. 60 in philadelphia. 57 in allentown. 55 in coatesville. same story along the coast.
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60 in atlantic city. chilly day with the rain falling. by 4:00, 59 degrees. more about the rain today. showers on sunday and a big-time warmup for wednesday, all coming up. but now, monique braxton is live at the stotesbury cup regatta along the schuylkill river. >> reporter: there is an overcast sky here along the banks of the river. no doubt the enthusiasm is over the top! close to 200 teams of rowers are descending on the schuylkill. stotesbury is the oldest and largest high school rowing competition in the country. new this year, the petite singles, for both male and female seniors, whether they're rowing solo or in groups of eight. we've been watching parents showing up in the last two hours
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with slickers and umbrellas close at hand, all prepared for a rainy regatta. that isn't damping of the spirits of those here for day two. >> to see the competition. know where to set the standards for next year. we get to row against kids from florida and ontario and dallas. >> we're prepared for rain with boots and rain gear. >> reporter: in the next half hour we're going to look at today's races and break it down for you and show you more of the excitement that all of us can experience, whether it's rain or shine. live along the schuylkill, monique braxton, nbc10 news. he was pretty low. then we got reports that a blimp was down. >> well, definitely not something you see every day. a blimp crash-landing in philadelphia. the two people on board the aircraft, pilot and a passenger, fortunately were not hurt. federal investigators are now
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looking into this crash in fishtown. it happened last night in the construction yard near i-95. viewers shared cellphone video with nbc10. police tell us the aircraft floated down across delaware avenue, just missing a utility pole. >> blimp had a hard landing. engine problems. it was overheating. the substructure of the blimp is made out of metal. hit those wires and we'll have lot different incident. >> the pilot and his passenger were okay, doing just fine. also nobody on the ground was hurt. no property was damaged. the blimp belonged to an tamerlan tsarnaevi advertising agency. many viewers sent us pictures of the blimp. they're on our website right now at and also on the nbc10 app. we have new information on a story we first told you about as breaking news last night at 11:00. police are investigating a deadly crash in chester county as a possible dui. skyforce10 was over the scene along the route 30 bypass.
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the incident killed one person. medics took four others to the hospital. reports on social media from witnesses say a driver going the wrong way on the bypass caused the crash. police shut down the westbound lanes of route 30 for several hours. they're now back open. new from overnight. one man is dead and two others wounded in a shooting in north philadelphia. police were called to north 13th street a block away from temple university hospital around 11:30 last night. there they found an 18-year-old young man dead. he was shot in the head. another man was shot twice. a third victim had a graze wound. right now there are no arrests in this case. also overnight, a fireworks accident sent a man to the hospital with a hand injury. just after 1:00 this morning police responded to a report of an explosion on mutter street in north philly. officers tell us the man lost four fingers in the accident. this morning a suspected car thief is in custody after a long
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standoff with philadelphia police. skyforce10 was above this scene in north philadelphia. right around 6:00 last night. police tell us it all began when officers followed a man driving a stolen suv. he jumped out of the car and shoved an officer before running away. the officers say the man had a gun and pointed it at them. one of the officers fired three shots, missing the man. the suspect then ran into a building. after a few hours of negotiating police went into the apartment and the man surrendered. investigators say the gun he had was fake. a philadelphia man is wanted on attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to run over a police officer in chester county while driving a stolen vehicle. tyrell winchester is considered dangerous. authorities say he intentionally rammed an officer's cruiser with a stolen car during a pursuit. this all happened on thursday afternoon in willistown township. winchester was last seen near
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ridley creek state park. officers searched for him yesterday afternoon. anybody with information is asked to call police. lower marion township. police need your help to find a burglar caught in the act. look at this surveillance video. police say the man broke into a home on sprague road in penn valley on thursday morning. he stole jewelry and electronics. if you recognize this suspect, police would like to hear from you. six minutes after 9:00 on this saturday. if you are looking for something to do today indoors, the historic columbus farmers market in burlington county is holding its grand reopening. skyforce10 was over the market yesterday. the market is rising out of the ashes of a fire. you may remember in november of 2014 part of the market was destroyed by flames. ten businesses were forced to
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close. the cause of the fire was believed to be electrical, but because of the significant damage, investigators were never able to determine an official cause. this man's hopes for a little r & r in philadelphia have turned into a lawsuit. why he is taking airbnb to court. today all eyes on the kentucky derby chance as nyquist looks to claim the second jewel of the triple crown. a preview just ahead.
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all right. we have the sunshine yesterday. it was a beautiful day on friday. we had the sunshine, warm temperatures. actually above normal for this time of year. today, a big-time difference. clouds in place. we'll see the rain falling. it will be steady and heavy at
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times especially later this afternoon and evening. we'll be cool in the low 60s. outside right now, a view from easton. cloudy. pretty much everyplace is looking cloudy right now. some of us seeing the rain falling already. some of us seeing heavy rain falling as well. a soggy saturday. get ready for that. we'll track the rain all day long. steady this afternoon and evening. radar showing us that we're tracking heavy rain back to the west, though most of the rain is still off to the west but is making its way and will overspread the entire area. zooming in closer of parts of chester and burkes county and parts of northern delaware we are seeing the rain. heavy at times along 76. if you traveling to harrisburg or west you may encounter the rain. temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s. by the afternoon just in the low 60s. we'll talk more about the rain today. more showers on sunday and a warmup mid-week.
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the preakness in baltimore is today. you're looking at nyquist working out at pimlico yesterday. the derby champ is the three to five favorite for today's race. watch exclusive live coverage of the preakness starting at 5:00 this afternoon here on nbc10. ten minutes after 9:00 on this saturday morning. and the countdown to rio is on. [ whistling ] >> at the jersey shore one town is ready for the summer olympics, ready to cheer on a home-town hero. coming up we'll introduce you to the man considered to be america's top triathlete.
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at 9:13 on this saturday, here are some of the top stories from the past week. on monday police in upper darby released photos of a man wanted for taking pictures up a woman's skirt. the incident happened on may 10th at the philly pretzel factory. the man ran off when the victim caught him in the act. tuesday the national transportation safety board released its final report on the deadly amtrak derailment last year. they found factors in the crash included a distracted engineer, a lack of speed control system, and inadequate passenger protection. atlantic city leaders will wait a little while before deciding whether to allow booze on the board walk. the city council was supposed to vote wednesday on a bill to allow open containers but the
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ordinance was tabled for further discussion because of concern from some businesses. on thursday that egyptair plane crashed in the mediterranean sea. that's what's believed to have happened at this point. there is still no conclusion about what caused it. terrorism is suspected. smoke was detected on the plane moments before the crash. coming up at 9:30, new pictures of the debris. on friday we learned more about the deposition of bill cosby's wife camille in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. a newly released transcript shows that camille cosby refused to answer dozens of questions. at one point mrs. cosby left the room and at another time said "i'm done." she invoked spousal privilege when asked if her husband has been truthful with her. all right. you need the umbrellas today. looking at cloudy skies across the area. even some rain falling, especially to the west in the
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western counties. everyone will see the rain today. it will be chilly with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. a live look in philadelphia. gray skies, a slow start to the day. in south jersey, lots of clouds too. no matter where you are we're socked in with the clouds. then will come the rain. looking to the west, we'll see some rain. some rain falling, some of it is heavy in parts of lancaster and burks county. weather headlines. rain heavy in the afternoon and evening hours depending on where you are. by sunday mostly cloudy skies, a little drier. a chance of afternoon showers. then the big story becomes a warmup by wednesday into the low 80s. by thursday into the upper 80s. we could see 80s for your memorial day weekend, which is good news. right now, rain falling outside. most of it back to the west. still lots showing up on radar. you can see yellows and oranges, indicating heavier rain. we can't rule that out from time
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to time this afternoon. zooming in closer, especially in the western suburbs, looking at chester county. lancaster county and burks county, seeing the rain trailing to the south. parts of northern delaware also seeing rain. future cast. seeing steady rain developing over the next couple hours depending on where you are. by 1:00, pretty much everyone is seeing the rain. same story as we head throughout the later part of the afternoon and early part of the evening. if you have saturday night plans, dinner plans out, you may be seeing the rain as well. especially south and east of the city. some of it could be pretty heavy along the coast. winds gusting near 25 miles per hour. this is what it looks like at 7:30. most of the rain to the east of philadelphia but still could see showers heading throughout the later part of saturday. then sunday we improve a bit. a little bit drier but still a chance of spotty showers as well. temperatures are cool right now. looking at temperatures mainly in the low 50s. winds not bad right now. anywhere from 5 up to 10 miles per hour. may pick up later this afternoon especially along the coast. if you are headed to the
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rittenhouse spring festival. temperatures cool. by 5:00, 63 degrees. but bring your layers. tomorrow 71. monday some showers. 69. tuesday, chance for showers as well. here comes the big changes by wednesday. partly sunny. 83 degrees. 87 on thursday. 84 on friday to kick off the memorial day weekend. saturday. 84. sunday 80. well above normal for a stretch over the memorial day weekend. by monday, partly sunny. time to check in on this week's wednesday's child. a young guy who loves basketball, bowling and lego's and he is looking for a forever family. nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to ramier. >> reporter: the thud, thud, thud of the basketball bouncing off the floor or clinking off the backboard would annoy some.
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but for ramier it's music to his ears. >> he loves to play basketball. bowling is okay but most of the time babble is his favorite thing to do. >> reporter: he has down's syndrome. and everyone at his school calls him mere-mere. he is outgoing and besides hoops. he loves to bowl. >> oh! >> reporter: he has simple tastes. his other great love, going to the library with a box of lego's. he loves lego's. even if it's not creating masterpieces, it's just simply stacking the blocks one on top of the other. >> what color is this one? >> blue. >> reporter: nothing brings this kid down. >> never. never seen him in a bad mood. happiness. always being happy, helping whenever you need something. whenever you feel down ramier will make you feel happy.
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>> reporter: his adoptive family will need to be patient, loving and understanding as he transitions into a new home and school environment. he would bring endless amounts of love, smiles and joy into anyone's home. >> he is adorable, loves to being around people. loves to help with anything. cleanup. whatever you need him to do, he's always helpful. >> reporter: ramier is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to open your mind and your heart to ramier or any wednesday's child go to our website at and search "wednesday's child." or call the national adoption center at 1866-do-adopt.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise
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toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. hard to believe it but memorial day right around the corner, a week away from monday. that means barbecues and family
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fu fun. a philly pops music director and conductor joins me now to talk about the event. michael, thanks for being with us on a saturday. first time ever for the event. it's all part of a salute series. tell us about it. >> the philly pops has a salute series where we like to honor veterans and career military and first responders. we play on the 3rd of july on the independence mall. this year we'll also play on the 4th of july on the parkway. in december we always -- we've in the last couple of years have played something called "i'll be home for christmas" where we invite troops and military, first responders, to our christmas concert. we have a special presentation we do on veterans day and now we are adding a memorial day program at the mann center which we'll play this-coming saturday evening. >> you were telling me this is a collaboration among a couple of different groups. >> the philly pops is getting
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together with the center to present the special memorial day concert salute to our troops. it's a first ever. so we hope people will come out. it's a wonderful setting. they can bring a picnic, sit on the lawn. there are pavilion and lawn seats. it's a nominal charge. tickets are only $15 to $25. it's a great family event. >> we have some video i should mention. i don't know if you can see it. >> who is that? >> of you conducting. hopefully the weather will hold out. fingers crossed. >> even if it doesn't, there is a big covered piavilion. we can gather under the roof if the weather is not great. >> what's your experience been like working with veterans groups and doing these performances specifically to honor the military? >> they're very grateful for one thing to have us do that. it's a moving and uplifting situation. everyone there will come back, i think, you know, full of
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american spirit. we're going to play obviously lots of patriotic music. in addition to the philly pops, the full 65-piece philly pops we'll also add the voices of the pops, a small chorus. we'll have two very special guests, vocalists. alison blackwell and hug hugh pinaro, philadelphia natives who have made it big on broadway. alison was in the lion king. phenomenal talent on stage, just playing and singing all the great american popular music and patriotic tunes. it will be very stirring. >> we have a few moments. we should pull up the information really quickly. if you are interested in getting tickets, as you heard michael say, pretty decent amount. 15 to 25 bucks. may 28th, 7:00 in the evening at the mann center. should be a great event. >> it will be. >> thank you so much for being
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with us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> good luck. looking forward to the performance. >> thank you. coming up next on "nbc10 news today," rowing on the river. despite the gloomy weather outside, teams across the country are competing in the oldest and largest high school rowing competition. we'll a take you there live coming up. it is a little gloomy. skies are gray with rain falling across the area. we'll give you timing. looking from the camera. gray skies in the background. we'll talk more about the weekend forecast and 80s during your extended day. we'll talk about it coming up.
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rain certainly can't dampen spirits at the stotesbury cup regatta. here is a live look at the schuylkill river where the races are well under way. hundreds of teens are trying to row their way to a championship. let's look at the first alert radar right now. you can see the wet weather. it's here. and guess what, it's sticking around all day for us. just ahead we'll have more on your neighborhood forecast. and, new pictures of debris found from the egyptair flight as the search continues for clues that will help investigators figure out what brought that plane down.
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good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 9:30 on this saturday. let's start with the weather. everybody is making plans, trying to run errands. quite a few events today, michelle, that will either rained out it will be a wet one out there. >> tons of events, tons of graduation parties, such a busy time of year and we're tracking yet another wet weekend. we start out wet and sunday will be -- we'll have the chance of showers. today is the wetter of the two days. dry right now in easton but we're cloudy and looking at gray skies right now and pretty much everyone has the clouds. everyone will have the rain through the next couple of hours. we're looking at temperatures in the 60s and 50s. 61 in philadelphia. 55 in the pa suburbs, new jersey 58. 57 in lehigh valley. 58 in delaware. so we are off to a cool start. cool later on this afternoon as
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well. temperatures not going very far. 62 in new jersey with rain this afternoon. 60 degrees. wet and cool in the lehigh valley and delaware probably topping out in the upper 50s. plenty of cloud cover and rain. boast back to the west in the western counties. this is nearing the entire area, and it will overspread the entire area going throughout the rest of today. right now looking at the rain falling in parts of lancaster and burks county. this is all pushing towards the west. towards the east. excuse me. we'll continue to track this and continue to track cool temperatures. mainly in the 50s and 60s right now. we will top out around 60 degrees in philadelphia. more about the damp, wet, cool day today and then we'll warm up well by wednesday. >> thanks, michelle. day two of the largest high school rowing competition in the world. a live look at boathouse row where the stotesbury cup regatta is wrapping up the final day of races. nbc10's monique braxton is live
9:31 am
along kelly drive. filling us in on what's happening at this hour. monique. >> reporter: hey, rosemary. we're down by the schuylkill river right now where the doubles competition is under way. you can see that just over my shoulder as they're making off down the schuylkill river. we also captured this video of some heavy-duty cheering going on. it is day two. the semifinals are under way in the oldest and largest high school rowing competition in the country. more than 5600 athletes are participating this year. 984 boats will be in the water over this two-day event. athletes about to graduate in just a few weeks now have their very own competition for the first time this year. at the stotesbury cup regatta. it's called the petite finals. >> all of the schools out here. everybody is cheering everybody
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on. very positive attitudes. the kids love it. >> we took some boats up to the head of the charles in boston in october which is huge. but to have it in your back yard is a great experience. >> reporter: that good experience will no doubt continue in the rain today. i just talked to the head of the schuylkill navy, who is the organizer of this regatta. he says the semifinals will continue for the rest of the morning, and then the finals will take place after lunch and afternoon today. a lot of activity going on. folks are just beginning to gather. we're going to talk to some of them and have that for you in our news cast at 11:00 tonight. live for now along the schuylkill, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thank you. new information this morning in the egyptair crash. there are now reports of multiple sensors detecting smoke on the plane moments before it vanished from radar over the mediterranean sea. there are also new pictures of debris found in the ocean, in
9:33 am
the sea there. experts say investigators are try to figure out if an explosive device or a fast-moving fire may have set off the smoke detectors, still no clear explanation for what brought down the flight with 66 people on board. egyptian authorities think terror is likely but no group has claimed responsibility. heading to washington where the secret service says an armed man from pennsylvania who was shot by an agent just outside the white house appeared to have a death wish. the white house went into lockdown while the incident played out yesterday. president obama was not there at the time but vice president biden was. authorities say the man approached a security checkpoint with a gun, refused to drop it, and that's when an agent shot him in the chest. the suspect is in the hospital in critical condition. authorities say he'd made statements recently suggesting he wanted to die in a suicide by cop scenario. he has been identified as jesse
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olivieri of ashland, schuylkill county. investigators were seen going in and out of his house yesterday. the secret service says the incident does not appear to be connected to terrorism. today president obama will leave on a trip to asia that will include an historic stop in hiroshima, japan. mr. obama would be the first sitting u.s. president to tour the site of the world's first atomic bombing. according to the white house, the president will not apol jooiz when he speaks in hiroshima on friday. a top aide says he will refer to hiroshima as a symbol of the loss of innocent life. to our decision 2016 coverage. donald trump rngs the presumptive presidential nominee, has the endorsement of the national rifle association. the nra threw the support behind trump at the convention in kentucky yesterday. trump promised the crowd he would not let them down. he spent most of the speech attacking the gun policies of
9:35 am
the democratic frontrunner, hillary clinton. >> crooked hillary clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-second amendment candidate ever to run for office and, as i said before, she wants to abolish the second amendment. she wants to take your guns away and abolish. just remember that. >> today clinton is scheduled to be at a gun control event with mothers of shooting victims including trayvon martin. hillary clinton will be sitting down exclusively with chuck todd to discuss the white house race on nbc's "meet the press" this weekend. that comes your way tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc10. in other political news thousands of bernie sanders supporters are expected to protest the democratic national convention here in philadelphia in july. sanders is still battling clinton for the party's nomination. black men for bernie is one of some of the groups that is planning to rally. protesters who apply for permits can demonstrate at city hall,
9:36 am
which is the place closest to the wells fargo center. that's the site of the convention. this morning an uber driver is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a university of delaware student. he choked the student several times after getting into an argument. the student was treated at the hospital and mcallister is charged with assault. new jersey may force uber drivers to be fingerprinted. according to our partners, a bill to regulate raid-sharing services like uber and lyft is moving forward in the state assembly. the measure makes the use of fingerprints the basis for criminal background checks on drivers. uber and lyft have resisted similar proposals in other states.
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every second of life counts. and if you don't take advantage of what you can do, you know, you'll lose those seconds and the person will expire. just ahead, the technology in your pocket that could save a life. plus this. three fireworks shows. one concert and a whole lot more. wawa welcome america is on the way, and we've got the scoop on all the free things you can do during the eight-day festival.
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now, your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> all right. it was beautiful yesterday. lots of sunshine. the sunshine we have been waiting for. warm temperatures too. today, big difference. we'll keep it cool in the upper 50s and low 60s throughout the afternoon. we're tracking rain. we'll see rain pretty much all day long. not everyone is seeing it now, but you will over the next couple of hours. radar right now. rain in the western counties. some of it heavy with the yellows showing up. from time to time throughout the afternoon we can't rule out heavy rain in some spots. the wider view. rain through chester, lancaster counties. it's moving to the east. it will overspread the area and we have a chance of seeing the rain pretty much all day and cool temperatures too. 60 in philadelphia. 54 in coatesville, 58 in wilmington. so trenton 57. mount holly, 56. 60 in atlantic city.
9:41 am
into the low 60s this afternoon in most spots. ne cool and wet day today, but we are tracking sunshine and 80-degree weather in our ten-day extended. we'll be back in a few minutes. this morning we know some of the stars to be shining this summer for the wawa welcome america celebration. the o'jays are the headliners. other performers include philadelphia natives yaz the greatest from the tv show "empire." and loce the a cappella group brotherly love. nbc10 in our parent company, comcast nbc universal are your new home for the nation's biggest birthday party. new this year, eight full days of free family events leading up to the 4th. the events include free admission to seven museums, free movie screenings on the art museum steps. there is now proof that
9:42 am
philly's fans come in all shapes and sizes. last night was philly's bark at the park event, the parade before the game. dogs were available for adoption. the pups got to stick around and watch the came after the parade wrapped up. we'll have highlights on the game just ahead in sports.
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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a philadelphia police officer who survived an ambush is honored for his commitment. last night officer jesse hartnett received the law enforcement purple heart award. it was one of several honors handed out at the sixth annual law enforcement awards ceremony. hartnett was ambushed while sitting in his patrol car back in january in west philadelphia. he was shot three times. his arm was shattered. however, he managed to get out of his car, chase down the alleged suspect, edward archer. archer is charged with attempted murder. for someone stricken with a heart attack, every second counts. now some new technology right in your pocket could help to save lives. this is pulse point. it's a smartphone app that can connect you to nearby emergency care. even before the medics arrive. burlington county and virtua teamed up to launch pulse point last year. cpr classes are combined to the app to hasten help within the
9:46 am
community. dispatchers issue an alert to cpr users. >> the phone vibrates and alerts a tone and shows on a map the location of the incident and says "cpr is needed." every second of life counts. if you don't take advantage of what you can do you'll lose the seconds and the person will expire. >> if you're interested in participating in the program, a free cpr class in west hampton is held every month. now your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> all right. umbrellas ready today because we're tracking some rain. could be heavy at times later this afternoon and evening. a live look outside. gray skies pretty much all across the area. this is live view from our adventure aquarium cameras overlooking center city. same store to parts of the south. new jersey seeing cloud cover. pa suburbs as well. the clouds take over and then the rain will take over the
9:47 am
entire area. some places already seeing the rain falling. heading out this morning, tracking rain, some heavy at times later this afternoon. a soggy saturday. you'll need the umbrella once again. mostly cloudy on sunday. may see spotty showers from time to time. we can't rule out the chance for showers. won't be a completely dry day on sunday. then we're tracking sunshine mid-week and a pretty big warmup. by wednesday and thursday upper 80s. memorial day looks pretty good as well. doppler radar showing us the rain we have been talking about. the green is the lighter rain. yellows the heavier rain. lancaster county, chester county and burks county is in on the heaviest rain and parts of northern delaware as well. it will work towards the east and we'll continue to see chances for rain throughout the rest of today. by 2:00, steady rain across the area. same story as we head towards the evening hours. 4:30, light rain especially to
9:48 am
the north and west at that point. then it starts to break up closer to the nighttime hours. by 8:00 we still have showers but it's not overspreading the entire area. su sunday morning, some clouds. current wind speed 5 to 10 miles an hour. if you're headed to the rittenhouse spring festival. by 2:00, 60. bring an umbrella or a coat with a hood if you're walking around. 61 degrees today with the rain falling. tomorrow chance for showers and 71. 69 on monday and tuesday. don't put the umbrellas away. but wednesday, 83 degrees. thursday, 87 and looking really good for the start of the memorial day. friday, 84 and saturday 83. still in the 80s on sunday. that looks good. >> we are now just 75 days away from the start of the 2016 summer olympics in rio. a jersey shore community is et
9:49 am
getting ready to cheer on one of their own at the games. they got some practice in last night a little bit of a hed start at the rally to honor oy plim peen joe malo. he earned a trip to rio and is considered america's top triathlete. >> what i'll be thinking on the starting line is i want this next hour and 45 minutes to be a representation of who i am. >> it will be his first trip to the olympics. nbc10 is your official olympics station. it all begins at the opening ceremony on friday, august 5th. remember, you can only watch it right here on nbc10. the phillies, one of the hottest teams in baseball facing the worst team in the majors. the braves came in 10-30. the fanatic getting into bark at the park night.
9:50 am
it was kind of a dog of the game for the phillies. aaron nola hadn't given up a home run in five weeks and gives it up to freddie freeman. two-run shot. nola had only given up three homers this season. gave up two. freeman kills the phillies every time. phillies lose to atlanta, 7-1. more young players are on the way. the phils' best prospect, jp crawford promoted to triple-a lehigh valley. 21, the second youngest player in the international league. making his iron pigs debut last night. his first at-bat. he flies out to center. he goes 0 for 3. odd finish against toledo. tie game, two out, bottom of the ninth. easy flyball to right. and it is dropped! unbelievable! this is in the ninth. so the iron pigs win. that's how they win 4-3.
9:51 am
villanova's ryan arcidiacono is working out for the sixers. early this coming week. maybe on monday. working out for the lakers and jazz this weekend. the sixers worked out six players including isaiah miles. he is auditioning for many nba teams. a lot of miles around the country. sixers have the number one pick and they publicly say they still haven't decided who they are taking. >> this is a massive decision. it comes with a lot of responsibility. not only do you have the time, you have the just multiple people that you will interview and talk to from high school coaches to managers to teammates to a team manager to, you know, other scouts. it's extensive. >> the phillies are not the only team chasing first place. jim curtain's union get there with a win over d.c. united. no score in extra time.
9:52 am
richie marquez finishes! union wins 1-0 and take over first place in the eastern conference. let's go to steelers workouts. watch out who you call a dummy these days. look at this. the team debuted tackling dummies that are robots. they are fast, they can move. they run the 40 yard dash in five seconds. i don't think they can catch the ball. pretty fascinating! you'll see a lot of teams using them probably. i am john clark. enjoy your weekend.
9:53 am
9:54 am
nbc10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. we have a real treat with us this morning. three kittens.
9:55 am
pixie, stu and mr. snuffleupagus. >> this is pixie. i have little stu. >> thank you so much for being with us today. >> absolutely. >> marta, i like your name as much as i like theirs. how did they come to the shelter? >> two were owner surrenders. they had too many animals at home. they had kittens and they unfortunately came to us. and one of them i believe stu, was a little stray, stu. he was sick and came to foster care and is now doing great. >> surprisingly they're not part of a litter together. >> no, they are not. >> they're just cute in their own right. you have an event coming up this weekend. >> we do. tomorrow we have a kitten shower coming up from 10:00 to 1:00. any foster new or current foster parent who comes to us and picks up a new litter of kittens, moms with babies, will be sent home
9:56 am
with litter, food, anything that they need. thanks to phil adoptables, the sponsor. we'll have things for kids. building cat toys. a lot of fun. >> i was saying earlier, marta, i have a bridle shower tomorrow for my sister. this is the kitten shower. so folks can head out there and pick up one of these cute kittens. >> i love snuffy's meow. it's the cutest meow i have ever heard. >> how are adoptions this spring and as you go into the summer season? >> so far with all the programs that the shelter is running it's going really good. we always have plenty more that need homes, but thanks to the community coming together and adopting and fostering it's been improving, and we're very glad about that and they thankful. >> marta, on -- certainly people
9:57 am
can adopt a kitten or a pet. they can always foster a pet as well. >> absolutely. >> the information for the animal care and control team is right there on your screen. if you can't make it out this weekend, you can call them at 267-385-3800. that does it for us on this saturday. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a good one!
9:58 am
that does it for us on this
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i'm sara gore, and this is "open house." this week, we visit a mediterranean-style home in the heart of beverly hills, and a contemporary home with views of the pacific ocean. plus we are taking you inside a home inspired by the "sex and the city" movies. but first, she perfected the mid-century modern fashions we all loved on "mad men." now, acclaimed costume designer janie bryant takes us on a tour of her stylish home. people always ask me, does my costume design influence my interior design? and i can say that it does, in the way that i love to use pieces from different eras and different decades. you're watching "open house." right now, i'm inside a magnificent prewar condo building in manhattan. this home takes up the entire 11th floor


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