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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  May 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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. right now on nbc 10 news today, some neighbors out of their homes after what residents describe as an explosion. one teenager is dead after a triple shooting in delaware. now police are hoping a corner store camera captured the violence on video. the heaviest rain is behind us, but we could see lingering showering today. here is a live look outside at center city where we're tracking a warm up. just wait for it. thank you for being with us, i'm rosemary connors.
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we're watching the changes to our neighborhood weather with karen thomas. >> yeah, good chances, isolated showers as part of our weather story today. clouds continue today but the good news is we're looking for peeks of sunshine. you see that some areas of interior south jersey not getting any rain at this hour, but just news , weather , and sports of wilmington. still seeing lingering showers out there. that is the call for our sunday. you want the umbrellas handy. we have an area of moisture behind it. this will funnel in to our areas as we move through our sunday afternoon. whatever our plans are, it will not be a complete washout. plenty of clouds, breaks of sun, and isolated showers as the
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system tries to clear the area all together. lower 50s. 53 in the warm shot right now. look at vineland and atlantic city. we will be slow to get to our normal high temperature which is about 76 degrees. we're pushing 70 north and west of philadelphia. so have the umbrellas today, lingering showers will continue, but then summertime temperatures. several families are out of their homes this morning, dozens without power after an under ground fire. monique braxton has more
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details. >> as many as 50 customers at 50 homes without power at this hour. at sixth and pine, we learned that pico police and fire were called because of an under ground fire. they found an under ground cable was burning. the utility company says three manholes lifted off of their bases. two of them are surrounded by caution cones. no one was injured, but the fire department says that they evacuated six homes for precaution. as the sunrises, we're going to reach out to find out if the party will continue as planned. but once again, as many as 50 homes without power, no injuries here in society hill.
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live for now, monique braxton. >> yew tillty officials are still investigating an under ground explosion near 30th street. they prompted crews to close market street for hours. this is video of the scene yesterday afternoon. an old lead cable that corroded and started burning exploded. now to the latest on a story we brought you last night at 11:00. the deadly gunfire happened along pine street in chester. police taped off the area last night. officers were in and out of this near by store looking for leads in the case. you see orange cones in the street mark where police found more than two dozen shell
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casings. we spoke to a neighbor who heard the hail of bullets. about 2:two minutes later i heard all of the fies. >> they're now working to find witnesses and hoping that the corner store captured some of the violence on video. >> after two cases of indecent exposure. one person was arrested. another man suspected of the same thing got away running toward jfk boulevard. the local trail safety director
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says he they teach what to do in situations like that. in other news this morning, a postal worker is accused of groping three women as he delivered their mail. robert wexler is charge with actual assault. he allegedly touched their chest while delivering their mail. and get the scope on how the country's oldest ice cream brand branched out beyond it's roots.
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good sunday morning, i'm karen thomas. plenty of wet roads out there. we have isolated showers in the forecast today. part of our weather story. a little bit of everything. we have clouds and a little bit of sunshine. just trying to sneak in the official sun vise makes it's way. 52 degrees in philadelphia right now. it is 50 out in the burbs. 54 in new jersey. lower 50s just about everywhere. we still have lingering showers and drizzle type activity. temperatures will be going upward, but not significantly. we're looking for 69. we're closing 70 degrees north of philadelphia. we're getting a little drying with the north wind later on today.
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peeks of sunshine, but scattered showers stay with us. have umbrellas as you move through your sunday. not a washout. we had a lot of promises last evening and it was a deluge of rain. scattered showers remain. 67 for a high, mostly cloudy skies in delaware. here is radar showing you where the rain is right now. trenton getting a steady rain right now. just moving off of the coast, but you see how sporadic and isolated the showers is. despite the weather, the world's oldest and largest high school rowing event wrapped up yesterday in fairmont park. hundreds of motorcyclists
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will ride for recovery today. it starts at 9:00 this morning at livengrin foundation in bensalem. it is a nonprofit treatment center. and today a play about the slain florida teenager trayvon martin. it premiered in north philadelphia earlier this month. there is an exhibit and workshop on race relations. 17-year-old martin was unarmed when neighborhood watch when neighborhood watch zimmerman shot him. hools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days.
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the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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this morning a u.s. official is confirming the death of a drone strike. he officially became leader of the taliban last july. a gunman fired into a concert crowd in austria. they say before the shooting, the men argued with a woman in the parking lot. now to the latest on the egyptair flight and crash, 804, in the mediterranean see. they show smoke in the cockpit and the bathroom. mounting evidence points toward a sudden dramatic catastrophe. the audio shows that all was routine as he checked in with
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air traffic controllers in switzerland. >> thank you so much, good night. >> they have now joined in on the recovery mission. they hope the plane's black boxes will explain why the plane plunked into the sea with 66 people on board. president obama is expected to arrive in vietnam in the next few hours. he left washington yesterday with a trip halfway around the world. they have hung up posters to welcome him. and he said it's the world's --
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good morning, i'm karen thomas and you're waking up with us. we're looking at cloudy skies for sure and lickers showers right now. beautiful philly skyline despite the cloudy skyline around it. the sun officially up. a nice picture but we have plenty of thick cloud cover around and umbrellas needed if you will take an early sunday morning stroll on the boardwalk this morning. the showers will hang around today, but not looking for it to be a washout. spotty showers today, may even get peeks of sunshine for a portion of the day there. and looking to midweek for a summer-like warm up. get your seven-day at the bottom of the screen here any time. we'll get to the ten day outlook in just a little bit. we have seeing some shower activity just here along route
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nine. we have interior south jersey. showers moving through, but you see thousand is very spotty in nature. philadelphia not getting any rain at this hour, but the drizzle and isolated showers are expected to continue as we move through. here is the heavier areas of moisture with embedded heavy rain there and this area here still needs to move through. most thof to the north, but it will break apart as it gets to the eastern coast and it should continue to bring us light rain and isolated showers as we move through. a little bit of everything, but as the showers move through, we could get peeks of sunshine especially south and east of philadelphia. so future cast, what can we expect as we get closer to the evening hours. we see pockets of showers staying with us through the morning hours, look at this, we sort of take a break from any rain and this is where we could get breaks in the clouds,
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shower, sunshine activity, and a little bump in the temperature readings. some of the showers and heavier rain here in southern delaware as the system is broken up and gets out of here later on tonight. we will clear up tonight, waking up more tomorrow. maybe the possibility of showers or a thunderstorm storm afternoon. 53 in allentown right now. 54 in vineland. winds about 12 miles per hour out of the north and we will continue with winds out of the north. the phillys game later on this afternoon. so we're looking for a wind and the variable will shift from the west. looking at this ten-day forecast. i promised you temperature that's are summer laich. midweek, 87 as we go into the holiday weekend. you're going to need the sun block for sure.
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thank you, karen. what does philadelphia have to offer china? more that you might think. small businesses from our region have been overseas at an expo connecting with deliberate istr sell their product. >> ice cream found in 1861. >> a family tradition that is alive and well. it was lewis basset that started the business and set up shop. >> we're the last remaining original business. >> the company's reach has grown globally. >> bassett has developed flavors
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like macha. specifically for the china market, but they have become popular here as well. >> it was eight years ago when they started exporting the frozen treat to a distribututorn china. >> it's all about economic growth and jobs. linda considers bassett a success story for the non profit membership based business. >> they can analyze their business, find the right markets, the right market strategy, and the resources. financial support, legal, accounting, tax information. >> how much do you eat? >> i am a butterscotch vanilla
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man. >> it is the inspiration for a whyy -- >> we talked about renaming it philadelphia experience, but we name it'd in conjunction with the whyy folks. in china they call it the why flavor. >> the biggest seller in the u.s.? vanilla. after being this close to being in first, the philly's bats go quiet again.
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good morning to you, i'm danny pommells. the phillys faced perez.
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so the action news star yesterday, they got this one in spanks one to center, herrera coming in and can't make the dive. perez celebrating a 25th birthday and having a good one. 6 1/3 innings. no runner got past second base. >> we should get some runs. >> you have to drive runs in and we're not doing it. as a team today, we just didn't look good.
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the kpstretch call at a mud preakness. >> he has gone by to take the lead as they come to the 1/8 pole. exaggerator won, and there will not be a triple crown. nyquist was third behind cherry wine. >> it was a tough race today. cardiac arrest is the suspected cause of death for one horse. he was owned by a family that owned barbaro.
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to basketball now, the cleveland cavaliers trying to go 11-0 in the post season pushed the raptors to the brink of elimination. the referee tees up just about everyone in a white jersey. he gets hit by his own steam mate. in the fourth quarter, kyle lowery with a short jumper. nhl play yaufoffs. two in the game, the blews with the man advantage.
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broward deflects a shot. the blues win 6-3 and even the series. that's a look at sorts, i'm danny pommells. today more than 100 patients and their families will reunite with the doctors and nurses that treated them. they were all patients at the center for thoracic conditions. some neighbors are out of their homes in the philadelphia society hill section after residents describe an explosion. we'll have a update on the explosion and what pico said sparked the incident. >> mostly cloudy skies today and shower activity. don't put away the umbrellas yet. when we'll dry out and warm up, after the break.
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bed, and you hear a boom. >> that boom forced people out
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of bed overnight. what pico says lead to a power problem for lots of customers. >> taking a look outside, and we still could see a few scattered showers today along with a mix of sun and clouds. >> this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> we're talking about all of the problems that went off last night, you know the pictures outside. we had such a study rainfall and it was heavy rain for sure. about a quart tore a half inch of rainfall in a few hours. isolated showers will continue today. between the breaks, we're looking for peeks of sunshine. you can see how


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