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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  May 22, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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power problems force people out of their homes in philadelphia. in a live report from the scene, we'll have a update on pico crews working to get the lights back on. a triple shooting leaves one teenager dead and two others hurt in chester county. we'll have details on what police found at the scene and what could help their investigation. and a live look outside at boothouse road. we have a mix of sun and clouds. get that umbrella handy. welcome back to nbc news 10. i'm rosemary connors.
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karen thomas is tracking some dry weather for most of us at the moment, karen. >> yeah, at the moment that is how it will play out for our sunday. hit or miss showers, plenty of gray skies. live in easton right now and every now and again, just a little peek of sunshine, just trying to poke through the clouds, but the clouds are significant and the overcast skies will stay with us and we are looking for showers to continue. look at the live doppler radar. we have scattered variety here in terms of rain and drizzle, but then we have heavier moisture back here in the central part of the state just ready to sort of wrap in. it will be broken apart here, but it will be persistent. we are looking for overcast skies to stay with us, and the chance for the on and off showers just moving through the area. right now dry in south jersey but raining in the city of philadelphia. we have showers moving into
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parts of northern and central at this hour. hef year stuff out here to the west. we have a few rain drops, plenty of overcast skies. if you're going to the philly's game, you want to take an umbrella and jacket along. thank you for that, karen. new this morning, one person dead after being hit by a car in burlington city. it happened on east federal street right around midnight. the driver of the car did stay on scene. a power pole cracked in half because of the crash. expect delays in the area all day long as the pole is being repaired. nine hours later and power is still out for more than 100 customers in the society hill neighborhood following an under
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ground fire. monique braxton is live at the scene, following this story all morning long for us. what can you tell u.s? >> just moments ago, the foerman says he is hoping for power to be restored in the next few weeks. we were able walk close to them a short time ag, and this is what we saw, half a dozen homes with shattered windows. the sidewalk full of class in that area. pico tells us the damage is because of the force of the under ground electrical fire. police and fire responded with them to sixth and pine streets. when they arrived, a cable was burning under ground. one worker recalls flames shooting from three manholes that lifted off of their bases.
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we spoke to folks that lived just steps away. >> we were awakened by a loud noise that made the house shake. we smelled shoek, heard the fire department coming, and we were awakened by the firemen asking to come check our house for carbon monoxide. >> we had someone staying here from california in the last couple days. and we said one of the reason we don't lose a lot of utilities is because they are under ground. so that is good, but the system is getting aged. >> pico says there was no explosion, it was an under ground fire. this power problem falls on the same day as the 38th an society hill openo house and garden tou. the party will continue as planned, but there is still skepticism about that. folks planning to open the doors
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of their homes still don't have power. some churches in the area like mother bethel were thinking about whether or not to have services. many are just blocks away if not on pine street. but we have learned that all of the sunday services will go on as planned. we're going to continue to follow this throughout the day. live now from vote hill, monique braxton. the blast yesterday prompted crews to close streets between 29th and 30th on market street for hours. an old lead cable corroded and started smoking. that is what caused the explosion. it damaged a portion of the street outside of the market but fortunately no one was hurt. this morning police are trying to solve a triple shooting that killed one
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teenager and wounded two others. the gunfire erupted last night along pine lane in chester. investigators found more than two dozen shell casings in the street, and an suv with it's back window shattered. police have not released the name of the teenager that died. investigators are working to find witnesses and they're hoping that the corner store captured some of the violence on surveillance video. folks that frequent the schuylkill river trail are on alert. two cases of a man performing a lewd act himself in plain sight. one was arrested, the other man got away after running towards jfk boulevard. one organization is teaching trail goers what to do in cases like these. >> be a force of good on the
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trail. eyes, ears on the trail. watching for things like this. >> next schuylkill river trail watch training session is next month on city hall. if you're on the trail, look at these sign that's have specific trail coordinates so if you find yourself in trouble you can notify police and let them know exactly where you are. 10:07 right now on this sunday. for some, a difficult day at the preakness. two horses are dead after their races.
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good sunday morning, i'm karen thomas looking at your neighborhood forecast. numbers are bumping up slowly
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but our croloudy skies will continue. in the city you may need the umbrella and the raincoat. at the ball park later, same scenario. it is fairly dry in new jersey. 56 degrees, feeling cool with clouds in delaware. warming up but not really warm. we bumped to 6. if we get some peeks of sunshine, that is the plan, but the clouds are pretty stun born and the isolated showers will continue. you see what i mean by isolated, sort of broken up precipitation. there is plenty of it to come. this trend will continue. it is raining in philadelphia. moving through here in southern
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chester county and delaware is getting spotty showers moving into the area as well and that will be fairly persistent as we get into the evening hours. you will need those umbrellas. >> absolutely. >> a decade after kentucky derby winner barbaro broke his leg at the start of the preakness, they watched another horse die on the racetrack. the 4-year-old filly tumbled in the fourth race. she broke her leg and had to be euthanized right there on the track. you may remember back in 2006, their horse barbaro shattered bones in his right hind leg. he survived surgery, but was yut
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it is 55 degrees outside right now. new from overnight, a seni senior taliban leader is confirming the death of the leader of the taliban from a u.s. drone strike. secretary of state john kerry says that the strike sends a clear message about the u.s. commitment to afghanistan. now to our decision 2016
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coverage, hillary clinton and donald trump are reaching out to a group of voters they both need in november, hispanics. the christian leadership conference heard from both candidated yesterday even though they were not there in person. they played pre-taped speeches from trump and clinton. trump promised hispanics he was on their side, and clinton blasted his stance on immigrants. >> national hispanics christians, three great worked. we're going to work with you, you will be happy, you will like president trump. >> we have a candidate that wants to tear families apart. that is not who we are as a people. >> clinton's rival, bernie sanders, echoed her thoughts on trump. take a quick listen here. >> donald trump will never be
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elected president. because the american people will not support a candidate who insults mexicans and i wilatino. sanders now says he will support the opponent of the dnc chairman for her contest in august. from our south jersey bureau, loved ones are remembered a cumberland county teenager who died after prom. mikayla who you see on the right here and her classmate died in the crash last weekend. nbc 10 spoke so mikayla grandmother after yesterday's services. >> she was just so bubbley,
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loving, full of light. new jersey state police are investigating what lead up to that deadly crash. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> we'll take a great shot of the beach right here. gray skies, maybe not the best beach day, but any day on the beach is great, right? not a bad day, just cloudy skies and isolated showers move through. we are seeing more people jump on the boardwalk. bikes, strollers, joggers. walkers, little kids playing. not raining right now, but we have gray skies and cool. you'll want to bundle up heading out this morning. isolated showers today is the cause. part of our weather story. gray skies will stay around. radar showing us just where the scattered isolated showers are.
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it is dry right here in south jersey, but raining moving through parts of philadelphia and the outer lying suburbs. we have scattered showers in parts of central and northern delaware. taking a little break back here in chester county, and plenty of rain in the central part of the state. all part of a low pressure system that is making it's way off of the coast but it will take alittle while for sure and there is still heavy rain there in the mid state. that will be pushing west to east in our area for a good portion of our sunday. so that's why i keep saying hang on to the umbrellas, an outer rain jacket if you have it, may not be a bad idea if you're going to a fillies game or one of the many events outside. future cast, this particular model showing we have widely scattered showers by 2:30 this afternoon. the rain will not clear up, dry up, and get out of here any time soon. the afternoon will be retiled
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with isolated shower activity. as we get closer to the 9:00 hour later tonight, moisture retreating and clouds will stay around. later on today, a possibility of sunshine just peeking through the clouds and the weather story is about the isolated showers staying with us and the overcast skies until we get to the start of our monday. showers possible still on monday, but we are looking for drier conditions and more sunshine than what we're seeing today. showers moving through philadelphia right now, temperatures close to 60 degrees in the lehigh valley. mid 60s here in delaware. 57 in south jersey. taking you out to the western sub burns of pennsylvania. 56 in collegeville. 58 in newtown, and 66 in new
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hope. what does philadelphia have to offer in south philly? >> just about everything. you have the italian market festival this weekend. head out, it will be a great time. south 9th street italian market festival. great food, live entertainment, and no downpours, just a few scattered showers. the world's largest outdoor market will be open today 11:00 to 6:00. so what does philadelphia have to offer china? more than you think. as i learned earlier this week, one local company is proving that going global can mean great success as their biggest customer is in china. >> bassett's ice cream was
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founded in 1861. >> a family tradition that is alive and well. it was his great great grandfather that set up shop. >> we're the last remaining original merchant here. this marble counter was here when we opened. >> the counter may be the seam, but the company's reach has grown. >> this one? >> we call it macha. >> they have developed flavors that are specially for the china market, but they have become popular here as well. >> eight years ago, bassett started exporting the frozen street to canada and it is now 20% of their business. >> it's all about economic growth and jobs. >> linda tomlin considering
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bassett's a success story. the world trade center held a bassett's along with hundreds others. >> they can analyze their business, find the right markets, the right market strategy, and the resources. financial support, or accounting, legal, or tax information, it is helpful to them. >> hoch w much of it do you eat? >> i'm a butterscotch vanilla fan. >> his preference for the butterscotch vanilla is the base si for the whyy flavor, and it is a big seller overseas. >> we talked about renaming it philadelphia experience, but we made it in conjunction with the whyy folks, but in china, they
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call it the why flavor. >> his best seller here in the u.s.? green tea does well, but it is virginia n vanilla. and the philly's getting on another chance to take on the team with the worst record right now in the national baseball league. maybe doing it under cloudy and wet skies. details ahead.
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today the phillies will try to rebound after their loss yesterday. a couple drops on the lens there, we know we have scattered showers. the first pitch is at 1:35. the bats went quiet yesterday. they got just two hits in the loss to the braves. it was ugly weather and an ugly
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game according to the fillies -- philly's manager. and exaggerator upset nyquist yesterday at the preakness. it was his first loss as a thorough bred. a south jerry market is hoping to make a very big come back after being nearly destroyed by fire. the columbus farmer's market had a grand reopening. you may remember a session of the historic market on route 206 was devastated by a fire about a year and a half ago. a member of 2014 the flames destroyed several businesses. now old and new businesses are in the restored space.
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>> it was a nightmare not knowing how to pay our bills, what would happen, fighting to survive every day. we were out for ten months. it was hard but our customers were supportive and we're very happy to be back. >> they have 65 indoor stores and a outside produce row. today, families and doctors will reunite. the kids were all patients at the chop center for thoracic insufficienty syndrome. >> what are you going to wear to the philly's game? >> i don't know, and it is chilly in my book. >> for sure. >> isolated showers moving through the area. you may be dry where you are right now, but showers moving through parts of philadelphia in and around there.
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and it will continue as we take it wider, you see the shower activity, the main precip to the west. and it is just broken up, rosemary. when we say isolated like that, it can be dry one minute and wet the next. so we have a good portion of sunday to sunday night. >> but good news on the horizon? >> 80 and 82 coming by wednesday. >> have a good one.
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this sunday, now, it's the democrats who are fighting in public. >> we will have the opportunity to defeat donald trump, we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. >> this morning, my sitdown with hillary clinton. on bernie sanders. >> het me shea i don't think he has had a single negative ald against him. >> donald trump. >> no evidence he has ideas s about making america great. >> if you listen closely, it appears she has a new slogan. >> we're stronger together. we're stronger together. >> plus, the new findings from our new poll just out this morning. how much is bernie sanders damaging hillary clinton's chances? >> also, donald trump claims he's bringing in countless new voters into the republican


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