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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  May 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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here by midweek. we might start to get a taste of them tomorrow. but it still could come with a few showers. i'll give you the futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes to show you when the showers are most likely to pop up. meantime, jessica boyington is watching first alert traffic. jessie. >> watching route 202 right around route 29. no big problems or delays right now in either direction, although some people are making their way out the door early. seven minutes from this point around 29 if you're approaching the schuylkill expressway. average speeds into the 60s. still an accident in norristown in montgomery county. arch street and east chestnut. and 295 over in hamilton township, new jersey, right around sloan avenue. no problems in either direction. you can see maybe a little difficult to see out there. but otherwise no big problems backups or delays. if you're getting to the train station over in trenton, you'll be just fine. you can see all lanes, of course, north or southbound doing okay. new castle, delaware, some construction, 295 southbound
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right between route 9 and 95. that road is reduced to two lanes. so expect some small delays there behind that. vai and tracy. new from overnight, crews battled a fire that tore through a burlington county apartment building and left ten people without a place to stay. the flames broke out just before midnight at the woodlane crossing apartments in edgewater park. more than 50 firefighters from surrounding communities helped get the situation under control. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping affected residents. this morning in delaware county, one teen is dead and his cousin is in the hospital. our matt delucia is outside the chester police department. matt, the victims' families say the boys were not the targets of the shooting, but the investigation is just getting started, right? >> reporter: that's right, vai. and chester police are going through video from a nearby store, but they are also pleading for information from neighbors and witnesses around where this shooting happened. more than 24 hours now after that shooting.
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it happened saturday night about 8:00 in the evening. residents on the city's west side are looking for justice. a 14-year-old was killed. nas nichols is the boy on the right of this photo. on the left is his 16-year-old cousin who was critically injured in the shooting. police say they were innocent bystanders walking down the street. this happened near 10th & pine around 8:00 on saturday night. investigators say someone fired dozens of bullets at adults sitting in a car. there was another innocent victim here, an adult, janeen shipley. she says she dove under her dashboard as the bullets were fired. she still has a bullet under her skin and her eye is scratched from broken glass. >> you knew that there was kids out there. there was kids out there. like no remorse, no nothing. they didn't care. >> reporter: now the motive here is still unknown. chester's mayor says the community has to work together to make the city safer. he also says that there is also a reward being offered for
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the conviction of those responsible. we're also working to get some of that surveillance video hopefully putting that out to put some of these people behind bars if there is perhaps more than one killer on the loose this morning. for now live in chester, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now from our south jersey bauer row, grief counselors will be at burlington city high school this morning after a student was killed by an alleged drunk driver. >> a car hit the teen along route 130 south at the intersection of east federal street in burlington. 17-year-old antoine timbers jr. was walking home with a friend after leaving early sunday morning. investigators say the two were walking on the side of the road when an suv hit timbers. police arrested 42-year-old ricardo patterson and charged him with dui and reckless driving. >> i seen the black escalade truck jump the curb, hit this pole that they were putting back up and hit the guy. and i seen him laying on the ground. >> according to his dad, antoine
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was in the rotc and hoped to one day join the military. the man upper darby police is responsible for taking pictures up women's skirts is behind bars this morning. upper darby police arrested bobby hayden of chester township over the weekend. he's being held in the county jail after failing to post bail. this is surveillance video of the incident in the pretzel factory on may 10th. police say hayden is the man snapping pictures up a woman's skirt. investigators say he did the same thing to another woman last thursday in media. he's facing several charges including invasion of privacy, harassment and disorderly conduct. delaware governor jack markell has declared this zika awareness day. delaware's department of public health will be distributing zika prevention kits for pregnant women at women, infant and children clinics. this comes on the heels of a report that 279 pregnant women in the u.s. and its territories tested positive for zika. meantime, democratic lawmakers are calling on their republican counterparts to fund the fight
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against zika. >> the house of representatives ought to get with it and vote the money that's needed so we  can stop zika from becoming a scourge this summer here in new york and in the rest of the country. >> house republicans say the obama administration has padded its request for zika money. three months ago the president asked for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding to combat the virus. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> five minutes after 5:00. and we have some breaks in the clouds this morning. we will get some sunshine today. and that will start the warming process that really takes hold this week. middle 70s this afternoon. that's a live view looking past the ballpark. wouldn't be a bad afternoon for a ball game except the phillies are out of town. they're going to be visiting detroit.
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we have a few scattered showers right now. not much to them. these light scattered showers are moving inland. you can see the activity in cape may just north of cape may. the beach in cape may, but it is moving through several cape may courthouse, cape may county into delaware bay and across into delaware this morning. these spotty showers won't affect most areas this morning. more widespread showers and possibly some thunderstorms this afternoon. that same area of low pressure that has been lingering offshore giving us those showers is still with us. so still having an impact on our weather and still likely to see some showers develop during the afternoon and evening hours today. we could see some thunderstorm activity today. but then things will be drying out. futurecast shows at 11:00 this morning, we'll see sunshine. clouds lingering to the south. as we go into the afternoon, that's 3:00, look at the showers developing into the lehigh valley. and right along philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, right along the delaware, and at the shore and inland areas, more showers
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will be streaming inland. and the chance of thunderstorms will be dissipating by 10:00 tonight. and then we'll get drier weather headed into tomorrow. we might see a few clouds first thing in the morning before some sunshine takes us to near 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. for today, a pretty good warm-up, too. clouds will break for some sunshine. then the chance of some afternoon showers and thunderstorms for easton, bethlehem well into the 70s today. you'll get sunshine this morning for westchester, phoenixville and newtown. this afternoon keep an eye on the sky for those scattered showers and thunderstorms. middle 70s in the suburbs. philadelphia, some sunshine this morning. and a pretty good warm-up today. 76 in fairmount. up to 77 this afternoon. showers popping up in new jersey as well along with the temperature. big warm-up comes this morning with some sunshine. then those scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms certainly not expecting an all-day rainfall here. at the shore, mainly cloudy.
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a few bareaks of sunshine are possible. those clouds hang in there to keep atlantic city in the upper 60s. clouds for most of the day. and then in delaware, yes, some breaks of sunshine this morning for dover and wilmington, 70s this afternoon. just like the rest of the area, a chance of some showers and thunderstorms for today. we'll finally break out of the wet pattern tomorrow, and you'll feel the difference temperaturewise, too. the ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. all right. thank you, bill. 5:08. a full moon overnight because i was walking pie d ining my dog morning. >> yeah, i posted a picture because i saw moon shadows as i walked to my car. i put it on instagram. >> time to take a look at traffic on a monday morning. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> i must be the only one that barely has eye eyes open when i'm walking my dog. i don't talk or speak until i
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first get here in the morning. bad. schuylkill expressway around the curve, no problems in either direction as you can see. eastbound into center city from the blue route to the vine, a 12-minute trip. average speeds into the 60s as well. no big delays there yet. here's 422. no delays here either. we don't have those construction projects that are active this morning. so at least to start off your monday, maybe things will be a little easier than normal. eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, still eight minutes. no problems headed westbound either. area bridges, i keep checking in, just to make sure there aren't any scheduled openings that will tie you up. still in the clear and the bridges into philadelphia just fine. watch out for some of that still emergency construction heading over the delaware memorial bridge from new jersey but still no backups on the 295 and the new jersey turnpike. vai and tracy. 5:09 right now. more control and fewer errors. we'll tell you about a safety feature that's coming to a septa regional airline. plus this --
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>> starbucks or eating lunch at your desk instead of going out can only get you so far. >> tackling student loan debt. we're talking with the experts about how to get rid of that debt as quickly as possible.
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good morning, burlington county. a live picture at the burlington bristol bridge. right now in burlington it's 50 degrees. well, the pomp s circumstance is over. now it's time for college graduates to face the real
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world. >> and there are things that every recent grad should know from falling deeper into debt. financial experts say college grads should not rush into buying a car or getting a more expensive apartment. their focus rather should be on paying off their student loans if they have them. don't defer them. >> what they don't realize is if you defer your loans, the interest is continuing to accrue. so while you don't have to pay every month, the bill is getting much bigger as that interest gets added on top of that. so do whatever you can to knock those loans out as quickly as you can. >> wilson also suggested college grads should get one credit card to build credit and amass a six-month emergency saving fund. speaking of savings, preparing for retirement is something both millennials and older americans need to worry about. in a survey by, three-quarters of americans expressed serious regrets over how poorly they've handled their money. but it's regret millennials can quickly reverse. >> you're just starting out in the workforce, this is a good time to give up, you know, maybe
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a couple of lattes and a hulu subscription every month and put that money into savings. >> experts say it's never too early to start saving for retirement. today a judge is expected to issue a verdict in the trial of baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. officer edward nero is one of six baltimore police officers facing charges in connection with gray's arrest and death. he's from south jersey. he graduated from washington township high school. nero is charged with second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct of office. he is suspended with pay because all those charges are misdemeanors. 5:14. this morning firefighters are in california are battling a brush fire. the fire began yesterday afternoon in soledad which is about an hour south of san jose. crews are attacking the fast-moving flames from the ground and the air. so far no one's been hurt and no homes have been burned. the san diego gay men's chorus is upset after their
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scheduled performance of the national anthem at a padres game didn't go according to plan. >> here's what happened. the choir gathered on the field before the game but suddenly a recording of a woman singing the anthem was played over the loudspeakers. the choir said no attempt was made to. so the recording. and the group received homoph e homophobic taunts. the padres issued a statement apologizing. the search continues in the mediterranean sea for the black boxes from egyptair flight 804. egypt sent a robot submarine to join the hunt for the wreckage. debris and human remains have been recovered. egypt's president says mounting evidence points to a sudden and dramatic catastrophe as the cause of the crash. starting today, positive train control will be up and running on septa's fox chase regional line. ptc is a safety feature that helps reduce the chance of human error by monitoring and controlling a train's speed and even stopping a train, if necessary. last week the ntsb released the
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report that said ptc could have prevented the deadly amtrak train derailment in port richmond last year. 5:16. let's get you to work on this monday morning. >> jessica is checking the roads for us. what are you seeing? >> we're still a little quiet so far this morning. a lot of construction projects are taking the day off as well. but we are starting on the vine street expressway right around eighth street. this is a little bit beyond where our construction project here normally starts. it's normally between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. we did not have the ongoing construction project this morning. if you're heading out the door right now, you don't have to worry about that eastbound or westbound right thousand. westbound, more traffic towards the schuylkill. that's what we typically see. no problems or delays in either direction. there's also an accident out at 70 town pike and church road. and garden state parkway in new jersey right around the toll plaza, of course no problems in either direction. we don't typically see big
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deladelay s especially at this time of morning. some flashing lights right over there. that is one lane only getting by. out to the toll plaza with ongoing construction. i'll be back with more in ten minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> some clouds around this morning and we are tracking a few scattered light showers this morning. a better chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. we can see very light rainfall is moving into delaware just out of new jersey. cape may courthouse getting a few raindrops and in cumberland county, a little wet weather there, too. summerlike heat, that takes hold during the week. we'll start the warm-up today. the average high temperature is 76 degrees. that's where we'll be this afternoon. but tomorrow, 80 degrees with sunshine. 84 on wednesday. we're headed for 90 degrees on thursday. looks like thursday is going to be the warming. the warmest of the coming weather. this morning, though, we're
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getting a pretty nice start. pretty typical. 55 degrees right now in philadelphia. 40s in some of the suburbans. delaware is 55. it's interior new jersey that's seeing the numbers fall into the low 50s right now. bum herton is 50. and hopewell township has dropped to 49 along with p pemberton. a cool start for this time of year for the end of may. those showers won't last today, but the low pressure that has been lingering and affecting our weather will still be spinning offshore, spinning some showers into the area this afternoon and into this evening. the futurecast shows those showers and possibly some thunderstorms developing. that's 6:00 this evening. quick downpours are possible. we may see a quick quarter inch of rainfall and then it will be drying out during the evening hours. then we'll finally get a break from the rain for tomorrow. clouds, sunshine, 76 degrees this afternoon. best chance of showers other than ones that we're tracking this morning will be this
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afternoon. after 2:00 today and before sunset. by sunset, we'll be drying out. and tomorrow we'll be dry. 80 degrees, the high temperature after a morning low of 57. and that warming trend continues. look at wednesday afternoon. 84. and there's your 90 degrees for thursday. as it heats up, we could see some spotty showers. possibly even a thunderstorm heading into friday which is also going to be close to the 90-degree mark to start the weekend there, too. 88 degrees on saturday. sunday, 85. and the 80s just won't quit for monday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. 86 degrees. and a spotty shower but enough sunshine to warm us back into the low 80s for tuesday and wednesday. vai? thank you, bill. 19 minutes past 5:00 a.m. this monday morning. left in the dark. we have an update on a power outage in one philadelphia neighborhood. hear why neighbors over the weekend woke up to a loud boom, shattered windows and no power in their homes. plus, president obama in the
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far east. the commander in chief is now lifting a ban that's been in effect since the vietnam war. we'll explain.
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new from overnight, police are looking for the people behind a home invasion robbery. investigators say three or four masked men entered a home on domino lane. they took money and a cell phone before taking off. no one was hurt. a foreign drugmaker may be getting ready to take over a
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major american corporation. landon dowdy is here with that in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> reporter: hi there, tracy. good monday morning to you. a big merger deal may be in the works today. bayer is offering to buy monsanto, the seed and pesticide company, for $62 billion. a deal would create the world's largest agricultural products maker and would be the largest foreign takeover by a german company. meanwhile, over on wall street, it looks to break out of the doldrums this week. futures are higher this morning and the dow although closing higher friday is now down for the past four weeks on speculation that the federal reserve could raise rates as soon as next month. look for data this week on housing and gdp. on friday the dow was up 65 points to 17,500. thes that dak adding 57 to 4769. trace city, back over to you. >> landon, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> 55 degrees at 5:23.
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we've got some clouds around this morning and i'm tracking a few showers, too, this afternoon. well, you know the drill. more showers and possibly thunderstorms. can you see the clouds lingering over center city. that's a live view. now at 5:24. let's check in with jessica boyington to see how the traffic is moving. jessie. >> bill, it's moving along just fine so far. we're still pretty quiet for this monday morning but we're starting to see people making their way out the door. looking live at 78 over in the lehigh valley. you can see no big problems in either direction, but we do have some accidents out there. i'll touch on those when i come back at 5:30. neck and neck. a new poll shows just how close the general election could be in november. we'll show you the new numbers and how americans now view donald trump and hillary clinton. also, wedding wishes come true. a local couple ties the knot thanks to a nonprofit organization. we'll tell you the story of lon and karen and how they got married despite some tough times.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, a controversial bill in philadelphia will be getting a big boost from a certain group. we're live with details. lifting the ban. president obama is in vietnam, and he's getting rid of a ban that's been in effect since the
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vietnam war. and inching closer. the latest poll shows the race to the white house between hillary clinton and donald trump is getting even tighter. it's 5:28. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm happy monday. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. a little rain in some places. let's get our start from bill henley with the neighborhood forecast. >> as of right now, the temperatures are cooling down. we've seen some areas of fog develop. no serious fog here. if it's down to half a mile in reading, it was a little lower first thing this morning. visibility is good in allentown and quakertown. look at northeast philadelphia, half-mile visibility at the airport there. farther to the south, not an issue, but there are some scattered showers moving across delaware and south jersey. not everybody's going to see the wet weather this morning. but this afternoon a different story. you can see the clouds starting to break in the lehigh valley. this is where we have seen some fog. doesn't look very foggy in easton right now. 67 degrees by 11:00 this morning. still cool in some of the
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suburbs. 55 degrees in philadelphia. a calm start, a nice warm-up with some breaks of sunshine. 56 degrees at 7:00. and closer to 70 degrees at 10:00 this morning. and as we go into the afternoon, yes, we will see 70s. a nice warm-up. but we'll also see showers and possibly some thunderstorms develop at the shore mainly cloudy, a chance of a shower. we've seen a few sprinkles in wildwood. 68 degrees with mostly cloudy skies right now. while we're up to 78 degrees for philadelphia. 76 degrees for philadelphia today. today we'll go after 76. tomorrow will move past 78 to near 80 degrees. maybe you've noticed it the seven-day forecast, we're in for a big warm-up. i'll give you a look at futurecast in ten minutes. right now let's see how traffic is looking on a monday morning. jessica boyington. morning, jess. >> morning, bill watching the 42 freeway right around creek road. northbound lanes headed towards the philadelphia area.
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i put up a little drive time here for you. northbound from 55 to the walt wittman bridge. about a five-minute trip. no big problems. southbound just noticing this next to our graphic. you see a little flashing lights. clearly no backups. it might just be a traffic stop. there's no accidents reported yet right there, but either way, and to watch out for over into the shoulder. of course, you can see traffic is still moving along nicely southbound by that scene. also watch for an accident in norristown. marshall street and high street. and another one out in upper gwynnedd. more updates when i come back in ten. following breaking news out of the middle east. it's been a vie leaolent day wi multiple suicide bombings in syria and yemen. in syria, 20 people are dead. in yemen, a pair of suicide bombers killed at least 45 people. security officials say they were targeting young men trying to join the army. finally, an iraqi government offensive is under


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