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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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fair hill getting nailed right now. there have. reports of small hail, but not much in the last half hour. this area gist north of the pennsylvania turnpike was about a half hour ago. temperatures were up to near 80 degrees in parts of the area, and we do have some incredible warmth coming in the forecast with storms and we'll pin point that in minutes. >> track showers and storms in your neighborhood with the nbc 10 app, also a great tool to keep tabs on the weather as ewe plan for the memorial holiday weekend. skyforce10 live over breaking news in camden county. a car hits someone here on springdale road. the doors open, not clear how seriously the person's been hurt, working on information nor that part of it, and we sent brandon hudson to the ground,
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and we have more information on the accident as soon as he gets there. we'll update you this on this pedestrian hit in cherry hill coming up. now to a story seen only on nbc 10. children threatened with a gun on a school playground and calls for help left in limbo. >> in fact, police did not arrive on scene for hours. the threat happened last week at urban promise kacademy, on the map, along the camden line. south jersey bureau reporter uncovered what may have delayed the response. >> sounds like a turf war between the two police departments here? >> reporter: well, jim, that or a terrible breakdown of communication. look, 36th street is the dividing line on whose police turf it is. that side of the street is camden, but over here, it's pensawken. this is 911 calls and confusion and outrage by parents that police never responded to the school's playground. >> whoever the guy was yelled
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out, hey, i like your sneakers. >> reporter: as her 11-year-old son played hide and seek at recess last week, a man in a car driving by pointed a gun out the window. he also threatened he would kill the little boy. >> he said the man held it out the window and pointed it at him. for him to go through this is just terrifying. >> police response never came. i'm outraged. >> reporter: only nbc 10 has the a audio tape a teacher placed that day. >> sir -- >> a black suv, tinted windows, pulled out a gun. >> the caller was bounced around from camden county to the city dispatch. listen. >> don't hang up. >> the school's director says no police from camden metro or pennsauken showed up. >> we were never notified. no point we were notified. >> the police could not respond
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to a threat they were never made aware of by county dispatch. we asked city metro police and the county today where was the communication breakdown? the city pd says the call was made from a cell phone. it was inaudible, but insists camden police sent units out. the school has no record of it. >> our children are afraid. our parents are afraid. that lack of response allowed someone who was driving around with a gun waving it at children to be able to continue to do that, and he's at large. >> reporter: ultimately, pennsauken police should have been dispatched to the school. we're working to get answers from the dispatchers why it didn't happen. as we went on air, i got a phone call from the head of camden county operations and said i would call him right back. we are still working to get you answers. live in pen pennsauken. >> let us know what you find out. breaking news, new jersey lawmakers agreed on a plan to
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keep lant tick city from running out of money. today, leaders reached an agreement on a package of bills to keep the city financially stable for the next five monthings. plan calls for $60 million loan for the city. the assembly votes thursday. a ruling paves the way for cosby to be back in a montgomery county courtroom tomorrow. pennsylvania spreechl court denied an emergency stake remitted by cosby's legal team meaning his preliminary hearing comets as scheduled at 9:00. the comedian accused of drugging and molesting a woman back in 2004. coming up at 5:00, harry hairston looks at what to expect in court tomorrow. father of a burlington city teen speaks out after his son was killed, hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver. invest gapters say 17-year-old
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antwon timbers, jr., and his friend were walking home when he was hit near east federal street. he was a huge part of all of their lives, and he was looking forward to having a career in the military. >> one of the worst things you never can imagine, losing one of your own. i think back on the moment, and just the last words i told him was that, i love him, and i really appreciate the fact that i was able to say that. >> grief counselors at burlington city high school today to help students grieving his death. fellow classmates say he had turned his life around. >> started crying, everyone, mom, did you find out, he was hit, she said, yeah, we end to church that morning, and i started praying over his family. >> just a good life, feel bald for his family, the friends, taking a hard. >> police arrested ricardo patterson for dui and reckless
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driving. a 15-year-old hid in the basement, called 911 while the thief broke in upstairs. we have the recording for the a call for help. listen. >> i just hid. i'm in a close et downstairs in a basement. >> translator: boy was home alone friday afternoon in his home. lauren mayk spoke with family and neighbors as well. lauren, what did you find out? >> reporter: well, jim, think about it. this is a scary thing for us. you're home alone, you hear a noise. what do you do? well, this 15-year-old who was home sick from school, police say he did everything right, and he even helped them make two arrests. >> someone just broke into my house. >> reporter: friday afternoon when the teenager called 911. >> did you see them come in. >> no, i heard them break the window. >> okay. stay on the line with me. where are you at now? >> in my basement. >> okay.
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>> reporter: the 15-year-old hiding in a closet in the basement of his home where neighbors are not used to scary stuff like this happening here. >> cia zis because it's a lovely limit burrow here in new jersey, and stuff like this just doesn't happen here. >> reporter: home alone, the teenager knew what to do. a call to dispatcher walked him through anxious moments. >> please, please, hurry up. >> they're there, you may hear them, okay? >> okay. you're doing fine. >> reporter: police credit the dispatcher and the teen. >> this young man is to be commended. maintaining his composure through the event. as a police officer and parent, i couldn't have been more pleased had with how he reacted. >> reporter: police on scene found a suspect hiding amongst clothing, found another in a car outside. they were arrested. that teenager? you can hear the moment of relief. >> you okay? >> yeah. >> did you open the door?
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>> yeah. >> okay. do you have the officer there? >> yeah. >> reporter: that teenager was okay. i spoke with his dad by phone today, and they didn't want to do an interview, but i can tell you from talking to police here, they should be very proud. live in berlin, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. new information now on a montgomery county woman acued of killing her ex-husband in a domestic dispute yesterday. this is our first look now at 63-year-old sue chin lin charged with first degree murder for the shooting death of her husband. according to a complaint, the victim contacted a police officer yesterday afternoon to stand by while he collected his belongings from the house on south 6th street in north wales. he waited until lin was finished, but police responded to the home an hour later for a disturbance. the ex-husband's body was in the
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garage. the suspect was at the table with the weapon right in front of her. today, nbc 10 learned police reinterviewed possible witnesses in the death of a teenager killed and two others hurt in a shooting over the weekend. nichols was killed, on the right in the picture. on the left, his cousin critically injured in the shooting. they were innocent bystanders walking near tenth street and pine lanes saturday night. someone fired dozens of bullets at adults sitting in a car. the third victim dove under the dash board as bullets wizzed past. not guilty on all charges, a baltimore judge's decision for a former south jersey firefighter charged in freddy gray's death. nero acquitted of assault, reckless endangerment, and misconduct today in office. keith jones is live in the digital operations center with more on the judge's decision. keith? >> the judge announced the verdict for nero after two weeks
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of testimony in the case, it was a blow to prosecutors in their attempt to hold police accountable for gray's death. sketches show nero hung his head and reportedly hugged his attorney and wiped a tear, and waived a right to the jury trial opting to argue the case to a judge. the judge said nero aktded like any reasonable officer would and only touched gray after he was in cuffs. gray died april 19th of last year, a week after he broke his neck while riding in the back of a police transport van. nero initially chased down and help arrest him, but testified he never touched him other than helping him search for the inhal inhaler. he was the second of six officers on trial. the case, like you mentioned, nero grew up in the area before joining the baltimore police force, he was a firefighter for decade. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. philadelphia's soda tax
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debate is bubbling up today. doctors and nurses from across the city announced support for the mayor's proposed tax on soda and other sugar drinks saying this is the best way to reduce risk of disability and save hundreds of lives and health costs throughout philadelphia. >> smoking rates are falling in the country, in large part because we have taxed cigarettes encouraging people to quit. this tax does the same for sugar drinks. >> he wants to add a 3 cents an ounce tax to sugar drinks paid by beverage distributors. districters say it's bad for business. the money would be used to help pay for universal pre-k and other programs. concerns over the zika virus have local health officials focused on protecting pregnant women and unborn babies. fear grows as weather heats up and moe ski toe season
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approaches. nbc 10 bureau reporter, tim furlong, has more on the special handouts health officials are giving out all over the state. tim? >> reporter: it's been a rainy month in delaware, and spots like silver lake park in dover, we found spots like this, standing water just sitting there. this is where moe ski toes are born. none in the region have zika, but if brought here, our mosquitos will spread it, dangerous for moms-to-be. nice day at the park here because the moe ski toes are not out yet. women here concerned? >> for myself, no. for mothers, i am, yeah, and their children. >> she's right. if we get the zika virus, we're fine, but pregnant women in the caribbean, some have children with significant birth defects, and cdc issued warnings and delaware ramped up preventative measures. the governor declared this awareness day, and pregnant women will be given this
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prevention kit with insect repellant and condoms. >> those who traveled in that part of the world, we are concerned about that because it could be transmitted sexually. >> reporter: the center of disease control advises women to postpone travel to the region with zika issues, follow steps to prevent bites, and if a male partner returned from a zika-prone area, women should use protection in sex or abstain. >> one of the most challenges species. >> reporter: delaware's top fighter says the asian tiger mosquitos are the region's common mosquitos, daytime biters fly low, grow quickly, and if one bites, they likely spread to the next person they bite if that person was infected. they are spraying areas with trucks like this, but best prevention, better than repel lanlt, getting rid of standing water near the home. even a little water becomes a breeding ground. >> eliminate it. drain it. prevent it from forming in the first place.
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>> reporter: certainly formed here in silver lake park, it is marshy and squishy. if bit, it's in the blood for a week. as soon as state health officials hear about a person with zika, what they do is go to the person and try to give them guidance to help make sure they don't spread it further. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. we have this just in, patco tells us within the last half hour, trains are now operating on a normal schedule after a derailment caused a day of delays. machine used for lifting railroad ties came off the tracks early this morning near the wood crest station in cherry hill. trains ran on an emergency schedule in the morning rush and most of the day as well with fewer trains running in both directions until now. meanwhile, septa added a safety feature to another set of tracks. today, it launched positive train control or ptc on fox chase regional line. ptc reduces the chance of human
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error by monitoring and controlling a train's speed and stopping a train if necessary. septa activated it on its trains last month, and last week, you'll recall the ntsb released a report that said ptc could have prevented the deadly amtrak train derailment last year. eight people were killed in that crash and more than 200 others were hurt. new information about one of the prosecution's star witnesses in the fattah corruption trial as we begin week two. last week, tom lindenfeld testified taking a million dollar loan on behalf of the congressman for tv ads in the 2007 mayor race. today, the accountant revealed that money was taxed, and cost the political operative more than $300,000. the accountant told the attorney there were no documents or e-mails that showed the loan was for the congressman. to decision 2016 coverage
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this afternoon. the long drawn out fight for the democratic nomination has been good for the party? that's what the voters believe according to a new wall street journal poll. 40% of voters in the primaries think the campaigns between sanders and hillary clinton through next month's primaries is a good thing. only 22% see it as bad for democrats, but the ongoing campaign is taking its toll on clinton with on the 66% of sanders' supporters saying they would back clinton against trump in november. new jersey's primary's just two weeks from tomorrow. hillary clinton is getting her campaign ready in south jersey. her team will host officials, volunteers, and organizers at a new office in cherry hill tonight and opening an office in hudson county. for complete coverage, including the latest poll numbers and social media updates from the campaign trail, all you have to do is tap the nbc 10 app. well, we have some showers
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and thunderstorms that have developed with the warmth of the day. we still have decent visibility, and certainly better than what we saw over the weekend. the radar is showing that, well, we've got some issues with the showers and storms. see everything moving northeast to southwest. that's app unusual direction. we'll show you some of the heavier showers right now. one of them is right near reading. just to the west. look at that. look how close it is. it's going through mulenberg now, about to go in sinking spring, just on the edge there. as we go to the live radar, you see there is not much in new jersey here or southern delaware. these are just kind of scattered, maybe even isolated storms. we have another one that is
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coming down from central new jersey. this is moving to the southwest. everything's moving southwest, so that's moving into bucks county here. let's show you some of the area that is going to be hit. right in through bucking ham, newtown grand, warrington about to be hit in the next half hour. why is this happening? why is it so stormy? we have app upper air low pressure center down to the south. everything is spinning around, very cold up in the atmosphere too. that's why all these showers are moving to the southwest. we also see moisture offshore that is moving our way. that's why new jersey is likely to get hit. watch what happens with the futurecast through the evening. we see this activity diminishing in pennsylvania and delaware and some of this from offshore moving into new jersey,
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especially near the shore. later tonight, and even into tomorrow morning, that's the area likely to get the rain, and further west you are, the more likely it is to stay dry. by the way, your own seven-day forecast on the bottom all the time. tomorrow, 80 degrees, but also a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. most of the day is dry tomorrow. newtown could see one at 79 degrees, but the further west you get like chads ford, lesser chances of showers. at the shore, likely to see showers. 70 degrees in atlantic city, 74 in galloway and showers during the morning hours in those parts of the area. and then, it gets hot. as we go through the week. 90 degrees by thursday. by saturday, 92. the start of the memorial day weekend. 90 friday. 92 sat. sunday may not be as warm, and then gets a little, let's say
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less warm for memorial day, 82, still above average. only places in the 70s is south jersey and jersey shore because of the wind coming in off the ocean. you'll notice that i don't really have showers or thunderstorms for those days. the chances are not zero, but right now, thigh are not high enough to put into the forecast. we'll get into more details, more neighborhoods, and more radars coming up later. >> that's a shock, 92. >> just like that, we jump up. >> we can't complain. we are not going to complain. >> we're not, begged for the warm weather. >> feels like summer. time to line up a summer job. >> if you have not, who is hiring, the help wanted signs, and why there's a shortage of applicants. plus, sticker shock. the mistake that could mean free money and extended warranties
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for car buyers. and ahead, graduation gaffe. a march overshadowing her accomplishments. which is unlike the rest? we'll point it out next. first, though, a look at the closing bell on wall street. okay. that's not a great way to start the week. ♪
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it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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♪ a west point cadet catching heat after a video surface at the graduation -- oh -- she just went by. this was just sat. you see her looking down at the phone there while in the line with the other cadets. critics say it shows she lacks discipline and respect. others call it a minor infraction, but in any event, sort of be in the moment, right? wouldn't you want to take it in? >> just life in general, right, so many people are buried, but west point? graduation? >> and caught on video? >> oh. >> now it's on the news. okay. well, the san diego padres apologize after a national anthem miscue. >> the team let the city's gay men's chorus voiceless on pride night at the ballpark. ♪ can you see >> the san diego gay men's
4:26 pm
chorus was on the field set to sing, but that recorded voice you hear of a woman came over the loud speakers and the day men's chorus was never heard. the padres say it was a technical mistake, but the chorus wants an investigation saying the members received homophobic taunts while being s escorted off the field. a project not turning out a homeowner envisioned. >> he called the responds team for help. the outcome that saves him thousands of dollars next. and i'm tracking some storms that could impact the evening commute in parts of the area. where the rain's headed next in my first alert forecast.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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tracking thunderstorms and showers this afternoon. you can see them moving along first alert radar at this hour, but in a strange direction, unusual direction there for those. >> glen "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what's out there. glen? >> they are not affecting the area, as a matter of fact, you don't see any showers in new jersey. that's not the case later tonight and tomorrow. new jersey's going to get their share, but we have some pretty heavy showers, as you can see, moving nort east to southwest, one that just went through the reading area. the pennsylvania turnpike here, we have a heavy run right over new morgan, and that exit right at the pennsylvania turnpike, and they're not that many of them. they are at least briefly heavy.
4:31 pm
there's been a couple reports of hail during the last several hours, and the track of these things has been towards the southwest. we have one that is coming from new jersey. it's in bucking ham at 5:00, and abbington at 5:34. they are moving northeast to southwest. and otherwise there's not much in the way of hail reported. what we see for the rest of the night, temperatures dropping in through the 60s. a threat of showers through 10:00 p.m. in philadelphia and in the pa suburbs. lehigh valley, less of a threat, and at 6:00 a.m., less of a threat. they are dry now, and they get theirs tomorrow morning, affecting the morning rush hour in the area, and some neighborhoods while other neighborhoods are dry.
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that's what this neighborhood weather thing's all about, and we'll get more into the rest of the week, a big change is coming in just a few minutes. most of us know just how frustrating it is when you don't get what we pay for. >> very frustrating, right? that's the situation a family found themselves in after hiring a home improvement contractor, so they called nbc 10 responds, and harry hairston helped them out. >> you hire a contractor, think you get something good, and then they believe this contractor did them wrong, so they want help to make it right. >> i'm hardly shaking it. >> he founded o'neil fence company online, hiring them to replace the old fence paying $3600. green thought the job went find until his neighbor pointed out flaws like gaps tweens boards. >> i can put my land through it. >> reporter: crooked boards along the back, and when a high
4:33 pm
wind hit one day. >> i was afraid it was going to blow down. >> reporter: he called the contractor for months. he says o'neil never returned the calls, so he filed suit in small claims court and won. o'neil appealed. he said it would have cost $4,000 to pay for the appeal, almost as much as he paid for the shaky fence. instead, he reached out to nbc 10 responds. >> what is it you want? >> either my money back or come out and fix the fence the proper way. >> reporter: he returned our call after we got a message to him through his attorney, meeting us at the house. >> seems there's a response that nbc 10 responds team is out here to talk to you. >> that's great. you're going to make me look like a deadbeat. >> reporter: he couldn't explain what took him long to rush, but once back, he inspected the fence, making all repairs within a couple weeks.
4:34 pm
>> it'll be done. >> all right. it'll be done? >> it will be done. >> how do you feel now? >> great. >> reporter: a few weeks after we were involved, he got the work done after waiting nearly one year, they have happy. >> if not for you, stepping up to the plate, it would still be the old way. thank you very much. >> oh, you're welcome so much. >> and you get a hug from me. >> a hug, oh, so nice. >> hey, there it is. nice hug, can't beat it, huh? >> it's a thing. >> it's a lot nicer than paying another -- get this, another contractor $4,000. that's the estimate they got from someone else to fix the mess, so, you know, the hug was good, they got good things going. >> little did you know this was going to turn into such a, you know, a warm feeling for people that they have for you helping people out in these situations. you wait a year to get your fensz fixed? >> you stepped up to the plate
4:35 pm
hitting a home run, harry. >> well, thank you, we're going to say the whole team pulled together on this, and they meat it happen. >> talk about the grand total. it's up there now. >> let's look at the paperwork here. we have good money, folks, to tell you about, $4,000 is what we added to this total. it stands at $19,845. >> wow. >> listen, folks, if you have a consumer complaint for us, head to, click on the nbc responds page, and fill out the form, or call us at 610-668-7377. that's 610-668-resp, and our team gets together. our producer, camera man, everyone to make it happen for us. here's what's coming up tomorrow. a woman put nearly $200 down on a couch. then waited weeks and didn't hear the response she wanted. that's when she contacted nbc 10
4:36 pm
responds. see how we stepped in and helped out tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. we respond. >> see you then, harry. >> looking forward to it. drivers may not get the gas mileage they were promised on their new suvs. >> up next, the cars impacted and what the company is doing to make it up to consumers. remember your tv is not the only place you can get local news and weather. follow us on twitter. there are our handles right there. we'll have updates all day long.
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septa moves forward on a reconstruction project in west philadelphia broke ground today on work to upgrade the bus loop at 61st and pine. project will bring safety enhancements and added ak sent. the work is expected to be finish in the spring. prices at the gas pump are up, but not as much as they were
4:40 pm
last year. over the past two weeks, average place jumped by a nickel. the prize rose 55 cents since late february, but it's 40 cents lower than last memorial day weekend. delaware's average is $2.23, and 2.08 in new jersey. general motors pay some suv owners up to $1500 over faulty mileage stickers. those who purchased can choose between a prepaid debit card or extended warranty. those who lease vehicles only receive debit cards. they said the stickers overstated fuel efficiency by one to two miles per gallon. you saw this, right? that viral video everyone is
4:41 pm
talking about. [ laughter ] >> next, impact this clip had and why the woman behind the mask thinks it spread like wildfire. glen? >> plus, tracking showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. just where the rain is falling and headed next with the new neighborhood weather next in the first alert forecast. for the first time ever, the philly pops and performing arts present me e mori yal salute, honoring all who served saturday at 7:00 at veterans active military and police officers and firefighters can see the show for free as well as their families. all public school students, teachers, and administrators can get free tickets. for more, go to or check out the nbc 0 app. comcast and nbc 10 are proud to present the memorial salute this
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breaking news in montgomery county. that red car there drove into a creek here along mill road in upper moreland township. authorities say one person has been taken out of the car and taken to the hospital. don't yet know how seriously that person is hurt. you see the tire tracks there going right into the creek. that red car, again, drove into it, one person taken to the hospital. we'll watch the situation and update you with more information if we can. now ynbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> no showers in new jersey, central and southern new jersey, but in some places, it's getting rain every hour on the hour. look at this. it's moving from northeast to
4:46 pm
southwest. so it's moving over the same spots in lehigh valley and burkes county, not helping anything. as we go to the live picture, you see we have activity moving towards bucks county, montgomery county and in the philadelphia area. that will continue over the next hour or two, buckingham at 5:00, and norristown at 5:56. now, why is this happening and why are these storms moving the way they are? the big upper air low pressure center to the south, and circulation around it is causing these radar echoes moving southwest over here, but they are moving towards us out over into the ocean.
4:47 pm
so that is the area we got to watch for what's going to happen tomorrow. and here's the futurecast with that. as this activity dies out in the rest of the afternoon and evening hours, the stuff from the atlantic starts coming in. that's even by tomorrow morning's rush, especially around the jersey shore. now, there's a question as to how far west that's going to come. it possibly could bring some showers back to philadelphia, but western suburbs, places getting hit today are the least likely hit tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, little event, nothing like what we see this afternoon. and as we go into the holiday weekend, it's going to warm up more and more. look at these temperatures for tomorrow. fairmont 80 degrees, chance of a shower. as we go into new jersey,
4:48 pm
chances are higher. trenton at 76, haddon at 78 degrees for the high. everyone's warmer than today, even at the jersey shore because of the west wind at 10-15 miles per hour. avalon at 72. just a chance of a shower in wilmington, better chances at the beach. ten-day forecast shows those temperatures going. 80 in philadelphia tomorrow with a chance of a shower. 84 degrees on wednesday. and then we're going to 90 thursday, friday, saturday, up to 92 degrees. going into memorial day, temperatures are well above average, but the beginning of the holiday weekend looks like it may be hotter than the end of the holiday weekend. we may start getting some winds off the ocean by memorial day that complicates things. more coming up later. if i had a boat, this weekend would be perfect.
4:49 pm
>> it would. halloween is months away, but a popular star wars character is sells for hundreds of dollar. >> this viral video responsible. people pay up to $500 a piece for these electronic masks on ebay. they sold out out of major chains after being featured in a facebook video featuring a texas mom. >> that's not me making that noise. it's the mask. listen. >> she's just having a good time putting one of the masks, and just letting out a laugh. posting this video on facebook last thursday, get this. it's been viewed now 137 million times. that shatters a facebook record. i mean, that's the reason it's
4:50 pm
popular is the that world was in need of a good laugh. >> will it still be popular five months from now when halloween rolls around? will people remember this mask? >> they better. >> yeah. >> okay. well, looking for work? helpmented signs along the jersey shore. >> a push to fill jobs ahead of the weekend. nbc 10's ted greenberg find out what's available and why there's so many open positions. that story is next.
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looking for a summer job, the biggest businesses could use help. >> scrambling to find workers bless than a week than memorial day weekend.
4:54 pm
ted greenberg says who is hiring. >> reporter: practicing life saving procedures in part of daniel's preparation for opening day saturday at raging waters water park in wildwood. this will be the life guard's supervisors fifth year working. >> a great experience, you know, part of a great family. >> reporter: a family that still needs more than 200 members for various roles this summer with less than a week to go before memorial day weekend. applications for jobs are down 1 14% from the same time last year. >> been almost a decade since we've been in this position. i think the decrease is attributed to a better performing economy. parents are in the requiring kids to get summer jobs. >> reporter: openings could be helpful for people in cape may county. the county's unemployment rate topped 13% in march, the highest in new jersey. atlantic county was just under 8%, ocean county at 5
4:55 pm
prepondera preponderate 5%. this job was for in borgata, they are looking to fill 700 positions in the coming month, and scott hopes to get one of them. >> means a lot to me because i have not work eed -- i have not worked in a while. >> reporter: despite casinos closing in 2014, the executives say the applicant pool is not as large as it was a few years ago. >> finding good help is not the easiest thing in the area. people moved out, and said, look at the perspective of the area, but, you know, we're a successful property here, looking good people. >> the hiring machine remains revved up, but a backup plan will keep rides running as they should be this holiday weekend. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next.
4:56 pm
>> guys, next at 5:00, a child home alone when a burglar breaks in. >> tonight, his 911 call for help. >> did you hear anything after the window break? >> no. i just hid. i'm in a closet down stairs in the basement. >> next, how dispatchers talked him through the scary scenario and the unspot where police found a burglar. and we still have thunderstorms moving through this afternoon. i'll show you where they are headed and what to expect the rest of the tonight. plus, bill cosby loses legal battle. why he's headed back to court tomorrow and why he could face one of his accusers next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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look at that hail. the first alert weather team's tracking storms moving through the area. a viewer sent this video from the back deck in westchester in the past 30 minutes. >> more of the region could see strong storms on the, and our radar shows what's headed to your neighborhood. first alert weather forecast starts right now. >> let's get to sheena. where are the storms right now? >> mainly in parts of pennsylvania, the pennsylvania suburbs, especially in bucks county, as one we're watching, and a lot is moving into the baltimore area, but we have pretty heavy thunderstorms making their way through, and
5:00 pm
the one mentioned in parts of bucks county, that was getting heavy. you see the heavy rain here in bucki buckingham, and moving the map, you get a better idea, there's one in douglas, heavy shower activity there, watching one right stretching across doylestown. lightning here. this keeps traveling in the direction of philadelphia. now, it's moving around 20 miles per hour or so. in some cases, a little bit faster, but traveling southwest. the direction is from the northeast to the southwest. that's what we see with the storms, and still if it holes together, it's in the philadelphia area by 6:00 p.m., upper darby by 6:15, and other than that, like i just showed you, we have a few more showers, zooming back into another part of the area, mostly in parts of the le high valley, edging parts of bucks and north hampton, lehigh counties, what we see here in richland and moving into pottstown seeing heavy rain here. new


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