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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the one mentioned in parts of bucks county, that was getting heavy. you see the heavy rain here in bucki buckingham, and moving the map, you get a better idea, there's one in douglas, heavy shower activity there, watching one right stretching across doylestown. lightning here. this keeps traveling in the direction of philadelphia. now, it's moving around 20 miles per hour or so. in some cases, a little bit faster, but traveling southwest. the direction is from the northeast to the southwest. that's what we see with the storms, and still if it holes together, it's in the philadelphia area by 6:00 p.m., upper darby by 6:15, and other than that, like i just showed you, we have a few more showers, zooming back into another part of the area, mostly in parts of the le high valley, edging parts of bucks and north hampton, lehigh counties, what we see here in richland and moving into pottstown seeing heavy rain here. new morgan township and 76 heavy
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rain as well. there is still the possibility that for the rest of the evening, we could see hail with some of theses. brief heavy rain because they are moving fairly quickly in some spots and lightning. by 6:00 p.m. in philadelphia, we still expect chance of thunderstorms. 10:00 tonight, we'll see rain showers across the area, just scattered, and by early tomorrow morning, just cloudy conditions and mild. pennsylvania suburbs, expect thunderstorms by 6:00 p.m., moving through, showers by 10:00. lehigh valley, same thing. by tomorrow morning, expect to just see clouds around. it's different in new jersey tomorrow, and now if you're in delaware, you can expect thunderstorms moving through tonight and showers by 10:00 p.m., cloudy tomorrow morning. in new jersey, though, less of a chance of storms tonight, but early tomorrow, you have a better chance in new jersey and along the shore of seeing early morning showers. i'll show you the timing coming up. thanks. right now at 5:00, a camden
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county teenager calls 911 while a burglar breaks into his home. >> i hear the people talking, please, please, please hurry up. >> hiding in the basement until the police arrived. nbc 10 says what happened next. >> reporter: he spoke calmly and quietly in a moment that would scare anyone. >> someone just broke into my house. >> reporter: the teenager calling from the basement of his home. he was home sick playing video games when something happened. >> did you see them come in? >> no, i heard them break the window. >> okay. stay on the line with me. where are you at now? >> in my basement. >> okay. >> they could be coming down. i'm not sure. >> reporter: not knowing what would happen next, he hid in a closet, stayed on the line through anxious moments, whispering, following directions. police say this kid did it all right. >> he heard something. he was coming up, and he realized he couldn't get out of the house, so he immediately
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took shelter, concealing himself, protecting himself as well as being on the phone with the 911 dispatchers. we couldn't ask for a better job. >> reporter: this lieutenant was an officer who responded that day with the teen's help. >> a lot of times, you're in a call, and it may be a false alarm. in this case, first time in my career, we were able to apprehend a suspect in a residence -- >> reporter: unusual situation? >> yes, it was. >> reporter: and police say they found one suspect hiding in an upstairs bedroom and another one in a car outside. they got that teenager out of the house, and tell me they are very impressed with what he did. live in berlin, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> impressive, under pressure not to mention too. thank you so much. right now at 5:00, atlantic city is a step closer to being rescued from running out of money. today, leaders in the state assembly and senate reached app agreement on a package of bills to keep the city financially stable for five months. the plan calls for nearly $60
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million in a loan to the city. they vote on the proposal thursday. tomorrow, prosecutors lay out the case against bill cosby. they have to prove there's enough evidence to put him on trial for sexual assault. nbc 10's investigative reporter, harry heairston, followed the case starting ten years ago. he is live in the digital operations center. he tried to delay the hearing? >> he did. i got off the phone with the clerk's office at the state supreme court. they tell me cosby's request to pend examination is denied. that means the prosecution moves forward with its case. tomorrow's preliminary examination, prosecutoring will look to establish that andrea constant of the victim of a sex crime in 2004. they'll present what they believe is enough evidence against bill cosby to take him to trial. cosby has pled not guilty to the charges. he maintains former district
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attorney bruice granted him immunity from criminal prosecution so cosby could be disposed of the 2005 civil case against him. the two sides could square again in court tomorrow, or cosby could waive the prelim opting to prepare for trial. >> she's expected to be in court tomorrow, will we hear from her? >> it's not clear. they say it's not necessary. they could read the affidavit and probable cause with statements she gave to the police, therefore, not having to testify. of course, we'll be there to cover the prelim and have app update at 11:00 tomorrow morning. live in the digital operations center, harry hairston. >> thank you. a baltimore police officer and south jersey native bows his head and wipes tears as he was acquitted for the death of freddy gray. they found him not guilty of assault, reck legal conclusiles
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and said he only touched gray after he was in cuffs. gray died april 19th last year, a week after breaking his neck while riding in the back of a police transport van. that death sparked luting, rioting, and arson. today, the gray's family attorney commended the judge for the decision and say they respect the verdict. >> the judge gave detailed reasons of why he thought the evidence was insufficient, and why the law did not compel a conviction in this case. you couldn't have asked for a better judge to do it. >> nero was one of six officers tried in the case. he grew up in the area and was a firefighter for washington township before joining the baltimore police force. we are getting our first look at a man accused of exposing himself on the river trail over the weekend. he's charged with indecent exposure, lewdness, and harassment.
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court records show he has a history of exposing himself. a man spotted him lying on the trail with his pants down saturday. they're still looking for a second man who exposed himself on a trail the same morning. switching gears, patco trains back on schedule in time for the evening commute. a machine used for lifting railroad ties derailed early this morning near the woodcrest station in cherry hill. pato trains ran on an emergency schedule for the morning rush and most of the day with fewer trains running in both directions. in north hampton downing, a board votes tomorrow whether to introduce the drug to schools. last month, the school board sent a letter home to parent about an increase in heroin use in the area. if the measure is passed, teachers and add mministrators learn how to use the anti-overdose drug and the school would be eligible for free kits including two narcan nasal sprays. dupont's company in
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newcastle county gets $8 million in taxpayer money. a state panel approved the grant with one provision. the chemical company must retain 900 full-time jobs in the state through the year 2020. part of the money will be used for headquarters project in wilmington. earlier this year, state lawmakers passed corporate tax reforms to persuade the company to stay in wilmington. >> to this now, without a proper form of identification, the undocumented face challenges cashing their paychecks and picking up prescriptions. today, reading city council considers issuing municipal id cards as one wants to make sure application fees for the cards is something that everyone can afford. trenton county already issues these ids. this is what they look like. these cards are part of philadelphia mayor's transition plan. next at 5:00, a warning for parents. philadelphia police say a string
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of crimes targets students. don't let their age fool you. they have a mysterious message for the leaders that sparked a march around city hall. an innocent team from chester caught in the cross fire. tonight, nbc 10 asks if they are closer to finding his killer. and we still have quite a few showers and storms on the radar. coming up, where they are headed and who will see these tomorrow.
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is. a warning for parents in philadelphia. police say robbers are targeting students in that. last week alone, there were three robberies. the thieves target school kids and take away their phones. students from an elementary school marched on philadelphia city hall today with a message. the fourth graders took a break from the classroom to voice concerns about better gun laws. she shared concerns with council members. new jersey governor chris christie rejected an attempt by
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state lawmakers to put $10 million in remediation funds, but he wants a new program. governor christie says he's putting $10 million to establish that program would replace the led hazard control systems fund. back in march, if you recall, the investigators found just $420,000 in the account after millions more were moved to the state's general fund to pay for salaries and pensions. to learn more about the investigation and led exposure in the area, click on living with lead on or the app. a question for parents. did you know that 73% of all child safety seats are not installed correctly? that's three out of four. pennsylvania state police tweeted that out today. they want to spread the word about the national click it or ticket campaign that kicked off today. now through june 5, state police conduct free car seat checks to find a location nearest you, tap
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the nbc 10 app or visit nbc right now at 5:00, local parents honored for going above and beyond when it comes to taking care of foster children. nbc 10 at city hall with the department of human services honored parents helping dozens of children in the foster care system. the ten were chosen for their unprecedented commitment to supporting and nurturing the children in their care. more than 6,000 children are in the care of the department of human services. the area's most decorated musical ensembles is giving back. students from havorford delivered music equipment and supplies today. they bought supplies with their $5,000 purse prize won at this year's 101 more fm christmas competition. this is the second year in a row they donated their prize. turning to this now, though,
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colin cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths, yet millions of americans pass on having a colonoscopy, probably because of the process involved, but nbc news reports on promising news about a new at-home test for colin cancer. it's not as thorough, but one of the world's top colon cancer specialists says it's better than doing nothing. >> that frustration of knowing you can do so much about the disease, yet it's a big killer is the one that makes people recognize the importance of screening, that we can prevent the disease and doing something is key here. doing nothing is really putting your life and, you know, your health risk. tonight with lester holt, learn more about this new test which could be a game changer in the battle against colon cancer tonight at 6:30 here on nbc 10. now your first alert
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neighborhood weather. >> well, we are tracking thunderstorms not everybody's seeing storms, though, philadelphia not seeing storms, not yet. there's an area of showers and storms we are watching closely in bucks county if it holdsing to. if so, it moves into the philadelphia area, and i think it really will. also, with the nabtd weather, seven-day on the screen for you. here's a look the the radar. it's very scattered at this point. mostly in parts of bucks county and our philadelphia suburbs and lehigh valley saw the showers and storms too. through bucks county, approaching, moving into lower bucks county burlington seeing heavy rain as well. and that's extending across 95 here. closer to philadelphia, ben salem with the heavy rain, and on the edge of it, getter heavier right now, and this continues up into parts of lower montgomery county, so now we look near the pa turnpike, the
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heavy wane, and you're basically on the doorstep of the heavy rain, so you'll see that very soon, and it's crossing 611 here and so lightning in this as well. we're talking about some hail. now, the hail size right around ridge valley and doylestown is at a half inch diameter. that's what you see here showing us where we see hail within the storm. warrington sees the they'll approaching the rare too. that shows how strong the storm is. tracking the storm, it's continuing mostly to move to the southwest. it is a pretty long line of thunderstorms here. cherry hill will see it by 5:33, philadelphia at 5:42. again, heavy rain, cannot rule out hail continuing, and brief heavy rain too. also, windy conditions in the area once the storms move in. if you take a very wide look at this, the reason why we see this is because of the big area of
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low pressure just spinning off in the atlantic, giving us storms across the area right now. we still are going to keep them in the forecast as we go through this evening. we're not out of the woods yet, and tomorrow, areas see more showers, especially throughout the afternoon hours. temperatures in the 70s. we have rain-cooled temperatures, though, after a warmer day today. 65 in blanden, and norristown at 70. white hall township at 75 degrees. there's quite a difference in the valley. bethlehem at 77 degrees. you can see the rain-cooled temperatures across the lehigh valley. future weather. as we go through the next few hours, look what it does. 8:30, showers leftover. the heaviest of the rain is out of here, by washington by then. tomorrow morning, area of low pressure i showed you, still spins in the atlantic. expect showers, at least lingering along the shore by 8:00 in the morning. clouds in new jersey delaware.
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otherwise, we'll see pretty nice day other than scattered showers later in the afternoon. the rain chances will be a little lower with that low moving away. for tomorrow, here's a look at the temperatures, 83 degrees for the lehigh valley, and phoenixville at 82 degrees. tomorrow, 79 degrees, and haddonfield at 78 degrees, 76 in trenton. chance of showers in new jersey and delaware too. along the shore, 4, and in delaware, temperatures coming in mid-70s in dover. the forecast now, as we go through the rest of the week, we're going to be warming quickly. he's the jersey shore on the bottom at 70 and sunny wednesday. philadelphia, 84 and sunny wednesday, and them look at thursday, 90 degrees, 78 on the shore thursday. starting memorial day weekend early, heading to the shore, friday, 78 degrees, chance of a storm, but saturday, quite a bit drier. philadelphia, though, take a
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look at that forecast, going into your memorial day weekend. the unofficial start of summer. temperatures are going to be in the 90s possibly. the rest of the area's memorial day weekend forecast coming up. all right, thank you. still ahead at 5:00, delaware has a special kit for pregnant women, why the state says it helps protect them and their unborn babies from the zika virus. what if last call was later? why pennsylvania could change the law for alcohol and why it'll only last just for a few days.
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decision 2016, hard to imagine, but in two months, the democratic convention arrives in philadelphia, and one hot topic of debate is alcohol. on friday, the state senate passed a bill allowing the dnc to buy a permit from the liquor control board for $5,000. that allows dnc members to import liquor from out of state, avoid having to pay state stores and state taxes and convention goers stay on the bar stools past 2:00 a.m. the bill now returns to the house for further debate. governor tom wolf is said to have supported it. democratic front runner, hillary clinton, is rallying voters and volunteers tonight in south jersey. in less than an hour, hear team opens up an office in cherry
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hill and an office in hudson county. voters head to the polls two weeks from tomorrow, and the latest wall street journal poll shows the race for the white house is tightening clinton and trump have a lot in common right now, and not all of it is good. nbc national correspondent has the latest from washington. >> reporter: democrat, hillary clinton, slammed donald trump. >> we're not talking about any ordinary antiunion, antiworker republican. a lot of republicans, themselves, say donald trump is a disaster waiting to happen to america. >> reporter: hitting hard on immigration, the minimum wage, and his economic plan. >> how can anybody lose money running a casino? really. >> reporter: the latest wall street journal poll shows trump is gaining ground as the two are locked in a dead heat, but they
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are tied in the negative way viewed by a majority of americans. trump is courting conservative skeptics in a search for a running mate that's key. after a private sit-down, senator corker down played chances he's on the vp short list. >> it was a meeting between two people who didn't know each other, a phone call, getting to know each other, and that's it. >> reporter: clinton races sanders to the primary finish line. >> sanders supports don't like hillary clinton, but hillary clinton supporters, on the other hand, like sanders. >> reporter: sanders says he's not giving up. nbc 10 news. trump campaigns as a political outsider, but could that hurt the presumptive republican nominee in the general election? well, a new wall street journal poll asked, how would you feel about trump as the first president without government or military experience? look at this. 5% said enthusiastic.
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15% said comfortable. 19% have some reservations. 42% are very uncomfortable. for further analysis of the poll, tune into "nightly news" coming up at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. the family of a south jersey teen says he was moving his life in the right direction before his life was cut short. >> next, the young man's father talks to us about his loss and the drunk driver accused of taking his son's life. nbc 10 continues to track storms in the area. see them right there on the nbc 10 radar. sheena has what's happening in your neighborhood and details in a big jump in temperatures.
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tracking storms moving through the nbc 10 viewing area, we have this cell phone video of hail falling in a front yard. more rain and storms popping up in different parts of the region. see them right here on the nbc 10 ray dar. a live look over the neighborhood of philadelphia where storm clouds have started to gather. dreary out there. >> looks ominous out there.
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we are tracking the latest conditions, and we have the first alert forecast for your neighborhood. >> guys, it is getting more ominous for philadelphia. there's a big thunderstorm about to roll into philadelphia, and it's moving in from bucks county, come ri county, there's lightni lightning, heavy rain, had hail in it earlier. i just checked. we do not see any evidence of hail, but there's a history of producing hail. be surprised about that if you see it. lower montgomery seeing it, the pa turnpike approaching philadelphia, white march, heavy rain from this storm as well, and it is a long one. we'll slide over in the parts of new jersey. and it's leaving ben salem. if you're there, seeing the heavy rain, that's about to end soon. across 295, these are the areas where we are really seeing the heaviest of the rain from this, stretching over to mount laurel about to see it too. tracking this for you.
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can expect it by 5:38. five to ten minutes from now, the heaviest moves in philadelphia. chester 6:15, and westchester at 6:33. heavy rain slides down to wilmington. if its together, it will also be in delaware soon. philadelphia, temperatures are warm. they are going to start dropping quickly, though, as the rain moves in. 6 degrees, and fox chase at 78 degrees somerton at 76 degrees. society hill at 75. once the rain moves in momentarily, we'll see the numbers start to drop off pretty quickly. we do have warm eer temperature for the rest of the week. keep tracking the storms and looking at that forecasting up. >> plolooking forwards to it, tk you. also, gathering new information on the shooting death of a
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teenager. he was an innocent bystander, but the question was, who was the intended target? >> monique braxton is digging for answers today. monique, what did you learn? >> reporter: after a meeting with the district attorney this morning, homicide detectives began reinterviewing witnesses right here at the police headquarters. we spoke with one of the key witnesses after she left the division. >> i saw a gold car down the street, it was not no normal shooting thing. >> reporter: people did you see with guns? >> two came out from the front. >> reporter: for the first time, police sources tell us they're investigating the possibility that the barrage of gunfire saturday night was meant for one individual. sources also tell us at least three dozen shots from guns were recovers here. we spoke exclusively with
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genine, after a second interview with detectives. >> for no reason at all. >> reporter: she hid, but a bullet hit thor and scratched her eye. her teen relatives hit by the bullet as they were on the street. on the right was killed while talking to his cousin, 16-year-old powell, powell survived. >> this was not fair. they were not stopping. they were oning up on the car. >> reporter: she says she was joining several relatives in setting up a memorial for god brother who was killed six years ago on may 21st. we asked the police chief why this could have. a hit. >> we have, again, a couple theories on that, until we're certain who the target was, we can narrow down what the motivation was. >> reporter: police say it may be difficult as witnesses may be scared to talk. >> we're not getting a high of cooperation, and we're having difficulty bringing people in to testify. >> reporter: are you afraid for your life? >> yes, i need to get out of
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this city. >> the police chief tells us detectives are reviewing surveillance videotape from the scene. they hope to also interview the teen who survived. now, the mayor police have offered a $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the killer. we've learned this afternoon the school that he attended, a charter school here in the area, is offering an additional $5,000 for the reward crime. it's also offering to pay for his funeral. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. philadelphia soda tax debate bubbles up today. doctors and nurses from across the city announced support for the mayor's proposed tax on soda and other sugary drinks saying the mayor's proposal is the best way to reduce risk of diabetes and save hundreds of lives and millions of dollars in health costs throughout philadelphia. >> they are falling in large
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part because we have taxed cigarettes encouraging people to quit. this tax does the same for sugar drinks. >> the mayorments three cents an ounce tax to sugary drinks to be paid by beverage distributors. they say the plan would be bad for business. the money would be used to help pay for universal pre-k and other programs. check this out. caught on camera. watch as a man is attacked outside jim's steaks on south street. police want help tracking down the three men who did it. p this video from overnight on may 7th, you see them punch the man over and over and over and steal his phone and necklace. call the philadelphia police if you know anything about this crime. we have new information about an accident that killed a plumbing contractor in west philadelphia last year. a new report from the fed suggests the plumber's employer may be to blame for the tragedy. robert harvey died when a
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passing car hit him while repairing an underground leak on 63rd report. a report from osha says choice failed to zoep the property. the owner of the company insists the osha report is unfair saying you simply can't plan for a driver whos control. switching gears now, not much of a disguise for this guy, alleged bank robber. noon, he walked to the td bank on oxford road. police say he handed a note demanding money. once he got the cash, he took off. if you recognize the man here, police want to hear from you. septa added a safety feature to another set of tracks. today, it launched positive train controller, or ptc, on the fox chase regional line. ptc reduces chance of human error by monitoring and controlling a train's speed, even stopping a train if necessary.
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they began activating it on trains last month. last week, the ntsb released a report saying ptc could have prevented the deadly amtrak train derailment last year. eight people were killed in that crash, and 200 people hurt. next at 5:00, a local k-9 officer is praised for protecting a young child. plus, where's the bear? nbc 10 followed him from philadelphia down to delaware. now he's been spotted somewhere else. a live look from one of our live cameras over philadelphia. look at the storm clouds beginning to take over the sky as we saw them creep in from the left. we are tracking storms in the area, and we'll have an update on what's happening in your neighborhood in fewer than ten minutes.
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a south american killed after a man jumped in the den trying to commit suicide. he used a rope to bait the lion to mull him to death. shortly after leaping into the enclosure, the lion's mulled the man as zoo patrons watched help leslie. the man was taken to a nearby hospital with severe injury to his head and pelvis. back at home, newcastle county, a k-9 hailed a hero after tracking down a missing child over the. this is amazing. this is ax. he jumped into action after an 11-year-old boy ran away from his newcastle home. this happened after an argument yesterday afternoon. ax tracked the boy's scent for a half mile. he found the child safe and sound. boy, good for ax. amazing. >> what a hero. people in new castle county are abuzz about not a dog, but a
5:41 pm
bear that's been roping the neighborhood. >> now that same bear may have been spotted in neighboring maryland. we showed you this video last week of a bear spotted in new kcastle county and now cecil county maryland says someone spotted the bear there friday night. he's. nicknamed cecil the bear. if you see the bear, do not approach it. it's the latest in a slew of bear sightings recently. one spotted swimming in the creek in philadelphia a week ago, and then there was another bear sighting in a country club in chester county. >> we know atlantic city's having money problems. >> that's right. good news to talk about, at least about the see knows, which are doing better and the only one that did not make a profit. and as we watch some heavy rain on the radar, big tomorrow moving into the philadelphia area, also, some of the new jersey suburbs, tracking this for you and show you what to expect the rest of tonight and who sees more rain tomorrow.
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a family of a south jersey teen say he was moving his life in the right direction before his life was cut short by an alleged drunk driver. we are live in the digital operations center with more on the family's grief. >> the 17-year-old says hiss son was a big part of all of their lives and looking forward to a career in the military. ingaiters say antwon and his friend were walking home early yesterday morning when he was hit and killed along route 130 on east federal street. his father says he is struggling to come to terms with just what happened. >> one of the worst things that you never can imagine, losing one of your own.
5:45 pm
i think back on the moment, and just the last words i told him that i loved him, and i really appreciate the fact that i was able to say that. >> grief counselors were at burlington city high school today to help his classmates cope with his death. police arrested ricardo patterson with dui and reckless driving. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. despite a year of financial uncertainty, atlantic city casinos are back in the black. the state division of gaming enforcement announced today seven out of eight ac casinos saw a collective pop in jumps by 31%. the trump's taj mahal was the only one to pose an operating loss. officials say a smaller market and less competition led to the profit increase. all right, in philadelphia, a third of retired seniors live in poverty. that's according to a new study from city controller, allen, and the study found that a senior
5:46 pm
household needs nearly $29,000 a year to meet basic needs, but more than half live on less than that. he says local and state leaders need to get involved to fix the problems. his office meets with business groups across the and hold retirement town halls to get community feedback. reaching out to the mayor's office for his take the study, but we have not heard back yet. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. well, we are still watching the same storm. it's moving in philadelphia right now, and i think it's weakening maybe a little bit, but there's heavy rain here, and now some areas are reporting very small hail like pea sized hail almost approaching king of prussia, and 476, the turnpike, and even around the philadelphia area and major interstates seeing some of the heavier steady rain approaching.
5:47 pm
and norristown as well, this is all stretching into new jersey, so this is a very long line of heavy rain. we're not seeing so much in the way of lightning with this, but any thunderstorms for tonight, potential for lightning exists. i'm not surprised if we do continue to see it develop. heavy rain, on the emg of it, out of there soon, and cherry hill with the heavy rain as well, and further south towards belmar seeing the rain. if we track it for you, it's mostly moving to the southeast around 20 miles per hour or so. or southwest i should say. upper darby at 5:55, and chester 6:16, and concord at 6:26. if it holds together, it moves into delaware and will mton. watching that closely for you for the rest of the evening, but expect heavy rain to move south. don't forget the seven-day forecast with the neighborhood weather at the bottom of the
5:48 pm
screen. for the rest of the evening, thunderstorms, isolated mainly will be in the forecast. future weather, look at 9:00 p.m. tonight, most heavy rain by 9:00 p.m. should be out of the area around washington and baltimore, but there could be left over showers from this. there's a big area of low pressure overshore. that's why you see the rain sticking around early tomorrow morning, and so now we look at 8:30, cloudy skies, around philadelphia, but the best chance of rain will be along the shore morning. then through the afternoon, the rain chances will be lower, but we're still to keep them in the forecast. we could see scattered showerings developing, the best chance looks like parts of new jersey and delaware by tomorrow afternoon. by tomorrow, we'll have a warm day across the area, so with those spotty showers, temperatures will still be getting into the 80s. in the philadelphia area, fox chase, 79 degrees, strawberry mansion 81, and lansdale 81, and
5:49 pm
allentown, degree 82 degrees. in new jersey, haddonfield 76 degrees. on the shore, it's warm, 75, and 70 in atlantic city, and areas in delaware will be in the 70s there. as we go into your memorial day weekend, it's warmer and leading into the weekend. looking at possibly 90 on thursday. look at the warm air moving up looking at saturday, that warm air mass moves in, and that's going to give us a really warm start to your memorial day weekend. so look at the forecast for the entire area. if you do have hopefully a weekend, friday looks good too. look at saturday. 92 in philadelphia. this is way warmer than normal for this time of the year, even sunday's looking like that too. now, we are in the 80s, but warmer than average.
5:50 pm
91 lehigh valley saturday, and looking good for the weekends. we look at memorial day monday, looking good, could be cooler, though. we expect an onshore wind to develop. if you are headed to the shore for your memorial day weekend, you'll be in the 70s across the board. monday, though, around 70 degrees, and onshore wind is quite a bit cooler. everyone's going to be cooler memorial day monday and looking fairly dry as of now, but it will still be a little bit above average for this of year. glen shows you a closer look at showers and storms moving through coming up at 6:00. >> thanks. lester holt joins us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> what's coming up on "nightly news"? >> we have new poll numbers in the race for president, a stark gender divide, and the experience question, also, details of a leak at the world's highest summit, the latest from everest, and catching cancer
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while treatable. why many turn to a screening test they can do at home all with you at 6:30. >> thanks, see you soon. back here at home for the first time ever, listen to this, the philly pops and performing arts presents a moe mori yal salute, a concert honoring all those who served. >> veterans, active military, and philadelphia police officers and firefighters can see the show for free along with their families. all philadelphia public school students, teachers, and administrators can get free tickets as well. it's happening saturday at 7:00 and for more details, just head to our website, or check out the nbc 10 app, comcast, and nbc 10 are proud sponsors of the memorial salute this memorial day weekend. protecting pregnant women from the zika virus. >> what's inside the new kit and what doctors want pregnant women to know about how the virus is
5:52 pm
spread. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, on the move and another shore town. winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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right now, the state has multiple groups working together to fight the zika virus. >> on the heels of new information of the center of
5:55 pm
disease control. the government is track 157 preeignant women who have. infected. this virus can cause devastating birth des, so delaware is taking extra precautions to protect pregnant women. >> tim furlong shows us how. >> reporter: she's heard about the zika virus. afraid it comes here? >> for myself, no, but for mothers i am, yeah, and their chirp. >> reporter: pregnant women have the biggest risk. zika spread by moe ski toes in central, south america, and the caribbean, it's not a big deal for most of us, but pregnant women had babies with birth defects. they have all information about this, and delaware declared may 23rd zika awareness day. they will be given prevention kits with insect repellant and condoms. >> we want to be prepared if we had hit to deal with it. >> reporter: officials make plans for zika problems, advising women who may be
5:56 pm
pregnant or get pregnant traveling to zika prone area, and if a male partner returned from a zika prone area, use protection in section or abstain. the management is preparing too. >> we've seen, you know, not responsible if we didn't. >> reporter: they are using spray trucks like this to fight the mosquitos. if one bites someone who came back from the caribbean with zika, they spread it to the next person they bite. how do we fight it? fight standing water in the area. >> eliminate it, drain it, prevent it from forming in the first place. >> reporter: if someone in the caribbean gets the virus, it's in the blood for seven days. there have been cases reported here in delaware, and what happens is when state officials hear about the person, they rush to the area to make sure they get the guidance they need so they do not spread it further than necessary. in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news.
5:57 pm
up next at 6:00, a year later, a survivor gets his wish, reunion between first responders and one of the survivors from the amtrak crash. tracking heavy showers in the region, how long is that going to last? when are we going to see 90 degree temperatures? plus, new plans to ease the long lines in one area airport next at 6:00.
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right now, strong storms deliver hail and heavy rain to parts of the region. this is a video from westchester. this is about two hours ago. >> and this was the scene a short time ago in bucks county, another viewer sending us this video of hail just dropping there on the front steps. busy night in the first alert weather center. good evening, everybody. >> a lot developing at 6:00. most of the region is seeing a little rain. there are thunderstorms out there right now. >> a live look at center city. the rain drops on the camera there, and sioux you'll be able to put away the umbrellas and exchain for sunscreen. that sounds nice. glen "hurricane" schwartz has our first alert forecast. rainy right now, glen. >> heavy showers moving through the philadelphia area right now, but the keyword is moving. it's not going to stay wet for a
6:00 pm
very long time. you can see over the last couple hours, that storm coming up from the new york city area and it is right on top of the philadelphia metropolitan area yiegt nright bucks county, montgomery county and new jersey, and the live view shows us that back behind it, bucks county now, the trenton area, totally dry, so we just have to get through this particular storm as we zoom in a little closer, we can see in the main line, montgomery county right now, from center city, philadelphia, down through south philly, and tapered off in northeast philly, and the heaviest rain is in montgomery county in chester county here, upper darby with heavy rain going over the blue route, and rightin


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