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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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right now, parts of bustleton avenue in northeast philadelphia are closed after a deadly hit and run crash. the victim was waiting for a bus. bill cosby will be back in court in montgomery county. we're expecting to learn whether his sex assault case can go forward. look at the nbc 10 first alert radar, we are tracking showers for our area this afternoon. it's 4:00 a.m. 59 degrees. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. that's bill henley. >> this morning we have to deal with showers hugging the coastline. philadelphia is dry. there's a slight chance of an
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afternoon shower. 58 degrees in society hill. bustleton at 57 degrees. not much cooler for chestnut hill and parkside. there's the airport at 58 degrees. a pretty quick warmup. 11:00, 70 degrees in philadelphia. look at the sunshine for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. 76 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. keep an eye to the sky for showers in new jersey and the jersey shore. delaware near 80 this afternoon. i will take a closer look at the shower threat when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check this with jessica in the first alert traffic center. >> we are watching for a deadly accident scene right now.
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out on cottman avenue and bustleton avenue. that's closed right now. there will be police activity for an accident investigation. 95 right around state road, no problems right now. drive times 14 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to the vip street expressway. southbound drive time not bad. it's 4:02. breaking news that we're following for you. philadelphia police are searching for a driver who plow ed his car into a bus stop canopy killing the man who was standing there. the driver ran from the scene. katy zachry is live on scene. what are police telling you? >> i have to show you the damage. it's startling. as we zoom in to the debris here, this is the bent an mangled septa bus stop canopy that used to be at the corner of cottman and bustleton avenues,
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about 100 feet from where it landed. er early this morning a man hit the canopy and the man underit. police are looking for the driver of this 2003 lexus that they say hit and killed a 40-year-old man who was waiting at the corner around 12:30 this morning. the damage to the lexus also shows you how fast it was going and how hard it hit the bus stop and the victim. drifter crossed cottman avenue and drove on to the sidewalk. there are witnesses who say they saw it hit the bus stop and the man. the man was waiting for the bus or trying to get out of the rain. >> according to the witness, the driver of the vehicle exited the car, walked over to where the victim's body was laying on the sidewalk, looked at the victim
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then fled on foot. >> reporter: as we come out of that information from chief inspector scott small, this is a closer shot of the suspect's car. police are looking for the individual behind the wheel. police and accident investigators have been out here for nearly four hours. they just reopened part of bustleton avenue that connects with cottman avenue, but the suspect's car is still in the middle of the road. they've been heavily focused on this vehicle. coming up, we'll look at what they found inside that leads them to believe that the driver was also injured in the crash. reporting live from northeast philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. breaking news from allentown. officials tell us a man died in a house fire there. flames broke out at a home on newton street before 2:00 this morning. crews put it out quickly. they say the victim was the only person inside at the time of the fire. we have new information this
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morning on a pair of shootings on city avenue in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. police are investigating two crime scenes about two blocks apart. officers found one shooting victim at the city avenue shopping center, another discovered outside a nearby p popeye's restaurant. one victim was shot three times and left outside a car at the shopping center. investigators are not sure how the other victim made it to the p popeye's. both men with undergoing medical treatment at penn presbyterian medical center. bill cosby and his legal team head back to court. matt delucia is live outside the montgomery count house in norristown. >> reporter: the point on this hearing, the preliminary hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence to continue on with this case and take it to
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trial. there is a small chance that this whole thing could be dismissed. that's not likely at all. yesterday pennsylvania's supreme court denied an emergency stay that was filed by cosby's legal time. he's been trying to get this case dismissed from the beginning. part of the defense argument is that cosby had an agreement with former montgomery district attorney bruce castor that there would be no criminal prosecution in exchange for testimony in a civil case. somehow that testimony became public and the new d.a. vows to prosecute cosby. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple employee at his home in 2004 what is expected to happen today is a back and forth over evidence. the prosecution may put the victim on the witness stand. cosby's hearing is expected to begin this morning at 9:00. we'll have reporters here
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following that for you. by the time this is all over, it could take today into tomorrow but we may know a trial date if the judge decides to take this and continue on with a jury trial. this morning a tow truck driver and his friend are recovering in the hospital after being shot several times in north philadelphia. the tow truck driver who was shot in the chest drove them to temple hospital yesterday. a bullet grazed the passenger's shoulder. police don't have a motive but have the suspected shooter's nickname which they are not revealing. >> the shooter is known to the victims. he's described as a male wearing a dark-hooded sweatshirt driving a scion burgundy in color. today the navy will hold the first of two public meetings on contaminated drinking water found near its closed air base in montgomery county.
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tests last year revealed harmful compounds in public water and private wells near the former willow grove naval air station in horsham. yesterday a state lawmaker announced that horsham's water company is complying with new clean water standards from the epa. state environmental officials who were supplying people with bottled water are ending that, but the navy will provide bottled water. happening today, philadelphia's city council will hold a public hearing on the proposed soda tax. the mayor wants to add a 3 cents an ounce tax to sugary drinks. the money would be used to pay for pre-k, schools. city council has until june to decide on that proposal.
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we're watching for showers this morning. you'll find them at the shore. this is the view from wildwood. looks dry there, but some showers are not far away. you can see them streaming through cape may into cumberland county. look at ship bottom, toms river. the further west you go, the more likely you are to stay dry. we see a few showers rolling through philadelphia and the suburbs overnight. but it's nice and dry in allentown right now. clouds are breaking. you'll see sunshine. the further west you are, the more sunshine you'll need. the further east, the better chance you will need an umbrella. thundershowers spinning around that area of low pressure that's been with us for days. that will spin showers along the coast. that's 10:00 this morning. look at the clouds reaching inland. partly cloudy skies in
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philadelphia. the suburbs, much of delaware seeing sunshine. as we go into the afternoon, 2:00 this afternoon, look at the downpours through ocean county and into the atlantic city area. the rain will be reaching, but we'll see breaks of sunshine for philadelphia. as we go into the later afternoon hours, there's a chance of some showers developing inland, some showers 69 the steadier and potentially more moderate showers will be to the south and east. especially. that's at 5:00 this afternoon. then as we go into the evening, we finally see the showers tapering off, maybe an isolated shower at 10:00. most of the area will be dry. we're headed for much warmer weather. the warmup started yesterday. we made it into the middle 70s today. low 80s this afternoon. the trend continues. lehigh valley will likely stay dry. clouds breaking for sunshine. 82 degrees in bethlehem and easton up to 82 this afternoon. the suburbs, you'll see clouds
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to start with. maybe a sprinkle or two. most of the day it will be dry. 80s this afternoon with clouds breaking for sunshine. for philadelphia, cloudy to start with. the clouds will break. temperatures respondment menre. up to 79 degrees in mt. haairy. haddonfield will get some showers, a chance of a shower in delaware, wilmington might get a thunderstorm, isolated late day thunderstorm. most of the day dry and 80 degrees for dover. ten-day outlook when i come back. let's check your ride to work. this is about the time you head out. vine stre vine stre vine street expressway has overnight construction. jessica is looking to see if it's clear. >> we are just heading out the door this morning, no problems
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west bound or eastbound at vine. these are around 24th street. traffic moving along nicely. no reported or delays otherwise. construction on the schuylkill expressway that is active eastbound around the blue route. drive times, no big problems or delays. 13-minute trip. average speeds 59 miles per hour. everything moving along whether you're headed east bound or westbound towards the king of  prussia area. around 9th street and route 1, lights are mam functifr malfunc gravestone mystery. find out how the marker ended up in a neighborhood. and northampton county school district is considering adding the anti-overdose drug
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n narcan on campus.
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. it's 4:15, 57 degrees outside. new information on the deadly shooting of a 6-year-old ocean county boy. three years ago in toms river a 4-year-old boy playing killed his neighbor. now the parts of the boy are being ordered to pay $600,000 to brandon's parents for wrongful death. the boy found the unlocked gown in his father's bedroom. the case of a gravestone found in south is now solved. the marker was a private army
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first class who served in world war ii. >> the first thing that went through my mind, it was probably stolen. the second thing that went through my mind, you know, maybe we should find out first before going further. >> it turns out the marker was a duplicate head stone the family kept in front of their home in the italian market area. the original headstone is in delaware county. today the director of the national institutes of allergy and infectious diseases is heading to capitol hill to address the zika threat and his efforts to inform the public about the disease. the centers for disease control says it is monitoring 279 pregnant women infected with zika. those cases are travel related but experts say with mosquito season upon us, that will likely change. a baltimore police officer from south jersey is found not guilty in the death of freddie
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gray. officer edward nero wiped away tears after a judge acquitted him of assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. the judge acted nero acted reasonably. gray died last year, a week after his neck was broken while riding in the back of a police van. a lawyer for the gray family said they respect the judge and his verdict. >> couldn't have asked for a better judge to do it. he was the local prosecutor here for many years. he was a principal prosecutor of corrupt cops for many years. he demonstrated convincingly that he was not and would not be swayed by any element of the community's preconceived notions. >> nero was one of six officers charged in the death of officer freddie gray. nero grew up in gloucester county. in louisiana the blue lives matter bill, the first of its kind in the nation, would make targeting first responders a hate crime. the measure would expand that
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state's hate crime statute beyond race and gender and include the targeting of police officers, firefighters and ems personnel. offenders could face up to five years in prison. louisiana's governor is expected to sign the bill soon. clouds are here this morning. we're watching showers and some thunderstorms. it's not going to be an all-day rainfall. right now what we're seeing are temperatures that are going to be heading into the 80s with summer-like heat for a change. yesterday it was 76 for the high. you can see temperatures will be climbing over the next few days and go even higher. the showers we're tracking this morning, mainly to the east. we've seen them in new jersey. there are the showers, wet roads, that's beach avenue this morning. we'll see the numbers climb into the 80s this afternoon. there's a little more moisture
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around. you can see fog is not a threat at all. good visibility for mt. holly and at wrightstown where you see limited visibility at times with showers along the coastline. fog not an issue this morning. umbrellas, you'll need that. look at the rain coming down in new jersey. while it's dry in philadelphia, had some showers overnight. look how quickly those are moving. those showers you may have heard them come through this morning, they're well to the south and staying to the south. that low pressure spinning with us for days is finally going to push out after today. we'll be drying out this evening. even warmer weather to come. future cast showing this is noontime today. still spotty showers, even a brief shower possible in philadelphia. further to the west it will be dry. going into the afternoon hours, that's 2:00 this afternoon, we'll likely be dry. future cast shows showers pushing out to sea about 4:00 today. the ten-day outlook is looking
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for showers to the east, partly sunny skies in philadelphia. morning clouds in the afternoon. 80 degrees today. warmer for tomorrow, 84. look at thursday, up to 90. we could hit 90 again for friday and warmer possibly on saturday. then back to the 80s for sunday, a chance of more showers and thunderstorms on tuesday. that could keep things cooler tuesday afternoon, 78 degrees. right back to the 80 degree mark wednesday and thursday. >> thanks for that. 20 minutes past four. let's get you to work on this tuesday. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington what you covered. >> watching route 202 around route 29. no problems or delays in either direction. northbound drive time just a seven-minute trip. average speeds into the 60s there. no big problems on 202. still watching northeast philadelphia, that accident investigation seen around cottman avenue and bustleton
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avenue, police activity still on the scene. here's the p.a. turnpike westbound and eastbound, 23 minutes at the most from valley forge to route 1 with speeds into the 60s. i'll check mass transit in the next ten minutes. bike crash fatalities in philadelphia spiked last year. this year has already been deadly with the high season for bike crashes only just starting. george spencer hit the streets and crunched the numbers to find out where the most crashes happened. here's a preview of a story you'll see tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: philadelphia has become a bike city. and with all these new wheels on city roads come new concerns about bike crashes and new calls for improved safety. it's a common sight. bikes all around the city. >> police are searching for a driver who hit a man on a bicycle in west philadelphia. >> reporter: last year brought a spike in the number of bike crash fatalities, and so far
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this year three more. >> i'm never going to see him again. he's dead. >> reporter: the nbc 10 investigators found trends in bike crash data, where and when the most crashes happen, and specific streets you might want to avoid. >> no one should be dying because they go out and ride their bike. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, find out the change, is that advocates are calling for and why it could end with philadelphia police using radar to catch speeding drivers. for the investigators, george spencer, nbc 10 news. ♪ music history happens this weekend. for the first time ever, the philly pops and the man center for the performing arts will perform mel memorial salute, a concert honoring all those who served. saturday at 7:00, veterans, active military, philadelphia police officers and firefighters can see the show free.
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you can get details on or go to the nbc 10 app. comcast and nbc 10 are proud sponsors of the memorial salute. there's a new plan in the works to help atlantic city deal with its financial crisis. hear how lawmakers plan to use a loan and some time to get the shore town back on solid financial ground. and what does jay wright know about philadelphia? find out why he spent some time talking with the eagles.
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stephen! you see what i'm saying. acne won't last. but for now, let's be clear. clearasil works fast. and discover clearasil 5in1. one simple step to fight five signs of acne. new jersey lawmakers have a plan to save the city from bankruptcy. yesterday leaders from the state assembly and senate approved a
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deal that gives the resort town five months to come up with a plan to balance its budget. the city will get a temporary loan of $60 million and be able to offer employees an early retirement plan. speaking of the shore, hundreds of summer jobs are up for grabs. in atlantic city, the borgata held a job fair yesterday. and there was a similar scene in the wildwoods where morey's pier needs about 200 positioned to be filled. wildcats basketball coach jay wright was a guest at the nova care center yesterday. he stalked about what it takes to win a national title. the birds last championship was in 1960. dozens of first responders who supported villanova's victory celebration got special recognition last night. radnor township awarded police,
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fire and support personnel for their service. nova head coach jay wright taped a special message thanking the first responders. a survivor of last year's deadly amtrak derailment gets a chance to meet and treat the first responders who saved his life. this is a picture robert hewett posing with the men he calls his guardian angels. he was left in a coma for weeks. earlier this month he appeared on nbc 10 talking about the frustration of not knowing his rescuers. one of the rescuers wives saw it, passed the message along and last week hewett and his family treated the rescuers to lunch. hear what this summer's convention in philadelphia could get messy.
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the search is on for the driver wanted for a deadly hit and run crash overnight in northeast philadelphia. a man died as he was waiting at a bus stop. narcan on campus. today leaders from a northampton county school direct will vote on allowing teachers access to the anti-overdose drug. and crying foul. these chickens call west philadelphia home, except they're illegal here. now their owners and others are taking on a longstanding city law. it is 4:30. it is 57 degrees outside. tuesday morning. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast, which is a look at conditions specifically right where you live. bill? >> this morning seeing rain in one of our neighborhoods. the


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