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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  May 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. a few folks will get some rain, but let's check in with bill henley and the neighborhood weather forecastment. >> we're seeing rain at the shore. 57 degrees in new jersey. closer to the shore, you find some rain. clouds in the lehigh valley. clouds are starting to break in delaware. wilmington will see some sunshine. more clouds this morning than this afternoon. 70 degrees by 11:00. a good warmup today. at the shore you are more likely to see showers, even inland new jersey you will see showers. 78 degrees this afternoon. 80 degrees for philadelphia. for delaware, near 80. at the shore, showers this morning. a chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. mostly cloudy day, 73 degrees. right now the rain is hugging the coastline. those showers may spread inland at times this afternoon. but most of the activity will be
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to the east. the further west, the more likely you are to stay dry. showers moving through delaware and cape may moved through philadelphia this morning. still a slight chance of a late day shower. i'll take you through the day when i come back in the next ten minutes. jessica boyington has the first alert traffic. >> watching the boulevard and 9th street. still a set of traffic lights malfunctioning here. it if you look closely, you can see flashing lights. no big problems or delays yet because of this, but no police activity on the scene either. when cars move through the intersection it tends to ab confusing point on the boulevard. also some reports of flooding over in new jersey on 295 northbound around the black horse pike. no delays, but one lane is blocked. this is 76 in gloucester, new jersey, around market street. this traffic is headed northbound towards the
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philadelphia area. no problems or delays. a check of the area bridges when i come back. following breaking news out of northeast philadelphia where one man is dead after he was hit by a car while waiting at a bus stop. katy zachry is live on scene this morning. police are still looking for whoever did this, right? >> reporter: they are, but they have his vehicle, they have dna they collected from inside the vehicle and they have witness accounts. they're hopeful they'll find him soon. look at the sidewalk beyond this car. this is just a piece of the damage left from the crash at the intersection of cottman and bustleton avenues. the driver crashed into a bus stop which was at that intersection hitting the bus stop and a man standing underneath and throwing the man and the bus stop about 100 feet down the sidewalk. this video is close-up damage to the driver's car that happened after the crash.
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one of the wheels came off, the car would not drive after the crash crash, so the man got out. before running away, he walked up to the victim, looked down at him and ran off. the victim was in his 40s but didn't have i.d. on him. police are trying to identify him. back out here live. there are a number of traffic cameras at this intersection, also a number of businesses with cameras pointed towards where this crash happened. so they're hopeful they'll get more information on what happened just around 12:30 this morning. reporting live in northeast philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. new this morning officials in allentown tell us a man died in a house fire there. this is newton street where we're told flames broke out before 2:00 this morning. crews put it out quickly. the victim was the only person inside at the time. a pair of shootings just blocked apart.
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>> that's what philadelphia police are investigating this morning in overbrook. both shootings happened on city avenue. officers found one of the victims at a shopping center and another outside a restaurant. pamela osbourne is live for us outside southwest detectives. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the call came in as a reported shooting around 10:40 last night. police rushed to the city avenue shopping center this is in overbrook where they found a man lying on the ground outside of a car. police say the man in his 20s was shot three times. inside of the car police found two different types of shell casings, and a gun in the backseat. while at this scene police were notified of another shooting victim just a couple blocks away. that man who police say is also in his 20s was found in a p popeye's parking lot. both victims were transported to presbyterian hospital and both
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are in stable condition. police are at the hospital right now. they believe these two victims may have shot each other. reporting live at southwest detectives, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. today bill cosby and his legal team head back to court and we could learn if the criminal assault case against the comedian will go to trial. cosby faces a preliminary hearing in norristown today. yesterday pennsylvania's supreme court refused to delay the case. cos cosby's lawyers are trying to have it thrown out. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university employee back at his home in 2004. happening today, a north hampton school board will vote on whether to introduce narcan into schools. last month the school board sent home a letter about the increase use of
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heroin in the area. if passed, teachers and administrators would learn how to use narcan. schools would be eligible for free kits which include two nasal sprays. the nbc 10 digital team spent months investigating the heroin and oip opioid crisis. you can see that on the nbc 10 app. today the philadelphia v.a. will hold a public town hall to get feedback on services for veterans. it will be at the va medical center at university city this morning. veterans affairs officials will take xhechcomments on healthcar benefits. it is part of a reform process that followed a federal investigation into mismanagement at the medical center. veterans organizations are blasting va secretary robert mcdonald for comments he made about medical appointment wait times. yesterday he said the government should be more like disneyland. he said disney doesn't measure how long visitors wait in line just how satisfied they were with their experience. vets and republicans called the comments insensitive.
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a new report shines a light on poverty in philadelphia. the city study found about a third of retired seniors do not have enough money to meet basic needs. the report says a senior household needs nearly $29,000 a year. but more than half are living on less than that. the city controller says local and state leaders need to get involved to fix these problems. his office will meet with business groups across the city and get community feedback. we reached out to the mayor's office for his take on the study, we have to the yet heard back. 5:37. now to decision 2016. a promise or a throat? bernie sanders says the democratic national convention in philadelphia could get messy. supporters of sanders are hoping for a platform at the july
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convention. yesterday sanders said he hopes his supporters voices will be heard but he will condemn any and all forms of violence. the city approved four rallies for sanders at the dnc. >> it's the end of the campaign season. nerves are always frayed. passions are running high. i think by the time we get to convention, some of that will have cooled down. and we will understand what the stakes are for us in november. so we will come together address a democratic family to support the eventual nominee. >> the democratic national convention is set for july 25th through the 2th. alcohol at the dnc is also topic of debate. the house is considering a bill that would allow the democrats to buy a permit from the liquor control board for $5,000. the permit allows conventioneers
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to import liquor from outside pennsylvania so they don't have to pay taxes. the senate passed the bill last week. 5:39 the we have clouds, we've seen showers come through philadelphia overnight. this is citizens bank park. a bit damp looking, but no active rain in the city. 58 degrees now in philadelphia. we will get some sunshine. look at 2:00, temperatures near 80 degrees. showing dry for each of these hours. but in between there's a chance we'll see a scattered light shower inland. further west you go, the more likely you'll see sunshine. in the suburbs, 67 degrees by 10:00. noontime, 72 degrees. lehigh valley, starting off with clouds. by lunch time, 71, upper 70s by 4:00. the lehigh valley will see
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temperatures into the 80s this afternoon. if you're looking for wet weather you'll find it in new jersey. tracking showerses this morning. interior new jersey will see scattered showers. mostly cloudy and 70 degrees at lunch time. 76 with some breaks of sunshine this afternoon. the closer you are to the shore, the better chance you will see wet weather. rain is falling right now. 57 degrees. clouds will be hanging in there for much of the morning. showers possible late this afternoon. a possibility we'll see thunderstorm activity at the shore. showers moved through delaware. a cloudy view from crowley stadium. 5 degrees. 68 by 10:00. closer to 80 degrees this afternoon. can't rule out a spotty shower this afternoon, most likely it will be dry in delaware. future cast shows it. this is 10:00 this morning.
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look at the clouds across new jersey and inland. further to the west, sunshine. stay to the west, you'll stay dry. to the east, better chance of using the umbrellas. as we go into the late afternoon hours, isolated shower, looking less likely just a spotty shower possible at 7:00 this evening for philadelphia. getting warmer tomorrow. have the ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. 5:41 on a tuesday morning. we are getting deeper into the week. a bit more traffic. still pretty good at 5:40. >> let's look at the schuylkill expressway. >> no big problems or delays now. there are a lot of people making their way out the door. this is the schuylkill expressway around south street. no problems heading into south philadelphia or into the center city area now. no major delays, but also that
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eastbound construction that was around the blue route is cleared heading eastbound on the schuylkill blue route. area bridges are okay. ben and walt are clear. tacony-palmyra bridge has an opening at 6:00 a.m. within the next 20 minutes we'll have delays there. we'll keep you updated when i come back. a local teen may have saved his own life thanks to a phone call. >> please hurry up. >> we'll tell you how he jumped into action after he heard noises in his own home. plus based on their identity and not their sex. we'll tell you which new jersey school district is changing its bathroom policy and when it goes into effect.
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new information on the deadly shooting of a 6-year-old ocean county boy three years ago in toms river a 4-year-old playing pretend shooting killed his neighbor, brandon holte. now the parents of the boy are ordered to pay $600,000 to brandon's parents for wrongful death. the boy found the unlocked gun in his father's bedroom. >> the quick thinking of a camden county teen helped police catch burglars and may have
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saved his life. >> the 15-year-old called 911 in a whisper from his home. he was home sick when he heard someone break in through the window upstairs, so the teen hid in the closet in the basement. >> he heard something, he was coming up, and he realized he couldn't get out of the house. so he immediately took shelter, concealing himself to protect himself as well as staying on the phone with 911 dispatchers. couldn't ask for a better job. >> police found one suspect hiding in an upstairs closet and another in a car waiting outside if you are planning on flying out of philadelphia international airport, you will want to hear this story. >> tsa agents plan to display a list of items passengers are banned to bring with them. they will also demonstrate how passengers with no prohibited
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items can move things along. >> the tsa is reassigning its head of security. kelly hogan will be moving to another position. the house committee focused on hogan in its investigation of staffing and bonuses at the agency. students in our area helped to spread the gift of music. members of haverford middle school's seventh heaven musical ensemble delivered new music equipment and supplies to hesson elementary on monday. seventh heaven bought the supplies with the $5,000 first prize they won this year in the christmas choir competition. tracking showers. we're seen wet weather through much of the area. right now it's new jersey and parts of delaware that are seeing the rainfall. you can see it hugging the coastline. atlantic city, toms river, cape may and delaware, showers are just exiting the dover area.
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notice the motion. these are the showers that moved through first thing this morning in philadelphia. the showers today, they will taper off tonight and summer-like heat will take hold over the next couple of days. this warmup started yesterday. 76 degrees. up to 80 degrees. 84 for tomorrow afternoon. 90 degrees on thursday. it will stay warm until the end of the week. showers won't last all day. there are a few isolated showers inland, but you are less likely to see rain in pennsylvania and delaware than in new jersey. the closer to the coast, the closer to the rainmaker that low pressure that's been hanging out with us for days. that will slowly ease out of here tonight. as it moves out, the threat of showers will be diminishing. you can see the future cast shows 10:00 this morning, still clouds around. 1:00 this afternoon, look at the heavy downpours in parts of new
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jersey, ocean county, and into burlington county. a chance of some thunderstorm activity as well. but notice how dry it stays further inland. a sprinkle or two. that's it. we'll get sunshine for a quick warmup. by 7:00 this evening we start to dry out. so the forecast for today, a warm one. into the 80s for plhiladelphia. further to the northwest, more sunshine. to the south, we will see a chance of showers. haddonfield, atlantic city, linwood could see thunderstorms. in delaware, partly sunny skies, more clouds this morning than this afternoon. a slight chance of a late day shower in delaware. here comes the heat. 87 degrees tomorrow afternoon, that's after a morning low of 59. headed for the low 90s for thursday, friday and saturday. chance of storms on friday. we get a break for saturday and sunday. there is a possibility of showers on memorial day monday.
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that will keep temperatures cooler, up to 82 degrees. shower threat on tuesday. we'll be in the 70s. that's close to normal for this time of year. warming up a bit wednesday and thursday, back up to 80. stand by for much warmer temperatures. >> timing is everything. thanks. 10 minutes before 6:00, let's get you to work. >> i think it's okay on 95, 6:00 hour is the bewitching hour. >> mm-hmm. >> jessica, how is it looking? >> that's when things start to pile up. usually around the 6:30 mark. right now we're ahead of that curve. 95 around girard avenue, no problems or delays. towards center city, this is typically where we see the volume and delays first. average speeds into the 60s. still traffic lights that are malfunctioning along the boulevard around 9th street. that may cause problems as rush hour tightens up.
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northeast philadelphia, still an accident investigation. cottman avenue and bustleton avenue with police activity there on the scene. prepare for a scheduled opening on the tacony-palmyra. if you're heading out the door, take the betsy ross bridge as an alternate. no problems on the walt or the ben. finally meeting the men who saved his life. the story of this amtrak derailment survivor and how he was able to meet his rescuers one year later.
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i'm first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. watching route 309 around the p.a. turnpike. some of those roads are damp. everything is moving along nicely in both directions. you might see delays in the next couple of minutes heading over the tacony-palmyra bridge, scheduled for an opening at 6:00 a.m. take the betsy ross bridge as an alternate. a woman fights the city of philadelphia over her barn yard chickens and wins.
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she keeps a handful of chickens in the backyard of her west philadelphia home. the only problem is they're illegal in the city. she received six citations and has been fined $1500. she contested the fines last week and a judge threw them out. >> i want the ban to be lifted. we want people to be able to have backyard chickens. our group, philadelphia back yard chickens is over 800 members strong. >> hart says the eggs from chickens feed her family, the droppings serve as fertilizer and they make great pets. the same bear people spotted in new castle county may have been spotted again. >> this time the animal may have turned up in maryland. a county worker took video of the bear last week near the university of delaware. now in maryland someone said they spotted the bear there. they nicknamed him cecil the bear. if you see the bear, do not approach it. one was spotted swimming in the
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wissahickon creek in philadelphia more than a week ago. and another bear sighting at a country club in chester county. transgender bathrooms are the rule in a school district in new jersey. last night the highland school district passed a bill permitting transgender students to use locker rooms and participate in transgender sports and other activities. we heard from students this makes them a more welcoming place for them. >> the new policy goes into effect today. a new study claims the popular fitbit trackers are highly inaccurate and it is breathing new life into a class action lawsuit. california researchers compared results from fitbit devices and data from an ekg machine. their study found fitbit
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miscalculated heart rates by up to 20 beats per minute on average. the report was commissioned by the law firm behind the class action lawsuit that claims fitbit devices are inaccurate. a survivor of last year's deadly amtrak derailment gets a chance to say thank you to the first responders who saved his life. this is a picture robert hewett posing with the men he calls his guardian angels. he was sitting in the first car when the train derailed and that left him in a coma for weeks. earlier this month he appeared on nbc 10 talking about the frustration of not knowing his rescuers. one of the rescuers wives saw it, passed the message along and last week hewett and his family treated the rescuers to lunch. nbc 10 responds when a gloucester county woman put nearly $200 down on a couch that never arrived the. >> she called the store and said she couldn't get a straight answer. >> i got good news and bad newn. that's when she called harry.
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and we continue to follow breaking news in northeast philadelphia. a man waiting for a bus was killed when a driver plowed into the bus canopy. police are still searching for that driver. an update from katy zachry next.
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a deadly hit and run. this is what's left of a car. police say the driver hit the bus shelter so hard it flew 100 feet. new evidence that an explosion brought down egypt air flight 104. >> you will feel warmer temperatures no matter where you are. good morning, this is nbc 10 news. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. temperatures have been trending upwards and i think moving forward the next few days doing the same.


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