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tv   Today  NBC  May 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. well, it's a goo day here. any time blake shelton is with us. it is boozeday tuesday june 24, also spanky tuesday, hoda gets excited about that. >> i wish blake would stick around far but i have a feeling -- >> he's on a strict schedule. but we have him not just to talk to us but also to sing. there's an older song called "honeybee." and we're going to talk about
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gwen and why he chose her. good stuff. >> i can't believe memorial day is finally here. we're going to talk about the ultimate cajun burger and secret ingredients that put it over the top. >> and he has zaps potato chips. >> are those just in the new orleans area? >> you can get them all over. >> and they're so crunchy and thick and delicious. >> i'm going to love it. okay. >> and do you need invite that plus one to your wedding, hoda? you said yes, i said it adds too much expense. >> i can't wait to hear what mr. manners said. >> and it's may 24, not june. notice how i caught that immediately. we were just talking about -- you know why? >> why. >> we love to have ladies out at my house on a thursday in the summertime and we were picking the day. it's may. >> so what are we going to do about justin bieber? >> well, it is spanky tuesday.
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>> it is spanky tuesday so there's the answer. okay, so just a little history about justin. he decided to cancel his meet and greets a little while ago because he said it was draining to him. then he said he would no longer take pictures with fans because he doesn't think people like speaking, they want to snap his picture, they don't even see him. now, after the billboard music awards he's upset with awards shows, too. >> in general, i suppose. >> sunday he won top male artist at the billboard music awards. he was caught on camera, you know, we don't want to judge the guy but he didn't look so happy during pink's performance. >> he was the only one who wasn't. she was amazinamazing. >> this is what justin did. he usually says what he feels on instagram. so he vented about his dislike of awards shows and he says he doesn't feel good when he attends them. these are his quotes. he says "you can't help feel like people are rating and grade mig performance. they seem so hollow and everyone has a fake smile." he says "if i'm living my
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purpose i want the reward to be fulfillment. i'm getting rewarded for the things i'm doing and not for who i am." >> but then towards the end he said "i am privileged and honored to be recognized by my peers but there these settings i can't feel the recognition. there's an authenticity missing that i crave." i have one suggestion for him. >> yes? >> get out of show business. if it's making you so unhappy or don't attend the awards ceremonies. you're not supposed to be doing it for you. you're supposed to be doing it for your audience. if you want to last and have a multidecade career, as so many people do, do everything you do -- and he knows it from his faith -- do it under the lord and to your fans and put yourself way back in that line and that's where you'll get your fulfillment is serving other people, not being the center of the universe. he's a brilliant young performer. if he's not getting the joy he says he craves from just that, maybe it's time to step back for a while, think about what might
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make you happier in life. because it's not fair to do that to your fans. i hope i say that respectfully. i'm not trying to put him down. i'm trying to help. >> i don't think he realizes what kind of a sting it has when it comes to your fans because i was speaking to this one woman whose daughter and she had bought tickets to a justin bieber concert. this is before he canceled the meet and greets. she said they paid $700 for two tickets, they went to the show and went backstage waiting for their moment, the daughter was 12 and there were 10 kids waiting in line and she said right there at the last 10 kids he said "i'm done, i'm out." >> even though they paid the premium. you heard that from quite a few people on your radio show, which is upsetting. >> the thing, is you don't realize the impact. he does a lot of great stuff. we see him in hospitals talking to kids and doing all sorts of stuff. >> and he has a lot of goodness in him. he's letting the negative control him. if the negative is having that much affect, he's going to do so much damage to his career that he'll find himself one day saying i wish somebody would come to my concert. i wish somebody would want to
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take a picture with me. i wish i get an award. and you do get the award for what you do. he's not going to get an award just for being justin, it's for his music. his craft. so i don't know, i think -- we keep saying he's young, he's young, but we've been saying that for about four years now. >> all right, let's shift gears because it's time to talk "bachelorette." we've been waiting and so has amanda. >> you look gorgeous. >> amanda avery is our producer. she knows everything about it. >> all things "bachelorette." >> start from the beginning. >> it was really good. your bachelorette is jo jo, 25-year-old from texas, a real estate developer from texas. if you watched "the bachelor" last season she competed against lauren for ben higgins' heart. he told them both he loved them but in the end he went with lauren and they're still engaged
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so now jo jo is the official bachelorette. so last night 26 guys got out of the limo to meet her. they're trying to one up her with gimmicks. a guy came with a unicorn. >> oh, my gosh. >> this guy sang because his name was james taylor, that's his actual name. it was a nice song, too. this guy was santa and he kept going "jo jo jo jo." get it? >> instead of ho ho. >> this guy did the splits. this guy is half scottish so he wore a kilt, as one does. and it went on and on. a motorcycle guy and then another one brought a whole a cappella group with him to sing and serenade her. >> wow. that's -- the bar is high. >> she looked great. >> she looked like an oscar statue, shiny and beautiful. >> who do we like? >> this guy has problems. his name is daniel. his occupation on the little graphic said "canadian. request sots that ". >> depending on the weather that's not easy. >> he had too much to drink last
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night so look what he decided to do. >> let's see what you look like with nothing on, all right? this is -- are you trying to show the line here? yes? >> what are you doing? >> i'm waiting for you. >> he's taking his pants off. what is he doing? >> jo jo, we're having a good time. >> your clothes are off. are you wearing a thong? >> male underwear. >> oh, many i god, he's going to do it. >> don't do it, dude. >> and there he goes. >> damn, daniel. >> damn, daniel. i like that. >> he walked around the house with wet underwear for the rest of the show. >> you loved it. >> i loved it. then they got him dressed, he did the rose ceremony, she kept that guy. he stayed on the show. >> well, the producers want him. >> but this is your guy to watch. so his name is jordan. >> he's cute. >> he got the only kiss of the
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night. he also got the first impression rose from jo jo, there was instant chemistry, she said he was the perfect combination of confident and sexy. fun fact about this guy, he is the younger brother of aaron rogers, the football player. >> i love aaron rogers. >> from the green bay packers. so he seems like he's at the head of the pack. if. >> that looks like something. >> he was the first guy to the limo. she had eyes for him. >> it looks hot. >> they met and went away and he came back for a kiss and she was into it. >> i like him. i liked that kiss, too. >> it should be good. okay, that's it. until next week. [ applause ] >> wait a minute. now we have the boys thing -- and "dancing with the stars." >> everything is ending so there was three different finales. tomorrow we find out who won "the voice." tonight, we'll talk about it tomorrow. >> amanda, love you, sweetheart. >> all right, again, like amanda -- >> to be young like amanda is. so enthusiastic. >> are we going to do the jimmy kimmel thing with the toddlers?
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let's see if we have that. >> oh! >> are we out of time? >> we don't have an official answer yet. >> so anyway tonight is the a nil -- finale of the voice. each coach has one singer competing so we'll look at the final four performances from last night and try to predict who will win. >> here's the order. lathe is with team adam, anna with ferrell, adam with blake and allison with christina. so let's take a look. ♪ bright starling, tell the horses ♪ ♪ since you've gone i've been lost, dream at night i can only ♪ see your face, look around but it's you i can't replace ♪ feel so cold that i long for
10:10 am
your embrace ♪ ♪ nobody enters, if not for your faith ♪ ♪ call my name and i'll take you there ♪ someday, somehow, somewhere >> curly sue! >> let's give it to her. give it to her. >> looks like she's getting it, right. >> you and i know that's my favorite song ever, the way barbra streisand sang it on her broadway album with david foster's arrangement.
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>> are you picking her? >> hands down. >> i loved her too but just so we can have something to disagree on i'm going go with adam's guy, the second to last guy. >> oh, okay. >> all right? how about that? >> he's with blake, she's saying. >> exactly. [ laughter ] i get confused. adam is with blake. the guy with the hat near the end. >> adam's with blake. >> so blake's guy adam. >> is that because you love blake or because you love adam. >> no, it's definitely because i love blake. >> we have to do this it's in our contract. >> red nose day is thursday. it's going to be big. we're going to help raise money for children living with poverty around the world. this is a fun way to do it. remember last year matt road his bike for 226 miles from boston to new york. >> yup. >> so this year we're not doing that. we'll have a plaza full of people cycling for 10,000 miles. you can donate to the cause on or you can call at 1-800-500-4373. you can donate by texting today.
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>> i'm glad you got that to read. hoda and i cannot wait until we give it today. >> you know what i really can't wait for? blake shelton. he's got a new album. we're going to talk about it after this. brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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ithat's so interesting honeyf mybecause i'm going to share p. a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up. l'eggo my eggo l'eggo my eggo (answering machine) hey! leave a message.
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hi, i know you're there, 'cause i can see you. i'm calling you to tell you to l'eggo my eggo! anncr: some things are too delicious to share. golden crispy, warm and fluffy eggo waffles. l'eggo my eggo. we've got to turn this up. turn it up a little bit more. that's the hit song "sangria" which was recently nominated for two cmts sung by the one, the only blake shelton. >> these days not all blake's songs are solo. >> uh-huh. >> as he proved when he and gwen stefani debuted their duet called "go ahead and break my heart" on "the voice" earlier this month. now the five time cma award winning male vocalist of the year has a brand new album that just came out a few days ago called "if i'm being honest." >> uh-uh huh. >> did we use your twang enough. >> did they misprint -- it's "if
10:16 am
i'm honest." >> how about you and gwen singing together? we watched that in slow motion, we watched it live -- >> [ laughter ] >> the only thing you're lacking in life is some sexual tension. [ laughter ] >> i don't know why i can't surround myself with that. >> looking if sexual tension and there is none. >> will you explain something we can't understand. the words are "go ahead and break my heart" and you're singing this to the girl you clearly love so we don't get the words versus the vibe. >> and it's hard for us not to be, like, smiling -- >> making out? >> yeah. >> kissy face. >> well, the song was written like last -- i think we wrote it last october some time? >> the throes of passion? >> no, we didn't write it during the throes of passion. >> you weren't together. you wrote the first half and sent it to her? >> exactly.
10:17 am
because we were just writing about it was hard to find of let our guards down again, just going through some issues and that's what the song is written about. you know i know something bad is going to happen, it always does, let's get it over with now. >> when do you know too bad, i know i've been hurt before but i'm going again. >> well, i think you can see the look on our face there is. at some point you're like, you know what, i'm going to be -- >> to too bad. >> it is what it is now so let's go for it. >> live in the moment. >> are you going back on "the voice"? are you staying on "the voice"? there were rumors you weren't. >> i've read many, many times that i've been fired? >> stop reading stuff. >> so what's the truth? >> i don't plan on going anywhere. i'd luke to stay there as long as i can. yes, i'm staying there. of course i'm going to stay there. i love that show. >> it's such a great gig and it's not like you have to show up every morning at the crack of dawn like us. >> they're like "hey, don't
10:18 am
announce yet that you're going on to the next --" well, people know, we already started filming the next season. what are you talking about? >> people know too much. >> we're for sure going to be doing this fall -- this fall because miley is on there and -- >> who else? >> alicia keys. >> what are they like to work with? >> and then moron is coming back, too. >> did you say moron is coming back? >> yeah, adam. adam. you know, i've met alicia once maybe. >> she's lovely. really lovely. >> i've heard nothing but awesome about her and we've already worked with miley. i've known miley since she was -- >> a baby. >> because i've known her dad, you know? so it's going to be a lot of fun. >> how much time do you and gwen get to work together given your schedules? >> well, it's a lot because i'm out in l.a. doing the show, especially now that it's live right now we're -- of course she's about to start touring this summer so it's going to be -- >> that's going to change
10:19 am
things. >> and she doesn't tour -- like when us country singers tour, we're on tour it's like fridays and saturdays and for her she's like gone everyday of the week like pop tour. so that will be a test of the relationship. >> i hope i can see her. i've got to do some thing this is summer but i'm definitely going to go out and catch a few of them if i can. >> can we talk about "angry birds" for a second. >> yes, please. >> earl? >> earl, the pig? >> i don't think they ever say "earl" in the movie, that's just in the credits. >> are you the one with the hat or the guitar? >> that's me with the guitar -- no, that's me with the hat. >> is it found do that? play the animated characters? >> yes it is. >> let's go, boys! yee-haw! >> that's my oscar right there. i always thought that you, like, look at the screen and you try to match up the words but -- >> they do it the other way.
10:20 am
>> they were like pretend like the sun just ran into the moon and react to it. "oh, my god, the sun!" >> and then they animate to you. >> so weird. >> it takes some of the pressure off. you didn't have to have your hair and makeup done. >> i do that every morning because i want to look good. you know what i'm saying? >> we love you, blake. >> i love y'all. >> thank you for not getting so big in the head. >> thank you for changing my album title, too, live on television. if i'm being honest. >> "if i'm honest." >> that's hoda's phone. did they just hold up your phone with my album on it? >> by the way, our dog is doing well in case you're wondering. >> really? >> you didn't ask about your love child. >> i did ask before this thing. >> love child? it's a dog! what does that mean we did. >> she was in love with you -- >> what does that mean we did? >> it was a one way street. >> that's even weirder.
10:21 am
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it's not just tuesday, it's brain teaser tuesday. >> we put your minds to work with a picture puzzle courtesy of >> let's see if you can decipher this picture puzzle. >> okay. one, two blame, three blame. >> no blame blame. or something like that. we'll reveal the answer. >> you figure it out and we'll spice up your memorial day with a cookout cajun style. delicious burgers. can you really wait a year to send a gift? >> sure. >> we'll
10:25 am
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10:27 am
first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has been watching this and other roads. can you walk us through what's happened here? >> with a serious accident under way, there will be an investigation. and it takes a little longer to clean up as well. no word that germantown avenue and rising sun avenue where the accident scene has been closed. you can see sky force 10, cars making their way through the area. it is looking like it's pushed over to the shoulder. if you're in north philadelphia, here is germantown avenue right over here. take broad street. >> thank you, jessica. let's get our forecast now from bill henley. nice day out there. >> it sure is. we're still seeing lots of sunshine. temperatures responding. philadelphia, 68 degrees with sun and a few scattered clouds. should stay dry in the city, by 3:00, 78 degrees, headed to 80 this afternoon. you're going to see showers in
10:28 am
new jersey and at the shore, even the chance of a late day thunderstorm. >> thank you. we're following a developing story in northeast philadelphia. a suspected hit-and-run driver has surrendered to police. nbc10 was on the scene of a deadly crash. police say the driver of this lexus drove onto the sidewalk, slammed into the septa bust shelter. it threw a man about 100 feet. the man was killed. we'll have a full hour of news in about a half hour. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc10 app.
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10:30 am
it's brain teaser tuesday and before we breaked -- broke -- we showed you this picture puzzle have you figured it out? >> you know who figured it out? rope. >> yay, roper! >> the answer is no one to blame. >> i don't -- >> that's pleurural, though. >> no, no one and two blames. >> you don't get that everyday. >> hey! you can't blame a couple for wanting to get married in the summer when the weather is warm. >> we have etiquette advice from everything from rsvps to guests to courtesy. mr. manners is here, thomas
10:31 am
farley. >> thomas p. farley. we always have a good time with you. are people less and less concerned about etiquette? >> i think it's something people are not as aware of as they used to be which is unfortunate. >> so they haven't been taught it. >> and they're not paying attention. >> so you get a wedding invite, people open it and it says rsvp. how quick from the moment you get it should you rsvp? >> here's the nice thing. could bit any easier? we get a reply card, we get a stamped envelope. as soon as you get it you need to reply. i think we live in the age of maybe. facebook has enabled that. you get an invitation, maybe, interested in going. >> can you say maybe but don't told me to it? >> yes or no. you've also got your dietary preferences on there so make sure you're checking off what your meal preference is but you won't add something that's not on there. so if you're on a goji berry diet, have the berries before the we could. >> what about the plus one situation which has come up on our program quite a bit. >> yes.
10:32 am
>> unless you secretly eloped and the couple is not aware, if you are not invited with a plus one, this is not the time to ask for a plus one. >> look at it as an opportunity to meet somebody new. >> there you go. what about a gift? can you just figure out you'll just wait for that? >> yes. so the fun thing with gifts is you have this bird cage gift. the gift bird cage. bring an envelope with a little bit of none that's how you'll do it. drop it in, there you go. do not bring a big bulky box. >> they may not get it. >> the best man or maid of honor will have to lug it home. don't add to their burden. the other thing i want to stress, don't think off year to give a gift. >> you don't? >> are you waiting until the couple gets a divorce? what's going on. you would not do a birthday present and say here it is a year later. >> i always heard the year was for you to respond to the gift if you're a newlywed. you had a year to respond and thank you. >> three months for the thank you, one month for the gift. don't take a year to do the thank you notes. >> a lot of people come with
10:33 am
cameras and stuff. is it okay to tweet, instagram somebody else's wedding as much as you'd like? >> here where for the bridal couple you have opportunities to see pictures you would haven't otherwise. so create a unique hashtag on instagram and twitter, people can tag you. but if you don't want that, put that out there right up front. >> you don't want anybody even bringing cameras? >> no photos, no postings. you may not want pictures out there until you have your official pictures done. >> you have the right to that. >> enjoy the wedding. don't spend the whole wedding looking at your phone. >> look at our table, we have brittany, kelsey and jarrod. hi, kids. there's an empty seat at this table. >> here's the thing. we like to mingle at weddings, we like to dance but that doesn't mean you're missing every course at your table. the couple put you at that table for a reason, there's strategy that goes into table arrangements so don't spend the whole wedding away from the table. >> what if you don't know anybody at the table sfwhanchts if you've left? [ laughter ] >> that's me. >> that would be hoda.
10:34 am
>> you'll wait until after the cake is cut to leave. if there's some extenuating reason you have to leave prior i would recommend ghosting. don't interrupt the wedding. >> hear that? ghost. >> pull a hoda. >> ghosting. all right. and should you introduce to everybody at your table. often you're sitting with strangers but it's weird. >> do it at the start before the music gets so loud. there you go. exactl exactly. >> thank you, great to see you. >> that was fun. >> enjoy your mock fruit. >> you definitely don't want to leave our party because country meg star blake health is on is about to sing one of his big hits. >> if that's not enough-to-spice things up, cajun burgers for your barbecue
10:35 am
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10:39 am
this memorial day weekend so our "today" food team is getting ready to fire up that grill. >> here to show us a cajun style burger you'll flip for the executive chef of toops meatery in new orleans, isaac toops. how are you doing? >> i'm dang groet. thank you so much for having me. . we love a louisiana burger. what are you adding to change it up? >> take a lean ground brisket, have the butcher trim the fat, then add pork fat then that will make it nice and luxurious. because pork fat rules. >> where do you get that? >> from your butcher. >> put the fat in? >> well, you cut it out and put it back in. the proper mix of both animals so you got your cow and your peg in heaven or hell depending on if they were good or bad, you never know. it could have been a bad combination. after that get mixed up, you have your wonderful mix here and
10:40 am
you once again have to form it into patties, which we have. >> what else did you add to that? >> nothing yet. that's the whole trick. no soup mix, no salt, no pepper, that comes later. >> nothing? >> nothing, you want to leave the animal proteins intact. so you take some fresh ground black pepper, some chili and aleppo chili from syria, i like to use peppers from all around the globe, i don't discriminate on peppers. >> as long as they're hot. >> as long as you bring spice. and take kosher salt. now the kung fu trip to your burgers is the thumb dimple. you can use the back of a spoon but let's be real, use your damn hands. >> what did you flut thenut the? >> salt and chili crust. >> wow, that's a lot of heat. >> well, the aleppo pepper is on the medium side and the other pepper is mild. so season both sides, get a nice
10:41 am
good crust. get grape seed oil getting hot. >> grape seed oil? >> high heat, get a sere. >> all right. oh, yes. >> get that good smoke and good pepper sere. >> you all right? she got a noseful. [ laughter ] nothing like getting a schnos t ful. >> do you need some of your stuff? >> could you pass me your stuff? >> yeah, yeah. >> thanks. >> oh, my god. i told you! [ laughter ] it goes right in! [ laughter ] >> wow! >> it's a bit hot! >> oh, my gosh! wow. >> we'll be over here if you need us. >> i'll take it out. i don't think the hood system is working very well today. >> wow! >> i told you, went right up. >> so now what? >> now we have cooked off burgers and we're going to
10:42 am
assemble the burger here. this is creole aoriolely. >> kat, you have to get in on that aoriolely. . layer your burger up. i know you don't do cheese -- >> i can't is. >> i'll leave one with cheese and one without. >> okay. >> our crew is messing with you. >> and that's the last time they brought isaac on. no more of that guy. >> and what is this drink here? >> that's a carrollton side car. that's where the meatery is located. this is squash pickles. >> squash pickles? >> squash pickles. >> have you tried this kath? >> they're very unusual. nicely spiced. >> get in there.
10:43 am
>> thanks. and and acidic kind of sweet rendition of the burger. >> oh, that sounds good. >> this is yours, hoda. >> you know i'm getting after it. >> let me start saying this. for this recipe and more cookout ideas go to and click on the grilling tab. so what do you say, hoda woman? >> oh, my gosh. >> good? >> the sweetness of the pick. >> can't have that much bread. >> we're going half burger bun. >> that's delicious. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's not bad. >> if you don't choke to death, you'll really enjoy it. >> if you can make it past the cooking, you'll be fine. >> going to get hotter right that have with blake shelton. that have with blake shelton. >> that's de let 'em out. let 'em loose. let 'em run. let 'em push. let 'em fall.
10:44 am
let 'em go. new capri sun organic, made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. a more organic way to push play. fresh bread in the lostore every single hmm. wonder who? if you don't already know... ...try it. at walmart's low prices.
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10:48 am
we weren't kidding up there in the kitchen.
10:49 am
>> we were hacking but we realized the overhead vent thing wasn't on and the burgers were awesome. >> they were fantastic. >> all righty, then. >> recipe is on the web site. we dished with him about his lady glove gwen stefani and hoda's puppy blake which got him hot under the color. >> blake shelton is out with a brand new album "if i'm honest" but here he is performing his 2011 number one sing which will we think he wrote for us called honeybee. ♪ ♪ ♪ girl, i've been thinking bout us ♪ you know i ain't good at this stuff ♪ these feelings piling up won't give me no rest ♪ this might come out a little crazy ♪ a little sideways, yeah,
10:50 am
maybe, i don't know ♪ how long it will take me but i'll do my best ♪ if you'll be my soft and sweet, i'll be your ♪ strong and steady ♪ if you'll be my glass of wine ♪ i'll be your shot of whisy, you be my sunny day ♪ i'll be your shade tree, you be any honey suckle ♪ i'll be your honeybee ♪ yeah, that came out a little country ♪ but every word was right on the money ♪ but i got you smiling, honey, right back at me ♪ hold on, cause i ain't done, there's more ♪ where that came from, you know i'm just having fun ♪ but seriously, if you'll be my louisiana ♪ i'll be your mississippi, you'll be my little loretta
10:51 am
♪ i'll be your conway twitty, you'll be my sugar ♪ i'll be your sweet iced tea, you be my honey suckle ♪ i'll be your honeybee ♪ ♪ your kiss just said it all, i'm glad we had this talk ♪ nothing left to do but fall into each other's arms ♪ i could have said i love you, could have wrote you ♪ a line or two, baby, all i know to do ♪ is speak right from the heart, if you'll be ♪ my soft and sweet, i'll be your strong and steady ♪ you be my glass of wine, i'm be your shot of whiskey
10:52 am
♪ you be my sunny day, i'll be your shade tree ♪ you be my honey suckle, i'll be your honeybee ♪ you'll be my louisiana, i'll be your mississippi ♪ you be my little loretta, i'll be your conway twitty ♪ you be my sugar, baby, i'll be your sweet iced tea ♪ you be my honey suckle, i'll be your honeybee ♪ ♪ i'll be your honeybee >> yes! >> all right, we're about to give it away! >> but first this is today on nbc. take it away, donna dorable.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
we hope you are feeling lucky because it's time to give it away. >> and this week's prize -- >> what is it? >> a kenmore bagless upright vacuum cleaner. >> and a ken mortar large room hepa filter air purifier from sears. these two together are worth $389. what does the vacuum do? >> it captures dirt and the help the filter captures dust and pollen, we could have used in the the kitchen. >> should we see who our five lucky winners are? >> i love this time. it might be you. >> it might be you, if you are debra remington from schenectady, new york -- >> schenectady! >> right near poughkeepsie. >> here's mine. i've got donna galliano from weymouth, massachusetts. >> love her!
10:57 am
and mary joe peer from waterville, ohio. >> stop, i've got to find the right one! uh-huh? oh, see! getting into it. >> hold on, here we go. i've got jean inouye from san raymond, california. >> all righty, and the last one is roseanne guayierri -- >> why do you do it with an accent? >> because i do. from west henrietta, new york. >> we want to congratulate our winners but to make sure you are eligible, you have to fill it out again because we throw these away. get away from me! >> and the complete rules, go to our web site. >> we have to talk about what's coming up tomorrow. tomorrow, boy george is going to be in the house! >> oh, i'm going out to los angeles, hoda. >> kath is getting an award. kathie lee is getting the gracie, the gracie. the gracie. the gracie. >> ooh! >> oh, yeah!
10:58 am
>> when is it over? why isn't
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, a big day in montgomery county courtroom, and it's happening right now. a key hearing under way to determine whether entertainer and philadelphia native bill cosby will stand trial on sex assault charges. cameras were there as cosby arrived at the court this morning. good morning, and welcome to nbc10. prosecutors are laying out their evidence against cosby in a preliminary hearing at this very hour. nbc10's pamela osborne is live for us outside the courthouse in montgomery county. >> there was some speculation heading into today's prelim that andrea constand, the


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