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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a big day in montgomery county courtroom, and it's happening right now. a key hearing under way to determine whether entertainer and philadelphia native bill cosby will stand trial on sex assault charges. cameras were there as cosby arrived at the court this morning. good morning, and welcome to nbc10. prosecutors are laying out their evidence against cosby in a preliminary hearing at this very hour. nbc10's pamela osborne is live for us outside the courthouse in montgomery county. >> there was some speculation heading into today's prelim that andrea constand, the woman at the center of the trial, the
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particular hearing, rather, could potentially take the stand. now, i can tell you she is not here today, and that was actually part of the discussion. can things continue without her? a judge decided yes, and that prelim is back in session right now. cosby arrived just after 9:00 this morning. he did not speak. he walked into the courthouse very quietly with his team by his side. cosby is accused of drugging and molesting andrea constand in 2004. both the prosecution and defense are expected to go back and forth over evidence. some includes cosby's own testimony in a civil case. cosby gave that testimony to former d.a. bruce castor under the agreement he would not be prosecuted but the current d.a., kevin steele, vowed to prosecute cosby. cosby's legal team has been trying to get the case dismused
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from the beginning. there's a small chance the case could be thrown out but that isn't likely. a lot of movement here at the courthouse. gloria allred is among the many attorneys inside. she's representing some of cosby's other alleged victims. that's the latest here. i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> meantime, the associated press released portions of cosby's deposition in a long settled civil suit with const d constand. in the deposition, he said an agency would send five or six models to his studio each week whiem he was filming one of his sitcoms. he admitted having sex with a 19-year-old and paying money through her agent at the willumewilliam morris agency. the a.p. called the agency and got no comment. you can count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of bill
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cosby in court. we'll give you updates on-air, online, and on the nbc10 app. >> showers in parts of our area today. but we should see dry weather later on. it's warming up outside right now as you take a live look at the jersey shore from our camera in cape may at the marquis de lafayette hotel. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. it's nice outside. >> yeah, vai, it is warming up nicely. lots of sunshine across most of the area with just one little exception. we're already up to 70 degrees in philadelphia. and think that's warm, it's up to 73 with sunshine in the lehigh valley. and temperatures, of course, are going to continue to climb as we go through the afternoon. 76 degrees yesterday, near 80 degrees today. 87 tomorrow, and near 90 degrees on thursday. so if you wanted hotter weather,
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you got it. you can see some of these showers, though, coming from north to south across portions of new jersey. so tom's river getting a little bit, long beach island, even trenton. from philadelphia westward, there isn't much of a threat of this coming down. here's the live view, and it's just some very light showers across parts of burlington and ocean county. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures climbing into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. expect basically dry weather through the afternoon and tonight. and then of course we start warming up tomorrow. in the lehigh valley, getting up near 80 degrees by 6:00. back down to 75. and at the jersey shore, it's going to be warmer today because more of a west wind, and then things will change a little bit as we head through the holiday weekend. i have that forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, we'll see you
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then. sources tell nbc10 a suspect has turned himself in after a hit-and-run crash that left one person dead. nbc10 was on the scene at cottman and bustleton avenues. the driver of this lexus drove onto the sidewalk, slammed into a septa bus shelter. the impact threw the shelter and the man inside of it about 100 feet. that man was killed. >> we're working to find out the conditions of a police officer and another driver after a crash involving a police car and another vehicle. sky force 10 was over the scene at routes 202 and 926 in west chester this morning. no word yet on what led to the accident. >> sky force 10 was also over a three-car accident in the oxford circle section of philadelphia. a fire rescue crew on the scene at roosevelt boulevard. there are reports of injuries there. the crash caused some traffic tie-ups on the boulevard northbound, but they are back to
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normal now. and sky force 10 over an accident in north philly that led to serious injuries there. a car and suv collided in germantown and rising sun avenues. a fire rescue team on the scene. emergency teams transported two people to temple hospital. no word yet on their conditions. let's get a check on the rest of the area roads with traffic reporter jessica boyington. a lot of accidents out there this morning. >> quite a lot of things going on. not a huge impact on the rush just in terms of talking about volume with a lot of the majors. now we're pretty much back to normal. we are going to go back to the accident in germantown avenue and rising sun avenue. there's still police activity on the scene. no big delays. you can take broad street headed either way, north or southbound, past the scene. you'll be fine. here's the vine street expressway. earlier, we had eastbound delays, but now, no problems
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heading to 95 or the schuylkill. watch for some construction on kelly drive. that will have the right lane closed until about 3:00 this afternoon, and more construction on the ben franklin bridge. this is headed westbound into philadelphia. if you're coming from new jersey, there's two lanes closed there. some delays from the toll plaza earlier this morning, but the commodore barry and walt whitman are doing great. >> police are continuing to piece together a pair of shootings on city avenue in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. they gather eed clues at two cre scenes. officers found one victim at the shopping center. another was discovered outside a nearby popeye's restaurant. police believe the two shootings were related. one man was found on the ground outside of a car. investigators found two different shell casings and a gun in the back seat. both victims were transported to penn presbyterian hospital where they're listed in stable
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condition. police are with them at the hospital because they believe the two men may have shot at each other. and when the smoke clears after a house fire in allentown, officials found a man there. nbc10 was close on the scene on newton street. we're told flamed broke out before 2:00 this morning. crews put them out quickly and found a 48-year-old, andrew dellrimples, dead in the home. officials are working to find out if the fire caused his death. and this morning, a tow truck driver and his friend are recovering in the hospital after being shot at several times. in north philadelphia. police say the tow truck driver was shot in the chest, drove them both to temple hospital yesterday. a bullet grazed the passenger's shoulder. police don't have a motive for the shooting, but do have a suspected shooter's nickname, which they're not yet revealing. >> shooter is known to the victims. he's described as a male wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt who was
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last seen in a saturn ion, burgundy in color. >> both men are expected to survive. and happening today, new jersey officials will announce a plan to ban smoking on state beaches. state senate president will talk about the plan today in bellmawr monmouth county. governor chris christie vetoed a similar plan in the last legislative session even though it won bipartisan support. the latest version exempted golf courses and permitted local and county officials to set aside 15% of the park or beach as a smoking section if they so choose. >> new jersey lawmakers have a plan to save atlantic city from bankruptcy, at least for now. yesterday, leaders of the state assembly and senate approved a deal that gives the resort town five months to come up with a plan to balance its budget. they'll get a temporary loan of about $60 million and will be
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able to offer employees an early retirement plan. the full assembly will vote on the package on thursday. and happening now, philadelphia city council is holding a public hearing on a proposed soda tax. the mayor wants to add a 3 cent an ounce tax to all sugary drinks. the money would be used to help pay for universal pre-k, community schools, rec centers, and the city's pension plan. distributors say it would be bad for business. they have until june to decide on the proposal. >> and happening today, northampton county school board will vote on whether to introduce narcan to schools. last month, the school board sent a letter home to parents about an increase in heroin use in the area. if the measure passes, teachers and administrators would learn how to use narcan. they would also get free kits which include two nasal sprays. the nbc10 digital team spent
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months investigating the heroin and opioid crisis. you can watch their special report, generation addicted, right now at our website at >> up next, drama ahead of the dnc. hear what bernie sanders is saying about the july convention in philadelphia. plus, we have brand-new eye-opening results about the reasons behind voters' choices for their presidential election. and hail heavy enough to shovel. an unusual late may sight for people living in parts of pennsylvania. >> yeah, fortunately not these parts. the warming trend has begun, and wait until you see how hot it's going to get. we'll look at the holiday weekend forecast just ahead.
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forensic experts in egypt say after analyzing human remains from a crash of egyptair flight 804, it appears the plane was taken down by an explosion. searchers recovered debris, but the hunt for the bulk of the wreckage continues in the mediterranean sea. the key will be finding the plane's black boxes. 60 passengers and crew were onboard the flight that crashes en route from cairo to paris. and a new poll is giving us more evidence of the unpopularity of the two likely majority party presidential nominees. the latest nbc news/survey monkey tracking poll shows 63%
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of americans hate donald trump and 58% of americans say they dislike or hate democratic front-runner hillary clinton. in a hypothetical general election matchup, clinton leads trump in the same survey by four points, 47% to 43%. among registered voters. meantime, presidential candidate bernie sanders says the democratic national convention here in philadelphia could get messy. supporters of sanders are hoping for a platform at the july convention that reflects the needs of working families, the poor, and also young people. yesterday, sanders said he hopes his supporters' voices will be heard, but he will condemn any and all forms of violence. meanwhile, the city of philadelphia has approved four pro-sanders rallies during the dnc. >> it appears bernie sanders has had his last debate with hillary clinton. yesterday, her campaign declined an invitation for a faceoff on
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fox before the california primary on june 7th. clinton is just 85 delegates away from winning the democratic nomination. everything you need to know about the democratic national convention is on nbc10's app. just click on decision 2016 page. a plane crash in hawaii killed a pilot and four skydivers. fire officials say the plane went down near an airport on the island of kauai. four of the victims died at the scene. the fifth person died at a local hospital. the national transportation safety board and federal aviation administration investigators are trying to find out the cause of this crash. storm dumped blanket of hail on northern texas. quarter-sized pieces fell 4 and a half hours northwest of dallas. look at that. looked like golfballs. farther north in texas, two-inch
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icep iceballed slammed a town. one driver couldn't stop on the icy road and slid into a ditch. >> and that's the sound of hail coming down in montgomery county last night. nbc10 viewer matt porter shot this video on his cell phone just outside of montgomery county community college. thank you, matt. >> take a look at this, enough hail to shovel in york county. the frozen sludge made it look more like winter than spring. this man was cleaning the sidewalk after hail pelted the borough nonstop for about a half hour. >> that's pretty amazing, to shovel hail in the state of pennsylvania. the air high up is extremely cold. that's one of the ingredients that leads to some of this hail. we have a little bit of a westerly wind today. a lot of sunshine, the warmest
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weather, the lehigh valley at 73 degrees. now, it's been unseasonably cool in delaware for a while, but finally getting a break here. wilmington, 73. newark, 72. odessa, 71. and even at the beaches, with the land breeze, dewey beach is up to 67. bethany beach, 69 degrees. it's been a while since it's been that warm. we do have a few showers on radar there in new jersey today as opposed to pennsylvania yesterday. these are light. these are moving straight north to south. and so the only areas are going to bother ocean county and parts of burlington county, maybe into long beach island this afternoon. potentially down toward atlantic city. let's show you the futurecast. we go through the afternoon. it's basically dry across much of the area. iilated showers. especially in new jersey, and we're dry as we go into tomorrow. you'll see if there's any rain
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in your seven-day forecast right at the bottom of the screen. any time, and it's not just for philadelphia either. we're going to be heating up as we go through the rest of this week. we were only 62 degrees for the high on saturday. by today, up near 80. tomorrow, 87. thursday, near 90 degrees. now, will that heat continue through the memorial day weekend? well, probably not. the hottest part of the weekend is going to be the early part, if you're getting out of town on friday, it's going to be near 90. saturday, 92 in philadelphia. sunday drops a little bit, and we're talking about a wind coming in off the ocean, so not only will the temperature be down, but we have a chance of some showers on memorial day itself. now, at the shore, it's, of course, much cooler because we're going to see on-shore winds every day. by memorial day, it might be only in the 60s in delaware, up
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near 90 degrees on saturday. again, dropping down by memorial day. so if you want the cooler weather, that's what you've got there. now, i'll be back to talk more about the ten-day forecast, see if the heat returns next week coming up a little later. >> thank you. still ahead, cried out or comfort them. it's the age old debate among so many parents. a new study that shows what's best for both you and your baby when it comes to sleep. >> enjoy. all the days of your lives. >> and she's been a part of our lives for so many years. days of our lives fans, we'll talk to dr. marlene evans live. we talk about the daytime drama's staying power and a big honor she just received when we come back.
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fellow mom and fellow citizen. call 1-866-999-0156 to apply now. thousands of people in our city every year, but philadelphia's taking on a new approach to tackle homelessness, and just last week, mayor jim kenny and city officials outlined a new homeless outreach strategy. the director of the office, the city's office of supportive housing and she's here with us this morning. liz, thank you for coming in. tell us about the new plan and how it shifts away from the way philadelphia has dealt with
11:24 am
homelessness in the past. >> well, the short answer here is hot spots at prime times. with all the construction taking place and all the wonderful growth that we have in philadelphia, we also have the folks who are unfortunately homeless are really living in much closer contact with commuters, business people, students, et cetera, downtown, especially it's really come to a head. so the idea is that our outreach team who has been out there for years, they're very important, have a long history, will be working in four hot spots in center city, around the convention center, including the concourse underground where about 100 people live, believe it or not. out by rittenhouse square, east market street, and south broad. they'll be there especially in the morning rush hour, over lunch hour, and the evening rush hour. >> tell me what are some of the most common misconceptions are that people have of
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homelessness. >> that's a good question. i think probably the biggest misconception is people choose to be homeless. really, it's because people don't have that economic wherewithal to be able to afford a place to live, and it's over a period of many years in general. >> and oftentimes it's been a downturn in their jobs or they have lost jobs. >> that's right. >> or they suffer from depression, all kinds of things that place people where they are. not always their choosing. >> that's right. that's right. and for example, today, if you had a family member who had a drug problem or a mental health problem, probably the family would be able to rally and they wouldn't become homeless, but when you're working, when it's families where there's just extreme poverty over the years and the housing crisis erupts, these little bumps in the road become very serious, and people just lose their footing. >> you also make great strides in terms of veteran homelessness. >> last year, we got to functional zero on veterans
11:26 am
homelessness. we have over 1400 veterans. they're very vulnerable to homelessness because of the trauma that they have experienced, they're more vulnerable to homelessness than other people. it's a great accomplishment and really showed us that when we have the resources and we put our minds to it, we really can have an impact. >> liz, thank you so much. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. >> and the nbc10 digital team took an in depth look at the faces of homeless youth over a two month period. they spent time embedded in the only crisis shelter in philadelphia that exclusively serves young adults. they also spent time in the streets talking to young people who are homeless. you can watch that special report, the faces of homeless youth, right now on our website at or on the nbc10 app. >> we're following breaking news out of montgomery county where bill cosby is in court today. what's happening in the norristown courtroom right now to determine whether the 78-year-old will stand trial on
11:27 am
sex assault charges. >> plus, express yourself, and soon, you'll have more room to do it. the changes announced this morning coming to twitter that will change the way you tweet and what you read on the popular social media site. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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that breaking news, bill cosby in court. a key hearing is under way right now to determine whether prosecutors have enough evidence to put the 78-year-old comedian on trial. nbc10's pamela osborne has been monitoring developments for us. she joins us live from outside the courthouse. good morning. >> good morning, vai. cosby's accuser is not in court today. but her testimony was still presented. her statement was read aloud in court by a detective who works with the d.a.'s office at the
11:31 am
time of the alleged incident. in that statement, constand said she wept to cosby's home back in 2004 to talk about her career. she told authorities that cosby offered her pills and some wine after she told him she had trouble sleeping. afterwards, she said, she felt nauseous. her vision was blurry, and she was dizzy. she also reported that her legs felt like jelly. she thought she was having a bad reaction to the pills and did not think to call police. andrea constand then said cosby helped her to a couch. she said cosby began to touch her and move her hand to his lap. she said, quote, i felt paralyzed. she said she was not able to speak. when she finally came to, she said her bra was out of place. so far, cosby appears to be very attentive, very engaged with what is going on in court. i should also mention, you're taking a live look at a staging area right now. gloria allred, one of the attorney s representing many of
11:32 am
cosby's accusers is in court today. she's expecting to come out and speak to us shortly. by the end of today's prelim, we will learn whether or not there will be a trial. i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> pamela, thank you. count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of bill cosby in court all day long. we'll give you updates on-air, online, on and on the nbc10 app. well, it's been a long time coming, but temperatures could hit the 80 degree mark today. it will feel more like late spring, early summer. a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with our warm forecast. glenn. >> yeah, that's right, vai. remember how chilly it's been during the month of may. it's going to be ending on the warm side. lehigh valley up to 73 degrees with sunshine. philadelphia is at 70 degrees.
11:33 am
and we're going to be seeing temperatures pretty close to that 80 degree mark. a lot different on the radar scope today because yesterday we had a lot of activity in pennsylvania. today is new jersey time. but it's lighter. much lighter. and you can see the light showers moving straight north to south through new jersey, monmouth county, and into ocean county, and perhaps parts of burlington county. and that's pretty much it for the day. not expecting rain in the philadelphia area. temperatures getting close to 80 and then dropping a little bit this evening. p.a. suburbs close to 80. dry. lehigh valley, expected to be dry today. but warmer than up near 80 degrees. delaware, same story. new jersey, we could see a few showers, especially towards the shore. but most of the day is dry, and the shore is a little warmer
11:34 am
today because of more of a west wind. those winds are going to be having a great influence on how the holiday weekend is going to shape up. i'll get into those details a little later. >> all right, glenn, thank you. >> philadelphia v.a. is holding a public town hall right now to get feedback about its services for veterans. veterans, their families, and neighbors are attending the forum at the v.a. medical center in university city later this morning. veterans affairs officials are taking comments on health care and benefits. town hall is part of a reform process that followed the federal investigation into mismanagement at the medical center. and veterans organizations are blasting v.a. secretary robert mcdonald for comments he made about medical appointment wait times yesterday. mcdonald said the government should be more like disney land. he said disney doesn't measure how long visitors wait in line, just how satisfied they were with their experience.
11:35 am
vets and republicans call his comments insensitive. >> the tsa is reassigning its head of security, kelly hogan, will be moving to another position. a house committee focused on hogan in its investigation of staffing and bonus decisions by the agency. the agency is also having issues with long wait times at security checkpoints. the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious disease is on capitol hill to talk about the zika virus. we can give you a live look right now at an event where dr. anthony fauci is detailing how u.s. officials will manage the spread of the disease. here it is. anxiety over the virus is, of course, growing. the centers for disease control says it's monitoring 279 pregnant women infected with zika. those cases are all travel related. but experts say with mosquito season upon us, that will likely change. zika has been linked with severe birth defects.
11:36 am
>> and golf star rory mcilroy said he's concerned about the zika virus as he gets ready to go for the gold at the rio olympics. he'll represent ireland as golf becomes an olympic sport for the first time since 1904. the 27-year-old says he and his fiancee may start a family in the next couple years. >> during his trip to vietnam, president obama told business leaders there that the new trans-pacific partnership would boost their country's economy and help improve the human rights record. the president made those remarks during a speech to a gathering of a civil society in hanoi. that trade deal is currently stalled in congress and is opposed by the leading presidential candidates. president obama is in the middle of a three-day visit to vietnam. >> two 19-year-olds are telling a remarkable survival story after their kayak tipped over in a raging river. the boyfriend and girlfriend were kayaking down a north carolina river when the kayak capsized. they swam to a nearby rock and
11:37 am
waited to be rescued. but foggy weather grounded the closest rescue helicopter so they were stuck on the rock for more than six hours. >> the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me in my life. >> a rescue helicopt eer eventually reached the pair. >> navigating the world of parenthood can be tough. one thing just about every parent goes through is trying to figure out the best way to get their little one to sleep. a new study found letting a baby cry themselves to sleep may not cause emotional or behavioral problems although the australian researchers found infants whose parents used a gentler method fell asleep 13 minutes sooner and woke up less at night than the babies allowed to cry themselves to sleep. >> one major social has made it official. you'll have more room to express yourself. twitter confirmed it will soon allow wordier tweets. the 140-character limit won't change, but any photos or other
11:38 am
media users share now won't count against that number. the change is twitter's latest attempt to make its microblogging service a little easier to use. the amount of people using twitter is less than one fifth of those who use its rival, facebook. >> fans of days of our lives i'm one of them, this one is for you. we'll talk live with superstar actress deirdre hall about what life is like playing marlena evans and the big honor she received in hollywood. ♪ it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so...
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♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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an organization that promotes music education for high school students who might not get a chance to learn and appreciate music is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year with a big concert coming up friday night. stanford thompson is the founder of play on philly, and he's here with kendrick johnson, a seventh grader at st. francis school who plays the violin. thank you. i said high school, but it's really just school, right? tell us about your organization and why you felt this was important to start. >> so, play on philly is an ambitious music education program that works with 300 students in philadelphia, from kindergarten through 12th grade. we feel music is one of the most powerful ways for students to learn the type of life skills they need to be successful later on. >> you see all kinds of budget cuts, not just here in philadelphia, but all over the country. and music is typically the first
11:42 am
program that gets cut out. has this led to a growth in interest in your program? >> yes, it has. i mean, from the standpoint that we work very closely with schools, existing resources, and we try to supplement them in powerful ways. >> you were telling me you played for five years now, the violin. >> yeah, since second grade. >> tell me how it's gone for you and why this is so important for you. >> well, it's gone very well because i definitely have more opportunities and have experienced way more things than most people or kids my age do, like playing with the philadelphia orchestra, the conductor. >> you got a chance to do that? >> yeah, he's conducted us, and sir simon raddle, also. so you definitely get to travel and do different things. >> yeah, and music -- you're absolutely right. music has taken you to places
11:43 am
that you probably wouldn't have gone to without the music. and my suspicion is it's probably going to help you get into college as well, not necessarily to play music in college, but perhaps because it looks great on an application for college. have you noticed it helps you in school at all? >> it does, because when you think about it, quarter notes and all those other things like that have to do with math. and it helps, like, when you think -- when you play music, you have to look at both sides. you're kind of using both sides. >> what has been the best thing about being a part of play on philly? >> definitely the friendships i made. because you kind of come closer as a family being in an orchestra. normally in life, you don't listen, but in the orchestra, you have to listen to everybody. you get listening skills. >> and the music has probably brought you together with kids you might not have otherwise connected with. associated with, right? >> yeah. >> that's really cool.
11:44 am
stanford, now, the organization has had several celebrations this month. tell us about some of them. >> we perform at world cafe live, at the college of physicians and also at the curtis institute of music, and our final celebration for our fifth anniversary happens this friday night at 7:00 at temple's performing arts center. we wanted to bring the community in so it's a concert that is free and open to the public, and we want everybody to celebrate with us. five years of making great music. >> there you go. play on philly, they're having that'll concert, festival concert this friday at temple performing arts center, 7:00 p.m. the event is free, open to the public. can't get better than that. for more information, head to our website, we'll have a link at or check out the nbc10 app. thank you so much for coming in, and good luck to you, and keep playing the violin. appreciate you both.
11:45 am
>> we've had an unseasonably chilly may, but it's going to be ending unseasonably hot. it's going to feel like july here in a couple days. right now, 70 degrees in philadelphia. 73 at lehigh valley. 71 in delaware where it's been exceptionally cool. many days only in the 50s. and at the jersey shore, it's been pretty chilly, too. we have more of a west wind today. so it's 71 degrees right now in ocean city. already 63 degrees in atlantic city. 71 in mays landing. cape may courthouse at 69. so at the beaches today, generally averaging around 70 degrees. you can see all of these clouds way out to the east. philadelphia's right on the edge, and burlington county, oceany, in new jersey, getting some of those clouds.
11:46 am
we're also seeing some of those showers. today, they're moving straight to the south. yesterday, they were moving from northeast to southwest and coming right in towards philadelphia. but these showers near trenton are going to be moving right through trenton and down into burlington county. they're not going to be moving very much into pennsylvania today. the futurecast shows us that as we go through the next several hours, you can see just how much rain we get in northern new jersey here, but just a few clouds and just an isolated shower or two. you can see your own seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen, by the way, and for different parts of the area, and you don't have to wait until the end of the weather now to get that forecast. see how dry it is by tonight and into tomorrow. now, as we head into the memorial day weekend, we're going to be following a couple things. one, this area of high pressure off shore. that's going to help us out with
11:47 am
dryness. this storm potentially developing off the southeast coast could complicate things later in the weekend. so as we start off saturday and even into sunday, this is too far away. but as we go into memorial day, it may get close enough to spit some moisture up this way, maybe more likely to come on tuesday. but that is the complicating factor, and the wind will be blowing onshore during that time period. now, friday and into saturday, at least 90 degrees. we cool off a little bit on sunday because of a little bit of an east wind. and of course, the east wind really keeps the jurersey shore cool with temperatures in the 70s. the best chance of any kind of rain is memorial day itself. that should be the coolest day of the holiday weekend throughout the area. and the ten-day forecast, there's the 90 for thursday, chance of an afternoon thunderstorm friday. even hotter on saturday.
11:48 am
you can see the temperatures go down by monday and tuesday, those are our best chances for showers. vai. >> like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. >> well, for more than 50 years, those words have introduced and underscored one of daytime tv's most famous and most popular shows. generations of fans of "days of our lives" have been glued to their sets, watching the escapades of families of salem. this morning, we're thrilled to talk to one of the stars, diedre hall has played dr. marlena evans since 1976. she's live from los angeles right now with coexecutive director. i want to share with an experience i shared with my producer. she said i have to share with you. i played college football. all of us as player s scheduled our classes around days of our lives. we didn't graduate on time, but that was okay. we were glued to our sets. we scheduled the classes around it. it's been 40 years for you.
11:49 am
did you imagine in 1976 you would have -- when you got the role that you would still be at it in 2016? >> oh, my. you're so cute. you know what. i was brought in to bridge two characters. the character of laura, the actress were changing, so they went, let's get a blond psychiatrist in here for a few weeks and she can bridge the characters. because they didn't want me practicing at the hospital. they put me in touch with don craig. so it was a romantic thing. and that caught fire. it was -- it was magical. it was unexpected, and it's been 40 years. >> why did the role have such staying power? three years into the role, about when i was in college, the network hinted at killing off dr. marlaena evans and it creatd a firestorm. i was, among my teammates, among those who wrote the letter writing to the network.
11:50 am
>> did you? that was great. thank you, thank you. the truth is, and i guess i can tell them, it really wasn't going to happen. it was a plot with samantha being in marlena's apartment, so it was never really intended to be marlena who was being killed, but there was such an extraordinary response, it began in new york when it happened and people were outraged and calling the network and the lines were shut down. then called friends in california. by the time california aired the show, there was a picket line around the network. >> so they tricked us. >> job security. i love it. >> greg, let me turn to you. in recent years, we have seen a lot of daytime dramas canceled. why do you think "days of our lives" has so much staying power over the years? >> i think we're so important to people as a sense of family. we just come off a book tour around the country and in canada and met withes of people, literally meeting with them. and we have realized the
11:51 am
importance that the show is and the characters on the show to individuals as a family. whether they have their own family or not, we are another family to them. and we're familiar and we're comfortable to them. at the same time, we like to create storylines that evolve with the times so we stay current, but there's that comfort zone of family. >> we're out of time, but we want to wish you well, congratulate you on receiving the star on the hollywood walk of fame. way long overdue, especially for those of you who watch the show. and a reminder, you can watch days of our lives starting here at noon on nbc10. we'll be right back.
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for the first time ever, the philly pops and the man center for the performing arts will present memorial salute, a concert honoring all those who salute. our own glenn "hurricane" schwartz, our chief meteorologist will serve as the mc, and veterans, active military and philadelphia officers and firefighters can see the show for free along with their families and all public school students, teachers, and administrators can also get free tickets. for more details, head to our website, or check out our nbc10 app. nbc10 are proud sponsors of the memorial salute this weekend. >> coming up this afternoon at 3
11:55 am
3:00 an all new ellen with ann hath away and steven tyler, and then protecting your family from mesquitosquitos and the zika vi this summer. a new report shows some repellents don't work as well as others. we'll break down what you should look for when you buy your bug spray. that's this afternoon on nbc10 news at 4:00. and now to an update on the breaking news today. prosecutors are laying out their evidence against bill cosby this morning in the median's sex assault case. during a preliminary hearing in montgomery county, a police report was read in court, in that report, the accuser, andrea constand, told authorities cosby violated her after giving her three blue pills that made her dizzy, blurry eyed and sicked to her stomach and made her legs like jelly. cosby has said that the sex was consensual. and of course, you can count on nbc10 for continuing coverage of bill cosby in court all day.
11:56 am
we'll give you up dalts on-air, online, at, and also on the nbc10 app. our chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here, and we'll get a final check of the weather for this afternoon. >> this afternoon is looking really nice. people wanted it warmer. you're going to get it warmer. if you don't like it too hot, you got that, too. by thursday and friday and saturday, there are going to be people complaining about the heat, i guarantee. this afternoon, mainly dry. tomorrow, dry. a lot of sunshine and temperatures up to 87. thursday, up to 90 degrees. by saturday, we're potentially up to 92. then later on, during the holiday weekend, a bit of an east wind comes in. that allows the temperature to go back down a little bit and best chance of any showers over the holiday weekend would be memorial day itself. >> thank you, glen. thank you for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
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>> jennifer: [crying] [sighs, sobs] [sniffles] [sniffles, sobs] i can't do this. i can't do this. it hurts so much.


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