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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  May 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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today. >> this afternoon, a judge ruled that prosecutors had enough evidence to put an american dad on trial. rosemary connors was in the courtroom and is live with more from today's hearing. rosemary, we were waiting to see if cosby's accuser would take the stand, but she was not in the courtroom. >> reporter: that's right. she did not take the stand today. in fact, she did not really have to. it was not necessary for this kind of preliminary hearing. it was enough for the prosecution to present her previous statements to police as evidence. we expect her to testify at trial, though, and on that note, we have a preview from the defense how they will try to attack and tear apart her story. the only witnesses to take the stand were the detectives and police chief who interviewed andrea and bill after she reported the alleged incident. on cross-examination, the defense raced questions about questions about possible inconsistencies to the statement to police. for example, the defense
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complasaid she gave different dates, saying she only visited his home for business reason, and she did not have anymore contact with him. the prosecution focused on the comedian's action after the alleged incident. cosby told police he apologied to the mother and eventually offered to pay for her graduate educate. the prosecution suggested it was a guilty conscious to what happened. in the end, the judge determined the da put forward enough evidence to move to trial. >> we have to show a crime was committed, and we did that through the victim's statement and the defendant. admissions to much of the crime. >> you just heard from district attorney kevin steel here, and today we heard briefly from cosby's defense attorney who says this was not a crime at all and that the two had twiebt of contact after the alleged
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assault. more on that coming up at 6:00. live outside the montgomery county courthouse, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> what's next for cosby and those trying to put him behind bars? a former superior court judge has his expertise in the next half hour. right now, just waiting for the bus, but tonight, the man is dead after a car slammed into him on a philadelphia street. nbc 10 was live on the scene this morning, and we've shown you the mangled mess this crash left behind, and now we've learned more about the victim and the driver accused of being behind the wheel. monique braxton spoke with the victim's wife. >> i did. i couldn't help but have teary eyes listening to her. in the past hour, the septa can there was part of the accident scene has been removed. this is where molina was hit and
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killed, and investigators say it was raining this morning, but they believe the driver was speeding when he hit molina and took off. >> i'm in shock. it saddens me that somebody would hit my husband and just go. >> reporter: though surrounded by love of family and thneighbo, she would not wish this on anyone. investigators say the husband of 13 years probably didn't see this car coming when it mowed into him as he sought shelter from the rain under a septa canopy. he suffered severe trauma when he was thrown more than 120 feet. the canopy destroyed. >> he was a hard worker, always there for our family my family, his family, he was just an excellent funny, outgoing man. >> reporter: telling us the 50-year-old molina was awaiting a bus ride home from work when
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he was hit and killed after 12:30 working the late shift in a local warehouse. >> he was there at the wrong time, unfortunately. >> reporter: eight hours after the crash, a 35-year-old man turned himself in. he was not the owner of the car, but he confessed to driving it. >> he had a cut on the head, and from that cut, he bled on the clothes, still in the clothes when he walked in. >> i appreciate it. it does not bring my husband back. >> reporter: turning to the camera with a message to the man she met 20 years ago. >> rest in peace, baby, i love you. >> reporter: along with his wife, they have two children, ages 20 and 2. at last check, the driver of the car has not been charged. nbc 10 news. surf's up, surfer all to
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himself today. he should expect company this weekend, though. >> that's right. >> with the memorial day crowds rolling in. >> we saw a little warmup today, but this is just the beginning, first alert meteorologist is here now with your forecast in your neighborhood. how hot's it going to get? >> well, into the 90s for some areas as we go later on into the week, but for now, we'll just take the 80s because many areas are 80s, speaking of philadelphia, that's one of the spots in the 80s right now. here's a live look out at center city, sunny skies, nice temperatures, warmer this week. that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen for you too. see how warm it'll be going into your weekend. right now in philadelphia, 83 degrees is the temperature. we have a west wind at 18 miles per hour,ing closer to 25. that is a warm breeze.
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winds, too, a sea breeze in the area forming, looking at delaware, neighborhood temperatures here with still that west wind in the area, still giving us those mid-80s in delaware and newcastle county, and 83 in wilmington. also, marshallton, and there is a sea breeze developing, 80 in belmar. bethany beach at 83. further north, silting at 67 degrees. it is quite a bit cooler right along the beaches with that onshore wind. we go into tonight, though, temperatures staying mild in the sixtys, with clearer skies into tomorrow morning. 60 at 8:00 a.m., sun, warmer in the afternoon tomorrow, and then even warmer as we go through the rest of the week. a look at that forecast and your weekend forecast coming up. right now at 5:00, police need help finding the man seen
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in these surveillance photos accused of robbing last thursday, and the woman suffered injuries after pulling up next to her in a blue car and snatched her purse. they used her credit cards in wagman's and target stores. investigators trying to see what sparked a fire in a cool in lansdale. students sent home early for the day after a fire broke out in a maps room. no one was hurt. a question for you, does your child know what to do if a fire happens at they're school? we exposed how schools in philadelphia aring to hold the required number of fire drills now one principal's invited us into his school to show us why his kids are ready for an emergency. that's coming up in the next ten minutes. in bucks county, a firefighter out of the hospital tonight after falling through the roof of a burning home.
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the fire in bensalem is where a volunteer, nick weaver, fell from the third story roof, fracturing his back in several places. nbc 10 just spoke to the fire chief saying has a long road ahead, but doctors say he's doing great. well, lawmakers push legislation that would ban smoking on beaches and parks throughout new jersey. senate president steve sweeney was in belmar today to talk about renewed efforts. governor chris christie vetoed a similar plan in the last legislative session, even though had it won bipartisan support. the latest version of the bill exempts golf courses and peshlts officials to set aside 15% of a beach as a smoking section if they sho choose. pro-gun state lawmakers held a rally to protect second amendment rights. >> these rights are under attack. >> members of the rally to
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protect your right to keep and bear arms met at the main capital this morning. the group formed in 2006 and made up of dozens of state lawmakers and hundreds of pennsylvanians. background checks for gun buyers brought dozens of people to harrisburg for a rally last week. voters from across the state stood in support of what they say is a life saving legislation. the event was organized by cease fire pa and pennsylvania united for background checks. a resource officer will soon walk halls of a high school in lehigh county working for the school full time. the school district aside $100,000 from the district's final budgets to cover the costs. reading is getting a new police chief and managing director. city council unanimously approved two candidates nomin e nominated by wally scott. the administrator will be the
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city's new managing director. andre, jr. is the new police chief, a former secret service agent and pennsylvania state tro trooper. tonight, a new jersey school bus goes up in flames while students are on board who police praise for getting the children to safety. plus, a scam warning. an older couple nearly got duped. who is targeting the neighborhood and how to protect your family. plus, new testimony in the fattah corruption trial, but this time, it was about the congressman's son. we'll explain next at 5:00.
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we exposed schools failing to follow the fire code. >> i take full responsibility for anything that goes on in my building. >> one principal invited us in. >> why only two drills last year? >> reporter: to explain why the kids are ready if there's an emergency. >> unfortunately, it didn't appear we were complaint last year, but we're going to be transparent. >> well, since the nbc 10 investigators revealed just 1 pennsylvania% of philly schools follow the fire code, superintendent height promised to hold principals accountable. one eager to prove his school
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was safe, inviting mitch blacher to this morning's fire drill. >> reporter: when the alarm sounds at fox chase limit ri, robert says his kids know what to do. >> you guys are awesome. >> reporter: the principal invited us inside after the investigators revealed the school documented two drills last year. building fire code says schools haved too ten. >> it is my job to keep my and school safe. i take responsibility for that, unfortunate, the number does not reflect what we did do. fox chase elementary, one of 94 schools analyzed that failed to follow the fire code last year according to records provided by the philadelphia school district. >> this is one of thee most important things that you can do for the students and the faculty. >> reporter: we showed the national fire protection association, robert solomon, what schools documented. he's not surprised since our investigation, parents asked about fire drills.
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>> those are legitimate questions for them to be asking, why wasn't it done? >> did a great job. >> reporter: this praps principal said his kids practiced more drills than he documented. how many last year? >> probably seven to eight. >> reporter: how do you know? >> it's not documented, you're right. >> reporter: showing us the log that goes back 1971 and confirms the information that the district provided. fox chase elementary only documented two official fire drills last year. >> if you're good enough to document and keep your records 971, why can't you write down every time you do a drill? >> well, i was not here 97 is 1, but i can tell you that, like i said, when you're juggling ten things, maybe documenting that fire drill was not done, maybe it was a clerical error. it was not there. >> reporter: the drill documented was quiet, orderly, and quick. philly firefighters timed it, taking two minutes to evacuate
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the school. the log shows this is the seventh drill this year with four weeks left of school. >> it'll be one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. there will be eight done. >> reporter: two short. >> yes. >> reporter: are you going to make effort to do ten? >> well, to do the ten would be compliant, but that's one a month. you know, in my opinion, just doing that would be to do the compliance, told to, yeah, absolutely. >> the principal has now assigned someone to specifically document when a fire drill happens saying resources are an issue, and to do a fire drill, you need a certain number of staffer depending on the day or the budget. a principal may or may not have enough. for the investigators, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. right now, i. to show you this, 22 high school students are safe after the bus they were on started smoking and then caught fire. take a look at the flames shooting from the bus in this
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photo. by the time they got there, the fire was still going strong. the bus driver just picked up the students at the high school when he saw smoke coming from under the hood of the bus ordering everyone off, and thanks to the bus driver, no one was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> well, we are warm this afternoon, but at least we're sunny and dry with the warm air. 83 degrees through the lehigh valley and sunny, 82 in delaware, and look ag the the cameras, everyone's seeing the sunshine, clouds mixed in, but a lot better than it was yesterday. suburbs, some areas come in in the upper 70s, and philadelphia at 83 degrees, nice conditions. a closer look at the temperatures, 83 at the airport, and it was 84 just a second ago.
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79 in chestnut hill. 84 in parkside. fox chase at 82 degrees. somerton at 75 degrees. it's nice out, though. don't forget your seven day forecast scrolls at the bottom of the screen for you, so you will never miss it. big area of low pressure bringing us the storms yesterday, but now it's spinning up around boston. it's still trying to swing us a few showers, but, againings our rain chances are way lower than yesterday. so we have a few sprinkles, one in norristown, one leaving tabernacle. that's it, though. the rest of the evening, more showers, but they are not a big deal like yesterday. tomorrow, though, will be warmer than today. that's the first headlinings that warmup continues. look at tomorrow's forecast for reading, 87 degrees, and 89 for bethlehem, nice sunny skies, wae warmer than today. newtown at 87 and sunny tomorrow. in the philadelphia area, 88.
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plenty of sunshine. in new jersey, 84 in haddonfield, and closer to the shore, it's still going to be a really nice day, especially in galloray township, avalon at 76 degrees tomorrow, and the beach is cooler at 78 degrees, still nice, and wilmington at 84 degrees and sunny. a warmup tomorrow. the rest of the week warms up with temperatures hitting 90 degrees. the temperature trend we expect to happen wednesday, 87 degrees thursday and friday, we're near 90 it's very warm. the average high, 76 degrees, so way above normal this time of the year as we go through the rest of the week. we go into the weekend. it's warm, but the rain chances start coming back. we are watching a tropical system right now around the bahamas, but, eventually, that brings us moisture. here's a look at the memorial
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day forecast, 90s saturday, the best day. sunday dealing with increased rain chances, and then we go into monday and looks like we are cooler withes around. a closer look at the forecast coming up. all right, thank you. also tonight, another member of the fattah family brought in the congressman's corruption trial. today, an official from the university testified bout the unpaid debts from his son. bc 10 has more from the courtroom. >> reporter: in a trial that's been about bank accounts, wire transfers, and accountant federal prosecutors today started in on the son of fattah. fattah jr.'s college debt brought spoo the case. they brought a lobbyist to testify about the fattah college dead. he was suspended as a student, and lobbyist said he was contacted by him and that's how he got involved in the attempts to resolve the debt. he said the son greed to a
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payment plan, he defaulted, put in collection, and again another repayment plan. he did not pay. he told the jury a political consultant began paying his debt, allowing him to reenter school. the school official said the son debts began mounting again, and both former president of the university, and the interim president who took over after his death were made aware of his lack of payments. the issue dropped after a few questions from the defense which tried to introduce an e-mail part of a with the official and the judge did not allow it in. fattah, jr. is serving time on fraud charges. prosecutors showed the jury detailed phone and e-mail records to payment a of increased communication in the days leading up to the time they say an illegal loan repayment was made. prosecutors are trying to show he used campaign money to pay off a portion of his son's student loan debt. it's alleged that fattah wrote
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checks from the mayor account, sent them to a private business in order to pay off the debt. outside of federal court, nbc 10 news. head of the v.a. in hot water vette rans wait months to see a doctor. comparing their situation to long lines at disneyland. the backlash to the comments next at 5:00. a head's up if you're a regular at your local wawa. why dozens are closing up shop for a few weeks.
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3 million americans diagnosed with celiac disease, but the number may be higher. left untreated, it leads to rheumatoid arthritis or cancer, and 80% of cases, parents were misdiagnosed or the illness was overlooked all together. that could be in part because symptoms are not always obvious. >> just a significant number of people who have this disease with no symptoms at all or actually present with symptoms outside of the stomach or gi tract. >> blood tests are used to diagnose the disease, but how do you know if you should get tested? that's tonight with lester holt on "nightly news." right now at 5:00, the nation's veterans affairs secretary faces a call to resign
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after comparing long waits for health care to amusement park lines. the missouri republican roy blunt calls for bob mcdonald to step down. at issue? comments made by mcdonald about wait times at v.a. hospitals, saying, quote, when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? blunt says that mcdonald's dismiss sal of veterans is negligent and a clear sign new leadership is needed. paul ryan slammed ryan, but stopped short of calling for his reservation. we called on vets to see what services are available to them. there was a veterans town hall meeting, and representatives from the v.a. regional office were in ten dance holding a q&a session talking about health care and benefits for veterans. switching gears, sanders says the democratic national convention in philadelphia could
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get, quote, messy. >> next, asking the candidate to explain that comment. plus, sanders weighs in on larry david and his impression of the presidential candidate. also, neighbors on the lookout, how scammers try to take advantage of an elderly couple and how you can protect your family. bill cosby is going to trial. so what's next for the comedian and those trying to put him behind bars? we bring in a former superior court judge for expertise next at 5:00.
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the case against cosby moves forward. >> on the other hardered to sta. a judge ruled that prosecutors have enough evidence to bring the case to trial. cosby's accused of drugging and viling a woman in his home back in 2004. he's waiving his weight to a formal arraignment. it's a decision that sets the case on course towards a trial. a trial date should be scheduled in the next few days, and cosby faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. >> joining us now with expertise from the courtroom is a retired judge, appointed to new jersey superior court in 1995, presided over civil and criminal cases in the 20 years on the bench. >> judge, thank you so much for
5:31 pm
joining us. >> thank you. >> so cosby's kuser did n eaccu take the stand. legally, she's not required to, does could that impact the prosecutors' case? >> it's interesting. there was a case last summer that came out with that rule of law that accused did not have to take the stand and hearsay is allowed, and also would not violate the confrontation clause. that case on appeal. prosecutors taking a gamble that case is going to be affirmed. if that case should be reversed, the next question would be whether it affects this case or perspective only. the prosecutor, obviously, made a decision that he was going to go today without the victim and not subject her to vigorous cross-examination and keep that and wait on that until the time of trial. it was a tactical decision. we'll see how it plays out depending on what happens with this appeal. >> moving forward, judge, cosby
5:32 pm
waived the arraignarraignment, getting to the trial could be lengthy. what's next? >> like we said before, the prosecutors are probably going to bring what's called the 404b motion. evidently, there's other alleged victims where thisedly happened to them. under this 404 b evidence, bring in that, try to get a judge to say it would be admissible, not to prove bad character of mr. cosby, but show motive, there was plan. there was intent for this kind of exact conduct alleged here. it has to be close in time. it has to be similar in actions. if that kind of emotion is made, that's going to be a trial within the trial, and that's going to go a very long way in the determination, i think, at the end on what's ultimately going to happen in this case. that is what happens from the state's perspective at this point moving forward. >> that's the prosecutors.
5:33 pm
what's next for the defense, judge? >> well, the defense, obviously, can make different motions to the court to excertain parts of evidence. prior to position testimony, i'm sure that's subject to a motion. any othering statements that mr. cosby made probably also they'll file motions to suppress that. they will file what we call emotions to limit testimony that comes out in the case. all these pretrial motions shape the case, and that's really where all the activity takes place. the case, the trial usually goes very smoothly because all of these other things are done pretrial. >> all right, judge michael, a lot to be seen, but we appreciate your time as always. thank you. >> thank you. >> and count on us to follow the cosby case as it heads to trial. we'll bring you the latest every step of the way on the air and on the nbc 10 app. right now at 5:00, neighbors in camden county on the lookout.
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police say scammers take advantage of people's trusting nature. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter shows us how the scam works and how to protect your home. >> it is a quiet rural stretch, and lined by farms and neighborhoods where others keep their doors open and police warn residents now to lock up. >> just keep doors locked at all times. >> patrick is a little bit teed off. after he saw this post on facebook, about a group of women police say are preying on elderly residents nearby. >> they said something about a white van, and they apparently didn't catch anybody. >> the lieutenant with the winslow police say three women, white or hispanic, gained entry into a couple's home. >> talking their way to come
5:35 pm
inside the house, and at some point, all three women were inside the house talking to the elderly woman. >> disturbing. you have people taking advantage of the older folks here. >> police ask residents to be cautious about signs they put in the front yards that could attract this type of activity. signs like handicap parking or oxygen in use, the women, one who had tattoos and another with a baseball cap in their mid-20s, were driving a white van with florida tags, one in a glove, no prints found and police don't believe anything stolen, but police ask anyone who knows anything to come forward. >> there's the street, get out of here. >> he'll get a tag number and call the police. nbc 10 news. decision 2016, months away from the general election, but donald trump and hillary clinton are already stepping up their attacks. the clinton campaign released a
5:36 pm
new video today. it appears to show trump rooting for the housing market to collapse back in 2006. >> i sort of hope that happens because then people like me go in and buy. if there is a bubble burst as they call it, you know, you can make a lot of money. >> trump is not just attacking hillary clinton. he's also going after her husband, the presumptive republican nominee posted this, superimpose r bill clinton over past accusations of sexual assault. accusations he's denied. hillary clinton's aids insist she won't take the bait. clinton is facing a fight from her democratic rival, bernie sanders. the campaign requested a recanvassing in kentucky's presidential primary. they projected clinton to be the apparent winner last week, but it was a close race. sanders trails clinton by 2,000
5:37 pm
votes. it's a review of the voting totals, it is not a full recount. sanders told nbc that his words were taken out of context and that he believes democracy's a messy process. sanders also balked when asked if he's hurting clinton's chances against trump by staying in the race. polls show her rather leading her lead against trump slipping. 46% to 43%. >> when you look at those numbers, how can you argue that this primary battle is not in some ways hurting her in a general election and hurting those numbers? >> first of all, taking your assumption and clinton suppo supporte supporters, we should go back to the monarchy. not have any election at all. >> sanders shows support for
5:38 pm
comedian larry sanders as well. larry david i have to say, excuse me. the senator told the associated press david shouldn't worry about role on "saturday night live," he's been impersonating sanders this season. sandsers says he will fight to win the nomination, and david, quote, can have a job guaranteed, at good pay four years. that's larry david, by the way. new at 6:00, why new jersey could tip the scales in hillary clinton's favor and clench nomination and plus, what supporters in both camps say about next month's new jersey primary. sky force 10 over breaking news in center city. a person on the septa tracksed service on the market line. this is happening between 11th and 13th street stations. it's not clear if the perp was struck by a train. septa is offering busses in both
5:39 pm
directions. next at 5:00, how a party house just off the rutgers campus draws the ire of nearby residents. plus, a lot different than the football field. why they gave chess a try. tomorrow, if you're headed out of town for the week, don't forget your home. >> answers about what to do before your vacation to ensure your house is not targeted while away. >> those unsecured or forgoting to activate the alarm, away or home, they take advantage of errors in your judgment. >> what to do to keep criminals out while you're away and what to do to protect your property if they break in. >> join us tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m.
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if you're a regular at wawa, things will change. >> say it's not so. closed for remodelling. the work takes a month. what's changing? when the work is complete,
5:42 pm
there's more space, the fountain drink machines replaced with touch screens and hand spun milk shakes. >> yum. >> milk shakes. i can't hear about that now without getting hungry. the 13th annual eagles chess tournament took place today at lincoln financial field. you heard me correctly. chess tournament featuring the eagles, and young chess players were there. during the breaks, students matched wits with defensive tackle taylor hart in an exhibition game. well, if you like today, you're really going to like tomorrow, warmer than today, and we're looking at 90s. before the weekend gets here, your forecast coming up next. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing
5:43 pm
stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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skyforce10 over breaking news in philadelphia. firefighters are battling a fire at a five-story apartment building along hunting park avenue. we're working to learn if anyone was hurt in the fire and how many apartments have been affected. >> tonight, the nbc 10 investigators look into the spike of deadly bike accidents. we've seen several in philadelphia and the popular summer season has not even started yet. >> george spencer hit the streets and crunched the numbers finding where the most crashes are happening. >> reporter: philadelphia has become a bike city, and with all these new wheels on city roads come new concerns about bike crashes and new calls for improved safety. it's a common sight, bikes around the city. police are searching for a driver who hit a man on a bicycle. >> last year, a spike in the number of bike crash fatalities,
5:46 pm
and this year, three more. >> i'm never to see him again. he's dead. >> reporter: the investigators found bike crash data, when and where the most crashes happen, and specific streets you might want to avoid. >> no one should be dying just because they go out and ride their bike. >> george spencer joining us now, and, george, it's a timely topics for bicyclist and drivers to be aware of. >> it is. we want to do the story now because of the clear spike we've found in these bicycle crashes. that spike really begins in june. as we dug into all this data, we looked at more than 1500 crashes in total, but other patterns came to light other than the summer time spike, especially locations. which specific streets have the most crashes? that's another part of the story tonight. >> the crash data is alarming. >> it is. >> think about that spike. >> it is. >> the story takes a look at safety improvements on behalf the cycle advocates.
5:47 pm
>> exactly. the biggest concern on cycling advocates is speeding drivers, and so they are really making a push at the state level to impact that, and pushing for some technologies that police can use to crack down, but there in lies the controversy. those changes could impact anyone who drives in philly, potentially hitting them in the pocketbook. there's so many perspectives in the tonight, a timely and relevant conversation getting in the warmer months when people are bicycling more. all of that tonight at 11:00. >> there we go. we will tune in. thank you, george. >> thank you. a shake up at the tsa. kelly hogen, serving as head of security operations at the agency has been reassigned according to the house committee on oversight and government reform. his dismiss sal comes amid growing concern about massive security lines at airports. recently, there have been
5:48 pm
reports of thousands of people missing their flights because of long lines. this has been blamed on the busy travel season as well as shortage of screening officers. today at philadelphia international airport, tsa screeners demonstrated just how quickly a line can get clogged. water bottles, oversized liquids, and, yes, weapons slow down the screening process. officers routinely find pocket knives, and they take up to 70 firearms each week. the t certificatisa says passen read rules before coming to the airport to avoid unnecessary lines. check this out, a solar powered airplane making its way around the world will fly to the lehigh valley tomorrow. this was originally scheduled to fly from ohio to here today, but it was delayed to check for damage. so far, crews have not find any damage there. the plane began the voyage back in march from abudhabi and made
5:49 pm
stops in china and japan. ♪ dozens of students sang today part of a program meant to boost the self-esteem of female students, result of a new partnership between sharp school district and sister city's girl choir. they performed in a mary anderson tribute concert as well as the new jersey performing arts center. well, warmer temperatures today, but tomorrow, they are going to be warmer, so the warming trend is underway. a live look at center city. we have clouds out there, and even showers close to philadelphia they are light, though, showing you those in a second. possibly just springles trying to form. it's 83 in philadelphia right
5:50 pm
now. look at the lehigh valley, though, it's a warm spot this afternoon. there's been widespread 80 degree temperatures, and reading at 80 degrees. and if look more into parts of the lehigh valley, allentown at 80, and warm temperatures here. we expect areas in the lehigh valley tomorrow to possibly get close to 90 degrees. that forecast in a second. a look at the radar. showers i mentioned trying to form around the philadelphia area, so they are fairly light. light showers, maybe just sprinkles trying to move into nor northeast philly, norristown with sprinkles, but that's it. other than that, we stay dry tomorrow and warmer. high area of pressure as we go through tomorrow, it gets closer and it continues to send us that warmer air. we go into thursday, expect temperatures around 90 degrees thursday, and then here comes friday. we could see thunderstorms in
5:51 pm
the forecast friday. still expect temperatures, though, near 90 degrees. it will be warm into the week. tomorrow, 86 in new jersey. if you're close to the shore, 74 in atlantic city, 75 in wildwood, nice along the shore, and 87 trenton, and philadelphia at 87 degrees tomorrow, and in delaware, temperatures mid-80s, low 80s in harrington and sunny skies. 86 tomorrow in lansdale. 86 in reading. 90 possibly in allentown. five days, look at philadelphia and the shore. 78 degrees in new jersey on thursday while it will be 90 degrees in philadelphia. that's along the jersey shore, so a little cooler. thunderstorms friday going into your memorial day weekend. looking at fairly nice conditions saturday, but we look at the next chance of rain coming on sunday. glen has a closer look at the memorial day weekend forecast at
5:52 pm
6:00. update now to breaking news at skyforce 10 following at this hour in center city. within the past few minutes, police told nbc 10 that a person hit by a train on the septa tracks has died. now, this is happening between the 11th and 13th street stations. service on the market frankfurt line is suspended in the area. septa is offering shuttle busses in 30th street and garden street in both directions. >> changing directions now to lester. >> what's coming up on "nightly news"? >> a story that you're certainly following, a judge ordering cosby to stand trial. taking a look at the case against him. the evidence and what his defense may do. donald trump throws out more conspiracy theories against the clin tops, and has he changed his toon about them? feeling demand about gluten free food. why celiac disease is overlook
5:53 pm
the 80% of the time. more coming up at 6:30 on nightly news. back to you. >> looking forward to it, thank you, lester. still ahead, paying for parking from your beach chair, but there's a catch. the new parking option in one jersey shore town.
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a party house is drawing the ire of nearby residents. >> so much they begged the town to getted and intervene. nbc has the story. >> reporter: posts capturing a backyard bash and graduation celebration this past weekend on this otherwise quiet street a block from the edge of the rutgers' campus. neighbors tell me these are not parties you're looking at, but -- >> these are outdoor illegal open invitation concerts promoted via social media. >> reporter: no bathrooms, so lawns are bathrooms. >> girls just get undressed and then going right over there. >> reporter: we went to the house, this grad apologized. >> i'm sorry because, you know, i'm not a disruptive person. >> john was disrupted. he couldn't get home friday night trapped at the sbrentrancf his street. the home's former owner saying
5:57 pm
-- >> i'm glad i got out. >> police ticketed the renters and homeowner. >> the ultimate responsibility is going to be with the person and persons who own the property. >> reporter: telling me in an investigation to what the owner allows here is ongoing, several parties in september. >> i hope that have a very good attorney. >> reporter: we couldn't reach the owner. the residents say they will be at the meeting to stop it all. i asked him -- >> more parties? >> i move out next week. >> reporter: the challenge or problem for this town is rutgers keeps growing. more and more students move off campus. that's a lucrative opportunity for invest ters to earn tens of thousands of dollars a year according to the mayor. brian thompson, nbc 10 news. up next at 6:00, a celebrity to the rescue. >> a local horse abused with a paint ball gun, tonight, the celebrity rides into town to help out.
5:58 pm
hate looking for coins to feed the meter at the beach? this summer in ocean city, you won't have to thanks to a new app. >> that would be a lot better. >> ted greenberg with what the app won't let you do.
5:59 pm
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! right now at 6:00, bill cosby will go on trial on charges he sexual assaulted a
6:00 pm
woman in his montgomery county home. good evening. >> today in court, we heard bill cosby'sing the of what happened that night and what detectives say andrea told them years ago. according to cosby, he never asked for concept and she said didn't say no. as for constand's take, she said she was given pills, unable to speak, and i was parolized. rosemary connors is live in norristown with more on today's testimony in court. >> reporter: this is a case of he said, she said, although, we never heard from bill cosby or andrea constand in person today. instead, it was their previous statements to police picked apart by the prosecution and defense. it's up to a jury to decide whether the once beloved comedian took advantage of the career


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