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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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violent political protestses erupt during a donald trump rally in new mexico. lining up and looking for answers. dozens of horsham residents want to know if their water is safe to drink. and before you hit the road for your memorial day fun, have you thought about holiday home security? police tell us what you should do before you leave town. it's 4:00 a.m., 63 degrees outside. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today" i'm tracy davidson. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a look at communities across
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pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey. the moon was bright and that means clear skies. >> it's amazing how much light will come as it clears out like this morning. live views this morning, clear skies and cool temperatures 52 in the suburbs. low 60s in delaware. the lehigh valley sat 54. we will see bright sunshine, no sign of the fog that started things off in the lehigh valley yesterday. look at the warm jump, 10:00, 75 degrees. plenty of sunshine today. showers are completely out of the picture. 60 degrees at 6:00. by 9:00, 71 degrees. high temperatures this afternoon, well, stand by. a real summer preview. looking at upper 80s for new jersey, lehigh valley, delaware up to 84. look at the jersey shore. 87 inland. right on the beach, on the boardwalk, 74 degrees. philadelphia heading for 88 degrees.
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i'll be back with futurecast in ten minutes. right now here is jessica boyington with traffic. >> 422, this construction project is supposed to clear around the 5:00 hour. this is headed eastbound off of route 23 around 422. active work zone here. some lane restrictions in both directions. the schuylkill expressway dealing with construction. headed eastbound around the blue route, the left lane is closed. speeds into the 60s. over in new jersey, more construction, 295 southbound between the black horse pike and the 42 freeway. light lane will be closed until about 6:00 this morning. >> breaking from overnight, protesters clash with police outside a donald trump rally in new mexico. violent protesters hit the street and clashed with police at a rally for the presidential candidate. police in riot gear tried to maintain control.
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matt delucia has the new developments. >> reporter: within the past few hours, albuquerque police are reporting that several officers are being treated for injuries after they were hit with rocks. police say there's been at least one arrest. >> i was born free! i am an american citizen! >> this is what it looked like last night in the streets of albuquerq albuquerque. protesters rushed past a barricade, officers were called in to block the locked entrance of the convention center. protesters burned pro trump flags and signs, threw rocks, bottles and garbage outside the venue. this was after trump had finished speaking. police said they used smoke canisters against the crowds, some kicked those canisters back at police and what appeared to be pepper spray was being used. donald trump on twitter made no mention of the protests, only saying it was a great rally and an amazing crowd. it's not the first time there's
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been violence at a trump rally. in march trump canceled an event because of a clash between supporters and protesters. washington state voted in its primary yesterday. donald trump and hillary clinton both picked up wins there. there were no delegates at stake in the democratic primary because state democrats already awarded their delegates based on party caucuses back in march. bernie sanders won the majority of those delegatdelegates. donald trump is now just 30 delegates shy of clinching the republican nomination. protests have dissipated throughout the night. we'll track the developments. for now, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we are two months from the start of the democratic nationa convention in philadelphia. the city here is preparing for protests. ahead at 4:30, the dnc ceo explains why she wants everyone
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to speak their minds. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in the germantown neighborhood. officers found the victim in the parking lot of an abandoned supermarket at wayne and west chelten avenues. police took him to einstein hospital where he died. witnesses say there was a fight between two or three people before shots were fired. officers took two men in for questioning. families in bucks and montgomery counties get another chance today to voice concerns and fight out more information about their drinking water. navy and environmental officials will host another meeting today in horsham. the first one was last night where they updated residents about the contaminated water from two closed military bases in horsham. people waited in last night to get into last night's session. people are worried about chemicals from firefighting foam found in their drinking water. many are worried about the contaminated water and illnesses. >> i lost both kidneys, i had
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four abdominal aneurysms. >> i was told we need to get our blood tested. >> tests show the contaminants are within the safe limits. the navy says it is doing regular testing of private and public water supplies in the area. police are calling it a tragic accident. a septa train hit and killed a tourist at 13th street station. the 55-year-old man had just visited the liberty bell with his wife. he leaned over to see if a train was coming and fell into the tracks. his wife was taken to the hospital for shocks. service has been restored. we are learning more about a man mowed down at a bus stop in northeast philadelphia. alejo molina was waiting for a
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bus monday night when a car crashed into a septa shelter and the driver took off. police say that the impact of the crash immediately killed the 50-year-old father. his wife says she is still trying to come to grips with it all. >> i'm in shock. it saddens me that somebody would hit my husband and just go. >> the driver of the car turned himself into police eight hours after the crash. molina leaves behind his wife and two children. just in time for the upcoming memorial day holiday weekend, a popular fishing pier will reopen in delaware. school children will join the governor this morning to reopen the cape hanlopen fishing pier. it's ready for fishing, bird enthusiasts and other visitors. 4:07. nice start to morning.
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skies are clear. a live look across center city. no sign of fogs, showers have finally moved out. today, clear skies. that's allowing the temperatures to cool down. 61 in delaware. some of the suburbs in the lower 50s. 52, 54 in the lehigh valley. at the shore, 59 degrees. 58 in philadelphia. that's at philadelphia international. fox chase at 62. society hill at 63. andora has dropped to 55 and 53 in somerton. a range of temperatures. you get that when there are light winds and clear skies. that's what we have this morning. the other ingredient is dry air. the humidity out of the picture. a quick warmup this afternoon into the upper 80s with no sign of showers for us. you can see the showers pushing off shore. that's what was left of yesterday. any wet weather is going to wait
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until friday at the earliest. those showers will make some progress over the next couple of days, but should fall short of our area for today and tomorrow. 10:00 this morning, the first time in a long time we've seen cloudless skies at 10:00. as we go into the afternoon, no sign of afternoon showers that keep popping up. not happening today. the evening commute should be nice and clear with plenty of sunshine and shower-free. leave the umbrella home. if you lost it, you don't have to find it. a nice warmup this afternoon. summer-like temperatures. easton, 89 degrees. bethlehem near 90. phoenixville, west chester, newtown, plenty of sunshine. temperatures warm, humidity low. philadelphia, upper 80s, close to 90 degrees in byberry. interior new jersey will see temperatures soar for trenton,
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88. en haddonfield up to 84. in glassboro, temperatures in the 70s. go inland just a bit, you'll find those 80s. you don't have to move far to see that. you don't have to move at all to see the warmup in delaware. 84 degrees for wilmington. dover up to 85. beautiful sunny day in rehoboth. seven-day forecast has the temperatures going even higher starting tomorrow. there are some thing thatchanger the weekend. that's in ten minutes. let's get you to work. usually there's overnight construction on the vine street expressway, we're watching now to see when it will clear. let's check on that with first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> we have not had any of that ongoing construction on the vine all week long. definitely a good thing. if you head out the door, take the vine through center city. you don't have to have detours.
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these are our cameras around 24th street. westbound towards the schuylkill or eastbound towards 95, no big problems there. route 202, still in the green here. 11-minute trip north or southbound from 30th to the schuylkill expressway with speeds into the 60s. checking in with the area bridges, no problems on the commodore barry or the walt or the ben heading over into philadelphia. i also checked in with the tacony-palmyra and the burlington bristol, no scheduled openings. >> thanks. memorial day weekend, fun without the worry the next, it's time to think about holiday home security. hear what police say you should and should not be doing before you head out. and there's this -- >> she's like, well, there's men in this class, they're uncomfortable with you nursing in here. i said that's illegal. >> hear where this montgomery county mom said she was pressured to stop nursing her child. this nice delaware bridge is
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only 5 years old, but there's something wrong with it. a big mistake. >> today at 4:00 p.m., we'll tell you how this bridge came up short. >> it's a six-inch mistake that will cost delaware taxpayers a half million. we'll tell you why the bridge thesed to be raised and we'll get answers from del dot. how did this happen and what are they doing to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> for the next bridge we'll do better.
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new this morning, have you finalized your memorial day weekend plans? if you're headed out of town, make sure you leave your house
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in good hands. katy zachry is live in gloucester township. police gave you some good advice. >> reporter: we are entering a holiday weekend, memorial weekend is around the corner. people will be going away and leaving their homes. police here say that creates more opportunity for thieves to strike. you may be surprised to learn some thieves have already driven around your neighborhood looking for homes that are easily broken into. once the memorial day holiday hits, people are in summer mode, which means leaving their homes for long weekends or weeks at a time. gloucester township police say before you leave, look at your home critically like a criminal would. >> when someone drives by a house, they look for things hanging around a mailbox. trashcans, trash bags left at curbside. >> to those points here are a
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few more easy tips to make your house less vulnerable when you go away. stop your mail. make sure your grass is cut, because long, overgrown grass is a sure indication to thieves that you've been away for a while. put your lights and possibly tv on timers. and sign up for police property checks. that's where police are alerted to a homeowner who won't be there. they'll take a drive around the neighborhood and walk around the home to make sure everything is fine. in the next hour we'll weigh in with police throughout pennsylvania who talk about social media being one of the biggest threats while you're away. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. today lawmakers on capitol hill will grid the head of the transportation safety commission on how to cut down on lines at america's airports. the house homeland committee will hear from peter neffinger this morning.
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lawmakers want to know why he chose to reassign but not fire the tsa administrator in charge of security and why that official received big bonuses while security wait times were not improving. yesterday at philadelphia international airport, tsa screeners demonstrated how quickly a line can get clogged. water bottles, oversized liquids, even weapons can slow down the screening process. officers routinely find pocket knives and confiscate about 70 firearms per week. >> my goal here is not to blame passengers for longer lines. i wanted to point out that passenger preparedness can have an impact on how quickly travelers can get through the checkpoint. >> tsa officials say they just hired nearly 800 new workers to alleviate long lines across the country. a new program will highlight the bravery of the passengers on flight 93 who sacrificed
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everything on 9/11. this month 400 students will visit the flight 93 memorial in somerset county. they will have a chance to see the crash site. many of the students were not even born when the attacks happened on september 11, 2001. organizers say they hope this helps students understand what happened and honor the 40 passengers who gave their lives. >> going to expose a whole new generation of young pennsylvanians to this site and what happened here and its importance to our national and local history. >> officials say they want to make the program available to school districts throughout the region. tornadoes damaged several homes and left several people hurt in kansas. look at this video. this shows a tornado up close as it makes its way across a highway. in addition to damaging several houses, police say the storm knocked down power lines, some people reported seeing baseball-sized hail. and here is a time lapse look at one of the tornadoes
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forming. this was posted on twister. forecast others said more than a halfers rumbled through the area yesterday. 19 minutes after 4:00, 61 degrees. it's a pleasant start this morning. few spots in the 50s. lehigh valley, suburbs, delaware temperatures and philadelphia, low 60s. that's to start with. we normally would drop into the 50s. not far off that. the temperatures at this hour are still falling. we have some time before sunrise. still temperatures -- time for the temperatures to drop into the 50s. suburbs are mainly in the 50s. uwchlan township, exton at 54. it's 53 right now in elroy. perkasie at 50 degrees. forecast for today, hour by hour, sunshine in philadelphia.
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cool to start with. 61 degrees. look at the difference. 11:00 this morning, close to 80 degrees. into the 80s this afternoon. at 3:00, that number will still be climbing. brilliant sunshine for the suburbs, 56 degrees to start with. 77 degrees in the late morning hours. the afternoon, heading into the 80s. for the lehigh valley, brilliant sunshine all day long. 84 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. for delaware, sunny skies. 62 degrees this morning. near 80 degrees by 11:00. in new jersey, interior new jersey will see that quick warmup, a few scattered clouds, nothing more than that. 11:00, near 80. into the middle to upper 80s by 3:00. at the shore, that's where it will be cooler. go just inland, just off the beach, and the temperatures will climb into the 80s this afternoon. with warmer weather to come. there's a look at the shore.
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completely dry. the nearest showers are off shore. just a few sprinkles a few hours ago. they're out of the picture for the rest of the day. no sign of wet weather. that low pressure that plagued us for days, that's spinning off the coast. finally pulling away from our area. fight cho future cast keeps it nice and clear today. 88 this afternoon. 90 tomorrow. on friday, the humidity increases along with temperatures. afternoon showers and thunderstorms, and a possibility into the evening. a break on saturday, 92 degrees. more storms possible on saturday. maybe a rainy memorial day, 75 degrees the high temperature. 70s for tuesday. by wednesday and thursday, drying out and warming back up into the low 80s. by next friday, another chance of showers and thunderstorms. >> bill, thanks. 4:21 right now let's get you to work on this hump day. 95, first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that.
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>> watching 95, no problems or delays so far. these are our cameras around academy road. you can see headed southbound here from woodhaven road to the vine, total drive time, 13-minute trip. average speed in the 60s. on the p.a. turnpike, construction between street road and the connector bridge. left lane closed there. no problems on the drive times. east bound drive time, at most, 20 minutes from valley forge to route 1. on 295, construction headed southbound between the plaque horse pike and route 42. congress has set a limit on how much public housing employees can make. the nbc 10 investigators found philadelphia housing executives making over that limit. mitch blocker has a preview of the story you'll see tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> it's way out of line. it's a racket. >> reporter: this u.s. senator
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helped set the federal executive salary limit at $157,000 per year. we found philadelphia public housing executives making over that amount. >> salaries are ridiculous. >> it raises a significant concern. >> reporter: as president of the philadelphia housing authority, calvin jeremiah earns $243,000. >> this is not an easy gig. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, where the extra money is coming from. why the pha said the salaries are needed and a call for a stricter limit. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. today the willow avenue bridge reopens in chester after more than a year. the bridge was closed last year to fix structural problems. the willow avenue bridge runs over the chestnut hill west septa regional rail line. septa today will announce a unique partnership. ahead in the next after hour, learn why they are pooling resource with ridesharing giant
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uber for the summer. and masters of the gridiron, but what about the chess table? next, why some eagles players spent the day battling some young chess minds at the linc.
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votes are scheduled tomorrow in both houses of the new jersey legislature that calls for a ban on smoking at beaches and parks. governor christie called for a similar plan in the last legislation. it would allow county officials to set aside 15% of a beach as a smoking section. supporters say it will reduce litter and exposure to
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secondhand smoke and improve fire safety at beaches and parks. hoops at the white house, the villanova mens basketball team is going to washington. next week president obama will honor the 2016 ncaa champions. hundreds of children got the opportunity to play at lincoln financial field and the games were all about the mind yesterday. this was the eagles 13th annual chess tournament for young players from the after school activities partnership. the kids went head to head with each other and got a chance to take on a couple eagles player sdmro s. we told but this horse hit more than 100 times with a paint ball gun. who is stepping in to offer lilly a new life.
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i was born free! i am an american citizen! >> breaking from overnight -- violent clashers between protesteprotest ers at a donald trump rally in the midwest. and philadelphia's mayor will welcome leaders from other big cities to discuss the importance of early childhood education. it's 4:30. good morning, i'm tracy davidson, thanks for joining us. let's get to meteorologist bill henley he has the first alert neighborhood forecast a look at conditions right where you live. >> we're seeing temperatures cool down under clear skies. all those showers, the clouds have moved


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