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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  May 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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those skies are clear. it will be a quick warmup. 78 degrees by 11:00 this morning. that's already warmer than the normal high. the normal high in philadelphia is 77 degrees. we'll blow past that. skies are starting to brighten. just ten minutes away from sunrise. 61 degrees at 7:00. some of the warmest temperatures will be in the lehigh valley. if you're looking for a cool spot. interior new jersey warms to 71. at the beach, 74 degrees. a closer look at the warmer temperatures and the weekend forecast when i come back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching 295, this is around 561, no problems or delays in either direction. cars are moving along nicely. roads are dry. we had a disabled tractor trailer over to the right-hand side, that just cleared out of the way. an accident in upper providence,
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route 422 and indian head road. the vine street expressway looks great. we were open all morning. didn't have to deal with construction. right now headed westbound towards the schuylkill, we're doing just fine. some construction signs but nothing tying people up. eastbound towards 95 doing okay. we're following breaking news in philadelphia. one person is dead and two men are in custody after a shooting in the germantown section. pamela osborne is live on scene. pamela, police say they found the victim in the parking lot. >> reporter: that's right. they say, according to witnesses, they were telling police the victim was in an altercation with at least one or two other men in the parking lot moments before the shots were fired. the victim was shot in the chest. police tell us he had two graze wounds to his head. he was transported to einstein where he was reported dead. all of this happening before
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2:30 this morning. investigators say at least 11 shots were fired from two separate guns. we're told the 25-year-old victim had a gun, though police have not recovered it yet. when officers arrived, two people were still on the scene. a witness positively identified one of those people as having been involved in the fight with the victim. those two individuals were transported to whom side for questioning. police believe one of them may be the shooter. there's a police crime watcher camera in the area. they'll be looking at that as well because they believe that one of the shooters p s may hav been captured on camera. i'll step out of the way and show you quickly the car is still over there in the burger king parking lot. that's something they'll be towing away from the scene. this intersection is now open if you travel this way. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news.
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families in bucks and montgomery counties get another chance today to voice concerns and hear more information about their drinking water. navy and environmental officials will host another meeting today in horsham. the first one was last night where they updated residents about the contaminated water from two closed military bases in horsham. people waited in line night to get into last night's session. people are worried about chemicals from firefighting foam found in their drinking water. many are worried about the contaminated water and their illnesses. >> i lost both kidneys, i had four abdominal aneurysms. >> we believed it came from the water. >> i was told we need to get our blood tested for heavy metal toxicity. >> tests show the contaminants are within the safe limits. the navy says it is doing regular testing of private and public water supplies in the
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area. septa will announce an unexpected partnership. they are teaming up with uber. septa officials say they will reveal information about a summer pilot program, the goal of which is is to increase access to and from select regional rail stations in the suburbs. count on nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app to bring you new details as soon as it's announced. a montgomery county mother says she was publicly shamed for nursing her son at the spring valley ymca. kate haslam said during a gym class on monday a ymca employee asked her to leave. >> she's like there's men in this class they're uncomfortable with you nursing in here. >> mom was sitting on a balance beam with her feet on another balance beam, that's what i was told. and was just asked to move because the kids in that class were ready to participate or wanted to participate on the slides. >> the ymca president and ceo said it was a misunderstanding.
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the spring valley ymca issued an apology saying all mothers should feel comfortable breast feeding anywhere. in pennsylvania it is illegal to ask a nursing mother to move. happening today, education leaders from five cities are meeting in philadelphia to discuss universal pre-k. there's been a push for high quality early education in many cities across the country. the william penn foundation is hosting the conference. a new report found critical problems with pennsylvania's child abuse hotline. >> pennsylvania's auditor general says more than 42,000 calls went unanswered last year. >> any single one of those calls could have led to a life orb death situation for a child. again, 20% -- more than 20% of the calls being unanswered. that means there's a significantly high chance that some of those calls were of critical nature.
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>> governor tom wolf said he has been working to improve the child line service since he took office. wolf says the service is now responding to all calls within two days and says there's a new leadership oversees the program. it's 5:36. now to decision 2016. today two big name also campaign for hillary clinton in the garden state. former congressman gaby giffords and her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly will participate in a gun violence roundtable in cherry hill. they'll also appear at campaign events in newark and clark in north jersey. new jersey voters head to the polls on june 7th. washington state voted in its primary yesterday. donald trump and hillary clinton both picked up wins there. there were no delegates at stake in the democratic primary. those were awarded at party caucuses back in march. bernie sanders won the majority of those delegates. today marks two months until the start of the democratic convention in philadelphia.
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organizers are preparing for protests here. as we told you last week, convention planners will set up an area close to the wells fargo center where demonstrators can be seen and heard by the delegates. the convention's ceo told me she wants everyone to express views and she says she's sympathetic to protesters because she's been a protester herself in the past. >> i've been part of many protests in my life. not always at the democratic convention, but i grew up in an activist home and household, so i know a little bit about marches and state-ins, rallies, sign making. >> the city has given permission for bernie sanders supporters to hold a four-day rally in fdr park adjacent to the sports complex. the city issued a permit for an anti-fracking group to stage a march from city hall to independence mall. that will happen the day before the convention. 5:37. look at this. the sun just coming up. this is the view from center city. we'll see a lot of that sunshine
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today. barely a cloud in the sky. it's nice and clear. this morning it's cool. 59 degrees in philadelphia. but with bright sunshine and wins coming out of the west, 81 degrees at lunch time today. for the suburbs, brilliant sunshine. 59 degrees this morning. 89 degrees by lunch time. 84 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. for the lehigh valley, starting off cooler. 52 degrees right now. we'll be in the low 60s at 8:00. by noontime, 81 degrees. and bright sunshine. the lehigh valley will see some of the warmest temperatures in our area. for new jersey, clouds are out of the picture. sunny skies, low 80s by noontime. middle to upper 80s this afternoon. looking for cooler temperatures. at the shore, right on the beach talking 70s. come inland a bit, upper 70s at noontime. 81 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. for delaware, clear skies this morning. that's the view from frawley stadium. sunshine is bright. into the 80s this afternoon.
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notice no showers to be found. completely out of the picture for today. the memorial day weekend, that's a different story. 90s for saturday. mostly sunny skies. come sunday, not an all-day rain, but a chance for an showers. chance of thunderstorms. it will be cooler on sunday. temperatures come down a bit more for monday. a few more clouds, a chance of rain for memorial day. 79 degrees in philadelphia. look at the shore temperatures, 66 degrees monday afternoon. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. the ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten. about 20 minutes before 6:00. i predict we'll have traffic today and tomorrow, but friday it will thin out because of the holiday weekend. >> jessica boyington says mondays and fridays are lighter because people take long weekends. this weekend guaranteed. >> you are right. especially when we approach the summertime and those holiday
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weekends, nobody will be out there. there are people out the door this morning. some are causing a bit of problems. 422, this is around oaks, headed eastbound. one of these vehicles went off into the center, the embankment. s the center median here. a car off the road right here on 422. no big problems or delays because of that right now. there's construction on passyunk avenue east and westbound between 61st street and 28th street. that's reduced to two lanes. and also the garden state parkway, around the great egg toll plaza, no problems in either direction right now. we have southbound construction leaving the toll plaza. you can see flashing lights right there. right now no problems or delays. 59 degrees right now at 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. as we get closer to the memorial day weekend, a new program in cape may county will let you enjoy that trip to the beach
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longer. ahead, where you can pay pore parking right from your beach chair. plus a tradition for champions. the honors continue for the national champion villanova men's basketball team. we'll tell you what's next for the wildcats.
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in a rare move the justice department will seek the death penalty for the man accused of killing nine people at a south charleston last summer. dill dill dylann roof is charged with 39 counts of hate crimes. he told the fbi he wanted to spark a race riot. we don't know the trial date, but a judge in montgomery county has ordered bill cosby to stand trial in a sexual assault case. cosby is accused of drugging and violating andrea constand. the alleged assault happened at cosby's home in 2004. the defense contends it was one night and a consensual sexual relationship. the prosecution says cosby dpaif gave her drugs that effectively paralyzed her, leaving her unable to consent. >> the point of this is that it was intoxicating to her and she was unable to consent.
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>> prove there was no crime committed here, the inconsistencies that plague this investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now. >> if convicted cosby could face up to ten years in prison. the comedian has been free on $1 million bail since his arrest in december. from our jersey shore bureau, there's something new in ocean city that will allow you to enjoy the beach longer. you can now add time to your parking meter without leaving your beach chair. this month the seaside resort town rolled out a new parking app. >> how many times do you come to park and you have no quarters? and nobody wants to give you change. so i think that's a great idea. >> after setting up an account and providing a payment method just enter a parking zone number in the app to start the timer. you can remotely add time as long as it doesn't exceed the parking time limit. philadelphia is lauchling launching the busy summer tour season with redefining the
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philadelphia historic district. the city is renaming the old city historic area as philadelphia's original city. it spans from the delaware river to 7th street, from lombard street north to vine. the aim is to get visitors to see not only the historic sites but other attractions throughout the area and extend their stay in philadelphia. >> all of this means america, in addition to the bell and the hall. as we like to say there's more to a legendary city than its legends. so spend more time with us and see for yourself. >> the city will unveil the new campaign and the maps that go with it later this morning. then on saturday the city will reopen the historic 2nd bank on chestnut street which has been closed for cleaning and restoration. it is the super bowl of spelling. >> it's always fun. >> the scripps national spelling bee kicks off today outside of washington, d.c. with a preliminary round. nunatak. >> n-u-n-a-t-a-k. >> correct. >> nunatak.
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>> correct. >> easy, right? that word resulted in a tie during last year's spelling bee. tomorrow 282 of the nation's top young spellers will compete to be the next champion and win a $40,000 grand prize. the finals are tomorrow. comedian and former daily show host jon stewart and his wife are riding into lancaster county to adopt an abused horse. lilly was shot more than 100 times by a patient ball gun and left abandoned at the new holland stables. stewart and his wife plan to take her to their farm sanctuary in new jersey. tornadoes damaged homes and left several people hurt in kansas. check out this video from storm chasers. it shows a tornado up close as it makes its way across the highway. in addition to damaging several houses, the storm knocked out power lines, families in oklahoma are also cleaning up damage, storm damage after a possible tornado touched down there scattering debris and splitting trees in half.
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and here's the time lapse look at one of the tornados that ripped through kansas. this is posted on twitter. forecasters say more than a half dozen twisters like this rumbled through yesterday. beautiful day. sunshine, the sun is up. we'll see bright, sunny skies all day long. temperatures will be climbing. they've been moving up. just a couple days ago in the 70s. yesterday it was 83. upper 80s today. we're heading for the 90s on thursday. still not bad on thursday. you'll feel the humidity roll in on friday. and that will last into the memorial day weekend. but sunshine, that's going to be fading. some showers are possible on sunday, even more likely on monday to bring the temperatures down over the weekend. saturday is going to be the warmest and the dry of the day. a chance of showers sunday. cooler at the shore for memorial
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day monday. before we get to that, there's plenty of sunshine to enjoy. this morning it's warmer. atlantic city at 58. vineland, 54. 60 degrees in philadelphia, that's warmer than yesterday. up by 4 degrees. it's cooler. ail listen town, down by 3. right now 52 degrees. that number will take off this afternoon in the lehigh valley. brilliant sunshine. look how nice and clear it is. a few thin clouds, that's about it. mainly sunny skies today. the next chance of showers are is coming from a system that's way to the west. it's moving into the kansas city area. you can see those showers and thunderstorms. also rolling into missouri and into arkansas. that's a storm system that won't affect us until friday. with that storm system's arrival, the humidity will be ramping up for friday. ten-day outlook shows the changes. 88 this afternoon. no sign of clouds for today. the showers are completely off
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shore. 90 tomorrow. warm, yes. humidity won't be bad. you'll feel the difference friday as the moisture moves in with temperatures back up to the 90s. that could lead to showers or thunderstorms. mainly dry on saturday. sunday, should be sunny to start with. showers in the afternoon. a high of 6 degrees. mostly cloudy monday with a chance of showers that will continue into tuesday. both days, high temperatures in the 70s. warming back into the 80s for wednesday and thursday. a chance for showers and near 80 on friday. let's get to you work on this hump day. >> let's check in with jessica boyington to look at area roads. >> we're watching 422 right now for a vehicle that is off into the center embankment right around oaks if you're headed eastbound. checking in with the drive times, from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, still an eight-minute trip there.
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it's not blocking any of the roadway, it's off to the center median. it's when police activity gets to the scene and starts for the removal of that vehicle when we'll see delays. westbound also no problems there either. here's route 70 around kings highway. sun starting to come out there. we often see sun glare in this area. right now not yet. not seeing any delays or backups. construction should be clearing out of the way shortly on 295, if you're headed southbound between the black horse pike and the 42 freeway, you will see road construction there. another 10, 15 minutes for cleanup. dozens of high school students in north jersey are safe thanks to a bus driver's quick thinking. look at this bus fire. wheel tell you why firefighters are crediting the driver of the bus for saving the students.
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good morning, jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic. this is 422 eastbound around oaks. a ar went into the center
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embankment there. no big problems or delays. we'll see delays shortly. updates when i come back at 6:00. former philadelphia mayor michael nutter will receive a big honor later today. officials at the pennsylvania convention center will dedicate a state of the art theater to nutter. it will be used for film festivals, movie premieres, screenings and other shows. police say the quick thinking of a north jersey bus driver saved the lives of 22 students after their bus caught smoking and then caught on fire. this is paramus bergen county. when firefighters got there, the fire was still going strong. the bus driver had just picked up students at paramus high school when he saw smoke coming from under the hood of the bus. he ordered everyone off the bus. thanks to that bus driver no one
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was hurt. residents near rutgers university are begging officials to do something about a house that hosts frequent parties. neighbors have complained that the home hosts gathering that are essentially outdoor concerts, events that are promoted on social media. residents say there are no port-a-johns which means their lawns are becoming bathrooms. >> girls getting undressed, urinating right over there. >> our sister station, wnbc in new york spoke to a rutgers grad who rents the house, he apologized. the town's mayor says an investigation is ongoing. hoops at the white house. the villanova men's basketball team is going to washington. next week president obama will honor the 2016 ncaa champions. this will be their second trip to the white house and the first since winning the title back in 1985.
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♪ for the first time ever, the philly pops and the mann center for the performing arts will perform memorial salute. it's saturday at 7:00. veterans, active military and philadelphia police officers and firefighters can see the show free along with their families. all philadelphia public school students, teachers and administrators can also get free tickets. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will emcee the concert. for more details, go to our website, or check out the nbc 10 app. comcast and nbc 10 proud sponsors of the memorial salute. a gloucester county woman almost lost a lifetime worth of memories when her laundry room almost caught fire. >> she said all she did was open the door. >> the next thing you know it was all black inside. >> she paid a contractor -- >> there's just a shell here.
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>> she paid a contractor $22,000 for repairs, but says he never finished the job and kept her money. she what happens when harry hairston gets involved at 6:00. and we continue to follow breaking news. a deadly shooting in germantown. we'll have an update next.
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anti-trump protesters parade around in smoke and pepper spray after protests turn violent in arizona. >> we all get excited. so we might forget the simple things. holiday home security. four simple things you can do to protect your home if you're away this memorial day weekend. >> and almost to the memorial day weekend, and it will feel like summer today. near 90


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