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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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in parts of interior.
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>> involving hillary clinton. a state department audit has faulted clinton and other secretaries of state for poorly managing e-mail and computer information and for responding slowly to new cyber security risks. the associated press obtained a copy of the state department inspector general's report. it says, quote, there were longstanding systemic weaknesses related to communications before clinton became secretary of state, however, the report does single out clinton's actions as more serious. this review comes after looking at her e-mail accounts on her server in her office. a deadly shooting in the germantown neighborhood. they found a victim at the abandoned supermarket parking lot. they took him to the medical
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center where he died. witnesses say there is a fight between two or even three people before gunfire erupted. investigators believe there were at least two gunmen. >> worked for the temple university women's basketball team. the defense contends the encounter was consensual. the plaintiffs say he gave her drugs and made her feel intoxicated. >> there was no evidence of a crime here, and with the in isn -- inconsistencies that have plagued this investigation
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continue. >> this morning we're learning more about a man mowed down at a bus stop in northeast philadelphia. aleja moline a was bawaiting foa bus. the impact of the crash immediately killed the man. john cook turned himself in to police eight hours after the deadly crash. he's been charged with vehicular homicide. s he leaves behind a wife and two children. a man from texas was killed at a station just before afternoon. the man had been visiting the liberty bell with his wife. he leaned over to see if a train was coming and fell right onto the tracks. his wife went to the hospital in a state of shock. four minutes after 11:00 right now.
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let's get a check of the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica morrison. >> here's an accident out on de delsy drive. an accident also reported on kelly drive between strawberry mansion drive and fountain green drive. another one in montgomery county, cowpath road. we'll have a major problem right now which will cause you delays if you take the burlington bridge. there was a scheduled opening for 11:00 a.m., but no opening now. no real problems through center city, but some delays headed westbound, of course, toward the
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leaders from around the country are gathering today in philadelphia to talk about getting more children into pre-k. the non-profit william penn foundation is hosting today's event. it comes as philadelphia is wondering how to pay for pre-k. the mayor wants to implement a pre-tax on soda and sugary drinks, but many business owners oppose the plan. you've heard of a sit-in. well, now some local mothers are staging a nurse-in after one woman says she was kicked out. we're live in limerick, montgomery county with more on this demonstration. >> rosemary, more than a dozen moms are participating as tht t nurse-in that they're calling it right now. they were outside, but the ymca invited them to go inside. it's a little warm out here
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today. those moms say they're here to support kate moslen. she began breastfeeding and not long after, she was asked by an employee to leave the room. i spoke to the ceo of the ymca. he apologized for the incident. he said the issue was less about breastfeeding than about the balance beam the woman was nursing on. >> a woman was asked to move by one of our staff people. she was on a balance beam where the kids were involved in a class and they wanted to use the balance beam. unfortunately, there seems to have been a miscommunication in that she was breastfeeding at the time, and she thought that we were saying she's not welcome to breastfeed in our facilities. certainly that's not the case. we're very supportive. we're an open organization, and i can't think of a y that wouldn't welcome a natural thing like breastfeeding in the
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facilities. >> ella tells me the woman who asked haslim to leave is a mother herself. she says she feels terribly about what happened. the moms say there isn't any hard feelings, they just would like a little support. >> it can be so hard for some women. if you are blessed with the ability to do it, you should be able to do it. >> reporter: and i've also learned that no disciplinary action will be taken. the moms that we spoke to say that this is a very teachable moment, though. reporting live in montgomery county, i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. in just about 25 minutes from now, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the willow grove avenue bridge in chestnut hill. the bridge was originally built in 1894 but was closed last year to fix structural problems. the willow grove avenue bridge runs over chestnut hill regional west rail line. speaking of septa, a new partnership with uber. in less than an hour from now,
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septa says they will reveal details about a new summer pilot program. the goal of the program is to increase access to and from rail stations in the suburbs. you can count on nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app to bring you new information on the program once it's announced. former philadelphia mayor michael nutter will receive a big honor. they will dedicate a state of the art theater to nutter. the 600-seat theater will be used for movie screenings and other shows. nine minutes past 11:00 right now on this wednesday. coming up next, in the hot seat. the head of tsa is facing lawmakers on capitol hill right now as the agency is under fire for long security lines at america's airports. plus, terrifying twisters caught on camera. we'll show you the damage this wild weather left behind. the hot weather is here, and i'll let you know if it's going to last all the way through the holiday weekend and if we can
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expect any thunderstorms. that's just ahead.
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a chaotic scene erupted outside donald trump's campaign rally in albuquerque, new mexico last night. protests turned violent as demonstrators knocked down barriers and threw rocks. police responded with pepper spray and smoke grenades. nbc's shallie jackson has more n the protests.
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>> reporter: we're behind the police line now. pepper spray from police. the clash unfolding overnight in albuquerque. demonstrators jumping on cop cars, lighting fires, smashing windows. some agitators, others protesting with a purpose. >> we're here today because the people of albuquerque specifically do not want donald trump in our city. >> we're not going to tolerate trump and his speech. we don't want what he stands for and that's what the people are here demonstrating. >> reporter: all of it escalating after trump's rally ended, supporters streaming out after police barricaded a shattered door at the convention center, trying to stop protesters outside from getting in. nearby smoke from spinning burnouts adding to the chaos. it's not uncommon to see protests at trump rallies. some have turned violent before, like in chicago and california. demonstrations against the controversial candidates often beginning hours beforehand, like
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in albuquerque where protesters threw out some a ten dettendees. trump unfazed. someone tweeting watching thugs and punks in albuquerque en route to california. they don't even know what they're protesting. >> does it help to come out and have a scene or demonstration like this? >> it's self-defense. donald trump cannot come to our city after calling us rapists. >> that was nbc's hallie jackson reporting. in other news now, two big names are set to campaign for hillary clinton in the garden state. in just about 15 minutes, former congresswoman gabby gifford and her husband mark kelly will take place in a round table in cherry hills. missouri voters will head to the polls for their primary on june 7. you can count on nbc brks krrc 10 to
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bring you full coverage of the election. you can always get our app. just click on decision 2016. leaders in capitol hill are questioning the safety of the tsa about how to cut down on long lines at america's airports. the committee is hearing from the tsa chief. this is a live look at hearing on capitol hill. his appearance is a small shake-up at the tsa. they want to know why neffinger decided to reassign but not fire the person responsible for security, and why that person received big bonuses when security wait times had not improved. out west police have detained one man after a shooting and carjacking on an arizona highway. bullets hit several cars, including a police cruiser. officers shut down the highway in both directions as they searched for the gunman last night. a driver in one of the cars was
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grazed by a bullet, but that person is expected to be okay. right now let's talk about some severe weather. a tornado emergency had plenty of people getting out of dodge, literally. storm chasers captured a violent tornado crossing a highway in dodge city, kansas. it was one of several twisters spawned by severe tornadoes yesterday afternoon. the highway patrol reported damage to several structures west of dodge city along with downed power lines. an arkansas teen was found alive after he was swept away in raging floodwaters. officials say the teen was pulled into a drainage ditch in jonesboro, arkansas yesterday afternoon. he was found a couple blocks away in a flooded culvert. he had a number of minor injuries, but otherwise doing okay. well, it's been an exceptionally cool may compared to average, but we're catching up today.
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temperatures already 80 or above. philadelphia, delaware, south jersey getting some temperatures above 80 degrees even at this hour. turnersville is 80, autobohn 84, bridgeton 81, piney hollow 81. you can see how many places are already in the 80-degree mark. m medford at 84. close to 80, princeton, 79 degrees. the headline is we are heating up, and we have not seen the end of this, either. the temperature yesterday got to 83 degrees, the first day of the month it's gotten to 80. we're likely to get near 90 today and close to that thursday and friday. that will depend on some cloud cover, especially tomorrow, but we're still likely to see
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90-degree temperatures in at least parts of the area. as we go through the neighborhoods today, fox chase getting close there. 88 degrees. newtown 87, chatsford 87, reading 87. our town getting close to 90 degrees. the humidity is not that high, so it won't feel that uncomfortable, but starting tomorrow the humidity starts going up as well. for the time being we get up to 80 in atlantic city but temperatures start falling in the afternoon. same thing with avalon with 81 degrees for the high. you can see the high temperatures in the 7-day forecast on the bottom of the screen all the time as we do weather, and you don't have to wait till the end. it's not just for philadelphia anymore. the futurecast showing generally clear conditions for a good while, today, tonight, into tomorrow. a couple showers possible well
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to the north and west, and we really don't see much of a threat even as we go into friday. now, the memorial day weekend starting off hot. there's just no doubt about that. the only exception would be at the jersey shore. you got 78 degrees with the sea breeze coming in. and even cooler on sunday. a little bit more of an east wind may keep the temperatures down a little bit on sunday, and then on monday, more of the east wind keeps the temperature down even more, and that will be the best chance of any kind of showers. it does not look like a washout, even on monday. saturday, sunday is a little bit cooler. lehigh valley, for example, 91 to 84 to 76. the jersey shore, 78 to 72 to 66. so it is quite a dropoff in temperatures. and as we go through the 10-day outlook, we'll have a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm on friday.
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saturday is hot and humid. the humidity is up as we go through friday and the weekend, too, so some of you are going to be complaining that it's too hot. and then monday and tuesday we have our best chances for showers. teachers help children find their voices, but they may lose their own in the process, literally. we'll tell you about the new study linking vocal problems to educators and who is most at risk.
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many of us will be spending this memorial day weekend with family and friends, going to a barbecue, maybe a pool party. it might be warm enough. or a trip to the shore or mountains. but don't forget, memorial day is a day to pause and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. this weekend a group of veterans often considered to be among the greatest generation mark the holiday with a trip of a lifetime. he is the founder of a foundation that works with veterans and george shingle. thank you for being with us. >> it's nice to be here. >> you dressed nice for the occasion. we appreciate it, george. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. andrew, let's speak with you. tell us about the trip this weekend, what you guys did. >> it was a fantastic trip. we take world war ii veterans and korean war veterans to washington, d.c. to visit the
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memorial, escorted the whole day with the park police, and we put them on a pedestal and thank them for their service, for the freedom we have. >> you knew that the memorials were in washington, you knew they were there to honor you, but you hadn't seen them up close before. >> i never had the opportunity. i was really quite impressed. i really -- i was impressed with them all, particularly the one for vietnam, which was important, then the korean and then the world war ii veterans. >> what was it like to be there with fellow veterans? did you share your experiences and war stories, so to speak? >> not really. i've always been a loner most of my life. most of my life in the service i was a loner. i didn't let myself get too close to anyone else for the fear of losing them. >> sure, absolutely.
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a very real part of going to war for you, i'm sure, and other veterans. >> yes, it was. >> but this was an incredible trip all the way around. >> yes, it was. yes. >> and that's part of why we do this, because of veterans like this who are aging or don't have any friends or who are loners, they never got to see the memorial. they fully sponsored it. they had people to take them around. every veteran travels with a guardian and exalter provided them with a guardian, and hats off to them so he could see the memorial. >> why is it important to remember our veterans and make sure they are honored and that they do see what they mean to america? >> america fought for freedom. he fought for the freedom. he's a purple heart recipient from battle of the bulge, and it's because of what he did that
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we live in this free and rich society. i'm forever grateful to him. >> and george, you get the final word on this interview. memorial day coming up, what does it mean to you? >> on friday i'll be going back to normandy again, as i will every year that i'm alive. because the people in normandy, they treat american veterans are reverence. it's my age-reducing medicine to go back to normandy every year, and i will go back because they revere american veterans. >> this upcoming friday you'll do it, you said. >> yes, i will. >> thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. >> we appreciate it. for more on honor philadelphia, just go to our website, or you can go to the nbc app. we're following breaking news about the ongoing e-mail scandal of former secretary of
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state and presidential candidate hillary clinton. what the state audit department is now saying about clinton and other former secretaries of state when it comes to the way they manage e-mails and other computer information. plus, a first of its kind flight is en route to our area. we'll tell you what's special about this airplane and where it will be landing.
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big warm-up is here. you can see that haze outside as we take a look at the center city skyline. guess what, it's only going to get hotter, but you know what, after the chilly spring we had, if we can call it a spring, i think we'll take it. meteorologist glenn schwartz has more on the forecast. hello, glenn. >> hey, rosemary. the heat will be heeasier to ta
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the next few days because the humidity will be low. pennsylvania suburbs, some places in the 70s, some in the 80s. spurryville at 80 degrees, exton at 81, st. david's 83, chester heights 84, so some places are indeed well into the 80s. north wells 81 degrees, gladwin 80 degrees, new hope 83 degrees. now, one of the problems as you get this heat built up in the summertime, and not a whole lot of wind, is you have problems with air quality. we have an air quality alert for the entire area today, probably again tomorrow. and the issue is ozone. ozone near the ground. sunshine interacts with the pollution in the air and creates ozone. ozone on the ground is bad,
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ozone way up in the atmosphere is good. that helps protect us. but it's unhealthy for elderly, children and people with asthma, so today is a code orange. if it's a red, then everybody with those conditions should really stay indoors. when it's code orange like today, you want to limit your outdoor activities, especially in the peak heating times. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures are way up into the 80s. they don't drop a whole lot tonight as the humidity will be increasing during the night. the pa suburbs down to 60 degrees by tomorrow morning. not as cool as this morning. it was 57 in philadelphia, by tomorrow morning 62, so you can see the difference in the temperature. we'll see how long this hot weather lasts with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. thanks, glenn. this morning we're following some breaking news in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. a state department audit has
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faulted clinton and other secretaries of state for poorly managing e-mail and other computer information and they're responding slowly to new cyber security risks. the associated press obtained a copy of the state inspector general's report. it said there were longstanding communications before clinton became secretary of state. this review comes after revelations that clinton exclusively used a private e-mail account and server rile in office. let's check out our nbc 10 headlines this morning. police are checking out two men after a shooting in the germantown neighborhood. police found a shooting victim in ta parking lot. educators from around the country are gathering in philadelphia to talk about getting more kids into pre-k.
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it comes as they're in a debate over how to pay for universal pre-k in the city. local mothers are staging a nurse-in this morning after a montgomery county mom said she was publicly shamed for nursing her son at the spring valley ymca. the ymca has apologized and has said it was a misunderstanding and miscommunication. this week president obama will visit hiroshima during his trip to japan. he will be the first sitting american president to visit the site where the u.s. dropped anatomic bomb. japan's prime minister says he has no plans, though, to visit the site of the japanese attack at pearl harbor. the president arrives in japan today to meet with japan's prime minister ahead of the summit on the seven industrialized nations. the president plans to make his historic visit to hiroshima on friday. back here in the states, a power failure caused a train to get stuck on a colorado overpass. more than 80 passengers were riding the rail line to denver
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international when their train became stranded 50 feet above the ground. denver firefighters had to rescue the passengers, and as you can see, had to walk them down the track to waiting buses. the rail line open to the public just a little over a month ago, and yesterday's power failure was already the third affecting the line in less than a week. intense video. a massive underground fire led to that explosion in st. petersburg, florida. firefighters were already on the scene when that blast opened. a power company blames the blast on transformer trouble. the explosion cut electricity to more than a dozen nearby businesses. incredibly, nobody was hurt. if you are planning to go away for memorial day weekend, you'll definitely want to make sure your home is in one piece when you get back, right? nbc 10's katy zachry has four simple things you can do to keep your house secure while you're out of town. >> reporter: police say we're
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entering a season where home break-ins are more likely to happen. it may surprise you how quickly a burglar can spot an empty house. it really just takes a short drive through any neighborhood. the biggest signs that you're away, yards with overgrown grass, mail piling up in the mailbox, and newspapers or trash cans left in the driveway. so police suggest that you stop your mail service, cut your grass before you leave, put lights and tvs on timers and sign up for police property checks. many departments offer them throughout the area. we're al they're also willing to stop at your home to make sure everything is normal. >> we're out in the neighborhood, anyhow. we can make sure everything appears okay. >> reporter: another good tip, keep your vacation plans off of social media. police suggest if you tell anyone where you're going or how long you'll be away, find a trustworthy neighbor, someone who can keep an eye on your home
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and even park their car in your driveway to make it look like somebody is at your house. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. today comedian and former daily show host jon stewart skm and his wife will be riding tolan ca -- to lancaster county to adopt a new horse. we told you about the horse that was blasted with paintballs more than 100 times. they plan to take the horse to their home in new jersey. the nbc 10 investigators found that philadelphia housing authority executives are making over the limit. investigative reporter mitch blocker has a preview of a story you'll see tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> it's way out of line. it's a racket. >> reporter: this u.s. senator
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helped set the executive salary limit at $157,000 a year. we found some philadelphia executives making over that amount. >> the salaries are ridiculous. >> reporter: as president of philadelphia's housing community, jeremiah makes over $230,000. tonight at 11:00, where the extra money is coming from, why they say the salaries are needed and a call for a stricter limit. for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. at the white house, thevi e villanova men's basketball team is going to washington. this will be villanova's second trip to the white house, its first since winning the title back in 1985. a solar powered airplane that's making its way around the world is in the air and it's on its way to the lehigh valley right now. the swiss-made solar impulse 2 was originally scheduled to fly
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from dayton, ohio to lehigh valley international airport yesterday but was delayed to check for possible damage. the plane began its voyage back in march from abu dhabi and it's made stops in places like iman, china and japan. it's expected to stop in lehigh valley tonight. the national spelling bee is under way this morning in washington. this morning 285 spellers are competing for the title. that includes eight competitors from our viewing area, six from philadelphia and the pennsylvania suburbs, philly suburbs. one each from camden county and new castle county. today the kids will take a preliminary written test focused on spelling and vocabulary. the winners' prizes include a $40,000 cash prize, a $20 savings bond and a trip to new york city. there are some new and growing concerns about the zika virus. coming up, the results of a brand new study linking the virus to eye problems. we'll have the details just
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ahead. temperatures are soaring. how long is the hot weather going to last. i'll let you know what to expect for the upcoming memorial day weekend. that's just ahead. today at 4:00 p.m., we'll tell you how this bridge came up short. it's literally a 6-inch mistake that will cost delaware taxpayers half a million dollars. >> i think it's a waste of taxpayer money. >> we'll tell you why the bridge needs to be raised this summer and we'll get answers from deldot. how did this happen and how do we make sure it doesn't happen again? that's today at 4:00 p.m. on nbc 10 news.
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we knew zika has been linked to a birth defect in which babies are born with abnormally smaller heads. well, now there's growing evidence that the virus can also affect babies' eyesight. stanford university researchers studied brazilian babies like one shown here. the boys in the study were born with microencephaly. they also found bleeding in the retina. you may not realize it, but if you're a teacher, it can take a toll on your voice, especially
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if you're a woman. studies show female teachers have twice the vocal problems because they teach in classrooms. le sear researchers estimate the cost of treating women's voices is $2 billion a year. wednesday's child has a lot of love to give. he's looking for a family to make all his dreams come true. wednesday's child introduces amir. >> we first met amir four years ago, and back then he wanted to train to become a professional athlete. now he's in eighth grade, and his dreams haven't faded. so we took him to the cherry-o health and racket club with some of the best trainers in the area. amir has wanted to be a pro athlete for as long as he can remember. he's a good athlete.
11:45 am
you name it, football, basketball, softbabaseball, he it. as much as he loves sports, it's not as important as having a forever family. >> being there and making sure i don't do some things as well as making me do the positive things. >> amir is especially bright, articulate and talented. he's an artist and loves to paint things. he knows what he wants from a forever family. >> being there for me, being open to new things. >> amir cares about self-improvement. >> i'm always looking for imperfections and flaws just so i have something to focus my mind on to try to become more better myself. >> amir is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make
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amir's dreams come true or the dreams of any wednesday's child, just go to wednesday's child at happening right now, here is a live look from old city where the phillies phestival brass quartet is performing a ceremony to open the second bank of the united states. they're starting a campaign to rebrand the district. they will also take center stage this weekend in fairmont park. for the first time the philly pops will perform a memorial salute, a concert honoring those who serve. it's happening this saturday at 7:00 p.m. it's open to the public. if you're a veteran and active military, philadelphia police officer or firefighter, you can get into the show for free with your families. also public school students, teachers and administrators can also get some free tickets. for more information and
11:47 am
details, just go to our website,, or check it out on our app. by the way, nbc 10 are proud sponsors of the memorial salute this weekend. since 2009, students have participated in the philadelphia youth orchestra. many musicians perform right now with the philadelphia orchestra. they're ready to welcome a new generation of talent to their ranks. maestro maurice skaliano is very involved with the philly pops. he'll tell us about auditions coming up for the 2016-2017 concert season. joining him is a senior in high school who has been in the philadelphia youth orchestra.
11:48 am
tell us about philadelphia youth orchestra and what you're looking for in young musicians. >> philadelphia youth orchestra is the premiere youth orchestra program in the philadelphia region. since 1939, as you mentioned, we have provided very high and advanced music training in orchestral studies for young people like olivia. we have multiple program divisions which students can participate in all the way from the beginning. where olivia was a student seven years ago in our prism program. it's for young string players like olivia who started out in fifth grade, and she matriculated through all our division programs to end up as principal bassist of the philadelphia youth orchestra. so time competitive, but we welcome all students from the greater delaware valley region. >> olivia, tell me about your experience.
11:49 am
louis was saying you've been involved with them for seven years now? >>' been involved with prism, i started there. then i moved up to plo, now i'm in po. i learned about how to be a good leader, teamwork, being a good community member. just all facets of my life have really benefited from music. >> i'm sure it looks good on a college resume, college application, too, as you're getting ready to embark on that next chapter of your life. >> yes, i'll be attending vanderbilt university. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> it sounds like based on olivia's experience, kids as young as fifth grade can come audition. >> fifth grade as well as seventh graders. very talented. it's always amazing for me having probably sat through 2500 auditions in my 20 years with the youth orchestra. every year the kids seem to be getting better and better.
11:50 am
it's very heartwarming for me as a professional musician to know that classical music is very alive, and really desired by families for their children. our auditions are coming up. all the information is on our website, and children come in, they perform the audition materials. it's about a five to seven-minute interview, if you will, in front of me and a panel of my colleagues, and then we make our decisions and placements accordingly. we can really take students pretty well, as i said, from second grade all the way through college, actually. >> i think we do have some of that information on those auditions. so the auditions for the philadelphia youth orchestra will be held from may 28 to june 11. if you would like more information they are on our website as well, or the nbc app. thank you for being here. and olivia, congratulations and good luck in school next year.
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>> thank you. warming up very quickly this morning, already 82 degrees in parts of northern delaware, 80 in philadelphia. that's 10 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. we've got a westerly wind, and it's bringing in some warm air. 84 in wilmington, 85 in odessa, 84 in glasgow, and at the beaches, it's also kind of warm. dewey beach, 83 degrees with that land breeze. georgetown at 83. we're heating up. we certainly have done that today, and we're going to be in that vicinity for the rest of the week, too. we got up to 83 degrees yesterday, and that's a thing of the past. it's likely to stay hot and humid through much of the memorial day weekend, especially saturday. sunday not quite as warm because
11:52 am
of a bit of an east wind, and monday would be the coolest of the days because of the east wind and more clouds. but just a chance of showers monday. that is the most likely day for any kind of rain. but for a memorial day weekend, those temperatures are pretty nice. jersey shore, though, of course much cooler because of the sea breeze and the ocean temperature is only 57. so during the day today, we're up near 90 degrees. bella vista, chatsford 87, reading at 87. we'll see temperatures well into the 80s even at the jersey shore before they start dropping in the afternoon. we have high pressure out in the ocean. it's called a bermuda high that helps to keep pumping in the heat and humidity. there is a tropical system that may be developing off the southeast coast, and that's what we have to watch as we go into
11:53 am
the latter portion of the weekend. will any of that moisture come up here? i don't think this system itself will come up in this direction. that would be really bad news. tomorrow we're up near 90, friday near 90, saturday low 90s, sunday 87 degrees. the rest of the 10-day forecast, the temperature is not quite as warm on monday and tuesday, but that's still above average, and then back into the 80s early next week. >> how a call to harry got back the biggest check so far. nbc 10 responds today at 4:00. count on it.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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before we leave you, some breaking news to report. sky force 10 is over this in mercer county. crews are over a fire at westminster college. you can see trucks there. however, we're not seeing smoke or flames from sky force 10. there is a report of a fire in a ceiling. heavy smoke in one of the buildings. no word yet on how the fire started, if anybody is hurt. we'll continue to follow this and bring you more details. be sure to stay with nbc 10 news and the nbc app for updates. starting at 3:00, it's an all-new hopeful with
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presidential frontrunner hillary clinton. this afternoon on nbc news at 4:00, we'll have all the latest developments throughout the day, and that weather looking good out there, glenn. we're talking about the biggest
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>> kayla: steve, i'm fine. >> steve: yeah, that's what you said before i left. it wasn't true. >> kayla: no, but i really am. i'm fine. i took the antidote and everything's good. you don't need to worry about me. in fact, i'm being discharged today. >> steve: i will find joe. >> kayla: but you said you didn't have any new leads. >> steve: babe, you need to have some faith, all right? i found bo, didn't i? everybody thought he dropped off the face of the earth. a runaway teenager who told his cousins where he's headed, that's easy. >> kayla: i hope so. >> steve: you just take care of yourself, okay? >> kayla: okay. tell joey i love him. >> steve: i sure will. [phone beeps] >> kayla: hey, do you have my discharge papers? >> fynn: yes. wait, but you're not ready to go anywhere. >> kayla: no, no, no.


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