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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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temperatures are soaring, and it's only going to get hotter as we take a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. and no doubt this will be a hot spot over the long holiday weekend. certainly a warm spot today as we take a look at cape may, new jersey for the folks out there enjoying the warm sun. don't see anybody in the water. there's a boat right there. bill henley is here with our forecast. bill. >> vai, i hope people will get in the water. we'll see plenty of sunshine and a big warmup already under way. we started the morning in the 50s and 60s. aurd 80 in philadelphia. some of the suburbs warmer. interior new jersey, 82 degrees. new 83 in the lehigh valley.
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these are updating. these are live cameras from around the area. a few scattered thin clouds around easton, but sunshine and warm temperatures into the mid aths around 2:00, and inafternoon temperatures will start coming down later today. high temperatures near 90. the temperatures climbing with a little southwesterly wind. 89 degrees. at the shore, a little cooler, 78 degrees. a chance of showers tonight. dry during the day. take a look at the futurecast when i come back. >> see you then. >> as we head into the memorial day weekend, people will be spending a lot of time outdoors. they're getting a feel for the hot weather today. pamela osborne is live with the first of the devon horse show. how are spectators beating the heat? >> you know, a lot of them are just kind of hanging out in the shade right now. it's a good thing the bleachers are located under some of these trees here, providing a little bit of relief.
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other than that, we have seen people with bottles of water, gatora gatorade, everybody trying to stay hydrated and enjoy the heat. >> the weather is a little humid. >> and it didn't talk long once the sun was up, so were the temperatures. >> the hotter it gets, the earlier you have to get up. the heat comes down on you. >> we bumped into joe on his morning walk, which he took only because of the forecasted heat. >> that's why i'm out here early in the morning to get a walk out of the way. >> lorraine martin, enjoying the cost, being prepared. >> hydrate, hydrate. drink plenty of water, try to stay away from those sweet beverages. >> at the devon horse show, we saw people wearing the right kinds of things and horses getting help from handlers to cool off as well. what's the main you thing want to keep in mind? the nurse we spoke to says take it easy.
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>> when you need rest, definitely stop and rest. don't push yourself. know your limit. and have a good time out here, enjoy the vitamin d. >> and if you plan on coming out here to take in the show, that's a great thing to do. keep in mind the people who organized this event, they're going to have some cooling stations set up for people. so that's a possibility, that's something available to you if you want to come out but you're concerned about the heat. reporting live in chester county, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> good idea. >> this morning, fimp police are questioning two people with a connection to a shooting . crime scene detectives have been processing the scene all morning. that's where officers found a 34-year-old man shot in the head around 1:00 a.m. they took him to the hospital where he is listed in critical condition. police believe the victim was targeted. officers found what they believe to be crack cocaine in his possession. a minivan was scene in the area
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at the time of the shooting. police stopped that vehicle about a block away and brought the two people inside to be inviewed. >> norristown police are looking for a driver following a hit-and-run crash that injured a 7-year-old boy. the boy rode his bike out in an alley on oakwood avenue, slamming into the passenger side of a car. that car backed up and nearly hit the boy again. police say the car then, they describe as a gold toyota camry, reversed down another alley to get away. >> i don't know how anybody can hit a child and keep going. >> took off down the alley without any fear of backing over him again, no regard for life whatsoever, especially a child's life. >> neighbors ran to help the boy. he was treated and has been released. police found the car parked a few blocks away with a dent on the side. they have a good lead on the
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suspect. >> and happening today, putting police under review. the department of justice will take a close look at chester's police department and how officers handle potentially deadly encounters. matt delucia has the details for us. >> the chester police commissioner invited the department of justice to perform this review of practices and policies involving use of force. they're also going to lock at past incidences in which officers have had to use deadly force. chester has seen its share of police-involved shootings this year, including one in february in which more than 100 gunshots were fired when a pair of suspects. one of them died, and in march, another deadly shooting that also left an officer injured. after that incident, the mayor pleaded for the community to remain calm. >> it does not help to have persons instigate or infuriate persons within the community when they don't have all the
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information. >> today, the mayor along with the police commissioner and eastern district u.s. attorney will come together to talk about the upcoming review. also, the mayor and city council are going to be apointing in the near future and funding a civilian review board to investigate civilian complaints and make some recommendations as well. philadelphia requested a similar review from the department of justice three years ago. that review yielded more than 90 recommendations. most of which have already been imp lemented. in chester, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> authorities in philadelphia will not file charges after police say a father accidentally sent his son to school with a loaded gun. the second grader found the gun in his backpack in class. he told his teacher about the weapon and administrators called police. the boy's father is a security guard with a license to carry. investigators say he was in a rush yesterday morning, put the
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gun in his son's bag, and then forgot about it. well, new jersey governor chris christie signals he's warming up to a bill that lawmakers consider today to rescue financially strapped atlantic city. it won approval in committee earlier this week. in his radio show yesterday, he didn't say he would sign the mrsh, but he did say it gives him the authority he needs to help atlantic city. the compromise bill stops the threat of a state takeover for now. and gives a.c. 150 days to balance its budget and put a five-year financial plan in place. time now for a check on the roads with nbc10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're still watching an accident that's on the vine street expressway tying things up a bit because now we're almost in the afternoon rush where we start to see volume into the center city area. these are our cameras around eighth street. headed westbound, approaching the schuylkill expressway, our
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cameras go blurry when we go live to it, but there we go, there's a school bus and another vehicle involved in the right-hand shoulder headed westbound to the schuylkill and opposite on the other side of the road, another school bus on the shoulder as well. that's one is just a disabled vehicle. just a little bit of a slow go by the scene on both ramps. also an accident on royersford. and for septa, the west trenton line outbound service is dealing with 30-minute delays for the west trenton line between langhorn and west trenton. check before you go. >> thank you, jessica. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolfe has signed a bill requiring first time dui offenders to use a breathalyzer system on their vehicles. drunk drivers with a blood alcohol level of .10 or higher would have to install the ignition interlock system on their vehicle for one year. the state will not suspend their license. the law is scheduled to take vaekt in 15 months.
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and philadelphia mayor jim kenney's push to create community schools is gaining momeant nl. today, he met with parents and students at stanton elementary school in center city to talk about the benefits of community schools. the mayor says his goal is to open more than two dozen community schools by the end of his term, which would act as family service centers. students would have access to health and social services during the school day. communities members are starting to fill out surveys identifying which schools would be best for the program. up next, good reason to be rattled. a new comments president obama made overseas this morning about donald trump and the rivalry between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and the cleanup is under way after a tornado described as catastrophic touches down in the midwest. a look at the damage and destruction the massive twister left behind. >> we have sunshine today. this is a live view from wilmington, but there is a potential for some showers and
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thunderstorms for parts of our area as early as tonight. look to futurecast when we come back. ans age 50 to 85:
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call if you're in your 60s for a plan that's easy to get. if you're in your 70s, call for a plan that's affordable. and if you're almost 80, like me, call for a plan that guarantees your acceptance. don't wait, call today. (soft music) ♪ (colonial penn jingle) a house fire in bethlehem this morning. sky force 10 is live over east eighth street near lehigh avenue. we're told this is a three-alarm fire. we're working to find out if anyone was hurt. you see the flames there, just engulfed that portion of the
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house. you see smoke and fire crews are arriving on the scene there. we'll stay with us and bring you more information. just tap the nbc10 app for updates on this breaking news. one person has died after a shooting during a new york city rap concert. three others were wounded after gunshots were fired inside a concert venue. one of the victims is in critical condition. sources say 30-year-old brooklyn based rapper troy ab was shot in the leg. the gunfire sparked a chaotic scene as the crowd began rushing for the exits. the show was set to feature t.i., but he wasn't on the scene when it happened. police are still looking for a shooter. representatives for t.i. referred all questions to the police. and now to decision 2016.
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donald trump has reached a magic number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination. according to nbc new's delegate count, trump, meanwhile, agreed to another debate with an unexpected opponent. tracie potts has the latest on the presidential campaign from washington, d.c. >> feel the bern! >> police pushed back protesters for a second day in a row at a trump rally. this one in california. trump himself made news overnight when late night host jimmy kimmel asked if he would debate bernie sanders. >> i would love to do that. >> early this morning, sanders replied on twitter, game on. >> if we come out with the democratic nomination, donald trump is toast. >> hillary clinton already said no to a california debate with sanders. she's trying to convince voters trump won't get along with congress or world leaders. >> this is not a reality tv show. you can't say if you disagree
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with them, you're fired. >> this morning from japan, president obama said world leaders are concerned. >> for good reason, because a lot of the proposals he made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. >> trump is getting along with paul ryan. they spoke by phone wednesday. multiple reports suggest ryan may endorse trump today. clinton faces a new inspector general's report that finds she did not compline with policies based on the federal records act because she did not turn over all her e-mails before she left office. and clinton's responding in an interview with univision. she says that this is the same old story, nothing new in this report. she doesn't think it will really affect her in a general election. president obama asked about that this morning didn't have a lot to say about hillary clinton and the e-mails. tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. well, the homeland security subcommittee just wrapped up a hearing on the long lines at tsa checkpoints at airports. an midadministrators and directors from several airports gave their perspectives on the delays. a representative from american airlines testified increasingly long lines at security checkpoints have caused passengers to miss flights. tens of thousands of them. the situation is expected to get worse in the busy summer travel season. the head of the transportation security administration says the agency will add more than 700 new screeners by mid-june to deal with the growing lines. he testified before lawmakers on capitol hill yesterday. he says tsa officers are being moved to staff checkpoints at the busiest airports, at the busiest times. he also said a new incident command center will track daily screening operations to help shorten those lines.
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>> camera captured a power and fury of a tornado as it tore through parts of kansas. the half-mile wide tornado moved at about 15 miles per hour as it moved through a county in the central part of the state. officials estimate it damaged or destroyed about 15 to 25 homes. no reports of anyone being hurt. the red cross has opened a shelter to help the victims. 11:17. we're already in the 80s. bright sunshine and the temperatures are moving up, but as the temperatures come up, unfortunately, the air quality is coming down. air quality alert for our area. it's code red for delaware and for southeastern pennsylvania, as we go into the afternoon. that's when we'll see the worst of the pollutants in the air. temperatures are already in the 80s. look at allentown, 83 degrees. 80 at philadelphia international.
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vineland in the 80s. atlantic city, 85 degrees. most temperatures running warming. the same mark yesterday in philadelphia. allentown up by 5 degrees and trenton is 4 degrees warmer. a little cooler right now in wilmington. still plenty of time to catch up. the temperatures will climb to near 90 degrees this afternoon. we have seen a few scattered clouds move through the area. clouds will avoavoid us for morf the day. i am tracking showers to the west. you can see activity farther to the southwest. the first of the showers has fizzled but there's a possibility we'll see showers develop in the evening hours, not really during the day. this is late this evening, 11:00, the futurecast showing dry conditions for our area. but as we go into tomorrow, the chance of showers is more likely. first thing in the morning, dry, 9:30, see a similar warmup tomorrow. in fact, the humidity will be higher tomorrow. here we go with a chance of showers developing late tomorrow afternoon. and into the early evening hours, in the lehigh valley and some of the western suburbs to
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begin with. then that shower threat stays mainly to the north of philadelphia during the late evening hours. just a chance of seeing some wet weather for tomorrow. the chance of heat, well, that's on for the next few days. today and tomorrow, both days up to 90 degrees. the humidity will be noticeably higher tomorrow. that will fuel some scattered showers and thunderstorms. then the temperatures go even higher as we head into the holiday weekend. 92 degrees on saturday. a little cooler on sunday. the humidity is so high, there's a good chance we'll see some late day showers and possibly some thunderstorms develop sunday and into memorial day monday. best chance of seeing the wet weather will be in the morning and early in the afternoon on monday. a chance we would see it dry out late in the day on monday, and that will clear things out for tuesday and wednesday. still warm on wednesday. temperatures getting closer to normal for this time of year, which is upper 70s for wednesday and thursday. then we could see more showers before we get to next weekend. 76 degrees on friday and
11:20 am
saturday at 78 degrees. temperatures will be getting back to normal, but we have some heat and humidity to get through before that happens. >> all right, let's get through the heat and humidity. thank you, bill. >> his freedom has come to a screeching halt. still ahead, find out why this former "saved by the bell star" is back behind bars.
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you probably heard the saying it takes a village.
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that's certainly the case when it comes to helping people recover from their addiction to drugs and alcohol. issues that are ravaging communities throughout our area. next week, those making a difference in the city of philadelphia are being honored for their area. the deputy commissioner at the city's department of behavioral health is here today. tell us about your department and who you serve. >> the department of behavioral health serves people who have mental health challenges, have drug and alcohol issues, and have both. and we serve pretty much about 37,000 people a year in the city of philadelphia. and we have been providing a host of treatment services for residential to outpatient services throughout the community. >> i poked around the website. one thing that struck me, one of my takeaways from reading the website is you seem to really go out of your way to allow those who are in recovery to take
11:24 am
ownership of their recovery. am i painted the picture correctly. >> >> very much so. we are of, for, and by the people. we -- this is a disease of people. it is a behavioraly manifested disease. therefore, the best consultants to help treat the diseases are the people themselves. >> tell me about the program you have where you're honoring and who you're honoring. >> we're honoring people from the community, organizations, people in recovery. people who are commissioned. people who are making a difference in the community. to say the least, all year long, we have been hearing bad news after bad news regarding overdose deaths and some of the realities of addiction. but the other reality is that we have a number of people in philadelphia who are in recovery. a number of people who are making great strides towards supporting recovery. and a number of people who are making a difference in the lives of folks in all of our
11:25 am
communities across the city of philadelphia. >> we have been hearing so much over the years, for decades now, the war on drugs. do you feel that your department has made stride in helping people recover, getting over it, and past their addiction? >> yeah. we did a survey in 2012 for southeastern pennsylvania and general and philadelphia in particular, and we identified over 128,000 people in philadelphia alone who self-identify as being in recovery. i believe that we actually brought a different message about addiction and drug use and the fact that people can recover from their addiction, and by the way, addiction is preventable. >> the mayor's drug and alcohol executive commission's 2016 making a difference recognition dinner is happening wednesday, june 1st from 5:15 to 8:15 at the hilton philadelphia city avenue. for more information, head to our website. a link at or check out the nbc10 app. roland, thank you so much for coming. >> thank you, vai. >> thank you for the work you're doing. >> same to you.
11:26 am
well, the hot weather is here, and the humidity isn't far behind. this place will be packed starting tomorrow. give you a live look at beachgoers in cape may, new jersey, from the shore to the poconos to the city and beyond. meteorologist bill henley will let us know how hot it's going to get. and getting paid to stay away. penn state's unusual offer to some of its incoming freshmen this fall.
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that breaking news is a house fire in bethlehem. we showed this to you a few minutes ago. sky force 10 live over east eighth street near lehigh avenue. we're told this is a three-alarm fire. we showed this to you maybe ten minutes ago. it hadn't been engulfed this
11:30 am
much. now the roof, this is a twin building, and looks like it has consumed a good portion of the house there as we pull back. you see a ladder up to the roof there. but firefighters, a three-alarm fire, firefighters working to put the fire out. you see water being sprayed on it from a ladder there. a crane. but there's working on this. we'll keep our eye on this. stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for updates on this breaking news. >> the countdown is on to memorial day weekend. we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge which will likely be packed soon with cars making their way to the shore for the memorial day weekend. and get ready for a steamy one. it looked like the middle of summer. an nbc10 camera was on meain street where these people were walking along in shorts, flip-flops, shades. a hot one today.
11:31 am
meteorologist bill henley is here now with our steamy forecast. >> lots of spots heading into the hot zone this afternoon, including wilmington, seeing temperatures in the 70s, but it won't be lodge before readings in the 80s. bright sunshine, and no game today at the frawley stadium for the blue rocks. they're out of time, but always time to get something done on the field. 78 in delaware. philadelphia is 80, and 80 in the suburbs. there are some spots in delaware already into the 80s. marsha marshallton, 82. and rehoboth and dewey beach in the 70s for now. at the shore, the skies are mostly sunny. no sign of showers and temperatures at the shore have also moved up significantly. looking at 82 degrees in cape may courthouse. ocean city and atlantic city in the 70s. upper 70s this afternoon for the beach, but go inland and you can see the 80s. just cool down a little bit in summer's point. a breeze coming in off the ocean. the ocean is cooler.
11:32 am
65 degrees, the ocean water temperature at cape may. 57 degrees in atlantic city. the cool ocean breezes are going to keep temperatures in line at the shore. inland, the numbers soar. look how clear it is. futurecast showing at 1:30 this afternoon, no sign of any clouds in our area. there is a possibility we'll see a shower develop this evening. you can see the activity moving in from the west. the shower threat into the late evening hours. a brief shower possible. this may not be the only chance for showers coming our way. got the holiday forecast which does have rain in it, come memorial day. vai. >> all right, thank you, bill. >> a day for wearing shorts and of course enjoying some cold treats. you stay right there, bill, don't move. people will be trying to find ways to cool off in the hot weather. pamela osborne is live for us at the first day of the devon horse show. set the scene for us. >> you know, this is definitely a day for cold treats, as you mentioned. right now, they're doing changing of the course here, trying to get it ready for the next event.
11:33 am
earlier when we saw you, everyone was sitting on the bleachers here, kind of enjoying the nice shade. a lot of those people have moved into the barns. we're told those are pretty cool. we have also seen people with bottles of water and gatorade trying to enjoy today's events without getting too hot. >> the weather is a little humid. >> and it didn't take long once the sun was up, so were the temperatures. >> the hotter it gets, the earlier you have to get up. the heat comes down on you. i hate the heat. >> we bumped into joe on his morning walk, which he took only because of the forecasted heat. >> well, that's why i'm out here early in the morning, to get my walk out of the way. >> for nursing instructor lorraine martin, enjoying the weather comes at a cost. the cost, being prepared. >> hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. that means drink plenty of water. try to stay away from those sweet beverages. >> at the devon horse show in chester county, we saw people wearing the right kinds of things. and horses getting a little help from their handlers to cool off as well. >> a lot of water.
11:34 am
we hose them off after like every time we ride them. they get washed and we make sure they can come out and graze in the shade so they can eat and move around. >> what's the main thing you want to keep in mind throughout the day and the weekend? the nurse we spoke to says take it easy. >> when you need to rest, definitely stop and rest. don't push yourself. know your limit. and have a good time out here. enjoy this vitamin d. >> and we talked do a couple teens who are participating in the horse show. they tell me it's all about staying hydrated, not only for them but their horses as well. we're also being told by organizers that a cooling center will be set up and running for visitors. reporting live in chester county, i'm pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> thank you. >> during his visit to japan, president obama said north korea's nuclear testing program remains, quote, a big worry for all of us. the president made the comment while speaking at the g7 summit
11:35 am
in japan today. he said the north korean leader seems to be convinced that the development of nuclear weapons is the only way to legitimize his rule. his discussion of the north korean nuclear threat comes as he plans to visit hiroshima, the target of a u.s. nuclear bomb back in world war ii. >> i do think part of the reason i'm going is because i want to once again underscore the very real risks that are out there. >> the president will visit hiroshima tomorrow. several of the g7 leaders got to check out self-driving cars this morning. japan's prime minister showed the vehicles to the politicians saying they'll be a safe means of transportation for aging drivers and cut down on sdents. the world leaders then had a chance to ride a short distance in the cars. >> intruders may have more access to planes and runways at major airports than you think. that's according to an associated press investigation.
11:36 am
it found someone jumps over fences or gets through perimeter gates about every ten days. the associated press learned of 345 incidents over the last decade. the report listed philadelphia international as having 30 incidents between 2004 and mid-febof this year. the a.p. says that puts philadelphia international among the large airports with the most known incidents. >> we asked the airport about the associated press report. a spokesperson said while the airport takes these incidents seriously, the a.p. data reflects the accidents on the public roadways that runs along the airport's perimeter. it would be a mischaracterization to classify all of these car accidents on the public road as airport breaches. the actor who played screech on the tv show "saved by the bell" was arrested again. officials in wisconsin say dustin diamond violated the terms of his parole. diamond was released from prison last month after serving time
11:37 am
for stabbing a man in a bar fight. and we're expected to learn more about the zikas. the director of the cdc is scheduled to hold a briefing in washington, d.c. officials say he will discuss the latest zika research and offer predictions about what is next in the fight to control the spread of the disease. one local community is already getting involved in the fight against the zika virus. katie zachary shows us how students areterring mosquitoes. >> mercer county has been on the lookout for mosquitoes carrying the zika virus. for months now, really since the winter. now, local students are being encouraged to get involved in this effort. students from across the country are being asked to work with their local mosquito control teams collect egg samples. we caught up with a team in mercer county doing just that. it's as easy ozputting a cup and paper towel liner near standing water. mosquitoes usually lay their
11:38 am
eggs inside. the samples would be sent to the invasive mosquito project. it's born from scientists in the midwest who want to create a map of mosquito activity. >> now, we have this fear from zika and chikungunya, but really, this is an education project for people. >> we want to be proactive because once we have the disease and those invasive mosquitoes. it's already two late. >> the scientists behind this project says in the past when he put forth this kind of plea for help, students have been more responsive with theidaty collection than adults. that's why school groups are encouraged to take part. really, anyone can get involved. just contact your local mosquito control board. we have more information on our website,, and a reminder, make sure to wear long sleeves and insect repellent if you do participate.
11:39 am
reporting from camden, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> we want to warn you, the next story could give you nightmares. a man in thailand was sitting on a toilet when a 9-foot python came up through the plumbing and bit him. the man was able to free himself from the python's jaws. rescue workers removed the snake from the toilet using hammers to break through the pipes. they then released the snake. doctors say the 38-year-old victim suffered an eight-inch wound which needed stitches, and they say he should make a full recovery. snakes are common in thailand, even urban areas. >> an historic plane making its way around the world will spend the next few days in the valley. it landed after a flight from dayton, ohio. the plane is attempting to make a record-breaking trip around the world using only solar energy. it started in abu dhabi last year and included a five day trip over the pacific.
11:40 am
the goal of the trip is to educate people to maximize our energy efficient technology. >> we always think about how to produce more and more energy and never think about how to use the energy we have or how to better use the energy we have. >> i think it's already changed the way people are thinking about solar. i think it's even going to get greater. >> the solar impulse will take off for new york on monday and will make a trip around the statue of liberty. he'll then head out across the atlantic to europe. >> nasa's first test of its inflatable space room failed this morning. the space agency hopes to try again tomorrow after they fully study why the space room did not inflate. the new habitat was installed in order to pave the way for the use of similar lightweight inflatable units that nasa hopes to use to colonize the moon and mars. >> we now have details of a partnership between septa and uber that we told you about yesterday morning. riders taking uber to or from
11:41 am
the regional stations will get 40% off the cost of their uber ride. septa hopes the service will cut down on the parking crunch at some of the busiest stations around the area. >> we want to give people an opportunity to try something they have never tried before. instead of driving their car to the city, figuring out a way to come to a station without driving their own car and use the train to get into the city. >> the septa/uber discount will be in effect from memorial day to labor day. depending on how things go, it could become a permanent arrangement. >> penn state university is offering a special financial deal to freshmen because its incoming freshmen class is bigger than expected. administrators are hoping to get students to attend campuses other than the state college location for the first year. in-state students will get $10,000 off their tuition. out of state students get a $15,000 break. if students decide to attend one of the campuses with housing, they get an additional $5,000
11:42 am
off their tuition. up next, nothing silly about this. well, maybe just a little. we have a star-studded event on nbc that's coming up later tonight. it won't lift your spirits, not only lift your spirits, the important cause behind this red nose day. bill. >> blue sky and temperatures that are really taking off. keeping an eye on the satellite and radar, as early as this evening, we could see showers in the area. that and the futurecast and a look at the holiday weekend forecast for each of our neighborhoods when we come back.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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well, we've been telling you about this all week long. this saturday night, the philly pops will present memorial salute, a concert honoring those who serve. allison blackwell is a friend of the show, a broadway star and one of the performers in saturday's memorial salute. welcome back. we were just talking about this. your performance of carole king's song was back in february. and you're back for this. tell us how you got involved. >> yes, my show called and said i want you to be involved in the memorial day salute. it's going to be a great night. lots of patriotic songs. >> tell us more specifically some of the songs you'll be performing. >> i'm doing two gershwin songs and i'll be singing god bless
11:46 am
america and the battle hymn of the republic. all three verses. all the verses, all the choruses. >> that's like a showstopper. >> a showstopper. >> and then walk off the stage, good night everybody. >> yeah, so that's the one. that's the exciting one. a great chorus. we're having as, and they're going to be singing with me as well. a great night. >> tell me why that song is great for this event because you have military personnel there. >> yes, we do. >> right, and that speaks to them. >> the man and the philly pops have done this concert, which i think is amazing. they have given away a lot of free trickts to the troops and families which i think is beautiful. it's honoring them and their troops here and abroad. it's a really special event. >> you know how we feel about you. part of how we feel about you is because rr a local. >> yes. >> tell me what it's like when you perform in your home town and the people -- you must look out. you travel all over the place and see people.
11:47 am
you don't always recognize them. here, i think when you perform here, i'm guessing you look in the audience and you see there's so-and-so, so-and-so. >> it's a sense of pride because wherever i go, i try to represent myself the best and philadelphia the best. to come home here and get to, you know, ovations and get the respect and get the love, it means the world to me. it's an honor, honestly. >> this is the first time -- frankly, i was surprised they have not done this before. but there's a lots of people who don't go down to shore, too crazy. so this is a great opportunity for people are here, that -- >> it's ideal. >> to go to the shorer but they want to kick off the summer. >> and hear great music and myself and hugh, who is also a soloist, filly native as well, a great concert celebrating philly and our troops. a great event. >> we're so glad you're involved. >> glad to be here. >> and we're involved. going to be a great marriage here. >> it is. >> memorial salute is happening
11:48 am
this saturday at 7:00. our own glenn "hurricane" schwartz, speaking of locals. he's going to mc it, veterans, active military, and philadelphia police officers and firefighters can see the show for free. along with their families. >> yes. >> bring the families. also, philadelphia public school students and teachers and administrators can get free tickets. want to salute them for all the work they do. for more information, head to our or check out our nbc10 app. comcast and nbc10 are proud sponsors of the memorial salute. we're so glad that you came to see us. next time you have another program or show, you come right back. >> i'm coming. >> promote with us. >> i will. thank you. >> thank you very much. well, it's red nose day, and tonight, nbc will broadcast a live two-hour primetime special. it raises money to left children out of poverty and around the world. mark barger has a preview for us. >> it's the first ever red nose day in america.
11:49 am
>> the debut of that comedy fund-raiser got a solid start last year. >> we were raising i think $23 million. >> the red nose concept started in the uk. >> i -- >> where it's generated more than a billion dollars since 1985 in annual telethons. >> we want to give a feeling of people being able to directly help kids in trouble. >> comedian craig ferguson is hosting tonight's event. its donations split 50/50 among poverty fighting charities both in and outside of the u.s. >> it makes the world more like a small. it's a little more of a community way to help the planet. >> the need is driving home in a series of vignettvignettes. >> if you could be here, you would know what to do. >> jack black's visit to the slums of uganda motivated donors last year. >> i could feel the impact from people who came up to me on the street and said i saw that thing. it was really moving. i gave money. >> black is among two dozen
11:50 am
performers tonight. >> they're hoping to deliver on the red nose motto. good laughs for a good cause. >> thank you! >> mark barger, nbc10 news. >> and of course, tune in tonight at 9:00 here on nbc10 for the red nose special. red nose day special. craig ferguson will host the program. celebrities aren't the only ones getting into the spirit. this morning, police, their department tweeted these photos of officers sporting red noses and clowning around, all for a good cause. good to see those red noses. nice to see sunshine, too, but a lot of people may not be ready for the heat we're going to get today. here's a view from camden, new jersey, looking to center city. already in the upper 80s in parts of new jersey. turning up the heat.
11:51 am
the last couple days have been getting warmer and warmer. today, heading for the 90-degree mark. it will feel hotter tomorrow as the humidity will be on the increase. tracking some showers. nothing in the area just yet, but as we go into the evening hours, the futurecast showing some activity this evening in delaware, and then late this evening, a possibility of showers for the lehigh valley and into some of the northern and western suburbs. at this time, watching the temperatures. 80 degrees in philadelphia. warming already into the upper 80s. audubon 89 degrees. it's to be hot. and tomorrow, more humid. today, we'll enjoy lots of sunshine. a few scattered clouds at time, but mostly in the clear during the day. the showers to the west, you can see some in kentucky, that line of showers moving to the midwest is going to fizzle but the humidity will be increasing tomorrow. so a better chance we'll see showers and thunderstorms develop late tomorrow. not going to be an all-day rainfall, but by 7:00 tomorrow
11:52 am
evening, this latest futurecast shows wet weather moving into the lehigh valley, northern and western suburbs tomorrow. a chance of some showers in philadelphia tomorrow. and that won't be the only chance of seeing some wet weather. unfortunately, over the holiday weekend, hard to get a memorial day weekend to see sunshine and warm temperatures through the entire weekend. saturday is the hottest, up to 92 degrees in philadelphia. looking for relief, the shore near 80 degrees. beautiful beach day on saturday. clouds on the crease late on sunday. there is a chance of showers late in the day and memorial day monday is likely to start with cloudy skies and rain. mostly cloudy in the afternoon, might see late-day drying on memorial day monday. but the threat of showers will be with us. so hot today. hot and humid tomorrow. with a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms. but not everybody is going see that activity. come saturday, even hotter. then the temperatures start coming down as temperatures move in for sunday.
11:53 am
memorial day sunday, 88 degrees. wednesday and thursday, dry, but you might need the umbrella again next friday. just don't have to worry about the high heat. 76 degrees on friday and then into the upper 70s with a chance of an early shower on saturday. we'll be right back. xñósoñ?ñ?@ñ?ñ?ñ?
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11:56 am
sky force 10 is live over a police involved accident. this is in the jougermantown section of philadelphia. on germantown avenue and price street. we're told this happened just a short time ago and the officer was hit by a car, a driver in a car. that officer is in stable condition. and is attine medical center, as we zoom in there on the police car. a woman was also injured in this accident and she's being treated at the hospital as well. we're getting information on this and we'll share it with you on the nbc10 app and also update on this breaking news later today at 4:00. >> this afternoon at 3:00, ellen with jesse tyler ferguson and kevin nealon. then nbc10 news at 4:00, this afternoon, the newest ride at six flags unveiled. we'll show you what makes the new theme park thrill different. that's on the nbc10 news at
11:57 am
4:00. >> getting dizzy just looking at that. >> you're watching nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for bill henley and of us here, have a great day. >> stay cool.
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>> belle: i have to say, as a lawyer, i think you got off pretty easy. >> shawn: as a cop, i agree. that judge could've come down on you guys pretty hard. >> belle: especially since the car you trashed was a judge's car. >> claire: yeah, i know, mom. >> shawn: claire, your mom just wants to make sure it doesn't happen again, all right? >> belle: and community service is like a slap on the wrist. oh, my gosh. [laughing] just take it off. i can tell it's bothering you. here. >> shawn: [sighs] there we go. >> belle: that's better. what? why are you looking at us like that? >> claire: okay, so for months now, you two have been snarling at each other, and then today at the station, you're all, "what do you think?" "no, what do you think?" >> belle: uh, because when your child has to go to court, parents, even divorced parents, close ranks. >> shawn: yeah. >> claire: i've seen you two close ranks, and this w


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