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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  May 27, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> right now on nbc 10 news today we're live for your memorial day weekend. a live look from cape may. beautiful. we'll show you what the shore has in store this summer. >> honoring those that fought and lost their lives for america. we'll tell you how they're paying a special tribute for that he has that serve. >> here's a live look this morning at the ben franklin bridge. also possible showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll get you details on that. it's 5:30 right now. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today.
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let's go to bill and the neighborhood weather forecast. >> i concur. 67 in the suburbs. 68 degrees at delaware as we get closer to sunrise. 6 minutes away from sunrise this morning and a quick warm up too. 72 degrees at 8:00 this morning. by 11:00 we will be in the 80s. to near 90 degrees this afternoon in wilmington. each one of these areas will see a quick warm up but if you're looking for cooler temperatures it's not inland. that's not where you want to be. it's at the shore which is where you'll see sunshine and a slight chance of a shower. 78 degrees this afternoon. we have seen showers this morning. they moved there through the valley and they're pull agoway and now it's dry for the rest of the area but there's a chance we'll see a few more showers develop this afternoon. this morning it will be dry. we'll go through the future cast hour by hour and we're coming
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back to show you where those are most likely to occur but first katie has your first alert traffic. >> fortunately no showers and the roads are dry. the first accident is outside of philadelphia on montgomery drive westbound heading out of the city and you can see here there are at least two cars that are on the scene involving several vehicles. it's the two on the shoulder there. there's a few emergency crews directing traffic and you can see the right lane around it and eastbound traffic on the opposite side. another crash we're following 422 westbound on the onramp it's taking them a little bit of time. it happened about an hour ago
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and if you're headed to the shore you have a great drive ahead. this is right at the atlantic city expressway. free and clear of any issues. when i see you in a bit we'll take a look at delaware road. >> 5:33 and we're following break news out of north philadelphia where police are searching for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run. witnesses tell police that a 57-year-old man just dropped off a group of people at a church around 10:00 last night. the man was getting back into his van when a car hit him and then took off. he died at the hospital. police describe the car as dark in color and a possible flat tire. >> starting all next week we'll be live to show you and your family what's happening down at the shore for the summer last
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segment he shows us desserts. producers want to make sure that you know you're on the clock. >> i finish dessert and i head to the bar for a night cap. this wouldn't be a night cap for me this early in the morning but 5:30 and we have to talk about this summer cocktail. people come down from the jersey shore in atlantic city right now at the continental here at the pier. we have adam. we have mike. tell us about these new cocktails for summer. >> these are our new cocktails for the summer for continental. this is sorento sunrise. we use gin passion fruit and house made grenadine and cherry garnish. and this is our tiki drink. it's basically key lime drink. it's not a creamy one.
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you can drink it all day. it's a shirley temple at the next level. cherry vodka and lime. right now he is making the pi pineapple express. it's a smoked pineapple margarita. a little bit of pineapple juice and tequila and grilled pineapple and we put it into our hurricane glass here in a volcanic resalt. >> what's the atmosphere like here in the summer? i guess you're looking forward to this all year. >> it's like you flip a switch from thursday to friday memorial day weekend and we have hundreds of people coming through the door all day, all night. over the weekend we have brunch. we're opening up at 11:00 every
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single day. so people are just coming through from the beach, the boardwalk, casino. winning money, losing money, whatever. >> they have to come to the bar and a good day to come down to the shore. what can you expect for 5:30 in the morning. everything looks nice guys. thank you very much. we're over here at the continental and we'll take more of a tour of atlantic city and tell you about another cool thing going on this summer. people come down here every year for. so we'll see you then at the top of the hour. for now i'm live in atlantic city. i promise i won't drink. nbc 10 news. >> you had me at don't call me shirley.
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>> for the first time ever they'll be holding a special concert to honor those that served our country. >> pamela is live this morning for more on the memorial salute. when you talked to a philadelphia police captain about his service and celebration. tell us more about it. >> good morning. he tells me that he is a philly guy through and through. so this is really exciting for him and so many others. it's a salute to the people that serve our country. they're expected to give away free tickets to veterans for the concert but we wanted to bring the focus back to the people every day ahead of this concert because that's what this is all abo about. not only is he captain army reservist and instructor. he teaches an rotc science class and has been serving our country
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for 27 years. he served in iraq and afghanistan and when september 11th happened he was called upon again and answered. it's people like this that are the real stars of the memorial concert. he tells us that he's thrilled that such a big name orchestra is shining light on this for the first of its kind performance. >> it's so important as an american and the fact that we have a holiday other than veteran's day. i have to tell you, you hear a lot and it's in our head a lot that maybe 1% of the u.s. population served in this current conflict but to me that's why america is great.
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>> they'll get in for three. the event is tomorrow night at 7:00. a great cause. by the way we'll see you in the next hour with another profile of a veteran that actually plays on that orchestra. reporting live in philadelphia, pamela osborne nbc 10 news. >> can't wait to see that. >> now your weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 5:39 and the sun is coming up. what a beautiful morning. it's going to be a great day at the shore. temperatures have cooled into the 60s. ocean city and atlantic city is 64 degrees. these numbers will climb into the upper 70s but inland a
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hotter wind today. we'll keep the beach cooler but near 90 degrees this afternoon. we could see showers develop. most of the day is going to be dry. near 90 degrees this afternoon and upper 80s to near 90 degrees. a good chance to see showers and thunderstorms develop in new jersey. atlantic city up to 84 degrees. can't rule out an afternoon shower and thunderstorm. not much to show you just yet but even though it's going to be at 10:00 and lunchtime it's going to be quite watch what happens as we go into the
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afternoon hours. there's the showers and thunderstorms developing and there's a chance of them popping up. a look at the ten day outlook when we're back in ten minutes. >> 19 minutes before 6:00. we'll approximate keeping our eye on this at 76 westbound in min montgomery. >> we have our cameras still on the scene because it is still a scene. the camera is moving around right now but it does look like from the emergency vehicles out there then, hopefully this should be wrapping up soon but i brought up drive time to show you it's still 12 minutes and when i see you in a bit we'll take a look at the roadways.
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>> do you know a group making a difference in our area? they could get $60,000. the wawa foundation is launching the first ever hero award. the deadline to enter is monday may 30th. you can get the information by visiting the wawa >> 70 degrees in our studios. 5:42 this morning. smoking from financial health and even minimum wage. new jersey lawmakers have been busy just ahead of the holiday break. next the new bills passed in the garden state and this. >> correct. >> can you spell winners? we'll tell you what happened again during the finals of the national spelling bee.
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a transgender woman says she wants an apology and is considering legal action after she was kicked out of a mcdonald's bathroom.
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she is legally a woman and on wednesday she says that a manager questioned her gender identity and asked her to leave the women's restroom. the manager told nbc 10 that she was handling a customer's concern. the manager said the customer's young daughter saw her in the bathroom and was scared. >> to my knowledge i was the only person in the women's room at at in point did i ever interact with any child at all. >> new jersey does not have a gender bathroom law but it does have an antidiscrimination law and she is meeting with attorneys about filing a lawsuit. >> new jersey lawmakers passed several bills ahead of the holiday weekend. including one banning smoking on public beaches. it would allow towns to set aside up to 15% of the beach or sparks specifically for smoking
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and the bill now heads to governor chris christie's desk. and the new jersey assembly has a package of deals. it is five months to devise a plan and balance the budget. governor christie says he'll decide quickly whether to veto the legislation. and they raised the state's minimum wage from $15 an hour over the next five years. the bill now goes to the senate. the measure would raise the current wage of 383 to 10 cents an hour on the 31st. it also calls for raising the wage. >> it's 5:47 and 70 degrees out side. the wells fargo center will hand
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over the keys to the organizers of the democratic national convention. here's a live look. the work is already underway but over the next few months preparations will really kick into high gear. >> you have to have a structure and a sense of it and you start the foundation. >> the foundation is set. planning has been going on for more than a year. it's a well oiled machine that the ceo understands all too well. this is her second time leading the democratic national convention so she had a very specific criteria when it came to choosing it. >> they're one part logistics. the city has to be able to support this 50,000 person thing
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that comes in the middle of the city so you have to have the infrastructures. but who is the leadership in the city. we found them in philadelphia. >> logistics and leadership and one more thing that truly put philadelphia over the top. >> parking lots around wells fargo gave us a tremendous amount of flexibility to accommodate the media and our satellite trucks and to accommodate the bus lots the car lots the media compound and so all of us that plan logistics looked out of the window and said parking lot and we stood there for about three minutes s salivating over the parking lot. >> they'll transform it into a stage fit for the national audience and she is in charge of it all from the obvious pomp and circumstance to even the most
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seemingly minute details like the color of the carpet. >> who knew there were so many shades of blue? so you have to pick exactly the right blue so it shows up and what it looks like on our color chart is not exactly what it looks like on television so you would be surprised how much time we spend on the correct shade of blue. >> and while the wells fargo center is taking shape they're working with the community to get them involved and to leave a lasting legacy long after the convention is over. i'll take a closer look at that coming up this afternoon on nbc 10 news starting at 4:00. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 10 minutes before 6:00. the sun is up. you can see a little bit coming through the clouds. the clouds will be thinning out. we'll see sunshine. partly to mostly sunny skies. a quick warm you. now 70 degrees in philadelphia. by 10:00 this morning. 80 fleer near 90 this afternoon.
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middle 80s by lunchtime and in the lehigh value some showers this morning it's drying out. right now. 69 degrees. sunshine a few clouds. 84 at lunchtime. the best chance of those will be in new jersey and as we go into the afternoon 84 degrees just enough to bring in more moisture. they're less likely at the shore. southerly winds coming off and the ocean is going to keep temperatures right along the coast a little bit cooler and near 90 degrees this afternoon. 68 degrees and just after 10:00 and then in the 80 near 90 tgz this afternoon. there is a chance of a spotty shower in delaware. most of the day it's going to be dry.
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this is future cast that shows interior new jersey most likely to see those showers and thunderstorms develop at 2:30 this afternoon and during the late afternoon hours widely scattered showers to the west. keep an eye on the sky this afternoon. memorial day weekend does have some changes. and demoirl day memorial day is see wet weather. at the shore though 60 on monday afternoon. 10 day outlook today and tomorrow hot and humid. there's a chance of a scattered shower and thunderstorm today. less likely for tomorrow. a spotty shower in some areas. it's monday for memorial day and 78 degrees with a chance of showers with us through the day on monday. by tuesday we're drying out and then we're in for it more closer
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to normal. another round of showers and thunderstorms. >> thanks for that. 8 minutes, 7 minutes you might be headed to work. you might be headed to your weeke weekend. >> a quick look at the shore. there's not a lot going on if you're heading down there earlier. if you're there and driving around. very quite at that intersection there. if you're headed to the beaches on 95, going northbound it's only going to take you about 10 minutes. >> thank you. next on nbc 10 we'll see you all about the ceremony at arlington national cemetery that features hundreds of thousands of flags.
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selvenkrais. >> correct. >> well, the contest ends in a tie that's exactly what happened this year. the 11-year-old from texas, 13-year-old from new york will share the trophy after they both correctly spelled their final few words. >> well, soldiers carried out a memorial day tradition at arlington national cemetery. >> they placed nearly a quarter million u.s. flags it marks the beginning of memorial day activity. the tradition began in 1948. flags are removed after memorial
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day. >> we continue to follow breaking news for you this morning. >> the man was killed after being hit by a car. they're now searching for the driver that took off. >> a nightmare bacteria super bug. doctors have feared has been found in a woman from pennsylvania. what we know about the super bug and what it could mean for you if it spreads.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> breaking news deadly hit-and-run. philadelphia police are searching for the driver that hit a man right after he dropped off a church group. >> president obama is in japan he is hoping to remind the world of the dangers of nuclear weapons. >> hot weather sticking around for memorial day weekend. we're live at the shore to tell you about some of the fun things happening throughout the holiday weekend


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