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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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night because of the higher humidity. lehigh valley only 67 degrees by tomorrow morning. the jersey shore holding well up into the 60s. we start off with great conditioning, especially for the shore. we'll see how long it's going to last with the rest of the forecast in minutes. >> thank you. the crowds are swelling at the shore. look, it's packed on the ocean city board walk, and similar scene in atlantic city. >> couldn't ask for better weather, right, randy? >> reporter: you know, officials were so worried we'd have gray skies and rain, but everyone here has a pair of sunglasses and having a good time. look at the big crowds at the board walk near north carolina avenue. that's good news on such a crucial tourism weekend. >> welcome, everyone to 016 summer season. >> reporter: to officially open the jersey shore to summer
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guests, atlantic city mayor had to first unlock the ocean, a symbolic moment for a city that desperately needs tourism dollars. >> and we're turning the lock on a brand new atlantic city. we're resilient, coming back from our financial troubles. >> reporter: once on the brink of bankruptcy, atlantic city's looking forward, hoping big memorial day crowds spend money and raise tax revenue. >> this is a place you want to be if you live in new jersey, new york, philadelphia, why would you be sweating when you can be chilling along the jersey shore? >> we normally go to seattle, but this year, we thought we would do something different. >> reporter: this family decided to give ac a shot this holiday. >> just coming to the beach, a beautiful day, nice weather after the rain. >> it's really hot today. >> reporter: while they were digging for shells on the beach, they came down from philly, and the family from new york city found plenty of life in the waters. >> i think it's a sand crab. >> reporter: spending the whole
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weekend here and spending hundreds of dollars along the way, a good sign for this tourist town on the rebound. >> eat, swim, and have fun. try not to gamble too much. >> reporter: good idea. in the next hour or so, we're expecting thousands of these beach balls to fall from the sky on to the board walk below. fireworks later tonight, and we're expecting bigger crowds and great weather again tomorrow. live on the board walk in atlantic city, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. as people head to the shore this holiday weekend, how about we get a check of the first alert traffic. i want to take a live look at route 73 and atlantic city expressway. traffic not bad there. volume on the roads, but moving nicely, but the holiday traffic rush got taoff to a bad start i bucks county. the tractor trailer fire turned down the road for hours.
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they reopened at 2:30 this afternoon. you can expect company on the roads and lowest gas prices in more than a decade, making this one of the busiest ever. tens of thousands of drivers rolling over the bridge over the next few days, of course, as crowds head to the shore. aaa has a bigger showing what company you can expect coming up this holiday weekend. it is projecting 38 million people travel 50 mimes or more over the holiday weekend, but that's about 700,000 more than last year, and the most since 2005, overwhelming majority, 89% planning to travel by car. helping boost the numbers, average price of gas, of course, is $2.30 nationwide, about 34 cents less than a year ago. aaa estimates americans have saved more than 15 billion on
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gas so far this year. >> if you're not headed out of town, you'll be in the city. blue cross river rink kicking off the unofficial start of summer. a live look at the celebration in philadelphia's only outdoor roller skating risk, it's back for a second season. more music is coming tonight, and it's definitely going to get packed, dj jazzy jeff starts the party with a spin session from 9:00 until 11:00 p.m. this is the debut of the water front crab shack. score samples or grab a cocktail and beer. there are arts and crafts for the kids, and there's golf and face painting and live music. >> check out our app throughout the memorial day weekend, the latest updates to the neighborhood weather ape traffic alerts before heading to your holiday destinations.
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suspected driver in this case took off from the scene and we have a better look at the suspect's car that police are trying to find right now. nbc 10 is following the investigation, and, andrea, do police know who they are looking for? >> reporter: they are not sure who nay are looking for, but they have a description of the car. a dark colored saab, a model between 1998 to 2008 and expect the car to have extensive damage. no shortage of kind words used to describe him. >> whatever you ask him to do, if he saw somebody, he needed something, he was there. >> reporter: last night, his church on germantown avenue, an assistant pastor. >> the best one. >> reporter: after service, he drop off men at the soldier of the lord ministry, a
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rehabilitation on north front street, where he stayed to prepare sand witches before leaving. >> i have to leave, i have to work tomorrow. i said, okay, god bless you, he head out the front door. >> reporter: not long after -- >> somebody knocked oven that door and said that the man been hit by a car. and that he was laying on the floor. >> reporter: according to the police, the 57-year-old was trying to enter his van which struck by another car similar to this and dragged 20 feet. the driver of the car left the scene, but investigators recoffered a saab logo off the grill. >> you know, we want to -- >> reporter: especially since he devoted so much time to helping people in rehab better their lives. only to have his own cut short. >> we know he was a man of god. we show that he's in heaven. >> reporter: back out live, we want to show you that that van that the victim was trying to enter is still out here on the scene. according to family, he leaves
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behind two brothers in philadelphia and a 19-year-old daughter in connecticut. family also tells us that they are hoping to bury him in connecticut. reporting live in north philadelphia, nbc 0 news. >> thanks for that. new information on a fire that forced a montgomery county school to e evacuate this week. a student is in custody in connection with that fire that happened at north penn high school. 3,000 students and staff had had to get out of the building on tuesday. fortunately, no one was hurt, but several classrooms were damaged. new video into nbc 10 showing a deadly chain reaction crash in delaware. a driver heading south on route 1 captures this video here. look at this. wow. this happened just before 2:00 in the afternoon near route 42. you see several vehicles go flying in the crash. sky force 10 shows us the
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aftermath from the air. total of five vehicles involved here, one person died, and the accident prompted police to shutdown route 1 for hours. new video of a man assaulted when he was just out walking his dog last weekend. police say ateen approached the man, asked him for the time, and he began punching him and knocked him to the ground before taking off. the victim was taken to the hospital with a broken nose. police say the suspect was with four other teenagers. if you recognize him, police do want to hear from you. this just in late this afternoon, new jersey governor kris kentechris christie will s to stop atlantic city from running out of cash for a few more months. they passed a bill this week, giving ac's government five months to device a plan to balance the budget. this deal eliminates the threat of a state takeover for now. the verizon strike is just about over now. the company in the union's representing its workers come to
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a deal on a four-year contract, a written agreement needs to be submitted for approval. dl 39,000 employees on the east coast have been on strike since april, and this new deal, if approved, could be working as soon as next week. history was made in japan today. president obama became the first sitting american president to visit hiroshima, the city where the u.s. dropped the first at atomic bomb more than 70 years ago. keith jones is live in the digital operations center with more on the president's visit, and, keith, as expected, president obama did not offer an apology for the bombing. >> he did not apologize or second guess president truman's decision to drop the bomb on hiroshima in 1945, but he laid outside a vision for a world without nuclear weapons. this is video from president obama arriving at hiroshima peace memorial park. he and japanese prime minister,
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shinzo abe, where the president signed a guest book. he laid a wreath at the park to honor those killed and comforted survivors of the attack. it was back on august 6 when the u.s. dropped a bomb on the city and three days later, another bomb on nagasaki to force japan's surrender in world war ii. >> mere words cannot give voice to such suffering, but we have a share ed responsibility to look directly in the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curve such suffering again. >> and president obama considered visiting hiroshima since first days in office. this was the last stop on his current trip to japan. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10
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news. new developments in the zerch search. the search teams in the mediterranean picked up signals from the planes emergency locater transmitter believing this narrows down the search to a three mile radius now, but that does not mean they found the black boxes. crews have been searching for flight 804 since it went down last week in the med trainian with 66 people on board. authorities still don't know what caused the crash. a scare in tokyo today. engine fire broke out on the korean air jet. it forced passengers to evacuate and took firefighters less than an hour to get out the flames, 19 people hurt or didn't feel well. a different plane took the passengers to seoul, south korea. the cause of the fire is still under investigation right now. decision 2016, the possibility of a debate between sanders and trump is getting some more attention today. it would be a first, a democrat and a republican, facing off
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before the conventions. today, trump focused on hillary clinton. at a rally in fresno, california. trump told the crowd clinton does not look presidential and told voters that he can solve california's water crisis. the state is dealing with a five-year drought. california holds the primary tuesday june 7th, the same day as new jersey's primary. sanders continued his campaign run through southern california today. he drewtous to a water front rally in san pedro pushing a platform on wage inequality and health care reform. sanders shows no sign of dropping out of the democratic race, but analysts predict that hillary clinton will clench the nomination in the next round of primaries on june 7th. today, clinton was campaigning in california. she chatted with voters at a community forum in oakland on breaking bare yores and increasing opportunity. clinton talked about her plans for criminal justice reform and for creating second chances for
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people convicted of crimes. bill clinton on the trail, in new jersey, drumming up support for his wife. the former president talked to voters inside a steamy gym in edison. he pushed his wife's economic plans saying the stagnant economy fuel intensity in the democratic and republican primaries. clinton never mentioned donald trump or bernie sanders by name, but said his wife is the only candidate with a proven record of getting things done. for complete decision 2016 coverage including an updated delegate count and social media updates from the campaign trail, tap on the nbc 10 app. skyforce10 above the scene of a disturbing discovery. at 11:00 this morning, a man's body was found in a white chevy van there on woodland avenue and 47th street. the body partially decomposed. it's not clear how the man died. a map and woman treated at the hospital right now after this crash in philadelphia's
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frankfurt section. skyforce10 flew over the scene at 1:00 this afternoon. in all, three people were hurt here. the two taken to the hospital are now in stable condition. investigators looking into what caused this house fire in southwest philadelphia. skyfor skyforce10 above as they fought the flames at 9:00 this morning. a 75-year-old woman taken to the hospital with breathing problems. she's now in stable condition. from the delaware bureau, cracking down on mosquitos. the new castle county council is considering a proposal for penalizing property owners for standing water. they face a $50. one says the legislation is partially motivated by recent headlines about the zika virus. most who contract the virus do not have serious symptoms, it can cause serious birth defects. three people have contradicted the disease from outside the
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u.s. the steps tied to boxes thanks to rocky, but right now, they belong to soccerment teams from across the country compete in the street soccer usa philadelphia cup at the base of the steps, and players as young as 6 years old, adults as well, competing in four versus four 15-minute matchups in this specially built stadium. one of the fields will be placed in a philadelphia neighborhood thanks to comcast, the parent company of nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist, glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> told you this for a week now, at least the start of the holiday is going to be a hot one. it's hot and it's humid. we have temperatures in the upper 80s, near 90 in much of the area. the exceptions are, well, closer to the water. you can see it's 90 degrees in newark right now. 89 in wilmington.
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and so northern delaware is pretty hot. southern delaware's hot too. millsboro at 89 degrees. as you get to the beaches, it's not so hot. it's 80 in bethany beach, but 69 in dewey beach. wind from the cooler ocean. you can see what a tremendous impact it is. louis is 85 degrees. so we're going to have those differences during the day tomorrow. that's why we do this neighborhood weather forecast because sometimes you can get huge differences over small areas. it's hot. it's more humid than it has been. remember, less than a week ago it was 62 degrees for the high temperature. we've gone up every single day. yesterday, we got up to 90. we expect to be around 90 today or maybe even a little bit higher, and then the memorial
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day weekend, the trend does not continue through the weekend. it is going to be hot on saturday. that's going to be the hottest day, generally, the sunniest day, lowest chance of any kind of rain, and that's true just about everywhere. we do have a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm in the lehigh valley, but it's hot at 91 degrees. jersey shore at 76. right at the beaches, of course, it'll be much warmer inland, but expect a nice sunny day. ocean, of course, is cold. and then on sunday, down to 73. the clouds increase during the afternoon, and we get a chance of rain. and then rain becomes pretty likely on monday. all through the areas, as you can see, knocking the temperatures down. philadelphia only 76 degrees. it's not a picture perfect forecast for the whole area, that's for sure. now, the radar, not showing you much right now, despite the heat and humidity, there's one or two little showers.
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this one is right on the pennsylvania turnpike in chester coupe, just north of westchester over east whiteland township. this one by coatesville. these are very much isolated. the area to watch is down in the at lap tick ocean. there's possible tropical storm development and it could at least indirectly affect our weekend because the track takes it towards south carolina and then at least the remnants of it coming up closer to us, and what that does is increase the moisture, and so, for example, rehoboth beach, sunny, sunday, starting off sunny, showers late in the day, and monday, we have rain, thunderstorms, and colder weather. it's going to be a chilly monday. that's the day that is not going to be the beach day.
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sunday could be at least for the morning. tomorrow, definitely. tuesday, sun returns, tropical system is gone. warms up again. wednesday is fairly warm. and then the east wind comes back, and the temperatures go back down later next week and into next weekend, so this heat is not going to last that long. >> for the first time ever, the philly pops and center of performing arts presents memorial salute, a concert honoring all those who served happening tomorrow night at 7:00. it's up to the public. glen is the m.c. veterans and active military and firefighter as police officers watch the show for free as well as their families and schoolteachers, students, and administrators can get free tickets. go to for more information. comcast and nbc 10 are proud sponsors of this moe mori yal
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day salute this weekend. if you have kids, you want to hear this. 3 million sippy cups recalled. >> why the reason coming up. cell phones and cancer what a study released today revealed. also ahead -- >> missed a lot of school, but it's -- you have a reason to. >> graduation ceremony, why there's so much controversy over where one student has to sit. >> the future is here, an atm like never seen before. those stories and more ahead at 4:00. first a good day on wall street, this friday, the dow, nasdaq, and s&p all closing higher.
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great time for a shiny floor wax, no? not if you just put the finishing touches on your latest masterpiece. timing's important. comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business.
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link between cell phones and cancer, well, there's a new government study on rats that appears to show that researchers expose 2500 to cell phone radiation every day for two years, finding low rates of brain and heart tumors exposed male rats, but not females. the toxicology program is analyzing the findings, but a spokesman says data collected in large scale human studies found limited evidence of developing cancer from cell phone use. an arizona teenager recovering from leukemia not allowed to walk with his class at graduation. >> he missed class in the final year of high school while battling cancer, but the senior
4:25 pm
class president work hard and was only two and a half credits shy of graduating from the end of the school year, and still, the school district would not let him wear the cap and gown and had to sit in the audience, not the classmates. >> missed a lot of school, but had a reason. >> it's not right. he should be able to walk with them. >> the school district said they have to stick with a policy that requires total completion of the minimum requirements in order to work with the class. >> huh, that's a talker, isn't it? >> a little bit. >> do you agree with that? i don't know. weigh in on facebook. well, speaking of questions and weighing in, you asked the questions, we have the answers on nbc 10 responds next. >> monitoring the holiday traffic, a bird's eye view of the backups, tim? >> reporter: moments like that, glad i'm in the chopper. that's the delsz memorial bridge, all those people trying to get away for memorial day weekend. some of the challenges they are
4:26 pm
facing when we come back. forecast in the beginning of the week is good. tracking showers and storms, though, breaking that down to you next in the first alert forecast. >> all new tonight at 5:00, millions of dollars collected from drivers running red lights in philadelphia. nbc 10 is tracking where all that money goes.
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♪ couldn't have asked for a more perfect start to the week, a live look at the sacene at cae may, there's people out there. some heat and humidity to kick off the summer season. first alert meteorologist glen
4:30 pm
"hurrica "hurricane" schwartz with a look at the weekend. >> i remember cold and rainy weekend here in philly growing up, but this is a decent start. >> this is definitely unusual for memorial day weekend to start off so hot and humid and have such nice conditions at the shore. it's much cooler at the beaches, by the way, one reason we don't see too many people there. one of the hottest areas is up to the north, lehigh valley and berks county, cookstown 88 degrees as well. white hall 90. bethlehem 89. easton as well. humidity up as well. near 90 for the high today, 92 tomorrow, but we go down, 85 on sunday. 76 on monday. these are the philadelphia forecast temperatures. of course, they will be lower at the beaches because of the ocean being so cold. most of the activity is in central pennsylvania.
4:31 pm
that's not going to be reaching us tonight. we have one little shower in chester county, but this gives you an idea of the moisture and instability that is not too far to the west, but could affect us as early as tomorrow. going through the night tonight, don't expect any significant rain in any part of the area. if there is any, it would be northern and western suburbs or levalley, but the humidity is high so the temperatures are not dropping as much as they have in previous nights. you can see it's a very warm start to the evening. it's not going to end that way this weekend. big changes coming, and i'll outline them in minutes. >> see you then. nbc 10's tim furlong is monitoring traffic from the air right now. live in skyforce10. how does it look below you, tim? >> reporter: looking action packed, and glad i'm not in
4:32 pm
trarv traffic. the delaware memorial bridge, how slow it's moving. it's coming from new jersey, new york, new england, coming down the turnpike to go to delaware beaches, certainly, and towards maryland beaches and over to washington, d.c. and that area down on 95. if you're in the area, expect to sit here for a long time. looking to the southwest, it is a lot of traffic into the distance pretty much as far as i can see. if you're out there, be patient. it's friday, memorial day weekend, what you doing to do. tim furlong, nbc 10. >> if you're tim, you're in the chopper so you don't have to worry about it. thanks, tim. all week long, nbc 10 responds reporter, harry hairston, helps you resolve your consumer complaints. >> today, he answers top consumer questions you've been asking, so, harry, the first question comes from val whose son bought a car. >> had issues here, and when i tell you what the issues were, first of all, it's due
4:33 pm
diligence, the cars broke down days later. what do you do? here's the answer. this is what the federal trade commission recommends. work out any issues with the dealer. if that does not work, file a complaint with the state attorney general or american associations of motor vehicle administrators. to prevent it from happening to you, ask for the car's maintenance records. next question from a viewer named vince calling us his problem here says he won a sweepsstakes in the mail, but guess what, no prize money yet. any insight? >> oh, yeah. well this is one that's very clear for you folks. the postal inspection service has warnings about these sweetstakes, okay? they target to make a quick buck. they cannot require you to pay money as condition as playing. if you send cash, that's a red flag. if it's a foreign lottery,
4:34 pm
forget about that. it's illegal to send through the mail. suspicious of mailings coming to you, report them to the postal inspection service. >> yeah. you don't want to just send money to someplace you don't know who they are. >> i ran into a few seniors saying, hey, called up, listen, we got this, should we try -- no, it came from the u.k., please, throw it away. >> nbc 10 responds, relatively new, but you got a lot of people asking you questions, sending you their comments. >> fortunately, we've been getting a lot of folks with good questions and been able to get good ans for everybody. i hope we're going to keep it rolling. like to get questions every friday. send them in. we have answers for you. >> if you have a question or a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds, go to nbc, click on the responds page, and there you fill out the consumer complaint form or if you prefer, call 610-668-7377. that's 610-668-responds.
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harry will try to get you some help. coming up on monday, a woman can't get her concert tickets refunded after the show was postponed indefinitely. she called nbc 10 responds. see what happens next monday on nbc 10 at 4:00. >> up next, the reason why more than 3 million sippy cups have been recalled. >> taking a stand at work, a study shows standing desks improve more than just your health. atm advancement. i mean it is 2016. what you don't need to bring anymore to get cash quickly from the machine. those stories and more ahead at 4:00. a live look right now, boat house, looking at the difference of temperatures are, depending where you live. 88 in reading, and cape may at 69. rather 69, wow, cooler down south. newark, delaware at 90.
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we have a sippy cup recall. more than 3 million tomme tommee tippee is sippee after kids became sick from mold. it develops on the one piece white vehicle valve. customers stop using the cups and contact the company for free replacements. if you want more information, go to the website if you use a standing desk during your workday, you know, right in the cubicle, not only will you burn more calories, but you also may be more productive. researchers at texas a&m university looked at the impact of sit-stand desk on a group of call center employees. at six months, workers for 46% more productive than those at conventional desks. they also had less body discomfort. you may not need a debit
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card to get money from the atm because bank of america is offering android pay at atms allowing customers to do banking by placing the phone over the card reader. they plan to roll out the technology to 5,000 atms by the enof the year, 16 locations will be in the philadelphia, south jersey, and wilmington areas. call it an early victory. >> eagles do not start the regular season for three months, but they mansioned to chalk up a win here today. that story straight ahead. >> it's been a steamy start to the holiday weekend, but we have our eye on showers and thunderstorms. i'll let you know where they are going to be going with our exclusive neighborhood weather forecast. all new at 5:00, why uber asks pennsylvania to put the brakes on an 11 million fine.
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well, today was no holiday for the birds. a live look at lincoln financial field. it's quiet there right now, but not the case earlier today when the eagles welcomed one lucky group of local students called the nfl play 60 field day challenge and comcast sports net is here with a look for us. >> absolutely, it has to be if you play with nfl players, especially eagles. the birds doing great work in the community, and, today, they kicked off memorial day weekend hosting 125 students at the practice facility. the event was part of the challenge. the goal, to encourage kids in the delaware valley to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get 60 minutes of physical activity every day in school and at home. schools from philadelphia, the suburbs, and trenton took part in today's event, and they had great weather for it out there. at 6:00, phillies are in chicago
4:45 pm
for the holiday weekend and taking on the best team in all of baseball. highlights from their series with the kids. for now, i'm amy from comcast sports net. feels more like 4th of july weekend out there. the average high is 77 this time of the year, and it's mighty hot. the lehigh valley, sunshine, delaware is hot, except right at the beaches, and philadelphia, yeah, close to 90 degrees officially, the airport reporting 89 degrees, but parkside is 90. 92 in penns port. 90 in society hill. 91 in fox chase. somerton, winchester park, yeah, several parts of the city above 90 right now. the holiday is going to be hot. at least for the start. and the exception even for the start is at the beaches.
4:46 pm
look at the temperatures, 92 degrees in philadelphia. south jersey 89. there is a chance of a thunderstorm in the lehigh valley in the afternoon, just a chance, and cooler at the jersey shore. all the temperatures are lower on sunday. partly because more clouds, partly because of wind off the ocean. the shore is 73. there are chances, increasing chances, the later you go in the day sun, the greater the chance of any kind of rain, and monday, it's pretty likely to see rain just about anywhere, just about any time of the day, and, of course, the temperatures drop as a result. lehigh valley just 79 degrees. the shore only 64 degrees, so there's going to be quite a difference between the beginning and end of the weekend. one isolated shower in chester county. most activity is, well, out in central pennsylvania, and that activity could be affecting us
4:47 pm
tomorrow. this shower right over the pennsylvania turnpike headed to the chester brook exit, and you can see that we're going to be having some issues with tropical moisture. there's a possible tropical storm development here with the name bonnie, and, of course, it's early, before hurricane season officially begins, but it is expected to develop. it is expected to come towards the southeast coast of the united states. on memorial day weekend. that's not going to be a picnic. some of the moisture at the very least moves up in our direction, and that is part of the reason for the rainy forecast for memorial day, and that, of course, includes places like bri brigantine. sunday, increasing clouds. a little bit cooler, and then monday, pretty cloudy and
4:48 pm
temperatures into the 60s. wildwood, again, best day tomorrow. sunday is half and half. monday is not looking like a beach day. in cape may, similar story, some clouds tomorrow. the temperature is not warm at the beaches, and it's not going to be warm because we've got a cold ocean. this is the time of year when this happens. now, for tomorrow, it's hot. everywhere. fox chase is 91. lansdale 91, al helenallentown chance of showers in the northern portion of the area, and the sea breeze affecting parts of the region for tomorrow afternoon and really every afternoon. it's not going to be anywhere near ninth at the shore. >> tell you what, with the 90 degree temperatures, everybody heading down to the beaches, a lot of people heading down to the beach.
4:49 pm
tim furlong is watching the traffic from the air. i'm guessing it's looking more like july 4th. >> where are you now, tim? >> reporter: you know how you are to leave early or late, people below me are leaving when they shouldn't be. looking away from the city of philadelphia east from the walt whitman bridge, which what we see now. it is very, very slow moving traffic. a lot of people getting down to 42 over the ac expressway, trying to get down to the garden state parkway to go to the shore points in jersey. it is going to be a long ride if you're leaving right now. sitting in your house watching us right now or the app, trying to head down to the shore, it's going to be tricky to just be patient. heading down to 42 in that direction towards the ac expressway to see what we have down there, but coming out of philadelphia right now, it is pretty tightly packed. just be patient. drive safe. no texting. don't bump the person in front of you. keep the distance. end joy the ride. it's a great weekend.
4:50 pm
>> appreciate the heads up, tim. shutout throughout the state. >> what's happening in every camp site, cabin, and cottage and how campers can make sure they are not left out next time around. if you're looking for something to do this weekend that does not involve the shore, here's an option. after all, when was the last time you fed a giraffe? that's coming up.
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roe mary, you're out of luck if you were planning a last minute trip for the holiday weekend, that's because every single camp site, cabin, and cottage is booked solid. >> now get a jump tart for
4:54 pm
booking for july 4 or labor day. tim furlong has the story. >> reporter: we found this couple from washington state leaving the state park because they couldn't get a camp site, and they can see that's a good sign for delaware's parks. >> that's great. people should utilize them more often because they are a great asset to the public, you know, if they take advantage of it, you know. >> reporter: this family knows on the holiday weeks, you need to book a site in advance in delaware state parks. this week, every single state park, camp site, cabin, and cot ta taj booked. >> we have camp sites you can walk to the ocean from, and down at trout pond, feels like louisiana. >> reporter: brand new cabins and water views, and you can zip line over it, in fact, and each park with its own personality. the parks department is not taking all the recent success for granted while improving more power, more bathroom options, and here at the state park, they
4:55 pm
are adding new attractions. this water park about to get a lot bigger and taller than it's been. that tower back there opens by 4th of july. up or down state, tent camping or rv here, the secret is out on the state parks. book now if you want a site for labor day or even halloween. >> get out there, explore your state parks, and have fun. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 0 news. >> and tim's wearing the nbc 10 shorts so we know summer is just about here. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> all know at 5:00, unofficial start to summer is here, and we have you covered. randy gyllenhaal is in the best place right now, atlantic city. hey, randy. >> reporter: hey, we are jam packed here on the board walk in atlantic city. we're actually waiting on these giant beach balls to fall from the sky. coming up next, what the city needs you to do after a tough year.
4:56 pm
flr. yeah, a great day there. the weather is ending, just in time for a part of the holiday weekend, tracking showers and even bigger threat for rain on memorial day. plus, another attack on a man while walking his dog. why this crime brought back chilling memories for neighbors next at 5:00.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
unofficial start to summer
4:59 pm
is practically here, sunny and dry. can't have better weather. here's a live look from the summer fest camera. >> a live look at i-95 and south philadelphia. we are keeping an eye on any trouble spots on the roads as thousands of drivers head to their holiday destinations. >> hey, do you remember that rain that drenched us for most of may? well, hate to tell you, it's coming back. we have you cover with the timing for the weekend. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> i'm rosemary connors. live team coverage in the region in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware to help you get ready for the memorial day weekend. >> and the information everyone me wants to know, what is the weather going to be like? here's chief meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz to kick us off. glen? >> keith, it's obvious here. we are starting off the holiday weekend hot and humid and rain-free, and we're going to end the holiday weekend pretty much the opposite.
5:00 pm
89 degrees in philadelphia now. 87 in some of the suburbs. 89 in lehigh valley. look at the live pictures with sunshine. all over the place. it's just not as warm at the beaches. let's take a look at delaware, for example, we got places, 90 degrees, and middletown is 89, newark 88. wilmington's 88. as we go towards the beaches, a different story. it's 72 in rehoboth, 80 in bethany and 86 in louis. it depends on the wind direction here, not only in the delaware beaches, but the shore, and in this case, it's cooler than it is inland. one isolated shower in chester county. that's pretty much gone. as we go through the night, not really expecting any kind of rainfall and temperatures will not drop as much as they did


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