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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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you got to prepare for that while it's 84 in mays landing. it was over 90 there a couple hours ago before that sea breeze really came in. not much on radar close by, but we do have showers west of the hi harrisburg, and they could affect the area tomorrow. not so much in the philadelphia area, 92 in bella vista, but the lehigh valley and brgs erks county, reading at 91 degrees during the day tomorrow. not expecting the thunderstorms in new jersey or in delaware, at least not tomorrow, but it's a different story for the rest of the holiday weekend. getting into that in a few minutes. >> okay, glen, see you soon. a number of people took off work today to get down the shore early, and there's nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal to get us started in atlantic city. plenty of company already. >> reporter: plenty of company, the board walk packed all day. you know, officials worried they would see that gray sky, all the
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rain we've been having for the past few weeks, not today, beautiful blue skies, sunshine, kicking off summer. >> there's dozens of beach balls that dropped down. >> reporter: kicking offer the season, the mayor symbolically unlocked the visitors. >> when would you want to sweat when on the jersey shore. >> this year, we came here. >> reporter: he and his sister were digging for seashells, they have family visiting from ethiopia. >> we just came to the beach today, and we're probably going to go home, have a good dinner. >> reporter: atlantic city
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banking on a big city. the tourist town on the brink of bankruptcy now looking forward, they got big beach concerts planned all summer including jimmy buffet and despite some city cutbacks, they say tourists won't know anything different. >> all the other services are going to be up to par, cleaning beaches, grooming them. >> reporter: this family from new york will be here all weekend spending hundreds of dollars along the way. >> each, swim, and have fun, try it not to gamble too much. >> reporter: probably good advice. going into the rest of the night, we got fireworks planned throughout the weekend and much bigger crowds. leaving you guys with a beautiful live picture of the atlantic ocean here in atlantic city. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> that's a beautiful shot. look at this. people trying to make their way to the shore. this is a look at the skhuykill expre expressway. nbc 10's tim furlong is checking
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out the traffic situation for us across the region, tim, how's it going? >> reporter: yeah, take a look below. things are moving well here as you get to the tolls to get heading north on the blue route when you go on to the pa turnpike eastbound or westbound. here's the bad news. there was going to be bad news. all those people we talked about going up to the mountain destinations, as you go up the northeast extension about, i'd say about maybe three or four miles north of the tolls here, you are going to start finding some delays back there when the highway narrows down a bit, so, yeah, you're going to see as we come around here, you'll see delays, everything's still moving. that's the good news. nothing is stopped, which is what we don't want to see. that's what happened to delaware in route 1, but here everything is moving. looking up there, a couple miles north of where we are in the helicopter, skyforce, it's stacked and packed getting around the bend, hope it opens up, but in the distance, traffic
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is moving slowly. heading south to the blue route, back to the memorial bridge see how things are going coming from new jersey headed south on to 95 and into the area of the delaware beaches. give us a few minutes to head south that way. live, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, tim. south jersey annual tradition marking memorial day, nbc 10 at the county veteran's memorial cemetery in monroe township where they placed american flags at the grave sites of local veterans. a moe mori yal day ceremony is held here sunday afternoon. tonight, family and friends want answers after an assistant church pastor was killed in a hit-and-run crash, they are joining us live from north philadelphia tonight at the scene of the crash with more on clues police have to go on, andre andrea? >> reporter: that's right. look behind me, the van the victim tried to get into is
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still parked in front of the ministry, a reminder about a man many said lived life serving others. a comb saab logo found on the the street is the biggest clue police have to track down a driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run. >> you know, it is sad, you know. >> reporter: his friends say the final hours thursday night were reflection of his everyday life. he preached a sermon at the church, and then drove some members back to rehabilitation facility, soldier of the lord ministry. he even stayed to make sandwiches before leaving to go home. >> somebody knock at the door and said that a man been hit by a car and that he was laying on the floor. >> reporter: the 57-year-old never made it into his van. police say a dark colored saab like this one hit him and took off. he died hours later in the hospital. >> every morning, he pray the
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word to us, always encourage us to keep walking. >> whatever you ask him to do or if he saw somebody that needed something, he was there. >> reporter: wondering how life is taken from someone who lived by giving so much. he leaves behind two brothers in philadelphia and a 19-year-old daughter in connecticut. live in north philadelphia, nbc 10 news. a high school student now been charged in the aftermath of a fire here at north penn high school earlier in the week. a student is now in custody charged with several felonies. the fire damaged several classrooms tuesday, and 3,000 students e evacuated safely and sent home early because of the fire. signed, sealed, and delivered, a done deal atlantic city does not run out of money. the governor signed a rescue bill into law. just yesterday, lawmakers approved the package to give
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atlantic city five months to get a plan to balance the budget. ac's mayor says this is great news for the resort town after more than six months of bickering. to decision 2016 now. a donald trump says he wants marco rubio to run again for the senate. you may recall in the republican primary season, he called him little marco and said the people of florida couldn't stand him. rubio says he's unlikely to reconsider the plans to retire from the senate. meantime, trump was in fresno, california to speak to voters. many in the crowd were farmers saying they wanted to educate him on immigration labor and water issues in california. he told the farmers he could solve the water crisis. a short time ago, he said, he will not debate sanders after all saying, quoting hire, as much as i want to debate bernie sanders, and it would be an easy payday, i will wait to debate the first place finishing in the
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democratic party probably crooked hillary clinton or whoever it may be. again, trump's words there. hillary clinton was in a discussion here in california today, making a stop at the home of chicken and waffles in oakland listening to city leaders speak on several issues including education and affordable housing. new jersey comets to be a hot spot for the clintons. bill clinton spent the afternoon in edison stomping for his wife. the former president visited the garden state several times this month. voters in new jersey have a week and a half to go before they go to the polls. the primaries coming up on june 7th. the democratic national committee is looking for ideas for the party platform ahead of its convention here in philadelphia. look for hearings next month in several u.s. cities to develop what goes into the platform. democrats can post videos online, and dnc is holding the convention at the wells fargo center in late july.
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for complete coverage incoming social media updates from the campaign trail, just tap the nbc 10 app. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, family fun for parents and kids, a a look at things you can do this weekend in the suburbs. plus, new details on the reopening of a popular restaurant down the shore dating back more than a hundred years. glen? >> been there several times. you'll need sunscreen this weekend. we're tracking how hot it gets, plus when rain is going to cool us off.
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>> transformed into this, a soccer field. all part of the street soccer usa philadelphia cup. all weekend, teams from across the country play on a specially built soccer stadium. the centerpiece of the tournament will be the sport for social change cup. teams of homeless teenagers and young adults from 14 cities will compete. now, when this is all over, one of the fields will be placed in a local neighborhood. first alert weather team's prediction has been on point. what a perfect way to jump start the long weekend with sun out
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there, and as parents, finally bring the kids outside to play, nbc 10 takes us to look at family-friendly activities out there. >> oh, we're going to go to the pool. we're going to barbecue. the kids were just playing in the fountains. fun? >> reporter: after a cold winter and wet spring, it's fun to get outside. for this family, it's about play time now that the weather is finally allowing it. >> trying to stay cool. we've dipped ourselves in the water, and just drinking up, and put sun block on. >> i'm going to the pool with my cousins. >> reporter: the family misses the opening of the garden railway as work is done to get the space open. it is a memorial tradition. >> we were going to look at it, but it's best to bring two kids back, it's an amazing spot for the kids. my ston loves the railroads. >> reporter: if trains are not your thing, the newest exhibit opening in norristown, and guess, what you get to feed a giraffe. >> that's our favorite thing here, we did it last year, and
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my 3-year-old loved it. >> reporter: it's a year in the making in the zoo in norristown. the giraffes now with a forever home here in the burbs. >> half day of school, we saw the giraffes. >> reporter: many at picnics and barbecues and taking trips to the beaches, many are just grateful to be out in the sunshine. popular restaurant in the jersey shore close to reopening after the holiday weekend. docks oyster house plans to reopen wednesday. that's june 1st, one of ac's iconic restaurant went through a massive renovation over the past year, doubled in size, and dock's oyster house has been around since 1897. that's a lot of oysters. >> they needed to expand. that bar areas gets so mobbed you can't move. >> and your fans getting autographs. >> that was not the case.
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definitely cooler at the shore. >> yeah. >> if you sit here in philadelphia, it's 90, oh, let's go to the shore. it does not feel the same. >> big contrast? >> oh, yeah. this is our camera at the blue cross river rink summer fest, and it's obviously hot out this, but at least we have not had to go through any thunderstorm that you sometimes get with heat and humidity seen. 89 in philadelphia. our high officially was 90. lehigh valley at 86, and delaware, the northern part of delaware still hot. march sholton 88, newark 86. interesting thing happened, and at 4:00, it was 70 degrees. temperatures jumped up. 80 at the beach, and the winds shift just a little bit. that brings warm air in. it's really tricky place to
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forecast. let me tell you. well, it's going to be hot and humid. that's easy part of the forecast. temperature today to 90 degrees, one more, and it's official heat wave. remember last weekend, it was in the 60s. that's why it feels so hot. our bodies are not adjusted to it. the memorial day weekend, well, it's starting off on the hot side, and chance of a late day thunderstorm in lehigh valley, but throughout the area, looks like tomorrow is the nicest day. sunday, better in the morning than the amp because moisture's increasing. temperature down a little bit, partly because of that, 85 in philadelphia. 73 at the shore. and monday, the cloudiest day, the day with a very high chance of rain, i'd say close to 80% chance that you're going to get rained on at some point in the day monday.
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not sure whether it's a washout or anything, but it is very likely to be raining at some point. it's not raining right now, and around our area, but moisture is getting closer here. this moisture is is condensed in a tropical depression, could be tropical storm bonnie soon moving to the southeast coast. no doubt it's going to move in that direction. tropical storm warnings. look at all the spaghetti plots predicting the same thing, then they vary on whether they come up to our area or turn out to sea a little bit. that's going to determine how much rain we get monday. some of that tropical moisture is headed up this way, likely to affect shore areas like brigantine. 73 sunday, maybe sun to start the day, clouds increase, and then cloudy day with rain likely
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on monday. i know as we head further south along the shore, the moisture comes in a little sooner on sunday. the weather goes downhill a little faster there, but, again, tomorrow, it is a beautiful, beautiful day at the shore. and cape may, it's cooler. yeah. again, doesn't take much to get a wind off the ocean in cape may. you're surrounded. 70 degrees sunday, limited sunshine because that moisture's going to hit cape may before it hits other portions of the area. here's the futurecast through saturday. as you can see, possibly a shower, storm, up to the north, and here's the moisture as we go into sunday afternoon, and sunday night, some of the computer models showing some relatively heavy rain during a portion of this system whether it's sunday night or into monday. the track of bonnie is critical as to how much rain we get on monday. the temperatures will be down. the wind will be off the ocean, and there's that trend.
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the clear trend. and as we go into next week, the trend is for somewhat cooler weather, but them that's more typical for this time of the year. >> thanks, glen. it is get away time. nbc 10's tim furlong live in skyforce10 checking out the traffic situation across the region, tim? >> reporter: guys, tell you what, look below us, crossing back into delaware, i-95 headed south from claymont to silverside road area, that's where we are. it's smooth sailing at this appointment, but pulling out a little further, heading down 95 to the city of wilmington to the memorial bridge, it was not good earlier heading south over to i-95 to head south to delaware to one of the beach points, but it's a i pretty day to fly and great to fly with our friends with the csn with our sports. >> tim, i wish i was up there with you. looks pretty nice up there. i am here in comcast sportsnet.
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coming up, phillies take the shot at the best team of all baseball, chicago, plus, carson wentz, that's next. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise.
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hi, i'm amy, and the phillies entered five games over 500 opening up a series in chicago this weekend against the best team in baseball, that would be the cubs, at wrigley field, raining on and off, but when it rained, it rained, meaning business. cubs' bats business as well. fourth inning, game tied at one.
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jorge, deep, gone. off the score board, cubs take the lead, later in the fourth, ross, two on, that one, nuveene new gone. 5-1 cubs, bryant's turn, he's good. cubs good for a while. goes on with a streak. cubs do what they best, score runs, second rain delay now trailing cubs in the ninth 6-2. checking in on the eagles off for the weekend before going back to organized team activities next week. carson wentz continues to learn peterson's office as the coaching staff installs the system. wentsz has opened eyes including those of wide receiver matthews on csn's quick list this week. >> he plays the edge, has a chip, and you can tell he's a guy who wants to take risk. thing one, biggest attributes in a quarterback that people overlook is savvy. the gray ones, aaron rogers, tom
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bradys, brett favres, legends, a lot are great by the xs and os, but they have savvy. they are not always going to go by the book. >> on the other side of the ball, logan and several players that played the last couple years under davis' defense are adjusting to the 4-3 scheme, perhaps no bigger adjustment needed that than of the defensive line. schwartz says just be patient. >> you know, all the guys have adjustment period. it's not just the change of position from a nose to a defensive tackle, but it's a change of philosophy. we get full pad practices in training camp, getting in the pre-season games, you know, i think we'll really have a good grasp of, you know, how far guys have come and, you know, what nay are good at and what they are not, but, you know, they are on the right track. >> we are about two months away from eagles' training camp.
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jim, back to you. >> okay, amy. have a great holiday weekend. now for a look tonight on nbc 10 news at is 1:00. change coming to the terminal market and how shopping could be more violent tonight at 11:00.
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and i'm tim furlong over the delaware memorial bridge, the southbound traffic there, they are moving very, very slowly down there below us. it's slow as you get to route 9 and over route 13 in delaware, but once past the interchange, looking ahead, looks like 95 is okay. interchange down to 95 south and into delaware route 1 to the delaware beaches, everything seems to be moving okay at this point. be careful if you're going out there, and if you want to wait longer to avoid the traffic, that's not a bad idea either, jim. >> all right. looking forward to a nice start to the holiday weekend at least. >> yeah. a little more like a 4th of july weekend to start with
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temperatures, but monday, it's raining and cooler. >> all right. have a great weekend. join us at 11:00. i'm jim rosenfield. tonight, deadly flood emergency. an epic deluge filling rivers to historic heights, and breaking news, a tropical storm warning with trouble now off the east coast. mad rush. on those overwhelmed security lines, as millions hit the road. rails and airports, one of the busiest travel days of the year. reversal of fortune. late word after the $10 million challenge, donald trump now says he won't debate bernie sanders. cell phones and cancer. the new government study reigniting a new debate, how safe are the devices that rarely leave our side. and spellbound by a pair of champions battling late into the


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