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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  May 28, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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2016 promises to be a great summer. no place better to enjoy it than right here in atlantic city. >> coming off tough times and with help now on the way from trenton, atlantic city kicks off the memorial day weekend with high hopes. we'll have a live look at what's happening in a.c. coming up. plenty to do this weekend. here is a live look outside over philadelphia, center city. a little bit of a breeze out there. but it is pretty darn warm. 70 degrees at the moment. summerlike weather in store for whatever you may have planned outside. guess what. we've got some changes to our weather on the way. thanks for being with us this morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist erica martin has our neighborhood weather.
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thanks for being with us too, erica, on this holiday weekend. >> thank you for having me, rosemary. i'm excited. i'm normally outside storm chasing. it's safe inside. a little muggy in the studio. i want to stress muggy conditions outside for today. we have a little bit of a southerly flow. there is the system just offshore, the tropical depression i mentioned. even though it will not make a direct impact here, we'll start to see the effects of it by later tomorrow. notice not much going on right now, but i do think that we may see a couple of extra clouds developing along the shoreline. by tomorrow we start to see developing clouds moving in from the southeast as a sign of the coastal system making it to the carolina coastline. they'll continue to move northward, which is why i say today get on out there and enjoy every second because it's going to be gorgeous outside. a little warm, of course, and a little muggy. stay hydrated, but by tomorrow it looks like it's going to be a
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washout for the second half of the day into early monday, and then conditions start to cool down. we have a cold front on the approach. a low pressure system developing over the great lakes area. so of course, we have to keep in mind that we have to enjoy conditions for today as we top out in the upper 80s and some low 90s and maybe even some mid 90s. i have my ten-day forecast coming up. a quick traffic note this morning. a crash on the atlantic city expressway is slowing some traffic to the shore. if you are headed out in the next half hour, hour, keep this in mind. it happened westbound in winslow, township, camden county, a car overturned around 4:30 this morning. we're checking to see about injuries. we'll update you with developments. with the traditional unlocking of the ocean, atlantic city is now open for summer business. all eyes are on the city's bottom line. good news for the moment is that help is on the way.
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yesterday new jersey governor chris christie signed a package of bills to keep a.c. from running out of cash. atlantic city will avoid a state takeover for now. the city has five months to balance its books for the next five years. in exchange, a.c. will stay financially afloat with temporary loans. the holiday weekend started out windy on the atlantic city board walk. that didn't stop people from going to the beach, taking advantage of shopping on the boards. abdul owns a t-shirt shop there and he tells us he and others are pleased to see the crowds back at the shore. >> like 70% of our annual business is -- will come in the next three months. >> atlantic city this time of the year is fabulous. i encourage everyone to come down and stroll on the board walk. >> memorial day is the kickoff to summer. >> i have been waiting for it. visitors and the businesses they'll patronize are expected to give take a look city an economic boost after a slow spring.
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♪ yeah. you know who that is. if you're staying in philly this holiday weekend. summer fest is open for the season. you saw dj jazzy jeff. the ice rink has been transformed into the city's only outdoor roller skating rink. the creators of summer fest call it an urban beach front where you can play mini golf, enjoy craft beer or check out the crab shack. in chester county the 120th horse show and country fair is under way. this year's show and fair grounds got a $1 million makeover including improvements to the rings and space for vendors. this weekend take the free nbc10 app with you for all your memorial day plans. download it now if you haven't done it already. this way you can check the first alert forecast, personalize it for your neighborhood. we update it constantly. also you'll get traffic alerts and push alerts as soon as news
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breaks. new from overnight. police are investigating a deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene on gould street where police tell us a man was shot twice around 2:30 this morning. he later died. we note the victim was in his 20s. this morning controversy is building over a bill in pennsylvania designed to help victims of child sex abuse. the reforms call for eliminating the statute of limitations or the abuse. the measure already passed the house. the senate plans to take it up next month. last night supporters of the bill protested an event at the seminary in wynnewood. inside, a group shared information about the bill and why they think it will endanger the church. >> we are just completely outraged by the way the archdiocese of philadelphia is spreading misinformation and just lies.
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>> the philadelphia archdiocese opposes the changes which extend the ability for past victims to file lawsuits. the church says it's unfair that public institutions are not held to the same standards as private ones. we have yet another bear sighting in our area. in bucks county this time. a viewer in quakertown took this picture of the black bear chilling in his neighbor's yard. it was preert watty warm yester. viewers tell us police warned him a bear was in the area but he didn't expect this close encounter. the bear snacked on seed from the bird feeder and eventually walked away. a man walking his dog in overbrook last friday night ended up in the hospital after a teen attacked him and punched him in the face. this surveillance video captured a group of four teens trying to open car doors. then one of them spotted the victim, ran over to him, pretended to ask for the time,
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and that's when he attacked him. if you know anything about the incident, you are asked to call police. in other news this morning, the strike is over. verizon workers could be off the picket lines and back on the job as soon as next week. just yesterday vea four-year contract deal was worked. 40,000 communications workers went on strike last month over wage, health care and retirement related issues. 5:37 right now on this saturday. video shows vandals targeting a philadelphia restaurant. plus, as you enjoy the weekend. check out the latest high-tech gadgets to help you get ready to enjoy your holiday barbecue or trip to the beach. that's straight ahead.
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now your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> hi.
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i'm meteorologist erica martin with an update on your weather. satellite-radar image picking up not much going on locally. notice the tropical depression just off the north carolina shoreline. it looks like it will impact the area and continue northward. i mention that now because i want you to keep in mind that today is my pick of the holiday weekend. otherwise neighborhoods right now seeing mainly upper 60s and some low 70s. really a mix of sun and clouds right now, but sunshine certainly appearing very quickly. so evaporational cooling. everything will dry out nicely. it looks like some sunshine in the works for today. we are certainly liking that. society hill right now at 70. penn's port 69. fox chase also currently in the low 70s. water temperatures affecting us just a little bit. notice the southerly flow here. even though the sustained wind speeds are very mild, we are getting a southerly push, which is why you're going to notice a muggy day in the forecast as
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well as very warm temperatures. some upper 80s and low 90s, possibly a few mid-90s. your memorial day weekend looks like this, the warmest day of this holiday weekend is today. by sunday into monday a cold front pushes on through. cooler temperatures to kick off the following week. and it looks like we do have some showers sunday into monday. so your extended ten-day forecast cooling down by monday. and then slightly warmer by tuesday into wednesday. again, today the pick of the holiday weekend, and notice, again, that by the middle of the following week we start to see slightly warmer temperatures. rosemary, back to you. >> thank you, erica. today is chess on the square in wilmington, the second annual tournament will allow experienced and novice players to compete. the free event starts this morning at 10:00 in rodney square. first and second-place finishers will get trophies. everybody else who participates will get a medal. if you have been by the art
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museum lately, you know part of the oval is a soccer complex. it's part of the street soccer u.s. philadelphia cup. teams from across the country will play in the specially-built stadium. a focus will be the sport for social change cup. teens of young adults and homeless teens compete. after the tournament one of the soccer fields will be relocated to a local neighborhood. now to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for more than 120 students from philadelphia. yesterday they took on the philadelphia eagles during a field day challenge. the kids kicked field goals, learned passing drills and made their way through obstacle courses. the american heart association sponsored the event. the goal? to get kids excited about exercise. just ahead in sports, the phillies take on the best team in baseball, and former philly chase utley face s the wrath of mets fans. he does what he normally does.
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atm cards could become a thing of the past. bank of america will soon let you withdraw money using your cellphone. the bank is offering android pay at some of its atms. customers can do their banking by placing their smartphone over a card reader. the technology is coming to 5,000 bank of america atms this year. 16 of the locations will be in our area. an unwelcome message scribbled on a restaurant wall in west philadelphia leaves a bad taste with the owner who captured the vandals on video. >> you see some of the paint starting to spray. >> a camera outside the clarkville restaurant at 43rd street and baltimore avenue reported as the vandals spray painted gentry go home on the wall. the restaurant owner believes it's supposed mean gentrification. but clarkville employees say the vandals made a mistake.
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>> we're active in the community. we're here for everyone. whatever the message is from the vandals, they clearly don't get what we're all about. >> the general manager tells us it's the second time the restaurant has been spray painted recently. the reading terminal market is launching two new services to help make shopping easier. starting today the market will offer co offer services this weekend to have their goods stored in a refrigerator or on a shelf until they're finished shopping. the mall also plans to add valet parking services. news from our delaware bureau. the spca shelter in stanton will shut down in a few weeks because of financial troubles. they're in debt. the organization plans to sell the property and use the money from the sale to support its shelter in georgetown. officials say 20 employees will lose their jobs.
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if you are hoping to take a last-minute camping trip to the first state, you are out of luck. this holiday weekend literally every single state park camp site, cottage and cabin is booked! we spoke to one couple from washington state who were forced to leave the state park because they couldn't get a camp site. but even they could see that this is great for the state parks. >> that's great. people should utilize them more often because they're a great asset to the public, you know. they should take advantage of it, you know. >> campers we spoke to tell us you may want to book now if you want a shot at a place on labor day or even halloween. now your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> hi, i'm meteorologist erica martin with a look at your full forecast. holiday weekend looks pretty good to kick off. it looks hot and humid. be mindful of that and drink plenty of water.
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changes on the approach by late tomorrow into monday. enjoy today. again, rain showers for your memorial day. right now conditions are in the upper 60s, some low 70s out there. notice a break in the clouds, but still not completely sunny. i don't think that's going to be the story for today, but we will certainly take mostly sunny skies for today nonetheless. we're going to top out in the upper 80s to low 90s. a few mid 90s in the forecast, all due to a southerly push. so warmer temperatures in the forecast for today. certainly the warmest day of this holiday weekend by late tomorrow into monday. cooler temperatures in the forecast. otherwise, your next 12 hours pan out like this. we're seeing warmer temperatures by about 1:00, 2:00 p.m. i expect the high temperature to top out at about 4:00, 4:30 this afternoon. then we start to see some cooler temperatures after sunset, of course. it looks like lows will be certainly very comfortable all night tonight with increasing clouds by tomorrow.
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so keep in mind that today is certainly the pick of the holiday weekend. here is one issue that i am concerned about, and i'll certainly bring that up often because a lot of us don't pay attention to this. it looks like air quality concerns for today, so for children, those of you who suffer from asthma, certainly get on out there and enjoy the day, but it looks like we do have this air quality issue. and also we have a very high u.v. index for today. be sure to apply the sun screen often. i am a huge advocate about that. the beach looking really good. for tomorrow we'll see an increase in the clouds. notice we're already starting to see some scattered showers peak through for tomorrow's forecast, and temperatures in the 70s. and that's because we do have that tropical development that will start to work its way northeastward once it impacts the carolina coastline. it looks like the showers will certainly affect at least the second half of sunday, so enjoy the first half, and then by
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monday keep those umbrellas handy. i do expect some localized flooding. the temperatures a lot cooler by monday into tuesday, behind a cold front that will start to dip on down from the northwest. otherwise, right now bethany beach looks gorgeous. by tomorrow also seeing those cooler temperatures. i would like to add this. we may see some rounds of thunderstorms late tomorrow into monday. something to be mindful of, especially if you plan on leaving the beach a little bit later in the day, but i will tell you what. for today a gorgeous day in the forecast. so enjoy it. again, some showers moving in. no worries. today we're going to see temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s, really sunny for today as the day progresses of course. i am excited about that. i will see you in my next forecast. i'm amy from comcast speths. the phillies entered floriridaye
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games over .500 and opened the series against the best team in baseball, the cubs. it rained on and off the entire game. cubs' bats meant business as well. fourth inning, game tied at one. jorge soler. cubs with the lead. later in the fourth. this one to the bleachers, nearly out of wrigley. 5-1, cubs. fifth inning. kris bryant's turn. a towering shot. out of the park, onto the street. phillies fall 6-2. the world cup of hockey is this september in toronto at the air canada centre. flyers will be well represented. claude giroux has been named to team canada. the others being the 2013 and 2015 world champions.
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ryan go ryan gostisbehere will be on team north america. five flyers have been named to teams. boychuk. neuvirth. mark streit and shawn couturier on the north american team. eagles resume activities next week. and carson wentz continues to learn the offense. wentz has opened some eyes during his minimal work on the field including those of wide receiver jordan mathews. >> you can tell he plays the edge and has a chip. you can tell he is a guy who wants to take risks. one of the biggest attributes in a quarterback that people overlook is savvy. the great ones, the aaron rodgers, the peyton mannings,
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brett favre. they're have savvy. >> training camp is less than two months away. have a great weekend.
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if you are looking for something to do in philadelphia this holiday weekend, you may want to check out these displays at the chinese lantern festival in franklin square. this is video from last night. the square is filled with 25 illuminated lanterns and a 200-foot long dragon. the event runs through june 12th. with the memorial day weekend here there are handy gadgets to help you to get the most out of the holiday. nbc's mark barger shows us. >> reporter: before kicking off your barbecue, a grill cleaning robot can help with the prep work. >> set it on there. it's like a roomba for your grill. >> reporter: when the meat cooking on the grill hits the right temperature, a bluetooth thermometer gives you a heads up. >> you can go 30 feet away and
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get the notification when it's time to come and get your food. >> reporter: if you forgot to make dessert, the zoku quick pop maker saves the day. pour in your favorite ingredients for home-made frozen treats in seven to nine minutes. use the holiday's rays to take the party into the evening with solar powered lights. >> it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. >> reporter: it floats, can change colors. it's portable and waterproof. if your memorial day plans include a trip to the beach or the pool, the coolest cooler might live up to its name. >> it has a built-in blender so you can make cocktails and smoothies. 55 quarts of storage. saves ice up to five days, has a built-in speaker. this is the ultimate in coolers. >> reporter: be sure to protect your electronics. >> this pouch makes any smartphone waterproof. you can take it snorkeling for for a day at the beach and
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ensure your phone stays dry. >> reporter: a soggy smartphone is not the memorial day memory you'll want to make. do you know a group that's making a difference in our area? it could be worth $50,000. the wawa foundation is launching its first-ever hero award for local non-profits. one group will win a $50,000 grant. three others will win $10,000 each. the checks will be presented on the fourth of july during wawa welcome america which you can watch live here on nbc10. the deadline to enter is this-coming wednesday, june 1st. if you would like more information, just visit the wawa 5:57 on this saturday. fun in the sun for the first part of the memorial day day weekend. the warm weather is just right for the beach. we'll have a live report from atlantic city straight ahead. erica. >> a gorgeous day in the forecast today. but changes on the way by the second half of sunday.
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memorial day washout? details coming up in my full forecast.
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this morning memorial day
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weekend is in full swing. plenty of people heading to the shore for the long holiday. we're live in atlantic city with what to expect on the roads and at the beaches. plus, taking off for the holiday. to you the tsa is trying to cut down on long lines at the airport. is that a crash? >> deadly crash on the hudson. what investigators are saying about the vintage war plane that went down outside new york city. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. the memorial day weekend is off and running. probably one of my favorite times of year. here is a live look at the center city skyline. a little hazy out there. pretty warm at this hour. this afternoon temperatures are really expected to soar. in some spots they'll hit the 90s. it will be humid today, but guess what, we've got some changes on the way. surprise, surprise. meteorologist erica martin is tracking the conditions where you li


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