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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  May 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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weekend is in full swing. plenty of people heading to the shore for the long holiday. we're live in atlantic city with what to expect on the roads and at the beaches. plus, taking off for the holiday. to you the tsa is trying to cut down on long lines at the airport. is that a crash? >> deadly crash on the hudson. what investigators are saying about the vintage war plane that went down outside new york city. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. the memorial day weekend is off and running. probably one of my favorite times of year. here is a live look at the center city skyline. a little hazy out there. pretty warm at this hour. this afternoon temperatures are really expected to soar. in some spots they'll hit the 90s. it will be humid today, but guess what, we've got some changes on the way. surprise, surprise. meteorologist erica martin is tracking the conditions where you live. good morning, erica.
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>> good morning, rosemary. great minds think alike. i do have the same live shot because it's really important. we do have -- it's hazy. that was a great way for you to introduce this. we have a couple of clouds over the skyline. that's because things will start to clear out as the day progress progresses. it will be mostly sunny skies, and we'll take that especially considering how warm it's going to be for today. we have a very nice day in the forecast all around. so something to look forward to. notice at the bottom of the screen you are seeing your local temperatures for the next couple of days. scrolling down are really just kind of here. look at that and keep that in mind. notice the temperatures will decline by monday. current temperatures, trenton, 67. mount holly, 66. also seeing upper 60s mainly for most of the region. again, the only issue right now is everything has to clear out with the mostly sunny skies in the works, again, something to
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look forward to. as we look at what to expect for today as the day breaks down, we start to see the sun peek through as the day progresses. by 1:00 p.m. still a few clouds in the forecast. mid to upper 80s. upper 80s by 5:00. i expect the high temperature to hit at 4:00 or 4:30 this afternoon. the p.a. suburbs seeing the same thing. clouds may be a little more stubborn. very warm and mug wgy out there. showers by tomorrow. right now police are on the scene of an accident that's slowing traffic on the atlantic city expressway. if you are heading to the shore or if you are coming toward the city, keep this in mind. you may have delays either way. it happened on the westbound side in winslow township. keep in mind. eastbound may get gaper delays. two cars collided this
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morning around 3:15. police tell us the injuries are not life-threatening. we'll keep you posted. atlantic city is open for business on this memorial day weekend. take a look. this is the scene yesterday as officials unlocked the ocean as part of a yearly tradition. the holiday comes with new hope for the resort town after new jersey governor chris christie signed a rescue package to keep a.c. from running out of cash. nbc10's monique braxton is live along the board walk this morning. business owners i'm sure are hoping for a boost to kick off the summer season. >> reporter: yeah, rosemary. it's chilly out here this morning. that's probably why you don't see a lot of folks out here on the board walk aside from the fact that it's early. atlantic city has five months to get its financial house in order. memorial day weekend this year, not only signals the unofficial start of summer, but mayor don guardian says it's the beginning of a recovery plan. that plan, according to the mayor, will include monthly
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meetings to update taxpayers, merchants want shore visitors to know they're open for business down the shore. >> like 70% of our annual business is -- will come in the next three months. >> i have been waiting for it. >> reporter: now, the closure of four casinos has reduced the tax base here in atlantic city, but we should tell you eight casinos are open. i just saw some folks who work at bally's running to work this morning. live now from atlantic city, monique braxton, nbc10 news. this weekend, extra security, screening lines, and bomb-sniffing dogs are helping get travelers through philadelphia international airport more quickly. the dogs allow passengers to leave their shoes on as they go through security. the tsa is hiring 768 agents and canine units to cut wait times across the country.
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today burlington county will honor our nation's heroes with a memorial day weekend tribute at the william doyle veterans cemetery in brightstown. at the cemetery yesterday boy scouts, girl scouts, cubs and brownies placed american flags on the graves. each child will receive a patch for their work honoring the vets. work that reminds us all of what memorial day is all about. >> i have had family members that have fought in every war this country has ever fought, so it's really important to me to make sure that i let the veterans know that i care. today's ceremony at the cemetery includes a flyover by new jersey's 177th fighter wing, plus a 21-gun salute. this memorial day weekend be sure to have the free nbc10 app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. you can check the first alert forecast and personalize it for your neighborhood. we update it constantly. plus you'll get traffic alerts and push alerts as soon as news breaks.
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new from overnight, a baby is in the hospital after this three-car accident in montgomery county. crews were called to city avenue and marion road around 1:30 this morning. one of the cars was on fire. a 6-month-old girl went to children's hospital philadelphia for treatment. there is no word yet on her condition. also new from overnight a man is in the hospital after his motorcycle crashed in philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene in feltonville where police tell us that the motorcycle was crossing roosevelt boulevard on c street when it collided with a car around 12:30 this morning. the rider is in critical condition. no reports of other injuries. police are investigating. this morning philadelphia police are looking for the driver who hit and killed a preacher in kensington and did not stop. the victim's family identifies the preacher as 57-year-old ella leon. thursday night he was preaching
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at his church and then took members to the soldier of the lord ministry on north front street. police tell us he was killed when he went to get back into his van. >> it's sad what happened. we know he was a man of god, and we're sure that he is in heaven. detectives are looking for a 1998 to 2008 dark-colored saab similar to the one you just saw. police tell us they found a chrome saab logo at the scene. they believe that it came from the car involved. is that a crash? >> yeah! >> this crash caught on camera shows a plane hitting the hudson river right between new york city and new jersey. it was seen circling just before it went down yesterday. the pilot died. the vintage war plane was flying to advertise an air show this weekend at jones beach. according to the faa, the world war ii vintage p-47 thunderbolt crashed into the river around 7:30 last night. firefighters on the scene say
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the plane had engine trouble before it went down just about two miles south of the g.w. bridge. witnesses saw the pilot trying to get out of the plane but unable to free himself before it sank. the coast guard says it will be working to pull the wreckage from the water a little bit later on this morning. eight minutes after 6:00 on this saturday. we are expecting a hot and humid start to our memorial day weekend. we will have your neighborhood forecast, plus the ten-day, coming up. also ahead, violence in the streets. a donald trump rally in california draws hundreds of protesters. we'll show you how the latest demonstration played out. take a look at this. a falling tree hits a new jersey police officer. we'll have an update on his condition following this run-in with mother nature.
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now your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather.
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>> good morning. i'm meteorologist erica martin with a look at what to expect for today. your holiday weekend looking pretty good except we have some showers on the approach. pick of the holiday weekend would be for today. hot and humid. air quality index not that great. u.v. index also very high. it looks like we have some showers moving in by sunday into monday. otherwise, right now seeing lots of upper 60s. breaks in the clouds. so right now a mix of sun and clouds but lots of sunshine in a couple hours. temperatures topping out in the upper 80s, low 90s. all due to a southerly push. we have warmer temperatures, muggy conditions for today. the next 12 hours pan out like this. notice that we're seeing temperatures climb into the low 80s by 10:00, 11:00 a.m. we cool down later tonight. it won't be that cool tonight. overnight lows will be pretty impressive. i'll tell you how low it will go
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in my next forecast. back to you. 6:11 right now on this saturday. a glimpse of history in our area. let you know where you can see this solar plane at the center of a record-breaking trip around the world. also ahead, a preview of the approaching hurricane season. what the experts have to say about just how many named storms are expected to stirred up the atlantic this year.
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the temperatures are expected to soar for the start of our memorial day weekend. some spots could see the 90s today. but we do have some changes ahead. your neighborhood forecast is just two minutes away. people out there on the board
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walk right now on atlantic city. looking good! quick reminder for riders. shuttle buses replace train service this weekend. you will need to take a bus between the el win and university city stations. the changes are due to construction work on the crumb creek viaduct and sea king station. in the lehigh valley today visit a piece of history in allentown. the solar impulse plane is on display from 10:00 until 4:00 today. the plane is trying to make a record-breaking trip around the world using solar energy. oh, my goodness! all things considered things could have been a lot worse for that police officer. this cop in passaic county barely got out of the way of the falling tree. the officer ended up breaking his wrist trying to get to safety. the 60-foot poplar fell right onto the road. the officer was there trying to move another fallen tree out of the road in ringwood.
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that's when the poplar came crashing down. texas police risk their own lives to save a driver who went around barricades and got stuck in a flooded street. the officer removed their rain gear to wade through the water and rescue the driver. you can see the dash-cam caught it all. officers had to shatter the driver's window to pull her from the car. the car then floated away. also in texas, a firefighter who went to rescue a driver swept away by high water needed help from the air. a helicopter pulled the firefighter and the driver to safety in austin yesterday. the water was just moving too fast for the two folks to safely make it to dry land without a lift. some good news from federal weather officials in the annual hurricane forecast, calling for a near normal season. hurricane season begins june 1st. researchers predict a total of ten to 16 named storms, but factors including la nina could
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make this hurricane season much worse, so could low pressure over the atlantic. hi. i'm meteorologist erica martin. wilmington, delaware, looking really nice right now. notice that the clouds are clearing very quickly. so lots of sunshine in the forecast for today. and if you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see your extended seven-day forecast. keep that in mind because we do have a change on the approach. a cold front moving through by sunday into monday. so today is the pick of this holiday weekend. 68 right now in wilmington. and by 11:00 a.m. we'll see low 80s, but notice still a few clouds out there. not a completely sunny day for the entire area, but mostly sunny is good enough for us. philadelphia also seeing some really nice temperatures. 11:00 a.m., 82 degrees. so we're going to trend warmer, of course, as the day progresses. also trending muggier with dew
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points in the 60s and 70s with the onshore flow. king of prussia, 9:00 a.m., 77 degrees. notice a few clouds in the forecast. not really sunny, but mostly sunny, and we'll take that. futurecast, notice that there is not much going on right now. at least not until tomorrow when we start to see a little bit of an onshore flow there. there is that tropical depression that will affect the carolina coastline. it will continue, that energy will continue moving northward. so we do expect some showers. possibly some heavier downpours, especially sunday into monday. keep in mind we may see one or two isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. second half of the day. so if you are at the beach, keep that in mind, especially later tomorrow. so wider perspective here. notice that by monday, possibly tuesday, it looks like we still may see one or two spotty showers. your ten-day outlook. notice here, by tomorrow we start to see the developing
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clouds and we have the threat of the isolated thunderstorm ths especially later in the day. 76 the expected high. notice the overnight lows. i have been mentioning it will be warm tonight and tomorrow. coolest day as far as the next couple of days go would be monday. then warming up tuesday again. but the real issue right now is, of course, this is a holiday weekend. everybody wants to get on out there and enjoy. so i recommend today. u.v. index is high, sunscreen often. i really can't say that enough. temperatures are pretty warm. this is why we have the warmer flow, a muggy day in the forecast. once again, we do have the air-quality alert. ill see y i'll see you in a bit. back to you. >> ♪ >> i was hoping to hear. ♪ summer, summer, summertime
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>> summer fest at the blue cross river rink is open for the season. as you just saw a moment ago. dj jazzy jeff spun tunes last night. crews transformed the ice rink into a skating rink. an urban beach front where you can play mini golf, enjoy craft beer or try out the waterfront crab shack. coming up next in our decision 2016 coverage, a change of heart. we'll explain why donald trump is now backing down from a possible debate with bernie sanders. the party platform. we'll explain how democrats are looking to ease tensions as we approach the convention here in philadelphia in july.
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usa, usa, usa! >> donald trump's latest rally in california sparked more violence in the streets. scuffles between protesters
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brought out police in riot gear. officers made several arrests and more than a dozen people needed medical treatment. the presumptive gop nominee did not mention the violence at his rally. trump is backing off the idea of debating democratic candidate bernie sanders. on thursday trump told reporters the debate was on if the event could raise $10 million for a worthy cause like women's health. the sanders' campaign took trump seriously and started negotiating with tv networks. but yesterday trump killed the plan. here is his reasoning, and then you'll hear sanders' reaction to it. take a listen. >> you're in first place, you don't want to debate a guy who is in second place. >> i hope that he changes his mind, again. i mean, mr. trump is known to change his mind many times in a day. >> sanders also called trump a bully daring him to agree to a debate. last night bernie sanders supporters pushing for votes in south jersey. folks from the sanders campaign office in burlington county went door to door in pemberton.
6:25 am
they're planning a bigger push for votes next week ahead of the new jersey primary on june 7th. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton plans to return to the garden state next week. she is scheduled to stop in newark on wednesday. on thursday clinton is due to speak at mercer community college. clinton's office says she'll be pushing her plan to raise family incomes. former president bill clinton was campaigning for his wife in north jersey yesterday, speaking to voters inside this gym in edison. the former president did not mention donald trump or bernie sanders but did say his wife is the only presidential contender with a proven record of getting things done. democrats say they'll make their platform more inclusive ahead of this summer's national convention in philadelphia. yesterday party leaders announced plans to hold four public hearings around the country. the hearings begin june 8th in washington, d.c. bernie sanders is pressing for more input with the party
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platform, even warning that things could get, quote, messy in philadelphia during the july convention. memorial day weekend down the shore. here is a live look at the boardwalk in atlantic city. a few people are out and about this morning getting their jogs in, getting htheir bike rides i. erica martin is tracking it all for us. >> i recommend getting out there and enjoying today because it is my pick of the holiday weekend. conditions topping out in the 90s. a little muggy out there. live shot outside. the sun is peeking through but we have showers in the forecast. i'll explain on the other side of the break.
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nbc10 news starts now. [ cheers and applause ]
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memorial day weekend has arrived, and so has the summerlike weather. we're live at the shore with what to expect over the holiday. new overnight, a deadly shooting in philadelphia. what police are telling us about the violence and the victim of the attack. >> you see some of the paint starting to spray. >> plus, why a philadelphia restaurant owner believes his business has become the target of vandals. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 6:30 on this saturday. thanks for being with us. heat and humidity are hanging around for the start of the memorial day weekend. you know what, though, i don't mind it because we've had so many wet, soggy, memorial days in years past in philly. now it actually looks like summer. live look over center city right now. however, we know it's been a wet may. the rain is going to return. checking in now with meteorologist erica martin.
6:30 am
>> hi, rosemary. we do have a major change in the forecast. as you mentioned, that's not the story for today, so let's enjoy it. it will be hot and it's certainly going to be humid. the beach right now looks fantastic. notice a little bit of a break in those clouds. not totally sunny, not yet. but no worries. the sun is going to continue to peek through. a very nice day in the forecast. in fact, this is my pick of the holiday weekend. otherwise, if you look at the bottom of your screen you will see your extended seven-day forecast. so today's story includes a muggy day in the forecast. we have the air quality alert that's been issued by the e.p.a. keep that in mind for today, especially if you're asthmatic and for the children as well. weekend forecast is not going to be ideal for the second half of the weekend, and certainly by monday, but at least today we have a very nice day in the forecast. and as we go ahead and continue to move this through saturday and sunday. friday -- well, that was yesterday. that doesn't make any sense.
6:31 am
we do have some really nice conditions for today in the forecast. futurecast as we get this going through tomorrow. notice how we start to see showers push in from the south. the clouds, of course, first, an induction of the unsettled weather. it looks like we may see some isolated thunderstorms for the second half of sunday into monday. and possibly some localized flooding. i see that being a major issue, especially monday morning. so if some of you are headed to work and you don't have the day off, give yourself a little extra time. back to you. memorial day weekend means big crowds and big business in atlantic city. this after governor chris christie signed a financial rescue package just yesterday for the resort town. nbc10's monique braxton is live in a.c. right there along the boards. monique, i know you're not the only one out there. you've got quite a few folks taking a morning walk. >> reporter: just a few people out here. because it is a chilly morning.
6:32 am
let me show you what's going on over my shoulder. i think the sea gulls outnumber the people this time of morning. but this memorial day brings a sense of renewed hope to this cash-strapped city, with no -- with a strike to governor christie's penn a.c. leaders have 150 days to figure out how to balance the budget. he signed off on a new renewal plan. one-third of the casinos are now closed yet shore goers are o optimisti optimistic. one person told us they're kicking off the summer. another told us, this time of year it's absolutely fabulous because it encourages everyone to come down and take a stroll on the boardwalk. merchants say 70% of their annual business will occur over the next three months. if you are looking at a deserted
6:33 am
board walk now, it's early. the merchants hope this is not a sign of things to come. monique braxton, nbc10 news. wherever you are this weekend, take the free nbc10 app with you for all your memorial day day plans. check the first alert forecast, get it personalized for your neighborhood. we give you traecffic and push alerts as soon as news breaks. new from overnight, police are investigating a deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene here on gould street where police say a man was shot twice around 2:30 this morning. he later died. we know that the victim was in his 20s. no arrests in this case. controversy is building over a bill in the pennsylvania legislature that supporters say will help victims of child sex abuse. the reforms call for eliminating the statute of limitations for child sex abuse.
6:34 am
the measure has already passed the house. the senate plans to take it up next month. last night inside st. charles seminary in wynnewood opponents of the bill shared information about a rather -- opponents of the bill would share information about why they think it will endanger the church. outside supporters of the bill protested the event. >> we are just completely outraged by the way the archdiocese of philadelphia is spreading misinformation and just lies. >> the archdiocese says philadelphia is against the bill which would extend the ability for past victims to file lawsuits. the church has said it's unfair that public institutions are not held to the same standard as private ones. philadelphia police are looking for the teenager who attacked a man walking his dog last friday night in the overbrook farms neighborhood. the victim suffered a broken nose after the teen punched him in the face, knocked him to the
6:35 am
ground. this surveillance video captured a group of four teenagers trying to break into cars and then, as you saw earlier in the video, one of them ran over to the victim, pretended to ask for the time and attacked him. if you know anything about this incident, you are asked to call philadelphia police. philly police busy this morning looking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a preacher in kensington. the victim's family identifies him as 57-year-old ella leon. on thursday night he was preaching at his church and then took some members home to the soldier of the lord ministry on north front street. police say that's when he was killed, when he got back into his van. new jersey transit making changes after revelations that one of its train engineers lost his license to drive a car because of repeated drunk driving arrests. the agency says it will now check engineers' drivers licenses every day. the new jersey transit will also review their driving records when engineers are up for recertification. lawmakers are now calling for
6:36 am
tougher laws for train engineers and for railroads. verizon workers could be off the picket lines and back on the job next week. yesterday verizon and the unions reached a tentative deal on a four-year contract. neither side has released details yet. nearly 40,000 communication workers went on strike last month over wage, health care and retirement issues. an unwelcome message scribbled on a restaurant wall in west philadelphia leaves a bad taste with the owner, who captured the vandals on video. take a look. >> you see some of the paint starting to spray. >> a camera outside the clarkville restaurant at 43rd street and baltimore avenue was rolling as the vandals spray painted gentry go home on the wall. the restaurant's owner believes it's supposed to mean gentrification indicating fears the restaurant will drive out long-time residents from the neighborhood. but clarkville employees tell us that the vandals are mistaken.
6:37 am
>> active in the community, you know, we're here for everyone. so whatever the message is from the vandals, they clearly don't get what we're all about. >> not the first time this has happened. the general manager tells us that it's the second time the restaurant has been vandalized in recent weeks. 6:37 right now on this saturday. we'll get another check of the holiday forecast in a few minutes. plus, neighbors catch a backyard bear taking a load off. we'll tell you where the latest local bear sighting happened. and the great outdoors. why you'll have a hard time finding a camping spot this weekend. and free hot breakfast. but our best amenity is samantha. free wi-fi, free hot breakfast and free smiles. get up to 20 percent off as a hilton hhonors member at
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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weekend is absolutely ideal. but we do have a change on the approach by tomorrow into monday. now, wilmington, delaware, looking really nice right now. we are seeing a break in the clouds, so lots of sunshine in the forecast. i'm going to be a stickler. not completely sunny but mostly sunny skies is good enough for us i'm sure. especially since we have the showers on the approach. temperatures in the upper 60s right now. lower 70s by 8:00. a break in the clouds by 8:00. a sunny day in the forecast, getting sunnier as the day progresses. tonight we have a warm night in the forecast, and of course you can always find out more information about that on social media. if you follow us on twitter. look at the bottom of the screen. you'll see our extended seven-day forecast. note that down for your area especially because we do have some showers and colder temperatures on the approach. otherwise, philadelphia, by 8:00 a.m., 74 degrees. keeping it in the low 80s by about 11:00.
6:41 am
your extended ten-day forecast i want to show you right now because it's very important. everybody is taking advantage of the sunshine, warmer temperatures for today. but notice, by tomorrow into monday we start to see those showers on the approach. it looks like some thunderstorms in the forecast. and i do expect some localized flooding. so if you are headed to work for those of you headed to work early monday, be sure to give yourself a little extra time there. as the week progresses we start to get a little bit warmer, but we still have some showers in the forecast by the middle to the end of next week. rosemary. back to you. >> thanks, erica. in chester county this holiday weekend, the 120th devin horse show and country fair is under way. this year they got a $1 million makeover including improvements to the rings and more space for vendors. how about a game of chess this weekend? well, if you're in wilmington, stop by the second annual chess on the square tournament. it allows experienced and novice players to compete together. the free event begins at 10:00
6:42 am
this morning in rodney square. first and second place finishers get trophies. everybody who participates gets a medal. next in sports the phils square off against the best team in baseball. carson wentz has had minimal time on the field but players like what they see. >> you can tell he plays the edge. you can tell he has the chip and you can tell he is a guy who wants to take risks. jordan mathews offers up more on wentz and the one quality in a quarterback he says is offseason overlooked. flipping out. a closer look at this trick that bmx riders say is the first time it's ever been landed.
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. take a look at this new video of a bmx rider pulling off quite a feat in puerto rico. he doesn't just walk down stairs. he back-flips them. the 21-year-old first trained with pads on the ground, of course, and then performed the flip and stuck the landing this week. he claims it's the world's first bake back-flip down a set of stairs. delaware bureau, if you are hoping to take a last-minute camping trip in the first state, hate to tell you, but you're out of luck. this holiday weekend every single state park camp site, cottage and cabin is booked. we spoke to a couple from washington state who was forced to leave the killens pond state park because they could not get a camp site. they can see this is a positive thing for the state parks. >> that's great.
6:46 am
people should utilize them more often because they are a great asset to the public, you know. they should take advantage of it, you know. >> campers we talked to tell us that the advice now may be to book at the moment if you want a shot at a place on labor day or even halloween. here is something you definitely don't want to run into while camping or even in your own neighborhood, your own backyard. a viewer in quakertown took this photo of a black bear in his neighbor's back yard yesterday morning. the viewer tells us police had been warning residents this week that a bear was in the area, but he didn't expect such a close encounter. the bear was snacking on seed from a bird feeder. after having his fill he eventually took off. if you are hitting the road this holiday weekend, gas prices not too bad. the average price of gas nationwide $2.30, about 34 cents less than a year ago.
6:47 am
but it's the highest price so far this year. gas prices starting to creep up. here is the deal locally. on average a gallon of unloaded regular gas costs you $2.47 in philadelphia and in the suburbs in pennsylvania, in south jersey $2.12. in delaware, the price is $2.24, a live look outside right now on the roads. this is 76. and the vine. not looking too bad. definitely traffic moving at this hour for a saturday. if you're driving today, you'll definitely need the air-conditioning on because by tomorrow night you're going to need the wipers. a lot of changes going on in our forecast. let's check in now with nbc10 meteorologist erica martin. >> that's right. air-conditioner all day long. it will be muggy and it's going to be hot. as you mentioned, a change in the works by tomorrow into monday. notice these temperatures today. seeing lots of upper 80s, low 90s, lehigh valley, 91 the
6:48 am
expected high. it looks like we have the showers moving in. the icon should be here for the second half of sunday into monday because this is when we do expect those isolated thunderstorms as some unsettled weather is certainly on the approach one more time. why not here. we're starting to see the temperatures cool down as the cold front approaches from the northwest. we do have the coastal system, that tropical depression, that is due to approach and affect the south carolina coastline. i expect that energy and all of those rain showers to continue northward. the wind speeds have a southerly component which is why conditions for today will in fact be muggy. dew point in the upper 60s and low 70s but not much to talk about right now. 11 mile per hour sustained wind speeds. wildwood and quakertown, a mere 7 mile per hour wind speed. not much going on for right now, and conditions all around
6:49 am
certainly going to be a little unsettled sunday into monday. today lots of sunshine in the forecast. not much to complain about there. the extended forecast will show us what to expect for the rest of the week. if you notice, at the bottom of your screen, you're going to see your extended seven-day forecast for your area. so keep that in mind because, really, the big story is that we do have sunshine in the forecast for today, and then everything starting to get a little worse by tomorrow, second half of sunday into monday. i expect localized flooding. that's certainly the big thing, especially to kick off the following week. so philadelphia, lots of clouds right now. clearing quickly, however. it's a little hazy out there. and we do have some sunshine peeking on through. so, again, today is a day to enjoy. by tomorrow we see the showers pushing through. and i expect the threat of isolated thunderstorms. follow us on twitter, and we'll have more information on what to
6:50 am
expect about the tropical depression and how it will affect us here in this area. don't forget, at the bottom of your screen, to write down your extended seven-day forecast for the changes in the works. rosemary, back to you. hi. i'm amy from comcast "sportsnet." the phillies opened the series in chicago against the cubs at wrigley field. it rained on and off during the entire game. when it rained it really meant business. cubs' bats meant business. fourth inning. game tied at one. soler goes deep, left center. off the score board. cubs with the lead. later in the fourth. this one to the bleachers nearly out of wrigley. 5-1, cubs. fifth inning. kris bryant's turn. this is a towering shot. that one goes out of the park onto the street. cubs doing what they do best,
6:51 am
scoring runs, phillies fall 6-2. world cup of hockey is this september in toronto at the air canada centre. flyers will be well represented. capta capta captain claude giroux named to team canada. flyers rookie shane gossiyne gostisbehere will be on team north america. he is a finalist for the calder trophy. five flyers. boycheck, neuvirth and gudas. mark streit and couturiere. carson wentz continues to learn the offense as the coaching staff continues to install the system. wentz has opened eyes during his minimal work on the field including those of wide receiver
6:52 am
jordan matthews who was on csn's quick slants this week. >> you can tell he plays the edge. he has a chip. you request tecan tell he wants risks. the great quarterbacks, the aaron rodgers of the world. tom bradys, brett favres. a lot of those legends are great about xs and os but also have savvy. they don't always go by the book. >> training camp less than two months away. have a great weekend. tonight at 7:00, the philly pops and the mann center for the performing arts present memorial salute, a concert honoring all those who serve. veterans, active military and philadelphia police officers and firefighters can get in for free. same thing goes for the families. public schoolteachers, opportunities and administrators can get free tickets.
6:53 am
it's open to the public. if you are not a member of the military or the school district, you can still go. tickets are reasonably priced. nbc10's glenn "hurricane" schwartz will be emceeing the event. the wawa foundation is launches the first-ever hero award for local non-profits. one group will win a $50,000 grant. three others will win $10,000 apiece. the checks will be presented during "wawa welcome america!" which you can watch live here on nbc10. for more information visit the
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. it feels like we went from winter to summer. that's because the summerlike weather is here. here is a live look over center city, a light breeze out there. you see the flag blowing. guess what. temperatures will get back up towards the 90s again today in some neighborhoods, and as we check in with nbc10 meteorologist erica martin, we've got the sunshine. >> right. >> we've got the humidity. but the rain is coming. >> we have a change in the forecast as well. i do think that we, of course, have to enjoy for today. temperatures topping out in the 90s. dew points may be a little
6:57 am
uncomfortable. by tomorrow a change. look at that lovely shot, rosemary. why talk about the rain right now. we'll focus on that later on in the day. >> absolutely. we have our right now temperatures looking really good. upper 60s, low 70s, notice a couple breaks in the clouds. otherwise, as i move this forward, really nice. upper 80s to low 90s. mostly sunny skies. not sunny, mostly sunny, but that's good enough, right? >> we'll take it. erica, this must be a nice change for you considering you're normally out in the field, so to speak. >> last week i was out chasing tornadoes in the texas panhandle, so a very different type of environment right now. >> you'll take this weather any day, right? >> of course. >> that does it for us for now. we'll see you in 25 minutes for a local update and a full hour of news at 8:00. have a good one.
6:58 am
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good morning. holiday havoc. a tropical depression swirling off the southeast coast. millions in its path as it gets set to make landfall today bringing storms and heavy rain. this is bringing deadly flooding in texas and dozens of rescues. in the midwest,hey are cleaning up from severe storms and tornadoes. dylan is tracking it all. protests and clashes. violence outside donald trump rally in san diego. dozens of people arrested. all of it happening near the mexico border. while statements about faith when it comes to debate about bernie sanders. and deadly plane crash. a world war ii plane crashes into the hudson river with hundreds of horrifying


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