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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  May 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. we begin tonight at 6:00 with breaking news in bucks county. two people were taken to the hospital after a tree branch fell on them in a state park. the victims were reported trapped under a branch at 4:00 this afternoon. this is cellphone video taken of the rescue. both people were freed and taken to the hospital. it's not clear how serious the injuries are. officials are updating the situation at this hour. we have a crew at the scene. we'll bring you any new information as we get it. now turning to our weather. and our first official heat wave. memorial day weekend marks the start of the summer vacation season. it certainly felt like summertime today.
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we found people paddle boating. before too long we're looking at a big change. today's heat and humidity made for an uncomfortable combination. these people had the right idea, finding a shady spot watching a baseball game in the park this afternoon. the holiday weekend is not complete for many without a trip down the shore. here say live look at cape may where people soaked up plenty of sunshine today. but changes are coming. rain is headed our way again. we have you covered with the timing for the memorial day weekend. and meteorologist karen thomas is here with more on the heat and the changes with the first alert neighborhood forecast. how are we looking, karen? >> pretty good for now, denise. a lot of folks flocking to a pool or beach. it's beautiful down there right now, but crowded. the air is heavy and the ozone
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is high. we have to really take notice there. radar shows some showers extreme north and west. we have high pressure in place. we'll be dry through overnight hours into tomorrow. because tropical storm bonnie is now pushing close to the south carolina coast, we're keeping a close eye on that system, because that is going to have a direct effect on our weather changes come tomorrow as well as memorial day. but look at our current temperatures right now. we are still in the hot zone. 89 in allentown. we are down to 88 in philadelphia. but we did tap that 90 degrees. 80 in atlantic city, a little cooler there along the shore. we've got that southerly flow and it is quite warm. i just wanted to go ahead and show you our trend. if you're wondering, my goodness, it felt hot yesterday and it's hot today, well, 90 was our high in philadelphia yesterday. we topped out at 90. we're looking for a little bit of a cooloff as clouds and rain move into the forecast.
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i'll have more on that in a bit. >> thanks, karen. the soaring temperatures didn't stop the celebrations. from the city to the shore, there was plenty to keep people of all ages entertained. randy gyllenhaal joins us live from penn's landing. >> reporter: very hotspots. we're here at the blue rink summer fest. of course the most popular place to be is right here at the ice cream shack. we have gavin and violet with a sund sundae, you'll need one of those today. >> vanilla, hot fudge, whipped cream. >> reporter: you'll need one of these as8u÷ temperatures hit 9 degrees. >> really good, i'm telling you, man. >> reporter: on this scorching hot memorial day weekend, big crowds caught some much needed shade at the franklin flea market in center city. >> the rumor that people all go to the store isn't true. >> reporter: if you haven't left for the holiday, philly is
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jam-packed with outdoor activities. on the art museum steps, fans watch a street soccer tournament that runs through the weekend. >> i explode in the sun. so i'm keeping in the shade. >> reporter: both adults and kids competing under the hot sun. >> a little more touch, more tactical, faster play. >> it's exciting to play out here in front of a big crowd. and the weather is -- it's definitely very hot out here. >> reporter: but with such sudden heat comes serious dangers for both humans and friends. the animal care and control team in north philly keeping a close eye on temperatures inside the shelter. >> between 70 and 71 degrees. >> reporter: the ac unit here is aging, making it difficult to cool down the giant warehouse full of dogs. many homes in philadelphia don't even have air conditioning. so on a day like this, the staff recommends keeping dogs and cats hydrated and keeping the air flowing with a fan. >> make sure that they have always access to water so they
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can control their temperature. obviously dogs and cats don't sweat. >> reporter: and if you have a dog at home, they'll want some of this ice cream, i guarantee you that. black live at the blue cross rink summer fest, five-week-old montana is enjoying the sun, she looks hot right now. they're having fun playing golf. you can also do rollerskating. and again, the ice cream shack the most popular place in time right now. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> great nap weather. thanks, randy. vacationers are hitting the boardwalk in atlantic city. the beaches are packed today, people enjoying the first day of the holiday weekend. nbc 10's drew smith is live in ocean city, drew, looking beautiful out there. >> reporter: perfect day, denise. we're on top of a big sand pile, a great vantage point of the hard work kids have been doing out in the sand today. even nice enough to get into the ocean. the beaches have been packed. even over on the boardwalk,
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everybody we're running into says this couldn't be a better start to the summer season. when it comes to tradition, this is one many families wait all year for. memorial day weekend at the shore. >> this is great. it's fun to be out again. it's warm. you know, all the sounds and the smells. it's all summertime, you know? >> reporter: up on the boards, people are enjoying their favorite foods of summer. the pizza flying off the pans. and a lot of people are cooling off with ice cream. this couple has something extra special to celebrate. >> it's our anniversary. 21 years together. and this is one of our favorite places. >> reporter: the most excited people we found were hands down the kids. >> i love summer. it's more fun than school. so i just want it to be warm and not rain. >> i really like going in the ocean. it was so much fun in the cold water in the hot weather. it really refreshes you. >> reporter: nothing but smiles
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from the kids out here who continue to work hard even at 6:00. the fun doesn't end here. coming up tonight, over at the music pier here in ocean city, the new jersey popps will start the season with frank sinatra music. drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> the place to be, thank you, drew. a solemn ceremony to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. >> army pfc john cartwright. army corporal james costillion. >> nbc 10 at the camden county veterans cemetery today. the names were read of more than 100 veterans killed in vietnam, iraq, and afghanistan. these volunteers in montgomery county spent their saturday placing american flags on the graves of veterans. members of the vfw placed dozens of flags throughout the calvary cemetery in west conshohocken.
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they say it reminds them of the true meaning of the holiday. >> people still remember. that's what memorial day is about, remembering those who serve our country. >> earlier this week, vfw members placed flags at graves at three other local cemeteries. take the free nbc 10 app with you for the memorial day plans. you can check your first alert forecast and personalize it for your neighborhood, plus get traffic alerts and push alerts as soon as news breaks. a 3-year-old girl was in the hospital this memorial day weekend after police say she fell from a second story window in germantown. nbc 10 on the scene of the 500 block of manheim street. police say the girl suffered an injury to the back of her head. but it's not yet clear how she fell. paramedics rushed the girl to st. christopher's hospital. we're checking and we'll be sure to update you on her condition. police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a man in atlantic county early this morning and then just took off.
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police say the car that hit 26-year-old kyle marcy is a 2012 dark colored honda civic with damage to the front passenger side. the crash happened just after 4:00 this morning. marcy was hit while walking at the intersection of route 30 and route 9. anyone with information is asked to contact police. coming up, lending a hand. a philadelphia boy is all smiles when he gets to try his hand at fif firefighting. the story behind this sweet scene. and a salute in the sky. how a museum is paying tribute to a veteran air show pilot killed in a crash. thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14.
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we want to update you on
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breaking news out of bucks county. we've learned two people injured when a tree branch fell on them are a father and his 4-year-old son. the family was having a picnic under a tree with other family members. the dad picked up his son and tried to get away when he heard the branch cracking but they couldn't get away fast enough. both were freed and taken to the hospital. it's not clear how serious the injuries are. some firefighters got a helping hand in north philadelphia today. this young boy got the chance to hold a water hose at camebry and 23rd street. look at that smile. the budding firefighter couldn't have been happier. crews had been responding to an overturned car but once everything was secure, they got to have a little fun. next, delaying the game? who is calling for the summer olympics in rio to be put on hold or moved? and what officials are saying about the plea. 90 degrees and plenty of
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sunshine. whether you were at the beach, in the poconos, in the mountains, really just another beautiful day, hot and muggy. stay tuned, though, our forecast is changing.
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divers have recovered the wreckage of a vintage the world war 2 plane that crashed into the hudson river last night. they pulled the plane out of the water at 11:30 this morning. the faa and ntsb will examine the aircraft. it crashed around 7:30 last night during a promotion for the american air power museum. divers have recovered the body of the pilot, william gordon. today the museum paid tribute to gordon with an aerial salute over long island, new york. they did a missing man flyover for the veteran air show pilot. the plane gordon was flying was
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supposed to take part in the air show. now the museum is dedicating all of its events this weekend to gordon. we'll soon see the results of an investigation into inappropriate e-mails found on pennsylvania state servers. the state attorney general says results of the probe will be made public tuesday. back in december, she ordered a review of raunchy and sometimes pornographic e-mails that were shared among judges, prosecutors and others. the e-mail scandal has already led to a number of resignations, firings, and ethics charges. the world health organization insists there is no need to postpone the rio olympics over concerns about the zika outbreak in brazil. as we check the official nbc 10 olympic countdown clock, we're 69 days away from the start of the games. 150 health experts urged the games be delayed or moved in the name of public health. in a letter to the united nations, those experts said zika
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infections in rio de janeiro keep rising despite efforts to wipe out the virus. the worry is hundreds of thousands of people traveling to brazil could speed up the spread of the virus around the world. the w.h.o. disagrees. >> based on a very careful risk assessment and all the information we've gathered so far about this disease, these games should go ahead as planned. and we should continue to work to make sure they're as safe as possible. >> olympic games have never been moved from their host city due to medical concerns. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. your first alert forecast. how are you staying cool? 90 degrees for our high. the clouds are moving in and will be with us by tomorrow afternoon. and then for memorial day, we're possible thunderstorms, and cloudy skies. hopefully everybody has been taking advantage of the bright
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sunshine, the very warm temperatures, and enjoying just an incredible span of a couple of days. 88 degrees in philadelphia, southerly winds at 12 miles per hour. we're still pretty hot even at this hour, close to 90 in the lehigh valley. in the pennsylvania burbs, temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. there we go. temperatures mainly in the upper 80s just about everywhere in the suburbs. in wildwood, a little cooler, 77. hopefully you were able to have a stroll on the boardwalk if you were there. tomorrow, the picture will be changing. we'll start with sunshine in wildwood, cape may, along the shoreline, then showers moving later on in the day. on and off, not a complete washout tomorrow. heavier rain coming into shore point sunday into monday. the southerly wind is cranking, bringing us hot, humid air from
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the south-southwest. all eyes turning now to tropical storm bonnie. it was a depression, has been upgraded to tropical storm bonnie. here is the low just off the south carolina coast. it should come ashore about 8:00 tonight at the south carolina coast. it's moving pretty quickly northwest at about 10 miles per hour. so we'll show you the official track from the national hurricane center. by tomorrow afternoon, just pushing into north carolina out of south carolina. but you see how it turns. this is the national hurricane center's prediction, that the low will sort of take more of a northeasterly trajectory. and by tuesday, it's well off the coast. however our monday will be affected by the far-reaching clouds and showers and some heavy rain out of the system. this is the very latest s satellite radar picture of bonnie, pushing heavy rain out
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front of the center of the low. we'll keep a close eye on that. what futurecast shows us, this model, we'll put it into motion, it shows how far-reaching the clouds will be from the system. so tomorrow morning at 8:30, waking up, some peeks of sunshine. you can see the cloud shield begins to push north into our area. spotty showers by sunday evening, really spotty, on and off, not a washout. it isn't until memorial day morning, monday, 6:00 a.m., that we have the potential for rain and heavy rain moving through. that continues for most of the day. the system gets out of here, we're clear again on tuesday. all right. still ahead on the show, the phillies look to get the bats going with the wind blowing out at wrigley in chicago. highlights from that game, ahead. world champion warriors have their backs against the wall yet again.
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time to check in with thomas roberts for a look at what's coming on "nbc nightly news." good evening, thomas. >> hi, denise, thanks very much. the latest on the severe weather stretching across parts texas and the midwest this holiday weekend. we have our correspondents in place. plus storing guns safely at home to keep them away from kids. how some cities are cracking down after tragic accidents. also lifesaving missions. using drones to deliver critical medical supplies to remote areas. and how a group of cops stepped in to save a beloved doughnut shop, coming up in just a few minutes for "nbc nightly news." denise? >> thank you so much, thomas, see you at 6:30. >> thanks. >> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity.
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the phillies sent jarod ikoff to the mound today against the cubs at wrigley field. first inning, herrera leads things off. bottom first, a fowler. they call it the windy city for a reason. the wind takes this into the bleachers, 1-0 cubs. at the dish. he finds a little open field in left. that's a double for a run, 2-0 cubs. bottom two, more offense from the cubbies. jason heyward rips one the other way, left center. goes into the ivy, comes back doesn't matter. but the first guy scores so it's
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3-0 cubs. ninth inning, a man on for howard. he goes down swinging again, 0 for 4 with two strikeouts. howard's average down to .154. phillies fall 4-1. eagles continue organized team activity this week. then there's a mandatory mini camp in just two weeks. all eyes will be watching to see if fletcher cox and darrell sprawls will be at the eagles practice facility for that camp. cornerback nolan carroll is working his way back from an injury he suffered in detroit and cut short a good season for him. he talked about the progress he's made rehabbing it. >> i'm ahead of schedule. we didn't think i would be doing this stuff outside. it's one of those things where every day i'm working, i continue getting better, every day i feel good. you take it day by day and see how it is. on the other side of the ball, eagles coaches continue installing doug peterson's
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office. several players are getting used to the new pace. >> there's intricacies that you can only learn through the refs in practice. i think everyone is excited to learn the new offense. there's a lot of options. the quarterback has the ability to change the routes, small things like a post or a corner, something like that, depending on the defense. there's a little more freedom in that regard. checking in on the nba games, western conference finals between the warriors and thunder. tonight, oklahoma city, for the second straight game the defending world champs are back against the wall. the warriors able to stave off elimination at home. steph curry has 31 points in that game. warriors won 120 to 111. curry discussed what it will take to get a win tonight and force a game 7.
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>> 48 great minutes to get a win, considering how the last two games have gone. there's going to be a decision point in that game where we can either keep our foot on the gas and keep momentum and take the crowd out of it or let them do what they've been doing. we have to control that situation. the men's lacrosse championships are here in philadelphia this memorial day weekend. today lincoln financial field the site of the final four. north carolina facing loyola maryland. number 45 here. for the heels, nine goals, that's a final four record. carolina advances to monday's national title game where they will face maryland. that will do it for sports. i'll send it back to you, denise. >> amy, thank you so much. it does feel like summer for the unofficial start of summer. >> it really does. if you haven't brought the bathing suit out, you have to get it out. it's been an incredible couple
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of days, right, denise? the forecast is changing. tomorrow we're looking for more cloud cover than the last three days. and yes, the possibility of shower activity in the afternoon. heavier rain sunday night into monday. this is tropical storm bonnie. and 76 degrees for our memorial day. but it is looking like we'll have on and off rain, possibly a thunderstorm later on in the day. but boy, it clears out very quickly for tuesday, and we're dry again for a nice stretch there of the upcoming workweek. but, you know, we've had a very nice run. tomorrow doesn't look to be a washout but we'll see the clouds coming in and thickening, then showers coming in later on in the day. and it will be moving in south to north. >> karen, thank you. that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, the deadly storms that just keep pounding parts of texas. with dramatic rescuesar days of record rains, tens of millions facing severe weather this holiday weekend as tropical storm bonnie sets its sights on beach goers in the east. and cameras rolling as a vintage world war ii plane crashed into the hudson river killing the pilot. tonight the latest on what may have gone wrong. senseless shootings, and kids dying when guns at home get into their hands. and now parents facing criminal charges if they don't store their weapons properly. and drones getting medical supplies to those whose lives may depend on them. and cops and donuts


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