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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  May 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, a family picnic in chaos as a father and son are rushed to the hospital. the unexpected natural fluke that caused the panic. and relay for a reason. this septa officer is recovering after a hit-and-run. now his friends are rallying to lift his spirit. and a tropical storm down south will impact our memorial day weather. when the rain will arrive, if any, it will ruin the rest of your holiday weekend. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm george spencer, it is now
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6:00 on this sunday morning. let's get right to the forecast. >> active weather would ruin our afternoon and evening for showers. there is always room for rainy days. a live look outside in wilmington, delaware, clouds are starting to develop. a high pressure system right over west virginia. we have a chance on the approach. we have tropical storm bonnie that will continue to work it's way up the eastern seaboard. they continue to work their way toward the delaware valley. we will start to see other showers pick up, of course, and we have a cold front moving through. a solid double whammy. future cast starting this at 6:00 a.m. not much going on. the clouds will develop quickly ahead of the showers and of course that frontal boundary dipped down from the northwest.
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so later tonight, we'll start to see those showers getting heavy year, and by about 11 p.m., orig oranges and yellows. tomorrow i expect rain tomorrow. we'll talk about what to expect and when this is all going to end. george, back to you. >> erica, thank you. people will be enjoying tonight's weather for as long as it lasts. nbc 10 pamela osborn is live in ocean city. >> george, it is absolutely gorgeous out. people are not waiting for
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things to open up before they get moving this morning. it has been a busy memorial day weekend here already down at the shore. judging by the amount of people out at this hour, it will probably be another jam packed day here. businesses say they saw big crowds, a solid start to their summer season, and the temperature was just right for spending the day by the water. here is how some of the younger beachgoers spent the day cooling off yesterday. >> i love summer, it is more fun than school. so i just want it to be warm an not rain. >> fun in the cool water and the hot weather. also last night, the jersey shore pops kicked off their season with the sounds of frank
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sinatra. the people who were at the pier said that will definite i will be out again. live in ocean city, i'm pamela osborn, nbc 10 news. and celebrating the memorial day weekend with several events today. a parade to honor our country's men and women who served. then the oak valley barbecue. >> also today, young lacrosse tournaments will compete in pennsylvania. the second annual courage games. it helps fight believing. you can take the free nbc 10 app with you for your memorial day plans. check the first alert forecast and personalize it for your
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neighborhood. plus get alerts when news and weather breaks. new this morning, a man in critical condition after being pulled from the bottom of a motel pool. police they the 34-year-old victim was found unconscious in the pool around 8:00 p.m. last night. a hotel worker and guest pulled him out together and then called for help. >> the witnesses describe the chaos that unfolded at a family pi picnic. a large tree branch came falling down. first responders came to the rescue. they say the man picked up his 4-year-old son, but could not
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get away fast enough. >> one guy took the tree off of the guy, the tree was so heavy, but -- >> the father and the son were taken to the hospital and they're both in stable condition. park officials say trues are surveyed regularly. the limb seemed healthy and there was no forewarning it would fall. that area of the park will remain closed for the rest of the holiday weekend until park rangers can determine it is safe. >> a 3-year-old girl is in the hospital after falling from the second floor window in a home. t toddler fractured her skull. it's not clear how she fell, but her father says he found a hole
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in the window screen. they're looking into whether or not the girl's twin sister may also have fallen from the window. and a septa police officer that was severely injured in a hit-and-run crash. it will begin at the same intersection where he was hit. the runners will head to the hospital where he is being treated to deliver get well cards and a new pair of running shoes to officer miller who is a fell ow runner. we will find an investigation into inappropriate e-mails on the server. results of the probe will be made on sunday. she order add review of raunchy
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and sometimes pornographic e-mails exchanged between judges and others. it already lead to a number of resignings. up next, a piece of philadelphia history is now gone for good. what finally brought it down. zoo officials defend their decision to kill a gorilla in it's cage. the reason they say they had to do it. for dog hair and dirt
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i use resolve pet foam. spray it on evenly. rub it in. and then i vacuum. it's like i have a brand new carpet. and, rigby is enjoying it as well.
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good morning, i'm erika martin. what you should expect for today and tomorrow, a live look outside, north wildwood, it is dry right now but we have tropical moisture on the way. deep dry right now, keep it
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outside for now. we have some unsettled weather on the approach tonight and into tomorrow. right now, delaware at 66. suburbs at 64. warmer in the lehigh valley. we have a southerly flow. cape may at 58. so weather stories include a dry start. clouds as the day progresses, showers tonight and into tomorrow. give yourself extra time, it will be a messy start to the day and a round of thunderstorms with cooler temperatures as the cold front is due to push through as well. doppler radar picking up on this unsettled batch of weather. continuing to work it's way to the northeast here. these darker greens, the bans working up the delaware valley. and that cold front is sliding down. the commutes will bring isolated
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thunderstorms, so again unsettled tonight. now coming up in my full forecast, i will talk about what to expect for the next ten days. back to you, gorgez. >> a 4-year-old boy is expected to be okay after falling through the gate. a 17-year-old gorilla picked up the child and dragged him for ten minutes. the response team shot and killed the gorilla after they deemed the situation to be life threatening. >> we did the right thing, but it is a difficult day. we're taking care of endangered animals, we certainly don't want to be in a situation where they have to be killed.
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>> zoo closed the exhibit while they make sure the barrier around the exhibit is secure. and a historic tree is no longer in place. yesterday crews took down the 160-year-old norway maple that stood over the grave of general george kneed. they called it had a tree that survived the conflict. take a look at this baby. coming up, she is setting records in one country, and she has only just been born.
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and a dallas nba player has been shot and killed. his agent says he went to the wrong room. the pelicans said they're devastated by his death. he was only 23 years old. >> divers recovered wreckage of a vintage world war ii play that crashed into the hudson river on friday night. the thunder bolt crashed during a tribute. and then pilots performed a
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missing man flyover. he was supposed to take part in an air show. all of the events this wooeeken are dedicated to the fallen pilot. >> he was a nationally respected pilot. and we're honored to have called him one of our own. >> bill gordon had 25 years of experience as an air show performer. come to your television and take a look at this. a new mother in india has a mother who delivered the hargeest baby on record there. the baby is 15 pounds and they're looking into why that baby grew to be so big. >> today in chester county, a chance to enjoy a memorial day
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weekend, the horse show and country fair. this year, they got a one million dollar makeover that includes improvements to the rings and gates for owners. the wawa foundation for local nonprofits will be one $50,000 grant and three $10,000 grants. you can watch live here on nbc 10, the deadline to enter is this coming wednesday, june 1st. for more information visit the wawa foundation dotorg. >> tropical storm bonnie is hitting south carolina. it is spreading heavy rain across coastal areas of the state and this will bring rain to our area.
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let's get right to the first alert forecast with erica march tip. >> we have showers on the way, in fact as you go ahead and start this on future cast, you have to see the clouds moving quickly. and notice on futurecast as we start at 6:00 a.m. and get this going by about 2:00 or 2:30, isolated pockets are moving through. notice by 5:30 p.m., heavier showers are moving through. thunderstorms as well. especially likely overnight into tomorrow. a really nice line here of thunderstorms that continue to work their way north here. something to be mindful of especially early stotomorrow morning. if you're headed out early
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tomorrow after a pleasant holiday weekend, keep in mind you will need extra time especially going up 95 because it will be a mess. really soggy early monday morning, and this continues to work it's way through off shore, and then notice some clouds here and showers also kicking in. it is all due to that cold front. a lot of weather going on. oregon, we're seeing temperatures going on in the 50s and 60s. for the most part, temperatures cooler. mid to upper 80s, delaware expected high, how 80s for you. cooler by tomorrow due to the cold front. tomorrow, 3:00 p.m., 81 in wilmington. tonight, keeping it slightly cooler, allen town at 62
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degrees. vineland at 61 for your overnight expected low. your ten day outlook, lots to go over here. notice how we rebound, 88 by tuesday and cool down wednesday and thursday. a roller coaster for the next couple days. high pressure system in place now, keeping it dry for today and we will continue to keep it showery by tomorrow. coming up in my next full forecast, we'll talk about what to expect tomorrow for that rain. >> erika, thank you. check out the next must have robot. it can tell you exactly how you feel. i'm rosemary con nors for
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nbc 10 at issue. >> two racehorses die as horrified spectators look on. what is being done to keep the horses and their jockeys safe. plus, will you ever have the money to retire. a startling study finds many in our area must choose between working much longer or living in poverty. finally community empowerment. coming up this morning at 11:30 only on "meet the press"
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. take a look at this, meet pepper, her creator says she uses visual and oral cues to
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read people's emotions. she was designed to perform services and interact with humans. she already provides customer service at super markets and train stations and aboard cru e cruiseshi cruiseships. wall street takes a holiday and walmart, in focufocus, all the week ahead. how stocks will do between now and labor day is anyone's guess. the market alternated between games and losses for each of the past six summers. investors looking ahead to friday morning and the may employment report. it could be the key to whether or not the fed decides to raise interest rates in june. the first day of june brings the
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latest numbers on auto sales and we'll see if u.s. automakers keep up the pace of what could be a second consecutive year of sales. the annual meeting kicks off on wednesday amid improving earnings. and it will be a big weekend for fans of the ninja turtles as their newest movie hits the big screen. >> another great start to our weekend for the holiday weekend especially if your down on the shore. pamela is live in ocean city. >> an absolutely beautiful start to the day here. people out walking and running getting it all in this morning, we'll let you know more about that coming up. take advantage of that, we
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it doesn't get much better than this on the sunday of a holiday weekend. we're waking up to really perfect weather this morning. lots of people doing just that, hanging out down on the shore, businesses are getting a much needed economic boost this memorial day weekend and the fun is not over yet. we'll take you live to ocean city. plus, a family picnic turns into a chaotic scene when a large tree branch comes crashing down and traps a father and his young son. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today.
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i'm george spencer, let's get right to the first alert forecast with erika martin. we have showers on the approach. a live look outside in wilmington, delaware. otherwise, highs for today mainly in the 80s. we'll see some 70s by tomorrow. currently, however, 60s in the forecast, the suburbs seeing sunny skies. i'm going with mostly sunny and then partly cloudy by midday and developing clouds as the day continues. highs in the 80s today and 70s by tomorrow. so the big stories of course include those showers on the way, clouds developing. cooler temperatures in the forecast, a cold front is moving through. we have a frontal boundary that stalls out in the northeast. unfortunately, a soggy start to
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your memorial day. so finally improved by later tuesday, early tuesday, but notice the cooler temperatures in the forecast. the big story around here would be the rain showers being picked up on future cast. i'm not giving you everything right now. i'll go through this with you and of course your ten-day extended. thank you. >> erik a, thank you, the memorial day conversations continue today. it is relatively quiet for now, but will not be that way for much longer. pamela? >> that's right, george. the later the morning goes on the more people are seeing the weather. you see the two chairs there, it seems like it is a little early for that. we checked in with local
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businesses and they said they see a lot of people come in. families say they're just soaking it all in. >> they're just happy all of the time. >> it is just a great feeling right now. doesn't get better than this. >> also last night, the jersey shore pops kicked off their season with the sounds of frank sinatra. a beautiful day ahead. a mother and son out there walking on the beach, just taking this day in. a beautiful day it will be here in ocean city. expecting to see a lot of people out once again. live in ocean city, i'm pam ela osborn. nbc 10 news.
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>> thank you very much, pamela. the memorial day weekend celebrations continue in cape may county today. right now just a beautiful live look where a music festival will begin tonight. the atlantic grass band takes the stage at 8:00 p.m. and people across the region paying tribute to those who gave their lives for our country. >> army corporal -- >> nbc 10 was a the camden county cemetery yesterday where they honored service members that died on the battlefield. they red the na they read the names of more than 100 men and women. and these volunteers spend their saturday placing flags on
6:34 am
the graves of veterans. they honored the heros at calvary cemetery. it is humbling that people still remember. >> last month they places flags on the graves of three other cemeteries. >> and take the nbc 10 app with you for your weekend. >> in south jersey, police are looking for the driver that hit and killed a man in atlantic county and then took off. it killed kyle marcy. police are looking for a 2012 dark colors honda civic.
6:35 am
anyone with information should call police. >> and state police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run as well. police sigh they arewo working get a description of the car that drove off in that case. >> and a deadly case of animal cruelty. two dogs tied up and set on fire. last night they found the animals in an alley. investigators say they were in a bag and may have been dead before the fire. tests will officially determine how they died. a father and his son are in stable condition this morning after a tree branch fell on them in bucks county. how a family picket turned into
6:36 am
an emergency situation. >> this cell phone video showed rescue workers helping a man that was pinned under a tree. witnesses say they heard cracking. rangers say the father picked up his 4-year-old son but could not get away in time. >> it was one guy, he took the tree off of the guy. it was so heavy, but he removed -- he told the man to stay still. >> the father and his son were taken to the hospital while the area was secured. >> we will reexpect all of the trees in the area over and over again. >> trees are normally surveyed after a storm. the limb seemed healthy and there was no forewarning.
6:37 am
>> it was a freak accident then? >> trees all all of the time. we make sure we expect them in our heaviest areas. >> for those that witnessed everything unfold because the park was packed with families. >> it was fast. we came here to have a good time. >> that specific area of the mark will remain closed for the rest of the weekend until park rangers can determine that no one else will be in danger. nbc 10 news. >> tropical storm bonnie takes aim at south carolina today. you're looking right now at live pictures out of charleston. you can barely make anything out. that shows you the conditions they're facing there currently. erika martin will tell us about when we will feel the impacts of
6:38 am
bonnie. and could california give bernie sanders a live line? we look at the race between clinton and sanders.
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6:40 am
live pictures right now from south carolina with people getting ready for tropical storm bonnie. you can see some of the dark clouds beginning to roll in. bonnie is weakening a bit. wind speed vs. s have decreased the last couple hours. >> in texas, four people are
6:41 am
dead after heavy thunderstorms caused flooding. the area received about 22 inches of flooding in two hours. police are still looking for people who were swept away in their car from a flooded roadway. and more heavy rain is expected through monday. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> i'm erika martin. currently as george mentioned, weakening right now moving north ward at about 8 miles per hour. she will continue to work up the eastern seaboard as you see moving northeastward along the carolina coastline. we're looking like we will get the effect of her as we continue to go northward here in the delaware valley. showers later this afternoon and heavier downpours into tomorrow. texas saw their share of flooding and it looks like it
6:42 am
won't be that bad here, but pockets of localized flooding. one to two inches. keep that in find for the early a.m. commute. notice here we start to see the clouds developing from south, really southeast toward the northeast. it will kind of just move along there. we also have a cold front moving through. we will see thunderstorms as we continue to move this on through tomorrow. tonight and into tomorrow we start to see the heavier pockets of downpours here. it looks like we will see a line of embedded thunderstorms continuing to work their way northeastward. really important tonight and into tomorrow. simply because we have that lightning as well through the overnight hours and tomorrow. i don't see wind being a huge issue, but i certainly see rain, showers, and localized flooding being an issue. so we'll talk about what to expect for tomorrow morning and
6:43 am
your ten day outlook, back to you. >> thank you, the world health organization insist there's is no need to postpone the rio olympics over concerns about the zika virus update. the count down clock shows we're only about 68 days away from the start of the days. the response from the world health organization comes after 150 medical experts urged that the games be delayed or moved in the name of public health. they say zika infections keep rising despite efforts to wipe out the virus. the worry is that hundreds of thousands of people traveling to brazil could speed up the spread of the virus around the world with the w.h.o. disagrees. >> based on a very careful risk assessment and all of the information we have gathered so far about this disease, it should go ahead as planned and we should continue the work and make sure they're as safe as
6:44 am
possible. >> the olympic games have never been moved from their host city because of medical concerns. and three sisters are training to become what is believed to be the first set of triplets to compete in the olympics. they say they're the trio to rio. they took up distance running just six years ago. a celebration for all of the men and women that serve in our military. we'll take you there, next.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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a federal judge has released internal documents regarding trump university. it came in response to a request from "the washington post." he started the web based real estate school in 2005. he stopped in 2011. it is the center of many lawsuits. >> now to decision 2016, donald trump says he can turn california from democratic blue to republican red by appealing to working class voters. he says the state is key to his general election campaign strategy. he plans to spend the day in washington dc where he will attend the memorial day biker tour that honors veterans.
6:48 am
>> also, hillary clinton will launch a personal push for votes in new jersey, just nine days away from that state's primary starts this afternoon. clinton's team will kick off phone banks and canvassing ad campai campaign offices. clinton is close to securing enough delegates to lock up the nomination against bernie sanders. yesterday bernie sanders issue add strong warning to clinton about her pick for a running mate. he urged her to pick a hard line progressive. he says doing so is skit kal to winning over his supporters. he made the comments in an interview you can watch on nbc's meet the press later this morning. and bernie sanders and hillary clinton say they're confident of winning the june
6:49 am
7th primary in california. both candidates have been crisscrossing the state in the last week. the latest polls show a statistical tie between the two of them in that state. >> we told you about the bernie sanders interview on "meet the press" but chucked todd will a sit down with arnold schwarzenegger. coming your way this morning on nbc 10. now your neighborhood weather. >> i'm erika martin. we have dry conditions right now. clouds on the way, showers tonight and into tomorrow. a mixed bag, but enjoy right now because we have a change on the approach. do not forget to look at the bottom of your screen. temperature is 66 degrees. southerly wind that's are calm right now. two 5 miles per hour wind speeds at most. tropical storm bonnie is
6:50 am
weakening. we have clouds and showers on the way. neighborhood forecast, 64 degrees, and society hill 69 for you. temperatures for tonight mainly in the 50s, a few 60s out there. cooler wind speed. we're starting to see a component, a kick here, windspeeds just up a bit. not much as far as the wind goes now and i don't see that being an issue overnight and into tomorrow. what would be an issue is the rain showers and the heavier down powpours downpours. showers moving in later this afternoon. pockets of heavier storms tonight and tomorrow. give yourself extra time if you're leaving overnight. 11:30 p.m. we're starting to see the heavier showers move
6:51 am
through. notice the line of embedded thunderstorms and the heavier pockets of rain showers moving through. we will likely see localized flooding so keep that in mind as well. take your time driving, and the future cast in the morning, more rain moving through. it will not clear until tomorrow afternoon. once that moves through, i want to advise you that we have a cold front sweeping in and we will see areas of patchy fog tonight and tomorrow night as well n well. no high beams when you're driving out there. clouds still pretty thick and areas of patchy fog. your ten-day outlook, keeping it warmer by tomorrow and tuesday into wednesday. it is cooler to end the next week or the following workweek. the good news today is it will be a nice start to the day. coming up on the other side of the break, george and i have more information.
6:52 am
we'll keep you updates on tropical storm bonnie and what to expect for early tomorrow morning.
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we have uncovered people in charge of some housing
6:55 am
authorities are making more than the federal salary limit. right now it's all legal, but there is a move to close a loophole that wastes your money. here is mitch blocker. >> we're in philadelphia public house p. >> that is ridiculous. >> showing residents what those in charge make. >> i didn't know that first of all. >> the president of the abbotsford housing council. >> i respect mr. jeremiah, but i am alarmed at that, i am. >> as the president, he earns $243,000. the feds cap how much federal money can be used to pay all government executive salaries. the limit is just over $157,000. anything above that they have to
6:56 am
come up with on their own. >> the philadelphia housing authority goes over it in eight cases. >> the eight salaries will cost the philadelphia housing authority an extra $146,000 this year. what the fed will not cover. >> and $157,000 would not do that? >> not in philadelphia i don't think. >> they provided documentation showing they will use obsolete equipment sales to help pay part of it. they earned nearly $25,000. jeremiah says investment income will provide the rest, but did not show documentary showing the source of that money. the financial audit shows they earned $14.1 million last year from account interest in the stock market. >> use it for what the purpose of public housing is for safe,
6:57 am
affordable house. >> senator chuck grassley has introduced a bill. >> if it is a good salary here in washington dc, it ought to be good in philadelphia. >> philly has not been alone in paying over the limit salaries. according to the department of house and urban development, last year 302 housing authorities above the federal limit. our investigation found that trenton and wilmington housing officials were over, but now are under the limit. >> if you have a core mission to help low income families find
6:58 am
housing, couldn't you use that? >> yeah, you can say that. >> and some were caught paying excess executive valsalaries wi federal tax money. i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. >> the jersey shore is drawing a lot of people this holiday weekend. right now a live look at ocean city and the beach down there, things are very quiet for right now, but you can be very sure just a few hours from now it will be bustling again.
6:59 am
7:00 am
well memorial day is the unofficial start of the summer season. and from philadelphia to the jersey shore, it certainly feels like summer. we'll have a live report coming up from ocean city. >> and rain could make your memorial day plans a little soggy. we're tracking tropical storm bonnie. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm george spencer. it is now 7:00 on this sunday morning. taking a live look outside


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