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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  May 29, 2016 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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well memorial day is the unofficial start of the summer season. and from philadelphia to the jersey shore, it certainly feels like summer. we'll have a live report coming up from ocean city. >> and rain could make your memorial day plans a little soggy. we're tracking tropical storm bonnie. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm george spencer. it is now 7:00 on this sunday morning. taking a live look outside at
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cape may where right now it is beautiful, sunny, and dry. all of that could be changing for your full sunday forecast. let's go to first alert meteorologist erika martin. >> good morning, everyone. today will be a really great start to the day, of course. we're tracking tropical storm bonnie. we have that tropical moisture going northward to the delaware valley. expecting some rain showers tonight and into tomorrow and pockets of heavy downpours. oregon noti otherwise notice that bonnie is filling in. brings us that tropical moist e moisture. expect the pockets of showers tonight and into tomorrow. unfortunately a soggy memorial day in the forecast. here we see a shift in the winds just a little southeasterly for some. especially along the shoreline,
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so again, everything is pretty mild reegt now, but here we start to see see the clouds developing on the future cast at approximately 7:00 a.m. as we push through we're seeing showers continuing tonight and into tomorrow. coming up in my full forecast, the pockets of heavy downpours and possibly localized flooding. >> thank you, for all of the holiday revelers, you better get out and enjoy it while the weather lasts. live in ocean city where people are out and about this morning, pam? >> i have to tell you normally when i'm up reporting this early in the morning there is hardly a soul in sight. that is not the case today. a beautiful start today, a lot of people beginning to really come down here to the shores, the beach, to reenjoy things. take a look we have video of people walking, running, and biking on the board walk.
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we talked to businesses and they told us that so far the holiday weekend has been a solid start to the season. this is just a preview of what is to come. another great day for them, a good day for families and kids just looking to spend quantity time together. >> i love summer, it's more fun than school. i just p it to be warm and not rain. i like going in the ocean. it was so much fun in the hot weather and the cold water, it really refreshes you. >> some people out fishing this morning and reserving spots with their lawnchairs. and i did take a temperature gauge of the water, it is nice and cool for anyone that wants to get down and beat the heat while it is dry. live in ocean city, on the beach, i'm pamela osborn nbc 10
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news. >> that is the spot to be. and gloucester county will celebrate with several events today. the men and women that served our country will be remembered during a parade that starts at 10:30 this morning. and the names of two soldiers will be added to the vietnam memorial in a ceremony tomorrow. the two men became ill in the vietnam war and later died. that brings the total of those honored at the memorial is 648. there will be a brunch to honor the members this afternoon. a 3-year-old girl is in the hospital after falling from the upper floor of a winner from her home in the germantown, neighborhood. nbc 10 was on the scene
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yesterday. the toddler fractured her skull when she landed. she is in stable condition, it is not clear how she fell, but her father told police she found a hole in the window screen. investigators are now looking into whether or not her twin sister may have also fallen. witnesses describing the chaos that unfolded at a family picnic in bensalem, a large branch came crashing down. cell phone video captured first responders there coming to the rescue. the rangers said he picked up his 4-year-old son but could not get away in time. the heavy branch fell about 50 feet yesterday afternoon. >> the one guy, he took the tree off of the guy. it was so heavy, but he moved it and he said man, stay still. >> the father and son were taken
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to the hospital and they are now both in stable condition. park officials say trues are surveyed regularly and the limb seemed healthy. there was no forewarning it would fall. the area of the park will remain closed for the rest of the holiday weekend. >> up next, fear strikes at the cincinnati zoo after a 4-year-old climbs through a railing and falls into the gorilla enclosure. the quick actions of the zoo may have saved the boy's life. >> tragedy on the track. we discussion what is being done to keep future horses and their jockeys safe. plus, will you ever have the money to retire? those in our area have to choose
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between working longer or living in poverty. sunday morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" on nbc 10. for dog hair and dirt
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i use resolve pet foam. spray it on evenly. rub it in. and then i vacuum. it's like i have a brand new carpet. and, rigby is enjoying it as well. good morning, i'm erika martin. current temperature in philadelphia is 67 degrees. winds are southerly and mild
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right now. a cold front is expected to sweep on through. temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s. cooler and comfortable along the shoreline. temperatures between the mid and upper 80s. take advantage right now. this is my pick of the day. this tops our weather story, clouds are building. it will continue to work it's way northeastward affecting the delaware valley. coming up in my next forecast, what to expect for tomorrow morning. pockets of heavy downpours, back to you. >> take the free nbc 10 app with you for your memorial day plans.
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take the weather with you and get traffic and push alerts just as soon as news breaks. up next, former philly chase utley is making more enemies on the baseball field. how this game turned into a nightmare for mets fans. ahead in sports.
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and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. happening today, runner wills show support for a septa police officer that was severely injured in a hit-and-run.
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it will start where officer gary miller was hit. then they will run to the hospital to where he is being treated. they will deliver get well cards and a new pair of running shoes to officer miller, a fellow runner. we'll soon see the results of an investigation into inappropriate e-mails found on pennsylvania state servers. kathleen cane says results will be made public on tuesday. back in december she order add review of raunchy and sometimes pornographic e-mails. it has already tleed a number of people resigning and ethics charges. > i'm erika martin. looks like monday will be a wash out, new jersey looking quiet
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and night. i'm inside but i want to be out there. we're seeing the clouds come in. tropical storm bonnie will start to become a tropical depression as it weakens right now. so be sure to look at the bottom of your screen. right now new jersey, 65 degrees. more sunshine than dlouds. as we continue the day we will see clouds develop by 2:00 p.m. the lehigh valley, cooler temperatures for you. around noon, 84 degrees and 87 at 2:00 p.m. we have clouds building. i think we'll see the clouds coming in sooner as they tend to, especially with a cold front. philadelphia with temperatures in the 60s and 70s by lunchtime.
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overnight lows in the 60s. wilmington 64, and trenton seeing 64 tonight and into tomorrow. that is the low, cooling down by tomorrow as your extended ten-day outlook shows here. notice the dive into the 70s. lots of rain in the forecast, i expect anywhere between an inch to two inches in rainfall total. expect localized flooding, and we have temperatures warming up a little by tuesday, and wednesday starting to cool down. the big story right now is a washout to say the least. get out side and enjoy your outdoor activities. friday it will get cooler. 73 degrees, more unsettled weather in the forecast. look at the bottom of the scr n
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forecast for your forecast. hi, aim amy fadool. the phillys will be facing the cubs. right now, on to lead off the game, but not for long. picked off of first base, not a good way to start this one. dexter fowler leading off for the cubs. the wind takes this one right into the bleachers. later in the first, ben sobrist grass in left. the second inning, ryan howard's documented and they continue. bottom two, more cubs. another run comes around. cubs get a little greedy.
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he is out. 3-0 cubs. >> 9th inning, a man on for howard. 0 for 4. howard's average down to 154. the phillys fell 4-1. citi field, if they had a most wanted, chase utley would be number one. a controversial slide broke the leg of an infielder and utley said that his family received death threats because of this. he was booed on friday. driving in a couple runs on saturday. mets pitcher noah sindergard throws way behind him. he is tossed, utley up to bat,
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boo him, do whatever you want, and he will just rake at citi field. quite a not, not done, check this out. nightmare for the mets and dodgers win it 9-1. and this is in extra time, the rapids up, but union answers. the captain ties it up, union comes away with the 1-1 draw. ncaa men's lacrosse final four at lincoln financial field. nine goals in the victory over loyola. final four, rutgers and the heels advance to the national title game. thatly face maryland. i'm amy fadool from comcast
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sports net.
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over seas this morning, an adult and three children were struck by lightning in paris. cover under a tree. the lightning bolt touched down and one child is still in critical condition. and a boy is expected to recover after falling into a gorilla exhibit at a zoo. he fell into the enclosure, and a 17-year-old silver back gorilla picked up the child and dragged him for 10 minutes. they shot and killed the gorilla after they deemed the situation life threatening.
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they say they made the right decision because they saved the boy's life. >> we don't want to be in a situation where they have to be killed. they temporarily closed the exhibit to make sure that the barrier around it is still secure. and a policy that kept him from graduating high school with his classmates. steven guire is a straight a student. he missed a lot of last year after being diagnosed with lou chemoya. appeals went nowhere, so on friday night, steven had to watch his class graduate without him. >> do you feel like you're being punished for something you had no control over. >> my son who is just the most remarkable young man that i
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know. i watched him rise above some pretty hard stuff. >> steven salvaged this after shot in a borrowed cap and gown. and a quick check of weather. >> yes, tropical storm bonnly is about to become a story. she will lose a little team, fill in, and we are still going to get showers and increasing clouds as the day progresses. get outside right now and we'll be watching tomorrow. the hot temperatures we have been seeing in our area can prove dangerous for some people and pets. the staff at the animal care and control team in hunting park is making sure it doesn't get too hot inside the kennels. many homes this time of year
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don't and owners should take this advice to keep their animals cool. >> make sure they always have access to water. dogs and cats don't sweat. >> give them a lot of that water, and even possibly some frozen treats. you can take the free nbc 10 app with you for any of your memorial day plans. you can personalize the forecast down the street and in your neighborhood. it will be a busy weekend.
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through tonight and into the day tomorrow. >> yes, and it looks like isolated thunderstorms. give yourself extra time for that morning commute. ly tell you monday morning, even though it is a holiday, it is still really not the greatest as far as driving goes tomorrow. >> and hopefully because of the holiday, not as many people on the roads -- >> but many rushing home to get to work on tuesday. >> towards the end of the weekend. >> and always stay hydrated. conditions today are still pretty warm. a heat wave yesterday, three days in a row in the 90s and then a cool down tomorrow. >> so we're watching a tropical storm make it's landfall and then cooler temperatures. that is all for this sunday morning. we'll be back here at 10:00 with more news and weather. until then, have a great sunday.
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