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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  May 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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"nbc 10 news" starts now. right now at 11:00, "nbc 10" first alert neighborhood weather radar is tracking showers that are spoiling a lot of people's holiday plans. the dreary weather is leaving a soggy situation at the jersey shore. this is a live look at cape may where it is anything but a perfect beach day out there today. and happening now in virginia, the annual memorial day observance at arlington national cemetery. president obama will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown to honor america's fallen military members. that ceremony is just getting started and we'll check in on the observance and bring you back here live when the president addresses the crowd.
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good morning, i'm lauren mayk. some areas have seen a break in the rain this morning, but the wet weather is not over yet. "nbc 10's" first alert meteorologist bill henley has a look at just how soggy we're going to be today. bill? >> don't put that umbrella away just yet. even though clouds are dry right now in wilmington, we've even seen some breaks of sunshine in philadelphia. at the shore it's a different story. light rain. north wildwood some rain. look at the rainfall from the delaware beaches through south jersey, atlantic city seeing some of that steady rain right now. inland, some scattered showers for vineland and farther inland looking pretty dry for wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, lehigh valley for now, but there's still a chance we'll see some showers develop as the afternoon progresses. 75 degrees right now in philadelphia, 74 in delaware, low 70s right on the beaches, a little bit cooler. 69 degrees in ocean city and
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summer's point, atlantic city, the temperatures have barely budged this morning. we will see a warmup, low 80s in the lehigh valley. mostly cloudy sky. mainly dry as we go into the 2:00 hour. between 2:00 and 5:00 we could see some light rain moving into new castle county and delaware. showers in store for philadelphia. you can see breaks of sunshine. that's a live view looking across the delaware. upper 70s at 1:00. we'll be watching for scattered showers this afternoon and still the possibility of showers into the evening hours. we'll go through the future cast hour by hour when i'm back and show you when to expect the showers in your neighborhood. lauren? the memorial day weekend took a wet turn down at the shore as bill showed us. "nbc 10's" matt delucia has a look at what the weather means for the people marking the holiday in sea isle city. >> reporter: a big change from what we saw at the jersey shore on saturday and sunday. now it is wet and cool right
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here on the promenade. this is what we've seen throughout most of the morning. also in ocean city where we were earlier today. those who are coming out here, they have got the umbrellas, they've got the rain jackets. very few people out here riding on their bikes. on the beaches, even fewer people, but those who are dedicated getting the morning walk or the jog, they have been out there this morning keeping up with tradition. now a lot of the businesses here along the jersey shore, they depend on good weather. they're hoping for better weather throughout the summer season. they're hoping this is one small part, a drop in the bucket, if you will, in terms of the entire summer season and especially the start of the summer season. now coming up tomorrow we're going to continue our week long shore tour. we're going to be right back here in sea isle city talking about all the fun things happening here throughout the summer season. a lot of cool new things going on as well. hopefully the skies will clear up for that. join us tomorrow on "nbc 10 news
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today" from 4:00 to 10:00 a.m. memorial day weekend is also a time for tribute. today the names of two more soldiers will be officially added to the philadelphia vietnam veterans memorial. the names of frances corchoran and george wilson. both men were army master sergeants who served in vietnam and died in 1967. "nbc 10" spoke with loved ones who visited penns landing yesterday. >> he was a soldier to the core. i'm sure he got a smile that he finally made it on the wall. >> the official unveiling is scheduled for 12:30 this afternoon rain or shine. another philadelphia neighborhood is also honoring veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice. the united veterans of bridesburg held their annual
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service. the celebration wraps up be with a parade which began about an hour ago. the wet weather is affecting some memorial day activities today. downing town canceled its parade. ben salem postponed its parade until next sunday, june 5th. avalon held an indoor ceremony instead of having a parade. happening today, vice president joe biden will attend a ceremony naming delaware's national reserve center in new castle for his son who died one year ago today. major beau biden, an iraq war veteran and former state attorney general battled brain cancer. he was 46 years old. today at 1:00 dignitaries will be in fort washington, montgomery county, to honor fallen heroes. among them, patrick murphy. a local remodeling company will make a multi-million dollar donation to a housing project for veterans in fort washington.
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the weather out there today also affecting the roads. "nbc 10" first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has been very busy today even though there hasn't been a lot of volume. >> there hasn't been a lot of volume, but earlier we saw a lot of ponding on the roadways. that's dissipated. this is what we're dealing with down at the jersey shore. a lot of drivers, a lot of shore goers making an early exit from the shore. garden state parkway headed northbound where right now it is at a standstill at summer's point at the great egg toll plaza. this extends for miles on the parkway. look at all of the red we have on the map here. average speeds, 15 miles an hour. so pack your patience, it's going to be a long ride to get off the jersey shore. expect heavy shore traffic at this hour leading into the afternoon and expect delays. all right. we are following a crash in the philadelphia area. this is on the roosevelt
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boulevard southbound between whitaker avenue and riding sun aven -- rising sun avenue. if you want to stick to the outer lanes you're safe. there may be some delays if you drive by that accident. center city philadelphia, southbound traffic heading from gerrard avenue to center city philadelphia, 95 northbound, traffic is fine. most of our majors throughout pennsylvania are looking really good. you just saw a shot of 95. 76 looking good in both directions and this is an interesting find as well, lauren. >> thanks, katy. tap on the "nbc 10" app to find any changes that affect your memorial day plans. you can find the first alert forecast and get your traffic alert. a driver is okay today after his car crashed into a poll bringing live wires down all around him. "nbc 10" was at jeep street and wyoming avenue in juniata park. the car ran into a poll at 4:30
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this morning. there was a crash in east falls. several vehicles were involved in the wreck. it's not clear how bad the victims are hurt. an outpouring of support for a septa police officer who was caught in a hit and run last week. a group of two dozen runners gathered in northeast philadelphia. it was the same place and time where a car struck officer gary miller during a jog last week. the group then made the nearly 4 mile run to a spot near the hospital where miller's wife met them. >> all set. our muscles are burning. >> a lot of pain. thank god i still have him. >> philadelphia police recovered the car. they're still looking to make an arrest. >> a rodeo performer is dead after he was thrown from his
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horse and trampled at a show in salem county. 19-year-old cory lutz of central pennsylvania was injured in front of thousands of spectators. it happened saturday night at the cowtown rodeo. you're looking at cell phone video of lutz's ride moments before the horse threw him. we froz the video just before he fell to the ground. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he died from his injuries. we have a pair of shark attacks to tell you about. one on each coast. a cell phone camera captured the immediate aftermath of one of these shark encounters. we'll tell you how one boy is doing after he found himself between shark's jaws. that's coming up. a form of parental punishment leads to a desperate search. find out what one mom and dad did moments before their son vanished. mid 70s in philadelphia, but at the shore the rain is coming down. look at ocean city. keeping temperatures in the 60s. some of that rain will be
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heading inland. the future cast hour by hour just ahead.
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this morning we have new video that shows the aftermath of a shark attack on a teenager in florida. cell phone video shows crews helping the 13-year-old at neptune beach minutes after a shark bit the boy. police say he was swimming in chest deep water with his stepfather when it happened. the shark left an eight inch
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bite in the teen's leg. doctors say the boy is expected to survive. more danger at the beach, this time in california. officials shut down a two mile stretch beach after a woman was attacked in the water. experts believe a shark or possibly a sea lion is responsible. the woman had two large bites on her torso and shoulder and was bleeding heavily. medics rushed her to the hospital. her condition is not known. a civil lawsuit in western pennsylvania is raising the question about who can be held responsible for an accident. one of the first cases involves a man killed by someone who was texting and driving. now his family isn't just suing the driver but those who were sending texts to that driver. nbc's joe fryer reports. >> reporter: when it comes to technology, courts are now driving over new legal ground. at issue, can someone sending a text message be held responsible for an auto wreck even if they're not in the car? >> the larger question here,
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just like with alcohol, is how society wants to deal with behavior that might be okay in one place but becomes dangerous on the roads. >> reporter: the kasen terse on daniel gallagan, a retired firefighter and navy veteran who was killed in 2013 leaving behind his wife mary lou. >> it's lonely. >> reporter: his motorcycle was struck by a car driven by someone who was texting. >> he was a great husband, a great father, a good grandfather. the best. >> reporter: in criminal court the driver who hit him, laura gargiulo, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and illegally texting while driving but in civil court they're trying to send a message suing not just gargiulo but two others claiming they were texting her during the crash. >> this isn't about my dad dying, it's about making his
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legacy to save lives. >> reporter: it's still early. they've ruled the suit can proceed. he points to a new jersey case where the court found the sender of a text message can potentially be liable if an accident is caused by texting, but only if the sender knew that the recipient would view the text while driving and, thus, be distracted. >> it's a very high bar. the person has to know they are texting with someone who is driving and continue to do it. >> reporter: the pennsylvania judge notes it's quite possible the two men may not have known gargiulo was operating a vehicle at the time of the accident. court documents show there's no proof while the attorney says even if we assume he knew or should have known, he did not encourage her to read the message. >> the gallitans are very well aware that at the end of the day this case may turn out that maybe the sender of the text didn't necessarily know. >> that was nbc's joe fryer
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reporting. now the defendants in this case declined to comment for the story, but both are asking a judge to dismiss the claims against them. right now in japan a search is underway in a forest for a missing 7-year-old boy after his parents forced him to get out of their car as a form of punishment. he's been missing since saturday. investigators say the boy's parents initially told police their son had disappeared. they later confessed to making him get out of the car to punish him for throwing rocks while at a river earlier in the day. at least six people have been killed in texas as a result of heavy rains and flooding over the memorial day weekend. the rain started to fall on friday. a student shot this cell phone video while on the bus going home from school and you can see the raging waters outside the window there. forecasters say there could be more rain on the way this week. drone video shows a bird's eye view of the devastation in parts of texas. you can see rivers overflowing
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their banks and streets just washed out by flood water. authorities say they expect more sites like this if the rain makes a comeback over the next few days. now your "nbc 10" first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. we had drenching rains overnight, some flooding, lots of ponding on the roadways. the heavy downpours moved up before sunrise. now we're seeing some breaks of sunshine. it's not going to clear out. the clouds will stay with us. may see a break or two. there's a pretty good chance you'll need your umbrella before the day is done. 76 in philadelphia. low 70s in the lehigh valley. far west it's more likely to stay dry. this evening you might see a shower. during the day the showers are coming up from the jersey shore and south jersey. that will limit the warmup. 77 at fox chase. society hill, 75 degrees. parkside, 77. stuck in the 70s for most of the day. with a few breaks of the sunshine, a few spots will make
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it into the low 80s but rain at the shore, that's going to keep things cooler there. you see some breaks in the clouds north and west for the suburbs and into the lehigh valley. umbrellas will be necessary through the day for the delaware beaches and for the jersey shore. this is all coming up from the south. this is courtesy of tropical depression bonnie. bonnie is sitting over south carolina barely moving streaming all of this moisture up the east coast. this will continue coming our way. the threat of showers will be sticking around for most of the day and most likely in delaware and new jersey right along the coast line and areas inland. farther inland some spotty showers are possible in philadelphia but most of the day it's going to be cloudy. high temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. lands dale, a chance of some showers and the lehigh valley mostly cloudy. vineland, haddonfield, glassboro, showers and a chance of thunderstorms at the shore. that's where the steadiest rain will be.
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wildwood, 69 degrees this afternoon. there's a chance of a shower for delaware. future cast shows at 2:00 this afternoon, look at the rain moving through delaware and into south jersey. starting to move closer to the i-95 corridor, trenton, philadelphia, wilmington. by 4:00 this afternoon, spotty showers in the area. a chance of showers for areas north and west as we go into the evening hours. that's 5:30 this afternoon. rainy, kind of caredreary day t. we have dry weather for wednesday and thursday. the threat of rain is back for friday and saturday. may be getting a break on monday before another round of showers comes back on monday. ♪ ♪ two local play writes are helping to bring together two groups to stage a production
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with dealing with the challenges young people face. 30 teens will soon travel to our area to perform with local students and help bridge cultural barriers. joining us now to tell us more are the creators of "homeroom the musical" award winning composer andrea green who is a musical therapist and thelma kauffman, a playwright and journalist. >> tell us about this show and this larger project. tell us about, first, these two groups that are going to be coming together. tell me about that. >> well, this is a group of youngsters, teenagers from puerto rico, ponce, puerto rico, who performed for us. that is, we went to see their performance, andrea and i, in puerto rico, and we were so impressed with their talent and their enthusiasm that andrea said, we have to get them to come to philadelphia.
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>> when we went to ponce, which was in february, the teens were so excited to talk about how -- the experience of being in "homeroom" impacted their lives and that they connected with each other and that they felt more confident and more accepting of themselves and other teens. >> this show, you can say it has stood the test of time because it was written, what, 20 some years ago? >> yes. >> but you've also been updating it along the way. tell me how you've been doing that. >> well, we wrote -- it was published in 1989. it premiered at the walnut street theater in philadelphia. initially we created it for -- out of -- it's writings of essays of teenagers who were writing about their teen experience and then we collected the topics and themes that these teens wrote about, peer pressure, competition. >> self-esteem. >> special needs. >> academic achievement.
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>> pressure, parents. >> do you get ideas sometimes from the performers who are performing this show? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, every time that we've gone to see "homeroom" teens come to us with ideas about a new scene, a new character and, you know, it's funny because the audience, adults as well, they're able to relate. we're all able to relate to what it's like to be a teen. these issues are kind of like a microcosm of life. >> right. >> the two groups that are -- the groups that are going to be coming together from puerto rico and the local students, they'll be doing more than just performing, right? what else are they going to be doing together? >> well, they're going to be having opportunities to bond with each other. there's a group of hispanic students who will be together for hispanic heritage day. the other thing is they're going to go into town, that is into center city, and to see our highlights here and perform or
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sing at the national constitution center, and that will be on sunday. >> all right. we actually have a few details to get to on that. thank you so much for sharing a little bit of the background on that. now the public performance of "homeroom," here are the details here. that is tuesday night, june 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the cherry hill high school west. we've posted a link to more information on the "nbc 10" mobile app so folks can go there and get all of that. thelma and andrea, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much for having us. the presidential race is not taking the holiday off. coming up, you'll hear part of my phone interview with senator bernie sanders. if he does not get the democratic nomination, does he think some of his supporters might vote for donald trump? his answer coming up. and eye surgery can cause anxiety for some patients. we'll tell you about something simple that can calm their nerves without drugs.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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a new study shows how music helps calm patients before eye surgery. researchers say listening to relaxing music before the procedure can help reduce anxiety and even the amount of sedation needed for the surgery. danger on duty this holiday weekend. dash cam video shows how a routine traffic stop turned into a shootout. that's coming up. before you fire up the grill today, there is something you
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should know. a certain cleaning technique could cause something dangerous to flip into your food. we have a warning just ahead. morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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now your "nbc 10" first alert neighborhood weather. >> the rain is wrecking some holiday plans today. "nbc 10's" first alert radar is tracking showers moving through our area on this memorial day. here's a live look at a soggy jersey shore. a live look at cape may shows the holiday not turning out to be such a good beach day this year. muggy with overcast skies along the delaware valley. "nbc 10" at battery park in old new castle. let's see what the rest of the day will bring. "nbc 10" first alert meteorologist bill henley is here and whether we're going to dry out at all. bill? >> we have been drying out in philadelphia. we're seeing some sunshine. blue sky. the shore, the showers are going
11:31 am
to hang in there and interior delaware will get steady rain during the day. don't rule out more showers for philadelphia and some of the suburbs as we go into the afternoon and evening hours. most of the day it will be cloud cover. overnight very heavy rainfall fell. some of the heaviest through trenton, philadelphia, south jersey, wilmington. northeast philadelphia just shy of two inches of rain. this is doppler estimated rainfall. look at that, close to 3 1/2 inches of rain in parts of gloucester county. in the wilmington area and trenton area, right around 2.5 inches of rain. that was overnight. this is what's going on right now. steady rain through delaware across delaware bay. these showers are streaming towards new jersey. those showers are going to keep clouds in place and keep temperatures cool at the shore. eventually we'll see some shower activity inland. so far a few scattered light showers in the dover area, but north and west actually it's quite dry now for allentown, but this evening a chance we'll see more showers even in the lehigh
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valley. got your future cast hour by hour when i come back. lauren? >> happening now in virginia. the annual memorial day observance at arlington national cemetery. president obama is addressing the crowd gathered for the wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown. let's listen in. >> those who fought as a band of brothers an ocean away. men and women who redefined heroism for a new generation. they are generals buried besides privates they led. americans known as dad or mom. some only known to god. mr. halonan, marine, has watched over these grounds has said, everyone here is someone's hero. those who rest beneath this silence not only here at
11:33 am
arlington but at veterans september tear ris across our country and around the world and all who still remain missing, they didn't speak the loudest about their patriotism, they let their actions do that. whether they stood up in times of war, signed up in times of peace or were called up by a draft board they embodied the best of, they embodied the best of america. as commander in chief, i have no greater responsibility than leading our men and women in uniform. i have no more solemn obligation than sending them into harm's way. i think about this every time i approve an operation as president. every time, as a husband and father, that i sign a condolence letter. every time michelle and i sit at the bedside of a wounded warrior
11:34 am
or grieve and hug members of a gold star family. less than 1% of our nation wears the uniform, and so few americans see this patriotism with their own eyes or know someone who exemplifies it, but every day there are american families who pray for the sound of a familiar voice when the phone rings or the sound of a loved ones letter or e-mail arriving. more than 1 million times in our history it didn't come and instead a car pulled up to the house and there was a knock on the front door and the sound of taps floated through a cemetery's trees. for us, the living, those of us who still have a voice, it is our responsibility, our
11:35 am
obligation to fill that silence with our love and our support and our gratitude and not just with words but with our actions. truly remembering and truly honoring these fallen americans means being there for their parents, their spouses like the boys and girls wearing red shirts and bearing photos of the fallen. your moms and dads would be so proud of you, and we are, too. truly remembering means that after our fallen heroes gave everything to get their battle buddies home, we have to make sure our veterans get everything that they have earned, from good health care to a good job, and we have to do better. our work is never done. we have to be there not only when we need them but when they need us. 30 days before he would be laid to rest a short walk from here, president kennedy told us that a nation reveals itself not only
11:36 am
by the people it produces but by those it remembers. >> that's president obama speaking at arlington national cemetery in arlington, virginia, speaking about the sacrifices of those who serve our country and also their families. memorial day at the shore. the holiday kicks off the summer season, and for some people it is the start of another year at the beach and on the boardwalk. "nbc 10's" matt delucia has more from ocean city. >> reporter: first weekend of the season about to wrap up. plenty more weeks to go, from the beaches to the boardwalk to the bikes. there is something for everyone here in ocean city. the cool ocean water this time of year has some trading the beach chair for a bench and perhaps a donut or two. >> we've been coming down here for years and enjoy the ocean city boardwalk and the beach and the shore. >> reporter: flags are waiving
11:37 am
from the american to the open. nothing beats that first bite of summer. >> i had a group of guys that come over, most of them 80 and over and they sit there. >> tom oves and his name's sake restaurant have been here for years. people wait in line after waiting months for their fresh donuts. >> have a cup of coffee. deal with a very good group of people down here. they're faithful. they come back. >> reporter: i guess it's friendly competition, right? >> yeah. if i run out of things, i'm going to go down almost to anyone around and they'll loan it to me and pay it back. that's the only way you survive. >> reporter: survival is key. many of these businesses on the boardwalk are seasonal, meaning these next few months are very important for their income and weather, of course, plays a very important role in that. in ocean city, i'm matt delucia,
11:38 am
"nbc 10 news." >> sound off, 1, 2. sound off, 3, 4. >> in delaware county people in media are, maing the 150th annual celebration of memorial day with a parade. organizers say they want to honor the men and women from all branches of the military and from all wars throughout history. tap on the "nbc 10" app to get any changes that affect your memorial day plans. you can see the first alert forecast and get a traffic alert. now to decision 2016. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is talking about donald trump with "nbc 10." i spoke with senator sanders by phone yesterday and i asked him about the chances that trump could attract any of his supporters if he doesn't get the democratic nomination. >> i think as his campaign
11:39 am
proceeds and people see how reactionary mr. trump is, how ugly his attacks have been against mexicans and latinos and muslims and african-americans and women and veterans, no, i do not think that many people who are inclined to support me will go with mr. trump. >> sanders appeared on meet the press yesterday. moderator chuck todd asked sanders if he would agree to be hillary clinton's running mate. he said his responsibility is to make sure that trump is not elected president. he said his focus is on winning california and the democratic nomination. today hillary and bill clinton marched in a memorial day parade in the hometown of chappaqua, new york. this was the scene at the annual event. hillary clinton plans to hold at least two events in new jersey this week. on wednesday she'll rally voters in newark. on thursday she'll campaign at mercer county community college in west windsor.
11:40 am
now to the republican side. donald trump says illegal immigrants are treated better than military veterans. the presumptive republican nominee made that remark in washington at a motorcycle rally honoring veterans and pows. trump said the veterans affairs secretary doesn't care about long wait times. trump criticized hillary clinton for not being tough enough on the va. and former two-term new mexico republican governor gary johnson is now the libertarian nominee for president. the party picked johnson at its convention in florida yesterday. he ran for president in 2012 getting about 1% of the popular vote. the recent polls show him getting as much as 10% in this year's race. libertarians chose former republican massachusetts governor william wells as johnson's running mate. james weeks is a self-described liberty activist.
11:41 am
he stripped on stage at the party's convention in orlando yesterday. first the crowd cheered. eventually he got booed off the stage. he said it was a result -- the result of a dare. >> memorial day is the beginning of grilling season, but before you pop that burger on the grill, doctors have a warning for you. be careful what you clean your grill with. if you're using an old wear brush, you may want to toss it. the bristles could fall off on the grill and end up in your burger creating a serious danger. >> little bristle unrecognized could get lodged into various areas of the body, whether it's in the throat, the tonsil region, in the neck region. doctors suggest using a nylon bristle brush to clean your grill instead of a wire one. coming up, helping families in need. we'll show you how a local organization is helping people who have suffered devastating losses, and we'll show you how you can help the effort.
11:42 am
that's all ahead. we are getting some breaks of sunshine today, but much more sunshine is on the way in the very near future. i'll show you what's going to clear out the clouds and the threat of showers when we come back with the future cast in just a few minutes.
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11:44 am
a routine traffic stop in florida turned dangerous when the driver opened fire on the officer who stopped him. this shooting was caught on the
11:45 am
officer's dash cam. after pulling the driver over for driving with his headlights off, the officer noticed he was wearing a bullet proof vest. after the officer opened the car door, the driver opened fire and the officer fired back. after a short chase police arrested that driver. the summer driving season is upon us, and this week is national tire safety week. according to the national highway traffic safety administration, fewer than 20% of consumers properly check and inflate their tires. that can often result in at least one tire being under inflated. it leaves the chance of flat tires, blowouts or loss of tread. you can check the pressure of your tires and tread at least once per month. it's a good idea. proper tread gives your vehicle the opportunity to stop and hold traction on curves. what are americans doing this memorial day? trip advisor asked more than 2200 people about their memorial
11:46 am
day plans. half said they'll be attending a cookout or a barbecue hopefully with some better weather. 22% said they'll be swimming or taking part in a water sport and 18%, they'll be shopping taking advantage of those memorial day sales. losing a father and a spouse can lead to incredible emotional pain, but it can also cause financial hardships for a family. one local organization is doing something to lend a hand, and joining us this morning is joseph spas. he's the executive director of the brave heart for strong minds. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much for having me. >> tell me a little bit about your organization. >> sure. brave hearts for strong minds is an organization that provides college education funds for children who lost a parent. we do so with an annual event to come forward, pay tribute to the lost loved one. we take the funds that we've raised and give them to 529
11:47 am
education plans. >> this year you are doing something to increase the impact of what you do. tell me what you're doing this year that's a little bit different. >> correct. it's a big year for us. this is our fifth anniversary. in the past we've been able to help one family per year, but because of the generous support of our community and sponsors, we've been able to increase to two families per year. this is the first time we'll be able to help two families. >> when you get to talk to them and see the impact that you're making, what do you see? what sticks with you? >> what's really amazing is watching the grief of lose a loved one transform into the joy of paying it forward. our mission and motto is very unique. not only do you receive funds for your college education, but you have to pay it forward in the future. you see kids take a moment that might be very difficult for them to talk about their father, lost loved one and it changes into something of joy to celebrate their dad. you know what, he was a great guy, i love him, and let me tell you about him and let's pay it
11:48 am
forward in his honor. >> it sounds like helping with that financial also helps with the emotional, too. >> absolutely. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us and telling us a little bit about what you do and the special impact that you're going to make this year. >> thank you very much. >> appreciate it, joe. once again, the pre-father's day walk to benefit brave hearts for strong minds is going to take place on saturday. it's june 18th from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at lasalle college high school in wyndmoor, pennsylvania. now your "nbc 10" first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> skies are cloudy. still tracking showers especially at the shore, in delaware and south jersey. it's all coming from bonnie courtesy of tropical depression bonnie. bonnie no longer a tropical storm. that doesn't mean there's no longer any moisture. bonnie is parlly moving at 2 miles an hour with 30-mile-an-hour winds parked over south carolina. not a lot of movement is going to happen over the next 18 hours
11:49 am
as we go into tomorrow morning or even 24 hours later, by wednesday morning. still affecting the carolinas. in fact, we could be watching this one for most of the week. computer estimate taking it off shore, but there's still an impact or a possible impact for our area, but i think there's a pretty good reason we will be clearing out even though the coastal sections especially to our south will still be dealing with bonnie for days. you can see the moisture that's streaming up the east coast from bonnie. delaware and south jersey getting some of the steadiest rainfall. some heavy downpours and there's still a possibility of downpours, even some thunderstorms during the day today, but most of the day it's just going to be rainy conditions at the shore. and some of it will eventually spread inland, though we're seeing breaks of sunshine now in trenton, philadelphia, wilmington and north and west where it is nice and dry now. that could change. here's what's going to clear us out. look at this. just a little bit of cloud cover. believe it or not, that's a cold front and that cold front will
11:50 am
sweep into the area late tonight and with it we'll get some showers, especially in areas north and west. but behind it there's dry air and that's what's going to take hold as we go into tomorrow. the future cast shows it nicely. the rains steady at times for delaware and south jersey and into interior new jersey and delaware as the afternoon progresses, that's 4:30 this afternoon, scattered showers in philadelphia. as we go into the evening hours, there's that line of showers. that's the cold front that is going to be pushing into the area, and as it sweeps down during the evening hours, we could see some heavy downpours. that's at 8:00 this morning for the suburbs. philadelphia had steady light rain for wilmington and trenton. still some showers at the shore. that system kind of falls apart, but that's dry air that's going to be pushing in into late tonight and look how it's clearing out. in allentown the clearing will continue overnight. eventually all of this gets pushed out of here for tomorrow. for today, a little bit of break in the rainfall and a few breaks in sunshine.
11:51 am
seeing the temperatures climb into the middle 70s. a few more breaks and warmer temperatures. 76 degrees in exxon. the clouds will be hanging in there later today. the showers will continue into the evening hours. the cold front does its job as we sweep out really not cold behind it, it's just dry. 88 degrees tomorrow afternoon. cool air arrives for wednesday and thursday. more typical for this time of year. by friday we could be looking at more showers that will continue into at least the beginning of the weekend for saturday, 77 dye grease. come sunday night and into monday we'll have the possibility of more shores before we move out. high temperatures near 80 degrees for both days. we'll be right back. you wanna see something intense?
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the donald and hillary battled for supremacy in the skoon ner wars minimal regatta in key west, florida. take a look at this. an off beat quirky challenge for boats made of plywood and duct tape. it features some political heavy weights. eventually hillary triumphed over trump. >> there were about some 20
11:55 am
teams who attempted to avoid sinking while navigating the short course. coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 it is "ellen" with renee zellweger and zara larsson. then it's "nbc 10 news" at 4:00 and this afternoon a woman can't get her concert tickets refunded after the show is postponed indefinitely. what did she do? she called "nbc 10's" response. see what happened next this afternoon on "nbc 10 news" at 4:00. do you know a group that is making a difference in our area? could be worth $50,000. the wawa foundation is launching its first ever hero award for local nonprofits. one group will win a $50,000 grant. three others will win $10,000 each. these checks will be presented on the 4th of july during wawa welcome america, which you can watch live right here on "nbc 10." the deadline to enter is june 1st. for more information visit the wawa
11:56 am
well, the phillies will salute the nation's military just before tonight's game against the nationals. they will also wear camouflage style hats and jerseys. i've got it right here. it's right here. this is what they're going to be wearing. so we've got bill henley here. want to find out -- >> are those waterproof? >> my question was do people have to wear them or can they just wear them for fun? >> i think they'll be proud to wear them. >> i think that means it's going to rain. >> there will be showers in the area. i think they'll be able to get the game in. >> okay. wear the hat? >> absolutely. show your spirit for the phillies and for our military çó personnel. 70s right now heading to near 80 degrees this afternoon. still a chance for some showers especially in delaware and south jersey. good thing they're playing the game farther inland. closer to the shore better chance of rain for the shore to continue for much of the day. there will be some showers around for much of the evening. should be able to get the game
11:57 am
in. >> thanks, bill. thanks for watching "nbc 10 news" at 11:00. i'm lauren mayk. don't forget your hat and maybe your umbrella today. have a great one.
11:58 am
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>> announcer: nbc sports, home of the 2016 rio olympics, the nhl premier league, the nascar chase for the sprint car playoffs and primetime's number one show -- sunday night football. only on nbc. absolutely amazing out there. >> unbelievable. >> making history. >> from paris it is the french open presented by longines on nbc. history making rain. a total rainout on this monday.


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