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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  May 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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rain falling in parts of the area as the remnants of tropical depression bonnie moves through. it's not a washout for everyone, but the rain is impacting a lot of events and outdoor plans. >> how long will it last? our first alert meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz is tracki ining showers. >> it is a solid area of rain, it's been in southern kelz and jersey shore, hour after hour after hour today, and it's not spreading up towards the philadelphia area, but it continues at the shore. they have absolutely had a washout there during the day today, and it continues from louis, delaware, cape pay, long beach island, some of it has been heavy. now, that's not the only area of rain that we're watching tonight. we have the dry air in the philadelphia area, but far to the north and west, we have this line of showers and
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thunderstorms, and it continues to move to the southeast. the first area that it's likely to affect is allentown and lehigh valley over the next couple of hours. here's the future cast that shows this as we go in to the 6:00 hour, approaching chester county while the rain at the shore continues, a little light rain in the philadelphia area, but there's two areas. this one weakens as it comes towards the philadelphia area. the area of the shore moves out, and so, again, we have some places getting rain in the night. others are staying dry. the general trend as we head towards tomorrow is for improvement. we have warm weather in the lehigh vam lee, the sun has come out, but it's been a chilly day,
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60s up and down the jersey shore with the wind coming in off that chilly ocean. we've got sunshine. we've got warmer weather in the forecast. that's coming up. thanks, glen. keep tabs on the weather ahead for tonight with the nbc10 app, get live radar and forecasts for your area right on your smart phone or tablet. let's go down to the jersey shore where this week's picture perfect weather did not last through the holiday. nbc 10 is live in ocean city with more on the rain's impact and george is in a rain jacket, not aed dpoo sign. >> yeah, got to have the rain jacket, keith, it's not been a heavy rain, but as glen said, it's just been constant through the afternoon. certainly enough to put a damper on the plans of many people other than a few kids. a lot of folks enjoyed the good days in the start of the weekend and took off early today. through the front windshield, we saw this morning's crowd of
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early departurers go away from the beach, and this is why. not exactly a beach day this memorial day. these life guards were almost the only ones out there. >> usually we stay on the beach until about they're 3:00 or something like this, and shoot home from there, but we're headed home thousand. >> reporter: catching up with the family gassing up before their drive. >> on the board walk -- >> snow bathing suits today, just umbrellas and raincoats. it's been a soggy end to another otherwise warm and dry holiday weekend. >> friday, saturday, and sunday were beautiful. >> reporter: a great stretch of days. >> today's not bad. >> shore businesses enjoyed the boost too. manager at this bike rental on 34th street says pleasant summer-like weather other than today is exactly what the shop needed. >> business is pretty good. people coming in, riding bikes
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for over the weekend or hours, getting out and finding the nice weather. >> reporter: of course, many were not willing to leave the shore early no matter the weather. after all, a holiday's a holiday. rain or shine. >> i had naps. i stood in the line for an hour and a half for donutdonuts, and- >> reporter: all the things you do on a holiday weekend. >> a lot of calories, and i'm headed to the gym when i leave here today. >> reporter: the folks like her out here, they carried umbrellas, and they enjoyed the rest of the damp holiday weekend. as for the drive back to the philadelphia area, we'll go down to storm force to see the road and traffic conditions. when we check back in. george spencer, nbc 10 news.
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in froankford, firefighters are battling this fire on orthodox street. >> mitch, what can you tell us now? >> reporter: hey, keith, we're on orthodox street, the american legion post in the frankford section of philadelphia. you see that thick smoke rising into the sky. philadelphia fire fighters on scene for an hour near the corner of styles and orthodox street. at this point, they still don't have the fire under control. at least that's what the crews on the scene were telling us. you can see that thick smoke. it's filling the neighborhood surrounding this section of the city. we'll watch it and let you know as they make progress throughout the show at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. nbc 10 news. >> thank you very much. back to the holiday, along with the fun, family time today, memorial day, of course, is a time for tribute. >> to remember the servicemen and women who fought for our freedom and sadly did not make it home. a simple poignant tribute in
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philadelphia, the veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and members placed a wreath in their memory at the most holy redeemer cemetery. >> plenty of patriotism on red, white, and blue in delaware county. local bands, marching units, and groups marked memorial day with a parade through heed ya. afterwards, there was a ceremony at the me moe your wall in front of the delaware county courthouse. >> a tribute for a soldier who died on the battlefield, laying flowers in remembrance of mark small of collegeville. staff sergeant small died fighting in afghanistan back in february. memorial day is so important to one local family, they dedicated more than 70 years honoring those who served and
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those who never came home from war. >> live with their story, deanna? >> reporter: look behind me and see bethlehem pike open now, but for a moment today, the entire town came to a standstill so they can honor those who died serving their country. ♪ >> my father started back in 1943 when the first memorial was dedicated, and we've been involved since 1988, 29 years. >> reporter: making the family proud. >> humbling to see the community come out and take the time to look at the memorial, hear the speech, take time out of the barbecues to look at everything. >> this is my uncle, my datd. >> reporter: those many here pay respects, for wendy, the spot on the wall shows her family tradition of service, the first time she's showing it to her son. >> enafind it amazing that there
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were four brothers in one family in the war together. my father was in germany. my uncle was a pilot who was shot down. it really brings back what they did for our country and for our freedom and for america. we forget that. >> reporter: for a few minutes, a town pauses. the street? silent. at least just for a moment. and you would think after 70 years why change tradition? at 5:00, one man's story, the story of his brother. he told it here and how it started a whole new tribute to those who lost their lives in combat. reporting live in flowertown, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. this memorial day is special, too, for two local families. >> after decades of waiting, names of the loved ones were added to philadelphia's vietnam veterans' memorial.
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♪ >> an emotional day as the sound of "taps" tifilled the air, and names of corcran and george wilson unveiled, two heros forever remembered here, both died while serving, but not in combat so their names were not added until now. >> reenforces for another generation the commitment to and love of country and to never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> i asked you that you remember those who have given all each and every day and not just memorial day. >> with today's additions, there's now 648 names on that memorial. >> arlington national cemetery this morning, president obama paid tribute to armed service members who lost their lives. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and bowed his head in a moment of silence, talking about josh
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wheeler, an elite delta force soldier killed fighting isis. his wife, ashley, was there with their ten month old son. he talked about how his service should make us all want to be better. >> today, this husband and father rests here in arlington in section 60. we are better citizens because of wheeler. >> he said a nation is judged not just by the people it produce, but the people it remembers. vice president biden was in our area, by the way, for a special honor to his son, beau. tim furlong has that story coming up at 4:45. a man drown this morning while trying to rescue his dog from the currents of the creek. the body of the 67-year-old man surfaced in the creek along a walking trail off a road in fox chase. police say the man was walking his dog through the park when
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the dog went into the creek and he went in after him. the current then swept the man away. police later found the dog at his owner's car. >> look at the new video out of new york. an accident left this 18 wheeler dangling from an overpass on the cross bronx expressway. you see the cab of the truck nearly touching the road below. the truck driver lost troll and caused a chain reaction with three other cars. the driver was able to climb out of the cab, being checked out at a hospital. no one was seriously hurt. crews in new hope bucks county scramble to free this barge that got stuck. it was used as a platform to launch fire works. police say the vessel broke loose overnight, got tapgled up in rocks, and no one was hurt. meanwhile, dozens of animal rights advocates and others held a vigil for the gorilla killed in the zoo after a weekend after
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a 4-year-old boy slipped into an exhibit. the memorial continues to grow. they leave flowers inside the zoo. some may find this video in this story hard to watch. cell phone video captured some of what happened. the boy was inside the enclosure for ten minutes. at times, seamingly protected, and others dragged like a rag doll by a 450 pound gorilla and that's when they feared the boy's life was in danger and shot the animal. today, they defended the safety of the facility. >> the exhibit's safe and want barriers are safe. with that said, any of us in this room could climb over barriers if we choose. >> there have been calls for the child's mother to be charged, but the police say there's no plans to do that. nbc 10 spent the day at workers -- with workers at the philadelphia zoo who showed him how they prevent anyone or
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anything from getting in or out of the exhibits. >> it's video you can't forget, a 400 pound gorilla appears to help a 4-year-old at the zoo. >> terrified. >> saying to be careful. >> the boy with the gorilla for ten minutes before the zoo officials had to kill him to rescue the boy. >> i think the zoo made the right call in looking at public safety, human safety. >> reporter: andy baker runs the philadelphia zoo. >> we assure guests we have it difficult to make this incident happen. >> reporter: in philly, the gorilla enclosure has floor to ceiling glass, unlike in cincinna cincinnati, there's no way for guests to get direct access, but in the u.s. department of agricultural's 20 sa inspection, the wolf enclosure was not sufficient to protect the public. the zoo immediately added fencing. >> they eat rodents and fruit. they are not a carnivore like
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our timber wolves, a big predator. >> reporter: guests feel safe. >> they do a great job keeping us safe and the enclosures child proof. >> reporter: in sincincinnati, y are thankful the 4-year-old survived. >> nothing like this situation at the cincinnati zoo has ever happened at the philly zoo, but if something were to happen, there's an animal recapture team to deal with safety issues involving an animal and guest. nearly 40,000 striking employees return to work wednesday after reaching a contract agreement incoming 1300 new call center jobs, nearly 11% in raises in four years, and first contract for verizon wireless store workers. they vote on the deal after returning to work. land line and cable employees in several states including pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware went on strike in mid-april. well, pico shuts down power
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for customers on purpose this week. the planned outages come in the final stage of a construction project. the outage impacts people in abbington starting this week through june 10th. peco officials say all customers have been notified. it's aimed at improving ability to deliver electricity to those customers. a fear on beaches across the country after a pair of shark attac attacks, one on each coast. this shows the aftermath of a shark attack oven a teenager in florida. you can see crews helping the 13-year-old at neptune beach minutes after a shark bit the boy. he was swimming in chest deep water when it happened. the shark left an 8 inch bite in the teen's leg. two mile stretch of beach in california closed after a swimmer was bitten by a shark or sea lion yesterday. life guards found the woman in distress in the water about 150 yards offshore.
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she had large bites on the upper torso and shoulder. she was rushed to the hospital. officials say they are still working to determine whether it was a shark that bit her. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> the tropical rainfall we talked about for nearly a week continues to plague southern delaware and the jersey shore, but it's not making much progress of any to the north. this is the back edge of this. as you can see over the last few hours, a few sprinkles coming to the north, but the main area of rain staying where it is, delaware and south jersey. there is another area north and west of harrisburg that we'll get into in a little bit. it's a a totally different cause. as you can see over the last hour, it's a solid area of rain. it goes from southern delaware through cape may all the way up to long beach island, and there are many more hours of rain to
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go fortunately, the beginning of the weekend was really beautiful, and in the philadelphia area, things are dry and looks like the phillies will be able to play, but up to the north and west, this area, this line, that's moving to the south and east. so that's going to be headed towards lehigh valley and into burks county, and houpg does it hold together? we have a wet night in some places as you can see with all the stuff that's on radar. it's going to be several hours before we start to clear this thing off for the shore. in the meantime, the other area of showers and storms gets a little bit closer. here we are at 8:30 getting this just to the north of philadelphia, parts of montgomery, bucks county, continues to move into the philadelphia area. we expect some rain tonight, but it may be weakening by the time it gets here to midnight, and later on during the night,
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things are actually quieting down and clearing out so that tomorrow morning we're not expecting the rain. we're expecting sunshine, and temperatures in the 80s tomorrow. look at these neighborhood forecasts. fox chase 88 degrees. any early clouds give way to sunshine. same story for devon at 84, newtown at 88. lehigh valley up well into the 80s. reading 88. allentown 86 degrees. of course, it's cooler at the shore, but it's not going to be a rainy day like it was today. 78 degrees in atlantic city. and as we go into the rest of the week, things are going to be warming up. look how much warmer it is with the sun. lehigh valley compared to southern parts of the area, same story within the state of delaware. it's 80 degrees, and as we head down to the south, look how cold it is at the delaware beaches
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too. the jersey beaches, the delaware beaches are chilly. 67 degrees in bethany beach. and the shore temperatures over the next several days, running about ten degrees colder than what we see in philadelphia, and as you can see, by next -- by friday, the next general area of rain moving in rm tomorrow looks to be the warmest day for much of the week as well. i'll be back with the ten day forecast a little bit later. >> thank you. breaking news from the top of the show. this is in frankford where an american legion post is on fire. take a look at the video on oxford street. at this point, no injuries reported, and we're on the scene now gathering new information. a live update coming up at 4:30. dogs on illegal drugs,
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that's right, a problem vets are seeing. >> what's growing the concern, and strip tease on stage. why this politician bears it all before a crowded audience. and a local couple tried to get money back after janet jackson put the tour on hold, but had no luck. see what happens when nbc 10 responds, and what all concert goers can learn from the battle. >> reporter: one of the girls group, fifth harmony and flint, michigan have in common? a young south jersey girl who loves them both. we'll bring her reactions.
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no one is hurt after a car barrel through a store. the driver was drunk when she missed a curve and slammed into
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the smoke shop. several customers were inside at the time of the crash, and they all made it out safely. a candidate for the chairman of the libertarian party dropped out of the race while dropping his pants, james weaks stripped on stage in or lap doe yesterday. at first, the crowd cheered, but then it was boos and cat calling. the activist told the crowd this was the result of a dare and said he was dropping out of the race for the chairmanship. call it animal intoxication. >> this dog making headlines after the owner was arrested on drug choices and the dog tested positive for meth and heroin. as legalization for marijuana wydens, they are trying and treating more and more pets suffering adverse effects from ingesting recreational drugs. >> it's really difficult on them, and, you know, can cause
4:25 pm
really severe problems. they are limp. they don't move. you can see them breathing and stuff normal, eyes open, they look around, but they can't do anything else. >> experts say vets need to be careful treating animals. just like humans, they get addi addicted, and they have to be weaned off certain drugs. summer concert postponed inde indefinitely. ticketholders out hundreds of dollars. >> what happened to janet jackson fans this summer. next, how nbc 10 responds and gives advice to others. more showers and thunderstorms ahead for some parts of the area tonight. it could rain on some of your memorial day plans. i'll map out what neighborhoods could get wet in the forecast. at 5:00, going up. comcast is building a new tower in center city, and we'll give you exclusive access.
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what it takes to build 60 stories from scratch. and taking a live look at breaking news in frankford happening at the american legion post. there's a fire happening right there. started about 2:45 this afternoon, and we have not heard of any injuries, but crews are out there battling the smoke and flames. we'll have an update coming up.
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right now at 4:30, breaking news in frankford, crews work to battle a fire at an american legion post here on orthodox street. the fire just struck a fourth alarm. look at this view from the camera atop the lois hotel in center city. see it way out there, that plume
4:30 pm
of smoke rising in frankford. >> we are on scene gathering information. what can you tell us, mitch? >> reporter: just the last time we talked to you, the smoke has decreased. you can absolutely tell how much the smoke decreased, although it's rising into the sky. take a look at this video shot about 20 minutes ago. it is definitely a difference. it's now a four alarm fire, the american legion just about a block from the corner of styles and orthodox street. when we arrived just before 4:00, this street was filled with smoke. we talked to some of the people who live out here who have not seen this kind of thing before. >> i came out here when it started. it's the american legion down there. i don't know. they think it was a party or something going on and just went off. i don't know. crazy. >> very -- i hope every in the house next door is all right, you know what i mean? >> reporter: you know those people? >> no, just the same
4:31 pm
neighborhood, you know what i mean? >> reporter: and back out here live, the smoke is billowing. the fire crews have been asking some of the neighbors to get cars out of the way to get the trucks in the very narrow streets. the smoke, it's definitely diminished, but you see it's pumping out of that building. fire crews, again, a four alarm fire, and we're not told of injuries, and the chiefs are on the other side of the scene working this season. we'll let you know the latest as it's available for us. nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> it's been a muggy memorial day, but nice enough to do some swinging in delaware county. these guys having such a great time. at the jersey shore, this is what it looked like on the atlantic city board walk this afternoon. what a difference. a washout here. umbrellas seen everywhere. now a live look at camelback
4:32 pm
mountain resort in the poconos. sunshine, people in the water having fun, and the sun is doing the best to poke through the clouds and doing a good job. >> we want to be there today. rain on and off for the monday. >> nbc 10 weather team is tracking more rain as we head into the night. let's go over to glen. >> yeah, denise, it continues to rain at the shore. if anybody was at the shore and went home because of all the rain and then the sun came out, thinking, oh, it must have gotten better at the shore too. no, it did not. as you can see from southern delaware all the way up to the beaches, you go inland, and it's dry. the dry air is not moving this way. the rain continues to go parallel right up the coast. we're dry in philadelphia. go north and west of philly, and there's sunshine. look what we have here?
4:33 pm
line of thunderstorms. this is moving towards the southeast, so lehigh valley, burks county, chester county can be affected by this if it holds together so it's still a couple hours away at least, but with that sunshine, look how warm it's gotten at the lehigh valley, 84 degrees, and delaware in the 70s, south jersey near 70, and some of the jersey shore places even into the 60s, but the closer you get to the shore, cooler it is. millville at 71. it's 78 in florence. this is what the neighborhood weather observations can show you. florence and hamilton at 79 degrees. what do we expect during the night? mostly dry conditions in philadelphia. that area, that line of storms may not make it here. for the pennsylvania suburbs, we have a chance going into the early evening. lehigh valley likely to get
4:34 pm
showers and storms in the next few hours. more on changes coming. >> changes people look forward to, thank you. in today's nbc 10 responds, a success story out of the consumer investigative center. >> a viewer calls after having trouble getting concert tickets refunded, and our team got to work to get her money back. >> there's no denying it takes a big team to answer all your calls and e-mails, and when we can get you the answers you're looking for, there's nothing better. >> i'm a huge janet jackson fan. huge. >> mori ka has been listening to janet jackson for decades. >> you wanted to be a backup dancer. >> her husband sprurprised her with tickets at more than $400. >> it was our 20th anniversary, and i love janet jackson. >> a special night. >> yes. >> it was postponed when the superstar got sick.
4:35 pm
it was rescheduled for august, but postponed indefinitely. when janet jackson announced she wanted to start a family. but the couple says ticketmaster told them unless jackson cancels the concert, ticketmast ere will not issue them a refund. >> all we wanted was let us get the refund back. >> reporter: she reaches out to us. >> why did you contact us? >> you're amazing, watching you and how great you do. >> reporter: the consumer investigative center e-mailed ticketmaster right away. >> $417. it's a lot of money. >> reporter: the end result? problem solved. we got her her money back. >> how happy are you now? >> ecstatic, and i can't believe you're in my kitchen. >> if it is rescheduled. refunds are up to the artist, team, venue, or promoter. if you're having a similar issue, getting a refund, go to our nbc 10 responds page and let
4:36 pm
us know. >> reach harry and the team by heading to our website,, click on the nbc 10 responds page and fill out the form or call 610-668-7737. tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a high pressure sales call leaves a local college student out hundreds of dollars, and to warn others about what happens to him, he contacted nbc 10 responds. learn how to protect yourself tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. we'll be right back.
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we want to bring you back to the fire we told you about in the frankford section of philadelphia. breaking news at the top of the show. we learned that the fire at that american legion on orthodox street is now under control. nbc 10 has a crew there. live pictures as soon as we get them. this is video earlier of the four alarm fire out there.
4:40 pm
the flames still raging, but at this point, we just learned it is under control. mitch has been out there, we'll get back to him as soon as he has new developments. in the meantime, bringing it back to the holiday today on monday. dozens of people in the area became u.s. citizens this memorial day in a special ceremony on the uss new jersey. >> i will support and defend -- >> i will support and defend. >> the united states of america. >> 38 people raised their right hand taking the oath of the allegiance to the united states this morning. the proud family and friends by their side. the newest americans originally from 27 countries including china, germany, mexico, and vietnam. we wish them all a sincere con grantlations. ♪ >> events on the battleship included a wreath ceremony.
4:41 pm
they placed a wreath of red, white, and blue flowers in the river to honor troops who died to protect our freedom. >> of course, we're thinking about the rain out this. more rain ahead this moe mori y -- memorial day today. >> glen is tracking it neighborhood by neighborhood. glen? >> the neighborhood at the shore got robbed today. not everybody saw the rain today, but now other areas of storms are firing up. tracking those too in the first alert forecast.
4:42 pm
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4:44 pm
today, a special honor for the late beau biden. >> exactly one year after he pass away. nbc 10 bureau reporter, tim furlong was at the ceremony and is live now, tim? >> reporter: yeah, keith, tough
4:45 pm
day for the biden family and many for in delaware we lost beau biden a year ago today, but today, the family came out here after a mass a a private church in greenville, came here where beau biden, in the national guard, came here to be honored in a building and facility that bears his name. one year to the day after beau biden's death from cancer, the family came together for this. the headquarters building named in beau's honor. >> he's feeling self-kshs right now. >> reporter: the vice president somber saying beau wouldn't have like the fuss made over him, but beau was a dedicated soldier who would be honored to have his name forever soergted with the guard in which he served. >> joining the military at 35. he didn't need to that. he wanted to do that. he wanted to serve his country and state. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. thank you for embracing our beau. >> beau biden was delaware's attorney general, but made friends in iraq.
4:46 pm
>> soldiers appreciated him being over there, just wanted to shake his happen and thank him because in their mind, he didn't have to be there, but wanted to be. >> reporter: the vice president gave insight into the family's healing process saying it's tough, but he says they are working hard at it and appreciate the support. >> it matters. it matters. it matters. it gives strength and substance in ways i hope you never fully understand. >> reporter: the vice president said over the last few months, the family decided the best way to deal with the death is support causes and work beau would have supported if alive. he would absolutely, absolutely would have still been involved with the national guard. live in new castle, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. yeah, we have quite a variety of weather conditions across the area. this is one of the days forget
4:47 pm
for the neighborhood weather because it does vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. many of the neighborhoods in delaware are cool in the 70s with sunshine and northern delaware and a couple spots, but rain in southern delaware. meanwhile, lehigh valley is dry, it's been sunny, mid-80s, but it's not going to necessarily stay dry. at 9:00, expect thunderstorms in the area, and drying out as we go into tomorrow morning. different forecast for different neighbors. now, as we take a look at some of the suburbs, we've had sun today. collegeville at 85 degrees. any place that got into the 80s today had some sunshine. west township at 82 degrees, but closer to philadelphia, chester heights 76 with more clouds during the day.
4:48 pm
and 82 degrees, and, again, more sunshine the further north you are, and the radar, well, it's going to be showing a lot of rain, right at the shore, this is all related to the tropical storm bonnie, but fortunately, those in philadelphia westward, bonnie made more of a right turn, and that took much of the rain out with it, which that's why we have decent weather today, but look at the area of showers and thunderstorms, that has to be contended with too. now the live radar shows, again, the solid area of rain from long beach island through cape may all the way down to southern delaware, and there's really nothing to stop it. we do have the thunderstorms, though, and they are up west of scranton now, not in harrisburg, will take a few hours for those to get anywhere near any part of
4:49 pm
our area. as you can see, by 6:30, it's north and west, but maybe gettiget ing into the lehigh valley areas. as it gets closer to philadelphia and northern delaware, it weakens. we're losing the heating of the day, so we may get a little rain overnight, but nothing like what they are getting back to the north and west. tomorrow, we got sunshine and temperatures well into the 80s across much of the area, and then wednesday, we cool down a little. the wind comes in off the ocean, and so we are talking lower temperatures thursday and friday. rain moving in friday, and maybe into saturday, and sunday have chances of rain as well. you notice, we don't see temperatures near 90. we actually had a heat wave that ened on saturday. 90 degrees. not going to see that for a while. >> oh. well, local students kinds act
4:50 pm
for others is not unnoticed. >> now recognized on the national stage. a big birthday surprise as she was rewarded for helping others in a time of crisis.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a south jersey fourth grader's humanitarian effort noticed in a big way. >> a birthday surprise she never imagined. we have the exclusive follow-up from new york city's rockefeller plaza. >> all the way from new jersey. it's my birthday. i love you fifth harmony. >> reporter: a journey to double digits not soon forgot. a 3:00 a.m. wakeup call by her
4:54 pm
parents and tenth birthday surprise including being seen on gnarl tv. all this with front row vip tickets to see her favorite band, fifth harmony. our friends at "today" made it possible. >> today is just like the best day of my life because i get to see fifth harmony. i have front row. it's amazing. i love it. >> reporter: we told you about her in february. she organized a massive water dropoff fundraiser with a short youtube video so children had fresh water to drink. her dad drove the water to flint himself delivering 2500 cases. >> it means i help people out and make their day happier and make it a nice day for them, and i can make them feel like they have a better life. >> her selfless actions got her backstage and recognized by "today's" cameron hall.
4:55 pm
>> can i get a hug? congr congratulatio congratulations, so proud of you, what an inspiration. >> thank you so much. >> look who is behind you. >> oh! >> and our surprise, hugs and notoriety by all five of the fifth harmony rock stars. >> amazing. happy birthday. >> including hamilton's, who's birthday is tomorrow. >> yes, girl. oh, my gosh, i love you. >> i'm proud of her, really proud of her. she's a good girl, and she cares about everyone. >> thank you so much. i'm so happy right now. >> you have no idea what this means for our family. we're just grateful. >> reporter: today's birthday surprise proves when you pay it forward it comes back to you ten-fold. in new york city, nbc 10 news. >> and nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> we know texting and driving
4:56 pm
is gepsz tagainst the law, but you're in the in the car? punishing people who sent text messages before a deadly crash. what the victim's family has to say and if their lawsuit holds up in court. >> breaking news in philadelphia, firefighters have just gotten control of a large fire to the american legion. we're expecting a live update in any moment, and bringing that to you once is gets underway.
4:57 pm
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right now at 5:00, flames and smoke fill the sky. this is the scene where an american legion caught on fire late this afternoon. >> we first told you about the fire through our nbc 10 app, and firefighters got it under control in the past 30 minutes, by it was so intense, you see the smoke filling the sky from a live camera. >> mitch joining us now from outside the legion. what's the latest? >> reporter: we're about a block away from the american lee jop. you can see there's still smoke coming out of it, but as i walk around, i got back five minutes ago from walking around, you can see into the building, and the flames, they are no longer coming out of the building, but this is video from when it was at its -- what looked like its worst. this was a four alarm fire, fire crews now have it under control, but the smoke it filled the
5:00 pm
entire neighborhood. at this point, we're standing by awaiting a news conference for philadelphia fire crews to brief us on what exactly happened, but those in the neighborhood, they spoke with us earlier. >> reporter: what have you seen? >> smoke and flames coming out of the roof for a little while, but that's about it. >> reporter: how you feeling? getting the smoke. >> i'm getting the smoke, but i'm all right, that's not why i'm out there. >> the fire engines, around, the american legion is on fire. that's where we vote at. you know, i don't know what was going on, today's a bad day to have a fire. >> reporter: and the neighbors out here, the people who live in this neighborhood in the frankford section of philadelphia say that that building is full of wood that there's two bowling alleys in the basement of the legion and said it's actually used as a polling place. the woman in the video, she was actually just driving through here, and she got stuck behind the fire trucks as they arrived on scene. she's been here ever since. we'll let you know the latest as


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