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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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spots. one was injured with a minor wrist injury. the fire commissioner just got done talking with us about the situation. >> very difficult once we get in, we can't get in there, there's exterior attack. you can't get in and find the fire. that's why we are here for a while, cometing to put water on it. the building is not stable enough to put firefighters in it. >> just smoke, flames from the roof, but that's it. >> reporter: how you feeling? getting smoke -- >> yeah, i'm getting a little smoke, i'm all right. that's why i'm not standing out there. >> reporter: again, they'll be out here all night putting out hot spots. they still are looking for an origin and actual cause of the fire. we do know that the fire commissioner toll us minutes ago that the fire response here was so fast that they actually saved two houses behind this american legion. that's the latest from the frankford section of philadelphia. nbc 10 news. >> mitch, thank you. meantime, something on
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everyone's mind, the soggy holiday, and we're not drying out yet. our first alert radar tracking rain, this time, headed for the pennsylvania suburbs and philadelphia. drivers headed home tonight could be dealing with wet roads on top of some heavy traffic. this is a live look on the 42 freeway headed back towards philadelphia. and we've seen relentless rain down the shore as you see from this shot, difficult to see, this is our cape may camera atop the hotel. what's started out at a nice holiday weekend was washed out today at the beaches. nbc 10 first meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the rain along the coast and now more showers for the west. glen? >> it's been raining all day at the shore from delaware beaches all the way up and as you can see, it's still there. we have an area of showers developing near dover headed in the general direction of wilmington and philadelphia.
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we have to keep our eye on that. it has been a washout at the shore. you can still know that the heaviest of the rain has moved ourt. there are thunderstorms. this is the area that we're watching well north and west. it's getting closer. there's allentown, and it's not far away, and it's starting to weaken. we do expect some showers to come into parts of pennsylvania, but it's also going to be weakening as it does come eastward. look at this, but 8:00 and 9:00 tonight, it is approaching philadelphia, but it's weakening, may rain a little bit at the phillies' game, but it looks like they get the game in, and the rain is eventually going to be ending at the shore before the night is over. tomorrow, it will be a better day. we'll see what the rest of the week has in store in minutes. >> looking forward to that, glen. >> our traffic watching the roads this holiday. a lot of people are making their way home tonight, and nbc 10's
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george spencer is live in storm force 10, george, a soggy drive at the shore earlier today. what are conditioning like right now? >> reporter: yeah, keith, as glen's said, much improved as we get further and further inland. this is a drive that a lot of people take on this day and take a look. as we've gotten closer back to philadelphia, traffic picked up, but the traffic peak was late this morning with shore goers cutting losses on a soggy memorial day. dressed in his yellow rain slicker and rain boots, he modelled the fashion of the day down the shore, umbrellas and jackets, not bathing suits for beach goers this afternoon, a soggy ento the up official first weekend of summer. not much of a beach day. >> no, but, you know, you have to make the best of it. when it's the holiday and you have a day off. >> reporter: not letting rain
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sending her home early, but she may have been in the minority. as storm force 10 headed towards the shore this morning, we saw streams of early departures headed the other way. we caught up with mike greenwood as they prepared for the drive. >> it was nice, especially for me who yal day weekend. this is what you expect, and at least the last five years. >> for the first part of the holiday weekend, dry and summer-like conditions offered annual jolt for shoretown businesses from bike rentals and the board walk, a good start for business owners. >> a lot of people, you couldn't move. >> going home, too much rain for me. >> reporter: many rushed home early, those lingering at the shore on the holiday, the rain actually opened the door for dimpt ways to relax and enjoy. >> probably just going to find something to do in the hotel room or go shopping and just
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maybe play a family game or something. >> reporter: back now to the live pictures from storm force 10 as we approach a really nice shot here into the walt whitman bridge back across the delaware river into philadelphia. we left ocean city after 4:20, got to the ac expressway at 5 and back in philly by 6:00. those who waited out the rain driving bag now may have done better traffic-wise. reporting live in stormforce, george spencer, nbc 10 news. ♪ memorial day tribute to those who never made it back from the battlefield. dozens gathered in washington square to honor the fallen with a special wreath laying ceremony. today, hundreds much veterans
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and family and friends gather together not just to remember this memorial day, but to celebrate a new effort to welcome troops home from war. nbc 10 explains. >> reporter: the pause in time is to pay tribute. ♪ oh say does that star >> reporter: as they gather in fort washington, where general washington gathered and housed his troops in 1777. >> i lost 19 men in my unit in iraq. when you're there, you think about coming home and being home with friends and family. to be here with my friends and family and, you know, in my hometown is important. >> reporter: this event designed his way to not only remember, but show what will be done to welcome home those who have served our country, not far away from this site, new homes will be built all for veterans reentering after service. they'll get job training and live here for free. >> corporate america doesn't
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really understand their qualificatio qualifications, their discipl e discipline, you know, how good a person they really are. >> reporter: just down the road? a community mourns those who never came home. >> fire. >> reporter: at a ceremony in a war memorial and fphotos of thoe who died in action or missing in action are on display. it moves her to tears. >> my husband's in the army. he is deployed right now, so this means a lot. >> reporter: the family a flourtown has been responsible for the memorial since the '40s. the idea based off a story told by richard about his 20-year-old brother. >> he was not a person who would leave his fellow soldiers, and seems inevitable, and if i knew it at the time, being a medic, he would not have survived that. because he would not leave anyone behind. >> reporter: he says he and his brother walked by this memorial
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every day when they were kids. he never imagined someday his name would be inscribed on it. in flourtown, nbc 10 news. vice president was in his home state on this memorial day to honor his late son. today, the biden family helped the delaware national guard name their new castle headquarters in beau biden's honor. beau was delaware's attorney general and died a year ago today from brain cancer. the vice president talked about beau and the family's struggle. >> the support all of you have begin us the last two years, and i say two years because we knew we were in deep trouble two years ago, has met more than you will ever know. >> beau spent almost a year deployed in iraq. the bidens say he would be honored to have his name on the national guard's headquarters.
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♪ >> reporter: an emotional memorial day in philadelphia's vietnam veterans memorial at two more heros forever remembered. the names of master sergeant francis cochoran and wilson unve unveiled. they died in 1967 while in service, but not during combat so the names were never added until now thanks to a rule change from the department of defense. and dozens of of people in our area marked memorial day by becoming u.s. citizens in a special ceremony aboard the battleship new jersey. 38 people took the oath of allegiance this morning with proud family and friends by their sides. the newest americans originally from 27 countries like china, germany, mexico, and vietnam. from us here at nbc 10, a sincerecongratulations to
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everyone. to see how other cities honored service members, tap the nbc 10 app. new at 6:00, police at princeton university warn students after a woman was sexual assaulted inside a dorm on campus. investigators say the woman was attending reunion weekend when a man reportedly assaulted her in spellman hall yesterday. they did not say whether the victim was a student. the prosecutor's office is still investigating. decision 016 donald trump trails hillary clinton by months and years using digital media to track supporters and guide a range of decisions for a candidate like the types of advertising, where to deploy staff, and where to make campaign stops. trump's team dismissed the data spending more time and money on hats, t-shirts, and signs. the clinton campaign has been collecting data since announcing
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candidacy. president clinton and the front runner mash muched in the memorial day parade in new york. today, the campaign announced she cancelled a thursday rally at mercer county community college and traveling instead to california to campaign this. meanwhile, senator sanders is spending this memorial day weekend in california. the site of the next primary election, right now, he's holding a community conversation in oakland. earlier today, he walked in san francisco's memorial day parade, california's primary election is june 79, and if that's familiar, because that's the same day as new jersey's primary, polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. montana, new mexico, and south dakota will be holding primaries the same day. well, it was a washout for some people today, and another round of showers closing in on other parts of the area tonight. tracking the rain next in the first alert neighborhood weather forecast.
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glen, a live look at citizens bank park where the phillies salute our military in 20 minutes. a u.s. army veteran throws out a ceremony first pitch, and the team wears a special memorial day uniform when they take the field against the washington nationals. we'll be right back.
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people in delaware county marked the 150th anniversary of memorial day with the area's biggest parade. the legacy project sponsored the event. and happening now in new jersey, spectators are lining up along the memorial day parade route in wildwood camden county. the parade marches down atlantic avenue at 7:00 followed by a sunset vigil at the town's vietnam memorial wall. the video that's had everyone talking. a 4-year-old boy fell into a gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo forcing zoo officials to kill the endangered animal as a precaution. the video has us asking how could a child have gotten into the enclosure? mitch blacher went to the
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philadelphia zoo to see what safety features are in place to prevent this accident. >> reporter: this is video of a 400 pound gorilla helping a 4-year-old to his feet. >> you heard the splash, and people were yelling, you know, there's a boy in the water, a boy in the water. >> reporter: today at the philadelphia zoo, the lesson was for the family. >> talking about that in the car, like, we have to be careful. >> reporter: jeff feels the same here. >> doing things are super safe, you know, life happens. >> reporter: in cincinnati, zoo officials only rescued the boy by killing the gorilla. the man in charge of philadelphia's zoo says it was the right call. >> we have ours set up in a way making it difficult for this incident to happen. >> reporter: and this is the gorilla exhibit at the philly zoo, major difference between what we saw in cincinnati, and here they are sealing the gorillas in, people could not access them if they wanted to.
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an inspection in 2015 found philly's main wolf enclosure was not sufficient to protect the public. the zoo immediately added extra fencing. >> they asked us to beef that up. >> reporter: when we watch the video captured in since gnatty, those in philly could not picture it happening here. >> so she's 4 years old, and i can't imagine losing sight of her for a minute. >> reporter: officials say there's nothing to worry about at the philadelphia zoo. nbc 10 news. switching gears now, pennsylvania attorney general kane cancelled a news conference tomorrow to announce results of a porn e-mail investigation. officials said today that the report was not comprehensive and contained too much redacted material. kane ordered a former maryland attorney general to look into the e-mails found on state serve servers. the material was offensive and sometimes raunchy. the investigators' findings expected to be released sometime during the summer. a question for you now. do you know a group making a difference in our area? it could be worth $50,000.
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the wawa foundation is launching the first ever hero award for local nonprofits. one group wins a $50,000 grant. three others win $10,000 each, and the checks will be presented on the 4th of july during wawa welcome america which you can watch live right here on nbc 10. the deadline to enter is june 1st. for more information, visit now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> not exactly a good thing to have a tropical storm on the east coast on memorial day weekend. look at this tremendous area of rain, all related to bonnie, but she, fortunately, is moving more to the right prevented this last batch from coming up to the philadelphia area today giving us a washout. we have another line of thunderstorms up through north and west. not related to bonnie, and that
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may affect part of the area tonight. you can see that most of the rain now along the coast is on the lighter side, and the heaviest of the rain has moved out. we do have some from the dover area that's moving on up, and so it could be a little bit of light rain in the philadelphia area this evening, and this line of showers and thunderstorms moving towards the lehigh valley, and some of this rain is on the heavy side. there's a little lightning, not a lot with this area, and it should be arriving in allentown at 7:17, and bethlehem at 7:22. a wet night in some parts of the area. the futurecast showing that this line weakens as we get away from the heating of the sun. we got up in the mid-80s in lehigh valley today. to the philadelphia area, maybe light rain left by the time it does, but that's later this evening. the rain at the shore moves out,
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and so we're talking about improving conditions for tomorrow. you can, of course, check your seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen. sun shine and 80s, yeah, that returns tomorrow. the atmosphere's warm so 88 when the sun comes out, devon 84, reading 89 degrees tomorrow. at the shore, into the upper 70s in atlantic city, but that's better than the upper 60s, which is what we saw during the day today. so 88 degrees in philadelphia tomorrow. not quite as warm on wednesday, but it looks dry through thursday. the wind comes in off the ocean, and that cools us down wednesday into thursday and next disturbance moves in friday, and into next weekend, of course, we're not expecting another tropical storm to be affecting the area. we had one and a half to three inches of rain last night for a good bit of the area. we'll be right back.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet, a ten-game home stand against the first place nationals, but what do you do with ryan howard? phillies face seven straight right-handed pitchers this week. ryan is in the lineup tonight even though manager pete said yesterday rookie tommy joseph would get more time against righties. seems tommy's getting more time this week. >> this is the hardest thing i have to do, you know, i think about it -- i've been thinking about a tit all year, hoping he
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comes out of this funk, but he's playing tonight, and every time i put him in the lineup, i'm hoping he's getting three, four hits, get on track. >> crucial week. eagles owner says he sees sam bradford as the right way to quarterback the birds, but on drafting wentz, he said, quote, we had to make the move to secure having a potential franchise facebook for many, many years, having a lot of as sets at the most important position in the nfl is a good move for now because in the nfl, it's the one position you can't just go get. you either have a really good quarterback and compete for the super bowl oh you don't, and you are probably not competing for the super bowl. sixers confirm the coach will not be joining the staff for family reasons. sixers working out prospects on memorial day. one of them, ben simmons' teammate from lsu, tim quarterman. he could be taken as the number one overall pick, but concerns out there about ben because the team did not make the
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tournament, and some have questioned his commitment. >> i don't think throughout the season he never quit on us. i think he continued to play hard. i think us losing frustrated a lot of us as competitors because we always want to win. he's a great competitor, great player, and he never gave up on us. >> all right, progressing, bigger and the shot is looking good. we got game one of the stanley cup final tonight, sharks and pe penguins at 8:00. hopefully no overtime tongt.
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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so we almost made it out of the woods. today, a washout. >> certainly at the shore. it was terrible, terrible day. fortunately, the rest of the weekend was nice. it is still raining at the shore. we got many more hours left to go, and there is an area in central pennsylvania approaching the lehigh valley and berks county, and that is in a couple hours. >> love the bow tie, glen.
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perfect today. there you go. i'm keith jones and news continues with "nightly news" s see you back here at 11:00. tonight, zoo outrage. growing backlash over a gorilla shot dead after dragging a child who breached its enclosure. demands tonight to charge that boy's parents. deadly floods. rushing water, mandatory evacuations. many frantically trying to save what they can with even more severe storms on the way. ystery candidate. rumors stoked of a big name independent about to enter the presidential race provoking an angry warning from donald trump. to the rescue. three women hailed as heroes across the world. how they stopped an alleged crime in progress during a night out. and against all odds. on this memorial day our journ we a veteran given little hope after a devastating injury who proved them all wrong to fulfill a pr


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