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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  May 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, new video of an american legion post going up in flames during a memorial day event. firefighters continue to put out hot spots eight hours later. but first a family including a man with special needs carjacked after returning home. three masked men seen in this surveillance video robbed the family of their phones, cash and car. thank withdrew fyou for joining memorial day. i'm keith jones. this unfolded in the city's rocksboro neighborhood. tonight, police are searching
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for the suspects. ns nbc 10's denise nakano is live. i understand you sat down with the family? >> reporter: yes, keith, that's right. they're speaking out telling me about the gunpoint robbery that has them fearing for their safety. they came running down the street, holding a gun to the head of a man with special needs. >> they caught us by surprise. came out of nowhere. >> reporter: the victims of a gunpoint robbery and carjacking in rocksboro spoke exclusively with nbc 10 describing the encounter outside their home that put the neighborhood on edge. >> they pretty much got him and put a gun to his head. one came up beside me. and just asked for my purse and my cell phone. and the other one got my niece. >> reporter: the 40-year-old woman who asked her family not be identified cares for her 52-year-old brother who has cerebrer is reeb cerebral policy. >> first thing that come to my mouth was oh jesus, oh jesus, oh
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jesus. i was so scared. >> reporter: neighbors showed nbc 10 surveillance video they planned to turn over to police. you see three masked men in hoodies coming down gerhart street from ridge avenue. moments later a man with a gun runs back up the street with the victim's purse. the other two suspects take off in the family's car. >> well, we're a lot of scared. a lot afraid. a lot afraid for our own safety and for our children's safety. >> reporter: the robbery of lifelong residents brought out community outrage on social med media. the family says what's lost is lost but they're thankful they walked away unharmed. >> thank god they spared our lives. i mean, it could have turned out so much worse. >> reporter: police are still looking for the family's stolen vehicle. it's a blue 2008 accura with p.a. tag gvh-0977. got away with iphones, credit cards and $70 in cash. if you have any information, you're asked to contact northwest detectives.
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reporting live in rocksboro, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a 4-year-old girl in philadelphia is recovering after getting bit in the face by a dog. police say two officers found the dog near tenth and fayer streets and were forced to shoot it after it charged them. the dog died at the scene. the girl is doing fine. no word on any charges for the owner. this is memorial day. it's just devastating. it's just absolutely devastating. >> neighbors are emotional tonight following the loss of what they consider a local landmark. this afternoon, a massive fire broke out at the american legion post in the city's frankford neighborhood during a memorial day event this afternoon. it took firefighters more than two hours to get the blaze under control. tonight, they're still on that scene. that's where we find nbc 10's brandon hudson tonight. brandon, do investigators have
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any idea how this started? >> reporter: investigators are still trying to figure out that cause, keith. at this hour, fire crews are putting out hot spots on the first floor of this american legion. they were from the roof just a few minutes agoe iing aerial tower. clues have not gone into the building because it's still unstable. add to that, the power is still out in the neighborhood. hours later, e with saw people coming up crying over the loss of this building because this is where many of them had their family get togethers. flames so intense you can see them break through the windows. a neighbor shared this cell phone video with us at the fire of the american legion post 396 in frankford. as crews took control, we saw mary ellen foley with tears on her eyes. she was on her way to a memorial day event at the american legion. >> we were supposed to be here this afternoon. >> reporter: she was broken up over the loss of the donated
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uniforms, pictures and medals from the countless people who served our country. >> there's things that just can't be replaced. i just thank god that none of my friends were hurt in there. >> it's very heartbreaking. >> reporter: cathie donnoly, whose father was a member, was inside when the fire began around 2:30 this afternoon. >> i was like, where's the fire? and next thing you know, you see smoke coming out from the roof. >> reporter: we learned it took firefighters two hours to control the fire. hot spots sparked into the evening. fire commissioner adam tiel says one firefighter had a major wrist injury. the crews worked quickly to stop the flames from spreading. >> that aggressive attack saved two occupied dwellings in the pack of this commercial building. >> reporter: the fire commissioner says they called in other firefighters who were initially off today to come out and help out. we also spoke to two people who said they were interested in doing some kind of a fund-raiser for this american legion post. live in frankford, brandon
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hudson, nbc 10 news. >> brandon, thank you. let's take a live look at the roads tonight as we wind down our memorial day weekend. right now things look clear on i-95 in south philadelphia. today's rain had many people heading home early from the shore. after a weekend full of sun, today was more of a washout. nbc 10 in ocean city where the rain put a damper on most people's outdoor plans. we saw a long line of people heading out of town early today. after they made the most of the good days at the start of the weekend. >> usually we'd stay on the beach until about, you knows, until about 3:00 or something like that and then shoot home from there but we're going to head home now. >> we were here thursday night, so friday, saturday and sunday were beautiful. >> reporter: you got a great stretch of das there then. >> yeah, so today's not bad. >> most shore businesses seem to fair pretty well. the shop owners were talked to said the beautiful days heading into the weekend were enough to get the unofficial start of summer off on the right foot. let's take a live look at cape may tonight. still a bit wet outside, though earlier today if you took a look
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at this picture, the rain was coming down. it was foggy. it was miserable. but the question still remains, have we seen the last of the rain? let's check in with first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz whoneighbo. we're hoping for sunshine tomorrow. >> we're going to get a good bit of it main not start sunny especially at the shore but at least the rain is moving out. we have some showers in central nj nrew jersey. thunderstorms in central pennsylvania dissipated as expected. it was a washout during the day today at the shore. hour after hour after hour of rain. but the futurecast shows not only the rain moving out, but the clouds breaking up. now, we do expect it to start off cloudy. at the shore tomorrow. but things will be improving. look at what happens with the sunshine. temperatures go way up into the 80s. even lehigh valley. temperatures into the upper 80s. and at the jersey shore, going into the 70s. lot nicer than today.
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we'll see how long that lasts in a few minutes. one, two. three, four. >> there was plenty of patriotism and red, white and blue on display in delaware county. marching bands, veterans groups marked memorial day with a parade through media. afterwards they held a ceremony at the memorial wall in front of the delaware county courthouse. ♪ sounds beautiful there. valley forge national historical park. a musical tribute for a local soldier who died on the battlefield. visitors are laid flowers at a remembrance of army staff sergeant mark small of collegeville. he died fighting in afghanistan back in february. from montgomery county to south philadelphia, and wilmington, it was a time to honor those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.
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♪ oh say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light >> reporter: the bases loaded like the hats, uniforms and spirit. the phillies honoring america in south philadelphia tonight. fans of all sizes wearing red, white and blue. all over the region, sirens starting the parade in wilmington. a marching band followed welcoming our troops serving, retired -- [ bag pipes ] and those who didn't make it home. >> it's remembrance of the people who fought and gave their lives for the freedom we have today. >> many of them struggled. many of them suffered. and they did finally give the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: that was also the tune in philly. ♪ washington square park home to the tomb of the unknown revolutionary war soldier, the flame always lit.
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the men and women in uniform. [ taps ] honoring all those who served and gave their lives for our freedom. [ taps ] and vice president joe biden was in his home state on this memorial day to help honor his late son. today, the biden family helped the delaware national guard name their newcastle county headquarters in beau biden's honor. beau who died one year ago today was delaware's attorney general and served in the guard. an emotional vice president biden talked about beau and the family's struggle. >> the support all of you have given us the last two years, and i say two years because we knew we were in deep trouble two
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years ago, has meant more than you will ever know. >> biden says the family is now channeling its energy into causes that beau would support if he were still alive. i'm honored to be with you once again as we pay our respects as americans. >> at arlington national cemetery, president obama remembered armed service members who lost their lives. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and bowed his head in a moment of silence. the president paid a special tribute to master sergeant josh wheeler, an elite delta force soldier killed fighting isis. to decision 2016 coverage. the presidential candidates largely took a break from campaigning on this memorial day. democratic front-runner hillary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton, continued their tradition of marching in their hometown's parade. today, her campaign announced that clinton canceled a thursday rally at mercer county community
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college in jersey. instead, she'll spend more time campaigning in california. both states hold their primaries next tuesday. clinton's rival, bernie sanders, was in california today. he held a community conversation in oakland. happened this afternoon. before that, he walked in san francisco's memorial day parade and yesterday the vermont senator told nbc 10 he's confident he'll win new jersey's primary and he may return to the state to campaign before then. meanwhile, donald trump is on the defensive tonight as word comes of a possible third party candidate for president. conservative writer bill kristol tweeted that a, "independent candidate with a strong team and a real chance could be coming." trump fired back at him calling him, "a dummy." speculation about who it may be has been all over the map from mitt romney to paul ryan to even marco rubio and jeb bush. on this memorial day, a local community's making an
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effort not only to remember our fallen servicemen and women, but also to welcome troops home from war. we'll tell you how. plus, ready for a joyride? not with this guy behind the wheel. now a seven-foot alligator. we're going to tell you how it got behind the driver's seat between that and the steering wheel next. glenn? >> well, we're finally going to get a break from this rain. i'll tell you when you can expect sunshine in your neighborhood in my first alert seven-day frasts.
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an alligator tries to go for a joyride in texas. that's right. you heard me correct. check out this seven-foot male alligator nicknamed buster. he was found in the middle of the road. trappers loaded him up into their suv but buster climbed over the seats and got pinned between the steering wheel and windshield. he was carefully removed and eventually released.
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wow. happening tomorrow, my villanova wildcats head to the white house. president obama said to honor the 2016 ncaa basketball champs. i'll be there for the meet and greet and will bring it to you live. this will be villanova's second trip to the white house. they first won the title back in 1985. an extra special memorial day for two local families after decades of waiting, the names of their loved ones were finally added to philadelphia's vietnam veterans memorial. [ taps ] it was an emotional day as the sound of taps filled the air and the names of master sergeant francis corcoran and master sergeant george wilson were unveiled. two heroes who will be forever remembered here. both men died while serving but not during combat. there are now 648 names on the memorial. hundreds of veterans, meanwhile, and their families gathered in montgomery county today to celebrate a new effort
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to welcome our troops home from war. not far from this site in ft. washington, new homes will be built all for veterans reentering after service. they'll get job training and live here for free. >> corporate america doesn't really understand their qualifications, their discipline. >> the project is funded by a multimillion dollar donation from power home remodeling group of chester, to the ft. washington american legion. memorial day weekend didn't end on a high weather note with much of our area getting soaked today, but will that change? let's get another check with your neighborhood forecast with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> yeah, we're definitely going to be seeing improvement in the weather and it's going to day dry for a few days. we need it because there's been a lot of rain. last night we got poured on. the doppler estimated rainfall, over an inch of rain west of allentown, all through the philadelphia area, also down the shore. and some of these areas like near trenton had over 3 inches
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of rain. mercer county, burlington county, parts of camden and gloucester counties getting close to 3 inches of rain. but most of that has moved off. the only thing that's left is this narrow band going through vineland and it hasn't moved very much. fortunately, it's been weakening over the last several hours. so the headlines, the beaches are finally drying out. and the futurecast shows the rain moving out. nothing more than a couple of sprinkles the rest of the night. and by the time you get up in the morning, it's likely to not be raining. but there will still be clouds especially at the shore areas and southern delaware. clearing north and west of philadelphia. and you can see the clouds hang in a little bit, but the rain does not. and wherever the sun is out, those temperatures are going up. look at some of these numbers.
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foxchase with at least mostly sunny skies. up to 89. wynnefield 88. newtown 88. lansdale, 87. allentown 86. reading 89. at the shore, going to get a sea breeze is it's not going to be in the upper. 0s. upper 80s is better than the upper 60s we had today. of course, see your seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen at any time during the weathercast. don't have to wait until the end. now of course there is going it be quite a difference between the city and the shore in these temperatures this week. 80 in philadelphia on wednesday. 70 at the shore. we don't expect rain again, significant rain until friday. we got a few days to dry out. tomorrow, 88 then it drops to 80. by wednesday night and thursday, we start seeing the wind come in off the ocean. that's going to help drop the temperature. then a disturbance comes through friday and over next weekend. so we're going to have to deal
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with some showers then as well. nothing like what we got this weekend. we're not expecting any more tropical storms. then as we go into next week, temperatures closer to average for this time of the year. we did have a heatwave flu dthr days in a row of 90-plus through saturday. keith? >> we like the feel of that, glenn, thank you. do you know a group in our area making a difference? could be worth $50,000. the wawa foundation is launching its first ever hero reward for local non-profits. one will receive a $50,000 grant. three others $10,000 each. the checks will be presented 4th of july during wawa welcome america which you can watch on nbc 10 live. the deadline to enter is june 1st. for many information visit thewawafoundation rk. we're going to learn more about the sixers' possible number one draft pick coming up. and how many times have you seen this? from left field. phillies/nationals highlights
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coming up.
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. p1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. jeremy hellickson pitched well against the nationals but the bullpen could not hold a one-run lead. there isn't much room for error these days. 1 -1 in the sixth. freddy galvis. how about this? home run. phillies take a 2-1 lead at that point. in the seventh, hellickson is going to hit bryce harper on the knee and it seems to have hurt bryce because next batter, here's a fly ball to left, tyler goodell makes the catch. what a throw to first. the double of bryce harper. he would leave the game and he's day-to-day with a knee contus n
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contusion. in the eighth 2-2. daniel murphy two-run single. the nats put up three in the eighth. in the ninth, jonathan papelbon pitching. ryan howard in a major slump but he doubles to the gap. bringing home maikel franco. phils are within one. pap, first save at citizens bank park since the phillies traded him away. they lost four in a row since they started the season 0-4. they have the fewest rbis in baseball. >> you know, the bottom line is we need -- we're starvie ininei offense. we have to strings three, four hits together. we're not doing it. sixers confirm coach p.j. will not be joining the staff for family reasons. sixers working out prospects on memorial day. ben simmons' teammate from lsu. they could take ben with the number one overall pick. there have been concerns about ben because his team didn't make
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the tournament and some have questioned his commitment. well, tim quarterman gives us his two cents. >> i don't think throughout the season he never quit on us. i think he continued to play hard. i think us losing frustrated a lot of us as competitors because we always wanted to win. he's a great competitor. great player. he never gave up on us. and the warriors have just knocked off the thunder. they're moving on to the finals to face lebron and the cavs. penguins win game one of the stanley cup final. we're right back.
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all right. get a load of this. a south jersey fourth grader got the birthday surprise of a lifetime in the big apple today. >> that's amazing. happy birthday. >> kenikki thompson of sicklerville turned 10 today. she was showered with hugs and
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kisses from her favorite band the fifth harmony. the "today" show staff helped us organize the surprise with front row vip passes at rockefeller plaza and got to go backstage. in february, she launched a major clean water drive fer kids in flint, michigan. resulted in her dad driving 28 pallets 500 miles to flint on two separate road trips. kenikki soaked up the superstar attention. >> given all over flint, michigan. >> yes, girl. oh, my god, i love you. >> all the way from sicklerville, new jersey. it's my birthday. i'm having so much fun. >> that's what it's about. >> amen to that. >> you inspire other people to change the world, too. >> a few seconds on national tv along with hugs, by "today" show host, proof paying forward pays back in a very big way. she's not going to remember that. the people of flint, michigan, won't remember that either. a selfless little girl right there. >> incredible effort. and, well, most of the weekend
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was incredible. >> yes. >> pretty much stunk today at the shore, but they got in a lot of good days and a pretty nice few days to dry out. >> there we go. warmup tomorrow, too. nbc 10 news at 11:00. thank withdrew for watching. for glenn and all of us, have a good night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- amy schumer, richard linklater, musical guest, zara larsn,


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