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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. right now, philadelphia police are looking for a man they say violently assaulted a teen and her mother in a home in frankford. going in where. this barge loaded with fireworks was supposed to provide hollywood weekend fun in bucks county but remains stuck in the delaware river. the villanova wildcats head to washington for a presidential honor. 4:30. back to work tuesday after a long holiday weekend. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. we have fog outside right now and then a warmup coming. meteorologist bill henley has you covered with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a look at conditions right where you live. bill? >> what you're seeing right now, dry conditions in philadelphia. low 70s at 6:00 where we are right now. by 9:00, we'll get some sunshine, 75 grows. no sign of any fog in philadelphia. it's a different story at the shore. cape may, this is the view from
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the marquis de lafayette hotel. fog is thickening right now. not everybody is going to see it. some of the pocono mountains, fine in pottstown. no issue for trenton, northeast philadelphia or philadelphia international. some fog at the shore is under a mile in wildwood. that's dense fog right now in millville. as the temperatures cool down, all that rainfall yesterday is allowing the fog to form. what we don't have right now are showers. those have already moved offshore. you can see them way offshore. that's where the heavier rainfall is. we'll see a mainly dry day only a chance a pop-up shower in parts of delaware and into south jersey. what we will see is the temperatures pop up. that's going to allow the fog to disappear. no fog right now, temperatures in the low 70s in philadelphia. we will warm way past yesterday's numbers into the upper 80s, closer to 90 degrees this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check in with jessica boyington. jessica is taking another day
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off. two-day holiday. katy zachry is watching the fog issues this morning. >> we are watching the fog issues. i'll show you what it looks like at the jersey shore, garden state parkway. first, there's a disabled vehicle 95 northbound that you may encounter between cottman avenue and the exit for academy road. this is a well-lit shot of 95 up in the northeast. light traffic on the road. 15 minutes from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. that fog bill talks about, we're seeing it in a lot of our shore cameras. this is the garden state parkway, right at the cape may toll plaza. finally inç montgomery county, white marsh township, there's a road obstruction along ridge pike at manor road. tracy? 4:32. we are following breaking news in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood.
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a teenage girl called officers from her home on pratt street after she says she was raped by her stepfather. when police got there, they found the girl's mother beaten and covered in blood. doctors at st. christopher's hospital for children are treating the teen. investigators are on scene. we have a crew on the way. the special victims will bring you more updates on this case throughout the morning. now to frightening moments for a roxborough family robbed and carjacked at gun point. two siblings and their niece were robbed on gerhart street. the two others took off in the family's car. the victims spoke to nbc 10 and asked not to be identified. >> they pretty much got him, put a gun to his head. one came up beside me and just asked for my purse and my cell
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phone. and the other one got my niece. >> police are looking for the family's stolen blue 2008 acura with gvh-0977. animal rescue organization is now offering a $3,000 reward to find the people who tortured and burned two dogs in delaware county. the dogs were found in a plastic container over the weekend on west 6th street in chester. they were tied up and set on fire. they hope someone in the community will come forward with information. a fireworks barge is stuck in the delaware river. police say the vessel broke loose on sunday night, got tangled up in rocks in new hope. crews will go back out this morning to see if the barge has moved. if not, they will work on freeing the boat. happening today, the villanova wildcats head to the white house to be honor for
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their championship win. president obama will meet the 2016 ncaa basketball champs. this will be villanova's second trip to the white house. they first won the title in 1985. nbc 10 and nbc 10's keith jones, a villanova alum, will be at the white house to bring you live coverage of the event. you can follow along on the nbc 10 app. all this week, nbc 10 is taking you on a tour of the jersey shore and the fun continues in sea isle city. nbc 10's matt delucia is live there this morning to show us what's going on this summer and matt, there's more to do than just sit on the beach, right? tell us about it. >> absolutely, tracy. bill has been talking about the fog at the shore. we're really seeing it out here now. sea isle city calls itself a family town with a night life. things really pick up on the weekends. one of the business owners here, he told me yesterday this memorial day weekend, the one that just wrapped up was one of
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the best he's ever seen. the businesses hoping that bodies well for the rest of the summer. we're really just getting started with the summer season if you will, the beach season. the center of town here, right off jfk boulevard, the excursion park band shell, family fun nights, movie nights, dance parties and concerts that happen on saturday nights. good cover band and free. they try to make things different and expand year to year. those who live and work in sea isle year round, they say they prepare and wait for the summer season. now it is finally here. >> it's a nice change of pace. it's great to see people come. it's great to see the town fill up. we get upwards of 40,000 and 50,000 people here during the summer and we love it. we like the excitement and the energy that all the crowds bring and the more the merrier. >> and plenty of things coming up, too. june 18th, skimmer weekend, a
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festival here on the promenade. that's what they call it in sea il isle, not a boardwalk. if you're sitting there on the beach care chair, getting some sun, a tan, and you wonder what is that shell that's underneath you? there's an interesting way to find that out. more on that when i see you at the top of the hour. live in sea isle city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. one week from today, primary voters in new jersey get a chance to possibly make history. but is the political season making -- taking an unexpected toll on voters? ahead, hear how many people are suffering from a political disconnect. then there's this. >> that's amazing. happy birthday, dear. >> talk about a birthday surprise. this girl from camden county just turned 10 and spent her day as a v.i.p. ahead, hear why fifth harmony and the "today" show put the
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girl in the spotlight. fog is linger in the area. the fog won't last all day. we'll get to see some sunshine for a change. neighborhood forecast is just ahead. and cardinals consider in the first alert traffic center. what's going on out there? we have a disabled vehicle on 95 northbound that i'm going to show you in our traffic cameras and i'll tell you where to expect delays on 95.
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good tuesday morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at the roads right now. we are watching a disabled vehicle that is affecting one lane of traffic on 95 northbound. and that's just south of the view of our camera at academy road. 95 at academy up in northeast
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philadelphia, traffic is moving smoothly. as we get out of camera frame and go south, there is a disabled vehicle affecting one lane of traffic. be aware of that as you make your way between cottman to academy road. in montgomery county, we are following a road obstruction, white marsh township along ridge pike and manor road. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're watching fog form in parts of the area. cape may is dealing with it but not everybody is seeing the fog. right now, clouds over philadelphia, 71 degrees. those clouds will break, we'll get some sunshine today. a quick warmup, 77 degrees by 10:00, into the 80s this afternoon. the suburbs will see sunshine after a few morning clouds. 76 degrees later this morning, into the middle 80s this afternoon. the lehigh valley, sunny skies, skies are already cooling. cooler there, 66. by lunch time, 81 degrees today. at the jersey shore and south jersey, still lingering clouds.
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there's a slight chance some spots may see a shower this afternoon. mainly dry. 69 degrees. over though the clouds are around right now, they may be breaking for sunshine, low 80s and into the middle 80s for interior new jersey. while at the shore, the temperatures won't be quite so warm. the clouds are lingering. those clouds stay with us through 7:00. 8:00 and 10:00. then we get breaks of sunshine this afternoon. we're watching to an isolated pop-up shower this afternoon in south jersey and for the delaware beaches as well. most of the delaware area will be in for some sunshine. even though it's cloudy now, 70 degrees in delaware. 77 degrees by 10:00 and then it's into the 80s this afternoon. it's going to be a warm day today. the warmest of the next seven. that's what you've been watching at the bottom of the screen, the seven-day forecast. when i'm back in ten minutes, the ten-day outlook. 4:42. with just seconds to react, did
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cincinnati zoo keepers do the right thing by shooting and killing a gorilla. experts are weighing in on the controversy, including experts from the philadelphia zoo. next, we have new video of what happened when a child fell into the animal's enclosure. politics will heat up with this summer's national conventions. but is it too late to win over some voters? next, a new poll suggests americans are suffering from political disconnect.
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try our chocolate-y brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheescakes! fiber one. go on, have one. good morning, collingswood. 4:45. 72 degrees outside. a live look at collins avenue along haddon avenue. 70 degrees right there. the steve of cleveland will present a comprehensive security plan for the republican national convention. officials will lay out their plan for public safety, emergency medical services, communications and more. republicans will gather in kreef cleveland for their convention july 18th through the 21st.
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donald trump is slamming the suggestion as a possible conservative independent candidate for president. bill kristol said a, quote, independent candidate with a strong team an a real chance could be coming. trump fired back at kristol calling him a dummy. speculation about who it might be has been all over the map, some marco rubio to jeb bush. trump responded again to all the speculation tweeting, the republican party has to be smart and strong if it wants to win in november. can't allow lightweights to set up a inde candidate. front-runner hillary clinton and her husband, former president bill clinton continue their tradition of marching in their hometown parade in chappaqua. both california and new jersey hold their primaries next
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tuesday. animal rights protesters disrupted a bernie sanders rally in oakland, california. the demonstrators attempted to rush the stage as senator sanders was speaking. secret service agents covered san derz immediately. agents used a baton on one of the protesters. authorities detained all of them. the demonstrators say they are upset overç sanders support fo animal agriculture. sanders also held a community conversation in oakland. before that he walked in san francisco's memorial day parade. this weekend, the vermont senator told nbc 10 he's confident he'll win new jersey's primary and said he may return to the state to campaign before then. meantime, there's a new poll out. both republicans and democrats apparently feel a massive disconnect with their political party. a new poll from the associated press shows that just 15% of those surveyed reported a great deal of confidence in the democratic party. 8% say the same about the gop.
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the survey also found less than a quarter of americans say they are excited about the presidential contest. 4:48 right now. the controversy continues over the killing of an endangered gorilla at the cincinnati zoo to save the life of a child who slipped into its enclosure. nbc 10's vai sikahema is live inside the digital operations center with reaction on both sides. an online petition calling for the parents of the 3-year-old boy to be held responsible. the death has almost 300,000 at this juncture. the 3-year-old boy came face to face with the silver back after he climbed over a 3-foot tall railing, walking through bushes four feet deep and falling into that 15-feet deep mote. he didn't respond to calls from zoo workers and the decision was
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then made to shoot him to save the child. wildlife experts agree a tranquilizer could have made the animal even more dangerous. >> if he gets pop, you wouldn't want to see what would happen. we'd be sitting here saying, why in the world would they do that? why in the world? >> the boy was treated at the hospital and then released the same day. we checked with the philadelphia zoo about how its animal enclose you'res are set up. the gorilla's zoo exhibit has glass so no one would get in. >> we have ours set up in a way that would make it difficult to get in. >> later on this morning, on the "today" show, hear from the zookeeper who helped raise the gorilla and what he thinks about
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the decision to kill him. in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema, nbc 10 news. ten minutes before 5 cla:00 right now. >> the biggest story we have along the shore roads is really the fog. there are light sprinkles in the area, too. you can see that on some of the wet roads reflected along the garden state parkway at the greg egg toll plaza. light traffic here. possibly people who wanted to miss the backup traffic yesterday with people making an early mass exodus away from the shore. no issues to report other than the patchy fog. no patchy fog in montgomery county. this is a live look at 309 and the pennsylvania turnpike. we're seeing traffic pick up just a little bit. it is back to work tuesday, as tracy said earlier. we're expecting more cars on the road this morning as people head back to work and school. check your drive times along the pennsylvania turnpike.
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you have a pretty goodç drive you make your way between route 1 and the exit for valley forge. finally, there's a road obstruction in montgomery county along ridge pike at manor road. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain has moved out. we still have clouds around. this is a view from camden, looking past the battle ship "new jersey." clouds offer the city will be breaking. we'll get sunshine. improvement at the shore, north wildwood at new jersey. when we checked it a half hour ago, it was socked in with fog. the fog is lightening there. haz hazleton, zero visibility there. no issue for doylestown and northeast philadelphia. in south jersey, there's dense fog for millville and wildwood down to half a mile visibility, starting to thicken up at the airport, just under two-mile visibility there. the temperatures have dropped
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into the 60s in new jersey. as the temperatures cool down, all that moisture that was left over from the rain yesterday, that's what's creating the fog this morning. the numbers won the go much lower. as they come down first thing, the fog forms. as they warm up, just the opposite is true. the fog disappears. we will see sunshine breaking through the clouds. we'll see a nice warmup during the day. interior new jersey at the shore, showers are still a possibility, maybe a brief afternoon shower. not the all-day rainfall we saw yesterday. that steadier rainfall is now completely offshore. you can see that heavy rain courtesy of what is left of bonnie is tracking offshore. we're drying out for days until we get to the end of the week. then the chance of showers returns. you need your sunglasses today. philadelphia, 88 degrees this afternoon. not as hot will be in the low 80s with sunshine. come thursday, a little bit cooler, 76 degrees. friday and saturday, that's when the chances of showers returns, 73 friday, 79 degrees on
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saturday. and into the low 80s on send with a chance of some showers. by monday, we'll see some breaks of sunshine. can't rule out a shower on monday. we're drying out for tuesday and wednesday. by thursday, 80 degrees and a chance you may need your umbrella once again. tracy? >> we'll be ready, bill. thanks. seven minutes before 5:00 right now. we continue to follow breaking news with from philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. that's where police say a mother and her teenage daughter were both assaulted inside a home there. why police think the victims know their attacker. also, worthy of the star treatment. find out why this camden county 10-year-old got to celebrate her birthday with her favorite pop group in new york city.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment good morning. i'm katy zachry with a check of the roads. just a few minutes before 5:00 a.m. on your tuesday. this is a live look outside along the garden state parkway
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at the great egg toll plaza. light traffic headed north on the parkway. if you are driving this morning in the shore, you will encounter areas of fog. there's also moisture on the roadways. just take it a little bit slow and be cautious about that. coming up after the break, i'll show you conditions throughout our coverage area. a civil lawsuit in pennsylvania is raising questions about who can be held responsible for an accident when texting is involved. the suit stems from a deadly crash about an hour north of pittsburgh. daniel galotten was killed in 2013 when his motorcycle was hit by a car driven by someone who was texting. the driver pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. then the family filed a civil lawsuit against the driver and two other men who were texting the driver during the crash.
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a pennsylvania judge ruled the suit can proceed. in new jersey, courts have ruled people who send texts can be held responsible if the sender knew the person would be driving. today pennsylvania senator bob casey will visit the lehigh valley to push for funding to fight the zika virus. casey will tour aura shore technology in bensalem. casey is calling on congress to okay nearly $2 billion in emergency zika funding. tropical mosquitos transmit the xwi virus which can cause birth defects. the true meaning of memorial day is honoring those who gave their lives so we can enjoy those freedoms. take a look at this ceremony held yesterday. members of the united veterans of bridesburg placed a wreath at the most holy redeemer cemetery yesterday. the wreath honors the memory of
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those who made the ultimate sacrifice. ♪ in montgomery county, musicians paid tribute to a soldier who died on the battlefield in february. visitors laid flowers at valley forge national historical park in remembrance ofç army staff sergeant smalls. he died fighting in afghanistan. a south jersey fourth grader who has helped others got a special treat. >> indeed. she was given the birthday surprise of a lifetime in the big apple at nbc's "today" show. >> happy berth day, dear. that's amazing. >> nikki thompson turned 10 yesterday. she was showered with berth did i hugs and kisses from her favorite band, fifth harmony. the "today" show staff helped us organize the surprise with front row v.i.p. concert passes at rockefeller plaza. she launched a massive clean
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water drive for kids her age in flint, michigan. it resulted in her dad driving 28 pallets 500 miles to flint on two separate road trips. she soaked up the superstar attention. >> yes, girl! oh, my god, i love you. >> all the way from sticklerville, new jersey, it's my birthday. i'm having so much fun! >> amen to that. >> you inspire other people, too. >> how about that, a few seconds on national tv along with hugs from "today" show hosts proved paying it forward pays back in very big ways. >> she represents our area very well and the young people who want to give back and pay it forward. how about her saying all the way from sticklerville, new jersey. >> yes! you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news.
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>> breaking news on "nbc 10 news today," what started out as a home invasion is now a city wide search across philadelphia. we'll tell you why multiple police departments are now looking for three men who got away. more breaking news in philadelphia this morning. this is in frankford where investigators are investigating multiple assaults. hears a live look from sea isle city where we're continuing our live coverage from the jersey shore all week long. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and the first alert weather center. we're focused on the fog. >> not everybody is seeing the fog. clear view over philadelphia though there are still some clouds. the temperatures will be climbing. look athe


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