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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  May 31, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> breaking news on "nbc 10 news today," what started out as a home invasion is now a city wide search across philadelphia. we'll tell you why multiple police departments are now looking for three men who got away. more breaking news in philadelphia this morning. this is in frankford where investigators are investigating multiple assaults. hears a live look from sea isle city where we're continuing our live coverage from the jersey shore all week long. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. it's 5:00 a.m. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and the first alert weather center. we're focused on the fog. >> not everybody is seeing the fog. clear view over philadelphia though there are still some clouds. the temperatures will be climbing. look at the quick warmup.
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low 70s right now. the areas of fog, the pocono mountains seeing improvement in hazleton. half a mile visibility there. clouds over the city and mt. holly, blue bell, keeping the fog from forming. but in south jersey and wildwood, that's where we're seeing thicker fog. the worst of it in south jersey at millville. we are seeing foggy spots at shore. the temperatures have been cooling down. with the moisture left over from yesterday, that's where the fog is coming from. 66 degrees in vineland. 71 in philadelphia. vineland is 6 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time. 60s and 70s, we're heading for the upper 80s for much of the area and lots of sunshine, too. philadelphia, 82 degrees by lunch time. into the middle 80s by 4:00. look at the sunshine for the lehigh valley. 81 degrees at noontime. delaware, clouds are lingering to start with. into the low 80s by lunch time.  will be
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disappearing as the temperatures climb, 82 degrees at lunch time. 4:00 at 85 degrees. there's still a chance of a pop-up shower this afternoon in south jersey and the delaware beaches. i think most of it is going to be dry at noontime, partly sunny and 76 degrees and some sunshine and 75 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll go through the futurecast hour by hour to show you the chance of showers in delaware and south jersey. that's when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, let's see how the roads are moving. katy zachry has first alert traffic. >> we are seeing some of the patchy fog on the garden state parkway, especially if you're making your way back from the shore this morning. be aware of that. this is a live view of the garden state parkway at the atlantic expressway. really just primarily fog is on the garden state parkway. our pennsylvania majors, 95 southbound between woodhaven road and the vine street expressway, quick drive of 13
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minutes. 76 eastbound as you make your way into center city philadelphia. 476 southbound from the schuylkill 95, all in the green light, no crashes delays things. 95 northbound, cottman avenue and academy road, there's a lane restriction. there isn't the volume to affect things but you'll have to move around the disabled vehicle. there's been a road obstruction along ridge pike at manor road and white marsh township. >> 5:03. we're following breaking news. police say just before 11:00 last night, three men broke into a home in prospect park with aefrl people inside. as police got on scene, the three were driving away. that's when the chase began. pursuit end 12 miles away at 95 on callowhill. the men took off on foot. police caught one of them.
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two are on the loose. one person in the hem home was hurt and is being treated at the hospital. also in philadelphia's kensington neighboredhood, police say a girl called officers from her home on pratt street after she says she was raped by her stepfather. when police got there, they found the girl's mother beaten and covered in blood. she was taken to the hospital. investigators remain on scene. we have a crew on the way. the special victims unit will bring you more updates on this case throughout the morning. take a look it the this fire that roared through an american legion post in philadelphia destroying memories and breaking hearts. yesterday's flames at the legion post in frankford were so intense they broke through windows. the fire destroyed keepsake photos, uniforms and medals. several people inside the building for a memorial day event were not hurt physically but emotionally. the fire took its toll on
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neighbors who held family get-togethers at the post. >> things that can't be replaced. i thank god none of my friends were hurt in there. >> very heart breaking. >> we were supposed to be here this afternoon. >> one firefighter had a minor wrist injury. investigators are looking for the cause of this fire. today a suspect in the deadly assault on a wilmington high school student is scheduled for a hearing in juvenile court. amy joyner-francis died after three girls attacked her in a been room at the howard high school of technology last month. the teen suspect involved in ç today's hearing is charged with negligent homicide. prosecutors will ask the judge that her case be sent to adult court. the two other suspects face conspiracy charges. they're scheduled for trial in juvenile court on june 15th. testimony resumes in congressman's chaka fattah's federal corruption trial in philadelphia. he's accused of abusing his
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power for using grand tos pay off campaign debt. bob casey testified that he did not act on a letter from fattah that endorsed co-defendants herbert vederman for an ambassadorship. fattah maintains his innocence. what about the stuff around you, kids and adults are creating a classroom out of the beach in sea isle city. matt delucia is live there continuing our week longshore tour. matt, this is something that's making kids eager to go to school. tell us about that. >> the kids and the assaults, tracy. i'll tell you that. it's the school of nature here on the beach. sit out there on the beach chair on the sand getting a tan and maybe you've never wondered what kind of creatures actually call this place home. enter the beach comer tours.
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>> this is a new jersey state shell. >> you know what the state shell of new jersey is, the knobby welk. the beachcomber tours happen here. if you've scoured the beach an can't find that perfect shell, here's a good tip. >> in the summertime you don't see as much because they clean the beach every day. but in the winter after a storm you can find all kinds of things. it's not unusual to find a live starfish attached to a clam washed up on the beach. >> you can find cool things. >> the best time to go is after the storm and the inlet is one of the best places to find things. >> how about that. a lot of people come here just
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for the summer or a weekend but there are people who live here year round. they have businesses. they perhaps have homes here and a lot of the area here is still recovering after flooding, especially flooding that we saw recently with the blizzard of 2016. coming up in the next half hour, we'll take a look at how this area is recovering post-storm. live in sea isle city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> who knew. the knobby welk. >> i did not know. i love picking up shells. that's one of my favorite things to do. >> you learn something new every day. >> bill says that was his nickname in high school, whatever that means, the knobby welk. >> thanks, matt, we appreciate it. 5:08. 72 degrees already. 48 million adults and children suffer from hearing loss. >> today there's a nation wood challenge called one day without sound to show people who it's like to live with hearing loss.
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people who take the challenge will wear ear plugs that simulate a hearing impairment. >> it's going to reduce your hearing level by 25 to 30 decibels. you'll really spurn what someone with a hearing challenge is going through. >> there areç two things to remember about hearing loss, first it's progressive, second it's preventible. when you wear ear plugs if you're in a loud area and if you have ear buds don't turn the volume up too loud for long periods of time. now your nape first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain yesterday has taken a break. now we're seeing the effects of that as temperatures cool down at the shore. fog is forming. that's a live view from cape may. this is some of the thickest fog we've seen. the view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. it's not going to last all day. clouds are lingering at the shore. look at the rain from yesterday. it's finally pushed offshore. the cold front is ep swoog through the area.
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it's not enough to completely clear things out. there's still a chance of a sprinkle first thing this morning. the rest of the area going to be completely dry. already clearing out, the clouds are breaking over philadelphia. clear skies in allentown. sunshine and the temperatures will warm up this afternoon. futurecast shows at 10:00, clear for allentown and philadelphia. clouds linger in south jersey and delaware as we go into the afternoon hours, there's a chance of a pop-up shower. more likely at 3:00 this afternoon. in parts of new jersey, a slight chance of a sprinkle. as we go into the evening hours, those showers pretty much coming to an end. the rest of the area will be clear skies. the temperatures respond. we're heading to the upper 80s, closer to 90 degrees this afternoon. the suburbs, sunshine for neshaminy and the lehigh valley. a quick warmup to 90 degrees for
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bethlehem and easton. so the south, new jersey, those clouds will be breaking for sunshine. 86 in haddonfield, glassboro is 87. vineland might see a brief shower in the afternoon. wildwood, a slight chance of an afternoon shower along with linwood. temperatures in the 70s for wildwood. in delaware, clear skies for wilmington and dover. there's a chance of a pop-up late day shower in lewes with temperatures in the upper 70s. overall, a big improvement over what we saw yesterday. the temperatures are looking good for the rest of the week. get your ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then, bill. we just saw in the live shot from matt delucia how foggy it is. >> it is foggy. bill's been saying not everywhere but the places that have fog, you can see it on all of our cameras. katy zachry has been monitoring for us. >> some shoregoers might be leaving early to make it back
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for work or school on tuesday. this is in upper township, a live look at the cape may toll plaza. we are seeing patchy fog throughout the stretch of the garden state parkway along the shore. up in the philadelphia area, we're following a disabled vehicle on 95 northbound between cottman and academy. that's just cleared. there's no more lane restrictions associated with that. if you're headed early this morning into center city philadelphia or leaving the city, your drive times are 12, 13 minutes as you make your way between the vine street expressway and the blue route. caught on camera, part of an airplane catches fire on the runway. a passenger took this video from his seat. we'll tell you what happened. plus, a little girl is taken to the hospital after she was attacked by a dog. hear what police had to do and the latest on her condition.
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good morning, camden county. a live look this morning from collingswood. very quiet there, peaceful. cooler there than it is in philadelphia. 72 degrees in philly. 70 degrees in collingswood right now. a 4-year-old girl is recovering after a dog bit her on the face yesterday in north philadelphia. police say officers found the dog near 10th and thayer streets. officers shot and killed the animal after it charged at them. the girl is in stable condition. no word if the dog's owner will
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face charges. a 67-year-old man drown after he jumped into pennypack park creek to save his dog. he was swept away by the current. le dog was founded alive by the man's car. sunday, a 60-year-old woman's body was fouped in pennypack park. police say her death isn't suspicious but it's not clear how she died or ended up in the park. two local families have special memories from memorial day after waiting for decades, they can see the names of their loved ones etched on philadelphia's vietnam veterans memorial.ç ♪ the names of master sergeant frances corcoran and master sergeant george wilson were unveiled. both men die of illnesses while serving in vietnam. their names bring the total on the memorial to 648. in montgomery county yesterday, hundreds of veterans and their families celebrated a
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new effort to welcome our troops home from war. not far from this site in ft. washington developers will build new homes for veterans. they can live there for free and they'll get job training. >> corporate america doesn't understand their qualifications, their discipline. >> power home remodeling group of chester funded the project with a multimillion dollar donation to the ft. washington american legion. new information this morning about pennsylvania's so-called porn gate scandal. the top aide to attorney general kathleen kane has canceled a news conference scheduled for today that's within a report by a special prosecutor investigating offensive and sometimes pornographic e-mails shared by judges, prosecutors and others was supposed to be released. bruce castor says the report is not complete and will be released this summer instead. kane blamed the investigation into the e-mail scandal for her criminal troubles.
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kane pleaded not guilty to leaking information from a grand jury to a newspaper reporter. her trial begins in august. she's not running for re-election. her term ends in january. 5:18. scary moments for passengers on this united airlines flight leaving tampa. the plane blew a tire on takeoff, sparking a fire monday afternoon. this video from inside the plane taken by a passenger shows firefighters at work. the flight was on its way to houston when the pilot had to slam on the brakes just before liftoff. no one was hurt and passengers were put on new flights. 5:18. i think katy is still looking at south jersey and the fog issues. maybe on the garden state parkway. >> throughout our coverage area, the road construction is manageable, no major crashes to report. the biggest delay will be the fog you're encountering if you're leaving the jersey shore or driving to the shore if you're lucky enough to be starting your vacation week. this is a live look in sea isle city at a pretty dense fog in
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that area. this is our camera from matt delucia, our reporter at sea isle city along the shore this week. this is a great shot to show you what people are encountering. this is another shot, garden state parkway at the great egg toll plaza. light traffic. cars i'm seeing an increase in traffic over the last 25, 30 minutes or so. drivers will have to know you'll encounter patchy fog. there might be moisture on the roadways there. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the steady rain is gone but you can see some clouds are still lingering even over philadelphia. the temperatures will be climbing. we'll get breaks of sunshine. we'll be in the low 70s to start with. as the clouds thin out, the temperatures will warm up during the day. a warmup will do away with the fog that we're seeing in north wildwood, too. spots of fog at the shore and in south jersey. and in the pocono mountains be
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on the lookout for it. most of the area is just fine, problem with the visibility in northeast philadelphia or mt. holly. millville has dense fog. there you can see, that qualifies as light fog. anything that is quarter mile or less inç visibility is referre to as dense fog. that's just light fog for atlantic city, a mile and a quarter. fog to start with, clouds breaking for some sunshine. but they are going to linger, the clouds in south jersey and delaware. more likely to see bright sunshine and a big warmup for allentown which will be closer to 90 degrees this afternoon. near 90 for philadelphia. we should see a nice break for days from the wet weather. the next round of showers, that's coming from the system that is moving through nebraska into iowa. look at kansas with storms this morning. but it won't be here until late in the week. the very end of the workweek. ten-day outlook calls for temperatures taken off this afternoon. sunshine, 88 degrees, not quite
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as hot tomorrow. we'll see sunshine for tomorrow and thursday. then come friday, later on friday, a chance of showers and that chance will stick around into saturday. i'm seeing some breaks of sunshine for saturday. but looking mostly cloudy on sunday with more rain showers in the area, especially later on sunday and into monday. then we get another couple days that are dry. the temperatures right on target for normal this time of year. upper 70s and low 80s. thursday could see spotty showers, 80 degrees. stand by for some sunshine. that will do away with the fog today. vai? >> thank you, bill. tomorrow is your last chance to help a local nonprofit win $50,000. this is all part of the wawa foundation's first ever hero award. one local nonprofit that's making a difference in our area could win a $50,000 grant. three others will continue $10,000 each. the checks will be presented on the fourth of july during wawa welcome america which you can watch live right here on nbc 10. again tomorrow is the deadline
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to enter. for more information, visit the nbc 10 app or our website at 72 degrees right now at 22 minutes past 5:00 a.m. the villanova wildcats go to washington. the good times are still rolling for the 2016 national champions. heading back to work. the verizon strike is over weeks after thousands of employees walked off the job. we'll tell you about the deal they struck with the telecom giant.
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nearly 40,000 striking verizon employees will return to work tomorrow. they reached a contract agreement that includes 1,300 new call center job, nearly 11% in raises over four years and the first contract for verizon wireless store workers. union members will vote on the deal after returning to work. land line and cable employees in several states including new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware went on strike in april. landon dowdy is here with details in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> good morning. nestle is stepping up its push into medicine. the company struck a deal to market an experimental milk allergy test for infants. nestle has signed a number of
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similar deals recently with the goal to treat, diagnose and prevent a range of diseases from gastrointestinal problems to alzheimer's. the dow had its best week since march. futures are higher this morning. it's a big week for economic data with reports today on personal income and spending. home prices and consumer confidence. it is all topped off on friday with the monthly jobs report. the dow rises 44 points to 17,873. the nasdaq up 31. >> landon dowdy, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> 5:26. 72 degrees. still some clouds around. we're watching areas of thick fog. you won't find the fog in philadelphia, though. that's a live view looking across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. neighborhood forecast is just ahead as well as updates in the first alert traffic center. katy zachry, how's it looking out there, katy? >> we are following fog along
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the garden state parkway, if you are leaving the shore, if you delay your vacation for an extra day, expect to encounter patchy fog. this is a live look at route 47 right in middle township. be aware of that. coming up, i'll tell you what other issues you can encounter along the roads in pennsylvania. 45 years of age or younger. >> bernie interrupted. we'll tell you about the group that tried to rush the stage during a bernie sanders rally. seeç what happened, plus the crowd's reaction. plus, can you be held responsible for a car crash even when you're miles away. why a court case in pennsylvania can set new precedent for laws involving texting and driving. ♪
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it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪ spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly?
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we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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nbc 10 breaking news. we do have breaking news on "nbc 10 news today." police are now investigating multiple assaults involving a mother and her teen daughter. we'll tell you why investigators believe the suspect is related to them. trump on the defense. we'll tell you why trump is calling a conservative writer a dummy after news that another presidential candidate could be coming. recovering from the blizzard of 2016. here's a live look from sea isle city this morning. it's foggy now.


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