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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  May 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. we are following breaking news, a teen tells police she's been assaulted. when officers get there, they find her mother laying in a pool of blood. we're live with what police know about the man they're looking for. more breaking news spanning two counties. investigators remove a chunk of the door as evidence after a home invasion in delaware county leads to a police chase in philadelphia. two people are still on the run. an aggressive fire rips through an american legion. hear from neighbors who say this is an emotional loss. it's 6:00. it's "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. warm this morning, 72 degrees out there. let's check in with first alert
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meteorologist bill henley who has your first alert neighborhood forecast. >> warm, muggy but dry. fog in the area, not in philadelphia. 71 degrees, clouds linger in the city. they will be breaking. we warm up to 73 degrees at 8:00. 80 degrees by 11:00 this morning. it will be a quick warmup during the day today. delaware, 70 degrees right now. no fog here either. frawley stadium, 73 degrees at 9:00. 81 by lunch time. we're heading to 90 degrees this afternoon. seeing sunshine in the lehigh valley. 89 degrees later on. 87 in new jersey. but at the shore, the rain is out of the picture. still seeing some areas of fog. that's a live view from wildwood. 78 degrees. the fog won't last all day. as the temperatures climb, the fog will disappear. katy zachry has your first alert traffic. katy? relatively quiet morning so far. we'll wait until the onslaught
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of commuters hit the roads before we say it's been a good morning. this is where it meets up with the vine street expressway, leading into center city or going east over the ben franklin bridge. all of your bridges look clear. remember, mass transit running on a normal schedule this morning, not the holiday schedule it was running on yesterday. our computer is taking a little bit of time to wake up. this was supposed to be a fly through the vine street expressway. we didn't have construction to delay things overnight. 95 is looking good, 76 eastbound headed into center city philadelphia looking smooth as well as is the blue route. >> katy, thanks. two minutes past 6:00. we're following breaking news this morning in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. >> neighbors called 911 after a teenager told them she was assaulted. >> schenn police got to the home, they climbed on the roof of a neighboring home to look
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through the window and saw the girl's mother laying in a pool of blood. right now, both mother and daughter are at the hospital as police search for a man neighbors say they saw run maked from that home. pam osborne has new information on the mother. >> the mother was taken to einstein hospital listed in critical condition earlier this morning. we checked in with police, they tell us she's still in very bad shape. now, before we get into the details of what happened, do i want to let you know that we are telling the story in a way that will protect the identity of that young girl, this teenage victim. we're talking about a very disturbing crime committed against a mother and a daughter. i can tell you right now, that teenage victim is talking to investigators at svu. it was about 12:30 this morning when police got a call about a sexual assault that took place at a home in frankford. when officers arrived, a teenage girl told them she had been raped by a family member but
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that wasn'tç all. when police got into the home, they say the mother of that girl was laying in a pool of her own blood. she was so badly injured that medics thought she may have been shot. doctors determined her injuries were from severe blunt force trauma to her head. the teenage victim was also taken to the hospital to be checked out. police say the suspect, again, a relative of that victim was seen running from the house naked. now, police are searching for that suspect right now. svu is handling this investigation, an investigation we'll be following closely throughout the day. reporting live in kensington this morning, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. more breaking news. a home invasion in delaware county leads to a police chase in philadelphia and has two men on the run this morning. police say just before 11:00 last night, three men broke in a home in prospect park with several people inside. as police arrived, the three were driving away and that's
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when the chase began. the pursuit ended 12 miles away on i-95 in callowhill. the men took off on foot. police caught one man. two others are on the loose. one person in the home was hurt and is being treated at the hospital. tracy? take a look at this fire that roared through an american legion post in philadelphia destroying memories and breaking hearts. yesterday flames at the legion post in frankford were so intense it broke through windows. the fire destroyed keepsake photos, uniforms and medals. several people inside the building for memorial day events were not hurt physically. emotionally, the fire took its toll on families who held get-togethers at the post. >> i thank god none of my friends were hurt in there. >> very heartbreaking. >> we were supposed to be here this afternoon. >> one firefighter had a minor wrist injury.
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investigators are look are for the cause of this fire. today a suspect on the deadly assault on a wilmington high school student is scheduled for a hearing in juvenile court. amy joyner-francis died after three girls attack her in a bathroom at the howard high school of tech knowledge last month. the teen suspect involved in today's hearing is charged with negligent homicide. prosecutors will ask the judge that her case be sent to adult court. the two other suspects face conspiracy charges. they're scheduled for trial in juvenile court jn june 15th. testimony resumes in chaka fattah's federal corruption trial. he's abusccused of abusing powey using grants to pay off campaign debt. bob casey testified that he did not act on a letter from fattah that endorsed co-defendants herbert vederman for an
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ambassadorship. fattah maintains his innocence. nbc's hallie jackson has a preview from washington. >> good morning. later this morning, donald trump is set to face the media and face questions about a fund-raiser he held for veterans groups. trump, expected to get questions about how much money he raised, where that money went, and to which groups specifically the candidates promising to give a full accounting of that. all of this comes amid new chatter of a potential independent candidate. just how realistic is it? and meanwhile on the democratic side, california now the new biç battleground, its primary just a week away. a look at all of it coming up on the "today" show in just a little bit. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> coming up on eight minutes after 6:00. the rain has finally left the area. but now we're seeing fog at the shore and inland in new jersey.
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if you're heading out, you'll have to deal with the fog first thing this morning. it's not going to last all day. sunshine will take over most of the area. grab the sunglasses, sunny skies and a quick warmup. clear skies, we'll cool down into the 70s after warming into the upper 80s this afternoon. we need that warmup, too, to get rid of the fog. zero visibility in hazleton. light fog for pottstown and blue bell. no issue for northeast philadelphia or philadelphia international. it's been south jersey and at the shore, they've seen the thickest fog. dense fog in millville. big improvement in just the last few minutes in wildwood. the fog only here this morning. the rain from yesterday, that's already pushed offshore, the remnants of bonnie won't be affecting us today. lingering clouds, you'll see scattered clouds in new jersey. those will be thinning out. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle this morning and a slight chance of a spring this will afternoon, too. most of the area is going to
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stay dry. clouds are thinning out in philadelphia. in allentown, nice and clear and a quick warmup today. your neighborhood forecast, 89 degrees this afternoon for somerton. in the suburbs, upper 80s for lansdale and plenty of sunshine for bethlehem and easton. could hit 90 degrees this afternoon. not quite as warm in new jersey but sunshine will take over. any fog around this morning will disappear. glassboro, 87 degrees this afternoon. the 60s that we were stuck in yesterday at the shore with the rain are out of the picture. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle. i'm really not expecting anything more than that in wildwood. more likely you'll see sunshine, warm temperatures into the upper 70s, near 80 degrees. for dover and wilmington, mostly sunny skies, 87 in wilmington this afternoon. a slight chance of a sprinkle in lewes. 79 degrees, you should see sunshine break through the clouds there, too. and there are more dry days ahead before we get to the weekend. then we'll see change. get your ten-day outlook when
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i'm back in ten minutes. all right. we'll see you then, bill. the iron horse of the morning team, worked yesterday. >> i know. >> others like jessica boyington took an extra day. i suspect others out there probably took an extra day. >> yes. >> seems light out there on the roads. >> katy zachry has been watching the roads for your ride to work. usually we see everybody coming back from the shore, going back to work at the same time. you were mentioning earlier, because of the weather yesterday? people may have come back early. >> we all know people who came back first thing yesterday morning to beat the rush and the rain. a lot of people i'm seeing from our cameras down at the shore are coming back early this morning. so our cameras at the shore seem more active than the ones in center city, the wilmington, delaware and the new jersey area. a quick check along 422 if you are making your way back to work or school this morning. average speeds, both east and westbound are in the 60s as you make your way on 422.
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speaking of the shore, this has been an active camera throughout the morning. i've been watching it a lot because of the fog. that's what shore drivers are dealing with this morning. this is a live look at the cape may toll plaza. you'll find this kind of fog throughout the whole stretch of the garden state parkway.ç >> thank you, katy. you may be like us, among those who are heading back to work off a long holiday weekend. >> if you're missing the shore already, we have a perfect st. louis. matt delucia is taking you on a tour of the shore all week long. matt? >> if you're going to be bringing the kids, the family to the shore this summer, you can't overlook safety. coming up after the break, we talk with the captain of the sea isle city beach patrol about the best ways to keep yourself safe this summer. plus, bernie sanders spotted taking a break from the campaign trail. we'll tell you where he was seen last night.
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good morning, camden county. clouds are moving out this morning. it's going to be a hot one today. nearly 90 today. bill's back with his first alert forecast in just a couple of minutes. our week-longshore tour continues today. >> all this week we're hitting different shore towns to give you a feel for what's happening this summer. we're in sea isle city. beach season is here if you haven't noticed. how do you stay safe by the ocean this summer? matt delucia is live for us in sea isle city, talking to the people who are at the ready to save your life should you need it. matt? >> this may not be the best beach day. i'm here with captain rennie seal. we'll drive along the beach right up to the promenade.
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we'll talk about beach safety. you can't underestimate that. captain, tell us about how important it is to stay safe on the beach. >> there are a lot of safety tips we can give you. the most important one is always swim in front of a lifeguard and listen to the whistles. do not go in the water if the lifeguards are not on duty. lifeguards can identify things such as rip currents, in-shore holes, currents and keep the bathers away from those hazards and keep them safe. >> you're also talking about the lifeguards that are here. you are plenty of them and are hiring more. right/. >> we normally carry about 93 guards at the height of the season. this year we're hiring about 22. normally we hire 12 to 15. it's a good year to try out. >> any last big tip you can recommend to parents they may overlook if they come out here on the beach? >> i can give you two really
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important for small children. one is when parents arrive at the beach with their small children, take them to the lifeguard stand and instruct them if they become lost to go to the lifeguards and ask for help, especially if they have special needs children who lifeguards can't use their normal means of communication which would be whistles and hand gestures. introduce them to the lifeguard and the lifeguard will know to pay special attention. >> real quickly the second one. >> real quick. when you get to the beach, if the sanned is extremely hot, parents should make sure their children have footwear. their feet is tender and not calloused. they will blister and burn. >> i'll get off this thing and get back in the truck. i might need one of these later this summer. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. our shore tour continues next week -- this week, rather. tomorrow matt will be in avalon talking about seven mile island
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restaurant week and rooftop beach yoga. you can always catch up with matt on the nbc 10 app. 6:18. we have bad news. a few minutes ago became good news for eastbound drivers on 76. >> katy zachry is watching 76 eastbound near the conshohocken curve. >> bad news when i was at the computer and good news when i came out here. we had a disabled vehicle right on the shoulder in 76 eastbound as you make your way around the conshohocken curve. as you can see, that just was removed in the last minute or so and traffic is running smoothly in that direction. i just want to take a peek at the drive times because things are changing on 95 southbound between woodhaven and the vine street expressway. average speeds have slowed to the lower 50s, but that's really not bad considering what it could be at this time. expect a little bit of a slowup, probably around cottman and girard. 76 eastbound as you make your way to center city philadelphia, quick drive of 15 minutes thanks
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to that disabled vehicle that was just removed. and the blue route southbound, that's a 14-minute drive. now your first alert neighborhood weather. >> let's check the neighborhood weather, a forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> allows our meteorologist to focus on where you live. bill has the neighborhood forecast right now. start where? >> starting with the entire area. we're all drying out. first thing this morning, a few sprinkles. we saw them in new jersey and a few in central delaware. they are out of the picture for the rest of the day. there's still moisture around. that's what's giving us the fog. a much warmer day ahead. as the temperatures climb, fog disappears, a real rebound after that warm weekend. 79 degrees for a high temperature at philadelphia. the shore was in the 60s. 88 degrees is what we're heading for today. sunshine, we need it and we'll get it, too.
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67 degrees in south jersey. that temperature will climb. the fog disappears. look at the sunshine already in the lehigh valley. the suburbs, 68 degrees. we'll warm into the upper 80s this afternoon. right now, 68 degrees in west chester. collegeville is at 68. warrentown, 68. there are some clouds lingering. you can see them over the suburbs into philadelphia. farther north and west. it's drying out and clearing out for allentown with sunshine. and the clouds that are over south jersey are already starting to break. delaware, these clouds will be thinging out. you might see a brief sprinkle. any fog disappears. then we get a break until the end of the week. the rain moving through nebraska, iowa, minnesota, kansas seeing some of that. that's a storm system that may be here at the end of the workweek. until then we get a break from the rain and see the temperatures climb. this afternoon, 88 degrees. not quite as hot, 83 with partly to mostly sunny skies for
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tomorrow. thursday, 70s. we'll see 70s again on friday. showers by late in the day, and into saturday and on sunday, a mostly cloudy day. still warm, 80 degrees the high temperature. showers on sunday and a few continuing into monday. then a break from the rain with temperatures near 80 degrees for tuesday and wednesday. another round of showers possible next thursday. tracy, vie? 6:21. we're following breaking news in the frankford section of philadelphia where police are searching for a man they say assaulted a mother and daughter. we're live this morning at svu with what police know about the man they're looking for. plus, plane scare. imagine seeing this outside your plane window. we'll tell you what caused smoke to come up from underneath this plane.
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weathertech. proudly made in america. okawhoa!ady? [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. the golden state warriors completed an improbable comeback
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to reach the nba finals for the second straight year. they trailed the oklahoma city thunder in game seven until the third quarter when mvp steve curry hits the three. that's what he does best. golden state won 96-88 becoming the tenth team to overcome a three-games to one deficit to win a postseason series. the warriors began a rematch with lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers on thursday. all new at 6:00, look who was spotted at last night's game, democratic candidate for president, bernie sanders. stepping off the campaign trail and into the arena last night. looks like he was with danny glover taking in some hoops. new video of a scare on a unite the airlines flight leaving tampa. the plane blue a tire on takeoff.ç sparking a fire monday afternoon. this video taken by a passenger on the cell phone shows firefighters at work.
6:26 am
the plane was on its way to houston when the pilot had to slam on the brakes just before liftoff. no one was hurt. passengers were put on new flights. good morning. i'm katy zachry with a look on the roads. it is just a few minutes before 6:30 and traffic is really building on 95. both northbound and southbound but we're seeing more of the delays and the slowing of the speeds as we make our way southbound from cottman to center city philadelphia. we're watching fog for drivers on the new jersey shore. i will show you some specific areas, where to look out for that. first, the guy who can tell us much more about the fog with meteorologist bill henley. good morning? >> we're seeing some improvement at the shore. that's a live view from cape may at the marquis de lafayette hotel. when we went on at 4:00 this morning, couldn't even see beach avenue. improvement but areas of dense fog in south jersey, millville
6:27 am
specifically where visibility is down to a quarter mile. we have your neighborhood forecast coming up, just ahead. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for us this morning as police investigate an assault against a woman, a mother and a daughter. pam? >> vai, right now, a search is under way for the man who police say raped a teenage girl and beat her mother so badly that she is in critical condition. we'll have more on the disturbing phone call that led to these crimes, coming up on the other side of the break.
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. nbc 10 breaking news. a mother and daughter are both in the hospital this morning. police say they were both assaulted inside their home and the man they're looking for ran naked before the scene. also breaking this morning, police cart away chunks of evidence after a home invasion
6:31 am
and a chase. now an all-out search is spanning two counties. the hot weather makes a comeback as you're heading back to work for a short workweek or school week. whatever applies. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. just after 6:30. fog in some places. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast and it's really warming up quickly, bill. >> yes, we'll see a fast warmup into the upper 80s this afternoon. that will get rid of any fog. you see the fog in new jersey, 66 degrees right now. on the suburbs, sunshine is breaking through, the last few clouds left over from yesterday. this is king of prussia, 75 degrees at 9:00. by lunch time, bright sunshine, a few thin clouds and 83 degrees. we'll see a pretty good warmup compared to yesterday. was in the upper 70s for philadelphia yesterday, upper 80s this afternoon. you'll see that in the suburbs, the lehigh valley, 84 degrees with partly cloudy skies and delaware.
6:32 am
while interior new jersey warms for 87 degrees at the shore, we're seal 70s this afternoon. the fog that's around parts of the shore as well will disappear. we go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. let's see if the fog is affecting the commute. katy zachry has your first alert traffic. >> good morning, bill. definitely something for shore drivers to contend with and prepare for as they make their way home from the shore after a long holiday weekend or to work or school. this is a live look along summer's point along the garden state parkway. a lot of the shore exits look like this. this is the great egg toll plaza. from some of my cameras, i'm seeing the fog dissipating, thanks to the sunrise. moving up into the philadelphia area, a live look at the blue route in delaware county at baltimore pike. we are seeing speeds slow just because of the volume that really has started since the 6:30 time frame. 95 southbound, you are slowing
6:33 am
as you make your way between woodhaven and the vine. average speeds into the 30s. that dropped considerably within the lastç few minutes. 76 eastbound, it will take you 15 minutes as you make your way eastbound between the blue route and the vine street expressway. >> thank you, katy. breaking news out of philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. police are investigating an assault against a mother and her teenage daughter. >> police arrived to a bloody scene after neighbors called 911 for the teenager. pamela osborne is live on the scene. police say they know who they're looking for, right? >> they do. police are looking for a man related to both of those victims. in fact, the teenage girl was able to identify him to police. i can tell you she is out of the hospital right now. she is currently speaking with investigators here at svu. i want to let you know we're telling you this story in a way that will protect this girl's identity. it was 12:30 when police got a
6:34 am
call about a sexual assault that took place at a home in frankford. when officers arrived, the teenage girl told them she had been raped by a family member. that's not all. when police got into the home, they saw that girl's mother lying in a pool of blood. she was so badly injured that medics thought she may have been shot. doctors at einstein hospital determined her injuries were from severe blunt force trauma to her head. we checked in with her and police tell us she is still in very bad shape at this hour, that teenage victim was also taken to the hospital. police say the suspect, again, a relative of the victim was scene running from the house naked. police are searching for that male suspect right now. svu is handling this investigation, an investigation that we will be covering and following throughout the rest of the day and the morning. reporting live in kensington, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. and 6:34. more breaking news. a home invasion in delaware
6:35 am
county leads to a police chase in philadelphia. here's what happened. police say just before 11:00 last night, three men broke into a home in prospect park with several people inside. as police got there, the three were driving away. that's when the chase began. the pursuit ended 12 miles away at i-95 at callowhill. the men took off on foot. the other two were still on the loose. one person in the home was hurt and is being treated sat the hospital. new information about pennsylvania's so-called porngate scandal. the top aide to attorney general kathleen kane kans kled a news conference schedule for today. that's when e-mailed were supposed to be released. bruce castor says the report is not complete and will be released this summer instead. kane blamed the investigation into the e-mail scandal for her
6:36 am
legal troubles. her trial begins in august. she is not running for re-election and her term ends in january. the controversy continues this morning over the killing of an endangered gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> zoo officials did it to save the life of a child. the child climbed over a 3-foot tall railing and walked through an area of bushes 4-foot deep before plunging 15 feet into the mote. the gorilla was scene dragging the child through the water. zoo officials say they had to shoot it to save the boy. now an online petition has almost 300,000 signatures calling for the parents to be charged with neglect. wildlife experts say the zoo did the right thing because a tranquilizer could have made the animal moreç dangerous. >> if he's holding the child there an he gets popped, you wouldn't want to watch what would happen. you'd be sitting there, going why in the world did they do that? >> the boy was treated at the
6:37 am
hospital and released the same day. we checked with the philadelphia zoo about how its animal enclosures are set up. >> that exhibit has floor to el ceiling glass. an animal rescue organization is offering a $3,000 reward to fine the people who tortured and burned two dogs in delaware county. the dogs were found over the weekend on west 6th street in chester. they were tied up and set on fire. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain is gone but clouds are lingering this morning. if you're heading out you'll feel the mugginess left behind by the rain. that's the view from camden, looking across the battleship  new jersey. don't get used to the clouds or the mugginess either. the humidity will be coming
6:38 am
down. clouds will be clearing. bright sunshine an a big warmup this afternoon. much warmer than yesterday. with clear skies this evening, pretty pleasant. we'll drop down to the 70s this evening. no sign of any wet weather for this evening. this morning, it's fog. thickest in the pocono mountains. hazleton, really not bad. light fog for pottstown, coatesville. it hasn't been an issue in northeast philadelphia. trenton or philadelphia international. at the shore it's a different story. we've seen thicker areas of fog. it has been improving in the last hour for atlantic city and wildwood. georgetown got a bit thicker and we're still looking at dense fog, interior new jersey and millville. the winds are light and the temperatures have cooled down. the clouds have stopped producing rain for our area. the lingering clouds you see over cape may and sea isle city into vineland will be breaking for sunshine. the remnants of bonnie won't shall impacting our area today.
6:39 am
it's clearing out nicely. delaware getting sunshine and the clouds over new jersey, those will be breaking, too. we're in for a big warmup this afternoon. closer to 90 degrees in philadelphia with sunshine. the suburbs also quite warm, lansdale 87. 84 in malvern. kutztown is up to 88 degrees in bethlehem and easton. and the lehigh valley will hit 90 degrees this afternoon. vineland, the fog will disappear, by this afternoon, 80 degrees. warmer in glassboro. the clouds will be thinning out. they'll linger into the morning. this afternoon, 78 degrees in wildwood and upper 80s for wilmington with bright sunshine. looks like it's going to stay dry in lewes now, the high of 79 degrees. temperatures will be changing over the next few days. there's more wet weather on the way for later this week. i have the ten-day outlook. i'll walk you through it when i'm back in ten minutes. 21 minutes before 7:00. katy has information on a crash.
6:40 am
>> on ridge pike, where is it? >> in limerick on width pike. it's a krsh that happcrash that long ago. it's right where it intersects with limerick. route 1 to the exit to valley forge, aboutç a 21-minute driv. the turnpike is looking really good. we have no other major incidents to report on pennsylvania roadways. things are looking good. i saw a camera shot where it meets up with route 41 and things northbound are slowing as you make your way towards 55. >> 20 minutes before 7:00 right now. the villanova victory parade continues today. >> we'll tell you where the wildcats are being honored
6:41 am
today. >> a high pressure sales call leaves a local college student out hundreds of dollars. we'll tell you who called him and how to avoid a situation like this.
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just about quarter to 7:00. a high pressure sales call leaves a local college student out hundreds of dollars. >> to warn others about what happened to him, he contacted nbc 10 respondses. harry hairston has his story. >> reporter: just like most of us, andrew is on a budget. when he got a call for a deal on a cruise, he listened. it came with a special rate. >> today is the only day. >> reporter: wilson decided to take it and shelled out 700 bucks. >> you go on the fine print they do mention, specific service
6:45 am
charges and fees. >> reporter: fees including a fuel supplement of $12 per person per day. the site also mentions the cruise package does not include port charges, government taxes or service charges. and anyone who takes the cruise must attend a presentation on the sale of time shares. wilson decided to cut his losses and not take the trip. the cruise line wasn't about to give up. 18 months later called again looking for more cash. >> i feel really bad about you missing out on this experience. >> reporter: wilson was reconsidering to try to take the trip. he reached out to nbc 10 responds. we got hold of the better business bureau, we found more than 100 complaints filed there, complaints alleging likes like deceptive practices and surprise fees. the company has denied these allegations and responses reflected on the bbb website. nbc 10 responds reached out to royal bahama to get its
6:46 am
respective. after making several calls those who answered the phone declined to transfer us to anyone who could speak with the media. as for wilson, he says next time he'll do his research first. >> that was my mistake. don't do the same. >> reporter: harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> here's what you need to know in order to protect yourself. the federal trade mission tells us if you get one of those calls, get all the information in writing before you buy. >> and if you don't want to be called again, register at do not if you have an issue for nbc 10 responds, go to or 610-66 610-668-responds.
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happy birthday. >> she was showered with birthday hugs and kisses from her favorite band, fifth harmony. the "today" show staff helped us organization a surprise with front row v.i.p. concert passes at rockefeller plaza. she even got to go backstage. in february, she launched a massive clean water drive for kids her age in flint, michigan that resulted in her dad driving water 500 miles to flint, michigan on two separate road trips. she soaked up the superstar attention. >> yes, girl! oh, myç god, i love you. >> all the way from sticklerville, new jersey, it's my birthday. i'm having so much fun! >> amen to that. >> you inspire other people to change the world, too. >> it will be hard to stop this birthday. a few seconds on national tv along with hugs from "today" show hosts, paying aforward, it
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pays back in very big ways. our friends of the "today" show, tips our hats to them for all they did to help her out. we saw good morning to matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> she's adorable. coming up on a tuesday, new flooding emergency in texas. days of rain down there. now more evacuations being ordered. we're there live. also ahead, we'll launch a special rossen report to help you get ready for summer this morning, the focus is the dangerous germs that could be welcoming in public pools and water parks. the new push to eliminate confusion over the sell by and best by labels on your favorite foods. and we have a sneak peek of the new star-studded variety show when we see you on a tuesday morning. yes, it's tuesday, not monday. i already made that mistake today. >> the struggle is real.
6:49 am
>> have a good one, guys. >> thanks. see you at 7:00. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> there's -- >> hey. >> bill henley has neighborhood weather. bill? >> i was going to say there's no mistaking the day based on the weather. yesterday the rain, the clouds. we are drying out this morning. the showers have already left us. they completely moved offshore. if you're looking for wet weather, you'll need a boat, i'm afraid. wee we're done for the day. a much warmer day ahead. the clouds will be breaking and we'll be back in the upper 80s this afternoon after those rain clouds kept us cooler yesterday. sunshine will be nice and bright and the temperatures, they've started to climb in philadelphia. look at the sunny skies for the lehigh valley. the suburbs, delaware. 72 degrees in northeast philadelphia. still in the upper 60s for andorra and west mount airy.
6:50 am
upper 80s this afternoon. a quick warmup. by 1:00, philadelphia in the middle 80s. look at the sunshine for the suburbs in the lehigh valley. 85 degrees at 5:00. some spots in the lehigh valley may hit 90 degrees this afternoon. delaware, still lingering clouds this mortgage. but not for much longer. 82 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon and any fog disappears with the temperature warming up first thing this morning. in new jersey, 74 degrees at 9:00. into the 80s this afternoon. cooler at the shore. the clouds linger. by 1:00 we'll see breaks of sunshine. 75 degrees at the shore. there you can see some of the clouds are still left behind after yesterday's rainfall. it's clearing out in the lehigh valley and the clouds at the shore, those will be moving off, too. there is the rainfall that has been pushed out to sea by cooler, drier air that's pushing into the area. next round of showers. that's to the west. that's a possibility for the end of the workweek. for the day today, we'll see sunshine, we'll start off nice
6:51 am
and dry tomorrow. that's 5:00 tomorrow morning. you can see those showers making pro guess by wednesday afternoon. not due in until the end of the workweek. 88 degrees this afternoon, partly sunny skies. not quite as hot tomorrow. 83 with sunshine and a few passing clouds. by thursday, we'reç in the 70s and that's where we'll be on friday. friday, the clouds return. by late friday and into saturday we'll see showers. not an all-day rainfall on saturday. should see breaks of sunshine. sunday, mostly cloudy with showers on and off. 80 degrees the high temperature. a bit warmer on monday. here comes dry weather. the chance of shower once again later on thursday. bill, thanks. nine minutes before 7:00. we have a downed pole south of runnemede on black horse pike. >> katy, give us information on where this is happening. >> i'll get to that in one second because the shoulder is closed. traffic is slowing southbound on
6:52 am
the black horse pike. i just wanted to bring up from the millville camera a pretty foggy shot. it's not just confined to the shore. a live look outside at route 55 at route 49. very few cars on the road. if you are headed into that direction, know you will encounter fog. this is south of runnemede. there's a downed pole across the black horse pike, route 168. this is in the southbound direction where it meets up with church street and the shoulder is closed there. it's a pretty busy stretch of roadway. be aware of that. it is slowing things from the black horse pike southbound at church street. >> katy, thanks for that. police are investigating after a mother and daughter were assaulted in their home overnight, we'll have an update from nbc 10's pamela osborne up next. plus, the victory parade continues for ncaa champions villanova wildcats. they're headed to the white house for congrats from the
6:53 am
commander in chief. ♪ ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a mother and daughter assaulted inside their home early this morning. nbc 10's pamela osborne is in kensington with more on the investigation. what can you tell us. >> >> police are looking for the man who they say raped a teenage girl and beat her mother so badly he left her in a pool of other own blood. it happened in the city's frankford neighborhood. when police responded to that reported rape at about 12:30, they also discovered the girl's mother semiunconscious, unable to speak. she was so badly injured, medics thought she may have been shot.
6:57 am
at last check she was listed in critical condition at einstein. the woman's daughter was checked out and then brought to svu for for questioning. they are now searching for the suspect. reporting live in kensington, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. more breaking news. a home invasion in delaware county leads police on a chase in philadelphia. police say just before 11:00 last night, three men broke in a home with several people inside. police caught one man. we'll send you breaking news updates on the nbc 10 app on this story. and this just in, the vatican just announced a local church leader will become a bishop for the archdiocese. he will be introduced formally later this morning by archbishop charles chaput. and today the villanova
6:58 am
to be honored for their championship season. president obama will meet the ncaa champs and nbc 10's keith jones, nova alum and of course was a team manager for jay wright and his club when he was an undergrad. he'll bring you all the coverage from the white house. you can follow along on the nbc 10 app. i'm katy zachry with a look at your traffic this morning. less than two minutes before 7:00 a.m. on your back-to-work tuesday as tracy coins it. this is a live look outside at the blue route. we are seeing delays in both directions, both north and southbound. southbound is where we see more of the significant delays at this time of the morning. fortunately even though speeds have dropped to the low 50s, you're not seeing crazy drive times between the schuylkill expressway and 95. that's only a 19, 20-minute drive if you make your way out the door right now.
6:59 am
along the jersey shore, this is the typical view as you make your way up the garden state parkway. this is a live look near the cape may toll plaza. finally we have a downed pole in new jersey along the black horse pike southbound at church road and the shoulder is closed there. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> still watching some fog in new jersey. millville, it started to improve visibility at half a mile and 67 degrees. 70 degrees in philadelphia and we are heading the upper 80s. look at the effect sunshine will have. 89 degrees at the lehigh valley. 89 degrees for philadelphia and the fog will disappear at the shore, too. in fact, we're seeing some improvement. here's north wildwood which was socked in first thing this morning when we went on the air at 4:00. >> ready for the heat. >> thank you, bill. >> download the nbc 10 app for breaking news, weather and traffic at any time. thanks for watching. the "today" show is next. have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. heading west in a hurry. hillary clinton cancelling an event in new jersey to get to california a day earlier than planned. a clear reaction to sanders gaining ground there. our new national poll just out this morning with more bad news for the democratic front runner. flooding emergency. the death toll in texas climbs to at least nine people. rivers rising to historic levels. entire neighborhoods evacuated. there's more rain on the way today. fighting back. the mother of that little boy who fell into the gorilla exhibit at the cincinnati zoo defends her actions. why she's telling critics, don't be too quick to judge her parenting. ♪ just like fire surf star.


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