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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  June 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news. a small plane crash at new garden airport in chester county. this happened at the hangar. sky force 10 was over the scene just a short time ago. you can see that hole there in the side of the building where the plane hit. there are two minor injuries being reported. one person has been taken to the hospital. stay up to had minute, of course, on this breaking news with the nbc10 app. >> and also at 11:00, philadelphia police are investigating an incident this morning involving a driver of this car. they say the person was behind the wheel, hit an off duty police officer on a motorcycle last night and kept going. good morning. i'm vai sikahema.
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the incident ended with the officer firing his gun just outside of temple university hospital. police are not saying much about the incident. but we met with a witness who was speaking about what he saw. pamela osborne joins us from -- has the story for us from police headquarters in center city. >> almost ran into it right there. i ran back. i said get away. >> what this witness didn't realize at the time was that the bullets he ran from were being fired from off off-duty philadelphia police officer. >> i stand right there. >> he tells us it started with a man on a motorcycle and two women in a green monte carlo. the car had been traveling south on broad. the trouble started when they tried to go left on tiog ark. >> the girl care here and turned in front of the motorcycle. the girls kept going. >> it happened after 11:00 tuesday night. the witness says he watched as the off-duty officer first tried to chase the car down.
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>> he grabbed the door, said stop, stop, stop. they kept going. he started shooting. >> he said he heard several shots. >> four or five times. >> one of the bullets hit and shattered a window at temple university hospital. another hit the green car that was found at sixth and cambria. no one was hurt. we saw the off-duty officer pacing back and forth as fellow officers investigated. >> gun is not always the best. >> this morning, temple stubt and hospital worker joshua barber tells me he's just thankful patients and staff weren't unharmed. >> you have two hospitals, shriner's children and then temple hospital. >> that was pamela osborne reporting. we hope to get a live report from her. >> police are investigating a deadly crash in north philadelphia. an uber driver hit a woman who stepped out into traffic at ridge and cecil b. moore avenue.
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the driver tried to swerve but was unable to avoid her. the woman died at the hospital. the driefr did stay at the scene. uber did not have a comment, but the company is aware of the situation and working to figure out the fact. >> this morning, doctors at a north jersey hospital are monitoring a baby born with defects related to the zika virus. it's believed to be one of the first such cases in the continental united states. natalie morales reports. it's important to point out that the mother contracted the zika virus before she arrived here in the u.s. >> a team of doctors at hackensack medical center providing intensive care to a baby girl born overnight with microcephaly, the serious medical condition commonly linked to the zika virus. the 31-year-old mother was visiting the u.s. from honduras. she reportedly contracted zika early in her pregnancy. but it wasn't until last friday
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that an ultrasound found the microcephaly in her unborn child. >> i think all pregnant women should be aware this is travel related and did not occur in the u.s. >> this coming on the heels of new guidelines released by the world health organization. the w.h.o. advising people who have recently travelled to zika invected countries to wait eight weeks before trying to conceive. that's twice the length of time the w.h.o. had previously recommended. >> the guidance is to delay or to consider delaying pregnancy, certainly recognizing that this is maybe tough for some populations. >> major league baseball player francisco rodriguez is revealing he contracted the virus this past off-season in his homeland. the 34-year-old relief pitcher for the detroit tigers, a native of caracas, venezuela, was ill for two weeks. he says it took him two months to fully recover.
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>> that was natalie morales reporting. meanwhile, police are looking for the killer whose attacked a 77-year-old man in his southwest philadelphia home. they believe the same people came after the victim more than once. the victim's son says his father was in a fight with neighborhood kids on friday, and early monday morning, neighbors heard sounds of a struggle from his home. police went to the home and saw no signs of a problem at the front entrance and didn't go inside. the victim's son went to check on him and found him dead in the living room. >> shocking. i can't even imagine your father making 78 years of his life and everyone expects their parents to die eventually, but not like this. it's hurtful. >> police say the victim's van and keys are missing and believed to be stolen. >> a deadly discovery in chester county. someone found a woman's body tied to a cinder block in a pond in east coventry township. investigators are trying to
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determine who the woman is and how she died. they believe she was killed and dumped in the pond. they hope these photos of her jewelry, clothes, and a tattoo on her left shoulder will help identify her. >> police are investigating a stabbing of two people in bucks county. over the scene at north fifth street around 10:00 last night. that's right across the street from a fire station. both victims were taken to the hospital. working to find out their conditions. >> and this morning, police in northeast philadelphia are still trying to track down a tire slasher after nearly a dozen cars were hit in mayfair. police were called to the corner of tyson avenue yesterday afternoon. that's where they found 11 vehicles, at least one tire slashed. we found several vehicles with a spare tire on. one neighbor we spoke to said it's time to think twice about where to park. >> i might start using my garage now. i mean, i'm not nervous, but i'm more cautious because people's
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tires are getting slashed. >> police say they have surveillance video of a man puncturing a tire. the total damage is estimated at around $2,500. sunny day throughout our area. really warming up outside. as we take a live look at boathouse row in philadelphia. first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with our forecast. hey, bill. >> hey, vai. we're seeing lots of sunshine. and the temperatures are climbing fast. it means the fog we started with is a distant memory. not everybody saw, it was clear of fog in philadelphia. now just some scattered clouds. lots of sunshine. already in the 80s in philadelphia. 82 degrees now at philadelphia international. look at the lehigh valley and delaware, also in the 80s. a fast warmup, west mt. airy, 86 degrees already. 80 degrees in winchester park, but northeast philadelphia airport, society hill, penn's port, all at 82 degrees and
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climbing right now. at the shore, though, we had some thick fog to start with. north wildwood, new jersey, seeing sunshine right now. this is a snapshot just a few minutes ago. enjoying sunshine. the temperatures a the shore running cooler, in the 60s. right on the coast for atlantic city. inland, though, look at the upper 70s and low 80s. 81 already for may's landing. plenty of sunshine, but keep an eye on the sky. there is a chance that we'll see some clouds build up during the afternoon and a slight chance of a shower or even a thunderstorm. chestnut hill, doylestown, plenty of sunshine and 80 degrees. to the south, new jersey, sunny skies with a few clouds at times. low to mid 80s this afternoon. 85 in glas burrow. sunshine and upper 70s in wildwood. 76 degrees for lynnewood, and yalt 80s for wilmington.
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dover, 76 degrees. when i come back, thowe'll go through the futurecast to show you when the showers are more likely to occur this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. >> time for a check on the roads with first aheard traffic reporter jessica boyington. what are you seeing out there? >> we're still seeing a little delay, and some are on the schuylkill expressway because we have work crews, construction zones out there tying things up. we're looking at the schuylkill around gerard avenue. ramp restrictions, that's just up ahead. one lane getting through there, and a slow go heading eastbound into center city from the blue route to the vine, 19 minutes. you can see some of the construction signs also taking out some of the shoulder. added volume there, and accident on montgomery avenue and old lancaster road. checking in with the philadelphia international airport. up to 30 minute delays. they might be back down, but you might want to check in case your flight is affecting. in newark, 30 minute delays there as well.
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>> thank you. >> villanova's championship celebration keeps getting bigger. president obama congratulated the wild cats at the white house. >> hello, everybody. >> the president greeted nova nation in the east room yesterday, recognizing the men's basketball team's ncaa championship win. president obama joked to the players and coaches, and even when he botched a familiar last name. >> there is ryan -- now, i just sped through that in case i didn't say it right. >> not every day that the president of the united states mispronounced your name. it's something i'll remember for the rest of my life. >> the president recognized success off the court. the players' grades are in the top 10% nationally. the team then presented mrmr. mr. obama with a jersey worn in the school series in pearl harbor earlier in the season. coach jay wright said the trip to the white house was a dream come true.
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♪ i've been watching >> those guys can dance. take a look at this video from instagram. the wildcats capping off their celebration with a little celebration, with a little dancing. the team took the running man challenge outside the white house last night. very nice. they got moves. >> up next, the race for the president tightens even more. results of a brand-new poll just released, and the rock star hitting the campaign trail today. plus, closer to a cause? the new signs that show investigators may be closer to figuring out what brought down that egyptair flight last month. >> bill? >> 82 degrees. we're watching the skies. lots of sunshine. in fac, nothing to show you on the satellite and radar just yet, but there's a possibility a few clouds and even a shower this afternoon. the futurecast hour by hour when we come back.
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a new poll shows the race for president is very tight. quinnipiac university releases a survey showing hillary clinton leading donald trump by four points. in a head-to-head matchup. her lead shrinks even more when libertarian candidate gary johnson and green party candidate joe stein are adding to the mix. under that scenario, she draws 40% of the vote compared to 38% for trump. bernie sanders fares better in a hypothetical matchup with trump. he leads trump among all voters, 48% to 39%.
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>> the name of the mystery possible conservative independent presidential candidate has been revealed. could third-party candidates siphon off just enough votes to change the result of the election? national correspondent tracie potts has the latest from washington. >> there are new faces in the presidential race. libertarian and former new mexico governor gary johnson, with his running mate in their first interview on msnbc. >> neither of us have any intention of attacking trump or hillary. >> and nbc has confirmed national review writer david french is considering an independent run. >> i know for a fact an awful lot of republicans are throwing in for donald trump right now because they feel like they have no other option. >> trump says he's not worried. >> the fact is you can't win as an independent. >> hillary clinton is focused on winning california. >> i'm feeling, you know, very positive about my campaign in california. we are working really hard. i was proud to get governor jerry brown's endorsement.
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>> bernie sanders insists she's only ahead because of super delegates who supported her even before the primaries even started. >> an unfair system and dumb system, and it's a system we will change. >> the system is giving clinton the edge, she's up by 270 pledged delegates and you add in the super delegates, she's ahead by almost 800. from washington, tracie potts, nbc news. >> meanwhile, clinton will campaign in new jersey today ahead of tuesday's primary and she'll get help from rocker jon bon jovi. they'll appear together at an event at rutgers university. clinton's husband will campaign on her behalf in union county later this afternoon. egyptian officials say they have picked up signals from the black box from that downed egyptair splaplane. one of their ships arrived in the area yesterday and picked up the signals overnight. the new development raises hopes
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investigators can find the flight data and voice recorders and help give clues about what caused the plane to crash into the mediterranean sea last month killing all 66 passengers and crew onboard. >> a rough ride for passengers on a united airlines flight trying to land at newark's liberty airport. a passenger took this video inside the plane yesterday. the plane bounced on the runway a couple times before the pilot gave up and took off again. panels from the plane's ceiling fell onto the aisle in the rough landing attempt. no one was hurt and there were cheers, understandably, when the plane successfully landed about 20 minutes later. so far so good. temperatures climbing. sunshine is nice and bright. frawley stadium seeing temperatures already in the 80s right now, and warming up even higher into the middle to upper 80s this afternoon.
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but look at the wind. it's an onshore flow that's going to keep points right along the coast cooler. but it's really not strong enough to prevent a big warmup inland. the sunshine is so bright so far, just a few scattered clouds. 82 degrees in philadelphia. atlantic city at the airport had fog this morning. 81 degrees. that's inland, right on the coast. it's still in the 70s. low 70s at that. these numbers are running a little bit warmer than yesterday. vineland up by four. atlantic city four degrees warmer, and allentown, one degree warmer. philadelphia, right where we were yesterday, and yesterday afternoon, we saw a high temperature of 88 degrees. the other thing that may stand in the way of the same warm temperatures we saw yesterday is a chance of some isolated showers popping up this afternoon. that's 1:00 this afternoon. the futurecast shows the showers most likely to pop up over interior new jersey and then they could blow inland towards philadelphia and wilmington, into salem and new castle counties as we go into the
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afternoon. that's 3:30. there's just a chance of this happening, and much of the area is going to see zero cloud cover and no sign of showers during the day today. so something to watch for during the afternoon. for today, the temperatures are going to climb with sunshine. you can see barely a cloud in the sky right now. a few scattered high clouds moving through south jersey and offshore, but we're watching another system for later in the week, moving through the midwest, chicago has seen rain with it. this should bring us some showers and possibly some thunderstorms on friday. the extended futurecast shows the progress that makes into the ohio valley after midnight tonight. and tomorrow during the day, we'll see showers into north central pennsylvania while it's nice and sunny for philadelphia after a few morning clouds and a chance of fog in the morning, that chance of showers by thursday evening gets closer to our area, but falls short on thursday. come friday, it's a different story. that's when we'll likely see some showers and thunderstorms.
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so sunshine, a few clouds, temperatures in the middle to upper 80s this afternoon. the clouds will be around tomorrow morning and then we'll get breaks of sunshine. 82 degrees. not quite as hot. then the rain is here with showers and thunderstorms for pride. could see some breaks of sunshine. 76 degrees on friday. looks like if you're making plans for the weekend, saturday should be the best day, the driest, that is. 83 degrees. sunday, showers and thunderstorms. just a little cooler in the afternoon. move through sunday and by monday, we're clearing out. 83 degrees, and then cooling down, really nice weather ahead for tuesday and wednesday of next week. just a bit warmer thursday and friday. into the very low 80s. vai. >> all right, thank you, bill. >> still ahead, don't pass the salt. the new pressure the government is putting on the food industry to lower the sodium levels in the foods we eat. you wanna see something intense?
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this past memorial day, we paused to remember those who made the ultimate sack tice for our country. one of those brave men and women who died fighting for our freedom was travis mannion of la salle college high school graduate who grew up in bucks county, killed in iraq in april of 2007. his parents created a foundation in their son's name to help families of veterans. this weekend, a local group will honor heroes like travis. we're joined by members of the central bucks rotary club hosting the ride for heroes.
11:24 am
let's start with you. tell us why you started the event. >> this is our seventh annual event. started back in 2009. and a group of us in the rotary that had an affinity toward motorcycling thought it would be helpful if we could work with some of the motorcycle clubs to help veterans causes ipour community. we had met with janet and tom mannion, they lost their son in iraq. we were sparked by their passion to help other veterans causes. that really ignited us in the event that is ride for the heroes. >> greg, this ride for heroes benefits several veterans organizations. can you tell us more about that? >> yeah, it's really great. one of the main focuses. travis and the mannion foundation and doilstown was to make sure when we raise these funds, it's going to people direct and local. companies like vets for vets, bucks county transport, these people we give the funds to, we talk to them, they share with us how the funds are used. it's great to see it used in our backyard in the central bucks
11:25 am
area. >> i was on your website, some of those guys riding the motorcycles are imposing, tough looking guys. the rotary club, they're a service organization. you know, tell us more about the kinds of projects you guys are involved with. >> the club, it's been in existence for seven or eight years. we do a lot locally. and it's basically a lot of local people and business, families coming together. the motto for rotary is service above self. we come together, we get a lot done in a short time with busy lives, and this is our biggest fund-raiser, and damon, chris lewis, mark, have done an unbelievable job to make this an amazing event. >> it looks like preridge stati registration has been closed. you have to get there early sunday morning. the 2016 ride for heroes this sunday, june 5th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., it will begin at the garden of reflection and end at the fruturnal order of
11:26 am
police. for more information, head to our website. we'll provide a link at or check out the nbc10 app. thank you very much for coming, and good luck. >> thank you very much. up next, crash landing. that's the breaking news we're following in chester county this morning. a small plane missed a runway and slammed into an airport hangar instead. showing you the damage here, an update on the two people injured in the crash just ahead. plus, bracing for more rain and more flooding. the rescue under way right now as the already saturated state of texas gets no relief anytime soon.
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we continue to follow breaking news from chester county this morning. that's where a small plane
11:30 am
crashed into the hangar at new garden airport. sky force 10 over the scene earlier. you see the hole in the side of the hangar where the plane hit the building there. two minor injuries. one person has been taken to the hospital. to get the latest on the breaking news on the nbc10 app. >> philadelphia police are investigating a car crash and a shooting this morning involving an off-duty officer. pamela osborne spoke exclusively with a witness. she joins us live from temple university hospital in north philadelphia with the latest. >> we actually had a crew in the area at the time those shouts were fired. we were able to get here very quickly, as soon as that happened. we spoke with a man who was caught up in the whole thing. >> i almost ran into it, so i ran backwards. get away from the shooting. >> what this witness didn't realize at the time was that the bullets he ran from were fired from off off-duty philadelphia
11:31 am
police officer. >> i was standing right there. >> he tells us it started with a man on a motorcycle and two women in a green monte carlo. the car had been traveling south on broad. the trouble started when they tried to go left on tioga. >> the girls came down here and turned off in front of the motorcycle. the motorcycle hit the car and flipped over and the girls kept going. >> it happened just after 11:00 tuesday night. the witness says he watched as the off-duty officer first tried to chase the car down. >> he grabbed the door, told them stop, stop. they wouldn't stop. he pulled out a gun and started shooting. >> he says he heard several shots. >> four or five times. >> one of the bullets hit and shattered a window at temple university hospital. another hit the green car, which was later found at sixth and cambria. no one was hurt. at the scene, we saw the off-duty officer pacing back and forth as fellow officers investigated. >> gun is not always the best. >> this morning, temple student
11:32 am
and hospital worker joshua barber tells me he's just thankful patients and staff were not harmed. >> pretty unsafe, you have two hospitals, not only scloohriner children and then temple hospital. >> and speaking of those hospitals, i did reach out to officials over at temple university hospital. they declined to comment at this point in time. a police source telling us the suspects they were looking for surrendered to police. reporting live in north philadelphia, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. it should be a great night for baseball. if only the phils could get a win against the nationals. they lost last night 5-1. that's their fifth loss in a row. first pitch tonight with the nats, 7:05. bill henley is here with our forecast. at least the weather is a
11:33 am
winner. >> it's going to be a great night for baseball. there's a lot to enjoy about today. humidity still on the high side in philadelphia. 82 degrees. we'll be in the middle 80s by 1:00 this afternoon. there's a chance, just a chance of a pop-up shower and thunderstorm. if we do get it, that will bring the temperature down in a hurry. if not, that number will be climbing. the showers will be spotty. new jersey could see sunshine right now. lehigh valley, humidity running lower in easton than much of the rest of the area. low 80s at 2:00, and then turning cooler by 5:00 this afternoon. showers less likely in the lehigh valley. these numbers will climb into the upper 80s. 88 degrees for the lehigh valley. delaware, 86 degrees. at the shore, the temperatures running cooler, but there's still plenty of sunshine to enjoy. another day or so of sunshine to enjoy before things start to change at the end of the work week. i have the extended futurecast as well as a ten-day outlook when i come back. vai. >> thank you, bill. large areas of texas are
11:34 am
already flooded and more rain is expected through the end of the week. flooding has killed at least six people in the states since last week. this is new video of the flooding. look at this. you can see the fast-moving water just pulling away that jeep. luckily, no one was inside at the time. jay gray has the latest from richmond, texas. >> hey, there. look, the situation here along the river dire right now. it's crested at just over 54 feet, three feet higher than the previous record. take a look at what it's doing to neighborhoods along the river. you can see swallowed by the floodwaters here, and this is going to stay for quite some time. we're getting a much needed break in the rain right now. that's the news. but the forecast brings some bad news here. more rain expected through the week. some of the hardest hit areas this one have already seen ten inches of rain in just 72 hours. we know that over the next few days, there could be 9 to 12 more inches of rain.
11:35 am
crews continue to work around the clock, searching for those who may be missing or high-water rescues have become what is normal in some of the hardest hit areas. look just outside of dallas where a man was stranded on top of his car, waving to helicopters. eventually pulled to higher ground. again, it's a situation that's going to continue to be tense through the weekend here. that's the latest for now. i'm jay gray, nbc news, in richmond, texas. and a georgia family got a rude awakening early this morning when a jeep went airborne, crashing into their home. police are working to figure out why the driver lost control and slammed into this house in smyrna. that driver is now recovering at a local hospital and is expected to be okay. no one inside the home was hurt. meanwhile, the family of the young boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo says he'll still doing well. they released a statement saying they're thankful to the zoo for their actions to protect the child. the zoo staffer shot and killed
11:36 am
a silver back gorilla over the weekend after deciding the boy's life was in danger. a spokeswoman for the family says they have no comment on the police investigation into their actions before the child fell. australian authorities caught a large shark near a beach where a surfer was attacked. not clear if the captured shark is the same one that bit the surfer's leg off above the knee earlier in the day. the surfer remains in critical condition in a perth hospital. lifeguards had tweeted earlier yesterday that an 11-foot white shark had been seen at a nearby beach that same morning. >> two san francisco police officers helped save this baby sea lion. they found the little guy stranded and shivering in a stairwell monday morning. cuddled up to one of the officers to keep. the officers stayed with the pup for a few hours until crews at the marine mammal center arrived. the center says the sea lion was malnourished, so they were caring for him. very nice.
11:37 am
this is one of the deadliest 100 days of the year. fatigued drivers, according to aaa, the summer driving season which starts on memorial day and runs until labor day brings a spike in deadly accidents involving teen drivers. they found more than 1,000 people die in accidents involving teen drivers during that time. jennifer ryan with aaa says more than half of those crashes were caused by three distractions. >> number one was interacting with a passenger. number two was interacting with your cell phone, and number three was looking at something in or the vehicle. >> aaa recommends parents talk to their kids about texting and driving, establish family rules against distracted driving and teach by example. >> new this morning, the fda is pressuring the food industry to make foods less salty. feds are also unveiling new sodium guidelines to prevent thousands of deaths each year from heart disease and stroke. the guidelines cover about 150gories of food.
11:38 am
everything from cereal to pizza. americans eat about 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt daily. that's about a third more than the government recommends for good health. >> and women who have been diagnosed with migraine headaches could have an increased risk of heart disease. researchers found those who suffer from migraines are more likely to have a heart attack or stroke compared to women with migraine history. with no migraine history. experts say because migraines are so common, more research is needed to understand the possible link between debilitating headaches and cardiovasural risk. >> dress to impress. not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford a great career wardrobe. we'll tell you about a great organization in our area that won't just dress job seekers from head to toe, but also teach them the skills to put their best foot forward. >> one spot in 70s 78 in the suburbs. but most of the rest of the area
11:39 am
the 80s and still climbing. sunshine today. there are cooler days ahead before things head into the wet zone for the weekend. i'll show you the extendeder kst in the ten day when we come back.
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hey, when you look your best, you feel your best. and that's an important key to success. and fantastic organization career wardrobe has been giving
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women hope and helping them get a new start in life for 21 years now, and they're now helping men to do the same. they need your assistance to keep their mission going. sherry is the executive director of career wardrobe who has its annual auction and cocktail reception next week. thank you for coming back. tell us about the organization and tell us who you serve. >> sure. well, you know us as serving low-income women getting back in the work force, most of whom are transferring from welfare to work. this past year, woo were excited to extend our services to men. now we're helping both men and women with the professional look they need to get back in the work force or in the work force for the first time. also helping teens transitioning, maybe not going to college. >> what point did you decide? how many years have you been doing this? >> 21 years. >> you had to go 20 years before you decided, we should bring men
11:43 am
in need of wardrobe? >> absolutely. it's something that really we were pushed by the women we served to do. because a lot of how career wardrobe works, most of the people who get our services are referred through a job training program. they're involved in the social safety net in some way because they're living in poverty and need help to get back in the work force. they were going home and telling their brothers and their husbands and their sons, and they were like, wait a minute, what about? and literally, it was something mundane as not having support to do men as well as women, and to outfit boat. in september, we moved to the corner of 19th and spring garden where we had a resale store for about five years. we serve men on the top floor and women through the boutique. >> you have been in existence for decades. you must have some great success stories over the years. share one with us. >> oh, wow.
11:44 am
you, one of my favorite success stories is when we get to see women who come in and they are in job training programs so they need to do community service. so they'll intern with us, and we have actually hired several of those women who now are on staff working and helping everyone. yeah. you know, so they're always my go-to. there's a woman who's on our board now who came in as a client, andrea is her name. i have been able to see her grow from being a client and naughty having the confidence to know where she was going to go next in life to through a series of jobs, her son was a baby when she came to us and now he's graduating. so it's really great to see women's lives really transformed with something as simple as getting that first job. i mean, that is key. >> we work in television, so we deal with consultants all the time about what color we wear, what looks best. but we sometimes can take for granted that somebody who is
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just out there trying to get that first job, they may not even have a sport jacket or tie or dress or skirt that they could wear that would make them look presentable. >> absolutely. when we started the men's program about a year ago, we started it out of our old space and we had maybe 100 square feet to devote to guys. we went, okay, i can't ask you, vai, to give me your entire wardrobe, so we're calling it make it work, because we thought about what does a man need to really look professional and feel professional? so a woman might need everything. i might need the jewelry and the shoes and everything, but what makes you feel more professional? it's that tie that you have on and the collared shirt. and so we started with guys with the waist up. if we can give you a tie and a collared shirt and a nice blazer, you can wear even a nice pair of jeans or khaki pants and look the part. and that's really about what career wardrobe is doing. >> most employers will say he's really trying. he has the requisite skills and
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he's trying to look his best. career wardrobe's annual cocktail reauction, hope is on the move, is happening next thursday, june 9th, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. the crystal tea room. great venue. center city, philadelphia. comcast, nbc10, and telemundo 62 are proud sponsors of the event. for more information, head to our website at or check out the nbc10 app. and you have monique braxton coming back. >> 16 years she has been walking our runway, and we're going to get you next year. >> promise. very cool. thank you for coming to be with us. >> every child deserves to have a supportive and caring family. this week's wednesday's child is no exception. christian was thriving in special education classes and touches the lives of everyone he meets, including me. let's go see the museum. the first thing you need to know about christian is he's active
11:47 am
and bursting with energy. you have to be on your toes to keep up with him. there's no better place to do that than the please touch museum in fairmount park. it's an 8-year-old's dream, even one with autism. >> he loves to light up the room. his smile brightens up the room. he loves to hug. he loves a lot of hugs, a lot of kisses, a lot of touches and just that warm feeling that a family may need. >> the thing about children with autism is they love unconditionally. and christian is no different. as his case worker said, christian is a touchy-feely little boy whose sense of security is heightened by just touching foreheads or running his fingers up and down my coat. >> he is loving, but he has some disabilities and some challenges because of that. >> christian is diagnosed with autism, which means that he interacts with the world a little differently than you and i do, but he doesn't talk, but he communicates in other ways.
11:48 am
he can point, he'll take you to what he needs. he smiles, he cries, he has good days and bad days just like you and i do. >> just like you and i, christian longs for a forever family. >> christian would benefit from a family that has a lot of structure, understands his disability, and is willing to teach him skills that will help hem throughout his entire life. a family for christian would be one that likes to go out and do things but also likes to be at home. taking care of each other. >> christian is this week's wednesday's child. now, if you would like to make christian's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. also call the national adoption center directly. >> now, right now, that sunshine is having an effect. it's warming up quickly. every as fast as yesterday. we're already in the low 80s.
11:49 am
we'll make it to the middle to upper 80s this afternoon, and most areas will stay sunny and dry. a look at the blue sky there. but there's a chance of some pop-up showers in a few spots. i'll detail that in a second. this evening, cool nothing to the 70s. mostly clear skies. a pleasant evening where you're going to be. in center city, dropping into the 60s overnight. futurecast shows 2:00 this afternoon, you can see a line of showers developing over in new jersey, and there's a possibility those showers will be moving inland. a bit of a sea breeze that's flowing off the ocean and inland, so glassboro, philadelphia, could see late afternoon shower or thunderstorm. but look at that. most areas at that time are going to stay completely dry. no sign of any showers to the south, for south jersey, maybe a sprinkle in the dover area, but an outside chance of that. keep an eye on the sky. until then, watching the temperatures warm quickly.
11:50 am
at the jersey shore, 81 degrees the airport. at the shore, 70s for today. philadelphia, already 87 in west mt. airy. parkside is 88 degrees. northeast philadelphia airport is 82 degrees. here's the satellite and radar. we'll keep an eye on this area this afternoon for those showers that could be moving inland. doesn't happen today, it will later in the week. it's not from the remnants of bonnie. still spinning off the carolina coast. this is going to stay to our south, but what will be moving into the area is this line of showers moving through the midwest, indiana, and into michigan. that's going to be steadily moving to the east. you can see today, a chance of a shower. not from the system to the west. that shower will be easing by this evening. a really pleasant evening. coming back in overnight tonight. we saw the marine layer coming in, fog and clouds to start with tomorrow morning. but then those clouds will be easing out and we're watching to
11:51 am
the west for the showers and thunderstorms that will try to approach tomorrow. they'll fizzle as they come into the area tomorrow, but friday, it's a different story. good bet we will see some of that wet at the very end of the work week. today, though, sunshine. a few clouds this afternoon. 86 degrees, possibly a little warmer in a couple spots. still warm tomorrow, not as warm as today. 82 degrees the high temperature. cooler with clouds coming in, the chance of showers for friday. possibly some thunderstorms as well. we could see pretty good pours in the area on friday. by saturday, we get a break, but another round of wet weather for sunday. to round out the weekend. heading into the next week, this is where the nice weather comes into play. sunshine, the humidity coming down. look at the temperatures. 70s for tuesday wednesday. then into the very low 80s thursday and friday. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> kindergartners at a delaware county elementary school displayed superhero strength for a class mate who hasser. they performed at lake view. they wore superhero t-shirts that bought to raise money for
11:55 am
max and his family. he's doing well and tries to get to school as often as he. this afternoon starting at 3:00, ellen, and then 4:00, spring cleaning southeastm and many people trying to make money off unwanted items in the house. that opens up doors to scammers. today alt 4:00, we respond, helping consumers avoid bunk buyers. >> and now information on the breaking n ing news we have bee following from chester county. a small two-streeter plane loster and collided with a hangar. sky force 10 was over the scene. you can see the hole where the plane went right through it. both the pilot and passenger were transported to the hospital. we're told they have non-life threatening injuries. the two men are in their late 60s and 70s. police remain on the scene to assist the faa and nts personnel with their investigation.
11:56 am
now bill with a quick look at weather. >> plenty of sunshine. a warm one, and the humidity is low in the lehigh valley where it's 82 degrees. still pretty steamy in philadelphia and south jersey. delaware, 84 and plenty of sunshine. keeping an eye on the sky. somered high clouds. a slight chance of a pop-up shower, on the way to 87 in philadelphia. warmer in the lehighy. 70s at the shore. >> beautiful. in just a half hour, is hosting a webinar. the topic today, ear, nose, and throat health. we'll be joined by two cooper doctors answering your questions about common issues people face at every age. for more information and to sign up for free, go to very good. thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for bill henley and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day.
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[sultry music] ♪ >> steve: this way. >> joey: hey. >> simone: what is going on here? you're scaring my children. >> hayes: sorry about that, ma'am. detective hayes. my men and i are investigating a string of robberies in this area, but we have reason to believe the perpetrators may be on these premises. >> simone: well, i have reason


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