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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> a teenager killed when a driver slams into him and keeps on going. this breaking news is unfolding right now in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. >> nbc 10's brandon hudson live for us tonight on the scene. brandon, what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: jim and jacqueline, police are piecing together this hit-and-run as we speak. there are officers on the ground a few yards behind me. withdrew can see them ewe can see them on the other side of the record truck and also officers in the air using the chopper to search for the suspect. we just spoke to the chief inspector in the last 15 minutes. he told us an 18-year-old man was walking across old york road here when a white prius came by, speeding, and hit him. let's go to some video that we shot not too long ago. the impact was so hard, it knocked a young man 30 feet into the air and into a minivan. the driver kept going a couple of blocks. then they left the car and ran away. police then found one of the prius that was stolen. the chief inspector says they have a person of interest based on who witnesses say they saw driving the car around the neighborhood. >> they're describing the female as a large female, about 5'11", maybe 6 feet tall, and heavy set. possibly 250 to 300 pounds.
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long dark hair. possibly a wig. and wearing a long dress. >> reporter: now police have been looking at surveillance video throughout the night. they'll let us know if we can use some of that surveillance video in the next few hours. until then we'll continue to update you on the deadly hit-and-run, 18-year-old killed in hunting park. live in hunting park, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> all right, brandon. more breaking news now. police say they've arrested the man who raped a family member and knocked out his wife. philly police say they found malik bailey in south philly this evening. the attack happened early yesterday morning in frankford. investigators say bailey sexually assaulted a 13-year-old and left his wife with a severe head injury. she's in critical condition. also new at 11:00, he was once one of basketball's brightest young stars. tonight, a former high school standout is under arrest accused of shooting someone in a robbery.
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rysheed jordan used to play in north philly. he went on to play at st. john's university. philly police say he used facebook to sell a cell phone and then he shot a man who wanted to buy it. it happened last week. the shooting victim is expected to be okay. thousands of nfl players could be at risk after their medical records were reportedly stolen. in an e-mail obtained by csn, the executive director of the players' association says the records were on a laptop stolen from a washington redskins athletic trainer in april. the computer had medical information from players and perspective players. those athletes attended nfl combines over the past 13 years. so far, there's no sign that any of the information has been leaked. also new at 11:00, two burglary suspects in custody after an off-duty police officer caught them inside his home. ricky moseley and lionel henry are facing burglary, trespass and other charges. police say the off-duty officer
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entered his home on wellington street in may fair yesterday afternoon and found the suspects in his basement. one of the men allegedly ran toward the officer. who then fired his weapon. both suspects fled the home and were later apprehended. two south jersey men behind bars tonight accused of kidnapping, beating and robbing a 30-year-old victim. it started in atlantic city and ended right here in ventner. stev stephen young and sterling spence forced the victim into the car at gunpoint and drove around as they beat him and stole his cell phone. they were arrested after neighbor called police. the victim is expected to be okay. to decision 2016 tonight. new questions now about donald trump's business history which he has repeatedly offered as the keystone of why he'd be a good president. two former employees of the now defunct trump university accuse trump of running a fraudulent scheme to bilk the struggling and elderly out of their money.
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those accusations are coming from newly unsealed testimony. trump who held a rally tonight in sacramento fired back at the judge who's presiding over two of the three lawsuits against trump university. calli calling the judge a, woquote, hater and a mexican. hillary clinton is hoping to capitalize on the trump university allegations. she slammed trump while campaigning in north jersey today. >> this is just more evidence that donald trump, himself, is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> the latest nbc news poll out of california has clinton just two points ahead of bernie sanders. something the vermont senator is well aware of. >> and i'm shocked, you know why, because you all told me the campaign was over. i wonder why secretary clinton and her husband, bill, are back
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in california. thought we had lost, it was all over, but i guess secretary clinton maybe is looking at some polling that would suggest otherwise. >> sanders says after tuesday's primaries, he'll keep lobbying democratic superdelegates to give him their support. all the way up to the convention. and the democratic national convention begins july 25th here in philly. if you live here, the mayor has a message for you. don't leave. nbc 10's drew smith is live at the wells fargo center where work on the convention space has already begun. drew? >> reporter: yeah, the dnc has moved in, they have the keys to the arena and while they construct stages for the big event coming up, others will be promoting what you can look forward to. >> you'll see a lot of instagram pictures to say the least. >> reporter: at the top of the tower above logan square, workers at sky garden tapped a keg to celebrate what's to come this summer. they plan to share this view with dnc delegates and guests. >> we're not hearing the kinds
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of angst you felt just before september when the pope came. >> reporter: the philadelphia host committee and major jim kenney echoed the message coming here to convince people they shouldn't miss the last week of july. >> we don't want people to go to the jersey shore, don't want people to go to the mountains. this is not the pope. this is going to be history in the making. >> reporter: they announced a way for businesses to promote specials with the #dncdeals. a food truck philly feast and the biggest outdoor happy hour ever. center city sips at center square in comcast plaza. >> people are ready and much more realistic this time around, too. >> reporter: organizers also say hotels will be full. >> if you haven't gobbled up a hotel, i strongly advise you trying your best to do it asap. >> reporter: and we also asked about protests. the mayor says you should expect them, also should not be scared away by them. he expects them to be peaceful. we do know thousands of people plan on being here right nearby the event center and man on making their voices heard.
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live in south philadelphia, drew smith, nbc 10 news. out west we're learning more tonight about a murder/suicide that sent the ucla campus into a frenzy today. authorities say the victim was a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor. our sister station nbc 4 in los angeles is reporting the shooter was a student who then took his own life. now this all happened inside the school's engineering building. the campus was locked down for two hours as hundreds of heavily armed officers swarmed the area. police found a gun and a note near both of the bodies but they're still looking into a motive. a bittersweet night for eighth graders graduating from chester community charter school in delaware county. they honored a classmate who was gunned down in a deadly shooting. classmates and family brought posters to pay tribute to 14-year-old powell known simply as nas. his father even wore his cap and gown and he accepted a certificate of completion from the school superintendent. making his son's graduation
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official. police say on may 21st, he and his cousin were hit by stray bullets on pine lane as they walked to a corner store. elate e he later died at a hospital. his cousin survived. his father is touched by the show of support for his son. >> it was a great night and feel good, made me feel a little bit better than how i was feeling. i want to say thanks, everybody, thank you for everything you've all done and everything you all have been doing. i really appreciate it. >> chester police are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter. tomorrow philadelphia will honor two of its heroes. >> happening on columbus boulevard between washington and oregon avenues, that stretch of road will become william guarnere and edward babe heffron memorial boulevard. two men famous for their service during world war ii. their stories depicted in hbo's "band of brothers." it was a memorial day tragedy. an american legion post went up
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in flames. we brought you the story of the heartbreak, but now there's news of a miracle in the fire. >> take a look. priceless artifacts rescued from the flames. in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. nbc 10's keith jones reports these are symbols of sacrifice and hopefully rebirth. >> reporter: the people here at the american legion tell me it was an electrical fire that started in the back corner of this building and spread to the rest of the building knocking out 98 years of service to our country but they learned today not all was lost. destruction, devastation. devotion. a firefighter emerging from the smoke, two american flags in his grasp. for the vets at american legion post 396, these pictures snapped on memorial day serve as hope. >> that breaks your heart. it's a place where the veterans can go and they have fun. and now we have nothing right now. >> reporter: this is former marine pat driscoll. he's been coming here for
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decades. >> we have a lot of uniforms from world war ii and army, navy, marine corps, air force. >> i'm not being able to pull everything out of there. that's like leaving one of our fallen comrades behind. >> reporter: pat love showed us not all was lost today. >> this is the most important thing to us. >> reporter: it's a portrait of the building's namesake, the first soldier from bridesburg killed in world war i. it was painted in 1918 and unearthed today. >> i hope and pray that we can get this portrait restored and hang it back up. >> reporter: demolition crews and firefighters found this donated purple heart and three antique rifles. the post isn't safe to enter, driscoll and love tell me that may change when crews start to take the building down. >> we have a memorial wall up on in there we haven't been able to look at yet. >> reporter: pat tells me members of the post are already looking to the future and confident, they guaranteed us an invitation to the grand opening here. they say they will rebuild.
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in frankford, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> that's determination. all right. now to a story that made national headlines. >> we're hearing a mother's 911 call after her son fell into a gorilla exhibit. >> my son fell in the zoo exhibit at the gorillas. >> new tonight, the woman who took the famous video reveals how it all really happened. plus, advice you shouldn't take with a grain of salt. the government's recommendation to get you to reduce your sodium intake. and is philly really america's angriest city? who's now taking aim at the city of brotherly love. and tomorrow won't be as hot then i'm tracking thunderstorms before the week's over. i'll show you the timing on that and if it will linger into wrr weeke your weekend. that's coming up next.
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be calm.
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he's dragging my son. i can't watch this. i can't. >> you can hear the anguish in her voice, the 911 call from the mother whose son fell into the gorilla enclosure at the zoo. this video launched a national debate with many people blaming the parents. tonight we find out what really happened here and the moments before from a woman who saw the whole thing. the woman recording this cell phone video that has captivated the world speaks out on what she saw and heard. >> i'm taking a picture. i'm hearing the little banter with the mom and boy. i want to go in. no, you don't. >> reporter: next thing she knew, there was a splash and the little boy was in the water. but how did he get down there? zoo officials say it appears the boy climbed over a barrier a little more than three feet high, moving through bushes before falling 15 feet into the pen with the 420 pound silverback gorilla.
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>> mommy's right here. >> reporter: on lookers are in a panic as the gorilla pulls the little boy through the water. his mom yelling to her son then calling 911. >> my son fell in the zoo exhibit at the gorilla. at the cincinnati zoo. my son fell in with the gorilla. there's a male gorilla standing over him. be calm. be calm. he's dragging my son. i can't watch this. >> reporter: the witness said what wasn't captured on camera was the gorilla scaling a wall, dragging the boy up with him across the concrete. >> just like he's a little rag doll. boom. >> reporter: the tragedy brings back memories of another incident 30 years ago in the uk where a gorilla protected a boy who was knocked unconscious after falling into the enclosure. and in this case the child was rescued without harming the animal. and the cincinnati zoo is now the focus of a complaint filed by animal rights activists s sayisa saying the animal did not have to die. some zoos are already making changes to their animal
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enclosures to help ensure something like this doesn't happen again. getting our first look at a baby born in new jersey with complications of the zika virus. this picture of the newborn was released by hackensack medical center. honduran woman who contracted the zika virus internationally gave birth to the baby with microcephaly yesterday. it's the first case of a baby born with complications related to the zika virus in the continental u.s. who says you need a driver's license to cruise in a new set of wheels? nbc 10 in center city where children with special needs were giving new retrofitted motorized cars. the idea is to help children who have trouble getting around on their own. it's all thanks to coating systems and the university of delaware's go baby go program. battle's brewing at the dinner table. the fda has recommended new guidelines on sodium intake. the fda issuing guidance to the food industry to voluntarily reduce sodium in processed and
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commercially prepared foods. the goal here, to get americans to reduce their sodium intake by 1/3. it's something the agency estimates could save half a million lives and nearly $100 billion in health care costs over the next decade. this next story might just make you a little mad. a website says philadelphia is the angriest city in america. >> think so? well that website is thrill list and says philly's nickname, the city of brotherly love, is ironic. thrill list writers cited bad behavior from philly sports fans like when flyers fans put ed snider memorial bracelets onto the ice during their playoff series this year. it's not all bad here. a temple professor tells that anger can lead to positivity including social change. >> i think a lot of people would beg to differ with all of that. people love philly. brotherly love. >> absolutely. let's all be calm about this. we have had a really good stretch of warm days. >> that won't make us angry.
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what better way to celebrate that perhaps by enjoying a cold brew outside? these guys coming up here have the right idea. the pennsylvania horticultural society celebrating the opening of its popup beer garden at 15th and south streets in center city. looks like a nice night for it, too. speaking of which let's two to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen who's never angry to look at what's to come. >> i'm never angry. that's right, jim. don't forget it, either. yeah, beautiful tonight. nice and warm. it's still warm outside right now. so that's good. most of the area tonight was dry. we had a few light showers move through. that was really about it. tomorrow, though, the warmth continues. it's just not going to be as hot as today. you'll still feel the warm air. the summer warmth in place. don't forget also your seven-day forecast always scrolling right at the bottom of the screen for you. so for tomorrow, we're still going to be on the warm side. temperatures around 80 degrees for reading. 78 degrees there bethlehem. 78 easton. 77. that's because we're going to
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have more of an east wind. that's an on shore wind. little bit cooler but still warm. 78 phoenixville. 79 newtown. philadelphia area, 80 degrees fairmount. 79 in byberry. in new jersey tomorrow, 78 trenton. 78 degrees glassboro. along the shore since we do have the onshore wind, it will be similar to today since we did have the onshore wind along the show, 72 galloway. 70 atlantic city. some shore points may be a tad cooler than today. delaware, 77 wilmington. rehoboth beach in the low 70s for tomorrow afternoon. we do have thunderstorms in the forecast. not tomorrow. tomorrow's going to be a dry day. here's what future weather shows. maybe some fog forming overnight tonight. so if you leave early in the morning, just be cautious of that. by the afternoon tomorrow, it will be a dry warm day. we'll see a little bit more in the way of cloud cover than we did today. then the thunderstorms start to roll in friday. we could see some showers, maybe a few storms as early as friday
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morning. that's 6:00 a.m. then as we go through the middle of the day, heading toward the shore, we could have some more widespread rain across the area, too. and through the afternoon, not out of the clear just yet but there will be a back edge to this so we'll start to see more improvements as we go into friday night. at least the first half of the weekend. your weekend is kind of half and half at this point. saturday looks dry. sunday not so much. so we'll include friday in this, too. if you're in philadelphia, 78 degrees. thunderstorms friday. lehigh valley, 76. at the shore, 72. saturday we look dry. we could have quite a bit of cloud cover around saturday. otherwise we're looking at temperatures around 80 degrees if you're along the shore, 73. then we go into sunday, another round of rain moves in. some showers and storms in the forecast here. temperatures right around 80 degrees to end out your weekend. stay tuned. sports is next.
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. phillies slugger ryan howard is heading to the bench. manager pete mccannen says he'll sit ryan the next three, four days at least and tommy joseph could win the job. hit .101 in may. ryan was an mvp, rookie of the year, world series winner. this could be the beginning of the end in philly for him and it's tough to see. >> i told howie, i said i'm going to give him three, four days off to clear his head. >> my head is fine. i get it. >> we had a great conversation. he's, of course, not happy with it but he's very -- he was very mature about the whole thing. >> if you're going to be happy with something like that, pack it up and go home. >> either sit there and sulk
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about it or do something about it so the only thing i can do is do something about it. >> reporter: owed $5 milli35 min salary and buyout. he says he will not be retiring. >> i'm not going to quit, man. it's not in the vocabulary. >> ryan handling it with class. coaching up tommy joseph in the dugout tonight. phillies bats once again silent against max scherzer. the gloves were not. david lowe, get low, low, low. sixth inning now. wilson ramos. does what the nationals have been doing all series. three-run bomb. 5-1 nats. seventh inning, how about some glove love from your phillies? lowe, again. robbing jayson werth. phillies get swept. lose 7-2. they lost six straight. only 11 total runs in those six straight losses. steph curry getting ready for the nba finals tomorrow night. he revealed something in his press conference tonight. reporters seem to be amazed by this. check this out.
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>> i was in uber yesterday, guy was talking to me about the three different things going on. >> did you just say you were in an uber? >> of course. >> okay. >> what is the uber driver's reaction when you step in the car? >> it's funny. i laugh and chuckle. they're surprised i'm getting in there, too. >> pretty cool. don't think it's an uber-x, though. that's what i'm thinking. they better give him a good rating. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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final look at weather, sheena. >> yeah, so tomorrow is not going to be as hot as today but it will still be warm. so highs around 80 degrees. we're going to have an onshore wind. it's going to keep things a tad bit cooler. see 80 tr 0 degrees. still warm. dry tomorrow. friday, thunderstorms moving in. saturday, dry. sunday we have another round of rain and thunderstorms. some of that could be heavy on sunday. at least we get one good day out of the weekend.
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next week, though, we're mainly going to be around 80 degrees for most of the week. so no heatwave in that forecast. so far it looks dry. >> not bad. >> yeah. >> i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for being here. good night. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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