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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 2, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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new from overnight, doctor's office trashed. check out what one driver did to this doctor's office in germantown. right now the search is on for a driver who ran down a teenager and never stopped. philadelphia police say the driver ditched the car and ran off. and pulled from the rubble. the american flag and some priceless artifacts and memories survived a memorial day fire that destroyed a frankfurt american legion post. it's 4:00 a.m. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. bill, again, we're watching for fog this morning potentially,
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right? >> so far it hasn't happened. we're watching for it. these are live cameras from around our area. some low clouds over new jersey. 66 degrees in the lehigh valley. clear skies and 63 degrees. temperatures this afternoon will warm into the 80s. delaware, 81 degrees. middle 80s for the lehigh valley. lower temperatures in new jersey, especially at the shore. 73 degrees with partly sunny skies. philadelphia, 84 this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. you can check out the seven day any time you like at the bottom of the screen. tracy? oh, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we could skip over me, but you need to know these things. the vine street expressway right around 24th street. actually, these are our cameras around broad street. it's closed between broad and the schuylkill expressway. this is headed westbound. all traffic being diverted off. so in between this point and the
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schuylkill, we are still closed until about 5:00 this morning for that ongoing construction. more construction, this one on the burlington-bristol. closed until 5:00 this morning due to construction. no problems on the ben or the walt. tracy? >> jessica, thanks. new from overnight, a driver flipped over this car. a witness posted this video on instagram. that witness wrote that the car flipped upside down, but the cab drivers pushed the car on to its side. fire rescue crews took one person to the hospital. in montgomery county, a car caused this damage when it crashed into a doctor's office. it happened around 1:30 this morning. the address is listed as a chiropractic's office. no one was hurt. we're trying to find out what led up to that accident. police say they arrested the man wanted for sexually assaulting a teenage family member and knocking out the girl's mother.
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philly police say they found malik bailey in south philadelphia last night. the search for bailey began early tuesday morning following the attack in frankfurt. investigators say bailey sexually assaulted the girl and left her mother in critical condition with a severe head injury. detectives are still trying to figure out the motive. today montgomery county will hold ceremonies at the county national gun violence awareness day. it's also known as wear orange day. it's dedicated to honoring the lives of those affected by gun violence. chicago students started the campaign three years ago when they asked classmates to wear orange to commemorate the life of a murdered friend. they chose orange because it's the color hunters wear to protect themselves in the woods. a former high school basketball star from philadelphia is under arrest this morning, accused of shooting someone in a robbery. rasheed jordan used to play in north philadelphia. he went on to play at st. john's university. police say he used facebook to sell a cell phone and then shot a man who wanted to buy it last
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week. the shooting victim is expected to be okay. protesters rallied outside the camden courthouse after a judge upheld the life sentences of three immigrant brothers convicted of plotting an attack at ft. dix. the three albanian brothers were among several convicted. convicted because their lawyers kept them from testifying, but a judge last week did not agree. protesters who gathered yesterday say the brothers were caught in a government sting that targeted muslims. from our trenton bureau, today state lawmakers will consider several bills to better protect young children from lead poisoning. the housing and community development committee will meet this week. the nbc 10 investigators looked
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into the dangers surrounding lead exposures in our area. you can find the series on and on the nbc 10 app. right now the search is on for the driver who hit and killed a teen last night in north philadelphia. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at police headquarters. police have the car they're looking for but not the driver, right? >> tracy, that's exactly right. accident investigators we checked in with not long ago, they've spent much of the night at the scene. they have some strong leads to go on. first of all, they say there are plenty of witnesses who saw this deadly hit-and-run take place t last night. also, there are businesses nearby with surveillance cameras that police tell us captured the point of impact. investigators say this deadly hit-and-run happened around 9:30 last night when an 18-year-old man was crossing the road and hit by a speeding white prius. investigators determined the victim's body was thrown 30 feet in the air before coming down
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and hitting a parked car. now, right now police are looking for the driver of the white prius that witnesses say saw hit the man and take off. they did find it parked about two blocks away. the driver was nowhere to be found, but they are looking for a woman, a heavy set woman with long hair, last seen wearing a dress, believed to be the driver of that car. coming up in the next half hour, you'll hear from police about why they believe the driver is a regular in this area. reporting live outside police headquarte headquarters, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. from our south jersey bureau now, three dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in south korea are now up for adoption in camden county. they're available right now. joey is a 1-year-old golden retriever. liberty is a 2-year-old siberian husky. and tisha is a 2 to 3-year-old japanese mastiff.
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ready to find forever homes. and here's a way to spend a warm late spring evening in philadelphia. celebrated the opening of its pop-up beer garden. philly's famous kiber pub operates this pop-up. live view of cape may this morning. you can see a little bit of light fog but also notice the flags are blowing. it's the wind creating mixing in the atmosphere for keeping the fog right at the coastline from forming this morning. seeing light fog now in coatsville. philadelphia international, it isn't an issue. the last couple mornings, the thickest fog has been in south jersey. there's still time as the temperatures are cooling down at
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this hour for some fog to form. 63 degrees, some clouds over philadelphia. some high clouds. 66 now in south jersey. at the shore, it's 65 degrees. clear skies in the lehigh valley. the suburbs have dropped into the 50s this morning. interior new jersey getting close to the 50s. right now pemberton, lumberton in the very low 60s at this hour. 57 degrees in princeton. also in the 50s for hopewell township. quick warmup today. not as fast as yesterday. we will see some low clouds to start with right along the coastline and into delaware. with the flow coming in off the ocean today, that's going to help keep temperatures lower this afternoon. right now the current wind speed and direction, you can see those winds right along the coast. inland for delaware, those winds are going to be coming in from the east or southeast. that's going to keep the temperatures cooler this afternoon. so your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast calling for sunshine to breakthrough any clouds that are around this morning. by 11:00, 74 degrees. warming to 81 degrees in
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philadelphia. that's by 3:00 this afternoon. we should see high temperatures a little warmer than that. in the suburb, you'll see sunshine, 73 degrees late this morning. as we go into the afternoon, the temperatures will top out in the 80s. you'll see lower 80s for the lehigh valley too. 70s this morning. 60s to start with. for delaware, the clouds will be hanging in there a little longer, but sunshine will push temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. 79 degrees at 3:00. new jersey will stay a bit cooler, but the coolest weather is at the shore. 72 degrees at 11:00. 73 at 3:00 this afternoon. a look ahead toward the weekend when i'm back in ten minutes. >> oh, yes, the weekend. we're almost there. it's 4:09. let's check the roads. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that starting on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> we're watching that on-ramp to bensalem from either direction of the p.a. turnpike. those ramps are partially blocks
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with some construction. additionally, westbound or eastbound route 1 to valley forge still a 20-minute trip, speeds into the 60s because of that. also watching area bridges. dealing with construction that's closing the burlington bristol bridge. that's until at least 5:00 in the morning. here's the vine street expressway. this is right around broad street. closed in between broad and the schuylkill expressway this morning with that ongoing construction. all traffic right now is being diverted off around the broad street exit. >> all right, jessica. when you watch the flames burn this frankfurt american legion post, it's hard to imagine everything inside the building wasn't destroyed, but the flag was still there thanks to philadelphia's finest. next, hear from the firefighter who rescued old glory from the flames and see some other american legion mementos pulled from the rubble. also, life lessons learned. new jersey residents who watched
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hurricane sandy batter their town are marking the start of hurricane season with a watchful eye.
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it's 4:13. out of the ashes comes a story of hope. turns out not all was lost when an american legion post in philadelphia's frankfurt neighborhood went up in flames on memorial day. as crews battled the flames at this post that stood for 90 years, a firefighter emerged with two american flags. crews saved other oartifacts as well. among them, a portrait of the building's namesake. >> we hope and pray we can get this portrait restored and hang
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it back up. >> also saved, a purple heart and three antique rifles. meantime, the firefighter who brought out the flags says he saw them, got permission from his captain to retrieve them, and brought them out to the post commander. >> i never thought i would see the picture, number one. number two, after seeing the picture, it puts a smile on your face. makes you proud. >> legion post members tell us the electrical fire started in a dumb waiter and spread to the rest of the building. a community activist in wilmington wants to help the city's african-american residents get results when it comes to spreading anti-violence messages through peaceful protests. that's keith james getting pushed away by police officers on may 20th. he and others are protesting the fact no charges were filed against officers who shot a man in a wheelchair last september. well, james is now teaching civil disobedience classes with more protests planned.
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members to make their voices heard. >> actively looking for a way for our community members to be peaceful, for us to prevent any riots from happening here. we do not want this to be a ferguson. we do not want this to be a baltimore. >> james says wilmington officers need more multicultural training. he also says people need to take back their streets and let everyone know violent crime is unacceptable. this morning we're hearing the 911 call made by president mother of that 3-year-old who fell into the gorilla enclosure in the cincinnati zoo. >> my son fell in with the gorilla. there's a male gorilla over him. i need someone to contact the zoo. >> okay. we do already have help started there, okay. how old is the child? >> be calm! be calm! he's grabbing my son. i can't watch this. >> the boy spent about ten
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minutes with the 450-pound gorilla on saturday. the zoo eventually shot and killed the animal. the boy is recovering. this morning we're also hearing from kim o'connor, the woman who shot the video of the incident. >> takinge ining a picture, i'mg the banter with the mom and the boy. i want to go in. >> o'connor said the gorilla scaled the wall, dragging the boy with him across concrete, quote, like he's a little rag doll. some critics want the boy's parents to be charged with negligence. police confirm they're investigating. the boy's parents said people have offered them money, but they recommend supporters send a donation to the cincinnati zoo instead. it's 4:16. classes will resume today at ucla except for the engineering school where an apparent murder-suicide left a student and a professor dead yesterday. this morning we know the name of the victim. he's william lugg, a mechanical and aerospace engineering professor. he was married and had two children. sources say the shooter was a
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student who then took his own life. the shootings inside ucla's engineering building sent the campus into a two-hour lockdown. police found a gun and a note near the bodies, but they're still trying to determine the motive. four automakers admit they're selling new vehicles with those defective takata air bags. according to a senate commerce committee report, fiat, chrysler, mitsubishi, toyota, and volkswagen have all said they're equipping new cars with the inflaters that are prone to rupture. exploding air bags have injured more than a hundred people and killed ten people. putting the inflaters in new cars is legal, but the parts have to be then recalled by the end of 2018. >> they are building cars that have parts that may eventually have to be recalled. technically they're not under recall right now. >> most automakers cite evidence that only the older takata air
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bags are malfunctioning, and the newer ones are a safe, temporary fix until a new design is available. so we want to know what you think about this. would you buy a new car knowing the air bag could explode and will be recalled? our twitter addresses are there on the screen. let us no e what you think. now from our jersey shore bureau, with hurricane season getting started, officials meant to highlight the importance of being ready when a storm approaches. cape may county and atlantic city electric put together this emergency preparedness conference yesterday in avalon. the goal is to give people the information and resources they need to deal with a serious storm. >> so it's very important that we have that coordination and everybody is aware of just what the procedures are and just what we go through. >> hurricane season runs through november 30th. jersey shore communities like union beach in monmouth county are taking lessons from superstorm sandy to heart. owners of this home gutted by
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the storm rebuilt it, raised it up from the ground to withstand any future storms. >> very confident right now. i don't have a fear anymore, being elevated as we are. >> union beach put extra sand on its beechaches, and the army co of engineers will beef up the shoreline even more. skies started out clear, but there are some low clouds coming in from the coast. there's a chance we'll see another round of fog this morning. this was one of the foggiest locations yesterday. wilmington, delaware. hasn't happened yet, but as the temperatures cool down, now 66 degrees in delaware, we can see the fog. the moisture not as high for the suburbs, the lehigh valley, don't expect to see any fog there. some clouds are already moving onshore from the jersey shore into south jersey. philadelphia seeing some of those scattered clouds. delaware, a range of temperatures from 66 in newark to 67 in wilmington. to the south, it's in the 60s
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now for lewis and rehoboth beach. actually, fairly uniform at this time. we will see the temperatures climb into the 60s along the coast. low to mid-80s, university city. 82 degrees this afternoon for somerton. sunshine for lansdale. bethlehem and easton both into the middle 80s this afternoon. to the south, new jersey, sunny skies, 80 in vineland but 70s for haddonfield. at the shore, it's 70s. 73 degrees in atlantic city. about the same for wildwood. in wilmington, very low 80s this afternoon. it will stay in the 70s with air coming in off the water, the delaware bay for dover and lewis. you'll feel that during the day today. this is what i'm watching for
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tomorrow. this is going to come into the area. that's a cold front coming in with showers and a chance of some thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. don't expect it to be an all-day rainfall. you can see some of the clouds that are moving through the area right now. the future cast showing some of the low-lying marine layer that's coming in across delaware and south jersey. this morning it will be breaking as we go into the afternoon. we'll see some sunshine, and this is when the temperatures will really start to take off at 10:00 this morning in philadelphia. bright sunshine for the lehigh valley and for the suburbs. clouds will be thinning out in delaware and south jersey. by noontime, we will be seeing more sunshine. as we go into the afternoon, you can see the progress by the rain moving in from the west. during the day today, it's going to stay out of the picture. the ten-day outlook calling for a warm day. not as hot as yesterday. 84 this afternoon. showers, thunderstorms will keep us in the 70s tomorrow. then partly sunny and a bit warmer on saturday. sunday, showers and
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thunderstorms return to the area. by monday, though, we are drying out and cooling down tuesday and wednesday. back into the 80s for thursday and friday. a bit warmer saturday. tracy? >> all right, bill. thank you. 4:22 right now. let's check the roads, including route 73. jessica boyington has a look at that. >> tracy, we're watching route 73 over in maple shade in new jersey this morning. this is around route 38. no big problems or delays in either direction. >> all right, jessica. obviously an issue. we'll get back to you, promise. maybe you've heard the expression, no free lunch. in some offices, that's not exactly the case, especially if someone sort of helps themselves to your lunch bag. ahead in our next half hour, also, benched. phillies slugger ryan howard won't be playing at least for a couple of days.
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next, hear from him and his manager about what the future may hold.
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it's 4:25. happening today, officials in delaware county will break ground at a new charter school for the arts in chester. crews will construct the new k-12 school on vacant land formerly owned by the chester housing authority. the new chester charter school for the arts will have room for 650 students to take classes in dance, drama, music, or theater. the new facility is scheduled to open for the 2017/2018 school year. well, the stage is set for philadelphia's new soccer tournament designed to bring together the city's many
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immigrant communities. >> ivory coast. >> major jim kenny announced the first-round matchups for the philadelphia international unity cup. the tournament consists of 32 teams, each representing a different country. they'll compete in a world cup style soccer tournament across the city in september and october. here's a live look at citizens bank park, where the championship game will be played in november. players say soccer is the perfect sport to bring immigrant communities together since it's an international game. >> we're so excited about what the mayor has started here in philadelphia, and we think he's going to go a long way to bring in the african community, the immigrant community here in the philadelphia area together. >> the schedule for the first rounds of the tournament will be created in the coming weeks. we'll keep you posted. struggling philadelphia philly ryan howard is heading to the bench. manager pete mccannon said he's sitting howard for the next three or four days to clear his
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head. howard's batting average in may was just .101. that's the worst month for any philly in more than a century. howard. mccannon says he could win the starting job at first base. >> had a great conversation. of course, he's not happy with it, but he's -- he was very mature about the whole thing. >> you can either sit there, sulk about it, or you can do something about it. the only thing i can do is do >> howard is earning $25 million this year. it's the last season on his contract. howard says he is not retiring. 63 degrees right now. it is going to be another warm day. not as hot as yesterday. time is 4:27. jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic this morning. >> that's right, bill. we're watching the vine street expressway through center city. you can see some flashing lights. police activity there blocking
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off the vine street expressway between broad street at this point to the schuylkill. we'll have more updates when i come back at 4:30. and off limits. next at 4:30, find out why sports teams and their fans at this wilmington stadium can't sit in the bleachers until further notice.
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for effortless shiny wow nails! so you can step out with that amopé confidence and shine on! the electronic nail care system from amopé. find it in the footcare aisle. someone hit and killed a philadelphia teenager then took off from the crash scene. police have an important clue but still need to track down the driver. in just two months, the democrats are coming, and that means about 50,000 visitors to philadelphia. city leaders say don't let that keep you from enjoying summer


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