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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  June 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc 10 news today," in the wake of a fire that destroyed a local legion post, we'll show you what was recovered. fighting the drug addiction in pennsylvania. today governor tom wolf will be in north philadelphia to talk about the epidemic in our area and what he needs to do to combat opioid addiction. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it is 5:30. let's start with meteorologist bill henley and the neighborhood forecast. >> we're minutes away from sunrise. look at the skies brightening up
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in the lehigh valley. 62 degrees right now. just an easterly wind at 5 miles an hour. starting off with mostly cloudy skies in delaware. that's a live view from wilmington. 66 degrees right now. the clouds will be thinning out during the day. we'll warm to 72 degrees by 11:00 this morning. and in philadelphia, a little cloudy right now, but it's not going to last all day. look at the sunshine. near 70 degrees at 10:00. on our way back to the 80s this afternoon. not as warm as yesterday. 85 degrees, that's going to be the warm spot today in the lehigh valley. 84 in philadelphia. in the low 80s in the suburbs. low 80s for most of new jersey except the shore. 73 degrees this afternoon. so the forecast calling for a warm day today but dry during the day. wet weather, that starts moving into the area tonight. futurecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> bill, we're watching the schuylkill expressway. no problems. we're nice and clear here around
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gerrard avenue. headed eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway into center city, still a 12-minute trip. no big problems or delays in either direction right now. also, 95 pretty much looks the same. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine into center city, a 13-minute trip. that's where we typically see delays first, but not yet. speeds still into the 60s whether you're headed southbound or northbound. here's the new jersey turnpike around the delaware memorial bridge. no problems or delays in either direction if you are headed into delaware this morning. you'll get there just fine. we'll have more updates when i come back in ten. vai? >> all right. thank you, jessica. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in philadelphia to discuss the opioid crisis in the state. later this morning, wolf will visit the center for substance abuse research, which is part of temple university's school of medicine. he'll discuss the $34 million request he made in the upcoming budget to fight the epidemic. nbc 10's digital team spent months investigating the heroin
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and opioid crisis here in our region. you can watch their special report right now on the philadelphia gun owners who don't lock up their guns, especially around kids, could face legal trouble if a proposed bill is passed. council president daryl clark proposed a bill that would hold gun owners liable if they don't properly store firearms. testimony was heard from cease-fire pennsylvania yesterday. the organization says states that have child access prevention laws see fewer unintentional shootings involving minors. >> this is not a bill that is taking away the rights of access to the general population. but it is a bill that ensures that young people in households don't have access to weapons. >> councilman clark says the city is ready to go to court over the bill if the national rifle association opposes it. thousands of people are at risk of losing their food
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assistance benefits. a federal regulation limiting the benefits to three months resumed yesterday. the limit applies to able-bodied adults between the ages of 18 and 49 who don't have children or disabilities and work less than 20 hours a week. some people receiving benefits in pennsylvania began to hit that three-month limit yesterday. thousands more in south jersey could potentially lose the benefits as time limits resume there over the summer. but extensions or waivers of the three-month limit are possible. individuals can volunteer 26 hours a month at nonprofits to get more food assistance. from tragedy to hope, we told you about this mem moerl day fire that destroyed the american legion post in frankfurt. but all was not lost thanks to the help of philadelphia firefighters. pamela osborne joins us live to tell us more about what was saved.
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>> reporter: tracy, this building and the post that operated out of it housed 98 years of military history. when we talk about possessions, material items that were inside, many of which were destroyed in the fire, we're talking about things that you just can't replace or put a price on. this was the four-alarm fire that nearly destroyed it all. flames were shooting out of the building. it took 100 firefighters more than two hours to get it under control. because of their efforts, some items were saved. among those artifacts, a portrait from 1918 of the building's namesake, a donated purple heart, and three antique rifles. but that wasn't it. as the building was burning, a firefighter overheard someone saying he wanted the american flags from the building. that someone turned out to be the post commander. that firefighter got permission to remove the american flags so that they, too, could be displayed and saved for a later
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date. >> we don't always just go out and save the people's houses or the buildings and fight the fires that way. sometimes we go in and we see pictures or we see things that might mean a lot to them. you know, that day, i knew that the flags meant a lot to that post. if it wasn't me that day, you know, someone else would have grabbed them. another firefighter would have grabbed them because that's how we're trained. >> reporter: you can see contractors on the scene cleaning up this area. post members say they will rebuild from this fire, and they will continue to search for any other items they may be able to saifz inside. again, a lot of gratitude for those firefighters who went in there and helped them save some of the items they already have. reporting live in frankfurt, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. if you have a certain thirst for the summer beach season, there's something for you this weekend in wildwood. that's where nbc 10's matt
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delucia is live for us this morning. don't think we don't notice wherever we send you, you find yourself at a bar every morning. >> reporter: and every time i tell you i'm not drinking. i promise. they shut down the taps. right now we're at cattle and clover in wildwood. we're talking about an event coming up next weekend. it's called the wildwood beer fest. this is now the second year they're doing it. they had a lot of success with the one last year. right now i have don shepherd here, the owner of cattle and clover. you have a brick and mortar beer here in wildwood, but you have a lot of vendors coming. how does that help you? >> it just brings a lot of people back into town. you're taking a weekend that's usually slow because everybody is down memorial day weekend, and it just fills it back up. i know a lot of the hotels are full. just brings more people back to the island and just a great festival. >> reporter: right.
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and you're even extending some of the things you're doing because of what's happening there. >> we make sure that we pair a lot of our beers. we have over 30 beers on tap. we make sure that when those guys come down, they have actually a hundred different beers there, so we can't carry all of them, but we carry a lot of the ones they have. >> reporter: is this something you've been looking forward to, that wildwood and other shore towns might need to bridge that gap between memorial day and the time when all the kids are out of school and people come down for the summer season? >> it's really been helping out a lot. the wildwood convention center and everything else going on. most people know we have tim mcgraw coming in july 4th as well. all these events definitely help. >> reporter: all right. sounds good, john. thank you. if you haven't noticed, they're very loyal viewers here. we're on every screen in this bar. all the time. all nbc 10 all the time. this is what every bar should be doing. for now, we're live in wildwood. next stop, we're going on the beach. see you then.
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matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 50s and 60s this morning. it's cooled down nicely overnight. in fact, a little cooler than yesterday. we're seeing lots of clouds that have come inland. 62 in philadelphia. in the suburbs it's 58 degrees. in interior new jersey, very low 60s now in pemberton. really hasn't cooled off much since we went on the air. clayton is 62. a cooler start and a cloudy start as well. no sign of any wet weather here. the clouds will be thinning out as the day goes on. philadelphia and wilmington will wind up with a good deal of sunshine. the winds coming across delaware bay will keep temperatures in the 70s for central delaware. peaking in the lower 80s for northern delaware. the closer you get to the shore, the better chance you'll see cooler temperatures. 60s and 70s along the coast. inland will see those temperatures warm to the very low 80s for new jersey and a bit
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warmer north and west with winds coming across. a nice warmup for philadelphia. 76 degrees at lurch time today. sunshine for the suburbs and lehigh valley into the 80s this afternoon. at the shore is where you'll find the cooler temperatures. by 4:00 this afternoon, low 70s. the clouds will start increasing late in the day. there are some changes on the way for tomorrow. the futurecast showing during the day today, watch those clouds recede right back to the coast at 10:00 this morning. still clouds in central and southern delaware. we'll be seeing sunshine for philadelphia, the suburbs, and the lehigh valley. into the afternoon hours, 3:00 nice and sunny for most of the area. some clouds building to the west. it's those clouds that will give us a chance of some showers late this evening. that system that will be moving through the harrisburg area at 11:00 tonight is destined for our area during the day tomorrow. that's when we'll likely see showers and thunderstorms. that's going to keep us cooler
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tomorrow afternoon. 78 degrees. saturday and sunday, a big difference here. we'll see sunshine on saturday, but the clouds take over with showers and thunderstorms likely on sunday, before we start drying out on monday. then turns more comfortable for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the humidity will be low. starts to creep back in on friday. the ten-day outlook shows next weekend more showers and thunderstorms. tracy, vai? >> thank you, bill. 5:41. must be a it's perhaps because of the monday holiday, but seems like friday eve is upon us much quicker this week. i like it. >> that's right. friday eve is here. jessica, it's friday eve. >> exactly. i came back yesterday, so this was a quick week for me. around route 130, no big problems in either direction. traffic moving along if you're heading into delaware. southbound from the 42 freeway to the delaware memorial bridge is a 23-minute trip. average speeds into the 60s. if you typically take mass transit in the morning, you're good to go. pretty much everything is
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running on time or close to schedule. more updates for you when i come back. vai? >> all right. thank you, jessica. 62 degrees right now in philadelphia. 18 minutes before 6:00 a.m. coming back home. we have an update on the canadian wildfires that forced tens of thousands of evacuations. hear what neighbors still have to deal with more than a month after the fire started. plus, honoring our heroes. we'll tell you why this stretch of columbus boulevard in philadelphia will have a new name this morning and the story behind it.
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sick children in pennsylvania could have access to medical marijuana in just a few weeks. >> yesterday the state health department held the first of what it promises will be monthly briefings on the medical marijuana program. health secretary karen murphy said the state could start enrolling children with qualifying medical conditions into the program next month, even though the marijuana won't be grown in pennsylvania yet. meantime, murphy says her agency will give parents the information they need to legally buy medical marijuana from another state to administer to their children in pennsylvania. >> we're working quickly, swiftly, any other adjective i could use to share with you how diligently we are working at this to get this program up and running for all those that need
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it. >> the state expects all patients will be able to start accessing pennsylvania-grown marijuana within two years. meantime, we're learning more about what it will cost to set up a medical marijuana growing operation. >> growers will have to pay a $10,000 fee before they can start planting. they'll also need a permit, which costs $200,000. interested entrepreneurs will also have to prove they have at least $2 million in capital. well, parents in an alabama town are voicing outrage over a school test. >> they say the questions given to eighth graders were racist and inappropriate. the test uses references to guns, drugs, and sex in math word problems. one question asked, how many tricks have to be worked to pay for a pimp's crack habit. the teacher who gave the test is on paid administrative leave. she said the test is a joke, but many parents aren't laughing. >> it blowed his mind to even --
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when he had to read the question twice to let it sink in, are they really asking me these kind of things? >> according to, the test is an internet humor piece. it's been circulating for years and has gotten other teachers in trouble. a co-worker says the teacher who gave the test was set to retire this week. people forced to evacuate their western canadian homes because of a wildfire last month are finally coming home. the fast-moving fire destroyed about 10% of the city of ft. mcmurray and forced 90,000 people to flee. yesterday, they welcomed home the first returning group. >> hey, it's our home. it waited for us. >> a lot of people don't have that opportunity, i guess. but this house, we built it in '71. it waited for us to come back. >> basic services and some grocery stores have reopened in the city.
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it's 5:47. now to decision 2016. philadelphia's mayor says there's no need to escape the city during the democratic national convention. the dnc host committee and mayor jim kenny just launched a campaign called "you don't want to miss this." it will help businesses promote specials during the last week of july. the city will also have a special food truck night market, the largest ever outdoor happy hour, and a watch party. >> a very dynamic, interesting event. it really would be a shame for you or your children to miss this history. >> and the mayor says look at it this way, the 50,000 people expected is a much smaller amount than for the papal visit. he also expects protests to be calm. with hurricane season just getting started, officials meant to highlight the importance of being ready when a storm approaches. cape may county and atlantic
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electric put together the conference. >> it's very important that we have that coordination and everybody is aware of just what the procedures are and just what we go through. >> hurricane season runs through november 30th. heading out right now, you'll find clouds running through most of the area. these are coastal clouds that have been extending inland this morning. it's not going to last. we'll see gradual clearing, especially inland. a warm day today. nowhere near as hot as yesterday when we topped out at 90. the clouds, they return this evening. it's likely we'll stay dry this evening, but there's a chance of some showers as we go into tomorrow. right now, 62 degrees. you can see the clouds over philadelphia. the clouds will be thinning out. we'll warm to 76 degrees by lunchtime. a really nice afternoon. low 80s at 2:00. the suburbs seeing a little bit more sunshine. fewer clouds this morning. sunshine will warm temperatures to near 70 degrees at 10:00.
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80 degrees by 2:00 this afternoon. the winds in the lehigh valley not bad right now. actually going to stay on the light side. 8-mile-an-hour wind at 2:00 this afternoon. we'll see more sunshine in the lehigh valley. just scattered clouds moving through easton right how it. 75 degrees at lunchtime. new jersey, some clouds will slowly thin out in interior new jersey. into the upper 70s by lunchtime. not as hot today. 80 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. at the shore, that's where you'll find the coolest temperatures and the clouds will linger for much of the morning. we should see some sunshine there too. 66 degrees with winds out of the east-northeast at 8 miles an hour. at noontime, those winds coming in off that cooler ocean keeping temperatures in the 60s. some spots into the low 70s. for delaware, the warm spot will be wilmington. the clouds over wilmington will be clearing. 76 degrees at noontime. 80 later this afternoon.
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ten minutes before 6:00 right now. let's get you to work and start on route 38. >> let's check in with jessica, see how things are going in south jersey. >> pretty much most of our majors are doing great over in the center city area and even in parts of new jersey. we are starting to see some more cars head out the door there, but this is in cherry hill new jersey around route 38. no big problems or delays in either direction, as you can see. roads are not dealing with any construction at this point. so no big delays because of that. 422 pretty much looks the same as well. we checked in about an hour ago with the drive times. they look the same. they haven't budged yet. average speeds still into the 60s. no problems if you're headed westbound from the schuylkill to route 29 with seven minutes there. >> thank you. bringing the people of philadelphia together through the world's game. we'll tell you what mayor jim kenny is planning for later this year that aims to bring together its immigrant communities.
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morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a quick check on your traffic. route 309 around the p.a. turnpike. you can see some cars making their way out the door here, but
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no big problems or delays. that's pretty much what most of our majors still look like. we'll start to see some changes, of course, in the next half hour or so. i'll be there for you to give you all the updates. we'll have the next one coming up at 6:00. >> all right, jessica. thanks. five minutes before 6:00. the stage is set for philadelphia's new soccer tournament. >> the matches are designed to bring together the city's many immigrant communities. >> ivory coast. >> mayor jim ken gny announcing the first-round matchups for the philadelphia international unity cup. the tournament consists of 32 teams each representing a different country. they'll compete in a world cup style soccer tournament across the city in september and october. this is a live look right now at citizens bank park, where the championship game will be played in november. how huge will that be? >> very huge. >> players say soccer is the perfect sport to bring immigrant communities together since it's an international game. >> we're excited about what the mayor has started here in
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philadelphia. we think it's going to go a long way in bringing the african community, all the immigrant communities here in the philadelphia area together. >> i think that would be fun to watch too. the schedule for the first rounds of the tournament will be created in the coming weeks. >> morning show trip. field trip. >> there you go. philadelphia will honor two of its wartime heroes today. >> the mayor and other officials will hold a ceremony to rename columbus boulevard between washington and oregon avenues. that stretch of road will become william j.guarnere and edward babe heffron memorial boulevard. heffron was part of the 101st airborne, known as easy company. he fought in several major battles. >> guarnere was also in easy company and was nicknamed wild bill. the stories of both men were depicted in the hbo series "band of brothers."
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we have new details about one of the biggest music festivals in the country. >> musikfest has announced its lineup in bethlehem. >> aretha. >> she'll perform with hundreds of other artists on a dozen stages as they celebrate their 33rd year. among the other big names, dierks bentley and lady antebellum. nbc 10 responds when a cape may county woman gets a gas bill that's nearly 10 times higher than what she usually pays. >> i couldn't understand why my bill was so high for that month. >> all new at 6:00, we'll show you how nbc 10's harry hairston got her a refund from her gas company. plus, moose on the loose. we'll tell you the major city that this guy was spotted trotting down the street. >> moving.
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right now, a teen hit and killed. the driver sped away, and police say the car was stolen. new information this morning after a murder-suicide at ucla. hear what we've learned about the professor who was killed. and a live look at wildwood this thursday morning. a cooler day down the shore today, but bill says depending on where you live, temperatures are going to be very different today, which is why we do neighborhood forecasts. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. i played in a charity golf tournament yesterday. it was very warm outside. not so much today. let's get to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> you should have asked me which day would have been better for golf. today would be the day. in fact, already a little


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