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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> i saw the boy, all the blood. >> broke my heart. it broke my heart. >> reporter: the teenager was like part of the family here already. his girlfriend comforted by family members who had already welcomed the teenager as a brother and son. >> he told me i love your daughter. when i get the opportunity, when you see me, i love the daughter. >> reporter: it was all taken away right in front of his shop where the driver of the car kept on going. police say they have found that stolen white prius, but not the driver. the suspect described as a heavy set black woman believed to be wearing a wig. now, family here tell me they believe they have seen her before and that she is from this area. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news.
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this now from sky force 10off a water main break in center city created a real miss and trouble on the tracks, as well. the line opened up away 11:00 this morning. it's right near the construction site for the new comcast tower. look at all that water gushing out. and a viewer video shows the water gushing from the ground, appears to be taken from a building above the scene right there. and nbc 10 also had a crew on the ground. this happened close to suburban station and septa says caused delays on its regional rail lines. not clear what caused the break, but 18th is closed between market and arch as crews make repairs there. now to a series of developments in that murder-suicide on the campus of ucla. we have learned the suspect actually had a kill list and today a woman on that list was found dead. keith jones is following the story from our digital operations story with more. >> police say the man who carried out the murder-suicide
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at ucla left the kill list at his home in minute mnesota and list led the authorities to the woman. the gunman is mainak sarkar. police say he shot and killed his former professor in an engineering building business and then killed himself. he got his graduate degree from u ucla. investigators say he drove to l.a. with two guns and when he searched his home in minnesota, they found the kill list. the list included the names of two ucla professors and another woman. police then searched that woman's home in a nearby minute town and found her body. they say she was shot and believed that sarkar is linked to her death. >> she was deceased prior to the ucla shooting. but because we're so early in the investigation, the timing we don't know exactly at this point. >> police are still looking for the car that sarkar drove to los angeles. they say he also planned to kill that second ucla professor,
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whose name was on the list, but that professor was unarmed. as for the murdered professor, police say sarkar had been blogging about how much he hated him. classes have resumed on ucla campus except for the engineering department. that department will open next week. keith jones, nbc 10 news. just a day after the gunfire at ucla, temple university tested its response to an active shooter situation. >> and today's drill played out inside a campus dorm. that siren signaling the start of an emergency preparedness exercise in a temple dorm room, again, this was a drill. university police stormed the dorm searching for a mock gunman. they came across victims or in this case actors in need of their help. >> something like this were to happen at temple, the impact is so high that we have to plan for the worst case scenario. when we plan and practice for
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the worst case scenario, we can handle lesser incidents more effectively. >> and as part of the drill, the staff at temple university hospital prepared themselves to take in 30 patients all at once. we now know what caused the death of music legend prince. a law enforcement official says tests show he died from a fentanyl overdose. that is a type of opioid. prince died at his minneapolis estate in late april. governor wolf says he wants the state to take a bigger role in fighting opioids. >> today he spoke with tabout t million he put in the budget to fight the drugs and he said that is just a start. it will help fund 50 outpatient treatments and he says it's just a down payment toward heroin and painkiller abuse. >> we will actually create an
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environment where you can get treatment and we can address the issues that affect you on a continuing basis. >> pennsylvania ranks among the top in the country for drug overdose deaths. to the weather now. s 80s been another day of sunshine. these walkers found some shade at the park. and we're keeping an eye on some showers. you see them right there on first alert radar. sheena parveen is here. >> so what can we expect and when? >> well, for tonight don't worry about the showers. we'll just see the clouds increase and then tomorrow we can expect showers and possibly even some thunderstorms for the morning commute. so keep that in mind before you head out the door tomorrow. here is a live look at center city, clouds are increasing. temperature is warm, 83 right now. not as high as it was yesterday at this time. but still warm with a 6-mile-an-hour wind.
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tonight we'll stay mild but then you'll notice showers starting to approach the area. also don't forget your seven day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. if you were at the shore, would you have noticed all these clouds hanging around. those are kind of been locked into place. we still have bonnie spinning down to our south. that will move out to sea. but as we go into tomorrow, this big area of showers and storms, not too organized, but some of the storms are a little bit on the heavy side. that will start to move in tomorrow. so some places could see it as early as the morning hours. your planner for tonight, we stay dry. clouds just increase for philadelphia. 65 by 6:00 a.m. with showers around. pennsylvania suburbs dry tonight, by tomorrow morning expect rain for the morning commute. same thing through the lehigh valley. and if you're in new jersey and delaware, expect those showers through the morning commute. if you're along the shore, you may not see them until later today. we'll take a closer look at the timing with your neighborhood
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forecast coming up. breaking news right now about a woman found tied to a cinder block at the bottom of a chester county pond in the past ten minutes investigator identified her as 24-year-old ryan benjamin. she was a pre-k teacher who lived in pottstown and today investigators were using an underwater camera to certainly the pond. who men out fishing found her body on memorial day. investigators believe someone killed her elsewhere and then dumped her body there. delaware lawmakers say police body cameras are an expense the state can't afford. >> but will cutting them from the budget come at the expense of your safety? tim furlong found out more about the budget either battleoff tm cameras. >> reporter: deep in the battle it the hall, joint budget committee trying to cover the short ball in the budget. among the cuts, a pricey plan to
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expand internet band windth in schools, after school programs and plan to extend state park trails and extra meoney to help public libraries and then this, cutting money for a state police body cam program. >> we just couldn't get a hard count. >> reporter: chairs of the finance committee say of course they want body cameras for troopers. they say state police leaders couldn't give them hard numbers in costs. sounds like a clearer body camera plan might have gotten them the money. >> if they said this is exactly what it was going to cost, then we could make a decision on the merits whether this was a good idea or not. >> people have to come together and if body cameras does that then let's do it. >> reporter: head of the central delaware naacp says the body discussion camera spts anything new. he understands it creates lots of new questions, but he said most people think they're a good idea. >> take the time, put the work in, and figure out are we doing
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it, are we not p. >> reporter: i did ask state police for a comments and so far i haven't gotten a response. tim furlong, nbc 10. family of a backhoe operator killed in a train crash earlier this year is suing am tag. lawyers today filed a negligence lawsuit on behalf of dzhokharj carter's family. he was one of two head and killed by a train in april. that train was going 106 miles per hour. carter and his co-worker were on the tracks when it hit their backhoe. the train derailed injuring dozens of passengers and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. but the victims' lawyers call it a colossal miscommunication. >> the carter family has asked tom and i to do two things. to find out what happened to their dad and to make sure that this never happens again. >> amtrak says it cannot comment on the lawsuit filed today. pennsylvania took a major
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step today to level the playing field when it comes to education money. governor wolf signed a bill implementing a new funding formula for the state schools. the formula is designed to more evenly distribute state money from school to school. the bill also provides $12 million in emergency funding to the chester uplift school district in delaware county. as philadelphia considers a tax on soda, city council is asking questions about another controversial drink tax. this hearing today focused on how of itly the city is enforcing either lig or by the drink tax. back in 1994, philadelphia began imposing a 10% tax when you drink in bars and restaurants abo. it helps funds schools. the council is debating the proposed 3 cents an ounce tax to sugary drinks. that money would help fund pre-k programs, but distributors say the plan would be bad for business. we could soon learn if
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charges will be filed after this incident at the cincinnati zoo where a boy fell into that gorilla enclosure. authorities say they have finished their investigation and could announce a decision as early as tomorrow. the boy spent about ten minutes with the 450-pound gorilla before the zoo shot and killed the animal saturday. at times the boy dragged wild will . the zoo announced that the zoo will reopen tuesday with a safety barrier that that is higher and reinforced. in decision 2016 coverage, house speaker paul ryan says he will vote for donald trump for president. he made the declaration in a newspaper column. you'll remember he previously said he was not ready to support trump and even had a meeting with him to help the two get to know each other's positions. tonight trump will hold a rally in san jose, california where 15,000 supporters and protesters could show up. an estimated 11,000 gathered yesterday in sacramento.
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today police closed several streets around the convention center for this evening's campaign stop. another democratic seeide, l eyes on california where it is a tight race, but today clinton took aim at donald trump's foreign policy. during a speech in san diego, clinton called trump uneququalid to be president and dangerous. also in california bernie sanders explained why he was not supporting a plan to bail ut puerto rico. sanders said a deal to forgive the u.s. territory $70 billion get makes a terrible situation even worse. sanders prefers emergency loans. and california holds its primary tuesday along with new jersey. voters in montana, new mexico and south dakota also head to the polls. north dakota will hold its democratic premie arimary. we have new video of a robber posing as a shopper in philadelphia's chestnut hills
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section. he walked into the acme with a medical mask on his face and you see him in a checkout line, he pulls out a gun and tells the clerk to hand over the cash right there. calling philadelphia police if you have any tips on that one. philadelphia is honoring two of its war time heros. columbus boulevard was renamed as william guarnere and they have rin boulevard. they were portrayeded in the book band of broors and tthers. >> this working highway is a perfect testimony to two working men who came back from a war and went back to work to do what they had to do to raise their families. >> members of both families were there for today's renames
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ceremony. people across our area wore orange today to bring attention to gun violence. >> here is a live look. the group called moms demand action for gun sense have gathered to show support for the awareness campaign with a picnic pep high school students in chicago came up with the idea of wearing orange as a tribute to a fellow student who was shot to death. >> what do we want? >> background checks. >> who are we? >> a sea of orange in westchester this morning as demonstrators took to the streets calling attention to the problem of gun violence. the group marched from the old courthouse to the hall. and officials in montgomery county joined the group recognizing and heard from the mother of a local team killed by gun violence. lawmakers met to consider two gun safety bills. one boosts the sales of
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so-called smart gun which is can only be fired by authorized users. the second regulates justifiable need to carry a handgun. governor christie opposes the measures. dogs rescued from an unthinkable fate, a butcher. >> today they're safe after a three day journey befo. cydney long got to spend a day with the cuties. >> reporter: and i'm not the only one with my eyes on this japanese mastiff. they have such an amazing temperament especially considering the horrific fate they faced. the three are among nearly 200 dogs who made the three day journey to the united states for shelters across the country. this golden retriever enjoys a
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yummy treat and we caught this husky cooling her pa with him s in the drink bucket. soaking up back rubs. >> she will be the play zi love bug in your home. >> reporter: they are being enjoyed today outside the animal shelter. >> working with these farmers to close the farm done. >> reporter: in april, they were rescued from south korea, a dog farm that breeds animals and sells to butcher shops. the humane society international shared this footage with us after their mission on the video, we see both liberty and tisha who didn't have names then caged and emaciated. >> we rescued about 170 of these dogs from essentially the meat trade. these dogs are being raised for consumption. >> they could have ended up on somebody's datable.
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so crazy. >> reporter: all three have had necessary vaccinations and behavior training readying them for loving home. >> we trust in our process and the people that want to do the right thing and come to and rescue an animal. but it's a process. >> reporter: and so far the phones have been ringing off the hook anded adoption application piling up. they want to make sure they get the best fit for the dogs. so if you want toed a don't o a these animal, we'll have everything you need to know when we see you at 5:00. sydney long, nbc 10 news. well, temperatures warm today. we don't have the rain moving in yet. that's not scheduled until tomorrow. some areas could see the them in the morning. but here is a live look at center city, a sunny day. we'll see the clouds increasing as we go overnight oon.
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let's look at the radar. currently dry, but just off to our west, that's where you see showers and even some thundershowers here. this is what we're watching as we go into tomorrow and then we'll have a second round move in as we go into sunday. so we have thunderstorms before the week is over tomorrow. a drier day on saturday. and then another round of thunderstorms as we end out the weekend for your sunday. and those could be fathirly strong. this is all west of washington. they could get closer as we go through tonight. neighborhood temperatures though dearly warm. we're still in the 80s many spots. just about in the upper 70s. delaware has the biggest contrast in temperatures at the moment. 86 degrees harmony hills, 80 glass company, 82 odessa. but let's look farther south in delaware and now we get into the 70s and kent county. closer to the beaches, onshore wind, we have 60s here. 64 dewey beach.
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it's not a straight east wind. a little bit more northeast. so giving us slightly cooler temperatures along the delaware beaches than he we had yesterday at this time. here is future weather so the timing of the rain tomorrow could be as early as your morning commute. so we go through time, 8:00 in the morning. i think we'll see another round of patchy fog. we have clouds lingering at the shore and parts of delaware. so another round of fog tonight there. for the morning hour, not too widespread on this commuter model, but i think we'll have showers possibly thunderstorms for the morning commute. and then we go through the afternoon, kbcan't rule out scattered showers or storms. i don't think it's anything like what we'll see on sunday. saturday we'll have a bit of a break, we'll see still mostly cloudy sky saturday. can't rule out a few sprinkle. but then we get the rain coming back in on sunday. so here is sunday, 10:30 in the morning. and then we get closer to noon and that's when we'll have possibly some strong to severe storms moving in.
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for tomorrow though, 78 in hammonton. wildwood, 7 # as well as 47 as well as atlantic city. philadelphia, 78 with scattered showers. and if you're in part of delaware, 77 wilmington, 76 harrington. pennsylvania suburbs coming in tomorrow right around 77 degrees. lehigh valley, 76 degrees. scattered showers and thunderstorms. but your saturday is it look better. mostly cloudy. temperatures mostly mid-80s. along the shore, 77. more clouds there. and by sunday, we're looking at thunderstorms again some of these could be strong to severe. we'll talk more about that coming up. nbc 10 responds when a jersey shore woman gets a gas bill nearly ten times higher than what she usually pays. >> and i could not understand why my bill was so high for that month. >> we'll show you how nbc 10's harry harrison got her a refund
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from her gas company. also an arsonist with an ax to grind. just how much damage investigators say a teen caused by setting a local high school on fire. guns, drugs and sex on a math test for eighth graders. the racy questions that have parents raising their eyebrows. but first here is a look at the closing bell on wall street. a good day. all finishing up.
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that is the sound of a baby panda and zookeepers this
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belgium are overcome with joy. take a look at the way the cub's mom cares for him. she carries the baby all around in her mouth. all pink just the third panda ever born in europe. >> a lot of growing to do. >> and i'm sure that growing will happen quickly. >> amazing. parents in mobile, alabama are outraged over tests given to eighth graders. >> they say the questions were racist and inappropriate. we the teaecacher on leave, one ma problem goes like this, leroy has two ounces of cocaine. if he sells an 8 ball to antonio for $320 and two grams to juan for $85 per gram, what is the street value of the rest of his hold? the teacher says the test was a joke, but many parents aren't laughing. >> it's offensive, not stuffy want my eighth grader having to learn and read about. whether it's a joke or not.
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>> very offensive. when he had to read the question twice to let it sink in, are they really asking me these kind of things. >> the test is believed to be an internet humor piece dubbed the l.a. math proficiency test that has been circulating for years. did not find that funny at all. >> no. so call it a draw. >> new jersey voters divided over whether to allow casinos outside of atlantic city. the new numbers that have new jersey at odds over ac's future. plus a utility bill jumps with no one home, how nbc 10 responds reporter harry hairston got answers and money back for a jersey shore woman. and i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms before the week is over and also which day will be the driest coming up.
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updating breaking news, we now have a picture of the woman whose body was found tied to a cinder block in a chester county pond. within the hour investigators identified her as ryan ben gentleman benjamin. two men out fishing found her body in the pond. investigators believe she was killed elsewhere. ryan was just 24, she was a pre-k teacher who lived in pots town. so new information on that story. well, no one likes a high utility bill especially when you don't believe you owe it. that's what one woman says happened to her. >> so she reached out to nbc 10 responds harry hairston. what is going on here? >> this story, this would involve the shore home, homeowner says her gas bill increased dramatically during a month when no one was living there. and most of the house runs on
4:31 pm
electricity. >> my stove is electric. my hot water heater is electric. and even high drier is electric. >> she says her gas bills at her cape may county shore home typically run about $35 a month. but in april, her bill jumped to $325. >> seasonally warm in april and i could not understand why my bell was so high for that month. >> she told south jersey gas no one was staying at the home. >> she said, well, there must be a problem and many it's an old meter. >> she says her meter is two years olded and her complaints were going no where. that's why she reached out to nbc 10 soresponds. we contacted south jersey gas, the company says privacy issues prevents it from commenting on customer accounts but it promised to look into the matter. she says south jersey gas acknowledged the meter was not
4:32 pm
read. instead, the bill was based on an incorrect estimate. a couple days later, she sent us an nbc 10 response cam. >> thank you, nbc 10 responds and hearry ha rharry hair stop me get my monday back. >> and you're most welcome. the company refunded her $130. south jersey gas also tells nbc 10 responds it serves nearly 37 a 5,000 customers and acknowledges that not every instance of service will be perfect. it maintains that customer service is the best resource for customers to get questions answered and resolved issued. so that's what they say. >> good reminder to it take a close look at your bill and see it something seems out of whack. >> especially if you have it automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you may not skrcrutinize those bills closel. >> take a good look. there is a possibility that the actual reading may not be actual p in some cases it could be an
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estimate as the gas company toldtold her it was this time. so let's see what the colors look like. we've been work hard for you. and in less than a month, i think we totaled up to $30,556. not too bad. hope we recover more hohormone . >> head to our website,, click on the nbc 10 responds pil page.hormone for y. >> head to our website,, click on the nbc 10 responds pil page. or you can call. and coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, harry joins us to answer your top consumer questions of the week. that's tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. we are tracking our next round of showers and a chance for storms. you can see them there on first alert radar.
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sheena parveen back now with your neighborhood weather. >> we've had a pretty good run so far, so i guess we shouldn't complain about the rain. >> by sunday, we're looking at possibly strong thunderstorms. in the meantime for the rest of today, we'll stay dry. temperatures in the 80s through the lehigh valley. even in delaware, parts of new jersey, parts of pennsylvania suburbs, though, coming in still in the 70s right now. philadelphia 83 degrees. let's take a look at some of your neighborhood temperatures through the pennsylvania suburbs, so this is chester county, 80 degrees west of bradford, some spots are in the 70s.montgomery, 84 north whales, so it depends what neighborhood you're in, but either way we're still warm. also don't forget your 7 day is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. so, yes, we have rain moving in. tonight we'll stay on the dry
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side, but these showers and storms will move in tomorrow. some of them will be around for your morning commute. we'll take a look at the typi t on that coming up. we have new information on a school fire that police say was started by a student in montgomery county. a new estimate shows last month's fire at north penn high school caused up to $1.5 million. a 17-year-old student is accused of starting that fire. call it a draw. a new poll finds new jersey voters split drat stravaet down middle when comes to casino expansion. nearly 60% believe allowing casinos in north jersey will hurt an already beleaguered gambling town. a majority, 51%, feel the state should stay out of attempts to boost atlantic city's economy. some big dreams coming true for a special group of high school students. >> the new scholarship program paying for undocumented
4:36 pm
immigrants to go to college. what do a police i'vofficer surfer and swimmer have in common? the reason facebook is rolling out more than 1,000 new icons. and then all new at 5:00, the look but don't testif rule isn't just a suggestion when you're at a museum. don't miss this video of how one man learned that lesson the hard way.
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fewer teens gave birth last year. down about 2%. but the number of unmarried women having babies stayed the same. the total number of babies born in the u.s. last year was just shy of 4 million. babies born addicted to heroin are typically calmed with medicine, but now some doctors are prescribing a new and unusual cure, cuddling. researchers at a hospital in alabama discovered that some addicted babies who are cuddled
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go through withdraw without needing more drugs. parents and volunteers take part in a cuddling program that helped stopped tremors, sweats and high pitched cries. before the program, about 80% got morphine to ease the symptoms. now it's just 30%. good old tlc. get ready for some new emojis. facebook messenger is rolling out 1500 new eknow gis. and among them are more than 100 designed to better reflect skin tone hes and gender. you can pick from different skin color, but you can change it at anytime. a crackdown on the pay day loan industry. there is a new set of rules designed to protect borrowers from falling in to debt traps. the rules require lenders to checkup front whether the borrower can afford to pay the full amount when it comes due. in addition, there will be a limit on the number of times lenders and borrowers can roll over loans in to newer and
4:41 pm
pricier ones. the pay day loan industry is not happy and says the rules will only push short term borrowers underground. is there hungry thief on the loose in your office? >> sticky fingers could be stealing your lunch. plus this -- >> hear in bethlehem, planning already under way for musikfest. next the changes you'll see and at big headliners this summer. and i'm tracking some showers even some thunderstorms tomorrow. more though as we go into part of your weekend. i'll show you the timing.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the cost of college is often impossible for many immigrants in the u.s. >> but an unusual new program announced today could help them afford college in our area.
4:45 pm
today delaware state university and the scholarship program dream usa announce $500 scholarships for immigrant high school graduates. they must live in states that prohibit them from enrolling in their own state universities or be forced to pay much higher out of state tuitions. the scholarship resiprecirecipi a choice of several schools including delaware say the. >> we've always been a school that has provided access to those folks that are kind of shut out of the process. >> in addition, the new partnership will offer 100 scholarships to undocumented students would live in delaware. and connecticut. speaking of schools, a new one is going up this delaware county. officials broke ground on the new chester charter school for the arts. and this is what it's expected to look like. the school will be located on vacant land formerly owned by the chester housing authority. it's scheduled to open for the 2017/2018 school year. this would they evuld never here, but if someone has stolen
4:46 pm
your lunch at work, chances are someone else had theirs disappear, too. >> and we're talking about a lot of missed meals. a new survey on 1,000 full-time office workers found a whopping 71% have had their personal snack, drink or meal stolen there a shared refrigerator. but only about a third actually admitted to taking a meal that wasn't theirs. overall men were nearly twice as likely as women to admit having taken food that didn't belong to them. does that mean men are the ones that actually take the food as opposed to the women who keep to themselves? they're just fessing up and being honest. >> our triple digit just needs to be cleaned out. that is the problem here. >> we won't take a camera in there. >> our fridge just smells. that's all glenn's food.
4:47 pm
he'll clean it when he gets back. this afternoon we will stay dry. we have rain in the draft, that's not until tomorrow, though. and then part of your weekend. in the meantime we'll see clouds increasing overnight. temperatures mostly in the 80s and 70s across the map. at the shore, it's more of a northeast wind. so a little cooler of a wind direction. so we're actually in the 60s at the shore right now. 67 cape may point, 67 cape may courthouse. 66 in ocean city. so a little chilly there, but as we go across the weekend, things will warm up at the shore. we do have rain on the way. that's farther back to our west. showers and thunderstorms, you will be moving in for part of your day tomorrow. so that's what i've circled here. it will stay to our west for tonight. then it will try to move in overnight and some of this will be around for the morning commute. but then we go into sunday and
4:48 pm
that's actually going to be the day with more storms. so for tomorrow, your friday showers and thunderstorms will be around. temperatures will still be on the warm side. so for tomorrow's forecast, reading 76, showers and thunderstorms. even bethlehem, 75. easton at 76. phoenixville, 77. westchester 7 wi7 with scattere showers. make sure you grab the umbrella before you leave. if you're closer to the shore, you will see showers maybe storms later in the day. 77 galloway township, 74 atlantic city. delaware, 77 wilmington, 76 in dover. so that's tomorrow. and they will be kind of scattered here and there. saturday, that will be the dry day out of the weekend and then we go into sunday and that will be a more widespread heavy rain and thunderstorm event. we could even see some severe storms possible so we look watching that very closely. here is a look at the timing of
4:49 pm
it all. tonight we stay dry. some fog forming alone the shore. and in delaware, if you're in those areas right the now, you notice the clouds hanging away today. 8:30 in the morning, we expect showers and storms especially around philadelphia and down into delaware for the morning commute. and then making their way to shore by the middle of the day. 7:30, some of it still lingering. but then we go into your saturday and things look quite a bit drier saturday but clouds will still hang around. sunday, we have more showers and storms approaching and some of those could possibly be severe as we go through the day on sunday. so for the next five days, when you compare philadelphia to the shore, quite a bit cooler, but the big thing to point out is that saturday will be the dry day. and then we go into sunday, and that's when we'll see more storms moving in. so there is your shore forecast for the weekend. not looking too bad for your saturday. but keep in mind we'll see some clouds hanging around the shore probably a little more cloud cover than the rest of the area. so one thing to point out there. and on sunday, that's when we'll
4:50 pm
see rain for everybody. heavy rain and thunderstorms for the end of your weekend. but saturday looks so good. sunny and 85. >> it looks better than sunday, let's just put it like that. >> yeah. run dmc, lady antebellum and the queen of soul herself. >> the big summer event has a superstar lineup this year. how bringing in those big acts could bring a boost to bethlehem's which i. and at 5:00, toxic water on tap. that's what a new lawsuit is claiming against philadelphia. their obligations and the city's response coming up at 5:00.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment
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in just a couple of months, sounds of suler will esummer w with musikfest. we told you yesterday about some of the popular acts. >> and today randy gyllenhaal spoke about how the big money they're expecting. >> reporter: the annual transformation under way, turning this historic mill -- >> each night they're uplit -- >> reporter: into a summer concert venue. behind the scene, organize ares built 350 artists. it's not easy. summer festivals are cutthroat competitive, so the team uses their unique backdrop. >> you see some of the ruins. >> reporter: to convince the big stars to try out the lehigh valley. >> when they see the backdrop, f they're immediately excited about performing here. >> reporter: headliners this summer, lady antebellum and
4:55 pm
dir dir dirks bentley and run dnc. and aretha franklin. >> all the big acts is great. p. >> it's a big deal. >> reporter: the festival has exploded in size the past few years. but the vast majority of music is still free. last year it brought in tourists from 40 states, an injection of summer cash to the local economy. >> we're look at over a $46 million economic impact for that ten day festival. >> reporter: musikfest runs for ten days second week of august and again almost all of the concerts almostly free. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> some names we like. >> yeah that would take us there for sure. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. and next we're continuing to
4:56 pm
follow the breaking news of the free k teacher found at the bottom of a pond. and gun violence, protesters fighting to end the violence today. and we have showers and storms heading our way. some for tomorrow, and even more for your sunday. i'll show you the timing on it coming up. plus three dogs rescued from the butcher's block are getting a second chance in camden county. we'll explain in a live report when nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts next.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
4:59 pm
moms against gun violence as they march. we're live at the rally that is part of a nationwide demonstration. plus a woman found tied to a cinder block at the bottom of the chester county pond has been i had tied dentified identified. what we've learned about her. but first they were born and raised into an unthinkable fate. a black market that continues to thrive overseas. nearly 200 dogs rescued from a butcher shop in south korea and now three are getting a new life in south jersey. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and an animal shelter is caring for those dogs. cydney long is live in black
5:00 pm
wood where the animals are making best friends. >> they are without a doubt the stars of the show today, all females. this is tisha. joey and liberty all got their names by mean of a computer so many of it tjourney after a lif malnourishment nourishment and abuse. >> they were essentially raised in cages. nourishment and abuse. >> they were essentially raised in cages. neglect, abuse. and we have the opportunity here to save he's dogs. >> reporter: tisha, liberty and joey getting a second lease on life. >> they received vaccinations and medical treatment. >> reporter: they were among 170 animals rescued from a meat farmer in south korea by the humane society international in april. >> and they go throughout mostly asia to find he's dogs and to talk to the


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