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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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father of his girlfriend. just 30 minutes ago, police i had figdentified the victim a 18-year-old kenneth maldonado. >> lauren mayk is where the crash happened. >> reporter: and the family here at this auto shop knew kevin very well. as you mentioned, he was dating the shop owner's daughter. one of of the brothers even referred to him as his brother-in-law, that's how close they were and why the crash that help had right here is so painful. it's a heartwrenching day. the teen they embraced as one of them is gone. do you think of him as a son is this. >> yeah. >> reporter: this man opens the shop. his daughter t's boyfriend was struck by a hit and run driver. you can see the teen go around
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to the passenger side of the truck. you see the white toyota prius approach fp and hit him. we're not showing the rest of surveillance video as the teen is tossed high in the air. >> when we returned around, he was on the floor. >> reporter: but it is easy to hear the emotion in his voice. >> he called me i love your daughter. >> reporter: he wanted to learn skills to support his family. >> if the future a good life for your daughter. >> reporter: he would come here after school. >> and he would help out, wash cars clean the office. he did whatever they asked him to. he was just ready to learn. >> reporter: when he was here,
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even was happy. >> all the time. >> reporter: now though a sad day. >> broke my heart. broke my heart. >> reporter: and this is xwki g gathering place to remember kevin. you can see the messages in both english and spanish here. police do have the stolen white prius, but they are still looking for the driver. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. breaking news thousand, we now know it was a teach who are was found dead a in a pond with cinder block tied to her body. keith jones here now with new details. >> her name is ryan benjamin. she's 24 years old. she lives in pottstown and was teaching pre-k. her body was found memorial day honest. she was dumped in the pond with
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a sinister block attached to her. the district attorneys think someone killed benjamin and then dumped hbody. she was identified from her unique at dues a tattoos and je. >> the person who did this know what is they did. they know that they tied her to a sip dcinder block and dropped into the pond and knows we're getting closer every minute that goes by. >> and she had a lot of friends in the westchester area. everyone who hung out with her should call police and we just got a statement from the child care center where she worked, they said she was a valued employee and their thoughts and prayers are with her family and prayers. keith jones. back to you. take a look now at this water main break in center city about that created a mess on the ground and trouble on the tracks. it happened around 11:00 this morning. sky force 10 was overhead after the line opened up a at 18th
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street. it's right near the construction site for the new comcast tower. it happened close to suburban station. septa says it caused delays on its regional rail lines. it's unclear what caused the water main break, but 18th is closed between market and arch as crews make repairs. cooler down at the jersey shore today. nbc 10 found plenty of people walking the boards. some going with long sleeves or even pants. not a soul on the beach when we were there. >> a dry night but rain for the morning. >> yeah, parts of the area will see rain for the morning commute. so far we're still nice and dry, but the rain is approaching. we have showers and thunderstorms back off to our west. this will be here for some of you for the morning showers. in the meantime we'll see more
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patchy fog developing tonight. also don't forget with your neighborhood weather, your "7-day forecast" is always at the bottom of the screen for you. by 10:00 p.m., mid-60s and pa h patchy fog form. tomorrow morning rngs we expect showers around quakertown, wilmington, could see thunderstorms for the early morning hours. still chance of showers. more rain for part of your weekend and some of that weather could be fairly strong to severe. we'll take a look at that timing coming up. people across our area wore orange today to bring attention to gun violence. plenty of orange in westchester this morning as demonstrators marched from the old courthouse to the borough haum ll and they want stronger gun control.
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orange is meant to represent the color hunters wear to protect themselves. city of philadelphia has seen 108 murders so far, 87 from gu gunshots. the district attorney says too many people use easily accessible guns to resolve conflicts. the heroin crisis is not going away. today governor wolf laid out his plan to combat the growing problem. wolf requested $34 million in his budget to understand the statewide epidemic. he called it a start. the money would help create 50 outpatient treatment centers across the state. you can read firsthand accounts on the nbc 10 app. after much speculation, we now know what caused the death of music star prince. the medical examiner in minute men says today prince died of an
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accidental fentanyl overdose. it says the musician took the drug himself calling the synthetic opioid many times more potent then heroin.inkiller usu reserved for patients with advanced cancer. prince was found dead in april at his mansion in minnesota. still a lot of unanswered questions about prince's death. tonight "nightly news" will look into the investigation right after this broadcast. the family of a backhoe operator killed in a train crash earlier this year in delaware county is suing amtrak. lawyers today filed a negligence lawsuit on behalf of joe carter's family.train was going 106 miles per hour. carter and his co-worker were on the tracks when it hit the backhoe. the train detrarailderailed. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. amtrak says it cannot comment on
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the lawsuit tile e filed. family said good-bye who helped create the white house office of homeland security after 9/11. funeral was held in fort washington for karl buchholz, he was appointed to work in the white house as a special assistant to the president for homeland security in wow2001. today he was remembered as a quiet unassuming patriot and family man. >> we all knew that he relished the challenges and loved his job. but we all knew there was nothing, absolutely nothing in his life that was more important to him than his family. >> karl buchholz died of cancer monday. he was 51. hillary clinton reveals her foreign policy plan and also took aim at donald trump. clinton said the next president must increase america's security by investing at home and stick
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to go together with u.s. allies. clinton said if donald trump gets his way, the u.s. will be increasingly isolated and country like russia will be celebrating. >> it's no small thing when he calls mexicans immigrants race e.s and murderers. we're lucky to have two friendly neighbors on our land border hes. why would he want to make one of them an enemy? >> clinton also told voters that electing trump president would be, yoequote, an historic mista for the united states. also in california, senator bernie sanders today explains why he does not support a plan to bail out puerto rico. he says a deal to forgive the u.s. territory $70 billion debt makes a terrible situation even worse. sanders prefers emergency loans. and late this it afternoon, house speaker paul ryan revealed he plans to vote for donald trump for president. he wrote a letner his hometown newspaper saying he's confident trump will help turn the house
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gop agenda into laws. ryan and trump met face-to-face a few weeks ago in washington, d.c. to settle their differs. trump has an event planned in san jose larter tonight, but today he's busy on twitter. he said with all of the crooked hillary foreign policy experience, she has made so many in ta mistakes and i mean real monsters. today mcpherson resigned for a medical imagine in her family. the urban league will name an enter victim ceo soon. a man asking unusual questions to children near an elementary school created a scare in marlton. police released this sketch and they would like to speak with him. last mochbts tnth the man walke kids and a parent asking about how the kids got a to school and home. the parent thought the line much questioning was suspicious and
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called police.much questioning was suspicious and called police. police in northeast released some video of a tire slashing suspect. he's believed to have hit 11 vehicles in all monday night. total damage is estimated at around $2500. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, cutting crime and cutting body cameras from the budget. the controversial decision next. also dogs rescued from around the world and now safe right here this south jersey. tonight the story of their survival. and i'm tracking showers and some thunderstorms for tomorrow. more though for part of your weekend. i'll show you when you can expect that.
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from schools to state parks, no one in delaware is safe from slashings in the budget. lemg late to lemg the late tors are trying to cut the hole and tim furlong asked the day asking no body
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cameras for state police. >> reporter: charles thinks in light of allegations of police misconduct, he wants delaware state troopers to have these to improve trust and protect both citizens and troopers who wear them. why then would the delaware joint finance commit theity slash a half million dollars that would could have gotten cameras to troopers? >> i'm one of the main roeasons is because that there were uncertain costs. >> reporter: the committee chairs tell me in a year when revenue is down, they have to be have a careful with the pennies. they say lots of good ideas are getting cut and state police didn't give them good enough answers about the plan and other related costs that would go along with them. >> we couldn't get a hard count from them. >> take the time, put the work in, and figure out are we doing it, are we not p. >> reporter: head of the naacp
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said body cam talk has only been talk for too long. ease n he's not blachling the police. >> but something has to be done to build better relationships. it has to happen. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. and in the last hour, we received a statement from the state police that says in part we understand the challenges they face as they continue to work through the budget process. delaware state police will continue to test and evaluate body warn camera solutions in the event funding becomes available. born and into a life that would have head wiled them to a butcher. now they're at the animal shelter undergoing behavioral training to offset years of
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abuse and neglect. >> the training just getting them around other dogs dthey never hat in a human's lap. so basic things that they never had an opportunity. >> it will be a process to find a best fit for the dogs and other than, but the applications are rolling in. today still a warm day. but not as hot as yesterday in some spots. right now though a nice dry view of center city from the comcast center in philadelphia, looking at liberty one and two, clouds around. they will keep increasing tonight and tomorrow morning some showers and thunderstorms in your morning forecast. here is a look at the radar. we are dry right now, but just off to our west, an area of rain we've been watching all afternoon. it's not making much progress, but this is a cluster of showers
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moving in to the area tomorrow. so we expect for the morning commute. temperatures right now are in the 70s and 80s. burkes county, temperature mostly around 80 degrees. 79 in reading. lehigh valley mostly around 80. future cast here he shows us tonight we do stay dry and then look what happens tomorrow morning. more patchy fog along the shore and parts of delaware, cloudy conditions there today. then you notice the rain around philadelphia up near trenton, showers maybe even thunderstorms for the morning commute. that's 9:30 in the morning. then we go through the afternoon, a little scattered in nature. clouds will hang at the shore and in delaware. and then saturday, that will be the best day out of the weekend. clouds will be around, but we do expect to say mostly dry. sunday though not looking good, we have showers and storms moving in, some of these could
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be potentially strong to severe. so of course we'll be watching the timing on that as we get closer. but right now it looks to be possibly in the morning and then through the afternoon hours. tomorrow though temperatures 77 degrees with scattered showers. if you're in wildwood, at the plan tick city, mid-70s there with scattered showers possibly later in the day. trenton 77. 77. delaware, 77 for wilmington. pennsylvania suburbs 77 devon and new town easton. so scattered showers pretty much for everyone the best chance though will be around the philadelphia area early in the morning and scattered throughout the day tomorrow. now your weekend forecast looks the best on saturday. mostly cloudy with skies. we'll see peeks of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-80s. sunday around 80. that's when we have the
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thunderstorms rolling in. . some could be strong. and then next week this looking pretty good for your monday. temperatures back into the low 80s and quite a bit more sunshine after quite a rainy sunday. coming up, more changes to the phillies lineup tonight. two making their season debuts. who is off the disabled list. and we'll sit down with the eagles new safety and coach doug peterson taking some swings.
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i'm john clark. lots of changes to the phillies tonight after losing six
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straight. cody ashy will play left field. and a new philly in right. tommy joseph playing first. cody has missed the first two months of the season with an oblique injury. he's only hitting .169 in his rehab games. he has not proven that he can be an every day player. he has on tanother chance now. >> i think it's pretty cut and dry. got to earn everything that i want. there is no silver platter with my name on it. >> to infuse a few more players in the lineup and see what they can offer is the thing that i will do right now and hopefully one or two will do something for the team and get our offense going. >> hopefully it helps tonight. rodney mccloud is one of the best offseason signings. eagle safeties may be best part of the birds defense. i sad down sat down with rodney
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today. >> i'd be surprised if they're not one of the best in the nfl. >> reporter: jim schwartz love what's sees in rodney mccloud and million calcolm jenkins. >> i don't look it as pressure. we're smart players, which makes us a force to be reckoned with honestly. >> reporter: rodney is a big header. he is fitting in with schwartz and his intense personality. >> he has an edge to him. is he a little wild? yeah, but you got to like that from a defensive coordinator. i think it rubs off on the players in a good way. very passionate man each and every day comes to work ready, prepared, knows what he wants. expects it out of his group and demands a lot from us. you want in a that as a coach. >> reporter: birds hoping to have their best safety tandem
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since seven years ago. >> got a chance to shake his hand, told him it's an honor to be in his presence. and we exchanged character information and hopefully he can be like a mentor toward me. >> that's the guy to listen to. eagles take something swings today. phillies invited them to citizens bank park. here is coach doug peterson. the coach taking some rips. who won the competition? zach. and eagles have a new look lineup. birds are here to help. we're right back.
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breaking news. we've learned blue angels pilot who died this afternoon did not eject when the fa-18 jet crashed in tennessee. nightly news will have more next. >> that is the news at 6:00.
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"nightly news" is next a and we'll see you back here at 11:00. nd we'll see you back here at 11:00. . tonight, going nuclear, hillary clinton tears into donald trump like never before. warning his quote thin skin could lead the country to war as trump finally gets the support of the nation's most powerful republican. kill list, investigators looking into that murder at ucla make a stunning find and a murder trail that leads them across the country. sudden crash emergencies involving the military's elite. the air force's thunder birds and the navy's blue angels. what killed prince, confirmation tonight it was an overdose of a painkiller 100 times more powerful than morphine and the feds say it's killing too many americans. and muhammad ali


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