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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 3, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it's steadier through west chester, montgomery and bucks county. and the rain helping to keep things cool. in fact, the suburbs have dropped down top 62 degrees while it's 66 in philadelphia. just started raining in philadelphia, officially at the airport, delaware, lehigh valley, also getting showers, too. it's going to be a slower warmup today with the clouds, even with breaks in the clouds. a chance that we will be dry at 8:00 but a chance of a few more showers at 11:00. this is how it's going to be on and off during the day today. the clouds will hold us to 70 degrees at 11:00. we'll stay in the 70s this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. occasional showers, a chance of a thunderstorm, 76 degrees in new jersey. the suburbs just a little bit warmer for the lehigh valley and for philadelphia and the shore. a chance of some scattered light showers and even a possibility of a thunderstorm, any light fog around this morning will be disappearing during the day today.ç
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i'll be back in ten minutes with the futurecast. let's take a look at the roads this morning. jessica boyington has that. jessie? we're looking at the schuylkill expressway around belmont avenue. get out the door now if you need to, 13-minute trip into center city. from the blue route to the vine street expressway, average speeds into the high 50s there as well. out in king of prussia, there's an earlier water main break. mall boulevard between dekalb pike and goodard boulevard, there will be closures and delays around the scene. the tacony palmyra, an opening at 4:45. more alternates when i'm back in the next ten. new there overnight, a person police say was shot in a dispute between neighbors is being treated for a graze wound. the gunfire broke out just before midnight in thoron avenue in west oak lane. so far they've made no arrests. now to this story from
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chester county. police have now identified the woman whose body was found in east coventry township on memorial day. she's ryan benjamin who you see her. fishermen discovered her body in a pond tied to a cinder block. police are trying to track down her killer. authorities released photos of her jewelry and tattoo which ultimately helped family members identify her. she worked as a preschool teacher at the warwick child care center. she lived with a family friend who said benjamin would often spend the night with friends. when she heard the reports about a body found she became concerned. >> i tried calling her several times. it went right to her voicemail, then i started to worry. >> benjamin's body show nod signs of strangulation, gunshot wounds or blunt force trauma. authorities believe someone killed her and then dumped her body in the pond. a 5-year-old girl rescued from a philadelphia house fire is in the hospital along with her mother and a police officer. the fire broke out late
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yesterday afternoon at this home in northeast philadelphia. witnesses watched the first rescue attempts but the smoke was too heavy. the girl's mortgage and an off-duty police officer ended up injured trying to save her from the flames. video sent in to nbc 10 shows firefighters breaking windows. they eventually got the girl out. >> it was horrible. her mom ran in there several times trying to save her. she was coming out black from head to toe. she couldn't breathe. >> we're hoping for a positive outoo come for mother and child. >> the mother and child are in critical condition. the officer is listed in stable condition. people across our area are bringing attention to gun violence. they marched through west chester today. the group walked from the old courthouse to the borough hall. orange is a special color
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designated to mark gun violence awareness day, which was yesterday. officials joined the group cease-fire pa to recognize the day. they heard from the mother of a local teen killed by gun violence. delaware lawmakers say police body cameras are an expense that the state just can't afford but will cutting them from the budget come at the expense of your safety? because of a $75 million shortfall, lawmakers are cutting $500,000 that was supposed to fund a state police body cam program. the finance committee chairperson says the cuts were madeç because state police couldn't give them enough detail about how much the program would actually cost. >> they came in and said this is exactly what it was going to cost, we could make a decision on the merits which this was a good idea or not. >> so far, state police have not comment on the cuts. other programs being slashed include education programs, a plan to extend state park trails and extra money to help public libraries.
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tracy? 5:04. take a look at this. skyforce 10 was over a water main break over center city that created a mess on the ground and trouble on the tracks yesterday morning. the line opened up at 18th and jfk boulevard right near the construction site for the new comcast tower. that road is now back open. nbc 10 viewer video shows the water gushing from the ground. the video appears to be taken from a building above the scene. nbc 10 also had a crew on the ground. this happened close to suburban station. it caused delays on some of septa's regional rail lines. crews are still trying to figure out what caused that water main break. 5:05. the cost of college is often impossible for many immigrants in the u.s. >> a new program could help them afford to our area. delaware state university and the scholarship program dream usa announced 500 scholarships for immigrant high school
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graduates yesterday. the graduates must live in states that prohibit them from enrolling in their own state universities or be forced to pay much higher out-of-state tuition. the scholarship recipients have a choice of several schools, including delaware state. >> we've always been a school that's provided access to those folks that are shut out of the process. >> the new partnership will also offer 100 scholarships to undocumented students who live in delaware and connecticut. today at noon we'll get a preview of sunday's philadelphia international cycling classic. mayor jim kenney and race officials will hold a briefing at city hall. the cycling event begins with the men's race sunday morning at 8:00, the women's race at 12:30. it's the final weekend for the devon horse show and country fair. gates open at 8:00 for competition. the main line tradition wraps up on send. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are here and so are some showers. i'm tracking some showers an a
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chance of some thunderstorms during the day. it won't be an all-day rainfall. i'm getting light rainfall, keeping things cool, in the 60s. and the chance you'll need your umbrellas pretty good during the day today. though there will be times where it will be mostly cloudy. not everybody is seeing the rainfall. parts of south jersey and delaware are dry but this big patch of rain that's moving through, that's just light rain with some moderate showers moving through. lancaster county, that's on the move. the weekend, well, we'll be in and out of the clouds. today a rainy day, showers and a chance of thunderstorms keeping us in the 70s. sunshine and warmer on saturday but look at your sunday. the rain coming back and heavy downpours are likely. just light rain right now in the lehigh valley and philadelphia. delaware, 67 degrees with rain showers moving through wilmington and claymont. reidy point at 66 degrees. 70s for this afternoon. yesterday we saw 80s. you can see the scattered light showers that are moving through
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dover. actually more rainfall to the north. light rainfall is going to be on and off this morning. but the best chance of seeing umbrellas going up will be this morning, at least to start with. there are still more showers to our southwest. those are thunderstorms in western pennsylvania. they're looking more impressive just a short time ago. the chance of thunderstorms for us for later this morning and this afternoon. until then, we'll keep an eye on the sky and grab your umbrella. the futurecast showing showers. that's at 7:30 this morning. they'll continue moving through trenton, philadelphia, with some light scattered showers in delaware and south jersey, even at the shore a few sprinkles. the steadier rainfall inland at 11:30 this morning. as we go into the afternoon hours, this is where we're likely to see breaks in the precipitation. with the thinning of the clouds, it will be a mostly cloudy day today. when i'm back in ten minutes,
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your ten-day outlook. 5:08. make it 5:09 about now. it's been a short week, especially so for jessica boyington. >> jessica, i think because you had a short week you should work into the weekend. >> i'll be dragging all you guys down with me, don't you worry, if that has to happen. it's nice having a three-day week. stow road closed for emergency roads due to an earlier road buckle. septa, the broad street line is suspended. service is suspended until further notice because of a power outage. take route 4 or 16, until further notice. we'll keep you updated here. ben franklin bridge and the walt whitman bridge are clear. the scheduled opening scheduled for 4:45 on the tacony palmyra. take the betsy ross bridge as your alter mat. courtroom chaos. take a look.
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>> no, with no, no! >> we'll tell you why this man jumped over a table and attacked a convicted killer just moments after the verdict was read. plus, governor tom wolf is asking for tens of millions of dollars to fight the opioid epidemic in pennsylvania. hear what that money would be used for and we'll show you the new numbers showing where the epidemic is at its worst.
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taking a live look at haverto havertown. gorgeous this morning. a few cars out on the road. delaware county, pa. 64 degrees out there. very nice. the medical examiner's report confirms prince died of a drug overdose. the medical examiner in minnesota says the music legend died of an accidental fentanyl overdose. some synthetic forms can be up to 50 times stronger than heroin. the focus of the criminal investigation now turns to determining who supplied the drug. here in pennsylvania, governor wolf says he wants the state to take a bigger role in fighting opioid addiction. >> yesterday he talked about the $34 million he's put into this year's budge tote combat drug abuse. he says that's just a start. he calls the budget request a
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down payment toward solving the problem of heroin and other pain killer abuse. >> we're actually going to create an environment where you can get treatment and we can address the issues that affect you on a continuing basis. >> pennsylvania ranks among the top states in the country for drug overdose deaths. and in fact, new numbers from the philadelphia health department show the deadliest sections of philadelphia when it comes to overdoses. more people are dieing from opioid and heroin overdoses in port richmond, fishtown, kensington, tacony and wissinoming than any other parts of the city. the data shows 67 out of every 100,000 resident in those areas died aof an opioid dover dose i 2015. be sure to check out "generation addicted" on the nbc 10 app and
5:15 am philadelphia is honoring two wartime heroes. this stretch of columbus boulevard is known as edward j.guanere and edward "babe" heffron boulevard. they were portrayed in the book "band of brothers" andç the hb mini series is inspired. this working highway, working street is a perfect testimony to two working men who became back from a war and went back to work and did what they had to do to raise their families and make the commune a better place. >> they were graduates of south philadelphia high school. it was a wild scene in a cleveland courtroom yesterday. the father of a murder victim went airborne to get at the man convicted of killing his daughter and two other women. this happened moments after the judge sentenced the killer to
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death by lethal injection. they're trying to find out if the victim's father will be charged. we could learn today if charges will be filed after a boy fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. police are not recommending charges against his mother but the prosecutor's office will ultimately decide. the 3-year-old boy spent about ten minutes with the 450-pound gorilla. the animal dragged the child through the water at times, as you see there. the zoo shot and killed the gorilla. the boo is okay and the zoo plans to open the gorilla exhibit tuesday with new safety barriers that's higher and reinforced. 5:16. look but don't touch. it's the first rule when you visit a museum, right? it seems one man couldn't resist. take a look at what happened. this is video from inside the national clock and watch museum in lancaster county. you see the guy touching a sculpted wooden clock before it falls on the floor and breaks.
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the couple tries to fix it. when they can't piece it back together, they walk away. the museum director is not pressing charges but he wants to reminded people, look with your eyes, not with your hands. game one of the nba finals go to steph curry and the defending champions. shaun livingston came off the bench to score 20 points and the warriors dominated the early part of the fourth quarter before cruising to a 104-89 win over cleveland. game two is sunday in oakland. 5:17. let's get you to work on this friday. start by looking at the boulevard. >> jessica's looking at that. how's it looking. >> we are seeing some problems. a lot of problems this morning, especially for a friday. typically these are one of our lighter days. this is out in philadelphia on the boulevard around 7th street. there was an earlier accident that knock out power lines. additionally, that's affecting septa's broad street line as well. we had an earlier suspension of
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northbound and southbound service. it's only the northbound service that is suspended until further notice because of that power outage. the southbound service has since resumed because of that. either way, expect delays there. on 78 right around lehigh street, no problems. just added cars. more updates on the broad street line when i come back. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the clouds, they just don't want to leave us. after all that sunshine yesterday, they have returned. cape may, cloudy but dry view right now in cape may. can't say that for everyone. i'm tracking showers and areas of fog. thick fog in coatesville, chester county, where the rain is coming down. the rain is moving towards the pocono mountains. hasn't got there yet. quarter mile visibility for mt. pocono. not an issue for philadelphia m wrightstown. light fog for millville.
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wildwood, two-mile visibility and southern delaware seeing light fog. and the rain this morning, that's not going to be a huge issue either, this is light rain moving through philadelphia and areas north and west west. we've seen light rainfall in wilmington as well. thunderstorms, those thunderstorms in western pennsylvania, that's a possibility later this morning and this afternoon. then we'll get a break tomorrow. a dry day before two systems will provide us with lots of moisture on sunday. the futurecast shows these coming together over the next 48 hours. this evening we'll see mostly cloudy skies. still a chance of an evening shower. by saturday morning, we start to break out of the clouds and see some sunshine. look at the wet weather to the west, moving through the midwest and southern and central illinois. and into the ohio valley. that's your sunday weather. futurecast showing 6:00 saturday evening. a sprinkle is possible. there will be a few clouds around, mainly dry on saturday.
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that changes on sunday. sunday morning, a chance of some showers and heavier downpours are possible as we go through the day on sunday, even some thunderstorms in the ten-day outlook. a chance of thunderstorms today. otherwise, occasional showers, high of 78 degrees. when it's not raining, the skies will be mostly cloudy. that's what's going to keep us cooler this afternoon. there's a slight chance of a late-day shower on saturday. most of the day it will be dry. with sunshine, it will be back in the 80s. very low 80s on sunday. here comes the wet weather in from the west. those are the two systems coming together with the potential for heavy downpours and stronger thunderstorms possible on sunday. by monday we're drying out, 82 degrees. a chance of a shower on tuesday and cooler for wednesday. back in the 80s on thursday and the chance of showers is back in the forecast for friday and saturday. vai? >> thank you, bill. 20 minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this friday. a second chance at life after spending years in prison. we'll tell you about the federal ruling that's now impacting
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hundreds of inmates in philadelphia who were sentenced to life in prison without parole when they were juveniles. plus, apple outage. we have an update on what's happening now after many of the tech giant's services were out of service.
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today the labor department releases its monthly jobs report. analysts expect a spike of 160,000 jobs during the month of may. they are also looking for the
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unemployment rate to stay steady at 5%. the government is marking a slowdown in job growth compared to this time last year. officials say a weak showing for may could signal trouble ahead with the federal reserve considering raising its interest rate. michelle obama will deliver her final commencement speech as first lady. ccny has one of the most diverse student bodies in the country. mrs. obama is expected to make diversity a central theme of her speech. this will be her 23rd commencement speech as first lady. customers can now use apple services again. the services are up and running after an outage yesterday. seema modi is here with this morning's business news. >> apple says all its services, including the apps store are back up after suffering an outage that started late thursday afternoon. some services such as icloud and
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photos took longer to restore. apple has yet to comment on the cause of the outage. on wall street, investors may be in the wait and see mode until they get the big economic news of the day. futures are stock. stocks closing higher, reversing earlier losses on thursday. hiring is expected to be solid once again, the number could be impacted by the verizon strike that just ended this week. unemployment is seen holding at around 5%. the dow rising 48 points yesterday to 17,838. the nasdaq gaining about 19. tracy? >> seema mody, thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. tracking light rain in the area. the first of it moved into northern delaware, wilmington getting some very light rainfall this morning. good for the grass at frawley stadium. clouds overhead will produce more showers. south philadelphia also getting light rain right now. no wind. you can see the wind mill on top
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of lincoln financial field are not moving at çall. 66 degrees, the time is 5:26. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. we are paying attention to septa's broad street line right now. it is suspended, heading northbound until further notice because of a power outage and accident on the boulevard. the southbound service has resumed but they're shuttle busing service from some stations. the fatal hit and run that killed an 18-year-old man in philadelphia. hear from the victim's father and the final moments he spent with his son. good morning, i'm matt delucia, live in cape may. we're wrapping up a week-longshore tour here at the tip of southern new jersey. a couple big things here, weddings and restaurant week. we'll talk about both, coming up. ]err"ájráh'.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," it could mean a second chance at life for 300 prisoners in philadelphia. we'll tell you about the federal ruling that will put them back in court years after they were sent to prison. we're hearing from the father of a teenager hit and killed by a driver.
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find out the 18-year-old's last words to his father and find out what he said just before he died. >> we're tracking light showers with a chance of some thunderstorms this afternoon. we have you covered with what you need to know. 5:30. welcome to "nbc 10 news today," this friday. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it seemed cooler out there as well. let's get our start with meteorologist bill henley and the nbc 10 neighborhood weather forecast. >> not everybody seeing the rain right now. it has moved through wilmington, just starting to exit wilmington, still falling in philadelphia and into south jersey in burlington county, seeing light rainfall right now. to the north, this is where the steadier rain has been, into berks county. upper montgomery and bucks county seeing that rain fall as well as chester county. farther to the southwest, hear the heavier downpours. there's a possibility


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