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tv   Today  NBC  June 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, welme to boozeday tuesday, otherwise known as spanky tuesday. >> here already? >> every seven days. it's june 7, what is that? >> stop desire by tegan and sara. >> why do you want to stop desire? >> sometimes you have to tap the brakes on it. it's a no-no. it's forbidden. tap tap. >> i can understand dhoping the desire for cheese take but the desire for love? >> the desire for someone who's taken. >> okay, i didn't think that
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through, thank you, hoda. we have a great show. we'll catch up with tori spelling who's here with a little arts and crafts and she'll tell us why she agreed to star in a film she was in 20 years ago. >> one of her favorite genres. >> horror movies. if you need a good excuse to put a new floor down in your house, the guys from "flipping boston" are here. we have amazing befores and afters. they're such a great duo. >> they're fun. and if you want to be in the know, of course, stick around for the social media star who turned his six seconds of fame into a brand new movie. he's inspiring millions of his fans and just might inspire your teen as well. >> speaking of social "media" if you're worried your child is maybe too self-absorbed, we'll give you advice to help raise empathetic and kind, caring adults. >> does your kid have selfieites? a lot of kids do. >> but we want to start off with great news. >> huge news in our family. >> today it happened.
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we kind of thought we knew. >> we knew! >> but we feigned surprise. savannah had great news this morning. take a look. >> okay. weird. "are you pregnant?" well, yeah, i am pregnant. [ cheers and applause ] >> wait a minute! >> we knew! >> you knew. >> that's amazing! >> we thought it a month ago. >> we were sort of thinking you were. >> congratulations. >> yay! we're so excited. >> we weren't 100% sure but proof is walking in the door. there she is, savannah. >> hi! >> that's when different people thought they knew because you were stealing my peanut butter. >> did anyone flat out ask you or were they hinting around? what was going on? >> all of you guys are way too polite. >> we didn't ask. >> did you suspect? >> well, we had dinner with her
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and i said to joel "i kind of wonder but we're all going to have wine and we'll know." and literally when you took the wine glass, you didn't sip it, i nudged joel and he looked at me. >> i didn't want to cancel on you but i was like, hoda -- if you know me you know i'm going to drink so if i'm not drinking, something's up. >> there's an issue. >> probably pregnant. >> yes, exactly. >> but then i was like well mike and i thought we were real clever but then i nudged it over to him and he would try to sip it and all that. but no one asked me. a couple viewers would tweet but honestly the last two years they've been tweeting that because i'm a little heavier than others. >> what did you and mike think when you first found out? >> oh, my gosh, just utter joy. gratitude to god, thankfulness. just hope, you know? it's like -- well, i said this the first time when i was pregnant, i'm pregnant with a baby, i'm pregnant with hope, i'm pregnant with expectation, i'm pregnant with worry, i'm
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pregnant with thrills. >> all those things. >> i just feel so grateful and hopeful and, you know, i'm 44 so i'm right up against it and we're just other the moon. >> of course you are. and somebody isn't. >> yeah, vale. >> oh, vale. she's such a delightful baby, she's getting suchl a bad rep but it was not hard to get her to say her favorite word. no. >> vale. >> yeah? >> do you want a new baby? >> no! vale? >> yeah? >> do you want a new baby? >> no! >> she is so adorable. savannah, we're so happy with. you you know what my mom did when may baby sister was coming, she didn't want me to be jealous so she'd say "our baby is coming. let's go feed our baby." >> oh, that's nice! >> for 17 years that worked perfectly until i was a senior in high school and my sister was a sophomore and she'd look at me and go "i have a mother, thank you." but it made me feel so
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instinctively maternal towards her. >> and vale actually does love babies. she thinks all kids are babies. she'll look at an eight-year-old and be like "baby" so i think she'll be into it. >> and your mom was over the moon? >> my whole family. >> how did you tell her? >> i face timed her. i think it was 4:00 in the morning in arizona. you take a pregnancy test. of course i told her. i didn't wait to tell my mom. and she was really excited. >> we love you. thanks, savannah. >> i'm sorry for eating your peanut butter. >> you can have all my peanut butter. >> i'll make up for lost time with that. >> love you guys. >> bye, thank you. >> don't you love savannah? >> of course, we're thrilled. she's going to have about two more weeks to wear those jeans. [ laughter ] >> so you think you can dance? >> we'll give a shoutout to this 12-year-old girl named tahani.
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she is great at recovering. she went to hug the judges and he was a little overwhelmed so take a look. >> i'm so proud of you. are you okay, honey? okay, okay, okay. [ audience reacts ] >> it's okay, honey. >> are you all right? it's okay, honey, it's okay. >> i've never had anyone vomit on me like that. [ laughter ] >> what happened up there? >> well, i hugged nigel and then i hugged paula and she squeezed me too tight and all the hap happiness came out on her jacket. [ laughter ] >> it's all paula's fault. it always is. that's so sweet. >> how sweet is that little girl. >> somebody said "well, it's just water." and i said "well, it's vomit water" which is different from
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perrier or evian. >> well, it's time for "the bachelorette." >> drama last night. i'd love to talk about jojo but i can't because she was barely in the show last night. it was all about this guy, chad. >> again? >> so chad's back. so it started out very light. they were making fun of him working out again in the house, he's constantly lifting weights. the guy is built. look at him. and he's making protein shakes but he's also being very aggressive towards the guys and some of the guys in the house have had enough so evan, another guy in the house, he's 33 years old, father of three, erectile dysfunction specialist decided to take him on. >> what? >> so evan alleged chad may be using steroids and that's why he has anger issues. so let's see his reaction to those accusations. >> what just happened?
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chest bump, dude. >> look at his knuckles. >> what happened? >> the door walked into the way of my hand. if i can't lift weights i'm going to murder someone. >> at this point you've got to get chad out of here. this guy might kill somebody. >> don't you freaking touch me, dude. >> evan is pushing me, pushing me and pushing me, trying to get a rise out of me. when you're being accused of things that you haven't done and people are saying things that aren't true there's a point where literally there's nothing to do other than get physical. >> when chad became physically aggressive, that changed everything. i can avoid him, i just don't want to, you know? >> ooh. >> yeah. >> so i put that last part in because the guys are instigating in the the house. they're definitely pushing his buttons trying to get him to react because they want him off so now chad feels like he needs to clear his name with jojo because she's seeing some of
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this. take a look at his chat with jojo. >> what happened with you and evan? i saw a shove or a push, that was weird. >> he can make fun of me all day. >> i think it's all in good fun. >> it's like the little kid trying to beat up the bully. >> you're the bully and he's the little kid? >> i'm the bully but he's bullying the bully. >> don't be a bully. >> i'm not but it appears this way. >> you're vibing this dude? >> yeah, and i don't appreciate what you're doing. don't be disrespectful, i don't like that. >> i'm sorry if that's the case. >> you are being disrespectful and i don't like this side of you. >> no girl on planet earth ever chooses evan for anything other than to come, like, sweep their front yard. >> okay. so -- >> hard to pull for anybody on this show, i'm telling you. >> it ended as a "to be continued." security was called in the house, they have guards walking around and they asked him to
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apologize to the group of guys and that's where it ended. tonight we find out what happened. i followed chad on instagram and he doesn't seem to be upset about the way he's being portrayed. i pulled some of the clips. he posted this picture last night and it says "i do want i want." "make the bachelor great again" he posted another picture of him carrying alex, that's the marine, in the baby onesy, hinting how small he is. so he doesn't seem upset how he's being portrayed. >> i don't care how big his muscles are, he comes you have as such an unlikable human being. >> tonight we find out what happened. >> thank you, amanda. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> let's give a shoutout to the group in the back. they paid big money to be here. so there they are with their cool -- by the way, look at her hair. can you go close on her hair. >> she's got cool things in her hair. >> yes, yes. >> take a peek as we zoom in. we'll mix things up when we give it away to five lucky viewers.
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>> spanky tuesday and tori spelling is here and she's going to put us to work doing a little craft right after this. (becky) i started smoking when i was 16. now i have end stage copd. my tip is; if you keep smoking, your "freedom" may only go as far as your oxygen tube. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now.
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new sargento snack bites, big flavor in a little bite. she's the actress, reality tv star and mother of four and she's lived her whole life in the spotlight. >> she was on the megahit "beverly hills 90210". >> and now she's remaking the movie she did 20 years ago called "mother, may i sleep with danger." >> he must have been a pretty incredible woman to have raised a girl like you. >> thank you so much. i think i got pretty lucky. thankfully, she's had so many great friends to help her out along the way. this is great. now we can add you to that list, pearl, right?
10:15 am
>> ooh! >> evil lurk. >> i don't look much different from 1990 till differepresent. >> you look fantastic! so you like these kind of films. >> oh, my goodness. it's been my bread and butter for 20 years. yeah, i love, like, the whole lifetime movie scenario, you know, women in peril movies that kick butt at the end, yeah. >> like your life? >> pretty much. who knew? life imitates life or art imitates life. >> we'll talk more about the movie. but we had this big setup, people probably wondering what we have cooking. >> i'm sure when this remake of "mother may i sleep with danger" comes on, june 18, everybody will have having a glass of wine. so today we're crafting wine glasses. we're doing stemless but you can do the base of any wine glass. and we're taking something so simple as nail polish, i usually take three colors. off bowl of water and you want to put some of your nail polish
10:16 am
in. if i can open it. there. >> so there's two bottles here. >> how much did you put in, a little? >> just a few drops, make a little circle till it all floats to the top and then i usually do three colors. i usually like to do a metallic, a white and a black and then a color. >> how did you think of this? >> pinterest, baby! >> pinterest. okay. ew. >> and then a pop of coral for summer. >> i kind of like this. >> and enough so it floats to the top. >> how's yours? >> and then what you're going to do is you can obviously take anything but i take a little toothpick here and from the inside out you just want to pull it out so it kind of mixes up. and you do want to do this relatively quick because it will start to dry and then you just take your wine glass, submerge it and then --
10:17 am
>> oh, submerge? >> oh, it's on the bottom, gotcha. >> how far do we submerge? >> i would just do the tip. just put the tip in. >> look at that. [ laughter ] >> did you hear me? >> i heard you! >> she was trying to block. >> now what do i do? >> just pick it up and let it dry. you did it better than me. mine got messed up. >> look at yours from the top, kath, this is cool. >> you really just want to do the bottom so when you're drinking -- this is what people see of you anyway when you're drinking. >> uh-huh. the bottom of your glass. >> mine isn't as perfect as i wanted it to be. >> if you want a perfect and you don't want to do just the bottom, you want to tape it off with blue painter's tape and you have a perfect line. >> i love that. very cute. >> that's fun. let's do another one. >> we can't because we don't have time to do another one but that was pretty beautiful. >> but here when you have time is how they turned out perfect. >> so you're encouraging people to have these glasses --
10:18 am
>> oh, my gosh! >> what is wrong with you? >> oh, it's morning tv, isn't it? but we're talking about "mother, may i sleep with danger?" >> tell us more about it. my daughter did a horror movie and she was terrified through the whole thing. >> did she get killed in it? >> yes, she did. >> well, i am a horror fan and -- >> is that james franco? >> yes, it is. i got a call one day saying they want to do a remake of "mother, may i sleep with danger" and james franco is doing it. and i was like i never thought i would hear the pairing of those two things. that's amazing. >> he loves that genre, too, i guess? >> he loves horror films as well. he did a twist on it. this is a take on it. it's a lesbian vampire movie. >> of course it is. >> and it's amazing and cool and artsy and james did an amazing job and i'm thrilled for everyone to see it. >> and everything is good. you gave us an update. >> do not miss the remake of "mother, may i sleep with danger" june 18 on lifetime. >> the guys from "flipping
10:19 am
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at 18 years old, matthew espinoza is a superstar on line. >> his social immediate yah account has more than 20 million followers and his vine videos have wracked up more than one billion views. >> now matthew is jumping from your phone screen to the big screen starring in his first movie called "be somebody" about a pop superstar looking to escape some of the trappings of fame. literally. take a look. >> oh, my, god! >> crap. >> it's you! >> no, it's not. >> you're jordan james. >> please don't scream, okay? >> i'm, like, your biggest fan. >> thank you, i really appreciate that, that's awesome.
10:23 am
>> wait, come back! come back! [ laughter ] >> is this happening to you in real life? >> there's definitely some parts in the movie where i had to look back and like wow that's happened to me before in my life. >> how did you get cast for this movie? how did this come about? >> this all came about when i started kind of wanting to transition from social media into traditional media and that's been a goal of mine from the start when i started social media. >> you always wanted to be an actor. >> 100% so when social media came it wasn't like "this is cool, i want to be in this." it was like "i like this, how do i move forward?" >> planning it out strategically. >> calculating everything. so at this point there is people that when i started coming to l.a. and taking meetings and stuff people were throwing me projects and i just into any of them. they were about social media, who i was. >> as opposed to being a character.
10:24 am
>> and they just wanted to film a bunch of social media people in one movie, it's not what i envisioned for myself. >> good for you to stand firm on. >> that did you take acting lessons or learn on the job? >> well, i had an acting coach for a while and i still work with her and she went to my first screening. >> what did she say? >> she loved it. >> can you believe your life? you have a billion views on youtube, you here in a big movie. are your parents just busting or do they expect great things from you? >> when it started to come about when it came to them and i was like "hey, listen, guys, i have these followers, i think something should come out of the it. i think i should move to los angeles." they were like "what are you talking about? it's an app." but they knew that this is what i was meant to do. >> i think a lot of people are going to know soon. congratulations. >> thanks, matthew. >> and he got up and said hello to me when he walked in. he is somebody. >> "be somebody" will be in >> "be somebody" will be in select theaters, on
10:25 am
♪ ♪ and we'll have to use like double! maybe more!! i'm going back to the store? yes you are. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. fresh bread in the lostore every single hmm. wonder who? if you don't already know... ...try it. at walmart's low prices.
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10:27 am
morning and humid. temperature, 78 degrees, philadelphia, 77 degrees in south jersey. if you're in delaware, you're already near 80 degrees. and most of the areas seeing plenty of sunshine as we go through the afternoon. that sup is going to help us warm into the 80s across the area, and some isolated showers possible. lehigh valley has the best chance for an isolated thunderstorm. >> let's get a check on traffic with jessica. >> we're watching the 42 freeway in new jersey right now. this is right near route 41. no problems anymore. everything is pretty much clear. no problems into philadelphia right now, but we are watching some construction, and that's headed over the delaware memorial bridge where there's two westbound lanes closed until 8:00 this evening. take the commodore as your alternate. >> decision 2016 voters go to the polls today in the new jersey primary. the polls are open until 8:00 this evening. hillary clinton and donald trump are the presumptive presidential
10:28 am
nominees. despite that, clinton urged voters in new jersey and five other states to cast their ballots today. police are looking for the person who shot up a home in chester, injured a 5-year-old boy inside the home. the boy's mother told police she was cooking dinner when shots tore through the window curtains last night. a bullet hit the 5-year-old in the arm. he's listed in stable condition. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll have the full hour of news in a half hour. you can always get the latest news and weather from the nbc10 app. we'll be back to the "today." see you at the top of the hour.
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10:30 am
we're back on this tuesday and if you're worried your kids are too self-obsessed in this age of social media, we have advice for you. >> studies show teens are 40% less empathetic than 30 years ago. >> and 62% of school-aged kids say their parents are too distracted when they try to talk. >> wow. and also this. research confirms that children do imitate both kind and selfish behaviors modeled by adults. so we're talking about the selfie-taking kiddos. >> how do we raise those empathetic kids and kind kids in a self-absorbed selfie talking society? >> you know who will help us? michelle, the educational psychologist, the author of unselfie. did these stats surprise you? >> no, they've been extraordinarily concerning but they're a wakeup call that we're
10:31 am
doing something major wrong and we need to tweak these kids quick. >> did something happen to empathy? >> it was a combination of three things. technology was one, parenting styles change, we started raising the trophy kid and then we got a more racy raunchy kind of a culture to role models went down. you put it all together, this is a toxic combo. but this is not a natural disaster, it's a human one, we can turn it around. >> you blame culture and parenting and technology. >> so the whole receivefy situation. >> selfieites. >> we have that? >> yes, it's concerning. there are solutions to this. the last ten years i have flown the world trying to find out what we're doing wrong and how to make it right. >> tell us the solutions. >> nine of them. >> well, empathy is made up of habits and we need to teach those habits. >> as soon as possible, right? >> we need to see kids as more than a gpa. they are clearly two sides of the report card and we are overlooking that whole part about a raise in empathetic kid.
10:32 am
the first question you should ask your kid when they come home from school is "what kind thing did you do." we're sending a message that only the gpa matters. put the cell phones down. tell your child starting at age two, always look at the talker's eyes. it forces the kids to see you exist. and second all the seeds of empathy is emotional literacy. you can't turn in and go "gee, you look really sad" unless you are recognizing emotions with that face. >> this young man that was just with us, matthew, was so fligpo from day one. that doesn't happen automatically. his parents started telling him right off the bat. they didn't say "you're entitled to this and that." he went out and made something of his life. >> you need to be intentional. you need to stop as a parent and say sure, i'm going to raise a smart kid but how about a nice kid? books are wonderful. get out "charlotte's weapon." chapter four is all about
10:33 am
emotional literacy. we stop reading outloud to kids at the age of nine, that's when they stop reading for pleasure and that tanks as well. >> so much pressure on kids today. i feel terrible for them. >> you see kids bullying and parents struggling to know what to do in that situation. >> chapter 8, moral courage. it is a matter of training kids -- i did focus groups with about 500 kids and they said "tell us what to do, we don't like it but we don't know what to do." and there are very clear little steps you can teach starting with always look at the color of the talker's eyes. you can also do walk a little closer to the child, befriend the child who is the victim. you'll draw the audience away from the bully there. >> how to help a victim. >> yeah, how to help the victim but it will draw the audience from the bully who wants that to other kids who are bystanders and they have empathy. they're very concerned about this. >> one of the kindest things a kid could do do is sit next to that person at lunch. be an example. >> those are the kinds of talks
10:34 am
you need to tell your child. you see someone's upset? okay, here ee's things you can >> and they're also emulating your behavior. >> that's the biggest problem. >> the number one thing if you can't do anything, go to sleep every night and ask yourself "if my learned my behavior, what would he have watched today?" that's guilt 101. >> that's a sobering thought. >> thank you, you are the best. should grow with hard wood or wood tiles in your living room? >> the guys from "flipping boston" help you decide. plus 30, reasons why you'll love this chicken recipe. >> pull that poultry from
10:35 am
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if you're like most people, there's probably a chicken in your freezer waiting to be cooked up but coming up with recipes can be a challenge. >> so our "today" food team has delicious recipes called winner, winner, chicken dinner. and here is the executive chef of studio restaurant craig strong. it's delicious food but california healthy. >> it is. and it's an easy dish to do as well let me show you what we're doing. that is 30-clove garlic chicken >> which sounds like it could be dangerous. >> the first time i heard i thought that maybe is a little too much but after trying it, it mellows out and the delicious. it cooks so long and the garlic is soft and tender. >> so let me show you 40 to do
10:40 am
it. you have chicken thighs. i like the thighs because they have more flavor, it's moist, we're going to season them up with salt and pepper, season it liberally like this. >> that's a lot of salt, though. >> well, it needs it. >> so we season it on both sides, then oil. this gets nice and brown. >> what kind of oil do you use? >> just kind of vegetable or canola. you're going to brown the chicken like this, get the skin nice and crispy, golden brown, flip it, get it brown on the other side. and you'll end up with chicken that looks like this there that's already been browning. >> that's not cooked through, right? that's just browned. >> no, it's not. it's cooked -- it's just browned, like halfway cooked. so once you get it out of the pan you want to put in these aromatics. so the onions and garlics.
10:41 am
it looks like a lot but it's not at the end. >> it will reduce together. >> right. you put this in, throw in the garlic and stir this for, i don't know, like five or ten minutes so the onions get translucent, they start to sweeten up a bit, then you put the chicken back on top, imagine it's been ten minutes, you do something like this then you want to add some aromatics. the rosemary goes really, really well with this dish. put in the rosemary and to counter that sweet garlic, we'll throw in white wine. it's for you. >> and it is mine. so thank you. >> then we cover it and it goes into the oven back here at 325 degrees for about an hour and a half. it cooks for a long time. >> you want it falling off the bone. >> it will be super sweet, juicy, it makes its own sauce.
10:42 am
>> bring that out here. >> so you put it like this and then we'll show you what you're going do with it. you have this fresh spring saladna you put into boiling water and you cook it for like 30 seconds. >> quick flash. >> salted water. and into ice water like this. >> why do you do that? >> you want to stop the cooking. it makes it brighter green, it's not crunchy, but it's not raw, raw, raw. then you mix up the salad. >> put the tomatoes in. >> a whole bunch of spring veggies, peas, asparagus, chives, shallots and this delicious vinaigrette that has honey and lemon. >> can we try this chicken? >> come on, back here we've got the chicken, yummy. >> look at that! >> a little bit of rice.
10:43 am
let me serve you some, ladies. >> here's a hot one, kat, for you. >> thank you. >> and this garlic is delicious. you spread it on bread. some of the salad. . >> do you like to eat the skin, too? >> i do because it's the best part. and look how fresh this is, this is awesome. >> i got too much skin. >> you don't like skin? i never heard anyone say too much skin ever. >> that's delicious, though. you're right, you don't taste a lot of garlic. >> it's really mellow. >> that's delicious. >> to get these recipes, go to and click "chicken on the tap." delicious. >> and upgrades. the guys from "flipping boston" will help you get started with the top trends in flooring after this.
10:44 am
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10:48 am
choosing the right flooring in your house is never an easy task, especially with the
10:49 am
ever-evolving styles in home design. >> thankfully the guys from the show "flipping boston" are here to guide us through the current top flooring trends that will transform your home. >> they are the dynamic duo, peter souhleris and dave seymour. hello, boys, welcome back. >> so we're talking flooring? is that what we're doing. >> take up the old floors? >> no, we'll leave these here, you're in good hands. >> take us through the trend. we're talking living room and kitchen. >> we'll do a before. >> what does it look like. >> so this is a drastic before. >> but that has great bones and great -- >> it does, see? you can see the bones. >> it's all in the bones, baby. >> basement, humidity, great living space but you have to utilize it. so here's the after. >> oh! hello! >> sorry, i get excited. every time. >> this is actually a little wine bar right there. >> of course it is! >> perfect for today's boozeday
10:50 am
tuesday. >> perfect. >> so before and after. what we did here is we're using a wood tile so it looks like it's a wood floor, cozy, comfort. >> can i do the thing? >> do the thing. >> we got a little test for you. one of these is a hard wood, pre-finished and -- see me down on my knee? i'm having a moment. the other someone a tile. >> that is a tile. this one over here is a tile. >> this is the hard wood. >> that's the tile. >> so kathy says that's tile and hardwood and the answer is -- that's tile. >> what? >> whoa! >> see that? it's a tile. >> so cool looking. >> that's amazing. >> just a quick silly question. is it better to have tile? >> in an area like this where there's moisture and humidity, it lasts. >> bathroom floors. >> you put this together with, like a restoration hardware room. >> show us the before and after. take us through it. >> oh, yes. >> so this is a before. >> definitely needs it.
10:51 am
>> needs a little makeover. >> i remember the radio. >> and the radio. >> look at the -- i like it. >> and here's the after. >> let's see if after. >> oh! that's beautiful. >> and the one -- the trend right now is people love the one-by-two. the one foot by two foot tile. and this is a nice slate, that's linen. >> price? >> these are around $3 a square foot. they used to be $8, $10, $15. they're trendy. >> they're in the big box stores, you don't to go crazy. >> if you're on a budget, the old-fashioned peel and stick -- >> like linoleum. >> but you still get the floor. try this out. >> oh, you do it. you like that. >> oh, okay. >> right in there. >> hoda won't get it perfect, though. >> yeah, you will. >> slap it right there. >> butt it in there. >> you butt it. >> let me do it! >> that's it. >> yours is crooked. [ laughter ] >> bam! look at that, new floor.
10:52 am
>> and you can clean that? >> how long will this last? >> you can grout this as well. >> you can grout it? >> let's go to the bedroom. >> how many times has hoda said that? [ laughter ] >> now, bedroom, let's do a before. >> still, look at that ceiling and the brick. >> she's got the eye. >> she's got the eye. >> let's see the after -- >> so what we're seeing is carpet and we always say there's gold underneath. so ready? nasty carpet. >> rip it up. >> hello! hard wood. >> you will find hard wood floors. >> we find these 90% of the times. i'll tell you a couple of things, if it's dirty, it's okay. once you sandown the floor, it's beautiful. >> you have to stain it anyway. >> jump in, you want to put glove on. >> we're whiting white. >> why are you wearing goggles? >> just in case you splash me. >> kids, we're going to run. >> nice options.
10:53 am
>> y'all, that is -- >> oh, look at that. i love it! fantastic. >> stain the floor, use a water-based polly, we like that, low voc, drives faster. >> i was wondering about the voc. >> i want to drop a quick suggestion. >> what's that? >> savannah, baby, i say makeover. yeah? nursery? makeover? >> oh! >> if you want it, a v that, we got. >> it be sure to catch "flipping boston" every wednesday on fyi. >> you'll be floored when you see what we're going away go. donna, go donna. go donna. >> nice job, guys. always. you wanna see something intense?
10:54 am
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before we give it away we have to show you cute little ava. one of the guys that works here phil and his daughter and wife are here. >> jennifer, phil, and ava. >> come sit down while we're spinning the wheel. hi, ava! >> have a seat. >> you ready?
10:57 am
we are going to give it away. >> i don't know if we should say spanky tuesday around her. >> we're going to give away this kitsch aid in pro line series blender from williams-sonoma worth $499. >> designed, engineered and assembled in the usa. kitsch aid in's most powerful blender handles tough ingredients like frozen foods so you can blend and puree everything from purees to soups and sauces. >> you want to come with me? >> come on with auntie hoda. we'll find out. >> uh-oh. >> maybe not. >> come with me, ava, come here. >> we have to go quickly. >> you go. who's first? >> win upper in bummer with. >> kathy benage from florida. >> martina evans from aberdeen, washington. >> and we've got diana dowziel from new york. >> and i've got right here in my hot little hands thsharika scru from texas.
10:58 am
>> is that all we have? >> make sure you enter again for next week's prize, complete rules, >>
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, decision 2016 and a big day for hillary clinton. we begin with breaking news. we have confirmed there has been a school bus accident on i-78 westbound in northampton county. we're told there are kids on the bus, and a tractor trailer is also involved. there are injuries. we have sky force 10 on the way to the accident we'll bring you an update when we get more information. >> and right now, at 11:00, decision 2016 and a big day for hillary clinton. she's going into the final round of contests in six states as the presumptive democratic nominee. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. voters in six states including


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