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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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have. we are here to rob you. >> the victim's brother tells nbc10 the suspects eventually pulled over and demanded cash. he gave them everything he had. >> everything, everything, and they say the money you have is too small for me to let you leave. we have to kill you. >> but the $60 wasn't enough, so the suspects ordered him on the ground. >> after he kneeled down, they shot him. >> he's now in surgery, his family praying he survives. he recently came to this country from ghana, delivering pizzas to support his wife and young daughter. >> money to feed our family to get a better life. that's the only thing we're here, to make sure -- >> police spent the night looking for those two male suspects, both in their mid-20s. they abandoned the driver's car and remain on the run. and i did just get an update from the staff at the pizza
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shop. they say their friend and coworker is now out of surgery and miraculously he's talking to them on the phone. live in southwest philly, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. now, to your first alert weather. spotty storms moving into our region this afternoon. and take a look at this. nbc10 in cherry hill about 30 minutes ago where that rain was really coming down. >> not fun to be out there. we're tracking the storms as they move through your neighborhood. let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for the latest. where are they now? >> they're headed toward the shore, and they're headed pretty quickly. behind it, there are some showers, but they're weak. not seeing lightning with them. they continue to weaken, while we have pretty heavy stuff going through parts of south jersey and dell. this one is right down on the atlantic city expressway and headed right in that direction.
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we're going to be seeing this storm come through hamilton, headed into galloway, and it is pretty strong. this one in delaware, that's going into harrington, a little after 5:00, ellendale at 5:23, georgetown at 5:37. these places are in the 80s still, so that can keep those storms going. if the showers are moving into 60-degree air, it's not going to last. that's what's happening tonight. we're seeing everything, we're falling apart as we get close to sunset. no problem with outdoor activities tonight. it may seem like it's threatening, but it's not going to be. it's not going to be warm. look at the way the temperatures have dropped, down to 68 degrees in parts of south jersey now, but it is going to dry out, and as we go into tomorrow morning, it's going to get cooler. and it's going to start off
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sunny. lehigh valley, only 57 degrees. parts of jersey, 59. but some more showers are coming tomorrow. i'll have timing on that in a few minutes. >> police are searching for a man involved in a road rage shooting on interstate 95 this morning. around 6:30, state police say a man shot at a car on i-95 north near the gerard point bridge. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. after the shooting, the suspect got off on an exit. police say he's driving an older black chevy impala or malibu. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. >> new information tonight about a man accused of taking a woman into the woods and assaulting her. police say felix ramos approached the victim outside a wawa on state road. nbc10 was there as police made the arrest late yesterday. ramos asked the victim for a cigarette and took her into a wooded area where he allegedly assaulted her. she was able to break free and then call police.
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police call ramos on a bicycle two blocks from the crime scene. right now at 5:00, nbc10 has brand-new information on a school bus that crashed during a field trip. state police say the bus experienced unknown engine problems and slowed down on i-78 in easton north hamp county this morning. the driver of a fedex tractor trailer tried to drive around the bus but side swiped it and then hit a tanker trailer. five students from the high school in new jersey and three adults had minor injuries. the students were on their way to a park. >> now to decision 2016. it's primary day in new jersey. the candidates had this message for voters today. it's not over until it's over. nbc has counted the delegates, hillary clinton now has the number needed to be the presumptive nominee. that didn't stop bernie sanders supporters in the garden state today. nbc10 south jersey bureauer
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cydney long is live at cherry hill. what have you heard? >> we have heard a little bit of everything. some excitement in the air today, also have heard some upset. hillary clinton's delegate count could affect voter turnout in new jersey, but we have seen a steady stream of voters, especially before the skies opened up about an hour ago, and we didn't find any give-up attitudes. without even asking who they voted for, we could tell hillary clinton fans from bernie sanders supporters. >> very excited. i couldn't be happier. >> it's a tough election because i don't feel excited really about any of the candidates. >> let mares be heard. >> coletta didn't reveal her ballot. she did talk about the critical importance of voting. she's hoping for whoever is elected to keep college affordable. >> i'm just now after years paying my loans off. >> from your college, and now it's your daughter's turn. >> now it's my daughter's turn. >> voters might feel like the
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rug is pulled out from under them. >> from the beginning, bernie has always said we are staying in the race until every single vote is counted, no matter what the press says about who has the nomination or not. we are in it to win it. >> despite clinton's delegate count, sanders volunteers spent the day on the phone and on foot. across the street, hillary volunteers didn't back down on canvassing neighborhoods. pushing a get out the vote message and reminding that superdelegates like congressman don norcross can wait until the democratic national convention vote in july to make up his mind. >> i'll be listening to the voters today and revealing the outcome, which i think i know what it will be. >> only time will tell how the election turns out. a surprising race so far. >> now, we did try, but we didn't bump into any republican voters who were casting their ballots across south jersey today. of course, the polls will stay
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open in new jersey until 8:00 tonight. we're live in cherry hill, cydney long, nbc10 news. >> thank you. new jersey governor chris christie in the meantime is standing by donald trump. this is more republicans including paul ryan came out against the presumptive republican nominee's comment about a judge overseeing the trump university case. the governor spoke to reporters after casting his ballot in morris county this morning. trump claimed judge gonzalo curiel is biased because of his mexican heritage. today, paul ryan said trump's comments are racist, but christie said trump has the right to express his opinion. >> i have said this before. that i know donald trump, i have known him for 14 years. and donald trump is not a racist. so you know, the allegations that he is are absolutely contrary to every experience i have had with him over the last 14 years. >> christie endorsed trump earlier this year after ending
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his own presidential bid. the governor and his son are delegates for trump. voters in new jersey are also picking candidates for several congressional races. we'll follow the results all through the night and post the latest on the nbc10 app and have everything you need to know about the results on nbc10 news at 11:00. in the next half hour, republic versus democrat. two experts join us in studio to break down the presidential race and what's ahead for their candidates come november. an arrest has been made in the murder of a 78-year-old handyman. police say quintis clark turned himself into police headquarters before 10:00 last night. clark is accused of strangling and murdering joseph daley inside daley's home last tuesday. the 19-year-old is facing several charges including murder, robbery, and other related offenses. >> a philadelphia police officer is recovering tonight after he was injured while chasing a suspect in kensington.
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nbc10 along kensington avenue just before 10:00 this morning. the officer's partner took him to the hospital to get checked out. a suspect was taken into custody. it's not clear why the officer was chasing the suspect or how he got hurt. buying beer and wine in pennsylvania could soon get a little bit easier. a bill allowing wine sales in supermarkets, delis, bars, and restaurants is now on governor wolf's desk for approval. state lawmakers voted to expand the bill this afternoon. it also makes it official for beer sales in convenience stores. but as always, you can only buy hard liquor in pennsylvania state stores. drivers who use the delaware memorial bridge may want to avoid it tonight. two of the westbound lanes are closed until 8:00. crews are working to replace rows of wire rope that connect the suspension cable. it doesn't expect major delays as tuesday is the least traveled
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day over that bridge. >> we've been talking about a 5-year-old shot in his own home. tonight, nbc10 has exclusiveio as he recovers in the hospital. and his mother tells us how she saved his life. >> we had that water brought in special for you. >> this movie made erin brockovich a household name. now she's bringing her fight for clean water to a pennsylvania community. >> plus a new name pops up in the chaka fattah trial. how the congressman's daughter came up in testimony today.
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a delaware county boy is lucky to be alive tonight. >> how you doing, baby? >> this is cell phone video of mark in the hospital. the 5-year-old was in his house in chester last night with his family, making a snack, when a shooting broke out in the common area of their public housing development. mark's mom yanked him down to the floor and his dad got on top of him. that's when they discovered he had been struck by a bullet that came through the window. doctors told mom she got lucky and yanked him down at just the right time, an angle to miss his vital organs. >> when i pulled him down, it made the bullet go this way, but it was coming this way.
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so across body, but when i yanked hip down, it went up and got lodged right here underhis armpit. >> mark is expected to be okay, but his mother said he's terrified of going back in the house. we're stim working to get an update on the police investigation into the shooting. >> two young men pled guilty today, nearly two years after a young girl was shot and killed in south philadelphia. the philadelphia district attorney's office tweeted out that brandon roughen and douglas woods pled guilty today in the murder of tamira. roughen got 40 to 80 years behind bars. douglas will be sentenced august 15th. the girl was just 3 years old at the time of the shooting, was struck in the chest and killed by a stray bullet. investigators say rough kifired the shot that killed tamira. they were inside a house in grays ferry. three people were also hurt. the shooting start eed as an
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argument. >> the defense makes its case. nbc10 in the courtroom in the corruption trial of chaka fattah. today, his chief of staff was back on the stand, and the defense took aim at a star witness. nbc10's deanna durante joins us from outside the courthouse with more. >> well, as you recall from earlier in the testimony, thomas lindenfield is a prosecution witness, but the defense today put witnesses on to try to paint him as a liar. this woman worked for congressman fattah as his chief of staff in the d.c. office, but it was not the fattah legal team that called her to the stand. instead, it was one of the co-defendants. she at times was sketchy on facts or didn't remember conversations, but she did read part of her grand jury testimony which she told the grand jury it looked bad for the fattahs to keep a porsche in the garage two years after it was sold to a
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co-defendant he is accused of bribing the congressman to get an appointment. she told the jury fattah hand delivered a letter to president obama touting veederman as a candidate for u.s. ambassador and she said the congressman thought the hand delivery would make a big impression on the president. they were upset when he was not given a role as an ambassador. she also testified that the congressman's daughter was a paid staffer for fund-raising for his political campaign. and that it came up between her and other coworkers about a raise, a bonus that she was to get, about $10,000. she told the jury that her father approved that raise for his daughter. reporting live outside the federal courthouse, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> well, we have some very fast
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moving showers going through many parts of the area, and really knocked the temperature down from trenton to philadelphia, to wilmington, points and west. really not that much left on the radar. we're kind of concentrating in new jersey and in delaware. we to see this storm down toward the shore. it's very, very close. and actually just about coming on to longport here and ocean city, about to get hammered. look at this. that is a pretty heavy cell. it's just on the other side of the pay at summer's point, and then coming into ocean city, there's longport here, and those areas are going to get their share of rain. but it's not going to last that long. now, in cape may county, here we go. this is coming right into cape may courthouse. it will be down into wildwood within the next half hour. and again, briefly heavy rain.
5:18 pm
southern delaware. temperatures into the 80s. georgetown right now, so this is moving into some very warm air, so it's going to hold together. 5:34 in georgetown, 5:41 in laurel. we continue to monitor the showers there's more action back to the west, an indication that's going to be seeing some activity tomorrow. it's not totally over. you can see the sun is back out, lehigh valley and the suburbs, while the rain heads to the shore. and the temperatures very tremendously. we showed you this an hour ago. want to show you some of the changes. greenville in northern delaware, only 64 degrees. now, odessa was in the mid 80s. middletown was in the mid 80s. they're in the mid 70s right now. and there's still places in the mid 80s. millsboro, georgetown, reading, they're not going to be in the mid 80s for much longer because
5:19 pm
we have those showers coming through. more showers coming in for wednesday as well. everything dies down tonight. you can go out and barbecue, take your walk, whatever. you're not going to get rained on. everything came early today. but tomorrow, it's going to come even earlier. it's going to come in the morning. there we are, 9:00 in the morning, already from allentown, down to berks county, down to chester county, coming right through to philadelphia area before noon. and then once that moves through, things should be improving during the afternoon. it's going to be very windy and kind of cool. look at these sustained winds tomorrow afternoon. 22 miles per hour in dover, 21 in wildwood. here are the neighborhoods tomorrow. you can see much lower temperatures. the thunderstorms are just relatively brief and in the morning. lansdale, only 70 for a high.
5:20 pm
allentown, 68. sun may come out the afternoon. father to the south, the showers come toward lunchtime, and then farther to the south, dover, rehoboth beach, the storms may not even those areas. so we have those showers tomorrow. brief, and then we start to dry out. temperatures stay below average for a couple days. let you know what's going to happen over the weekend in just a little bit. >> thanks, glenn. now to a story you saw first on a law firm connected to erin brockovich is investigating water contamination in montgomery county. there have been meetings with concerned residents. the topic, elevated levels of cancer-causing chemicals in the water. all the towns are near the old willow grove naval air station where firefighting foam containing the chemicals was used. >> you might notice security lines airports moving a little faster and the tsa says there's
5:21 pm
a reason for that. the tsa administrator told congress today it's because the government hired more people and switched management. during the busy memorial day weekend, nearly all passengers waited less than 30 minutes in standard security lines. he said that the agency is also using more canines and improving communication between airports and airlines. speaking of flights, thunderstorms postponed the latest leg of a solar powered airplane's journey around the world. the solar impulse ii was supposed to take off from lehigh valley national airport last night. the aircraft has been there about two weeks now. the voyage began in abu dhabi. it was supposed to take off around midnight last night and fly into jfk airport. from there, stops in europe, north africa, and back to aboab dha dhabi. no word on when the flight will take place now. the fining leg is expected to take 120 hours. well, more than 150 crashes on just one street, and tonight,
5:22 pm
delaware is revealing the most dangerous intersections in one of its communities. >> plus, what's in the water? a local city is looking at new ways to protect your child from lead. connections.
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you're not just in the classroom; you're part of the community. you meet these tiny kids every year, and you help them learn and grow. but you also get to know their families, and over the years they become a part of your life, and you become a part of theirs. when you build those connections, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things. i'm jackie kruzik and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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some of the most dangerous intersections in the state of delaware. residents found out exactly how bad it is. the past four years, there have been 21 crashes on cleveland avenue. just down the road, on cleveland at north chapel street, 44 crashes. and on cleveland at route 72, 89 crashes. tonight, newark's director of public works is looking for a solution to make the road safe again. >> i think that sooner or later, we're going to have to have an overpass over cleveland avenue. >> some suggestions include turning some of the crash sites into intersections. t-intersections at that. >> philadelphia city council wants to tighten regulations when it comes to the city's drinking water. it unveiled three bills on lead safety. the first requires public schools to meet strict water safety standards. the second required child care centers to undergo lead testing
5:26 pm
in order to be licensed by the city. and the third updates existing lead paint laws to include the presence of lead in service lines. there are laws requiring landlords to make sure their properties are lead-free, but nbc10 investigators found these laws are rarely enforced. to learn more about the investigation and the dangers of lead exposure in our area, cleck on living with lead on or the nbc10 app. >> next at 5:00, republican versus democrat. two experts join us in the studio to break down the presidential race. >> plus, pulled from the rubble. see how this dog is doing after he suffervived an explosion in his new jersey home.
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decision 2016. the clock is ticking for you to cast your ballot in new jersey. >> less than three hours left the polls close. as voters in the garden state have their say, everyone is wondering whether bernie sanders will back down that hillary clinton is the presumptive democratic nominee for president. new jersey is one of six states voting today. california, montana, new mexico, and the dakotas are also holding their primaries today. >> now that clinton is the presumptive democratic nominee, she finds herself in a close race with donald trump. in the new nbc news/survey
5:30 pm
monkey poll, clinton is leading trump by four points among registered voters. she's up two pints from last week. further analysis, tune in to nightly news at 6:30. both parties now have their presumptive nominees. the democrats are now focused on november. >> tonight, we have brought in two analysts to help us break down the race going forward. jim schultz on the republican side and mark alderman on the democratic side. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> mark, let's start with you. no one thought the democrats wouldby the party in turmoil right before their convention, but bernie sanders is not conceding defeat. is this a problem when it comes to winning the white house? >> this is deja vu all over again. for us, in 2008, clinton beat senator obama by eight points in california, then withdrew and endorsed. that's what needs to happen next
5:31 pm
here too. secretary clinton and senator sanders need to sit down and figure this out like senator clinton and senator obama did eight years ago. and i have no doubt that this party will be united by one overwhelming issue, the need to keep donald trump out of the white house. >> and jim, speaking of donald trump, it sound like a broken record. donald trump causing controversy once again. this time with his comments about the judge handling the lawsuit against trump university. trump claims the judge can't be fair because of his mexican heritage. many of his own supporters have now spoke out against his comments including speaker of the house paul ryan. let's take a listen. >> claiming a person can't do their job because of race is sort of the textbook definition of a racist comment. i think that should be absolutely disavowed. it's absolutely unacceptable. >> trump has survived many controversies, but will this catch up to him?
5:32 pm
>> this is politics, and politics at very high stakes. you're going to see increased scrut on every word by both candidates and it will be twi twisted by both sides against one another. it's very important for donald trump to disciplined in his commentary. whether this comment impacts him or not, you have to look at what people are thinking as they sit around their kitchen tables. their care about jobs, and they care about getting back to work, and donald trump's message is he's an outsider, and he's going to do away with the failed obama/clinton policies and bring jobs back to the united states. and i think that's what people are going to care about going forward, and that's how they're going to vote come november. >> we have standing next to each other in the studio. the next question is for the two of you. these candidates are arguably two of the most unpopular presidential campaign history. how will trump or clinton convince voters that they're the better choice just for an ease
5:33 pm
of answering the question. let's start with you, mark. >> four people are going to convince the voters that secretary clinton is the better choice. first, secretary clinton has to make her own, and she will. second, as i said a moment ago, senator sanders will be a strong supporter of hers. third and very powerful and very helpful, the president and the first lady are going to be voices of support for candidate clinton. and fourth, jim, donald j. trump. trump is going to make this an easy choice. he is the most un-american candidate for president since george wallace in 1968. and that truth will be impossible to hide. >> and jim, what about trump now? how will he be able to convince voters he's the one for the job? >> donald trump is going to bring business sense to washington. hillary clinton and barack obama are just part of the
5:34 pm
establishment that wants to keep things the same way and continue the status quo. fact of the matter is we have lost 264,000 manufacturing jobs, more people are on welfare than prior to the obama/clinton policies, and more people are -- and we have more people on well and more people in poverty than we did when they started. so i think people are going to vote for donald trump because they believe it's jobs, jobs, jobs. and at the end of the day, they just don't trust hillary clinton, whether it's benghazi or the e-mails, whatever it may be, they just don't trust her. and she's not answering any questions, for six months now, she hasn't a press conference, and only did interviews in a controlled environment. what's she afraid of? >> jim schultz, mark alderman, standing next to each other, arguing opposite points. thank you for joining us. we apprec your opinions. here's more proof hillary is looking ahead to november. she has scheduled campaign
5:35 pm
events in two battleground states later this month. one of those trips is to pennsylvania. pittsburgh on john 14th. she'll mock a stop in cleveland, ohio, the day before. she will discuss her vision for a united america. >> clinton's primary rival bernie sanders has vowed to keep on fighting, but could the results of today's primary actually change that? nbc's lester holt sat down with sanders in california this afternoon to get his take on whether he'll stay in the race to see his explosive interview, tune in to nbc nightly news at 6:30. now to your first alert weather. here's a live look at the nbc10 radar, scattered storms have passed over the region tonight. >> let's get an update on what's happening in your neighborhood. here's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, some areas seeing bouts of heavy rain. >> yes, and it's not going to last very long. if you're getting heavy rain now, just wait a few minutes
5:36 pm
because things are going to change. this area just raced through the whole region over the last hour, hour and a half, so we're already seeing it just about exit right over atlantic city, right now. just south of atlantic city. toward ocean city. ventnor, margate, longport getting it hard, and over toward ocean city, getting some heavy rain out of this. now, as we head into delaware, this heavy rain headed toward seaford, the northern portion is weakening, so it might not hold together all the way through delaware. the rain has knocked the temperatures down. we were in the 80s everywhere, now we're pretty much in the 70s, even some places in the 60s. an hour ago, i was showing you the vineland temperature. it was 85 degrees. now it's 67 degrees. one hour.
5:37 pm
66 in medford, cinnaminson, 68. the places that got rainier, they're still cool. the places that got rain a few minutes ago, they're just now getting cool. hamilton, robbinsville, 75 degrees. as you go through the evening, it's going to be basically dry. it's cool. it's going to be a cool start to the day tomorrow. and there could be some showers coming into lehigh valley by tomorrow morning's rush. for most of us, it's going to be just cool and dry. but showers are coming tomorrow. i'll have the timing on that in a few minutes. >> thank you. next at 5:00, a threat of the zika virus is keeping one of nbc's famous faces away from the rio olympics this summer. >> plus, from backyards to businesses. nbc10 has video from another bearing at 5:00. you wanna see something intense?
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the celebration of muhammad ali's life continues in his hometown of louisville today. the memorial keeps growing outside the muhammad ali center to honor and remember the man simply known as the greatest. in the days since ali's death, thousands from across the country have made their way to louisville. the fans share their favorite memories of the champ, nbc news caught up with one of his former olympic teammates. >> i kind of got tired of his trash talking. and i didn't pay much attention to it. >> ali's funeral is set for friday in louisville. 22,000-plus are expected to attend. >> a special honor for the captain of temple university's police department. today, the phillies and the pennsylvania coalition against domestic violence recognized captain joe garcia. he made a personal commitment to putting an end to domestic
5:41 pm
violence. today, he was awarded the first ever excellence in male leadership award. he will throw out the first pitch in a game next week. >> nbc10 wants to help the people who are making a difference in their communities. that's why we're taking part in 21st century solutions. nbcuniversal is giving grants to support local nonprofits. if you're interested in applying, you can find out more on our website, a home explodes, and now a dog has been found in the debris. we'll have the story next at 5:00. >> plus, a first alert weather team tracking storms. see what's popping up in your neighborhood tonight and tomorrow morning. >> all new on nbc10 news at 6:00, the mistake the police say a bank robber made that landed him behind bars. that story all new at 6:00.
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5:44 pm
a cincinnati zoo's gorilla exhibit opened this morning for the first time since a young boy fell into enclosure. the exhibit has a higher re-enforced barrier. the zoo says it goes above and beyond standard safety requirements. a response team had to shoot and kill the gorilla after the boy fell in over the memorial day weekend. >> while two people recover from this house explosion in new jersey, we also learned a family pet survived the blast. this is lucky. she belongs to one of the resident injured in saturday's explosion in warren county. some neighbors found lucky the day after the blast.
5:45 pm
she had burns on her face, body, and paws. doctors at harmony animal hospital are now caring for her. >> and take a look at her now. a local animal group took this video of her playing outside. she still has bandages on her feet, but she should make a full recovery. >> investigators still don't know what caused the explosion on philmore street, two people were taken to the hospital. one with burns over 50% of their body. >> and sky force 10 was back over that scene today. you can see crews have now demolished the damaged home. the street was closed to traffic for several days after the blast, so crews could get rid of the debris. >> right now, another bear sighting in chester county. look at this video. the bear on sunday. the animal was spotted behind a business in oakland's corporate center. officials believe the bear is in chester or gumry county. last night at 11:00, we showed you another bear sighting in that area. a homeowner's security camera
5:46 pm
caught this bear wandering across his lawn in phoenixville yesterday morning. experts say bears and people are coming into cath more than ever. but if you want them to say away from your home, keep them from finding food there in the first place. if you come across a bear on your property,eter make loud noises from a distance or, this is simple, leave it alone, wait for the animal to move on. >> we had some briefly heavy rain in parts of the area, but then the sun comes out. everything is moving very quickly. and so any rain is not lasting very long. last three hours, we're seeing that area come through the philadelphia area, all the way out to the shore. and then offshore, so it's already just about over. from atlantic city down to cape
5:47 pm
may, very brief. and it's not quite over yet in all of delaware. we have this heavier cell moving toward laurel, georgetown getting the weaker part of the line. del mar well get some of the heffier rain, but that area overall is weakening. for the futurecast, things really quiet down as we go into the next couple hours. so there really isn't much more to. so enjoy your outdoor activities this evening. it's not going to be in the 80. it's going to be cooler. tomorrow morning, starts off sunny, but it's not going to stay that way. we have this upper air system coming in. by 9:00, 10:00, lehigh valley, berks county, getting rained on. then it comes all the way through. trenton, down to philadelphia, down to wilmington, that's coming before noon. by noontime, it's starting to
5:48 pm
head toward the shore, and then offshore. so this is a totally different timing than what we saw today, but it may be just as brief as what we saw today. so we have the thunderstorm symbol in the forecast, but it's not an-day kind of thing. you can see your own seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen at any time. the rain has certainly knocked the temperatures down. already recovering in lehigh valley and p.a. suburbs while it's cooled down at the jersey shore. temperatures were in the 80s inland. now it's 64 degrees. 69 in dennis township, 67, cape may courthouse. 68 in atlantic city, and the winds are starting to shift a little bit. during the day tomorrow, the temperature stays down. not getting up anywhere near 80 tomorrow. and so fox chase, 71 for the high. now get that shower or thunderstorm, that's generally in the late morning.
5:49 pm
lansdale, 70 degrees, late morning. and then later in the day, it dries out. but it's windy tomorrow. gusts of 30-plus miles per hour and much colder, as you can see. galloway township toward the shore, only 69 degrees, with a midday kind of shower. in dover, rehoboth beach, that far south and east, you may not see any of those showers at all. more of a northern system. tomorrow, the high of 72 degrees. we have the morning shower and thunderstorm. the wind and the cooler weather. then thursday, the beautiful sun day. not as windy. 50 in philadelphia. 40s in some of the suburbs. friday, we're up near 80 degrees. saturday, we're into the-80s. another system coming through, maybe like the one today. it just zips right through. late in the day, setting us up for a windy day on sunday.
5:50 pm
warm wind and then a colder wind coming in on monday before we warm up again. >> thank you, glenn. >> lester holt joins us from the nbc studios in los angeles. >> good evening. what's coming up on nightly news? >> hi, keith and denise. we're in california, the biggest of six states voting today. clinton is now the presumptive nominee, sanders supporters believe there's a good reason to fight. i'll have an exclusive interview with bernie sanders, very spirited, showing a willingness to go on from here. also, toppens turning the heat on their presumptive nominee, donald trump, and the twitter hack that sent rumors spinning about one of sports top figures. >> thank you, lester. we'll see you at 6:30. >> pga tour champion golfer fred funk was in northern liberty for a round of miniature golf. beginners and skilled golfers were encouraged to try their hand at a free hand of mini
5:51 pm
golf. funk is just one of the big names in town taking part in the 2016 constellation senior players championship. it will be held at the philadelphia cricket club on thursday. it's one of five major championships on the champions tour schedule. >> talking about sports, coming up next at 5:00, could the zika virus keep athletes, even broadcasts, away from the olympics. >> and then at 6:00, the pope in his recent stop in our area, a seminary that stood here for nearly 150 years. now an announcement that could spell its end. that's next at 6:00.
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5:54 pm
dozens of supporters turned out for a soda tax rally at city hall today. this was the scene inside conversation hall. about 125 people came out for a citizens rally to voice their opinions. as you know, the soda tax would fund mayor jim kenney's $95 million antipoverty plan, which included universal pre-k. today's rally comes ahead of tomorrow's city council budget hearing. council members will hear testimony on mayor kenny's 3 cents an ounce proposal and they'll discuss an alternative
5:55 pm
container tax measure. >> also tonight olympic officials are trying to reassure athletes and fans alike headed to rio the risk of catching the zika virus will be much lower during the games in august than it is right now. >> this comes as a few of the nation's biggest stars have been saying publicly whether they're going to brazil or not. erica edwards reports. >> olympics officials are trying to ease worries about zika. the mosquito-borne virus is responsible for a spike in severe birth defects in brazil. officials say they expect the risk for zika to be lower in august because in brazil, the summer olympics actually occur during winter. >> significantly lower the risk of mosquito-borne infections for visitors such as zika virus. >> the cdc has warned pregnant women against traveling to zika-affected countries and because the virus can also be
5:56 pm
sexually transmitted, experts say men exposed to the virus should practice safe sex for at least eight weeks upon their return. olympic gold medal gymnast gabby douglas says zika won't stop her from trying to compete in rio, saying i'm going. this is my shot. adding she doesn't care about, quote, stupid bugs. those bugs will keep top usa cyclist t.j. vanguard away from rio. he released a statement saying his wife is pregnant, and quote, family is priority. >> the same goes for nbc's savannah guthrie. announcing tuesday morning she's pregnant with her child and will not be attending the rio olympics for coverage. erica edwards, nbc news. >> we checked with each state today. delaware tells us they have confirmed three cases of the zika virus. new jersey has 19 and pennsylvania, 23. all of cases, the viruses are
5:57 pm
contracted overseas. >> nbc10 at 6:00 is next. >> here's jacqueline london. >> thank you. coming up next on nbc10 news at 6:00, new video of a little boy who was shot in his own house while his mom made dinner. tonight, his mother is walking us through what happened. the move she made that likely saved her son's life. >> and we're still tracking showers tonight. plus, the return of the 70s. look at that cooldown that's coming, and my exclusive first alert neighborhood forecast. >> and rushing in. what brought crowd to a locing casino that hasn't paid out a jackpot in nearly two years? those stores next at 6:00.
5:59 pm
with the white house showdown finally set, voters in new jersey and five other states are having their voices heard. nbc10 is in cherry hill as people cast ballots in today's primary. the outcome is expected to be a victory lap for hillary clinton. she now has the magic number of delegates needed to secure the democratic nomination. that means she would face presumptive republican nominee donald trump in november. but bernie sanders is not backing down. >> take a live look at the wells fargo center in south philly, the site of next month's
6:00 pm
democratic national convention. and even with hillary clinton poised to make history, bernie sanders still says he will take his campaign to the convention. the convention opens seven weeks from now on july 25th. after a long and drawn out race, hillary clinton is hoping to unify the fractured party before then. lauren spent the day speaking to democratic officials. lauren, what are they saying? >> well the democratic national convention committee has actually been talking to both the hillary clinton campaign and the bernie sanders campaign, there are certain things that the nominee will get to choose. i'm going to run down some of those for you in just a moment. but first, we have a sneak peek at a video hillary clinton will show supporters tonight as she kicks off the next phase of her campaign. >> if america is going to lead, we need to learn from the women of the world. >> the video tracks a journey for women, activists, and hillary clinton. it's what supporters will see tonight, a


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