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tv   Today  NBC  June 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody, you've made it! uh-huh. it's hump day, winesday wednesday, june 8. that is "still more" by headlight. >> that's important to note. >> i dress. >> don't we have a fun show today? >> we do, emmy-winning actress -- let's say that again -- emmy-winning actress patricia heaton is in our kitchen. >> look how cute she looks. >> i wonder if the lord knows she's wearing a dress. she's famous for her hilarious role on "everybody loves
10:01 am
raymond" and she's here to dish on her newest role. >> and he's a charming handsome family man who happens to be a hollywood hunk, did we mention he can cook, till too, freddie prinze, jr., is here with us. >> and jill martin has filled her bag with all kinds of fun stuff. >> plus, the latest god wink all about love. you know what's missing, speaking about love? >> yeah, two kinds. two different kinds of love. >> two delicious glasses of wine. >> we love our wine and we love our wine deliverer. >> eric dane, supposedly, has some wine for us. >> hoda gets the red. hi. >> oh! >> hoda gets the red. >> yes, i do. >> hoda gets the red and i get you. no, just kidding. thank you for delivering that. >> thank you! >> my pleasure. >> how are things on that last ship? have you found some people yet or something? >> things are good.
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we found a lot of people, we've healed a lot of people. we're now -- our efforts are global and we're having a good time with the pandemic >> [laughter]. a good time with a pandemic. >> as much fun as you can have in the pan demic. >> as much fun as you can have in the colonoscopy. >> isn't he handsome? >> he's an oil painting. >> so this is the start of season three? this is make or break for us. we either hit a stride or get canned. >> we won't have that. where can everybody see it? >> they can see it on tnt sunday nights at 9:00. >> well, cheers and thank you for bringing us our vino. god bless. >> god bless. salud. >> are you leaving? >> i'm going to hang out here with you while we do this. >> or you can hang with -- no, i'm going to go. great to see you. >> don't take a picture of his
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backside. >> no, i got the good side. >> that is rude! >> thank you. >> she's big on twitter. you're on all the social media, right? >> you are a wild woman. >> it's enough already, right? >> we like it. tweet that going right now. >> she has a guilt complex. you feel like you need to be on it. >> yes, it kind of hangs over your head. >> we'll hear you of that today. >> thank you, thank you. lay hands on me sisters. >> want some words of wisdom? do this with me, namaste. >> sometimes we are so attached to our way of life that we turn down wonderful opportunities simply because we don't know what to do with them. >> that's by a paoolo coello. he's the guy who wrote "the optimist." >> i don't understand a word of that. after you've had a few
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drinkidrinks you may start making sense. >> guess where i went last night? >> where did you go? >> the beyonce concert! oh, my gosh. it was in citi field, i went with jen miller and her niece sierra and it's at the baseball stadium so picture it, a beautiful night, all outside. >> gorgeous last night. >> she throw aspect tack already a show. she changes outfits, it's huge, then suddenly she'll sing a cappella and you can't believe her pipes. >> we forget what a fantastic just soloist she can be. >> and look at her dance. i got this video. it's probably illegal. >> it's illegal, hoda. >> whatever, someone needs to shoot it. >> look how close you were! >> watch this part, watch, here we go. and go. ♪ i'm dreaming, i work hard
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>> i was screaming, it was so -- >> you got in at 1:00 in the morning. >> exactly and it was worth every minute of it. would you ever go to a beyonce concert? >> i have four boys so we tend to go to hard rock -- i have mastodon on my play list. >> who? >> mastodon. >> oh, my god! >> elephants? that kind of mastodon? >> they look like elephants and probably smell like them, too. >> so do your four boyce, by the way, i've s.a.t. behind them in church. . well, i didn't do something as thrilling but i did do something that i thought was equally as moving. i forgot to talk about it yesterday in the big news with savannah being pregnant again but on monday night i went to jazz at lincoln center which everybody thinks of the other lincoln center but this is a beautiful facility where they -- fantastic organization called co
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covenant house honored my good friends kimberly and chris clark. covenant house is an amazing organization, we raised $1.2 million that night. there's chris and kimberly, they do incredibkrebcredible philant work. it's for homeless teens. they're all over the country and in six other countries as well. they take care of homeless teens, many of them are running away from abusive homes and many of them have been trafficked is so what they do is to not only save them from the streets but restore them to health and spiritual life and everything so god bless covenant house and my friends. >> congratulations. all right, it's time -- >> nobody segues like we do. >> "the bachelorette." tell us what happens. thank god for amanda. >> i'm happy to say it's back, my show is back. it's been dark the past week or so with chad but she went on really good dates last night where relationships moved along. so she went on a date with luke. >> she sure did.
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>> they were in a hot tub in the middle of the pennsylvania forest, i'm not sure why you do that. there was another guy -- >> oh, no, no, no, no. >> this is robbie. we'll see more of him. he's a competitive swimmer and she really likes him. >> no kidding. >> they made out on a pool table. this is jordan, that football player, aaron rodgers' brother. they're still going strong. >> wow. >> but i want to give a shout out to this guy. james taylor -- >> what? we love him. >> his name is james taylor, he's a musician. he had to do a football challenge yesterday with a bunch of the guys, it go so competitive and violent and he got hurt. so look at how he handled it. >> oh, dear. >> okay, okay! way to use your hands, james. >> is everyone okay? oh, he's bleeding! i see james taylor and blood is just gushing down his face. it looks like he's in bad shape, doesn't look like he's doing good. you're going to need stitches. >> really? can we wait on that? i don't want stitches.
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i mean, i know that's what the medic said but i think i'm fine. [ laughter ] >> i think -- by the way, i think that's hot. i think a guy who says -- >> i think it's stupid. >> no, it's hot. that is fine. that is a man. >> i love that. >> that is a real man. >> patti is missing life because she's tweeting -- >> about you! >> can i tell you one thing that happened with joel when he played rugby. he said he was playing in these big deal games. he fell, got hurt and his nose was broken. do you know what he did? he put it back in place. he went like that and played again. i thought that was so hot, right? okay, anyway. go on. [ laughter ] we digress. >> so chad and alex had the big date of the night. this is the marine that we like and this is chad who's causing all the problems. these two guys, they had a two on one date with her so she had to send someone home at the end of this date and the guys were
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saying this was good versus evil, like who was going to win out. >> she didn't send the marine home. >> i was worried. so she finally confronted him, chad, last night. so we'll look at their conversation here. fingers crossed she picked right. >> have you threatened anyone in the house? >> i mean, it's not 100% false, there have been things that have happened in the house. >> i don't want somebody that threatens other people who can't get along with other people and thinks that physical violence is the way to solve things. so with that said, alex, please accept this rose. >> thank you. >> she thinks because i can tell the way she talks to me, i can tell the way she looks about me and the way she felt about me. >> oh, that's over. >> she's either an actress or she's a complete [ bleep ]. there's only two options. >> well, he just showed us what hessian. >> so bye-bye, chad. >> so he's out? >> he's out. >> is there any way he'll come back like they always do? >> at the end of the show they show him going back to the hotel
10:10 am
and try to get into the door to meet the guys. he should be off the show at this point so i don't know what's going on. >> he won't li? >> he won't leave. he's walking through the woods alone. >> chad doesn't want to be a loser. he scratched on the door. >> he's going to make trouble later. >> of course he is, it's all -- >> she knocked him off. >> is there another evil person if he gets bounced. >> we don't have a new villain yet because we've been working on him. the whole show has been the chad show. >> it's only been on how long is? >> like four or five episodes in. >> thank you, amanda avery, for all you do. >> bye. >> it goes so quickly. whether she is playing a tv mom or hostess with the mostess, our bright, bold ocean spray craisins® dried cranberries transform everything. to show you, we're doing a taste test. but don't i need a fork? not for this taste test. which salad tastes better? "b." and which oatmeal is bursting with flavor? obviously "b." and... "b," "b," "b," and...
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>> her fans probably know her best as playing ray romano's wife deborah on the hit comedy "everybody loves raymond." or you may have seen her recently playing a midwest mom on the hit show "the middle" which just wrapped up its seventh season. >> unbelievable. >> uh-huh. >> but now she is once again dishing up good food for families and friends but now she does it on her emmy-winning cooking show "patricia heaton parties." >> hi! >> hi! >> congratulations. >> well, i have to tell you, the food show is so much fun because i have always wanted someone to pay me to drunk in the afternoon but you guys beat me to it! >> you're an amateur, baby. you're an amateur. >> have you always -- >> cheers. >> this is one of your cocktail recipes? >> raspberry prosecco. >> is that a recipe? you put raspberries iny s iies ? >> yeah. >> and what is this?
10:15 am
>> it's a peanut butter and jelly brownie. you know, you had lovely people make these for me. mine look sloppier, i kind of slap on the -- >> yours has less style. >> correct. and anything you can make from a box, if that works for you, do it. you can make the brownies from scratch if you want and they taste delicious but if you're busy and you have lots of people coming, make it from the box. >> have you always loved entertaining, cooking? >> when i first got married i was going to be like wifey pifey and have dinner parties and i was fearless and having dinner parties and having people over and then i had a child and it continued a little bit and then i had another child and then i got "everybody loves raymond" and it disappeared. >> then you had another child. >> and then i had another child and then i had another child. >> are you figuring out how this is happening? [ laughter ] >> it's interesting. >> are you trying to get a girl? >> that was in the works at one point, yes. and the fourth one was a total
10:16 am
surprise. i remember we were in england, i was having too many pims cups or something. >> that will do the trick. >> because i had just fit into all my pre-baby clothes and then i took a test because i thought "something is not right here." i'll never forget in the bathroom in england and i looked at the stick and it said "positive" i literally -- sweat started dripping down my sides. >> how old was your youngest son by that time? >> one! >> tramp. [ laughter ] >> tramp? it's my husband! i'm like "get off of me! i'm nursing! there's somebody here! would you get off of me?" [ laughter ] >> were you mad at your husband? >> well, until danny came along and then you're like, oh, okay, he's fine. but they were born '93, '95, '97, '99. >> wow. >> i don't remember the '90s at all. i remember driving along and you have your satellite radio and
10:17 am
they have music of the '60s. i got the '90s and i'm like i don't recognize -- >> same thing with me, our kids were little at the same time. >> i was watching dora the explorer. >> you know everything from nickelodeon and the disney channel. >> there were a couple guys on the show called kratz creatures. that got me through the '90s. >> you are so funny! >> by the way, i haven't had breakfast yet. i'm starting with crprosecco. >> let's lift up a glass for the lovely doris roberts. >> the world lost a great one. >> i was at her memorial and it was lovely. i hadn't realized how much doris had done. what an amazing career. they showed these clips from the beginning of her career and she was just a true professional. >> i wish we had time to talk about ray's nude orgy scene but that's for another -- >> that's better left unsaid. >> the new season of "patricia heaton parties premiers saturday on the food network." >> and sweethearts found each
10:18 am
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you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] have you ever heard a story that sounds like such a remarkable coincidence you know there must be more to it than beets the eye? >> "new york times" best selling author squire rush nell collects those stories in a series he calls god winks. and he's back to share another story with us. >> june is the month of weddings and romance. the story of marjorie and pat godfrey began in seventh grade at a dance but wait until you hear how a huge god wink allowed the story to finish. >> from the dance floor, i saw pat godry looking at me. >> marjorie was a ball of energy wearing white pants and a big smile. >> pat and i were drawn to each other. we dated until my family moved away and sadly drifted apart.
10:22 am
i went to college in new mexico and pat moved to hawaii. >> for the next decade, my life was pretty bumpy. two failed marriages sent me into a downward spiral. it was the worst time of my life. so bad i had to move in with my mother. one day mom and i were looking at photo albums, i came across a high school photo of marjorie. my heart sank. i missed her. i said "why couldn't i have just married marjorie southworth in the first place?" all of a sudden i got this overwhelming to your knowledge find her. i called every southworth in the l.a. phone directory, but no luck. >> i remained single all during this time, often thinking of my high school sweetheart pat, but my job kept me busy and i always hoped that one day my perfect love would come along. >> the next morning i started my commute to work but at the last moment i had another overwhelming urge. a completely crazy notion of taking a different route to work, one that was 45 minutes out of the way. it made no sense at the time.
10:23 am
as i waited on the two-lane ramp to enter the freeway, i heard a beep. i looked and a beautiful woman with sunglasses had pulled up next to my car. she lifted her glasses and my heart leapt. it was marjorie. >> i couldn't believe it. it was patrick. i felt a huge tug to beep at him. >> wow. when i saw her face i knew it was a god wink. what are the odds that on the day after i was looking for her in a city of millions of people that she would find me on a freeway ramp out of millions of cars on the road. i began to laugh and then i laid my head on the steering wheel and cried. >> we pulled to the side of the road and hugged. it was as if time stood still. >> it was only a few month's later that i looked into marjorie's eyes, still gripped by a lack of courage, i quietly said "i want to spend the rest of my life with you." >> i looked at patrick and asked "what are you trying to say? i want to hear the words?" >> i'm trying to say will you marry me? >> and i said yes.
10:24 am
>> oh, my gosh! >> they are still madly in love 37 years later. >> oh, that is so sweet. >> the message is we have to listen to that inner gps and follow the nudges and god winks will unfold. >> they will be revealed. >> that's one of my favorites. >> i know. >> one of my favorites. >> that was beautiful. >> thank you, squire, we look forward to these every month. >> thank you. >> that's the best, sweetheart. thank you. see you back at the house. every time he's on the show somehow i get stuck with him and his wife at my house the night before. go get your stuff, okay? [ laughter ] freddie prinze, jr., brings his long-time obsession to your dinner table. >> and get ready to play who knew with our great crowd all after your local news. ♪ ♪
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>> you're going to head out today? >> yes, right away. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. just about 10:30. let's get our forecast from sheena parveen. >> good morning, vai. we have showers moving in. temperatures comfortable and cool, but the cloud cover has
10:27 am
increased. showers and storms are really flaring up now. burks county, lancaster county through the lehigh valley, allentown, up to the poconos. the red showing the heaviest rain, east of greenville seeing one thunderstorm approaching. this is going to move through the entire area. it will be more widespread, and most of the area around philadelphia will expect it around lunch time today. in philadelphia right now, cloudy, 68 degrees. by lunch time, showers and thunderstorms, only near 70 degrees, and later on this afternoon, we'll be clearing for the evening commute, but it will be cool. >> thank you. another check on the road. jessica boyington, how is it looking? >> we have improved since earlier. this is 422. no problems or delays anymore at all. eastbound toward the schuylkill, you can see eight-empty trip here from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. speeds up into the 60s again, and the schuylkill expressway, we were dealing with a problem into center city, back to normal
10:28 am
and now at a 19-minute drive time to the vine street expressway. >> thank you. happening now, a protest over the proposed soda tax in philadelphia. sky force 10 is live over city hall. today, city council could vote on the tax. a source on the council confirms there is enough support to pass it. it would fund universal pre-k and other programs. it looks like lots of people gathering for those rallies. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have a full hour of news in about 30 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather with the nbc10 app.
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10:30 am
. it's winesday wednesday. we're ready to play our weekly trivia game who knew. since broadway's best will hit the road carpet on the tony's this sunday, we'll get the party started with all kinds of famous tonys. hoda is across the street at the shop at nbc studios at 30 rock. she's ready to handout $100 to anyone who answers the questions correctly but those who don't are going to get something much better, a signed book of her own. with me is tony yazbeck, he is the tony nominated actor from "on the town" who will star in broadway's "finding neverland" beginning this friday. >> very excited to join. >> are you nervous? >> in the best way.
10:31 am
it's such a fun role. it's a beautiful show. i can't wait to be part of it again. it's so great. >> so we're going to go over to hoda right now. all things tony. >> what's your name? >> michelle. >> and you're from? >> kentucky. >> you'll get this one. in which film did john travolta play a character named tone any manero. was it "saturday night live" "grease" or "pulp fiction." >> it was "saturday night live." [ bell ringing ] is it right? "saturday night fever"! >> come on, hey, hey! >> yes, she's got it. >> why is there any debate. we knew she got it. >> that's a very different kind of movie "saturday night live." but "saturday night fever." john travolta played the role of tony manero twice. the secret to "saturday night fever" was called "staying alive." ♪ staying alive, staying alive, staying alive ♪ >> take that, hoda. >> i like it, that was excellent.
10:32 am
what's your name, honey. >> katie. >> where are you from? >> portland, maine. >> no pressure. here we go. what superheroes real name is tony stark? is it spiderman, captain america or iron man? >> iron man. >> is she right? [ bell ringing ] you're right! [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't think she's going to be giving away too many of her books today. the egg us about that. >> they're all getting it right. robert downey, jr., was iron man. he's done the role seven times. >> hollywood's highest-paid actor now. >> he should be. he's so effervescent on the screen. >> and coming back from everything he came back from. i'm a huge fan. >> incredible. >> also a huge fan of hoda woman. >> what's your name, honey? >> jan from iowa. >> i knew you were from iowa. here we go. finish the lyric to this toni braxton song. here we go. ♪ unbreak my heart >>. ♪ unbreak my heart
10:33 am
>> did she get? [ buzzer sounding ] >> wait a minute! ♪ say you love me again >> okay, so what is it? >> it's "say you'll love me again." that's the lyric. "unbreak my heart" was released in december of 1996, number one on the billboard top 100. >> there you go. okay, hoda. >> all right, here we go. what is the full name of this serial cartoon mascot. take a look. >> they're great! tony the tiger! >> tony the tiger! [ cheers and applause ] daddy was right. here you go. a hundred dollars. >> okay, next one. >> did you know that tony the tiger has a family? he has a son named tony, jr., a daughter named antoinette and a mama toni as his wife. >> that warms the cockles of my
10:34 am
heart. do we have time for one more? >> what's your name, sweetie? >> kate. >> where are you from? >> arlington, tennessee. >> is it your birthday? >> it's my 18th birthday. >> come on, girl, for your birthday. which tony danza tv character had the longest run. was it tony on taxi, tony on "who's the boss" or tony on "the tony danza show." >> the tony danza show. [ buzzer sounding ] but, but -- yay! >> was it "who's the boss"? >> it was "who's the boss." it ran for eight seasons. "tony danza" ran for two seasons, "taxi" five and "who's the boss." do you remember the theme song? >> no. ♪ brand new life, brand new life, brand new life around the bend ♪ >> if you want more of that, go see him in "finding neverland this friday." are you going to the tonys? >> i hope so. can't wait. >> see you sunday night on that.
10:35 am
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olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. there's only one thing that can make a chicken taste bettser. >> if a hollywood hunk is cooking it. we have freddie prinze, jr. our team brought freddie in to promote his first cook book "back to the kitchen." first, let's look at his career. why not. >> hey, let's try to stay calm. >> it was back in 1997 when freddie prinze, jr., burst in the silver screen in the hit "i know what you did last summer." >> i was wondering if maybe you'd want to -- >> with the film's success, freddie's career soared, turning him into one of hollywood's young heartthrobs, going on to
10:40 am
star in films like "she's all that" and "summer catch." >> what could possibly happen by ringing the doorbell? >> but it was in the scooby do live action films where freddie got to show off his comedic chops, playing fred jones, the hunky members of the mystery ink quartet, also starring alongside his real life wife sara michelle geller. >> thank you for the beautiful drink! >> freddie's success in comedy came as know surprise, following in his late father freddie prinze, sr.'s footsteps who was best known for his starring role in the 1970s hit sit cocom "chi and the man." in 2010 he took a dramatic turn appearing in the eighth season of the espionage action thriller "24." all of that! >> you must be exhausted? >> no, i'm good. i'm good. i haven't seen some of those since -- well, since we did. >> it you don't go back and watch the old stuff? >> i don't and i've only seen three movies that i've been in.
10:41 am
i read the script, i know how it ends. i don't watch trailers, i don't like -- i never want to know the trick, i want to be tricked. i enjoy being tricked? >> you like the mystery of life a little. >> if you read the script you're like "i know who gets it." >> when you look at freddie prinze, jr., on your notes you think he'll be there for acting but this is different. >> today we'll cook. >> this is a long time love of yours? >> my mom was a jedi master. she was a single mom, a lot of my life lessons in front of a stove on top of a range and she would teach me or whoop me depending on if i was a good kid or bad kid. >> more of the latter, huh? >> yeah. >> we're going to spanky a chicken today. a naked chicken, what do we do. >> normally you should wear gloves. i don't but i'm a clean freak and i wash my hands a thousand times a day. my hands are clean, i was in here working already. i'm going to butter the outside and the inside. i don't need to show you the outside of how to rub butter on
10:42 am
a bird but people need to know how to separate the skin. just work your fingers in between the skin and the meat at the opening of the bird right there. i do this for thanksgiving, too, and after i separate it i put by a leaves in there and roast and it looks pretty and gives it a nice little flavor, too. >> so rub that up. >> pretty fancy. >> you do that chicken boob, i'll do this chicken boob. that's what i called it when i was a kid. >> you're a boob man? >> with chickens, yes. so that's the inside of your bird there, i'll do the outside here, just give him a quick rub. then we'll do our salt, we'll do -- i use ancho chili powder, this looks like regular chili powder, it still works. we'll use cayenne, this will be the outside rub. now pepper, salt. speaking of my dad and pep, my dad was good friends with muhammad ali who passed away and he used to beat my dad up and
10:43 am
pepper him in the face. he used to whoop him up all the time. so a little bit of chili. you can put this in one bowl if you want and do it at the same time. >> let's move on down the line. >> we'll stuff it with shallots and garlic on the inside of that bird and you can see that here. >> you do lime inside. >> well, this is will be a citrus bird so all this fruit is going to go in our roasting pan so we'll put good orange slices, lemon slices, lime slices in there. i'm going to rack this bird right here and sneak him over here and this is going to rest on your onions that are in here already and on all the citrus and we'll add chicken stock and beer to this. you can do it now if you want. sometimes i wait until after i put in the the oven but it doesn't matter. >> so there's that. >> and beer? >> beer it up. >> what does the beer do to it? >> i just love the flavor. >> of course you do. i used to do it when i was a single guy and i would broil steak with. >> it come on back. >> we'll stick this -- even
10:44 am
though my hands are filthy. will someone open that oven for me? >> this one is already out. >> yes, that one is out. now you're going to cook this basically 20 minutes per pound. for the first 20 minutes i leave the bird uncovered to help get the skin crispy and then i'll cover it with foil after 20 minutes which is the time we don't have. so we'll pretend we did. >> and let's taste. >> hoda woman, here you go. >> what are these veggies? >> those are brussels sprouts. >> fried brussels sprouts, three ingredient, parmesan cheese, canola oil and brussels sprouts and my daughter and i eat these like popcorn. >> it's delicious. >> this bird so should be juicy, juicy, juicy, tons of good citrus flavor and the beer makes it awesome. >> it does! congratulations. >> so dlirks, thank you. for this recipe go to and click on the chicken tab. >> and make sure you wash your hands. >> over and over. >> if you're throwing a party, think inside the box. think inside the box. jill has all your wish your skin could bounce back like... think inside the box. jill has all your used to?
10:45 am
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10:50 am
don't have time to go shop? >> "today" contributor has the bags to get your summer started. we're ready for summer. >> i'm super excited because we are going to have a party. look at these fabulous floats from amazon. >> they're so cute. >> who doesn't love a giant smarties and look at these floating -- so you here in the pool but it's only one american the pool. you send over a palm tree. >> by the way, so cute. >> in a red cup? what's better than wine? >> that's adorable. >> now let me take them away. this is water pong or beverage pong or whatever your choice is. >> wine pong. >> wine pong. you try to get it in. >> oh, oh -- where are you going? >> i'm going to go here. >> yeah! >> oh!
10:51 am
>> what? >> same one. >> hoda -- >> same one, what are the odds? that was loud. >> it's only water so no one really wins. [ laughter ] brookstone, under $100. love that. these are two for one. you slice it and then -- i love watermelon. >> look at these cool things. >> you slice it but you can serve it. it's tongs and a slicer. >> i love that. i love that. >> so that's that. and with melon you can do this -- that a fork on the end? >> it's like not a fork but -- then you can cut it and it's a fork. >> a lot going on. >> don't spike yourself on the other end. >> this is a stackable lunch so if you're going on a pick anything everything has a bowl. you stack it and bring it with you for a picnic. >> very cute. >> fabulous. uncommon goods. this is charades by it's great for travel.
10:52 am
you pick -- how does it start, kate? [ humming off stage ] ♪ is not my lover >> billy jean! >> yes! and this is cardboard ping-pong. >> get over there. so much fun. >> it folds up, also inexpensive. it works. >> oh, my gosh, i like it. >> i love ping-pong. >> don't you love ping-pong? >> now everything you need for a party. this whole situation and you can get it for as many people -- >> that's cute. >> now i want to cue the lights. >> ooh! >> from sharper image. let's just look at this. now you're walking at night and you want people to see you. i have lights on my shoes. >> look at that! that's great. >> what about hiking?
10:53 am
>> drinks light up? >> so this lasts four to six hours. the shoe lights are from hammocker. i got that wrong. but i want to clarify this. they're light-up glasses for a night party. they last four to six hours. >> what's in the glass? >> what's in the glass again? she said mimosa. >> don't drink it go. >> do not drink it. >> i'm going to drink it. >> we'll be back in a moment! but first, this is today on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
coming up tomorrow, actress paula patton stops by with something new. >> plus, the lovely lilliana takes us behind the scenes at the cmt awards. >> also a performance by the goo goo dolls that you won't want to miss. >> plus ambush make-oovers and o easy, easy, easy ideas for dinner. >> how easy? >> so easy.
10:57 am
>> easy peasy? >> can you tell we have time to
10:58 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, nbc10's first alert radar is tracking storms and showers that could impact your lunch hour. i'm vai sikahema. wet weather is moving into your area right now. how bad will it be and how long will it stick around? sheena parveen showing some lightning on that radar. and she's here now with the first aheard neighborhood prast. a close look at conditions across communities in pennsylvania and delaware. >> showing the lightning approaching the philadelphia area right now, in the lehigh valley. it will get closer to the pennsylvania suburbs. if we zoom in, you see allhi


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