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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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that breaking news is in south philadelphia, where a house fire has turned deadly. we're live on the scene, where we just spoke to the city's new fire chief. a new deal on philadelphia's proposed soda tax is moving forward. we'll break down the last-minute changes to the plan. and storm aftermath. people across the area are cleaning up after yesterday's heavy winds. we'll show you some of the hardest hit spots. it is 4:00 a.m. this thursday morning. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. we're expecting the winds to pick up today. nothing like yesterday though. sheena parveen says it's shaping up to be a near perfect day. cool morning out, though. >> yes, it is actually a little cooler this morning than it was yesterday morning. if you liked yesterday morning
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when you walked outside, you're really going to like this morning. 54, philadelphia. 52 in allentown. 57 in dover. this is about 5 or so degrees cooler than yesterday morning at this time across the area. philadelphia, though, coming in almost 10 degrees cooler right now. most of the area right around 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday morning. as we go through the day today, though, nice and dry on the radar. we have no rain heading our way until the weekend. take a look at what we're going to see through the afternoon. temperatures in the mid-70s for philadelphia, trenton, also reading. wilmington coming in, in the mid-70s. with this dry weather in place, it's going to be a pretty perfect day. we'll talk more about the forecast for this weekend coming up. let's check out the roadways this morning with katy zachry. >> hi, sheena. thanks so much. i want to take a quick look at our drive times. no major delays to report on any of our majors in pennsylvania. 95 as you make your way
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southbound between wood haven and the vine street expressway. it's a quick drive of about 12 minutes. the schuylkill expressway from the blue route into center city, that's the same, about 12 minutes. and no problems or delays on the blue route. taking a live look outside, the vine street expressway at 24th street, we are still seeing some of that overnight construction, which has closed the vine between the schuylkill and 95. i'll let you know when that clears. and finally for drivers through new jersey, this is a live look outside at camden right at route 38 and route 70. no major issues to report. tracy? >> katy, thanks. it's 4:02. this morning we're following breaking news in south philadelphia. one person is dead after flames ripped through a home overnight. matt delucia is live on scene. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: well, i just spoke with the new fire commissioner. he tells me one person did die here in this fire. it's a two-story row home. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. you can see it's still very
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active. firefighters tell me they're going to be out here for much of the early morning hours. you see the home right there. they have some of the fire investigators going through with their flash flights. take a look at video from earlier this morning. of course, you have a lot of people on this road. this happened in the middle of the row block. now fire officials are telling us an elderly man was found dead on the first floor of this home. we're on the 1700 block of taylor street in south philadelphia. the cause is still under investigation. it's unclear at this point if there were any working smoke detectors. we talked with the fire commissioner about that a few minutes ago. take a listen. >> every fire is a tragedy. we want to remind everybody the importance of smoke alarms and being safe around fire. >> reporter: and as we take another live look here at the scene, you can see they have all their hoses still out there, but the fire is out.
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right now is just a cleanup operation. a couple of the neighboring occupants were evacuated temporarily, but the fire commissioner tells us they should be allowed back in once everything is cleaned up out here. of course, this is going to take quite some time, and there are plenty of fire crews still remaining on scene. so this area around taylor street, right by moore street, all filled with fire activity. not a good area to be in at this hour. live in south philadelphia, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we're also following breaking news from overseas. iraqi officials report a deadly car bombing in baghdad. the bomb went off in a commercial area and killed at least 15 people, wounding dozens of others. we're working to learn more about the attack. philadelphia's full city council will now consider the so-called soda tax after the bill passed its first hurdle last night. a council committee approved a consensus measure to put a 1.5 cent per ounce tax increase on sugary and artificially
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sweetened soft drinks. the tax will raise $91 million next year. mayor jim kenny has been pushing for a 3 cent per ounce tax to pay for universal pre-k, community schools, and to reinvest in parks and rec centers. >> it was a bait and switch. it's actually being used to plug a budget hole. what retailers tell us is they're going to be forced to pass this tax on to consumers. >> traditionally if the bills come out of committee with a significant vote, it will pass on final passage. >> council is scheduled to pass the final vote next thursday. it's 4:05. you'll soon have more places to buy wine in pennsylvania. yesterday governor tom wolf signed a bill allowing wine sales in licensed grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and dell delis. it will also give state stores more flexibility over their
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hours and prices. this takes effect in august. the governor predicts the stores can now sell wine, and that will add jobs. welt, it's looking more unlikely you'll be able to carry booze on atlantic city boardwalk this summer. according to the press of atlantic city, council pulled the ordinance from its agenda yesterday that would permit open containers of alcohol on the boards. the council prth said he delayed the vote to allow the state beverage and control board to take a closer look at the ordinance. it will be july before it could be considered again. happening today, phillies aim to strike out als, also known as lou gehrig's disease. here's a live picture from citizens bank park, where the phillies festival begins this afternoon. the entire team will sign autographs for thousands of fans. here's video from last year's event. fans will have a chance to throw in the bull pen, bid on silent auction sports memorabilia.
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since the '80s, the phillies have raised more than $16 million for the als association. this morning, a 10-year-old boy is expected to be okay after he fell from scaffolding outside an elementary school in northeast philadelphia. nbc 10 was at hamilton elementary. district officials say the incident happened after school hours, and the scaffolding was there for a mural project. we're working to find out if the injured boy is a student at that school. well, people all over our region are cleaning up debris through yesterday. trees fell across the road, taking down power lines in philadelphia's east oak lane neighborhood. a tree smashed into an suv that parked on the street, but no one was hurt. now to delaware. nbc 10 found power lines and trees all over the road. this is north wilmington. at the jersey shore, the winds were so strong, they
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ripped the roof off this apartment building in atlantic city. you can see the roof torn off at the top. from our south jersey bureaus, crews have been working to store power to homes in burlington and camden counties. part of the pavement buckled when a tree uprooted and toppled on to this home on willow dale drive in cherry hill. the family wasn't home when it happened. also, we got a picture from a woman who was driving this car when a tree crashed down on it in camden. >> only thing i can say is the lord loves me. you hear me? he loves me. >> power crews worked through the evening to fix downed wires. at last check, atlantic city electric report just fewer than power this morning in camden, burlington, and gloucester counties.
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well, what a difference a day makes across the area. that's what we're seeing right now. wind speeds this morning right around 5 to 10 miles an hour, but it's going to be breezy as we go through the afternoon. cape may seeing winds sustained right near 15 miles an hour. as we go through the day, they could be gusting near 25. nothing like yesterday. today is, in fact, going to be a very perfect day. also, don't forget with your first alert neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast is always scrolling right at the bottom of your screen for you. temperatures this morning are a little cooler than they were yesterday morning, running 5 to 10 degrees cooler across the area. 54 in philadelphia right now. 51, wilmington. pennsylvania suburbs around 50 degrees. our new jersey suburbs are coming in quite a bit cooler too. 53, washington township. 52 in woods town. lumberton, 54 degrees. we have some areas in mercer county coming in, in the 40s. princeton, 45 degrees.
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so this is actually the type of a morning where you may need the light jacket. yesterday morning maybe you didn't, it just felt comfortable, but this morning you might want that light jacket for the morning hours. not this afternoon though. it's going to be really nice outside today. clear skies on the radar. no rain heading our way until saturday. we're going to be in the clear until saturday. here's the planner for today for the philadelphia area. by 7:00 a.m., 56 degrees and sunny. 11:00 a.m., mid-60s and sunny. sunshine lasting through the afternoon. by 3:00 p.m., 73 degrees. if you're in our pennsylvania suburbs, 51 degrees by 7:00 a.m. by 3:00 p.m., low 70s. sunny through the lehigh valley. 51 by 7:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m., topping out around 70 degrees. in delaware, mid-50s by 7:00 a.m. by the afternoon, mid-70s. new jersey, 55 at 7:00. 3:00 p.m., 73 degrees. if you're in new jersey along the shore, you should be topping out around the mid-70s. we go into the weekend, though, and we have thunderstorms approaching the area.
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there's a chance we could see some severe storms saturday, mostly in the afternoon and evening. this yellow-shaded area shows us the best spot we could see these. it includes the philadelphia area and points north and west. just something to keep in mind as we go into the weekend before you start making plans. sunday does look dry, but saturday we are looking at that threat for potentially strong to severe thunderstorms. we'll talk more about this and take a look at your weekend forecast. and if you're heading to the shore, we'll look at that the forecast too coming up. >> all right, sheena. thanks. it's 11 minutes past 4:00. we have an next philadelphia to tell you about. >> this happened not too long ago in the bridesburg section. injuries. aramingo avenue at james street. we have the vine street directions between 95 and 76 for
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overnight construction. other than that, 76 all in the green as you make your way in and out of center city, philadelphia. 95, things are running smoothly as well. there is some construction on street road. there's also a downed tree on street road. so i'll have details on that coming up in just a bit. if you take a live look outside, this is in depford, new jersey, where the 42 freeway crosses over with route 41. tracy? >> katy, thanks. today president obama is meeting with bernie sanders about how the democratic party is moving forward in decision 2016. next, we'll explain what the president wants sanders to do when it comes to his battle with hillary clinton. plus, paying f ing more for. why people in philadelphia will see a spike in their bills starting next month.
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it's 4:15. 64 degrees outside. today president obama will meet with bernie sanders at the white house. the president will urge the vermont senator to back hillary clinton's candidacy for president. sanders has promised to fight on through the last primary contest, which is next tuesday in washington, d.c. he'll hold a rally there tonight. meantime, hillary clinton is taking a few days off from the campaign trail as she celebrates her historic victory. she's the first woman to lock up the presidential nomination of a major party. she spoke with nbc nightly news anchor lester holt last night about the next phase of the election season. clinton says she won't trade insults with donald trump. >> he can run a campaign of insults. i'm running a campaign of issues that are going to produce results for the american people. i'm going to talk about why he's unqualified to be president based on his own words and his
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deeds. >> clinton also called trump terpe temperamentally unfit to be president. trump clinched the nomination in early may, but he's had a slow start on raising campaign cash and getting organized. now he's scrambling to make up for last time. he's also facing fallout after his attacks on the mexican heritage of the judge who's overseeing a lawsuit against trump university. >> it was a wasted five weeks. he sewed up the nomination on may 3rd, and here we are on june 7th, june 8th. the only thing we're talking about is about a judge that no give a damn about. >> trump was more crafted and careful in his remarks following primary favictories on tuesday. he reassured the republican party of his intent to unify, not divide. but it may not be working in the keystone state.
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a new survey finds 46% of philadelphians think the philly fanatic is more qualified to be president than donald trump. just 40% picked trump. this poll did not ask the same question compares the fanatic to hillary clinton. philadelphia is in talks to buy protest insurance for the democratic national convention. according to a report by our partners at news work, here's video from the republican convention in 2004. back then new york did not have this type of insurance, and it ended up paying more than $18 million to settle lawsuits over protesters' civil rights. cities hosting political conventions learn from that experience. cleveland is also working to get insurance to cover the upcoming gop convention. 4:17. now to a story you saw first on hundreds of bernie sanders supporters are planning to camp out during the dnc. but they'll have to stay in the suburbs because the city of philadelphia is not granting camping permits. one group tells us that
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protesters will camp out at a pair of campgrounds in south jersey before boarding buses to philadelphia. happening today, the speaker of the house, paul ryan, will unveil a national security strategy that includes an overhaul of the u.s. immigration system. the plan would install added defenses to keep out extremists, criminals, and drug dealers. ryan's strategy calls for the use of high fencing along the border, but it does not include building a wall, as proposed by presumptive republican nominee donald trump. if you live in philadelphia, get ready to see a jump in your water bill. the water rate board announced a hike that would add $3.44 to the average monthly bill starting in july. and then in july of next year, another $3.18 hike kicks in. the board blames part of the increase on lost revenue from customers who don't pay their bills. well, it is a cool start to the morning.
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a little cooler than yesterday morning. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now. 51, wilmington. 50 degrees in many of our pennsylvania suburbs. at the shore, coming in around 52 degrees. mid-50s through much of south jersey. with our new neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen for you. 54 at philly international. 53 chestnut hill. mid-50s for society hill. 52 degrees in summerton. this is the type of morning where you probably need the light jacket when you step outside. you're not going to need it this afternoon. radar nice and dry. no storms like we had yesterday. we're not going to see more storms until we go into the weekend. today and tomorrow both look nice and dry across the area. here's a look at your neighborhoods for south jersey along the shore and delaware. a little gusty today with wind speeds near 15 to 20 miles an hour. if you're in south jersey, 75 degrees, hamilton township.
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this is a pretty perfect day. sunny, mid-70s, low humidity. 75, atlantic city. 76, wildwood. in delaware, 76 degrees in wilmington. 77 in dewy beach. we're going to stay like this as we end out the week. this is future weather. today we stay dry, but it's going to be breezy. tomorrow a little warmer than today but still dry and still sunny. for your friday we're looking at temperatures a little closer to 80 degrees. warmer than today. saturday will be a little warmer than that. look what happens saturday afternoon. 6:00 p.m., we have the approach of showers and storms. the best chance for potentially strong to severe storms would be around philadelphia and points north and west. so of course we'll be watching that as we get closer to the weekend. if you are heading to the shore this week, it's not looking too bad. there's a slight chance we could see a thunderstorm at the shore saturday. the best chance would be farther inland. sunday, 83 degrees. by monday, we're looking at the 80s.
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getting warmer at the shore for sure. wildwood, saturday, 79 degrees. by sunday, we're looking at the 80s. by monday, still very comfortable. if you're in cape may this weekend, saturday, 81 degrees. by sunday, 81. if we go into monday and you're still at the shore, 75 degrees, nice and sunny. over the next five days, not looking too bad. today, mid-70s. tomorrow, near 80. nice and sunny. along the shore, mid-70s tomorrow. saturday, that's when we have the chance of thunderstorms in philadelphia. lower chances closer to the shore. the end of your weekend does look dry. >> terrific, sheena. thanks. 4:21 right now. let's get you to work on this thursday morning starting in wilmington. katy zachry has that. >> no major issues or delays to report in the wilmington area. that's good for drivers. wanted to give you a quick peek at your drive time if you're making your way northbound on 95 headed between 295 and 495. it's going to take you about 11 minutes. ten minutes if you're doing that same distance southbound. wilmington drivers, you're free and in the clear of any issues.
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moving further north up 95, this is a live look in south philadelphia at broad street. very light traffic in both directions. no issues to report on this center city, there is some there are two major issues in the bridesburg section of philadelphia. and james street. also in south philadelphia, we're watching some fire activity. we have a crew on the scene. 17th street and south taylor. >> katy, thanks. this morning, a 3-year-old is alive thanks to two young women who jumped into action at a florida pool. next, we'll explain how they rescued the toddler before medics got to the scene. plus, cashing in on muhammad ali. how some people are trying to make a profit on the fighter's funeral. and we invite you to be part of the conversation every morning when we're on the air. follow the nbc 10 news today
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team on the air. you can read our posts, tweet us directly, and we'll tweet you right back.
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it's 4:25 and 54 degrees outside. this is new video, and it shows two young women in florida saving a drowning toddler. police believe the 3-year-old either slipped or jumped into the pool while walking around its edges. no one noticed for a minute and 30 seconds. then her 9-year-old cousin swims over, pulls the toddler out of then an 18-year-old woman gives the toddler cpr and revives her before paramedics even got there. the toddler is now doing okay. happening today, a new law goes into effect in california
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allowing terminally ill patients to end their own lives. the right to die law states that patients with six months or less to live and diagnosed by two different doctors can ask a physician for life-ending medication. but patients, doctors, and pharmacists can opt out at any time. there is strong religious opposition to the new law, but supporters say it provides an end to suffering for those who need it the most. lawmakers in washington have agreed to hold talks on a measure to fund the government's fight against the zika virus. lawmakers have to figure out how much money to spend and whether to pay for it with cuts elsewhere in the budget. in february, president obama asked for nearly $2 billion to fight zika. the virus, as you know, has been linked to severe birth defects. today an islamic funeral prayer service will be held for boxing great muhammad ali. the event will be held in his hometown of louisville. ali died last friday after a long battle with parkinson's at 74.
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ali scripted his own funeral plans, which will include another public memorial service tomorrow. a spokesperson for his family says they're disgusted that some people are trying to profit from tomorrow's memorial service. free tickets for the service were given out yesterday. they were gone in about an hour. now some ticketholders are selling their seats online. ali had hin cyinsisted that the tickets should be free. a bucs county community honored a man serving his community. ryan brooks is a third class damage controlman on the u.s. coast guard ice breaker polar star. he recently returned from a journey to the antarctic. he was recognized for his efforts in helping his crew cross 40 miles of antarctic ice to deliver supplies for a research mission. good morning. it is a cool start to this thursday morning. a little bit cooler than yesterday. you might need a light jacket
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before you step out. 51 degrees in wilmington. 52, atlantic city. philadelphia, 54 degrees. we'll talk more about the rest of this week and onsome storms r part of your weekend. let's get a check of your roads with katy zachry. >> a live look outside at the vine street expressway, where things are not moving because it is closed between 95 and 76. i also have a closure on 95 i'll tell you about after the break. plus, this morning we have exclusive video of a hit-and-run driver slamming into a philadelphia police cruiser and then taking off. we'll show you what happened and explain where the search for the driver stands now.
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