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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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we'll bring you tonight's nbc 10 news starts now. remembering dozens of innocent lives lost. orlando, the nation and the world are reacting to the deadliest shooting in american history. new this morning, searching for clues. federal agents surrounded the home of orlando mass shooting suspect omar mateen. standing together with pride. nbc 10 cameras were at city hall for the american flag and gay pride flag are both at half-staff in honor of the orlando terror victims. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today" today. i'm katy zachry. it is 4:00 a.m. on your monday.
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let's get to meteorologist bill henley with our first alert forecast. >> it will be a beautiful day today. lots of sunshine and the humidity has come way down. this morning, the winds are blowing nicely. that's dry air that's blowing into the area. it's a 15 mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia. at 13 miles an hour in the lehigh valley. still a few clouds moving through. those clouds will thin out nicely. we get sunshine and quite a warmup. 67 degrees by 10:00 this morning. right now we're looking at a few clouds in the area. by this afternoon, mostly sunny skies. delaware and the lehigh valley, near 80. new jersey, inland areas, 80 degrees. at the shore, a little bit cooler at 77. sunny skies for the shore and sunshine will be nice and bright for philadelphia up to 82 degrees this afternoon. let's take a closer look at the winds that are blowing when i'm back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. we are starting off with breaking news this morning on
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the blue route. we have a road closure because of a motorcycle accident. this happened southbound. these are our cameras around baltimore pike. a lot of flashing lights, making it difficult to see. all southbound lanes blocked off right now. just about an half hour ago, all northbound lanes were blocked off as well. i did see cars traveling through, so we'll have to double check that for you to see if the northbound lanes are still shut down. they were shut down because of debris that wlalanded in the northbound lanes. all southbound lanes still closed down with that police activity. more ├župdates for you when i'm back in the next ten. the nation is in mourning following the terror in orlando. here's what we know. the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history killed 50 people and wounded 53 others early yesterday morning. officials continue to remove bodies from inside the popular
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gay nightclub where the shooting took place. the gunman killed by police called 911 to declare his allegiance to the leader of isis, just moments before the massacre. the fbi is in the process of searching his home in florida right now. law enforcement says so far, there's no sign the shooter was tied to terrorists overseas or that anyone else was involved in the attack. a look the aftermath, we are hearing from the gunman's family, his ex-wife and co-workers. nbc 10's matt delucia is following the latest developments from the digital operations center. matt, what has happened in the last few hours that you can tell us? >> first off, katy, the victims, some have been identified. 18 of 50 of last count. the crime scene is still being processed. federal agents have surrounded the home of thesuspect, 29-year-old omar mateen.
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this is in st. pierce, florida, a little more than 100 miles away from orlando. neighbors were worried that mateen's unit could be booby trapped. there had been talks that this man had already been on the fbi list. police say as we mentioned just a moment ago, mateen called 911 just before the attack pledging his allegiance to isis. his ex-wife spoke out last night, calling him, quote, violent and bipolar. >> i was devastated, shocked, started shaking and crying because more than anything, i was so, so deeply hurt and heart broken for the people that lost their loved ones, the families that are now suffering, the people that are wounded that are healing. >> now, tonight at 6:45 a vigil is being plan for the victims of the orlando nightclub shooting.
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that will happen on the north side of city hall. also looking to our area, the philadelphia police say they have increased their presence throughout the city. officers have been instructed to be vigilant and patrol any area that could be of concern. a man originally from northeast philadelphia, now living in orlando, he was inside the pulse nightclub just before the shooting. we'll hear from him. live in the digital operations center, for now, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, we'll check back with you shortly. survivors of the shooting who witnessed the terror firsthand are now telling their stories. about 300 people were inside the club early yesterday morning when a barrage of bullets shattered a fun night of music and dancing. chaos erupted with club patrons confused about what was actually happening. danielle gonzalez said the gunfire lasted for about eight minutes. >> he wasn't stopping. he just kept on shooting and shooting and shooting. it was rapid fire.
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then he'd change, put in more ammunition. people are screaming, help me, help me, i'm trapped. people are getting trampled. >> inside the club, people were carrying the wounded away from the scene. when ambulances ran out, pickup trucks were helping to take the wounded to the hospital. he'll be talking about ways to prevent future├ž attacks similar to the one that happened in orlando. casey will start by unveiling a new gun control bill. the measure is aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of people who have been convicted of hate crimes in the past. police in philadelphia stood guard outside woody's last night. it was one of several bars hosting after parties. thinking about terrorists during the celebration last night was bitter sweet.
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>> it's just sobering. it's just hard to imagine that. >> the only thing that gives you comfort, love always wins over hate. >> and as you heard, a candle light vigil in memory of the orlando victims is planned at city hall tonight at 6:45. flags are flying at half-staff by order of pennsylvania governor tom wolf. nbc 10's george spencer is in orlando, tracking the latest developments. watch for his live reports later today on nbc 10 news. it is 4:07. reacting to the tragedy. in just minutes we will share president obama's address to the nation. plus, hear how the presumptive nominees from both political parties are addressing the mass shooting. tonight, a south jersey community will remember former "voice" contestant and south jersey native christina grimmie. she was shot and killed on friday. she was signing autographs after
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a concert. grimmie grew up in marlton, burlington county. there will be a candle light vigil at the marlton memorial sports complex. the man who shot grimmie then shot and killed himself. new from overnight, one person is dead in this car accident in philadelphia's bustleton neighborhood. you can see the car is wedged sideways between a tree and a brick wall. the crash happened at bustleton avenue and greg street just before 2:30. police say the man behind the wheel was speeding and driving erratically right before the crash. blood tests are being run on him. we're expecting an update on a fourth fire that may have affected your trip home from the jersey shore yesterday. look at this surveillance video we got from a viewer who was driving by the fire. the fire is burning through part of brendan t. burns state forest in woodland township, burlington
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county. the last update we got from firefighters who were there fighting the fire is that it's 50% contained. we are expecting another update from them around 8:00 this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. temperatures have cooled down nicely this morning. we're running 15 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. skies are clearing, still a few scattered clouds but no sign of any wet weather for us. it will be a nice, sunny day. we're looking at skies that are clearing and temperatures cooling. the suburbs, they've dropped down into the 50s. 61 in south jersey and right at 60 degrees in delaware. for philadelphia, the numbers are in the middle 60s for society hill and down to 62 degrees in bustleton. cooling things down and bringing in drier, more comfortable air, the winds. look at that. it's a 16 mile-an-hour wind that
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has been gusting to 26 miles an hour so far this morning. those winds extend into the allentown area, lehighton and coatesville. it's pushing to the southeast. that's the dry air flooding0in after the cold front passed by us yesterday. before it moved through the area, there it goes, it brought our temperatures into the 90-degree range yesterday afternoon. that's not going to happen again today. mostly clear skies. a few, thin clouds are moving through eastern maryland on the way to delaware. a sunny day ahead. the clouds will be moving out and the temperatures moving up. we won't get close to the 90 degree mark like we did yesterday. 82 this afternoon in university cities. sunny skies in somerton and chestnut hill. lansdale, right around 80 degrees this afternoon. 78 in doylestown. the lehigh valley is looking sunny, too. 80 for easton and bethlehem. kutztown, 79 degrees later today. for new jersey, haddonfield, vineland, the very low 80s
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today. sunny skies at the shore, too. wildwood 75. closer to 80 degrees for atlantic city and linwood. sunshine for delaware, dover and wilmington right up to 80 degrees this afternoon. that's today, right at the bottom of the screen is your seven-day forecast and does have more nice spring weather as we enter the final week of spring. take a closer look at when that starts to change. there will be wet weather ahead, too, when i'm back in ten minutes. katy? >> thanks, bill. we are following breaking news on the blue route southbound right now. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington is watching that. it's quite a scene out there. >> it is, katy. that's because all lanes are closed on the blue route right now. these are our cameras around baltimore pike. it's closed between exit 1 and exit 3 headed southbound. you can see flashing lights behind me here in our cameras. all traffic is being diverted off on the exit ramp as well. a little bit of a backup there because all of the cars heading southbound have to get off at this one point.
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additionally you can see all lanes are being blocked. police officers on scene as well. this accident was involving a motorcycle. earlier we did have all lanes closed on the northbound side as well. you see no traffic moving through. i haven't seen traffic move through in the last couple of minutes. i don't think they've re-opened that yet. even northbound is closed down. both sides of the blue route around baltimore pike, in between exit 3 and 1 are closed this morning. >> we'll check back in with you shortly. 4:12 on your monday. 64 degrees outside our studios in bala cynwyd. reacting to the deadliest mass shooting in united states history. >> this is a sobering reminder that attacks on any american, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us. >> that was president obama addressing the nation yesterday. next, hear what donald trump and hillary clinton are saying about the terror in orlando. also ahead, fighting zika.
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next, hear what delaware lawmakers want you to do to help stop the spread of mosquito-based diseases. ,$88doooooorw
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the nation is in mourning following the terror in orlando. here's what we know. officials continue to remove bodies from that popular gay nightclub where a gunman killed 50 and wounded 53 others yesterday morning. police killed the shooter. the fbi is in the process of searching his home in florida. a candle light vigil is planned tonight at city hall at 6:45. people across the country are reflecting on the terror in orlando and victims of the
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deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. hundreds of people held candle light vigil near the white house last night. some held pride flags. many prayed. leaders of the lgbt community spoke to the crowd, condemning the violence in orlando and vowing to continue to fight for equality. yesterday, president obama ordered flags at the white house and at federal buildings lowered to half-staff to honor the nightclub victims. he also lowered flags lowered at u.s. embassies and other american buildings throughout the world. the fbi and national security officials briefed president obama on the nightclub massacre. the white house released this picture of the president meeting in the oval office with fbi director james comey. president obama later adressed the nation, calling the mass shooting both an act of terror and an act of hate. >> this is a sobering reminder that attacks on any american, regardless of race, ethnicity,
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religion or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us. >> the president added he would spare no effort to determine if the shooter had been inspired by or associated with an extremist group. it didn't take long for the terror in orlando to become an issue in the presidential race. both major candidates took to social media to speak out about the tragedy. presumptive republican nominee donald trump tweeted, appreciate the congrats for being right on radical islamic terrorism. i don't want congrats. i want toughness and vigilance. in another tweet, trump directly criticized president obama before the president spoke to the nation saying, is president obama going to finally mention the words radical islamic terrorism? if he doesn't he should immediately resign in disgrace. presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton tweeted she woke up to hear the devastating news from florida. clinton later released a statement saying to the lgbt
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community, please know that you have millions of allies across the country. i am one of them. >> in light of orlando, hillary clinton canceled her joint appearance with president obama scheduled for tomorrow in green bay, wisconsin. it would have been the first time the two campaigned together since the president endorsed clinton last week. and matt lauer will o'anchor a special edition of the "today" show live from orlando. it's coming up this morning at 7:00 a.m. right after "nbc 10 news today." from our delaware bureau now, new castle county lawmakers want to change county code to help fight the zika virus and other disease mosquitos carry. tonight, the council will meet to talk about standing water around homes. the council wants home owners to regularly get rid of standing water which can become breeding grounds for mosquitos. that means pet water bowls, planters, buckets, bird baths, pool covers and trash cans.
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now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 18 minutes after 4:00. the temperatures areal coming down right now. in the very low 60s in wilmington, delaware. we'll see plenty of sunshine today. not going to be as hot as yesterday. even though it was a warm one yesterday, the humidity came way down and will stay low today. 60 in delaware. south jersey, the jersey shore, also in the low 60s. the lehigh valley is at 59 degrees. delaware, these temperatures will climb to the very low 80s this afternoon. many locations, greenville, marshallton among them. a little bit cooler for lewes, 67 degrees now. it will warm into the upper 70s today. sunshine, too, a few thinning clouds blowing through the area. it's this motion coming in with the winds out of the northwest, bringing in the drier air we'll enjoy, not just today, today, tomorrow, wednesday the humidity stays low and it will stay dry. but at the end of the week,
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watching this. doesn't look like much right now. those showers and thunderstorms moving into western kansas and into nebraska. that's our next wet weather system that probably arrives on thursday and into friday as well. but the weekend may be spared. future cast shows those showers stay to the west for today. bright sunshine, a few, thin clouds at times. mostly sunny skies. the high pressure will keep us clear right on through tuesday and wednesday, clear of any rain that will stay to our west. there will be a few scattered clouds at times as we go into wednesday morning at 5:00. but still dry during the day on wednesday. the showers staying just to the south. wednesday afternoon we'll be watching for some cloud buildup. there's a slight chance of a sprinkle late on wednesday. and then into thursday, that's when we'll see the wet weather finally move in. today if you're heading out the door, you won't need to worry about the rain gear. sunshine will be nice and bright today, tomorrow and wednesday will be dry, too. low 80s for philadelphia today
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and tomorrow. low humidity. the humidity stays low on wednesday. that system to the west comes in for thursday and into friday, showers and possibly thunderstorms, high of 75 degrees thursday. friday we'll start off with rain in the morning. there's a chance we'll see clearing on friday. doesn't happen on friday, the weekend should see some sunshine and a warmup, too. saturday 78 degrees. father's day is looking warm, up to 90 degrees, the high temperature. staying warm for monday, tuesday and wednesday with high temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. ten-day outlook once every half hour. katy? >> bill, thank you. we are watching the below up in pennsylvania. especially southbound, because there was a bad crash there that's really been affecting things if you've been on the roads early this morning. >> the best bet for you drivers today, at least for right now while things are still under way here is to avoid the blue route, especially headed southbound. this is right around baltimore pike where there was a motorcycle accident. you can see no traffic getting
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by on the southbound side right now. all lanes are completely blocked and all traffic is being forced off at this exit. that's in between exit 3 and 1. right around baltimore pike. you can see now, everyone once in a while i see a car move through the northbound side. there's still reports of the northbound side closed down right now. as you can see, there are cars moving by. there still may be ramp restrictions as well in some parts. that's because some debris traveled over from the southbound side on to the northbound side. they did have that closed earlier. again, with there being reports of it being closed, not sure that's entirely true. even though i occasionally see a car move through. an accident in norristown, haws avenue and west blackberry. 4:22 right now. temperatures in the mid-to-low 60s in the philadelphia area. in the hours after the terror in orlando came an online safety
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first. ahead in the next half hour, hear how facebook helped people find out if family and friends in orlando were safe. also, beach closed? yes, next hear why a half mile stretch of sand in delaware is off limits in an emergency effort to protect nature.
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welcome back. 4:25. from our delaware bureau, officials will close a half mile stretch of beach in cape henlopen to protect birds there. a piping clover nest was found in gordon's park. no one will be allowed on the beach between the observation towers and the herring point
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dune. that area will remain closed until the last day the chicks are able to fly away, which is usually in late august. we need your help finding people who are making a difference in the community. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away grants to local nonprofits. we call it 21st century solutions. the goal is to support organizations who have new and innovative programs. the application is on our website, and the deadline to apply is august 26th. the ultrapopular musical "hamilton" had a huge night at the tony awards last night. the show won 11 honors, one award short of the record. in 2001, the show "the producers" won 12 awards. some of the awards the show won include best musical, featured actress, featured actor and leading actor, leslie odom jr. you can see him right here in philadelphia during the wawa welcome america celebration.
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the philadelphia nature sieve one of the headliners for the concert on the parkway on the fourth of july. wawa welcome america is coming up quickly. make your plans now. it is eight days of fun, starting june 27th and running through july 4th. look for stories, headliners, events and schedules on the nbc 10 app and now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> nice breeze blowing this morning. that's that dry air that started to move into the area yesterday. it will keep things cooler. right now, still a few clouds around. no sign of any showers. 64 degrees at 4:27. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. >> we are watching this breaking news here on the blue route right around baltimore pike. all lanes shut down in both directions due to an accident scene, a serious accident scene headed southbound. we'll have more updates for you
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on the scene when i come back at 4:30. next at 4:30, our coverage of the terror in orlando continues, including the story of this bullet riddled police helmet and how despite the damage, more tragedy was averted.
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nbc 10 news starts now. the face of a mass murderer. right now, federal agents are sifting through clues at the home of omar mateen. he's the man orlando police say killed 50 people and injured dozens more. close call. this is the bullet riddled helmet worn by an oan


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