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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ shining a light after so much darkness. a show of solidarity from orlando -- >> we will not be defeated! >> -- to philadelphia. as we remember the victims of
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the terror. we're learning more about the so-called homegrown terrorist responsible. witnesses say they'd seen him at pulse nightclub before this weekend's massacre. >> he's been in that venue several times. that's not his first time going there. nbc 10 breaking news. >> thank you for joining us. i'm keith jones. >> i'm jacqueline london. tonight, the fbi is investigating claims from members of florida's gay community that omar mateen had visited pulse nightclub before sunday morning's mass shooting and that he had been spotted on gay dating apps. tonight, we have team coverage of this story. we begin with nbc 10's george spencer who is live in orlando. >> and george, you learned that president obama is set to visit the city? >> reporter: keith, the president will be here on thursday to pay his respects and, quote, stand in solidarity. this lawn in the middle of downtown orlando the scene of a
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vigil attended by thousands tonight. some still here. a unified vigil. a growing memorial here on this day when we have learned so much more detail about the shooter who started it all. with every toll of the bell, orlando remembers one of the 49 deceased souls. spread across this crowd, a sea of candles glowing in support. the city's first vigil after the sunday morning attack, somber and pain, then noisy and proud, including the owners and employees of pulse nightclub. >> we will not be defeated! >> reporter: it was calm and community after two days of shock. >> it felt like they were my family, too. that's how strong it is.
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it's so heavy in my chest. >> reporter: meanwhile, chilling snapchat video shows the moment omar mateen opened fire inside the club. the president said today there's no evidence so far that mateen had contact with terrorists overseas. rather it appears the shooter was inspired by internet propaganda. >> this is certainly an example of the kind of homegrown extremism that all of us have been so concerned about for a very long time. >> reporter: and yet mateen apparently claimed frightening connections. the fbi confirms he told co-workers he had family connections to al qaeda and was, himself, a member of hezbollah, but investigators decided he made it all up. a second encounter with the fbi months later ended the same way. ♪ back in orlando, the city he so devastated, these thousands promise not to be intimidated and say tonight's unity provided real strength. >> we stand strong and we're not
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going to be afraid. we're not. we just going to keep on going. we're going to keep on with this fight. >> reporter: back to these live pictures now from orlando. the vigil here wrapped up some two, two-plus hours ago at this point. but some people still not ready to leave. you an see what they have left behind on this lawn. we did get good news from a major hospital today. doctors at ormc telling us that the remaining victims, the survivors, all have a good prognosis and should eventually be released from the hospital. the city's mayor said tonight the family of every deceased victim has now been notified of the fate of their next of kin. reporting live tonight in orlando, florida, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. and now, more on the gunman. 29-year-old omar mateen. tonight, we are learning he
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raised a number of red flags over the years to those who came in contact with him. people who knew mateen described him as an unpredictable, angry man who was showing support for a violent extremism for years. two former classmates claim he made light of 9/11 immediately after attack. more recently, a former co-worker described his violent outbursts. >> kicked things and throw things and slam his hands down and just have a violent outbreak of rage. he always referred to every other race, religion, gender, in a very derogatory, negative way. >> and that former co-worker also reported that mateen, he reported mateen to supervisors. now he says he wished he had done more. back in philadelphia, thousands of people gathered outside city hall to remember the victims of the mass shooting. one of those victims from our area. skyforce 10 captured a vigil from above and tonight nbc 10's
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brandon hudson is live at city hall where there are a collection of tributes taking place. brandon? >> reporter: keith, even hours after this vigil, there's still a crowd here at city hall. and on the steps of the building, you can see candles and flowers and pictures and messages to the victims. the city made this more than just a vigil. it was a safe space for philadelphia's lgbtq community to come pay their respects and grieve over the many who were shot, many of them, some of them had friends and family here in attendance. a show of solidarity for a teammate they will no longer see. the west catholic girls varsity basketball team led a march around city hall in center city. it was in remembrance of akyra murray, the 48 others who died and the 53 people hurt in yesterday's shooting at a gay nightclub in orlando. >> can't keep crying. but you do want her to know that we love her.
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we're going to miss her. >> reporter: she says she watched akyra grow up spending several holidays together. she brought her phone so akyra's mom could watch the vigil while she's in florida. >> she wanted to be facetimed to see what's going on. she's in the hospital with her niece who was also shot. >> reporter: philadelphia mayor jim kenney says he watched akyra play basketball. he was almost brought to tears talking about her and the other victims. the numerous sons and daughters who died. >> old on jnhold on to each oth we'll get through this together. >> reporter: throughout the vigil we saw a crowd of about 2,000 supporting each other, some with a shoulder to lean on. after all the speeches, people got to leave their thoughts on the sidewalk. many of whom are still taking this tragedy in. >> weirdly, i'm not scared, but it's just very emotional. >> reporter: during the vigil there was also a moment of empowerment. the owner of a philadelphia lgbtq shelter in the city said they will not be silenced and
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they will not be stripped of their dignity. live at city hall, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news zblchbl. the fallout from the terror attack is being heard on campaign trail. hillary clinton and donald trump are talking tough on gun control and immigration. trump slammed clinton during a speech in new hampshire today. >> she wants to take away americans' guns and then admit the very people who want to slaughter us. let them come into the country. we don't have guns. let them come in. let them have all the fun they want. >> trump renewed his call to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. and he went a step further calling for a ban on immigration from any part of the world with a proven history of terrorism. meanwhile in cleveland, hillary clinton went after trump's immigration proposals but stopped short of mentioning him bycd÷ name. >> inflammatory, anti-muslim rhetoric, and threatening to ban the families and friends of
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muslim-americans as well as millions of muslim businesspeople and tourists from entering our country hurts the vast majority of muslims who love freedom and hate terror. >> clinton called for a ban on the type of rifle used by the shooter in orlando and she vowed to go after, quote, lone wolf terrorists if she is elected president. count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the nightclub massacre. we'll have much more coming up plus george spencer will continue tracking the latest developments and you'll have live reports from orlando once again tomorrow on nbc 10 news. now the night before the attacks in orlando, local singer christina grimmie was gunned down at a concert venue in the same city. tonight the singer's south jersey community came together to remember her. [ bag pipes ] the sound of bagpipes echoed through the memorial sports
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complex in evesham tear-stained faces lit by candlelight. christina grimmie was killed friday night as she signed autographs after a show. her brother ran town and tackled the gunman. he talked about the loss of his little sister. >> she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the lord and she loved me and, she was my baby sister. >> investigators don't belief the killer 27-year-old kevin loibl knew grimmie personally. he later turned the gun on himself. pop star adam levine offered to pay grimmie's funeral expenses. the singer was her mentor when she finished third on "the voice" two years ago. now to breaking news from camden county. a bicyclist hit and killed on route 130 in pennsauken. it happened about 40 minutes ago
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near north park drive. a portion of route 130 remains closed at this hour while officers investigate the crash. the driver stayed on scene. closing arguments will resume tomorrow in the federal corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. led a white collar crime spree stretching from philadelphia to capitol hill. fattah is accused of steal from campaign accounts to pay for his son's college debts and taking bribes. but defense lawyers insisted there is no evidence linking the congressman to the alleged crimes. they accused government's lawyers of destroying congressman fattah's career. still ahead, we continue our coverage of the nightclub massacre with a timeline of terror. we're learning what happened at the club minute by minute as new details continue to emerge. plus a homecoming of sorts for a familiar face. we'll tell withdryou what broug
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"today" show's tamron hall back to philadelphia. sheena? a few nice days but rain and cooler temperatures heading our way before the week's over. i'll show you that with our neighborhood weather next. thanks, sheena. i'm john clark. he is the eagles' best player and got a historic contract. tonight, how much fletcher cox is making and how long the eagles wrapped him up for. that's in ten minutes.
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we continue our coverage of the orlando massacre. >> and tonight, a timeline of the terror. we now know minute by minute how a gunman actually carried out the deadliest shooting in american history. nbc 10's denise nakano joins us from the digital operations center with the breakdown here. >> denise, what have you learned? >> jacqueline and keith, the massacre happened over thee hours from the time of the first shots, to when omar mateen was shot dead.
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new images inside pulse nightclub during its popular latin night. music and dancing then gunfire. amanda alvear who captured the shooting is among the dead. survivors describing the scene of terror. >> it's awful to experience this with my fellow family. >> oh, my god. people are getting shot. >> reporter: now, a chilling timeline is emerging. at 2:00 a.m., an off-duty officer in uniform working security engages omar mateen armed with an ar-15 assault rifle like this. a handgun and plenty of ammunition. nbc news has learned from authorities that the officer retreated. backup arrived in two minutes. the injured poured out, but others like eddie justice trapped inside texted his mother, mina, mommy, i love you. a team of responding officers got into another gunfight with mateen forcing him into the club in one of four bathrooms where he takes four to five hostages.
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another 15 people are hiding in a nearby restroom. dozens of people try to escape, running for their lives. now a standoff from the bathroom and three 9 11 calls. mateen described as calm pledges allegiance to isis. three hours of the first shot is fired, police storm the nightclub. an armored vehicle breaks down the wall where mateen is hunkered down. survivors say at one point mateen hid among the dead to try to hide from police. >> guy was making it look like he was a victim also. >> and soon after, there's a hail of gunfire, mateen shoots one officer in the head who is saved by his kevlar helm. the 29-year-old suspect is then finally killed. denise nakano, nbc 10 news. now to an nbc news exclusive. matt lauer sat down with pulse nightclub owner in her only interview. >> she founded that club after her brother died of aids as a place where homosexual men and
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women would feel welcome. >> how do you take what was the mission and do it justice now? >> you just welcome the families in our family. they're our family now. their families are our family. and we just have to move forward and find a way to keep their hearts beating and keep our spirit alive and we're not going to let someone take this away from us. >> you can watch more from matt lauer's exclusive interview tomorrow morning on "today." back here at home a live look at the center lit up in rainbow colors tonight for the victims of orlando. be sure to tap on the nbc 10 app to get updates any time on the nightclub massacre. turning to this now, the kimmel center for the performing arts was the backdrop for a local college graduation tonight. nbc 10 was there as more than 300 graduates from pierce college received their degrees. they range in age from 21 to 67.
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also among the grads, two married couples. the "today" show's tamron hall right there is who a temple grad served as commencement speaker. congratulations to all of tonight's graduates. >> that's great. picked a great time to come to the city, 73 degrees, nice out there. >> really perfect, sheena. yeah. the weather's perfect. it was perfect today. going to be perfect tomorrow, too. you're going to like this forecast as we go into your tuesday. look at 8:00 a.m. temperatures, quakertown 59 degrees and sunny. atlantic city, clouds tomorrow morning by 8:00 a.m., 63. reading, right around 60 degrees. 6 0 degrees philadelphia by 8:00 a.m. we go through the afternoon, sunshine sticks around with us. it's going to be a really nice day. if you're in allentown tomorrow, temperature right around 77 degrees as well as reading. philadelphia coming in around 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. if you're along the shore, low 70s. still really nice day. if you're in exton, 76 degrees right around 5:00 p.m. also don't forget with our new
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neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast is always at the bottom of the screen for you. our first weather headline, nice weather through wednesday. tomorrow and most of the day wednesday will be really nice. we're going to stay in this nice dry stretch. then we have a little bit of a rainy stretch starting late wednesday night. that's going to run through friday. so for the end of the week, make sure you have the umbrella with us. you also with the rain, we have cooler temperatures coming. talking about possibly the low 70s friday with showers around. that's going to ba little cool and rainy. right now we're nice and dry, though. clouds across the area. you probably noticed that this evening. cloudy skies. tomorrow the clouds are going to be gone. we're going to see plenty of sunshine. here's future weather. the clouds keep moving south through the day tomorrow. 1:30, nice and dry. plenty of dry air in place. a beautiful day tomorrow. wednesday, it's going to be a little bit warmer. you'll notice these clouds starting to increase through the day wednesday. and then there you see the rain moving in as we go into thursday morning. so late wednesday night into early thursday morning and through the day, we have quite a bit of rain in the forecast.
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make sure you have your umbrella for that. tomorrow around 80 degrees and sunny in the philadelphia area. by wednesday, 87. a little warmer. we cool down thursday with rain right around 75 degrees. friday low 7 0s. cooler with some showers. so far, the weekend actually looks pretty good. and pretty dry. saturday, sunny and 80. sunday, we're looking at temperatures right around the low 80s and sunny. going through the rest of next week, looking ahead ten days. we're actually going to get back into the 9 0s. for the end of this week, keep in mind you will need that umbrella. john? all right. thanks, sheena. coming up, fletcher cox finally gets paid. how it's a historic contract in nfl history. plus we're going to hear from ben simmons. is he okay? and ryan howard finds some power in canada tonight. the phils do something they vice president done all season. that is next.
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this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. fletcher cox got paid. the eagles got the deal done with their best player. fletcher's contract is historic. he gets more guaranteed money than any other player in nfl history that isn't a quarterback. numbers reportly 6 years $103 million, $63 million guaranteed. only two quarterbacks have gotten more guaranteed money than fletcher. he was dominating last season making his first pro bowl and should set a career high in sacks this year in jim schwartz's four-three scheme that will let him attack more. after agreeing, fletcher cox tweeted out "i'd like to thank
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mr. laurie and the whole eagles organization." on to the phillies, pitcher, what a night against one of the better lineups in baseball. six shutout innings. the phils do something they haven't done yet this year. third inning r.a. dickey. knuckle ball. herrera. ripped down the line. that is a home run. little bit of a bat flip. not like joey batts show. 1-0 phil. second inning. ryan howard the d.h. in the american league park. still got some power. tenth home run of the year. more herrera in the seventh. phillies rough up the jays. 7-0. the phils were 0-8 on monday. they win for the first time on a monday. so that case of the mondays is cured. sixers got the number one pick in the nba draft in ten days. a lot of reports say they're going to take ben simmons. we haven't heard from him yet until now. he was asked on an australian radio show, would you be okay coming to philly? >> for me, you know, i want to be the number one player. >> right. >> so it's once in a lifetime opportunity to go first, so, you
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know, if i go first, it's awesome. >> sixe erers don't take ben, i like this guy, brandon ingram from duke working out for the sixers today and he liked being here in philly. >> great guys around here. they have a great team around here, great people around here and overall, i felt comfortable being in the city. >> he enjoyed rittenhouse square. joel embiid, by the way, will not play in the summer league. we're right back.
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tonight, special honors for a hometown hero from burlington county. >> the army veteran is being recognized for making it his mission to give back to his community. [ applause ] mt. holly's mayor and town council presented a certificate of appreciation to retired private first class lawrence gladfelter. he served in the army in the 16
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1960s then spent 20 years with the american legion and the hollywood watch program. gladfelter's neighbors nominated him for that honor. >> that's great. the glitz and glamour of broadway was right here in philadelphia. the annual night of broadway stars fund-raiser at the suzanne roberts theater in center city. nbc 10's vince lattanzio there he is next to morgan. they both served as emcees. a sharp suit. like that. >> they both look fantastic. weather pretty good, too, sheena. >> today was perfect. tomorrow, another really nice day. sunny, dry, right around 80 degrees. then we two into the end of the week and have rain moving in. there is your exclusive ten-day forecast. thursday rainy 7 5. friday, look at that. 72. going to be cooler with showers. then we go into the weekend. so far, your weekend is actually looking really good around 80 and sunny. look at the 90s next week. next week we're going to heat up. keep that in mind if you have
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outdoor plans. for the rest of this week, nice today, nice tomorrow and wednesday. then rain the rest of the week. >> perfect. >> all right, sheena. that's nbc 10 nice at 11:00. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm keith jones. for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. street. on wall then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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jimmy: as you certainly know by now, early sunday morning there was another senseless shooting, this time at a dance club in orlando, florida. a dance club. it left 49 people dead, which is the largest loss of life due to a terrorist attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. i know everyone is angry right


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