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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  June 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that breaking news, philadelphia police are on the scene of a deadly stabbing in fairmount park. sky force 10 was over georgia's hill drive an hour ago where someone found a woman's body. pamela osborne is live for us in fairmount park. speaking with police. pamela, you just got on scene. so police are probably not saying a lot about what happened. do they know who this woman is or how she ended up there. >> that's something they're working to find out right now. before we get into what we know as of now, i want to let you know we have positioned
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ourselves in a way as to not show exactly what's going on because the investigation, as you said, very much ongoing. i can tell you within the past couple minutes, they have removed that woman's body from the scene, so we're going to zoom in to give you a better look at where she was. you can see police still there gathering as much evidence as they can from the scene. at 8:15 a person driving along georges hill drive spotted something unusual at the edge of a wooded section of fairmount park. police sources tell us it was the handcuffed body of a woman who had been stabbed. no word on who the victim is yet, but police say she appears stomach.
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test. test. test. doctors from the orlando hospital where so many of the
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people hurt and wounded are being treated gave an update and said six people are listed in critical condition at this time. five people are in guarded condition and 16 have been upgraded to stable condition. >> so we heard about the shooter and the investigation into why he opened fire. now it's time to hear from a survivor of that deadly mass shooting. he was one of the victims. >> hands up. the guy laid on the floor. the guy played it like he was one of the victims too. >> he also says he believes he survived the deadly attack because, quote, i never give up
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on anything. i'm a survivor. i never give up. >> last night, thousands of people packed downtown orlando to remember the 49 lives lost and the dozens more wounded. a sea of candles glowed in somber support. many of the vigils say they were inspired to attend because pulse nightclub played a big role in their lives as members of the lgbt community. here at home, a vigil at philadelphia city hall drew thousands. the girl's basketball team led a march. their teammate was killed in the mass shooting. her cousin was wounded. >> this morning, more information coming out about the deadly attack. national correspondent sarah rocereiose is live for us in orlando. more than one person we know has come forward and said omar mateen was no stranger to pulse nightclub. that's what you're learning too,
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right? >> yeah, that's right. it's day three of investigations here outside of pulse nightclub. and as you mentioned, we're learning much more about the gunman. i want to give you an update on information we just got from the hospital. we're learning that 27 people are still being treated at the hospital. six of them in icu, and now, the fbi, as you mentioned, is now looking into claims from clubgoers saying the gunman frequented this nightclub and was also on gay dating apps. with yellow tape still marking off the scene of sunday's deadly mass hooting, thousands came out for an incredible show of support, gathering for the first official vigil. >> i want everyone to know the lgbt community will not be defeated. we will not give in to fear. >> overnight, police identified the 49th and final victim, and hospital officials tell us everyone is expected to make a full recovery. we're also hearing from survivors from his hospital bed, tony marrero tells nbc, the 29-year-old gunman tried
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blending with the crowd. >> the guy was acting like he was a victim, also. >> pulse club owner sat down for an exclusive interview with "today's" matt lauer. she started the club after his brother died of aids. >> has to do with your life and you just want to keep it alive. >> a heartbeat mateen gave his last trying to stop. now the fbi is looking into claims saying mateen frequented pulse and was even on gay dating apps. >> two of my friends went to the fbi, spoke with them, turned in their phones. >> the fbi is also looking into mateen's show of support for extremism and possible ties to terror groups. meanwhile, a heartbroken community is holding on to each other to get through. and president obama is expected to be here in orlando thursday to pay respects to victims and to also stand in solidarity with the city of orlando as it grieves. katy. >> thank you. nbc10's george spencer is
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also in orlando tracking the latest developments in this investigation. he's speaking with survivors, family and friends of the victims. you can watch for his live reports later today on nbc10 news beginning at 4:00. >> this morning, police in philadelphia are searching for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run in the northeast part of the city. police say a woman was crossing the street when a car hit her late last night along the roosevelt boulevard and adams avenue in crescentville. the impact sent the victim flying 200 feet, according to investigators, which is more than half the length of a football field. police are looking for a white or silver older model minivan with extensive front end damage. >> the driver of that vehicle struck someone and killed them and left the scene. so they have to turn themselves in because they are going to get caught. >> police say the victim is in her early 20s, but they don't know who she is because she wasn't carrying i.d.
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they will hold a news conference this afternoon at 1:00 to update us on their investigation. a bicyclist is hit and killed by a car in camden county. the crash happened around 10:00 last night along route 130 in pennsauken. police say the driver did stay at the scene. the name of the cyclist has not been released. police have not said either if the driver will be charged. in philadelphia's queen village neighborhood, a car jumped a curb and slams into four people who are outside a hoagie shop. the accident on south street happened around 3:00 this morning. all four people who were hit went to the hospital. the 21-year-old driver was not hurt and she did stay on the scene to be interviewed by police. investigators say they're not yet sure why she veered off the road. a man wanted for a triple murder in west virginia was arrested in our area in chester county. eric chute is accused of killing three men yesterday near a state park in west virginia. authorities say the killing was
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sparked by a fight over fire wood. he is originally from pennville in salem county. pennsylvania police arrested him early this morning in chester county. >> almost ten minutes after 11:00 on your tuesday, and it's a sunny and warm flag day across our area. here's a live look outside from center city, philadelphia. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. glenn, another nice one today. >> oh, yeah, perhaps even nicer than yesterday because we're seeing even more sunshine. that's pushing temperatures already into the 70s. vineland, atlantic city, already 72. wilmington, dover, 72. philadelphia, 69 degrees. this is the satellite and radar, and you don't see anything on there. no clouds to speak of. of course, this rain is back in
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indiana. and some of that could be affecting part of the area as early as tomorrow. for today, it's just beautiful. temperatures getting up near 80 degrees or into the low 80s. nothing but sunshine. then clear skies during the night tonight. lehigh valley, getting into at least the upper 70s. the jersey shore holding in the mid 70s, but look at that. sunshine, all across the area. that is not going to stay that way through the rest of the week. i tell you when the rain's coming in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. i would say we'll wait for that, but we don't want to wait for that. time now for a check on the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. you're keeping your eyes on the roads. there's been a bunch of stuff throughout the morning. anything major right now? >> we have calmed down quite a bit and we're starting on 95. we had a disabled vehicle into the right-hand shoulder here. it was just towed out of the way. you can see no big delays or problems because of that.
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north and southbound, doing just fine. there's an accident in lower salferred, and additionally, some construction in new jersey, right before airport circle, the right lane is closed there. and not too far away, construction on route 38 headed eastbound between 130 and route 70. two right lanes closed there until saturday around 6:00 a.m. also, the tacony pull my raw bridge was on standby, but traffic is now moving through. >> delaware is looking to crack down on distracted drivers. house lawmakers plan to consider a bill today that would toughen penalties for anyone caught texting while driving. the bill would increase the penalty for a first offense from $50 to $100. and the fines for drivers caught with repeat offenses would jump as high as $300. the bill must also pass the senate and governor jack markell has said he will sign it. >> fighting isis in the aftermath of the massacre in orlando. what president obama is doing
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right now as he works on strategy to take on the terror group. plus, flames shooting in the air, and they could be seen for miles. details on the warhouse fire that forced several dozen people to be evacuated. >> now, enjoy this great weather while the lasts because i'm tracking the return of rain to our area. i'll let you know how long the weather is going to stick around just ahead. dear fellow citizen, spending time hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful.
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welcome back. happening now, president obama is meeting with his national security council. he's focusing his attention on isis in the wake of the terror attack in orlando. it's part of an ongoing review of efforts to degrade and destroy the islamic state group. the suspect in the orlando attack pledged allegiance to isis in the middle of the mass shooting. president obama plans to make a statement following that meeting. we'll carry it to you live if it happens within the hour. and just a short time ago, democratic lawmakers meeting in washington said it will take more than just mome wants of silence to address the growing problem of gun safety. members of the house democratic caucus met to discuss how to move forward after the orlando massacre. the committee chairman says they plan to push for stronger background checks, work to prevent those on no-fly lists from no buying lists and do a better job identifying people who have been influenced by terrori terrorists.
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>> what we shouldn't do is simply bow our heads for a moment of silence. unfortunately, that's all speaker ryan would allow us to do yesterday. >> the chairman of the democratic caucus says it's time to stop suspected terrorist groups from being able to easily buy guns in the u.s. >> the house now observe a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in orlando. >> and last night, that moment of silence ended in drama on the house floor in washington. first congressman jim himes from connecticut walked out in protest. he said the silence does not honor victims but mocks them with lawmakers' lack of action on gun control. then, other members of congress began shouting about various gun control bills and when they would be brought to the floor. house speaker paul ryan's
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spokesperson tweeted that democrats were politicizing the mope want of silence and called that, quote, disheartening. >> members of the u.s. house want to know how the orlando shooter who was on the fbi's radar for several years, was able to carry out such a horrific act. the house committee on homeland security will meet with the fbi to talk about red flags in the case and possibility of oversight. the goal is to keep an incident like this from happening again. this is a threat that knows no borders. this is a threat that cannot be contained. this is a threat that simply must be defeated. >> can't stop them all. we arrested 85 isis followers in this country. we have had 75 plots against the west. we stopped many of these. it's the one that you don't know about that keeps you up at night. this one certainly kept us up at night. and i pray that we don't have
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any more in this country. >> the fbi had known about the man behind the orlando massacre since 2011. >> what a gorgeous day out there. we've got sunshine in philadelphia, new jersey, lehigh valley, delaware, all over the place. temperatures getting into the 70s, up to 72 degrees in parts of delaware right now. nothing on the satellite and radar close by. we do have some showers in indiana, parts of michigan, that is part of the system that is headed this way. but it's not going to be here today. that's for sure. we're warming, we were 78 degrees yesterday. 82 today. 86 tomorrow. but then we're back down, 75 degrees on thursday. and that's because of the rain. and that rain is on the way.
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and there's not too much doubt about that. it's not coming in today. or tonight, but as we go into the future, we'll be able to see this. here come the showers as we go through wednesday. now, if there are any showers tomorrow, best chance would be delaware and south jersey, but by thursday, it looks like the whole area gets into the rain act. some of it perhaps. one section moves and then another one comes in for thursday night and into friday. we may have a couple days here with some relatively nasty weather, although a lot of lawns could use some of that moisture. you can see your seven-day forecast, by the way, at the bottom of the screen at any time during the weather. you don't have to wait until the end, and it's not just for philadelphia anymore. here's a forecast for tomorrow. look at the temperatures going up. we're getting closer to the 90-degree mark, but the humidity is not too high tomorrow. bell vs, 86, reading, 86
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degrees. not expecting any rain in those areas. there is a possibility in the jersey shore area and also delaware of some showers tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night. that's just in the chance category. there's a 75 degree temperature for atlantic city, so obviously, there's going to be a sea breeze. you can see the drop in the temperature, philadelphia tomorrow, generally a dry day. more clouds coming in tomorrow. p.a. suburbs, same story. lehigh valley, more sunshine, even a lesser chance of seeing any rain tomorrow. but still a good chance on thursday. and look at the jersey shore. look at that high temperature on thursday of only 68 degrees. there's that rain tomorrow there and also in delaware. so that's the point of the neighborhood forecast that we can specify what areas are likely to see rain and not just put a raindrop in the seven-day
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forecast for everybody. and if you want to find out what area you live in here,, i have a blog to show you where those areas are and explain how we go about doing this. and we'll be back with the ten-day a little later. >> all right, glenn. >> it's the show that has become a globe al phenomenon. i'll talk to two of the dancers from riverdance as they tap their way into philadelphia to celebrate a major milestone for the show. that's coming up next.
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well, it's hard to believe it's been 20 years since the legendary dance and music spectacular riverdance first captivated audiences and since it began, riverdance has tapped theaters all over the world. the 20th anniversary world tour is in philadelphia this week, in fact it begins tonight. joining us now are maggie and jason, two cast members of riverdance. of course, thanks to both of you for coming and sharing the exciting details. if you're a riverdance fan, tell me about what's different about the world anniversary tour than other tours. >> we have a new number, and
11:25 am
it's all a capella. it's a little different. >> so if you have seen the show before, there's good reason to come back and see it again. >> all the original music, the incredible choreography, but a new lighting design and new screen, new costumes and new numbers. >> maggie, we were talking during the commercial break about how early you started dancing. you were how old? >> like 3 1/2, 3. >> i can't even imagine. how did you get interested in it? >> i couldn't sit still and i had two older sisters who did it. and it happened organically. >> what do you love about it that you continue from such an early age? >> i love it. >> if you're on television, it's a tough word to say off the cuff. so you love the fast work, and
11:26 am
it is fast. so jason, you're a native of belfast and you started dancing at a young age, how old? >> i was five, and i was the second youngest in my family, and it got passed down. i loved the rhythm, the music, the attention to detail and how athletic it was. my culture. >> it must be so cool to see the world fascinated by irish tradition. >> incredible. such a small island, such a small country, this wealth of creativity and artistic license. >> awesome. jason and maggie, thank you so much and good luck tonight. we're going to share some details with our viewers. riverdance the 20th anniversary world tour begins tonight with performances through sunday at the academy of music in center city, philadelphia. for more details, go to our website,, or check out the nbc10 app. again, jason and maggie, thank you so much for joining us. >> well, we continue to follow breaking news from
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philadelphia's fairmount park this morning. that's where some passers by found a woman's body earlier this morning. police tell us she was stabbed to death. we'll have an update and a live report just ahead.
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good morning. we're coming on with a major development in the investigation into the orlando terror attack. let's get right to our justice correspondent, pete williams, who is breaking exclusive new information. pete, what can you tell us? >> well, nbc news has learned omar mateen's current wife has told the fbi that she drove mateen to the pulse nightclub in orlando on a prior occasion, and that she tried to talk him out of conducting any kind of attack. several officials familiar with what she has told the fbi say that she was with him when he bought ammunition and the holster. they say she also told investigators she drove him to the nightclub because he wanted to see it in advance, but she
11:31 am
tried to dissuade him from doing anything. law enforcement officials tell us that authorities are considering filing criminal charges against her for failing to tell them what she knew before the attack. but they emphasize that no decision has been made about that. it's possible she won't be charged, but that possibility is under consideration. several officials say she is cooperated with the fbi, with the investigators. since the shooting, she's been staying at the home of mateen's father who lived in florida. >> we know that she is his second wife. what else do we know about her personally? >> not a lot. we know that she's from california. she's 30 years old. she's the mother of their young son. you don't see his face there. we have blurred it out because of his age. we don't find a record for them in florida for getting married. it's possible they were married in another state, also possible, some have said, they were married in an islamic ceremony,
11:32 am
not a civil one. >> is it clear whether the sources believe she had specific intent, knowledge of his intent to attack that club or just a general awareness that he was going to try to attack somewhere? >> not entirely clear about whether she had a good idea that she was going to attack the club or some other place. she has told them she also drove him to some other locations, but they're not at all clear in those trips, in fact, were sort of casing trips, but it does seem pretty clear that she believed the trip to the pulse nightclub was such a visit. whether she knew he was going to attack that club or whether she knew it was going to be a mass shooting or whether she knew he just had some evil intent, that's not 100% clear. the point is she did think he was up to no good and she was trying to talk him out of doing anything that would be criminal. >> do they believe she had full knowledge of the weapons he bought and what his intent was with those? >> i don't know the answer to
11:33 am
that. >> pete williams, i know you'll continue to work developments on that. we also want to let our viewers know, the president right now is meeting with members of his national security team to get an update on the battle against isis and the white house strategy against isis. we expect he's going to come out in about 20, 25 minutes from now and talk to the press and perhaps give us more information on the orlando situation. we'll come back on the air when the president appears. again, full details on nbc nightly news. for now, lester holt, nbc nightly news, new york. >> we continue our coverage of the terror in orlando with an nbc news exclusive. matt lauer spoke with pulse nightclub owner barbara in her only interview. she founded the club after her brother died of aids. as a place where gay men and women would feel welcome. >> how do you take what was the mission and do it justice now? >> you just welcome these
11:34 am
families into our families. they're our family now. their families are our family. we have to move forward and find a way to keep their hearts beating and keep our spirit alive. and we're not going to let someone take this away from us. >> she says she can't stop imaginic what it was like inside the club during that massacre. she vows to return to the club and says she will not let hate win. >> britain's prince william and his wife kate paid their respects today to the victims of the deadly attack in orlando. they made a surprise visit to the u.s. embassy in london to show their solidarity with those who lost loved ones in the orlando nightclub shooting. they signed a book of condolence opened at the embassy in the wake of the attack. william wrote, with our deepest condolences and with our thoughts and prayers to all of those who are affected, before signing his name. >> nbc10's george spencer is in orlando tracking the latest developments. watch for his live reports
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beginning later today on nbc10 news. >> and here at home, we continue to follow breaking news. philadelphia police are investigating a homicide in fairmount park. they say a woman's body was found by passers-by this morning and that woman has been stabbed to death. nbc10's pamela osborne is live in fairmount park. we heard that this woman was handcuffed. in the last half hour, have police released or shared any other details? >> police have not released any additional information right now, but i can tell you we have been watching as this investigation has played out over the past couple hours. i want to point something out to you, the tree line is where the victim's body was found. it's since been removed and now we can see detectives fanning out, washingtoning very slowly through the park area itself, trying to search for any evidence, any keys that may have been left behind. here's what we know. at 8:15 this morning, a person
11:36 am
driving along georges hill drive spotted something unusual along a wooded area. police sources tell us it was the handcuffed body of a woman who had been stabbed. no word on who the victim is yet, but police say she appears to be in her 20s. she was wearing clothes, but police are working to determine if she was sexually assaulted. i want to show you some video now from sky force 10 that helps kind of put this in perspective. as i said, this is fairmount pa park, along georges hill drive. just a short walk away from the mann center. again, police right now working to figure out who this woman is, how long her body has been here, my colleague randy gyllenhaal is here. he'll be checking in with investigators throughout the day. we'll have more live reports as we get more information throughout the day. reporting live at fairmount park, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. >> pamela, thank you for that. >> just a day before the mass shooting in orlando, a
11:37 am
22-year-old burlington county singer was gunned down just a few blocks away from that orlando nightclub. last night, the singer's south jersey community came together to remember christina grimme. grimme gained fame as a contestant on "the voice." she was killed friday night as she signed autographs after an orlando concert. her brother marcus chased down and tackled the gunman. she talked about the loss of his younger sister. >> she loved the town, she loved this state. she loved singing. she loved the lord. and she loved me. and she was my baby sister. >> investigators don't believe the killer, 27-year-old kevin roybold, knew grimme personally. he later turned the gun on himself. >> pop star adam levine has offered to pay funeral expenses.
11:38 am
the singer was her mentor when she finished third on "the voice" two years ago. >> a terrorist killed two police officials in their home in a paris suburb last night. bill neely has the details. >> a suburban street where last night a senior french police commander was brutally attacked outside his home. a man stabbing him multiple times. the killer then entered the house, taking hostage the officer's partner, who also worked for the police, and their 3-year-old son. after negotiations failed, say officials, s.w.a.t. teams stormed the house and shot the killer. they also found the body of the woman. the 3-year-old was unharmed. a senior french police source told nbc news the killer was larossi abballa, who was 25 and known to french intelligence as a radical. he served six months in jail for membership of a jihadi network. french president francois
11:39 am
hollande said this is without question an act of terrorism. with a threat very high. the paris prosecutor said the man had pledged allegiance to isis three weeks ago. and at his home, police found knives, a list of target including police, journalists, and rappers. he struck just a day after the massacre in orlando. investigators will try to establish if he was inspired by that attack, and if he was a lone wolf or directed from overseas. the prosecutor says the killer posted a 12-minute video on facebook and heeded the isis call to kill unbelievers at home with their families. this appears to be the work of just one man, just like orlando. so difficult to predict, so difficult to prevent in the future. back to you. >> nbc's bill neely, thank you. today, oscar pistorius arrived at the high court in
11:40 am
pretoria, south africa, for the second day of his sentencing hearing. the olympic returning was convicted of murder for shooting girlfriend reeva steenkamp. her parents, barry and june, were also attending the hearing. her father gave an emotional account of the moment he heard of his daughter's death. >> i couldn't really understand what she was so upset about, screaming and shouting. that's when i started to panic. and then driving up, i realized more and more, reeva has been killed. >> pistorius was convicted of murder on valentine's day in 2013. closing arguments continue this morning in the federal corruption trial of chaka fattah. yesterday, prosecutors told jurors he led a white collar crime spree stretching from
11:41 am
philadelphia to capitol hill. he's accused of taking bribes and stealing from campaign accounts to pay for his son's college dents. defense lawyers insist there's no evidence linking fattah to the alleged crime. they accuse them of destroying fattah's career. >> tom wolf is having an outpatient treatment done as part of his cancer treatment. earlier this year, he announced he was diagnosed with the disease, but it's a treatable form. governor wolf will be back to work on thursday. about 20 minutes before noon on tuesday. coming up next, no laughing matter. >> i know everyone is angry and not knowing how to react, but this is a time where people are looking to us as a country and how we will react. >> a little bit of a departure for us, see how jimmy fallon handles the nightclub tragedy in orlando, re-enforcing the show and life must go on. >> well, i hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy this
11:42 am
beautiful weather because changes are headed our way. i'm tracking rain and i'll let you know if the wet weather is going to last into the weekend. that's just ahead.
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welcome back. we have new video this morning of a burglary in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. police released this surveillance video of two men posing as maintenance workers knocking on the victim's home on june 3rd.
11:45 am
when no one answered, the men climbed through a second floor window and stole several items. >> firefighters are battling a huge warehouse fire in southern california. more than 75 firefighters were called to a plastics warehouse overnight. it's just outside of los angeles. investigators say a chemical reaction sparked several strong explosions. so far, no one has been hurt. a legendary las vegas casino puts on one final epic show. >> early this morning, the riviera hotel and casino came crashing down. just before the implosion, there was a fireworks display. it closed last year after six decades on inlas vegas strip. the property will be used to expand the city's convention center. well, take a look at this crash caught on camera in staten island. a suspected drunk driver smashed into a backyard and hit a police
11:46 am
officer's pool, not who you want to hit. the family woke up to find he had taken out their fence and the posts supporting the deck. amazingly, no one was hurt. the driver was taken into custody and tested for dui. turning now to decision 2016. presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders plan to meet tonight in washington just after polls close amid the d.c. democratic primary. senator sanders said he and clinton will talk about her campaign. sanders said he wants to learn if clinton will strongly support issues that he cares about such as universal health care and making public colleges tuition free. sanders said whatever happens at the meeting, he will not be endorsing clinton. again, democratic voters in d.c. are voting now in the final primary of 2016. >> late night comedians are taking a serious tone following the terror in orlando.
11:47 am
here's how jimmy fallon handled it during his opening monologue on "the tonight show" last night. >> this is just one bad guy here. 49 good people. and one bad guy. and there will always be more good than evil. when i think of orlando, i think of nothing but fun and joy and family. if anyone can do it, you can. keep loving each other, keep respecting each other. and keep on dancing. we'll be right back. >> fallon went on with his regular show after that monologue. happening today, the white house is hosting the first ever summit on the united states of women. the theme, today we change tomorrow. vice president joe biden just finished speaking there. later, president obama and first lady michelle obama will be joined by oprah winfrey and other dignitaries discussing solutions to the challenges still facing women.
11:48 am
>> in about 15 minutes, bike advocates will call on philadelphia leaders to make it safer to cycle on city streets. grants were announced earlier this year for ten new protected bike lanes throughout the city, but bike riders say the lanes are not a done deal. so today, the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia will call on city leaders to move forward on those new lanes quickly and make them as safe as possible. philadelphia is the largest u.s. city without physically separated bike lanes. >> even more sunshine than we had yesterday. philadelphia skyline shows that. clouds we're seeing are high, thin clouds. you can see the lehigh valley right there as well, and in parts of new jersey. that doesn't really prevent the temperature from jumping up and we're going to be seeing those temperatures jump during the
11:49 am
day. let's see how we're doing in delaware right now. newark, 73. glasgow, 75 already. reading point, only 68. as we head to the delaware beaches, a little wind off delaware bay. 69 degrees, dewey beach. 71 at bethany beach. back to the west, 73 in greenwood, georgetown, 72 degrees. well, we have the dry conditions here. some clouds starting to show up in ohio and the showers and even some thunderstorms in indiana. but it's going to take a little while for any of that moisture to head this way. we got up to 78 degrees yesterday. going up to about 82 today. and 86 tomorrow. but then, it starts going down. thursday, because of the wind coming off the ocean, and because of the rain. so we got sunny skies now, but the rain is going to be coming
11:50 am
eventually. here comes tuesday night. no problem. wednesday, clouds increase wednesday especially delaware and extreme south jersey. some computer models do bring rain into the area even before wednesday is out. pretty much all the computer models are showing at least some rain during the day on thursday and many of them showing fairly widespread area of rain, meaning several hours straight, and some of it even on the heavy side, maybe even with some thunderstorms. but not tomorrow, we've got not as much sunshine as today, but the temperature goes up. 87 in fox chase and yardley. allentown at 85 degrees. humidity still not all that high as we go through the day tomorrow. we have that sea breeze, atlantic city and avalon, only 76 degrees. wilmington at 83.
11:51 am
over the next five days, there's going to be pretty significant difference between philadelphia and the jersey shore, for example. tomorrow, there's an 11-degree difference and a chance of some showers in the jersey shore. on friday, it's going to be a rainier day at the shore than we're going to have in philadelphia. much cooler, and saturday, going to be a pretty nice weekend for father's day, the way it's looking. look at the 12-degree difference between the shore and the city. now, for philadelphia itself, we've got generally dry weather tomorrow and warmer weather, but more clouds then the rain comes in thursday, some showers linger into friday. but we're more likely than not, it looks like it's going to be dry and comfortable over the weekend, and then we start heating up early next week. and we'll be right back.
11:52 am
the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!!
11:54 am
as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. welcome back. just a few minutes before noon on your tuesday. we need your help rewarding people who are making a difference in the community. nbc10 and nbcuniversal are giving away grants to local nonprofits. we call it 21st century solutions. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our
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website,, and the deadline to apply is argue 26th. coming up this afternoon, beginning at 3:00, it's ellen with actor liev schreiber. then nbc10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, a woman says all she wanted was clean clothes, but instead, she was left with a mess. after months of calls for help with no resolution for her broken washing machine, she called harry hairston and nbc10 responds. that story airs this afternoon on nbc10 news at 4:00. and now, to update our breaking news we have been telling you about throughout the morning. philadelphia police are in fairmount park right now where a woman's body was found. sky force 10 was over georges hill drive where someone found a woman's body around 8:15 this morning. police tell us the woman was handcuffed and had been stabbed to death. it appears the woman was in her 20s. right now, police are trying to figure out who she was and how long her body had been in the
11:56 am
park. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a final check of your forecast for this afternoon. >> yeah, just a beautiful looking day. we have a lot of blue in the sky back behind us. and it's going to stay that way for much of the day. going to be a little warmer than it was yesterday, and tomorrow is warmer than today. and then the warming trend stops. rain starts to move in for thursday. we're going to be seeing that across much of the area. the temperature increase between today and tomorrow, lehigh valley, for example, going up there into the mid 80s as well tomorrow. >> enjoy it, right? enjoy it for today. all right. >> we're awaiting an nbc news special report. president obama will be making a statement on isis following his meeting with his national security advisers. that happened a short time ago. nbc10 will bring you that live when it happens. thanks for watching nbc10 news at 11:00.
11:57 am
i'm katy zachry. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc10, have a great day. get outside and enjoy it.
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>> belle: hey, sorry i'm late. i had to do some research in case nicole gets charged with murder. >> shawn: well, talk about a flimsy excuse. you kept me waiting seven entire minutes because of some murder charge? >> belle: no, i just need to be ready for whatever justin's gonna throw at me. i know they haven't found a body yet, so god only knows what their strategy's gonna be. and this is not what we're supposed to be talking about, is it? [clears throat] >> shawn: no, it's not what we had planned, but i know what it feels like to have a case stuck in your head. >> belle: we're supposed to be talking about... >> shawn: our relationship. >> belle: right. well, if it helps, i'm feeling a little self-conscious about that too. >> shawn: yeah, i'm... kind of worried that it's gonna turn into a fight. >> belle: because of all the times it did before. well... how are we gonna get around that?


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