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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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expect the soda tax to pass even if council members have lingering questions. on the eve of the monumental soda tax vote, mayor jim kenney continues to make his pitch at the smart center pre-k. >> it's never a done deal in government politics. you work hard up until the very vote. i think we'll be fine. >> reporter: the 1.5 cents-per-ounce tax would pay for pre-k expansion and improvement of recreation centers. that's not all. criticism reignited when it was realized that more than 10% of the fund will be used for unrelated program. and excess will be put to the general fund. >> as we collect this tax and we begin to ramp up the programs, some of the money will sit in the general fund until it's ready to be spent on programs. >> reporter: curtis jones said council know all of the details even if it wasn't specifically highlighted by the administration. >> now for people to suddenly at the eve of this vote say eureka look what we found is a little
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bit hard for me to understand. >> reporter: now in the 11th hour, opposition intensefies as small businesses fear losing money and customers worry that distributors will leave them to foot the bill. >> keeps taxing us. it's ridiculous. we don't have the money. >> reporter: there's also hope especially at the smart center because more money means the facility will be able to get some of the 60 kids off the waiting list and into these classrooms. discussion does not end after tomorrow's vote. i'm told that hearings have been scheduled for later on this summer. hearings will be scheduled later on this summer. so the council can discuss specifically how the money will be spent. reporting live in logan square, nbc10 news. tonight, four young people are recovering after they were shot in a wilmington neighborhood. nbc10 cameras were on the scene at elm and south van buren
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streets last night. we counted more than 15 shell case markings. all of the victims are between 12 and 16 years old. one grandmother told us her 12-year-old grandson is one of the victims. she says he was walking home from the store with friends when gunfire erupted. >> and they were on their way home, and they just got -- mixed up in the crossfire. >> a 15-year-old boy shot at least three times is in critical condition. police tell us this is the fourth shooting in hedgeville since june 10th. an ocean county man is behind bars accused of stabbing another man to death early yesterday morning. police say democrhe killed a ma inside his apartment on east kennedy and lakewood after an argument. investigators say the suspect called 911 after the stabbing. sky force 10 over the scene of a boiler explosion at a plant in center city. it happened around 3:30 at the
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plant on christian street. we have a picture taken shortly after the blast. the plant was evacuated. no one was hurt. someone across the street was injured by flying glass. sky force 10 was also over olney where a crash injured four people including a pair of police officers. the officers crashed into another car outside a church at 4th street and tabor road around many. they were taken to the hospital to be checked out along with two people in the car. to the terror in orlando. the fbi said today it won't speculate on possible charges in sunday's shooting at a gay nightclub. we do know they're looking into what the wife of gunman omar mateen knew ahead of time. the gunman murdered 49 people inside the club before being killed by police. and happening now, a community in our area is remembering the youngest victim
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of the orlando massacre. akyra murray's former high school is holding a private vigil in her honor. murray just graduated from west catholic prep where she was a basketball standout. the 18-year-old star point guard had signed a letter of intent to play at mercy hurst university on a full scholarship. searchers have recovered the body of a toddler dragged under water by an alligator at walt disney world. the boy was snatched by the seven-foot animal. an autopsy will be performed by the orange county florida medical examiner. lester holt will have much more on both the orlando tragedies coming up on "nbc nightly news" ahead at 6:30 here on nbc10. a live look tonight at center city, philadelphia, from our campus camera. parts of our area is seen rain. if you didn't need an umbrella, you'll probably need one
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tomorrow. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now with his first alert forecast. glenn? >> yeah, you're right. going to need the umbrella during the day tomorrow. most places that got the rain were in delaware where it's only 74 degrees. got clouds there. it's been sunny all day in the lehigh value. what a contrast. from clouds in the philadelphia area but not much in the way of showers. you see on the radar, the last of the showers coming through cape may county. thing are dry for a while. it's not going to stay dry. there's more moisture in western pennsylvania. west virginia, and that will be moving down overnight tonight. you see after midnight we may see some rain. it's not going to cool down much. the pennsylvania suburbs seeing rain. lehigh valley getting some. where it's been clear all day. you see this increase in moisture coming in by the morning rush. it looks like most places are going to see rain. we'll see when the rain is the
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heaviest, when it's moving out, and what father's day's weekend will look like in a few minutes. jurors in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah have wrapped up their first day of deliberations. the panel spent much left day gaining an understanding of the complex job that lies ahead for them. nbc10 has more on the trial, and we have more from center city. any indication when a verdict could be reached? >> reporter: the jury had less than two hours to deliberate the case today. they got the case at 3:14. some watchers say with the complexity of the case and so many counts in the criminal indictment, it down some time before the jury is back. all party sat silently for most of the day inside a federal courtroom as a judge instructed the jury on the law. what racketeering means and what they need to determine in order to decide if congressman chaka fattah and four others intentionally broke the law. prosecutors say the group acted as fattah's troops to hide an
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illegal loan and pay it back. they say the congressman used his co-defendant to further his own interests including a wealthy political contributor accused of bribing the congressman for a federal appointment. again, the jury has 28 counts to look at. there are five defendants in the case, and not all of the defendants are charged with all 28 counts. they is to weed through and decide if they think any of these people intentionally broke the law. nbc10 news. stay with us as we remain on verdict watch in the corruption trial. we'll bring you continuing coverage on air and on the nbc10 app and let you know the moment the jury reaches a decision. we have new video of a man philadelphia police say is stealing from the front door of a home in northern liberties. surveillance shows him swiping a package of clothing that was delivered to a house on brown street last wednesday. police want to find him, but so far no sign of him.
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and look at this new video of what police say is a man stealing computers from a warehouse in kensington early sunday morning. police think he climbed up a gutteder downspout to get into a second-story window. he took two apple imam computer worth $-- imac computers worth $3,000. a bucks county pawn shop owner will serve one to two years in state prison. prosecutors say john deangelo stalked and harassed a lower southampton detective. deangelo placed ads on craigslist to have strangers show up at the detective's home at all hours. some of the listings were for scrap metal. one was for gay sex. prosecutors say deangelo was angry after receiving two citations from the detective. new at 6:00, the archdiocese of philadelphia has reached a labor agreement with catholic high school teachers. teachers ratified the new one-year contract agreement yesterday. it affects more than 600 teachers at 17 high schools of the archdiocese. the new deal includes salary
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increases and addresses rising medical costs. pennsylvania is a step closer to regulating fantasy sports betting. a house committee advanced a bill that would regulate and tax sites like fanduel and draftkings. under the bill, fantasy sports companies would have to apply to the pennsylvania gaming control board for a license, then pay a quarterly tax. local aclu leaders want more details about how the city will deal with protesters during the summer's national democratic convention. the aclu of pennsylvania sent a letter to mayor kenney asking for clarification. the union fears the city is going back on promises ton interfere with protesters at the convention at the wells fargo center. the city says it will prohibit all marches on broad street and during rush hour. regarding the convention, a union leader write, "there's no better time to show respect for the fundamentally american tradition of peacefully expressing dissent." in response, representative from
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the mayor's office tells us, "the city has taken innumerable steps to protect demonstrators' right to free speech including decriminalization of numerous infractions like refusal to disperse that have previously led to mass arrests." next on nbc10 news at 6:00, a confederate flag fight erupts in the halls of pennsylvania's state capitol. and a philadelphia lawmaker's actions are at the center of the controversy. we'll explain coming up. and transforming the force. see what one local police department is doing to make sure it better reflects its community. we're tracking rain that could affect much of the region tomorrow. i'll show you the timing of that coming up.
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and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at a state lawmaker remove aid confederate flag that was on display but was later put back up. that until governor wolf ordered it to be taken down. the flags were on loan from the historical society. democratic representative vanessa lowery brown of philadelphia says she took it down after it had been up for nearly three week.
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>> it was important for me to take a stand, to make sure that the next generation of children are not taught that hatred is okay. >> it was stolen. she had no right to put her hands on that collection. >> representative brown says she gave the flag to the house republican majority leader. it's a demographic dilemma facing police departments nationwide -- trying to hire more minority officers to better reflect their changing communities. in allentown, a brand-new search is underway to recruit minority cops. nbc10 explains. ♪ >> reporter: walk down seventh street if allentown and you'll see all the signs of a dramatic demographic shakeup. take latinos, for example, who make up 43% of the city's population but only 8% of the entire police force. >> the latino community doesn't have much of a voice.
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>> reporter: vladimir garcia lives in this heavily hispanic neighborhood. his family had trouble recently calling cops for a noise complaint. >> he didn't know spanish. i had to keep translating. >> reporter: there's often a language barrier, and many families want police who reflect their communities. >> someone that has the same cultural background, that can understand the situation. >> nationwide, departments are having trouble recruiting minoritiesment. >> reporter: police chief keith morris heard the complaint and started a community task force to hire more minority officers. recruiting is already underway. the city could add points for bilingual applicants. it's not just latinos, but a broad search for black, asian and lgbt cops, too. >> when our department mirrors our diverse communiti, it brings a lot of trust, respect, and overall cooperation. >> reporter: to help solve crimes and increase trust in this rapidly changing city. in allentown, nbc10 news.
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an extraordinary gathering today in philadelphia. the topic, the historic bombing of a philadelphia row house and the burning of an entire neighborhood. the deadly standoff would move 31 years ago. that's former nbc10 reporter bill ban baldini who covered it and reporter harvey clark. the group came together at the golf club to discuss the 1985 standoff that killed 11 move members including five children. and nbc10 and nbc universal are giving away grants to local nonprofit organizations. we call it 21st century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits implementing new and innovative programs. the application is our website at the deadline is august 26th.
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we have a huge contrast across the area today from sunshine all day allentown through trenton. you see how much warmer it is, and clouds to the south, vineland, 71. dover, 73. several hours of rain in parts of delaware. philadelphia is now three degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. we did get up to 80. allentown's warmer than yesterday. dover and vineland in atlantic city cooler. and right at the beach, it's cool. only 69 atlantic city. 76 in mays landing. 68 at cape may point. they've had some rain down there, as well. conditions will be improving. first of all, that area of showers is pretty much moved out. so at least we get a few thundershowers dry out. there's more rain back to the west. here's that system in west virginia that's moving in our direction. now, the first thing that's going to happen is that we have
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rain on the way. a few plays -- few places got it today. a lot more will get it tomorrow. maybe after midnight. here we are after midnight, and some rain already spreading in. some of it on the heavy side overnight. and raining for the morning rush for a good bit of the area. some of it on the heavier side. but the later on we go during the day, the more this rain area breaks up. i still expect several hours worth of rain in most of the area. by the afternoon rush, things are quieting down. maybe even clearing in parts of the area. certainly looks like it's going to be clearing during the day on friday from north to south, and we're going to be getting a beautiful weekend as a result. so we start with the improvement on friday. we could see some early showers into jersey shore and delaware on friday. the rest of the areas get increasing sunshine.
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everybody is sunny on saturday. cooler, of course, at the jersey shore with the sea breeze. and then just about everybody, sunny on sunday. father's day, as well. looks like it will be little bit warmer in parts of the area, especially philadelphia, up to 85. once again, the shore just going to have a fantastic weekend. now, as we go through tomorrow, it's not so fantastic unless you want some rain. dell vaft, 73. devin, 73. reading, 75. cooler than today for most folks. and certainly cloudier, but at the shore, it's going to be another cool, cloudy, damp day. 68 in atlantic city. a lot more rain than today. wilmington, other parts of delaware could see a thunderstorm at some point during the morning hours especially. then friday, we have gradual clearing north to south. if we get sun in the afternoon, we get closer to 8 degrees. saturday and sunday, sunshine,
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comfortable, relatively low humidity, and look what happens -- 92 on monday. there's super-hot record air in the desert southwest. phoenix might get up to 120 degrees this weekend. a little piece of that comes our way for monday and tuesday. it can't last. the whole country can't be hot at the same time. we eventually get back closer to average toward the middle of next week. >> thanks. i'm john clark. coming up, when will we see mike el franco in the line up? and hearing from the big boys playing at the u.s. open next.
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i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. the phillies and blue jay split their games in toronto. let's split two more in philly tonight. mike el franco will miss his third straight game with a mild knee sprain. happened sunday. here's this afternoon. he does hope to be back tomorrow night. here's manager pete mccannon. >> possibly tomorrow i'm hoping. i'm hoping he's available to pinch-hit tonight. i'm waiting to see that. and it doesn't look like it's anything serious. nevertheless, we're going to double check and make sure we don't make any mistakes. one of the first-round draft picks from two years ago, dario sarge, is he leaving to play in philly this year? a croatian newspaper says there's a 99% chance he will join the sixers. we're waiting for to get to 100.
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golf, outside oakmont. chris crawford from ben salem and holy ghost prep. he's 22, just graduated from drexel. he qualified for the open. sometime dreams come true. >> i'm not sure there's a better place to play your first or any u.s. open than oakmont. the fact it's only a 4.5-hour drive from home is nice. but just the fact that it's at oakmont makes it special. >> reporter: his family on the broadcast. tough break. look at his caddy, broke his ankle falling into a bunker. chris' coach at drexel will take over the duties. yesterday we told you the story about former eagle walter thurman. last year while playing for the birds, also played in faily softball league in disguise as a character named dick mahoney. take a look at the pictures here. in the spot shadow, there he is, his girlfriend tweeted out a pic of walter on auto -- or is it
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dick? he wore a wig and none of the players knew until he was gone. we tracked down mahoney's agent. he joined us on comcast sportsnet's philly sports talk. >> just an athlete. so it's not -- not his first rodeo. you know, he's been in a couple of softball leagues and other sports, as well. and it was something that he wanted to do while he had some time. and unfortunately, that time was short. >> walter thurman retired to start making movies in l.a. hopefully the name dick mahoney lives on in his movies. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow's not going to be great, but the weekend's going to be amazing. >> a nice tradeoff especially considering it's father's day. tomorrow we get rain. a lost lawns could use it. temperature be down as a result. friday we improve. a gorgeous weekend. >> really good. thanks for all of us.
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the news continues now with nbc nightly news with lester holt. and more on the orlando shooting and gator tragedy at disney resort. breaking news tonight. horror at disney world. late word of a tragic discovery as police find the body of a toddler dragged underwater by an alligator. a family in ang wir, disney under fire. why were there gators in a man-made lagoon next to a hotel. killer on camera. nbc news obtains video of the orlando gunman in uniform as a security guard. a survivor raises questions about why authorities waited to storm the building. race against time. developing news as investigators find the wreckage of that missing egyptair jetliner days before the batteries from the black boxes would likely run out. coffee and cancer. what the world health organization is now revealing. royal support. prince william takes a stand, and makes hist


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