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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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different than he originally proposed, but he got it. and the city could start collecting this money in a little less than six months. [ cheers and applause ] a cheer from supporters erupted in city council chambers as the vote came in. it was packed and peppered with signs before and50 against the sweetened beverage tax. supporters continued their celebration in the hallway. >> it's a great day for philadelphia. >> reporter: thelma peak runs a pre-k. >> i'm so excited that history was made in philadelphia today. >> reporter: but there were long faces from business and union leaders who argue the tax will cost jobs. >> i believe january 1st, 2017, when this tax goes into effect, there will be many hundreds of hardworking men and women that will lose their jobs in our
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industry. >> reporter: and they claim the fight is not over. what is your next step? >> we'll probably be in court tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. >> reporter: mayor jim kenny has a message too. he says the city is on solid ground legally and making progress to reduce poverty and give kids a better chance at a young age. >> this is a terrific day, but this is just the beginning of the process. >> reporter: it is actually a little more than six months when all of this could start. mayor kenny says he could sign it on monday. that is when any legal challenge could really get rolling. i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. protestors were absent outside of city hall unlike previous meetings when the soda tax was on the council's agenda. they set up a large display showing residents the possible impact the tax would have on despite defeat, the organization
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says the fight is not over. >> well, we're reviewing our options in terms of what we could do next. possible legal challenges, we're not sure at this point. so i really can't say. >> preschoolers already got in on the action first enjoying a science experiment, then taking a letter in support of the tax up to city council members. >> here's what you need to know. the 1.5 cents per ounce will have to be paid by distributors. it's really unclear how much of that cost will be passed onto you when you buy your drinks. all sweetened drinks are now included. the tax is expected to raise $91 million. that will pay for expanded pre-k, the creation of community schools, improvements to parks, recreation centers and libraries as well. about $40 million would go into the city's general fund. this just in in the past 30 minutes, president obama spoke after meeting with the families
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of the orlando gun violence. he arrived earlier with vice president joe biden and florida senator marco rubio. the president and vice president spent time with survivors and first responders, doctors, nurses, and families of thc3ú9tc lost. >> these families could be our families. in fact, they are our family, they're part of the american family. today, the vice president and i told them on behalf of the american people that our hearts are broken, too. >> this is the president's tenth trip to a community shattered by a mass shooting. republican senator john mccain is backtracking a bit after comments he made today saying president obama is directly responsible for the mass shooting in orlando. mccain says the president has allowed the growth of the islamic state group on his launch. pennsylvania senator pat too
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my says he's backing legislation to try to prevent a potential terrorist from buying a gun. toomey says the bill would direct the attorney general to create a new list of suspected terrorists who could be barred from buying weapons. democrats are already rejecting the idea. along with the no-fly no-buy proposal, republican leaders also agreed to vote on ending private gun sales without background checks. >> we don't want terrorists to be able to walk into a gun store and buy a gun. and we don't want an innocent law-abiding citizen to be denied rights because he's wrongly on a list. >> we don't sell to strangers or mentally unstable people. >> a vote is unlikely until monday at the earliest. a new poll finds 61 of those
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surveyed support gun control in the u.s. half support a temporary ban on muslims who are not u.s. citizens from entering the country. philadelphia city council is honoring a local victim of the attacks in orlando. several city council members presented a resolution today honoring the youngest victim of the orlando mass shooting. murray had just graduated from west catholic prep a week before the shooting. she was in the club with two friends. they were also shot, but survived. six people wounded in the attack are still in chris call condition at the hospital. three people are in guarded condition. that's an improvement from a few days ago when five were in critical. 23 people in ail are still at orlando regional. new jersey will remember the victims of the nightclub shootings. governor chris christie ordered
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all state government buildings to fly flags at half-staff tomorrow in honor of the 49 people killed. tirning now to first alert weather. showers -- >> neighbors could see more rain tonight. >> nbc10 meteorologist sheena parveen has your neighborhood forecast for this evening. >> it does look better for most of the area. we had the rain most of the day today. now we're really seeing things quiet down. here's a live look over center city. we really got rid of a lot of the rain we saw today. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen for you the whole time you'll see me on tv at least. right now in philadelphia, 69 degrees is the temperature. it's cool outside. we have an east wind. that is a cooler wind direction. with the cloud cover and the rain we had today, temperatures are quite a bit cooler than they should be. here's a look at the radar.
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we're nice and dry across the area. the rain has left. if you look to the west and southwest around washington, we actually have severe thunderstorms that way. that will be staying away from the area. that's where the severe threat is going to remain. late tonight, we can't rule out shoirs t-- showers moving into parts of delaware. so here's a look at future weather. watch as we go through time here. now we're looking at 8:30 tonight. that rain, thunderstorms still west of the area. basically just looking at the overcast skies. then we go into midnight and some of that rain tries to move into parts of delaware, maybe extreme south jersey with a majority of it hanging around the washington area. that's where we expect the strongest storms to stay. some parts of our area could see more showers overnight tonight. some of this rain could linger early into friday morning. >> lot of people are looking
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forward to that. ty, sheena. right now, the jury's still out in the chaka fattah corruption trial. day two of deliberates ended just about an hour ago. we're live outside the choice. a lot more people are waiting here for everyone in this case to get involved. >> reporter: absolutely, keith. and the waiting game is going to continue to tomorrow morning. that's when the jury will return. a a moment's notice they could come back with a decision that would either clear the congressman's name or send him to prison. plenty is at stake for both sides. the last thing any judge would want in this case is a hung jury. >> lot of pressure on the prosecutors. lot of pressure on the defense attorney because everybody's watching. >> all eyes have been -- involved in bribery and fraud. fattah's fate now rests in the hands of the jurors and it could be a while. >> charges like these, i don't
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think it's not like a murder charge where someone did it or they didn't. they have to look at complex legal issues. that's a difficult charge for jurors to go through. >> reporter: he ins undersd]i5ñ the difficult nature of this kind of case. just last á]euyear, he represend philadelphia narcotics officer. when there's a high profile defendant like fattah, he believes there's a perception factor at play among jurors studying his demeanor. he says the congressman has appeared cool and collected. >> i don't know the congressman personally. i wouldn't want to play poker with him. i'll say that. >> reporter: today, when court was not in session, when people were coming and going from the courtroom, congressman fattah was smiling, laughing. as we left the courtroom this afternoon, i asked him if he had any comment about this full day of deliberations.
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all he did was this, clearly indicating his lips are sealed, at least for the time being. i'm rosemary connors. philadelphia's school reform commission is voting on the issue of adding transgender bathrooms to its schools. if adopted, it would require all schools to designate bathrooms to accommodate transgender and noncob fo nonconforming students. to strike or not to strike, that is the question. thousands of atlantic city casino workers are voting on today. members of local 53 deciding whether to support a walkout at several of ac's largest casinos. if the union votes yes here, members would walk out july 1st if contracts are not reached with those five casinos. a major makeover is on the way for philadelphia's 30th
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street station. amtrak announced the details this morning. all told, it's a $6.5 billion overhaul for the station and the area around it. you see what it's expected to look like in these rendering. it will include an entire urban neighborhood built around the station. it's expected to take 35 years to complete. also tonight, caught on tape. a car break-in leads to a chase, a crash, and a shooting. but it wasn't police doing the firing. plus, we told you about this new jellyfish at the jersey shore. what you need to watch out for in the water. >> reporter: casinos, beaches, and marijuana? a new plan is pushing legalized pot to help cash strapped atlantic city. >> they're spoking it already. >> reporter: if it's the answer to bring in more tourists and money.
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promoting opportunities for tomorrow. that's the name of a new bill designed to help atlantic city. doesn't sound too controversial right? promoting opportunities for tomorrow. that is pot, you probably notice there, pot. a new jersey lawmaker thinks
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legalizing recreational marijuana could be an answer to ac's final woes. ted? >> reporter: supporters think legalized marijuana could have huge economic benefit for atlantic city, but not everyone's sold on the idea. it's creating a buzz on the boardwalk. a push to make recreational pot legal in atlantic city. you know. i know a lot of people that smoke weed. >> reporter: under a bill voters would be asked to decide if heavily regulated marijuana use should be allowed in the city limits to help provide an economic boost to the near bankrupt seaside resort. >> this is a resort where you bring your children. and i don't think it's a good idea for here. >> reporter: the plan would permit the commercial growth, sale, possession and consumption of marijuana by adults 21 and
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older. it also calls for a 20% tax on the pot. atlantic city would get half that money with the rest going to various state funds. >> if you're looking for a cash cow, it's an opportunity there waiting for you. >> i think it's a bad message. >> reporter: the president of atlantic city's city council says he appreciates the sip port for the ailing resort, but believes this idea is not the answer. >> i cannot support revenue stream that supports usage of drigs. >> reporter: the state department of law and public safety would regulate marijuana in atlantic city and increase penalties for driving under the influence of the drug. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc10 news. some new jersey residents suffering from ptsd will now be able to use medical marijuana for treatment. legislators passed the bill today. it allows them to united states
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medical marijuana only if conventional therapies don't work. well, a rainy day, but we have seen big improvements. now, the clouds are still with us. this is a live look outside right by nbc10 from our studios here. we're still tracking some rain, but most of the area still sitting under overcast skies. your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. we have the cloud cover in place and we are in the upper 60s through most of the area. atlantic city, 67 degrees. all allentown coming in at 67 degrees. we're running about 5 to 10 degrees cooler across the area. allentown running 11 degrees cooler than yesterday at this point.
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big difference today with the rain, wind direction, and now the cloud cover in place. you see the clouds in place. we really don't have much, though, in the way of rain. we've really cleared out a lot since earlier today. this is going to remain the case through tonight. the most severe weather is well off to our west. that's going to approach the washington area late tonight. there is a chance that some of move through parts of delaware, maybe0x extreme south jersey la tonight while many of you are actually sleeping. most of the area does look to stay on the drier side. here's future weather. we just keep the cloud cover around. midnight, storms expected around washington. some of those could move into delaware and extreme south tomorrow morning, clearing from north to south. there's still a chance of showers for south jersey and delaware. the moisture still kind of hanging around there. then we go through the afternoon and start to shape up nicely
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into the weekend. saturday, big area of high pressure moves down. this is going to really keep us dry thought the weekend. this big area of high pressure is going to keep us sunny and temperatures on the warmer side. for tomorrow in the lehigh valley, 81 degrees. bethleh bethlehem, 80 degrees. across the philadelphia area, upper 70s tomorrow. in new jersey tomorrow expect the upper 70s. 79 degrees. and closer to the shore, you have the best chance for at least some early morning showers. same thing as we go into delaware. 75 wilmington tomorrow. better chance for showers, especially late tonight. if you look at the philadelphia area and the jersey shore through the next five days. tomorrow we'll be clearing in philadelphia. clouds are going to hang around longer at the shore.
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saturday, 84 degrees, philadelphia. mid-70s saturday and sunny. then we go into your father's day, sunny, 85 inme philadelphi for your father's day. along the shore, really nice weather. then we go into next week and look at that. 90-degree temperatures in the forecast. we'll take a closer look at your shore weather coming up. >> a nebraska town is mourning the little boy killed2váñ a gatr attack at disney world. members of the st. patrick's church in elk horn remembered the child in service this morning. an alligator pulled the child into a lagoon tuesday night. authorities found the young boy's body the following afternoon. no swimming signs were posted around the lagoon, but there were no alligator warnings. the sheriff says the boy's parents will likely not face
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charges. new information today into former penn state football coach jerry sandusky's fight. a pennsylvania judge is granting sandusky three days of hearings set for august. he's seeking to appeal his 2012 sex abuse conviction. the judge says the proceedings are to further delve into weather prosecutors leaked sensitive information. local leaders are taking ano/2ut on donald trump. how they are condemning the presidential candidate. that's next at 5:00. plus, show your political and your philly pride all at the same time. we've got your first look at merchandise for sale at this year's dnc.
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to decision 2016 coverage now. philadelphia city council weighing in on the presidential race. the council today passed a resolution condemning donald trump. the resolution says trump has expressed racist, sexist, xenophobic and anti-american values. three republicans on city council voted against the resolution. >> hillary clinton picked up the endorsement from the nation's largest labor federation.
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they said that secretary clinton shares the union's values, but donald trump slammed that move. he said the aflcio sold out its more than 12 million members. senator sanders could be ready to reveal his next move. senator sanders will deliver a live oh message to supporters at 8:30 tonight. he's previously said he will continue his campaign right up to next month's convention right here in philadelphia despite the fact hillary clinton has won enough delegates to become the presumptive democratic nominee. if you're gearing up for the democratic national convention in july, merchandise is already on sale. keepsakes and memorabilia. >> we kind of designed the stuff knowing that we wanted it to sell really well and want it to
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be stuff that people will wear even outside of the convention. >> you can buy shirts, hats, buttons and more an line. there's a link on later this month, you can drop into a pop-up store in the comcast center and shop there. >> a homeowner fights back. he spotted someone breaking into his car and this is what happened next. more on the chase, crash, and shooting next at 5:00. plus, one state could vote to start school later. but that doesn't mean your kid will get to sleep in. we'll explain next at 5:00.
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right now at 5:00, what would you do? a man in bucks county caught someone breaking into his car. instead of waiting for police, he grabbed his gun and went after him. >> nbc10's randy gyllenhaal breaks it all down. >> reporter: the chase ended right here on bridge street in morrisville and the car slamming into the side of this hair salon. the entire thing was caught on surveillance video. the surveillance cameras above jag's barbershop were rolling when a stolen suv swerves and slams into a building. not far behind, the thief's intended victim in hot pursuit.
5:30 pm
>> i'm really happy we have the cameras out. >> reporter: police say that all began just before 5:00 a.m. a homeowner say the suspect breaking into cars and decided to follow him with a gun. >> the homeowner retrieved a weapon. >> reporter: that homeowner pulls out a gun and fires at the suspect who tries to run away. >> the homeowner shot him once in the arm. >> reporter: both men are now being interviewed by detectives. meantime, shop owners are @1jeuiu surprising that this guy jumped in his car with a gun and chased down the person. it seems a little bit extreme to me. >> reporter: but police say no charges have been filed yet. it's still quite early in this investigation. >> nothing yet. this is very fluid investigation. >> reporter: including multiple angles of surveillance video which could be crucial evidence in this case. in morrisville, nbc10 news.
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here are some of the other stories making headlines at 5:00. philadelphia made history today. it's now the first major american city with a soda tax. despite a multi--million-dollar campaign to stop it, city council overwhelmingly voted in favor of it. it clears the way for a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sugary and diet drinks. the first fill day of jury deliberations in the chaka fattah trial has ended without a verdict. the jury was sent6órp home just before 4:00. the congressman and his four co-conspirators are facing two dozen charges in all. president obama and vice president biden are in orlando tonight. they met with families of the victims of the nightclub shooting, along with first responders, doctors and nurses. this is the president's tenth trip to a community shattered by
5:32 pm
a mass shooting during his time in office. >> it has been true too many times before, i held and hittug grieving family members and+3ó$ parents and they asked why does this keep happening. >> the first of 49 funerals took place today. now to your first alert weather. overcast skies and rain in bear new castle county. nbc10 on pier. not great boating weather just yet. >> this weekend maybe. we got to get through a little bit more rain ahead of that. sheena parveen has the details on your neighborhood forecast. >> yes, there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel as we get closer to your weekend. so don't let the cloudy skies fool you. in the meantime, temperatures are cool. we still have clouds around. some areas could still see some rain overnight tonight. in new jersey, temperature
5:33 pm
around 70 degrees. philadelphia and the pennsylvania suburbs in the upper 60s right now. levi valley low 70s. areas like delaware and south jersey could still see some showers overnight tonight. locally though, we're all dry. just a misty rain or a little bit of drizzle. the main area of weather, the storms, that's af to our west. that's really where it's going to stay through the rest of this evening. lot of thunderstorms approaching the washington area. best chance for showers or storms tonight would mostly be in delaware or extreme south jersey while many of you are actually sleeping. we stay dry as we go through the rest of the evening. now we get closer to midnight and some of that rain could be moving into delaware and parts of new jersey. we're going to be watching that closely. going into tomorrow and the weekend, conditions start to improve just in time for your
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father's day. i'll show you that forecast coming up. when it comes to new jersey's infrastructure, one group gives the state a d plus. the american society of engineers released its report today. it says 42% of the state's roads are deficient. one in 11 bridges need significant repairs or needs to be replaced. the state's transportation fund is almost gone. today was national dump the pump day. the idea is to encourage folks to use public transportation. according to the american public transportation association, people who take public transit save close to $800 a month compared to those who drive. delaware transportation was one of 150 agencies across the nation to participate. some delaware state legislators want the school year to start later after the labor day holiday. those who support it say it
5:35 pm
could give the economy a boost letting students keep their summer jobs longer. those who oppose it say local leaders, not legislators should make decisions about the school calendar. new jersey could soon have a new weapon to catch drivers who choose not to stop for school buses. it would put cameras on the outside of school buses to record drivers illegally passing stopped buses. lawmakers introduce the bill earlier this month. most of us don't go looking for mosquitos at all. for a group of workers in south jersey, that's actually their job. we follow them as they step up their fight against the zika virus. plus, we know philadelphia as the birthplace of america. now a new museum will celebrate this special part of our history. where you can visit and when, coming up next.
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right now at 5:00, crash investigators have crucial information that could help them figure out what caused that egyptair plane to crash in the mediterranean sea last month. search teams recovered the cockpit voice recorder from the plane wreckage. they found the black box just one week before the batteries were die to relation out of power. the ntsb tells nbc news they are sending two investigators to cairo to help analyze the voice recorder data. >> also right now at 5:00, a man is under arrest after a british lawmaker was shot to death in london. parliament member jo cox got into a scuffle with two men when one of them shot her several times. she had been campaigning over next week's vote over whether
5:39 pm
britain should remain in the european union. >> weñw6 now know when the muse of the american resolution in philadelphia will open. the date april 19th, next year. one of the exhibits includes general george washington's headquarters tent used during the winter of 1777 in valley forge. these are the latest rendering of what the museum will look like. it's located at third and chestnut streets in old"""" cit. it's bee=!an under construction since spring of 2014. we will be celebrating america's birthday at this year's wawa welcome america festival. nbc and our parent company comcast nbc universal are your new home for the nation's biggest birthday party. block party, festival, concerts and fireworks. ♪
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the broadway hit hamilton is on your bucket list, this is not what you want to hear. lin-manuel miranda is leaving his show next month. he has a lot of other work lined up, including two movies, not surprisingly. they say it's a dirty job, but swin's got to do it. see how south jersey's following the mosquitos and making sure people are protected from the zika virus. and few showers might move in overnight tonight, but the weekend is shaping up to be very nice. we'll show you that forecast coming up next.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf signed a bill today creating a task force on prostate cancer and chronic prostate conditions. they will create a group. that group will work to create public awareness about the disease. >> the point is that doing nothing cannot and will not be an option. too many people if we don't do anything will continue to die from this disease. >> on tuesday, the governor underwent an outpatient procedure as part of his prostate cancer treatment. those annoying mosquitos that bite you every now and then. now with the threat of the zika virus, those bites could also hurt your health. >> we're live at cooper river park. you got an inside look at the process in camden county today. >> reporter: i did.
5:44 pm
and it is an intricate and coordinated team effort. from biologists to nurses and mosquito control teams. they flock to bodies of water, springs or creeks. they are active on this fight day and night. you might consider it a sa event engineer hunt in the fight to prevent and protect against the zika virus in camden county. today, marine biologists of the county's field team gather larva. there are thousands of known heavy breeding spots. >> we're not going to have an outbreak like they're having in brazil or anywhere else. >> reporter: the mosquitos are >> reporter: the mosquitos are rare in new jersey. once the larva is connected, it goes under a microscope. any signs of a mosquito capable of carrying zika will be tested. >> there have not been any
5:45 pm
locally transmitted cases. all of the cases that we're seeing have all been through travel. >> reporter: still, camden county's director of nursing says phones do ring, especially from pregnant women. >> they're concerned about being pregnant or getting pregnant and the harm that it could do to their child. >> reporter: camden county crews continue the night work of spraying to eradicate the pests. >> they're protecting us against it as much as they can. >> reporter: samantha says she'll plan accordingly. >> i hate them in general. but knowing they can transmit something like that, i'm always more prone to wear long sleeves or pants at night when i'm outside. >> reporter: and so if you live in camden county, expect to get one of these at a summer concert of your local library. these knew brochures are to inform residents. remove any standing water from your home and also remember to
5:46 pm
wear that insect repellant all summer long. nbc10 news. the government is reporting three babies have been born in the u.s. with birth defects caused by the zika virus. birth defects from zika were seen in three other pregnancies that ended. one of the babies with zika was born in new jersey. a honeduran woman back on june 1st. do you want to remember something you just learned? try exercises four histories after you learn it. a dutch medical team found people who exercise after a learning session retain information better than people who did not work out. it's unclear why this works, but mri images show parts of the brain are impacted more in these types of situations. well, we had the rain
5:47 pm
earlier today and now we're all dried out. still looking at overcast skies. overnight tonight, we could still see more showers, maybe some thunderstorms moving in. most of it will be south of philadelphia though. don't forget your seven-day forecast is right at the bottom of the screen for you. we'll start to see clouds leaving the area from north to south. still the slight chance of a shower through new jersey and delaware network. everyone's going to be dry for father's day weekend. saturday and sunday shaping up to be very nice across the area. we don't have the rain around right now. we still have the cloud cover in place, but the strong storms on radar, those are just off to our west. you see this lightning here, all that's approaching washington into late tonight. some of that has the potential to move into delaware, even parts of south jersey. for the rest of this evening, we stay nice and dry. right around midnight is when we
5:48 pm
could have showers try to move into delaware, maybe extreme south jersey. tomorrow, we'll see that clearing. you see the clouds starting to break up a bit. by 9:30 in the morning, clouds hanging around delaware, new jersey at that time. we can't rule out more showers for delaware, new jersey, early in the morning. then we start to see improvements later in the day. that lasts all the way into your weekend. saturday, big area of high pressure dropping down from the north. this will be a nice blocking element from any rain. we expect it to stay nice and dry and nice and sunny. neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow, fox chase area of philadelphia, 79 degrees. lehigh valley close to 80 degrees tomorrow. 81 redding. if you're in new jersey, expect 78 degrees. along the shore, though, that's where we do have a chance of lingering showers early. 68 degrees atlantic city. delaware also has that early shower chance tomorrow morning.
5:49 pm
and then more clearing later in the day. here is your shore forecast as we goe into the weekend. not looking too bad at all. nice and sunny saturday. sunday, almost a carbon copy of saturday. wildwood looking at 75 degrees saturday/sunday coming in 71 degrees. dry across the weekend. even heading into cape may. a little bit cooler on sunday, 70 degrees.m. everyone's looking pretty good for the weekend. if you're not heading to the shore, staying in the philadelphia area, saturday 84 degrees. pennsylvania suburbs in the mid-80s across the weekend. and if you're in new jersey, expect those 80 still. along the shore, that's where we'll be in the mid-70s. in delaware, temperatures will be in the 80s. looking really good after all the clouds clear up from today. glen will be back at 6:00 with a closer look at your neighborhood
5:50 pm
weather. lester holt joins us now from new york. >> what's coming up on nightly news. >> ahead for us, details of the president's visit with families of nightclub shooting victims in orlando and the message sent by ¢he. more question about what warnings disney resort goers have been given. isis not getting any weaker warns the cia boss. coming up at 6:30. back to you in philly. >> we'll see you at 6:30. the sounds of summer are being heard in delaware. the annual firefly music festival is under way in dover. it attracted some 90,000 fans over four days. the firefly music festival runs through sunday. a revamp at new castle
5:51 pm
county's only state fairground. campers are getting their first look at the number of upgrades and additions to the state park this afternoon. they include new hookups for water and sewer and five new walk-in tent sites. other recent additions include a zip line course. the opening of a new beer garden along the wilmington river front is being delayed. some residents are concerned about late night noise. these are rendering of what the beer garden is expected to look like. a public hearing has been called for july 7th to listen to residents' concerns. nbc10 needs your help recognizing people making a á community. nbc10 and nbc universal are giving away grants to local nonprofits. the goal is to support
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organizations implementing new and innovative programs. the deadline to apply, august 26th. felt like it had a knife in it. i couldn't even lay down. just laying down hurt. >> that was all caused by this tiny jellyfish. nbc10 first told you about it last week. now it's being spotted in more places. what you should know before your next trip to the jersey shore. ♪
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog.
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a warning before you go into the water. a man swimming in new jersey got stung by clinging jellyfish. he had to be hospitalized. we spoke to the man about that attack and what you need to watch out for. >> almost like a knife has grazed my side. >> reporter: matt thinks he's a victim of this, the clinging jellyfish. >> every muscle felt like it had a knife in it. i couldn't even lay down. just laying down hurt. i'd have to walk around --6aç is punching at the walls. >> reporter: he's been stung before, but not like this. swimming saturday in the waters off oceanport. this sample caught by these two girls here in a lagoon. >> i thought they were baby jellyfish. >> reporter: three were caught
5:56 pm
by these two girls in the last two weeks. now that they know about them, they're afraid to go in the water. >> i just went swimming in the water a few weeks ago. i don't think i'll do#k again. >> reporter: these boys were reluctant to go in the water when we told them about the jellyfish. for matt, a memory he'll never forget. as for back bay swimming -- >> probably just the ocean and the pool for me. >> reporter: state marine biologists came today to see the lagoon of this first discovery of the clinging jellyfish, casting a net to try to find more. >> certainly appears to be a clinging jellyfish. dna confirmation this afternoon that this jellyfish we first reported last week is indeed the clinging species. >> if they're in the back bay
5:57 pm
regions and quiet waters of coastal new jersey and long island, they've been reported from long island as well, you need to be careful. >> bottom line right there, those things are gross. the clinging jellyfish have turned up in cape cod, massachusetts. researchers say the coastal currents could have carried them there. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. >> coming up next at 6:00, an historic vote and a win for philadelphia mayor jim kenny. >> this is a terrific day, but this is just the beginning. >> nbc10 is breaking down what's next for the new soda tax and why the fight could end up in court. showers put a damper on a good bit of the day. i'm tracking the changing conditions in your first alert neighborhood weather forecast. plus, a pop proposal to save a struggling resort.
5:58 pm
big debate on the boardwalk next on nbc10 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
it's a great day for philadelphia. >> with the increased price, jobs are going to be lost. >> at odds over an historic vote. the beverage industry is vowing to fight philadelphia's new soda
6:00 pm
tax in court. it's a hard-fought win for mayor kenny. >> this is the beginning of the process of changing the narrative of poverty in our city. >> good evening. i'm jacqueline london. the 13-4 vote today makes philadelphia the first major u.s. city to pass a sugary drink tax. it set an unusual scene in center city today. on one side, preschoolers watched soda science experiments as a way to show support. on the other side, protestors emptied their grocery carts right on the steps of city hall. we're live outside city hall with more on this reaction. andrea? >> reporter: mayor kenny took on the beverage industry and won. but now another fight is looming. this time, though, in the courts.


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