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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a major child abuse investigation is centered around this bucks county home. the man who lives there is accused of fathering two children with a 14-year-old girl. this is a story you saw first on and police say there are more disturbing details. investigators say they found 12 girls inside the old street roadhouse in lower southampton township. the youngest child was just six months old. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live from bucks county with more from police and neighbors about this disturbing investigation. randy. >> reporter: neighbors it will me they'd often see little girls running around, many of them dressed in amish clothing, some of them peeking out of windows, but always looking skittish or scared. yesterday an anonymous tip led authorities to this house in feasterville, bucks county, and inside authorities say they found 12 girls from six months to 18 years old. none of them, authorities say,
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had birth certificates readily available. police say it doesn't appear any of them were in school or had documentation. and after investigating police determined the homeowner, and we'll show you his mug shot here, lee kaplan, they say he allegedly sexually abused at least one of these girls. and police say it gets even stranger from there. they say that 14-year-old girl he's accused of abusing was "gifted to him" by a couple in lancaster county with amish heritage who needed to settle some sort of financial obligation and police say kaplan fathered at least two children with that girl. >> the child gave birth to other children through an inappropriate relationship. >> and do you know who these other children were in the home, these other 12 children in. >> we're still investigating that. bucks county children and youth are investigating that along with some other agencies trying to identify their genealogy and who the parents actually are. as far as i know we haven't been able to locate any birth
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certificates for these kids. >> multiple times i've ridden by this house and seen young girls of various ages of children dressed mostly in amish clothing. often afraid. they would look like he would come out of the house, like the male would come out of the house, they would go running into the house. >> reporter: and neighbors don't know exactly how long those kids have been there, but they say it's been a while. they've seen them here for at least a few years. police now investigating whether any of the other children inside the house may have been abused as well. authorities have called for assistance from officials in lancaster county, have more experience dealing with cases involving the amish. right now we can tell you all 12 of these girls are in protective customerky and also the parents of that 14-year-old who was allegedly sold, they are also facing charges. live in feasterville, bucks county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. and we have breaking news that could impact your evening commute. both sides of the commodore
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berry bridge are closed because of accidents on both sides of the bridge. at least five cars were involved. sky 10 is over the scene. there are injuries but it's unclear how serious those are. we'll keep you updated. south new jersey saying good-bye to one of its rising stars, shot and killed after her concert in orlando, florida. burlington county native christina grimmie was a former contestant on nbc's "the voice." she died one week ago after ann a gunman opened fire ugh ndur her autograph signing. cydney long is live in medford where grimmie's family and friends are gathering. >> reporter: as you might imagine, their hearts are certainly broken. but the support out here is strong and the crowds are impressive. take a look. the sanctuary where christina grimmie and her family have prayed for more than a decade holds 1,000 people but right now the hundreds we see outside, this is the overflow of those coming to say good-bye.
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>> she was a wonderful, wonderful girl. >> reporter: behind a beautiful strong voice friends and family was a timid somewhat shy and caring christina. a daughter, friend, and artist being remembered tonight for her genuine nature. >> a senseless killing took one of the brightest stars our town has ever produced. >> reporter: long embraces and tears flowed inside the chapel. and long lines of mourners wound down the sidewalk. among them selena vega who came all the way from frankfurt, germany. >> i'm not going to lie. i feel lost. >> reporter: vega met grimmie through social media in her early star status days on youtube. she shares with us a backstage photo of when the two met in germany. >> that was in munich the last show in germany. it was probably the best night. >> reporter: grimmie's fame skyrocketed during her season on nbc's "the voice." on team adam. levine so shaken by grimmie's sudden death he's paying for the funeral. while security is extra tight
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and thousands expected police both in plain clothes and uniforms do not anticipate celebrities to be in uniforms. >> title of the message is why? we're going to answer the question why. we're going other to look at scripture and talk about why such a horrible killing would take place and god would allow that. >> many are embracing memories of grimmie who sang at local softballs games games and a local fourth of july event two years ago. >> the sound of kids screaming when she rushed the stage is a sound i'll never forget. one of the most adorable loving human beings i've ever been around. >> i'm going to miss you, and i want to see you again. >> for security reasons and to allow the grimmie family some quiet moments to grieve, she was actually buried privately last night. we do know christina grimmie's mother is fightsing breast cancer but both her parents and
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her brother marcus who tackled the gunman in orlando are expected to address the crowd when the funeral memorial ceremony begins at 8:00 tonight. we will also hear christina's voice as her songs will be played. we're live in medford. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. one of the victims of the terror in orlando left the hospital today. patience carter from philadelphia posted this photo on instagram. it shows ruby slippers on her feet. just like dorothy from the wizards of oz she says there's no place like home. in her post the university city city high school alum also thanked the hospital and all those who support her support. she was a young woman just 20 years old who shared her riveting story of survival earlier this week. she was trapped in a bathroom and mintsed the dramatic end of the hostage standoff. new jersey governor chris christie ordered all flags at
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state buildings lowered to half staff in memory of the victims. in a statement the governor called the orlando thatta tack "a deliberate and cal outs assault on the freedoms we cherish as americans." drivers headed through south philadelphia may show you a sign, showing support for the victims of the orlando shooting. sky force 10 found this billboard on the n. northbound said of i-59 near front steet this morning. it says heal our orlando. highlighting the words heal our land. in the wake of the orlando massacre there are new kucalls r gun control legislation. bob casey was meeting with frirnss aall over the region. the democratic senator says the root of that crime along with what happened in orlando is hate and that is why he's proposing a restriction on gun sales to anyone convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime. >> i know i'm going to hear a lot of opposition to this.
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they'll say oh, my goodness, how can you apply that standard to only a misdemeanor? well, when you leave hate unchecked it usually gets a lot worse. >> republican senator pat toomey was also in town today pushing his bill to be on gun sales to terrorists. >> someone we don't deem to be fit to get on an airplane, should not be able to walk into a gun store and leave with an ar-15. at the same time it's essential that anyone who is put on a list wrongly have an opportunity to clear their name. >> right now it does not appear that casey's or toomey's proposal will be among the gun control bills voted on in the senate next week. but both senators expect subsequent votes in the coming weeks. new at 6:00, the new owner of the former rebel casino says he will not reopen the business because state regulators are insisting he gets a casino license. glenn straub told the associated press he shouldn't have to go
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through the long process of getting the license because he will simply act as a landlord and an outside company will run the couasino. he says he plans to appeal the matter to the state casino control commission. a jury shake upin the trial of congressman chaka fattah. and the judge tells jurors to start the deliberations all over again. nbc 10's deanna durante explains. >> reporter: the jury remained behind closed doors after the judge reread some of the instructions including to remember to take each other's thoughts into account and to be respectful to each other. they didn't ask any questions and they left after 4:00 today. >> it's the worst part of the trial for those lawyers, i guarantee you. because at least when you're on a trial, even a long trial like this, you're busy, you're dhoingz. when you're just sitting it's like waiting for a baby. you're just sitting there waiting. >> reporter: veteran defense attorney is not affiliated with
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the case but says the waiting can be harder than the actual trial. he and the other legal experts say he cannot predict what a jury is going to do or how long they will take. the case involves 28 counts against five defendants and they say fattah took bribes and that he stole campaign money and used it to pay off his son's student loan debt. the waiting could take even longer because today a judge replaced juror number 12 and told the jury they had to start with deliberations over. it is not clear how far they got in the process but the judge said it's important to treat each other with respect. >> reporter: since the trial began in mid may four jurors have been replaced. still two alternate remaining. they will come back on monday to deliberate again. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. a grand jury voted not to indict two violent police officers. after a man died in their custody.
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phillip white died in their custody last year. the incident was caught on tape. the names of the officers involved have not been released. new at 6:00, downtown allentown set to get a bit more green. it's called centre green park and it's being built on the five city center urban innovation concept. the park is being designed by land collective of philadelphia. the first project is scheduled for later this summer. now to the summer's democratic national convention. today local advocates announced 100 local kids and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities will volunteer at the dnc. it's part of a youth leadership initiative aimed at highlighting the disabled community. here's a look at where all the action will be. the wells fargo central in south philadelphia. the volunteers will work as hotel and hospitality greeters. they'll also provide event support and transportation. well, today was a nice day.
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tomorrow's something even nicer. i'll he show you your forecast. and if you're heading to the shore i have that too coming up next.
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an update now on breaking news we brought you just a few minutes ago. sky first 10 is live over the commodore berry bridge. both sides remain closed following two multicar crashes. one crash is blocking traffic in the middle of the bridge. that's what you're looking at here. and sky force 10 we can see it right there, it is panning across that bridge. one is near the entrance to new jersey. there you see it right there. crews are working to get the backed-up traffic off that bridge so they can clear both accident scenes. young women from across the garden state are in ocean city vying for the title of miss new jersey 2016. the winner will be crowned tomorrow night. hearts, though, are heavy at this year's pageant following the february death of former miss new jersey cara mccullum.
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cara was also the girlfriend of nbc 10's keith jones. tonight all new at 6:00, nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg tells us how the competition is make sure cara's legacy will live on. >> just normal like you're seeing your best friend on the street. >> reporter: behind the waves and the smiles at this year's miss new jersey pageant there is a painful void. >> it still doesn't feel real. >> reporter: cara mccollum would have been on stage with them rehearsing for the show. it comes just four months after mccollum, miss new jersey 2014, died following a car accident. >> she is truly so missed and all week we've been trying to figure out how we can do this without cara, and it's been hard. >> reporter: following two nights of preliminary competition in ocean city, miss new jersey 2015, lindsay giannini will hand over the crown during tomorrow evening's bittersweet finale. >> cara would want us to be
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happy. she was the happiest, funniest person that i had ever met. >> reporter: the 24-year-old princeton grad was also a news anchor at millville-based snj today and beloved girlfriend of nbc 10 anchor keith jones. she will be remembered when the first cara mccollum memorial scholarship is awarded at this weekend's crowning. >> her legacy lives on through us. and we were so blessed to have cara a part of us. >> reporter: to compete for the scholarship the contestants had to write an essay. keith came up with the topic. how do you plan to make an indelible impact that will last long after you're gone? >> it was very hard to write. the whole time i was writing it i was thinking to myself, what would cara be saying right now? >> academics were so important to cara and writing. so the fact they had to write an essay is perfect for honoring cara's memory. >> reporter: they say they can feel her presence on stage and in their hearts.
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they sate show must go on because cara wouldn't have want td any other way. >> she'd tell to us keep going, keep smiling and sparkling. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> hearts remain 45e6y in philadelphia, new jersey and right here at nbc 10. we can tell you keith read all of those essays and he chose the winner. new at 6:00, dozens of health care workers in south jersey could lose their jobs because of a pending partnership. the inspira health network is joining with devitae health care partners. more than 60 workers received layoff notices. inspira says it is working to find new positions for all the affected employees within the new joint venture. >> here live at the national constitution center. it's the tenth year in a row for radiothon benefiting local vets. wmgk dj john debela was live outside the constitution center.
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the money helps funds the multiservice center which provides aid to vets and their families. online donations will continue throughout the weekend. today is a beautiful day to start your weekend and the entire weekend itself is going to be really nice. we have a dry stretch of weather ahead. live look out across centre city. clear skies looking down liberty 1 and 2. it's going to stay nice and dry as we go into tonight. so if you have the friday night plans, you are in the clear. also don't forget with our neighborhood weather your seven-day forecast is always scrolling right at the bottom of your screen for you. temperatures are in the 70s now. we have an onshore wind. it's starting to cool things down. delaware has dropped into the mid 70s as well as suburbs in south jersey. philadelphia 78 degrees. philadelphia suburbs mid 70s. closer look at your neighborhood temperatures in new jersey. 75 degrees mullica hill and cleveland, voorhees. these numbers have dropped a little bit with more of an
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onshore wind this afternoon. lumberton, 77 degrees. princeton 73. florence coming in at 73 degrees right now. here is the wind. it's more of an onshore wind. philadelphia wind speeds right around 15 miles per hour. gusting close to 25. even along the shore. everyone's pretty much seeing that suss tands 15-mile-an-hour wind. the winds have picked up this afternoon. rain on shore. that's where it's going to remain. we don't expect any rain moving in. it is look like it could get close to the shore point but really a majority of what we saw early this morning that's all kind of sliding down to the south now. so we're going to keep our eye on this as we go through the rest of tonight. but we expect to stay dry. and getting warmer that is the main weather story here especially as we go into next week for the official start of summer. we're going to be looking at temperatures that actually feel like it closer to 90 degrees. saturday afternoon this is future weather. as your big area of high pressure moves over the area. we're going to stay nice and dry because of it. same as we go into sunday with warming temperatures, especially
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by monday. this high shifts farther to the south and the wind flow around it at that point would allow this warmer air to be pulled in. that's where we expect to be closer to 90 degrees. notice this rain around the great lakes, that will be here by tuesday in the form of summertime thunderstorms for the first full day of summer. if you're heading to the shore this week and saturday, 72 degrees in avalon and stone harbor. atlantic city low 70s. rehoboth beach mid 70s. nice and sunny. upper 70s. uv index is going to be high, though, so you can get a sunburn within 15 minutes. make sure you wear the sunblock. philadelphia and the shore nice and sunny through the weekend. these are your next five days. clearly that temperature difference of about ten degrees. thunderstorms moving as we go into tuesday. for monday and tuesday in the philadelphia area that's when we'll be close to 90 degrees there. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
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hey hey. i'm danny pommels from comcast sportsnet. the phillies begin a four-game set with the diamondbacks tonight at citizens bank park. they have lost 16 of their last 20 games. the phils almost had as many errors as they had hits last night in the 13-2 loss to the blue jays. things so bad herrera threw a ball into the crowd in the eighth inning when there were only two outs. skipper pete mccannon held a team meeting afterward and he's hoping that will turn things around. >> we've gone from seven over to seven under within about a two-week span. and i don't want to get what we did the first two months, i don't want to let that get away
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from us. i think we're better than what we played in the last two weeks. don't want that to slip away. i want the players to regroup. and start all over. >> you can see tonight's game right here on nbc 10 at 7:00. from the diamond to the hardwood. csn's confirmed the sixers have the top pick in next week's draft, which is just six days away. simmons in cleveland for the nba finals. while lebron james put on a show scoring 412 in game 6 last nigh steph curry fouled out and threw his mouthpiece drawing a $25,000 fine. the championship will be decided in game 7 sunday. cavs trying to be the first team to come all the way back from a 3-1 deficit in the final. that is your look at sports. i'm danny pommells. we'll be right back. hello,
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good night to head out? >> yeah, a nice night. it's going to be comfortable. it will be dry. great for friday night plans and the week nice and sunny and warm
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for father's day. >> thanks, sheena. for sheena and all of us here at nbc 10 i'm jacqueline london. the news continues now with nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you at 11:00. developing news tonight. a major f emergency now scorching ten states, fueled by a plisterring heat wave. tonight 911 calls, new evacuations, and a wall of flames shutting down a major highway. red flags, tracing the killer's money trail leading up to the attack, cashing out of a home, running up big bills. was he preparing for the end. and what did his family know. banned from the olympics. a punishment without precedent. the entire russian track and field team ban issued over a bombshell doping scandal. a world power knocked out of rio. putin vowing to fight. critical mission. iraqi forces retake much of the isis stronghold of fallujah where so many americans died. and changes after tragedy. what's being done tonight at disney. is it


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