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tv   Today  NBC  June 18, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. breaking overnight. burning up. wildfires charring the west. the fires fueled by excessive heat affecting 45 million people from california to texas. triple digit temperatures in phoenix, l vegas and palm springs. dylan is tracking it all. taking aim. donald trump bringing up the orlando shooting massacre during a rally claiming if the club goers were armed, they could have stopped the gunman. >> if we had people where the bullets going in the opposite direction, right smack between the eyes of this maniac. >> this amid reports that a growing number of republican
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delegates will try to stop trump at the convention. survivor story. the year after the massacre in the charleston church, one woman who hid under a desk with her daughter is speaking out for the first time. >> i saw him come closer and gunshots coming to the office. that's when i leaped under the desk with her. >> we will hear more of her harrowing story and how she kept her daughter safe with a gunman feet away. and saving the high seas. a year after embarking on the seas, the sailors are in the home stretch. some battling the tropical storm and some through thousands of miles. now dylan sailing with them. today, saturday, june 18th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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>> look at that crowd. welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm sheinelle jones with craig melvin and stephanie ruhle and dior dylan dryer. >> these people are traveling around the world. more people have climbed mt. everest than this event. this boat is tilting at a 45 degree angle. >> this is my husband's number one dream. it is his bucket list. >> he should do it. they learn a lot about themselves. they have amazing friendships. >> we are happy you are on the ground. let's get to the top story. the dangerous heat wave gripping the western half of the country. fuelling fires that are raging across a dozen states. one of the worst in southern california. that's where we have nbc's steve
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patters patterson. >> good morning, sheinelle. since wednesday, there have been 1,200 fire personnel battling the fire. the fire is much closer to 6,000 acres this morning and only 20% contained. >> reporter: this morning, mother nature adding fuel to the fire. wildfires exploding across the country in both size and fers on ty. aided by sweltering heat. in california, sundowner winds turing the sherpa fire in a furnace and forcing the evacuation of hundreds of homes. 5,000 acres now a forest of smoldering ash. fighting back, 1,200 fire crews on the ground and in the sky. aerial bombardment in an effort to stop the spread.
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the sheriff's office is trying to get the fires under control during the day, but nightfall is when it is unpredictable. this dogland fire prompted widespread evacuations. firefighters across the west could be working in triple digit temperatures. parts of southern california could reach 120 degrees on sunday. 106 in downtown los angeles. 108 in las vegas. in phoenix, bracing for a scorching 118 degrees. close to the hottest it has ever been. the national weather service calls the heat wave rare and dangerous. urging residents to avoid outdoor actives. >> everything is becoming a worst-case scenario. >> reporter: the worst is behind the fire lines. battling fire and now extreme
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heat. >> another cause for concern is problems with air quality. there are a number of alerts out there specifically targeting people with respiratory problems. the fire is not expected to be contained for another week. sheinelle. >> steve, thank you. so monday's the start of summer. we expect some heat. this is the different kind of heat. >> this is exceptional and long lasting. the area of high pressure is associated with it. you have the dome of high pressure and sinking air. when air sinks, it heats up. we have seen record high temperatures that will last through the middle of the week. we do have now 45 million people under some sort of heat alert. the humidity, where there is humidity, that is where the feel's like temperature is up around 110 degrees. your body tries to sweat and it cannot cool itself down. in the southwest, a dry heat. phoenix, 112 degrees today. el paso, 107. on sunday, this is likely when
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we break or be close to all-time records. the warmest it has been in phoenix is 122. we're forecasting a high of 120 in phoenix on sunday. in tucson, the record is 117. we should hit that sunday and slowly cool off as we go into the beginning of the week. in phoenix, 122. forecasting a high of 120 on sunday. 117, 114. whether you are breaking a record. it is hot. in las vegas, we get close to it at 115 on tuesday. the all-time record is 117. i want to point out what is going on in the santa barbara area. the sundowner winds. they hit in the late afternoon and than evening. we could see gusts up near 30 miles an hour. on sunday, high of 96 degrees. by monday, high of 98 degrees with winds up to 50 miles an hour. imagine the conditions for the firefighters.
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brutal. >> 122 in phoenix. that is -- >> like an oven. >> thank you, dylan. more funerals will be held today for the victims of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history at the pulse nightclub in orlando. investigators are still trying to piece together what the shooter was doing in the months before the attack. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in orlando with more. gabe, good morning. >> sheinelle, good morning. as this community focuses on the lives lost, investigators are shedding new light on the gunman's past. records show he had twice taken a test to be a law enforcement officer in 2011 and 2014 and passed on the second attempt. school records reveal he had discipline problems as early as the third grade. >> reporter: this morning, more signs the orlando nightclub gunman omar mateen may have been preparing to die. >> firing off shots.
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>> reporter: investigators say prior to the shooting, mateen made more purchases on his credit card as if he wasn't worried about paying it back. he transferred his share of his home to sister for $10. his wife, noor salman a witness. salman said she turned overl over laptops and cell phones. she said she was beaten, but never told investigators she was abused. it was four gunshots that shattered tony merraro. he is now walking. his family savoring the moment. >> i'm still here. i have a purpose. >> reporter: another survivor is thankful. >> i'm one of the ones that helped you get out of harm's way. >> reporter: reuniting with the officer who pulled him out of the nightclub.
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today, the sorrow lingers for those less fortunate. some returning to puerto rico for the burial. in orlando, a special burial place for those killed at pulse. those who loved 25-year-old anthony disla. and his mother saying good-bye. >> i don't have a child anymore. so you mothers who still have your kids and grand kids, you -- whatever you can do, whatever you contribute, make it happen. >> authorities say salman was with her husband when he bought ammunition days before the shooting. according to the source close to salman, they were at a walmart and she was with their 3-year-old boy in the toy department. sheinelle. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. at a campaign event last night, donald trump spoke out about the orlando massacre saying if people in the club had been armed, they could have stopped the shooter.
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this as more and more members of trump's party are looking for ways to deny him the republican nomination. nbc's hallie jackson is in las vegas this morning. good morning, hallie. >> good morning, steph. donald trump is getting ready for a rally in las vegas after insisting the republican party is starting to like him. it is not just party unity in the spotlight. a week after the orlando shooting, trump is touching on terror and the second amendment. >> reporter: donald trump talking tough in texas. >> if we had people with the bullets going in the opposite direction right smack between the eyes of this maniac. >> reporter: describing what could have happened if more people had been armed during the orlando shooting. >> and this son of a [ bleep ] comes out and starts shooting and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes boom, boom.
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you know what? that would have been a beautiful sight. >> reporter: outside houston, trump touting his texas-sized crowds. long lines in the deep red state spending time here to get donors to spend money. attending fund-raisers. this morning, sources familiar with the events say trump brought in $8 million as his team tries to catch up with hillary clinton in more ways than one. a trump slump showing up in recent polls. >> crooked hillary. >> reporter: on attack, the candidate seems unfazed. saying he has tremendous support. insisting i have not started my campaign yet. he has been the presumptive nominee since may 4th. now new word delegates will try for a convention coup in cleveland. >> we don't want donald trump the face of the party. >> reporter: and house speaker paul ryan has endorsed trump, but his lawmakers don't have to.
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>> the last thing i would do is tell somebody that is contrary to our conscious. >> reporter: trump's response, ryan's got to do what he has to do and clearly so does trump. >> and now nbc news has confirmed former president george w. bush is reemerging on the political scene not to campaign for the top of the ticket, guys, but to help the party's most vulnerable senators like rob portman of ohio. those campaigns may be threatened now by trump at the top of the ticket. >> hallie jackson, thank you. now to shocking news overnight. 12 young girls discovered i eede a man's home in pennsylvania. that man is under arrest and charged with assault. we have morgan radford with more. morg morgan, good morning. >> craig, good morning. lots of questions in the air this morning. this is after police say
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happened in the house left 12 children in protective custody and three adults arrested this morning. >> reporter: acting on a tip, police came upon a disturbing scene. 12 girls ranging from 6 months to 18 years of age, living secretly in a home of a 51-year-old man. lee caplan has been charged with assault and suspected of fathering one of the girls. police are investigating an allegation that the parents of the young mother, now 18, sold her to caplan when she was just 14. authorities are still trying to identify the other children. >> as far as i know, we hadn't been able to locate birth certificates for the kids. >> reporter: neighbors in pennsylvania just 20 miles north of philadelphia, grew suspicious of the boarded windows and girls' behavior.
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>> i have driven by the house and see the girls dressed in amish clothing. >> tall weeds. i see children in the driveway. there is something not right here. >> reporter: this neighbor jen betz said she had to call authorities. >> it made me call. >> reporter: some believe to be members of the amish community and now reaching out for help in the case. authorities don't know how long the girls were living in caplan's house and holding all three adults on $1 million bail. >> caplan has been charged with three counts of assault and unlawful contact and corruption of a minor. police are not saying if the other children were victims of abuse. craig. >> morgan, thank you. visitors at disney are waking up to new signs this
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morning warning of alligators. today, many questions remain about why those signs were not there in the first place. nbc's kerry sanders on the story this morning. kerry, good morning. >> good morning. efforts at disney now are fully in place to keep the tourists and alligators as far apart as possible. remember, disney's property is about the size of san francisco and its reclaimed swamp land. experts say you will never get rid of all of the alligators. >> reporter: this morning on the closed beach where lane graves was killed on tuesday, a temporary barrier. new signs with picturing warning guests of the dangers of alligators and snakes. disney says they are working on long term solutions. as they evaluate procedures, more images surfacing of guest encounters with gators. this video filmed a month ago
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and obtained by tmz shows an alligator climbing on the raft at disney. and when connie was on vacation with her family four years ago, she took these photos of an alligator near the resort beach. she had no idea gators may be lurking to where her kids were playing. she applauds the changes, but feels they are long overdue. >> i feel like it is such a shame. disney knew that this was a problem. we wrote a letter to them. we complained. >> reporter: disney says we are reinforcing training with our cast for reporting sightings and interactions with wildlife and expanding our communications to guests on this topic. with the attention on the attack, some public relations experts believe this will not hurt disney in the long run. >> this is a single moment in time. surely it is a tragic moment in time, but something that will go away quickly for the company. >> reporter: back in the graves'
7:17 am
hometown in nebraska, the family requests privacy during this difficult time. neighbors giving away blue ribbons and selling lemonade for support. >> very loving and kind and nurturing. just fun loving high spirited people. >> now just miles from here at disney is universal orlando which is owned by our parent company. they issued a statement. we begun an audit of all of our water bodies and signage. sheinelle. >> kerry, thank you. a stunning development in sports. less than two months before the olympic games in rio. russia being told track and field team is banned from competition in the summer games because of a doping scandal. nbc's kelly cobiella is in london with more. good morning, kelly. >> good morning, steph. the ioc is set to meet by phone today later today. meeting again on tuesday to talk about all this to see if there is some sort of deal that can be
7:18 am
reached. after this bombshell move. banning the entire russian track and field team from sport. >> reporter: it is unprecedented. not a single track and field athlete allowed to complete under the russian flag in the olympic games. the decision by the sports governing body was unanimous. >> it sends a powerful message. >> reporter: the ban is a result of a culture of doping dating back to the soviet era. >> this has been ongoing in russia. it has been difficult to pick the clean athletes. >> reporter: russia was suspended in november after the report accused the team of cheating, corruption and cover up. for seven months, russia fought to get of the suspension lifted for rio. they claim they made progress, but the doping agency says they haven't changed.
7:19 am
president putin said the suspension is unfair. i'm really upset this pole vaulter said. i'm being punished for something i have not done. i think the whole world is scared of our team. the iaaf says the decision is final and cannot be overruled. u.s. officials applauded the decision. >> it's tough. and my heart goes out to any of the athletes that might truly be clean in that system. if there are any. >> reporter: this morning, the world skepticism growing. the ioc vice president said russia anti-doping agency and athletics body were rotten to the core. >> not a good sign for the russian athletes who say they are clean and hoping for a deal to allow them to compete in the olympic games in rio. steph, just to put this in perspective. track and field was russia's biggest event in london.
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18 medals, steph, eight of them gold. back to you. >> kelly, thank you. imagine for the clean athletes. let's get to the other morning top headlines. authorities in belgium raided dozens of homes and arrested 12 overnight as part of the anti-terror investigation. the raid comes months after the attacks on the brussels subway and airport that killed 32. and in britain, a man accused much stabbing a woman of parliament is in court. suspect tommy mair yelled out "freedom for britain." back here at home. thousands of mourners turned out last night to honor singer christina grimmie at the emotional memorial service. her brother was among the
7:21 am
speakers. he tackled the suspect who killed "the voice" contestant last weekend. a private funeral was held friday morning. on a lighter note, drivers faced a road hazard. this ostrich. >> who named it? >> the people. racing on the road. the big bird. i did not realize how fast, dylan. the owner -- >> i just chimed in. >> the big bird has given the owner the slip. being transferred to the nature preserve. he did not want to go. luckily there were no injuries to the drivers or ostrich. now chickaboo is now safe. >> she looks like a chickaboo. >> i think it looks like it. >> let's get to the check of the forecast. you know it is hot out west. >> i did a story with ostriches.
7:22 am
i don't think we aired it. they are not friendly. i hooked up a harness. that's why we didn't air it. they are fast and not friendly. back to the weather. that's my strong suit. we have showers moving into the northern california area and oregon and into washington state. we will see scattered showers throughout the day. isolated stronger storms moving through kansas and oklahoma. those won't amount to much. wah out fortc a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a cool start but warming by this afternoon. warm day, 86 degrees. father's day looking to be a hot one. 90 degrees. lots of sunshine. we'll keep the sunshine in place and the heat in place on monday ahead of a system that will bring us storms on tuesday. showers and storms possible, 89. cooling back to the mid 80s. thursday and friday in the low 80s. saturday looking nice as well. have a great day. flshg
7:23 am
forecast. >> thanks, chickaboo. >> mama chick. good name. still to come this morning, stories that had us talking. including one eighth grade graduation speech. you want to stick around. and a look at the season of "orange is the new black." >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come on this saturday, the best bikes for kids and a . just about 7:26. good morning. i'm ted greenberg. lots of sunshine for our father's day weekend. meteorologist michelle grossman is here with the first alert neighborhood forecast.
7:26 am
morning, michelle. >> hi, ted. looking good this weekend. lots of sunshine today. lots of sunshine on sunday as well. off to a cool start. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 62 in philadelphia. 59 in allentown. 62 in wilmington. ten-day outlook. warm one today. 86. sunshine. cooler at the beaches. 91 on father's day and hotter on monday, 91. showers and storms on tuesday. we clear it out wednesday. really nice days thursday and friday, temperatures in the low 80s. new from overnight. philadelphia police are investigating two attempted robberies and a shooting in center city. the first happened at juniper and locust streets around 3:00 a.m. police say the victim was approached by two men demanding money. he ran away, but the men followed and again tried to rob him. they shot the victim in the leg. he is okay. the men then tried to rob another person at 15th and spruce. this person struggled with the duo and another shot was fired
7:27 am
but no one was hit. so far, no arrests. happening today, the 2016 ride to defeat als takes off from four different locations in south jersey. some bikers will pedal 75 miles from blackwood to wildwood raising money for the cause. others will take shorter rides but all for the same mission. so far the event has raised more than $134,000. the money goes towards als research and programs to help patients. parents concerned about child car seat safety can get some help from the experts today. the burlington county sheriff is holding free safety seat checks today in riverton. you can head to the bar clay group on broad street from 11:00 to 2:00 and technicians will make sure your seat is properly installed and there are no recalls for the product. we are back in 25 minutes. i am ted greenberg. more of the "today" show coming your way next. we hope you have a great weekend.
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what? what is that face? >> no, nothing. >> oh, this is going to cost you more money. >> now i know i'll remember this moment for the rest of my life. >> oh, we all remember that classic scene from "father of the bride." tomorrow, father's day. we are getting ready with father's day movie trivia later. meanwhile, outside of studio 1a, a great crowd is starting their weekend with us. saturday morning, june 18th. we will have a lot of people out there. >> nice crowd. >> give you a look at headlines. 45 million people from california to texas are under
7:31 am
heat alerts this weekend with temperatures expected to reach triple digits in cities like phoenix, las vegas and palm springs. the heat is making it difficult for the firefighters to battle the wildfires. tim peake and two other astronauts landed safely in the spacecraft in kazakhstan. this is not something you see every day. that is an iguana in a bag which was x-rayed at the colorado courthou courthouse. no word why the owner was sneaking it in, but the owner was turned away. >> maybe he didn't think it would happen? i'll take my chances. >> it doesn't seem appropriate to take an iguana to court. >> probably better to keep it outside.
7:32 am
now to "the download." the week's biggest headlines. it has been a heart wrenching week. we have to get serious. think about this. the orlando nightclub massacre to the alligator attack at disney. those are some of the stories we were covering. >> good morning. i'm willie geist. following breaking news from orlando. a mass casualty shooting overnight at a gay popular nightclub. details are still coming in. the shooter is dead. >> we have sad news to report. 50 casualties and 53 hospitalized. >> a week consumed by tragedy with the country's worst mass shooting in u.s. history. >> oh, my god. >> mateen made his way inside and opened fire on a crowd of more than 300 people. >> those who could not escape were trapped in the bathroom. >> look at the gunman's feet
7:33 am
under the stall as he paces. >> comes in closer and closer. >> no one can tell me where my son is. >> in the aftermath, thousands gathered for vigils in orlando and around the country. >> the lgbt community will not be defeated. >> president obama travelled to orlando. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents and they asked why does this keep happening. >> the tragedy also led to a filibuster in congress. giving powerful new momentum to the issue of gun control. >> what we are seeking is common sense. >> and more horrific news from orlando. a family vacation at the happiest place on earth turned to horror when a 2-year-old attacked by an alligator as disney world. >> we recovered the remains of the 2-year-old. >> deputies say the boy was with his dad wading in the water a foot from the shore. while there is a sign prohibits
7:34 am
swimming, absent were signs warning of alligators. >> mourning another senseless act of violence. contestant christina grimmie. her brother honors her. >> she loved this town. she loved singing. she loved the lord. she loved me. >> her brother was credited with saving more lives after tackling his sister's killer. a health scare for rocker meat loaf when he collapsed on stage. >> you see him there collapsing. band members rushed to the side. meat loaf was taken to the hospital. >> in lighter news, we learned even dogs have days when they just aren't feeling social. >> all the other dogs splashing around and having a swell time. this little dog just sits there. >> we met a grandmother so polite, she minds her manners.
7:35 am
>> please translate these roman numerals. please and thank you. 12,000 instant likes later. dubbed the most polite person online. >> and a 13-year-old's eighth grade graduation speech with the impersonation. >> let me tell you. they have given us the skills we need to get to sixth grade and seventh grade. but we start with the lunches. they are delicious. >> he's pretty good. >> his impersonations. you should listen to the whole thing. they get better and better. >> his bernie sanders is the best. it tells you something about the political season. not that i wasn't informed in eighth grade, but everybody knows what he is talking about. people can relate. >> you know that the eighth grade principal was in the front
7:36 am
row cringing. >> he has to be impressive. he was a speaker. let's get another check of the forecast, my friend. >> rain in the southeast. it will start to clear out of the carolinas. you see the wind direction. this is going to create some dangerous rip currents along north and south carolina. it will start to get nice to go to the beaches. we lose the rain and clouds. we will see a thunderstorm across florida. typical this time of year. the surf could be 7 to 10 feet. something to keep in mind. in the northeast, i want to point out how beautiful it is. high temperatures average. temperatures in the 70s and low 80s along the coast. beautiful. low humidity. temperatures inland will be slightly warmer. closer to 90. on sunday, temperatures up to 87 in philadelphia. 4 degrees above average. warmer in albany. not a lot of humidity. it will not be that uncomfortab uncomfortable. temperatures along the coast in the mid-70s. slight risk of stronger storms
7:37 am
across the northern plains. northern montana and north dakota and northern minnesota. isolated stronger a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a cool start but warming by this afternoon. warm day, 86 degrees. little cooler at the beaches. father's day looking to be a hot one. 90 degrees. lots of sunshine. we'll keep the sunshine in place and the heat in place on monday ahead of a system that will bring us storms on tuesday. showers and storms possible, 89. cooling back to the mid 80s. with sunshine. and looking to be really nice thursday and friday in the low 80s. saturday looking nice as well. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. dylan.k you, dylan. up next, looking to upgrade your toddler's bike or the perfect parent friendly bike? this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin.
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uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card. this morning, "today's take away" the best bikes for your family. do you ride? say yes. with the weather heating up, there is nothing like going for a ride. we have the best bike for every budg budget. we have michael roberts here with us. >> good morning. >> let's start with the smallest members of the family. the balance bike. >> this is a flip flop. balance bike. the idea is learn to balance before you learn to pedal. that way when you transition to
7:41 am
a big girl or big boy bike, it is easier and it is faster and it is safer. >> i believe it. full disclosure. all three of my children learned using one of these strider bikes. this was last weekend here in new york city on the way to central park. my daughter in the middle. she is on a balance bike. the other 3-year-old and 6-year-old, they learned from these bikes. they learned how to balance. the pedals, they figure it out. >> that's the easy part. >> this is the trek bike. this bike will fit a child from 8 to 12 years. seat goes up and down. typical. the stem is bigger. typical. look at the pedal. you can extend the pedal crank length. as your child's leg gets longer, it gets longer. it will make it comfortable. >> it is expensive? >> $330. remember, this will last a long time. it has trek lifetime warranty. >> a bike i can sit on.
7:42 am
a child's bike. this one, i have to admit. we have this at home. not this one, but the little. >> the bike is momentum street. >> this is classic. >> a lot of vintage styling in bikes these days. really well designed. holder for this. >> is this expensive? >> $425. a really nice lightweight frame. you get a lot for your money. >> this reminds me of my brother in the little red wagon. speaking of pulling children. >> the schwinn trailer. this is in addition to the bike seat. lower to the ground for the kids. if there is an accident, they are safe. >> it looks cushy. >> we have trailers for our kids. they can take a stuffed animal or book. >> is it hard to pull?
7:43 am
>> two kids gets a little tough. mom and dad get a workout. >> look at these accessories. >> wear a helmet all the time. top of the line from giro. it can reduce rotational force on the brain if there is an accident. >> what about these? >> if you are ever going on the at night, wheel bright lights. wrap around the wheels. >> inside? >> you can see here. they light up the rims. >> both? >> this is actually a lock. the lock. the smart lock. you can wear it as a belt. >> nice. thank you so much. i should mention for more tips, you can pick up "outside magazine." coming up next, father's day trivia. happy father's day. can our produce i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®.
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7:47 am
>> i love these. >> i'll kick it off. ready? this comedy classic is about a dad who dresses up like a nanny to spend more time with his kids. >> "mrs. doubtfire." >> i think you got that right. >> the first of many. >> the lousy father in this film would rather control the galaxy than get to know his out of the world kids. >> this lousy father in this film. would rather control the galaxy. >> we don't know. >> thank you for that. who was it? >> oh, "star wars." >> that was abstract. >> the kid threw me off. >> after his death, the father of this spirit guides his son to become the rightful king of the jungle. >> "the lion king."
7:48 am
>> we will let you do that. that is "the lion sleeps tonight." >> akuna matada. >> and this follows the charming news anchor who is about to be a father for the second time. >> oh, that's clever. that's cute. i like what you did there. >> there you go. >> the name of the movie? >> it's my life. >> the craig melvin story. >> craig's having a baby. >> craig is not. i am putting on baby weight. those are nice pictures. november 9th. we will not find out the sex. we did not find out with the first one. we're excited. >> i cannot imagine not finding out. how do you restrain? >> there are few surprises left in life. >> that's a good way to put it. >> congratulations. >> thank you. there's something in the water around here. you be careful.
7:49 am
>> i'm not drinking water. >> how are you sleeping? cravings? >> i'm sleeping great. i'm sleeping well. my cravings haven't changed. my wife is a superstar. she hops on planes once or twice a week. she has gotten a little more tired faster than she used to. she is balancing it all. >> when is the baby coming? >> november 9th. lindsey insists the doctors are off and she will be early. if sees earhe's early, it will first time she will be early for anything. i'm joking. >> really? a woman? a woman is a superstar. >> i'm joking. thank you. >> the craig melvin story. >> that means there's time for more. >> our house is closed. no more. still to come, a true test of human desire.
7:50 am
competing in the around the world clipper race. first this is "today" on nbc. >> thanks, daddy and m
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:55. good morning, everyone. i'm ted greenberg. meteorologist michelle grossman is here with the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> hi, ted. looking good today.
7:56 am
off to a comfortable start. temperatures in the 60s right now. 62 in philadelphia. 64 in allentown. 64 in coatesville. 59 in vineland. by the afternoon we will be in the mid to upper 80s. beaches staying put in the 70s. lots of sunshine. you need the sunglasses today. hot father's day up to 90. 91 on monday with sunshine in place. ahead of a system that brings us a chance for storms on tuesday. more sunshine on wednesday. really nice days thursday, friday and saturday. >> thank you. a bucks county man faces sex assault charges this morning after 12 girls were found in his home. the girls ranged in age from 6 months to 18 years old. according to the affidavit 51-year-old lee kaplan admitted to sexually assaulting the eldest girl. police arrested a couple from lancaster county and charged them with giving their teenaged daughter to kaplan in exchange for his help with their money problems. those parents claim the other
7:57 am
children in kaplan's house were also theirs. philadelphia housing authority police officers will soon be using body cameras when they hit the streets. all 78 officers will be outfitted with the cameras starting on tuesday. the equipment gives officers the ability to record, store and manage video of their encounters with the public. today in philadelphia, the keystone state boy choir celebrates its 15th anniversary. current members will be joined by alumni for a gala concert in verizon hall at the kimmel center tonight. this is the final weekend for one of wilmington's most popular events, the annual st. anthony of padua italian festival. the theme is the renaissance. you can enjoy food, rides, artwork and nightly concerts. back in 25 minutes. have a great weekend! hello,
7:58 am
i am banking assistance and registration technology. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. he has a lot of bad habits from his previous bank. we'll make it our mission to change that. hello account holder number 000-2738-4873 we'll teach him that customers, aren't account numbers... bart, this is tod. ...and that even though they aren't customers, dogs are always welcome. take your time. he'll learn that, even the smallest of human touches, can go a long way...
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8:00 am
good morning. burning up. out of control wildfires destroying tens of thousands of acres this morning. hundreds evacuated trying to get to safety. away from the flames. as 45 million people from california to texas deal with a major heat alert. also, survivor's story. one of the women who lived through the charleston church massacre one year ago is speaking out about what she saw and heard for the very first time. >> and believe it or not, i know god was with us. >> this morning, how she managed to keep herself and her daughter alive. and sailing the high seas.
8:01 am
amateur competitors taking part in the incredible voyage around the world. they are about to set sail on the final leg of the journey, but they face harsh and dangerous conditions. why do they do it? dylan will ask them. today, saturday, june 18th, 2016. ♪ >> i dyed my hair for the "today" show. >> all the way here from california. >> and we're here on the "today" show. >> happy birthday. >> congratulations, craig. >> happy father's day. >> that's me. ♪ >> choreographer there. >> good morning to you. welcome back to "today" on this father's day eve. i want to say that is a fantastic crowd on the plaza. >> a lot of fathers. >> a lot of dads. >> i like the father.
8:02 am
that's me. >> we'll get out there in a bit. >> a lot to get to. let's take a look at the california wildfires that are quickly becoming infernos because of high winds and hot temperatures. the so-called sherpa fire outside santa barbara exploded to nearly 6,000 acres. a state of emergency declared with evacuation of hundreds of homes. firefighters are battling triple digit heat. in colorado, a mountain lion attacked her 5-year-old son. the 5-year-old was playing in the creek. hearing screams, the mother fights in to fight off the animal and races her son to the hospital. the boy bitten in the face and neck. in oakland, california, the police chief has resigned after just two days on the job. the departure of paul figeroua
8:03 am
means they lost three in the last week. after allegations that police had sex with teen prostitutes. and the first family is going to yosemite. president obama is visiting the popular site and delivers remarks as the national park service celebrates its 100th anniversary. now to a survivor story. one year after the deadly charleston church massacre, a harrowi harrow accounti harrowing account. as the massacre unfolded, his wife was in the adjoining room with one of her daughters. it has taken her this long to talk about what happened inside the church that night. >> reporter: every day, jennifer pinkney thinks about how she spent the last day with her
8:04 am
husband. >> i was getting ready for the programs and he whipped out his credit card and said here you go, darling. he walked out the door. >> reporter: reverend pinckney went 30 feet and started his thursday evening ritual. prayer service. the pinckney's 6-year-old daughter ate snacks and in the study. and an hour later, jennifer heard something unmistakable. >> i heard gunshots. believe it or not, i know god was with us the entire time. because i actually was getting ready to do something that was very dumb. i walked over to the door and i actually turned the knob and i started opening the door. >> reporter: she thought better.
8:05 am
whipped around and snatched her daughter. >> i said, you stay under this desk. do not leave. i said as soon as i hear the gunshots at a distance, i was going to run out and run like a wild crazy person screaming in the streets. that thought quickly left because then i started hearing the gunshots come closer until they started coming in the office. that's when i leaped under the desk with her. she was like, mama, is daddy going to die. >> reporter: police say they huddled under the pinckney desk, 20-year-old dylann roof killed many of those in the church. >> he shook the knob like he was going to come in. >> reporter: jennifer called 911. stayed on with the dispatcher. >> i heard the police come in.
8:06 am
i heard them say here's a body. then i heard them say tell them to bring in the body bags. >> reporter: the police made their way to the study. finding jennifer and her daughter still hiding under the desk. they carried malinia outside with her eyes covered. then it was jennifer's turn. >> it was just something that you can never imagine. almost thought you were in a slaughterhouse. >> why do you think you were spared that night? >> god obviously had work for me to do. >> many people all over the world have prayed for us. >> reporter: never mind be soft spoken and shy, since last june, jennifer pinckney has crossed the country. >> i know clemente is with us. >> reporter: she is promoting the work her husband started.
8:07 am
she is an out spoken advocate for changing gun laws. >> we should make sure they cannot pull a trigger on a gun. all right? >> reporter: most of her time is spent rearing two young girls who desperately miss their father. >> i think about him every day. it's hard. it's still difficult. i still shed tears. i still cry. i miss him. he was my soul mate. >> i first met him many years ago in columbia, south carolina. covering the statehouse from time to time. he was a lawmaker there. soft spoken. i mean just one of these guys. he didn't speak a lot, but when he did, everyone listened. she has made a conscious decision to honor his life and his death by the way she lives hers. this is her new mission now. going around the country. not just talking about gun control. she spends time talking about. that she also talks about loves
8:08 am
and forgiveness. it has been a long time since i have met someone with that kind of quiet strength. >> hearing her talk and recount what happened, there are so many levels. first, you think if you heard gunshots, at first, would you even know what you were hearing. unfortunately, dealing with what we are dealing within society, a lot of people do know what is going on. the fact she is hiding. the other layer for me is protecting your child. you are thinking about your safety. you are thinking about your child too. your daughter and husband right outside. >> and you are completely helpless. >> being in the office protecting your daughter and hearing the gunshots. she said i heard them say bring in the body bag. that is a moment she will never escape. >> how is she doing? >> that was my first question to her. she said that she is doing better. she, i think, gets help. she has a great village helping
8:09 am
her. she says the girls surprisingly are doing better with each passing day. these aren't kids who just lost their father. these girls lost their father in the worst way imaginable. that is something they have to deal with. >> not just the girls. the community. he is the leader. >> yeah. the foundation that she started is a foundation that she is trying to continue the work that he did in rural communities in south carolina with regards to public education and health care. two things he was passionate about. >> thank you, craig. let's get another check of the forecast. dylan is out on the plaza. >> good morning, guys. we are looking at a chance of severe storms today across the northern plains. a cold front moving in and you can see spotty storms. some severe. they will not be widespread. by sunday, they inch closer to minneapolis/st. paul. we could see golf ball-sized hail.
8:10 am
65-mile-an-hour gusts possible across the plains. on sunday, 60-mile-an-hour gusts. that includes minneapolis and st. paul and duluth. today, across the gulf coast, we are going to see a couple scatterd storms. across the southeast, it is hot. hot today. even hotter as we go into sunday as temperatures approach a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a cool start but warming by this afternoon. warm day, 86 degrees. little cooler at the beaches. in the mid 70s with bright sunshine in those spots. father's day looking to be a hot one. 90 degrees. lots of sunshine. we'll keep the sunshine in place and the heat in place on monday ahead of a system that will bring us storms on tuesday. showers and storms possible, 89. cooling back to the mid 80s. with sunshine. and looking to be really nice thursday and friday in the low 80s. saturday looking nice as well. have a great day.
8:11 am
and the crowd. there we go. they're all a little quiet. they're out here, guys. >> polite. >> a lot of dads. thank you, dylan. still to come, the cheerio challenge. it is taking over the internet. just how many cheerios can you stack on asleeping baby? >> it looks hard. and excitement over interviewing kanye west. the clip that is going viral. the clip that is going viral. >> the new kanye or the wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business.
8:12 am
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we are back on a saturday morning. it's time to "trend." shall we dance? first up, father's day weekend. you are probably getting ready to make plans for dad. here is a word of advice. don't take him out for dinner. you heard me correctly. accords to a nationwide survey from zagat. 52% of dads want to stay home with their families for father's day. 29% of dads say having to go out at all is the number one father's day complaint. when they have been forced to go out, 21% of dads complained about having to pay the bill. so just ditch the fancy plans.
8:15 am
throw steaks on the grill. >> i agree. >> just saying leave me alone. >> not leave me alone. i like to stay at home and relax. >> my dad called me up two weeks ago and said i would love you to come up for father's day for dinner. i don't know if he's paying. >> speaking of dads, there's an intense battle heating up on the internet among dads. it is the cheerio challenge. it is your kid and a box of cheerios. stacking cheerios on your kid's heads. we can thank the dad community for this challenge. encouraging parents to celebrate the adventures of fatherhood. >> i would like to know how did that challenge start? >> some bored father.
8:16 am
the record is 16 cheerios. >> some look like froot loops. >> credit doesn't go to a dad. it goes to the deep sleeping baby. >> my boy sleeps hard. i can get five or six. he would wake up and say dad, stop. >> guess what? you have another one in november. i have another one and this is major. you have to stay on the topic of food. a lot of confusion about what actually constitutes a sandwich. definition, two pieces of bread with something in the middle. meat or peanut butter. some wonder is a hot dog a sandwich? it was ruled. >> a hamburger? i don't know. >> you can make a case. >> more so than a taco. >> well, we are not up to that. stealing my punch line. hot dog was ruled not a sandwich. if a wrap is a sandwich, a hot
8:17 am
dog is. the latest debate, you have it, a taco sandwich. we asked you at home via twitter with 5,000 responses. it was a blowout. 94% said a taco is a sandwich. >> i think anything that has its own name like a hamburger or hot dog or taco, why do we need to categorize it as a sandwich. >> you could say my name is sheinelle, but i'm still a girl. >> but not all sandwiches. >> and maybe not all sheinelles are girls. >> there's only one sheinelle. >> let's talk about leonardo dicaprio. going to court. a big smile out of kanye west. dylan is always. >> first up, remember leonardo dicaprio's "wolf of wall street." well banker andrew green is suing the movie company over his
8:18 am
alleged depiction in the film. the lawsuit claims green was defamed in the film. and now the federal judge ordered dicaprio to be deposed in the lawsuit opening him up for questioning for production. lawyers are against the deposition. saying dicaprio did not write the screen play or direct the film. did you get that? dicaprio is not the person sued, but questioned in the lawsuit. next up, orange jump suits. "orange is the new black" hit netflix. i don't want to give away spoilers. this is said to be the darkest one yet with a culture war. the prison dramedy has been renewed for three more seasons. if you want to know more, look no further than sheinelle jones.
8:19 am
did you find out anything? >> one of my classmates is in it. it was so good. it was one of the -- >> the party or the show? >> both. every time you are watching it. every time you think it will get kind of dark or too dark, they have a great writing. they are filming things going on at same time. i have been to a few premeires. this one from the beginning to the end. the writers and actors. >> pictures were hilarious. >> maybe a show about women. party led by girls. >> who knows? and finally, what would you do if your kids spotted canny west on the carousel? you would post it to snapchat. >> kanye west. >> all right. hold on. >> kanye.
8:20 am
>> i just thought about what i love. >> right here. kanye west. >> i have never seen kanye smile so much. that is the happiest he has ever been. >> because it was genuine? >> it was. >> genuine interest from a kid who is a fan. >> he was with his daughter. >> his daughter north. >> he could have given that kid the heisman. disney, magical place. and you are doing weather too? >> is it time for that? >> sorry. i did weather. >> i saw dylan and i figured. >> that's all i do is weather. >> this is interesting. we have been talking about this all morning long. you will look at the harrowing conditions the sailors face as they sail around the world. >> you do so much here. >> she is a renaissance woman. >> weather is closely tied to
8:21 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined.
8:22 am
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only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. 8:25. good morning. i'm ted greenberg. lots of sunshine for our father's day weekend. meteorologist michelle grossman is here with the first alert neighborhood forecast. hi, michelle. >> looking good.
8:26 am
we have sunshine all day long today. also on sunday. a really nice weekend. temperatures are into the mid upper 60s. 64 in allentown. 68 in coatesville. 67 in philadelphia and 64 in vineland. thi t this afternoon mid to upper 80s. beaches staying put in the 70s. flc philadelphia lots of sunshine. father's day, 89 degrees. a hot one on monday. 90. ahead of a system that will bring us showers and storms on tuesday, 89. 86 on wednesday with sun returning. really nice days during the work week thursday and friday. temperatures in the low 80s. >> thank you. new from overnight. philadelphia police investigating two attempted robberies and a shooting in center city. the first happened at juniper and locust streets around 3:00 a.m. police say the victim was approached by two men demanding money. he ran away but the men followed. and again tried to rob him. they shot the victim in the leg. he is okay. the men then tried to rob another person at 15th and
8:27 am
spruce. that person struggled with the duo and another shot was fired. but no one was hit. so far, no arrests. happening today. atlantic city wants you to bring your appetite to the jersey shore this weekend. the inaugural food truck fe festival and competition starts add noon in brighton park and ends at noon. sample dishes from comfort food to seafood and desserts and then vote for your favorite fluc. the fire fly continues tonight. tonight, death cab for cutie. florence and the machine and dead mouse. this year is the fifth for the music festival. more than one hundred bands will perform before the event wraps up tomorrow night. that's it for knenow. back at 9:00 for a full hour of news. for of the "today" show is coming up next. i'm ted greenberg. hope you have a great weekend!
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we are back on this saturday morning. june 18th, 2016. a gorgeous day on the plaza. a fantastic crowd. kicking off this father's day weekend with us. still to come in this half hour of "today." time to celebrate our favorite guy. if you have not figured out what to get your dad, we have ideas for the outdoor man and tech dad. and how many dads do we have on the plaza? dads, make some noise. >> that's a lot of moms in there. >> how many people with dads? >> there you go. >> we also have the incredible home makeover for one deserving father who lost so much a short time ago. we will share his amazing story.
8:31 am
and later, we're cooking up a shrimp dinner any dad would love. that is coming up, but first a final check of the weather, dylan. >> low humidity and lots of sunshine. we do have a couple of trouble spots to worry about. storms along the gulf coast. we have severe storms across the northern plains and rockies. we're talking about the very hot temperatures in the southwest. it is hot through the south, too and midwest where the feels-like temperature will feel like 110 degrees. on sunday, that's as hot as it will get for phoenix and tucson. approaching all-time record highs out that way. if you are headed to the beach in a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. a cool start but warming by this afternoon. warm day, 86 degrees. little cooler at the beaches. in the mid 70s with bright sunshine in those spots.5po father's day looking to be a hot one. 90 degrees. lots of sunshine.
8:32 am
we'll keep the sunshine in place and the heat in place on monday ahead of a system that will bring us storms on tuesday. showers and storms possible, 89. cooling back to the mid 80s. with sunshine. and looking to be really nice thursday and friday in the low 80s. saturday looking nice as well. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. >> let's talk about this voyage that you took took yesterday. a voyage. you got a taste of what it would be like on a sailboat around the world. >> and i went around the new york harbor. this is intense. it is part of the clipper around the world yacht race. competitors deal with cramped quarters and a lot of near-death experiences and they all love it. >> reporter: the last time we saw linda, she was preparing for pole dancing and pilates. now one year later, the 60-year-old is nothing but
8:33 am
muscle and fearlessness. >> i went to the main sail. you could see my flying around. while i was doing it, i wasn't scared. it was yahoo. >> in all honesty, this is dangerous. were there moments where is you were scared? >> my mindset was if something happens to me, don't worry. i am doing something i always wanted to do. here i am. whatever happens, happens. >> reporter: the risks are real and the clipper around the world yacht race. since the start of the race, there have been two fatalities. one person washing overboard during a storm in the pacific. and just last week, the fleet of 12 yachts went through tropical storm collin. >> what was it like? >> on the last leg, at one point, we were going through pitch black with lightning. all around you. you are thinking, i hope it doesn't hit the mast.
8:34 am
>> reporter: they are now safe in a harbor in new jersey pressing for the final leg across the atlantic. >> where do i clip this? >> reporter: they took me out for a sail showing me the ropes literally. giving me a taste and the smell of life on a sailboat. >> you sleep in this? >> reporter: cramped quarters leading to close friendships. >> you stay in contact. >> reporter: as the sailors travel 40,000 nautical miles, circling around the globe. >> fewer people have sailed around the world than climbed mt. everest. at the end of july, you are one of those people. how does that make you feel? >> so here's what's going on. they are not just going west to east across the atlantic. gulfstream north and then dense fog and hit ice caps. this is not just an easy get across the ocean. this is let's throw in as many
8:35 am
challenges as they can find. >> it's a mission. >> it is a mission. the linda woman featured there. she is almost 70 years old. she is totally fearless and loves everything. i asked her this is dangerous. she said i'm doing what i love. whatever will happen, will happen. >> go big or go home. >> crazy. >> coming up next, the perfect father's day surprise for one very, very deserving dad. but first these messages.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
learning to life as a duo after his wife died hours after giving bifr birth. first, how george olaphant and "george to the rescue" are helping him live a better life. >> i'm a new york city police detective. me and my son live in this house. declan is an amazing baby. he is a baby where everyone can't get over his behavior and demeanor and disposition. me and megan had our first date in february of 2013. we were just really all-in from the beginning. we really did get to do it all. a lot of people spend their whole life chasing and looking for. i had that and i got that. i'm very lucky to have had that.
8:39 am
i felt like i had true love. megan started to have symptoms of preeclamsia. they did surgery and it didn't work. we were going to take megan off life support. it was a gut-wrenching process to sit and watch it until her final minutes. you could see the strength and how she was still breathing, but nothing else worked. after megan passed, i had a hard time being in the house. i don't want to change rooms around that megan actually decorated. our house is done with the exception of the basement. it's a pretty dingy, unfinished space. i don't have the money to renovate the basement and do it. it's not something i can handle
8:40 am
on my own. i have seen a space that was renovated by "george to the rescue." i mentioned it to my sister. she said write in and see what happens. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> i heard your story. it hit me and a father and husband. >> thank you. thank you. >> you want to meet my son? >> i would love to meet him. >> that's george. >> can you say hi? he's going to make you a play room. >> i am going to make you a play room. the best play room in all of long island. do you want to see what we have been up to while you have been gone? >> yeah. >> follow me. >> look at this, bud. look. the basement. >> wow! look at this. >> look at that little room. you see that? you happy?
8:41 am
it's unbelievable. thank you so much. i can't believe it. >> definitely. >> thank you. >> wow. dennis and young declan, who looks just like his mom are here with us. dennis, what a year you had. what does it mean to you to have george come to the rescue? >> it means the world to us. it's just you get overwhelmed with things you have to do or want to get done and to not have to do that and to have somebody come in and do the whole entire thing for you and not have to plan it is really unbelievable. it's complete perfection down there. >> george, so many people reach out to you. why did this story matter most? >> when i got dennis's story, i was on the new jersey transit coming in for an event. i started crying. i was listening to him tell the
8:42 am
story about how excited they were to have the baby and go to hospital and how everything just went wrong. declan is the most beautiful little guy. i'm a father of three myself. just touched me. i remember e-mails my producers immediately. we have to rescue this guy. i have something in my heart. this is a great story. this is somebody who needs help. i want to do it. >> dennis, you just had the big reveal. you have seen the room. what is your favorite element? >> i think my favorite element is the clubhouse-treehouse thing built in the basement. that is the coolest thing. for him, slide-in doors and he has his space within the basement. it is amazing. it really is. very nice touch. >> it is amazing. happy father's day to you. happy father's day to you, george. dennis, declan, happy father's day. the season premiere airs on
8:43 am
september 17th. check your local listings. coming up, a father's day gift guide for every man in your life. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
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we are back on a saturday morning with the little help for you procrastinators out there. father's day is tomorrow. we will have you looking like you picked up the gift years as. tara is here with last minute guests. i love all of these ideas. we are starting with the manly man. >> all kinds of dads. this is the manly man. he likes to spend time outdoors, this speaker, don't let the size fool you, has big features. a philips waterproof speaker. >> he won't get in trouble if he
8:46 am
dropped it? >> you can order one night shipping on amazon. and this is for the guy who is organized. shaving kit. you can pick up today. fill it with homemade shaving cream and beard oil. who knew? >> is this part of the kit? >> essential oils at health food store. easy. >> i love this one. this is for the tool guy. >> exactly. the guy who likes to spend time in garages. a framed picture of him and the kids. glue nuts and bolts to a frame. >> not sure if craig is a tool guy. adorable picture of him and his son. moving on to the foodie dad. >> he loves to cook and wear an apron. you can iron your name on the apron and hand prints on it. it goes along with the homemade barbecue rub. ten ingredients. you have them in the pantry. easy to do. this is fun. the man-try box. a subscription service filled
8:47 am
with things dad would like. you can present him with a printable coupon. >> this i love. are you kidding me? >> for the dad who loves ties. take the old shirt and cut the sleeve off and present with a shirt and tie. >> the ribbon is the tie. a remember tgular tie. >> i used to make my dad all kinds of gifts. >> this is the dad who loves to spend time with the family. breakfast in bed. you can printout and door hanger and survey he can fill out on what he wants to do with the family that day and breakfast made. >> i love it. >> this is another service you can order and present to him. the cooper kit.
8:48 am
it is games and activities dad can do with the kids. >> i want to do this. >> and this is a fun one for the toddlers who want to get in on the action. print this survey off. you write down the toddler's answers about dad and they can color a picture. >> there is still time. >> get it in. >> tara, thank you. you can see this on our web site let's go to sheinelle in the orange room. you know how children brighten up a room? we have the anderson family with us from brooklyn. >> we have jasmine. >> how old are you? >> lexie. how old are you? >> 3. >> how old are you? >> he is 5. >> you are five years old? yes. >> i never knew the chairs in the orange room can spin. this is when you have kids. as she spins, i will say still to come on "today" do you like to cook?
8:49 am
>> no. >> we will show you a simple shrimp dinner that dad will bill's family went to lowe's to find him the perfect gift for father's day. they have all the brands that dads love. i'm last and i wish mikey put in a little more effort. get a free kobalt® 38-piece tool set with purchase of this 24-volt max combo kit. that urges us....ce of a... to shake things ups why should damaged hair silence that voice?
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nissan safety shield technologies, available in the altima, sentra and maxima. all right. this morning on "today's food" we are wrapping up the week of father's day foods. we have chef here from crave fish bar here with us. shrimp is my favorite. i love we are making it. >> they brought me on to teach you how to grill shrimp. >> what are we making? >> we are grilling shrimp with peppers with sauce and ginger and lime. it is bold and it is done to flavor the shrimp which are grilled with olive oil and sea salt. i have shallot and garlic. i have ginger and lime and skin
8:52 am
on. we will take some water, some fish sauce and rice vinegar. >> mix it up there. >> give it a quick buzz. see if we can give that a quick buzz. >> okay. this is the finished product? >> that is the finished product. >> you coat your shrimp with two thing? >> we coat with the two ingredie ingredients. olive oil and kosher salt. i happen to like kosher salt. that is because the other flavor is coming from the bold dressing me just made. >> peppers? >> yes. mix those up. >> one in ten of these is a little spicspicy? >> that is true. it is like russian roulette as you say. you have one that is a green pepper and you have one that
8:53 am
might kick your butt. >> how long do you keep the shrimp on the grill? >> a shrimp this size, two to three minutes per side. if you are grilling at home on an open flame, two to three minutes per side. >> what is it about shrimp you enjoy most? this is one of the favorite foods at your restaurant. >> i like all seafood. i love the texture that shrimp has and the little brininess of the ocean. layer it up with the peppers. >> what i love about this dish, todd, this is hard for me to screw up. >> this is easy. >> let's do a salad. what kind of salad? >> we have lettuce here. it mix is romaine and red leaf and baby arugula. we have asparagus.
8:54 am
>> why do you blanche the asparagus? >> that will help bring out the color and soften up the asparagus and raw foods and cooked foods taste a little different. cooked asparagus is delicious over raw. we have grape tomatoes. we are using grape tomatoes here. we use gooseberry at the restaurant. what i love about gooseberry is they are sharp and jammy. >> what is the verdict? >> i don't know if i have a spicy. my mouth is on fire. >> can i tell you something? we wanted to do something special. happy father's day. craig, come here.
8:55 am
>> is to be a brother. this is for the new baby. >> and not just cam newton is one heck of a football player. look. carolina panthers onesie. >> thank you. >> i wanted to contribute to big brother. you also think about the little guy. >> you are so sweet. thank you. thank you. >> happy father's day. >> happy mother's day to you guys. >> fantastic. >> todd, thank you. you can get the recipe on the web site. >> have a good day.
8:56 am
good morning. i am ted greenberg. just ahead on "nbc10 news today," 12 girls are found in a bucks county man's home and the parents of one of of the alleged victims are accused of gifting their daughter to the suspect. it's looking to be a very nice weekend. lots of sunshine today and tomorrow. your ten-day. weekend forecast coming up. i always told her i loved her. i always told her to put god first. >> family, friends and fans say their final good-byes to "the voice" singer christina grimmie. new from overnight, a dozen are arrested in belgium in a major anti-terror investigation. those stories and much more coming up next on "nbc10 news today" at 9:00.
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a bucks county man is in jail this morning and charged with sexual assault after 12 children are found in this home. we're a live at the scene for neighbors say they saw girls living in fear. two crimes, two victims. the same suspects. police in philadelphia are searching for a pair of criminals who tried to rob two men minutes apart in center city. taking a live look at the jersey shore. cape may. there is more beautiful weather on the way for this father's day weekend. your first alert neighborhood forecast is just ahead. good morning and welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. just about 9:00 a.m. on this saturday morning. thank you for being with us. let's get a check on the weekend forecast from meteorologist michelle grossman. a really nice father's day weekend, michelle. >> yeah. looking to be really nice. already starting out really nice, and we're going to have a beautiful weekend. today and also for your father's
9:00 am
day. it will be warm today and even warmer on sunday. heading out this morning, we're clear and comfortable, lots of sunshine. you need the sunglasses this morning and you're going to need them all day with the sun shining. we're looking at a sunny and warm afternoon, temperatures into the mid to upper 80s. the beaches staying in the 70s. father's day we'll be close to 90 in many spots. neighborhoods across the area. we've jumped in terms of temperatures. we started out around 5:00 this morning with 40s and 50s, even some 60s. now we are into the upper 60. in lehigh valley. 70 in the suburbs. 70 in philadelphia and delaware. 69 in south jersey and 69 at the jersey shore. temperatures at the shore mainly in the upper 60s. again, probably only going to the mid 70s with the onshore flow. 69 in somers point. we're starting to see the temperatures jumping. the shore 69


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