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tv   Today  NBC  June 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. happy thirsty thursday to everybody. june 23rd. that's supposedly allegedly summer nights by john legend. is this the summer nights from greece? >> it's their on version. >> that shows you generationally -- never mind. we do have a terrific show. if you were a fan of "melrose place," everybody was back in the '90s, you know these stars very well. jack wagner and josie bissett. there might be a wedding finally in their future after 17 years. >> it's high time.
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you need an idea for dinner tonight? look no further. our friend curtis stone. perfect summer dish. it's light and healthy. remember, when you cooked at kathie lee's house? >> wasn't that fun? >> remember? remember? >> for my birthday. >> every woman's fantasy. curtis cooking you breakfast. >> it was beautiful. who's ready for a little "hardcore pawn"? seth and les gold are here to help you figure out -- just saying the title, i feel dirty. some of that junk in your attic is worth big bucks. >> of course, it's ambush makeover day. we will help some ladies fight the frizz. >> just in time for summer. >> so everyone was asking yesterday, we tried a remedy, li listerine dunked in cotton balls. you did it, you applied it, nothing happened. >> yes. >> you know what people did? they immediately said i have a remedy. everyone came up with their remedy. we will test drive some of them.
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somebody said -- i tried that before. it's like a cool cream. some sort of herbal thing. i tried that. tried that many times before. >> myrna likes it. they say arneca gel is the best. >> burt's bees has something called hand salve. she says salve. it's spelled salve. please go on our facebook, let us know which you like best. >> or if you even know what it is. do you even know what it is. or do you care. >> burt's bees salve. okay. let's put that on. we will just apply everything to it. that looks leike it's working. if it gets better we won't know which one works. >> crystal wrote to us, take a
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boiled egg, peel it, make it warm. is it warm? >> yes. >> then slowly roll it over the bruise. slowly. slowly. slowly. >> i don't even care if it works now. it's surprisingly satisfying. >> let me tell you something else. a friend of mine said, she has the total remedy right here. she says it's called, here's a picture of it, called bruise relief. my friend meg said this is what works. she said doctors use it, she does a lot of medical reporting, doctors use it after they give an injection so it doesn't bruise. they use bruise relief. it was created in louisiana. they smudge it on and then poof, it goes. >> see, i take a little teeny baby aspirin every day so that makes you -- you know what i'm going to do because of that? >> no! don't smash it! >> i'm smashing it. >> don't smash it! what are you doing? what are you doing?
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>> i'm having a really good time. don't knock it if you haven't tried it. >> how does it feel? squishy? >> really good. >> that is a soft-boiled egg. oh, my god, it's soft-boiled. >> i'll clean it up. >> i think -- oh. >> i'll just leave it there for awhile. okay. james cordyn, we love him, has done something different. we have been watching him do carpool karaoke. he's very inventive. anyway, he's letting us know there's a song for every stage of an affair. last night on his show, anna kendrick and he took the viewers through the history of a relationship in one big medley. let's take a look. ♪ lady in red is dancing with me ♪ ♪ make love to you like you want me to and i'll hold you tight
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baby all through the night ♪ ♪ i think i love you so what am i so afraid of i'm afraid that i'm not sure of a love there is no cure for ♪ ♪ i think i want to marry you never mind i'll find someone like you i wish nothing but the best for you too sometimes in life in love sometimes it hurts instead ♪ ♪ i will always love you i will always love you ♪
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>> is he hitting the high notes? was that james? >> that was james. that was awesome. fun, inventive. >> all right. we have been trying to get this to you for the last year and a half. if you go to the beach this weekend or if you went last weekend and explain what gets on your nerves when it comes to other beach goers. has their list. imagine you lay out your chair, your umbrella, and you think you'll have the loveliest time. >> these are the people you do not want to be on the beach with. first of all, the exhibitionist. the ones that strut up and down the beach slowly to show off their body. they are the ones that like their bodies so much. second, the paparazzi. what do they do? >> i don't know. i don't know what that one was. >> don't take pictures of people you don't know. >> the loudmouth. the one who's talking so loudly you can't even focus on being calm and relaxed and the waves crashing. >> this says on the phone but it could be to the person next to them, too. the canoodler.
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stop it. don't go crazy with the pda. there are families around. >> this one, i don't mind. the deejay. someone who plays music on the beach. i kind of like to hear other people's music. >> the slob. don't leave your trash behind. >> have you ever been sitting on a beach, in a beautiful spot, there's lots of room, it's all over and somebody comes up with their blanket and plops it literally a foot from you, or right in front of you? >> yes. blocks your view of the water. the encroacher, they're called. >> sometimes i spread out a little more than i need to. >> what's the one, the encroacher? >> that bothers me the most. >> what about the people that take their towels and shake them and what about the parents that let their children run amok? >> we don't like them. >> i was looking -- >> he now has children. >> are you ready for an ihoda? this is a good one. this is a good one. sometimes you meet a boy when you're young and sometimes you
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meet the man later. this is called "i got the boy" by janna kraemer. take a listen. ♪ i got the first kiss she'll be the last she's got the future and i've got the past ♪ ♪ i got the class ring she got the diamond wedding band i got the boy and she got the man ♪ >> wait. there's more. here we go. ♪ i got the first kiss and she'll get the last she's got something the other will never have ♪ ♪ i got the long hair
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she got the cool and steady hand ♪ ♪ i got the boy she got the man ♪ >> it's a question of timing. >> that's so true. yeah. >> most of mine passed away. boyfriends everybody. okay. you get to that age in life, you really do. i'm sorry. i don't mean to be -- you got to hold these things loosely, hoda. okay. apple and sirius. what is this? >> find my ihoda on apple. >> why would you want to? >> you could. >> listen to us on sirius xm channel 108 and find hoda there have monday and wednesday at 2:00. >> as we go, we have good news for our friend katherine heigl. >> congratulations to katherine and josh kelley. they are expecting their second baby -- third child. third child. a boy, in january. >> "people" magazine was confirming that. we love when she hangs out with
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us. congratulations to you. your ever-growing family. >> she still has the best pasta recipe we have ever had. except for curtis. >> all right. they are bold and beautiful. >> look how cute they are. >> wow. josie, we are saying your name right because between you -- huh? because you know what? bissett, jacqueline bissett. it's bissett. >> jack wagner and josie bissett. we will smooth out the frizz for two lucky ladies. ambush makeovers after this.
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curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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oh, my gosh, it's happening. we're having a ball. it's a reunion 17 years in the making between two great tvs stars. jack wagner and josie bissett. they lived in one of the hottest neighborhoods of the '90s, "melrose place." josie played jane mancini and jack played dr. peter burns. >> he was conflicted. now they're together again starring in "the wedding march" about getting a second chance at love. >> let's just go with a sectional. we can change up the pillows. a pop of pink would be great. >> you okay? >> i'm so sorry. >> no, my fault. >> nick? >> you look --
10:15 am
>> older? >> beautiful. >> aww. >> i still love that scene and i have seen it over and over. >> you guys are marinating well. >> all right. fermenting. whatever you prefer. >> we have so much fun together. >> what is it like working together again? how does that feel? >> it was just fun and easy and familiar. we just trusted each other. >> yeah. and we laughed so much off camera that by the time we actually got to do the scenes, it was all just happening. the emotions that came up were -- it was wonderful. she has such great comedic timing you never saw on "melrose place" because it was drama. in this she's so fresh and lovely. >> you had to fall in love with her. >> yeah. >> my mother, every single one of them, she lives for them.
10:16 am
>> how did this reunion come to be? >> bill abbott. yaenchlg >> yeah, you got it. >> you were a pop star. >> i was a pop star in the '80s. we were college sweethearts. she wrote with me. that's how we established the movie and boom, we cut 25 years later, i went away to get a record deal. she's a realtor marrying her realtor partner. she thinks. >> the key is we are each other's one first love. >> she had him first. first love. >> first love. yeah. >> that scene you saw, all those feelings come up. it's about how we deal with that. >> do you have somebody in your life you pulled on for emotions in this? was there someone in your life you feel like got away? no? >> no. but the way we met kind of seeing each other the first day,
10:17 am
17 years, we're all new people. >> you haven't seen each other that much. >> no. zero. >> not once in 17 years? >> i have to tell you, the promo, you guys did a promo last week and you said coming on, you mentioned our names, she sent it to me four times. she's such a fan of the show. like crazy. >> i have it on every morning. i do my thing and i heard you say our name. >> you did some singing on this. did it freak you out a little bit? what was that like? >> first of all, first problem is i told them i could sing when i read the script, i was like i can sing. i can't sing like you but i felt like i can get through this. i can carry a tune. >> i can't sing like him either. >> and then i realized like i can't really sing so i went to my guitar teacher and she sang it and she was like phenomenal. that's what singing is. that's how it should sound. >> what did you do?
10:18 am
>> i told jack -- >> she said i can't sing. she got up there and went i can't sing. my daughter says i can't sing. so the first day of shooting we had to do a live thing and she goes okay, feel my back. she's sweating. i'm toweling her off. she was great. >> what happened at the end? you pulled it out. >> i got through it. >> she was amazing. awesome. >> you are going to be able to play -- i have faith in you. >> you are going to be doing solos from guns n roses. >> congratulations. you can watch "the wedding march" this saturday on malmark channel. >> it is the video that has more than two million views and is one of the hottest trends in beauty. >> bobbie has her finger on the latest looks in nails. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ]
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we called in our friend curtis stone. >> his new restaurant gwen is opening soon in los angeles along with the maude he's already got. today he's cooking up a dish that's light and fresh. >> what we are going to do is pickle some chilies. chili's are summer fruit, they're beautiful. they're so easy to make. you smell the vinegar. we have lots of champagne vinegar in there, a little honey. we sweeten it up. then you throw in -- this means you can cook so easily. once you made this pickle. pepper corns, clove, bay leaf, chili pepper. >> sounds like a strange combination. >> boil for five minutes, then stick it if on one of these lit guys. get your pan way too hot. it starts smoking. you don't actually get it this hot. i did it by accident. >> what's that, garlic? >> that's a little garlic. this is pickled chilies i just sliced up.
10:23 am
>> are those hot? are they hot, hot? >> they are not -- >> they have a bite. >> depends on what you grow. >> now we're cooking. >> 30 seconds or so, then you throw in a little white wine. bring it to a pasty sauce. what we are going to put into it -- >> vinegar. >> zucchini. >> look how little those guys are. >> come over here, kath. come on the other side. >> i'm killing kathie lee. >> put it on to the grill. you want to grill them up. what you can do is just sort of go ahead and slice these guys like that, okay, and toss those with a little bit of fresh tomato so we have heirloom tomatoes, then the zucchini goes in. and the blossoms.
10:24 am
>> i have never even seen a blossom before. >> toss those in. >> you're killing me. >> you're making me look bad. behave yourself. stir it up. i have some pretending to cook. this is fresh pasta. >> what kind did you use? >> we made it, it's so easy to make. >> look at that. you stick it right in there with the sauce. >> then you get all that beautiful -- >> that looks yummy. >> doesn't that look good? >> yes. >> you can come see me at gwen. make your reservations at gw >> maude is named after your mom. >> my granny. >> okay. is your mother upset about that? >> when is she getting hers?
10:25 am
>> she's got to wait. >> we will try it. you have something else here, too, sweetheart. oh, my gosh. >> this is cous-cous. you can cook so many things on the grill outside. >> that's a gem. >> that's a gem. get this recipe at narrator: breakfast. dishes. dinner. dishes. marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. sleeping. (snoring) (sputtering) dishes. not sleeping. dishes. life. dishes. death. dishes. existence. dishes. dishes, dishes, dishes... every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything. someone is carrying well,locally grown produce picked at peak of season of freshness.
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guess who it could be. better yet... ...try it. at walmart's low prices. they give awards for spelling but everyone knows cheese.s. cracker barrel has won awards for their delicious cheddar and they put that cheddar in a new macaroni & cheese. can you spell delicious? delicious. d. e. l... ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪ good morning. i'm tracy davidson. just about 10:30. make sure you have the umbrella with you today. you'll need it. let's get you updated on the forecast with bill henley. >> tracy, best to be prepared. the first of the rainfall, the
10:27 am
first umbrellas up this morning were in delaware. won't be an all-day rainfall, but the clouds will be here for most of the day, and clouds and a chance of showers will keep us cooler today than it's been recently. low 80s for philadelphia. upper sfepts at the shore. the chance of showers out of the picture for tomorrow. looks really nice at the shore. 79 degrees and a nice warmup for philadelphia, 86 degrees. the beginning of a warming trend that will warm temperatureinize to the 80s in philadelphia and the shore for saturday. 90 degrees on sunday. warmer for the jersey shore on sunday. partly to mostly sunny skies monday and still warm. 88 degrees monday afternoon. and plenty of warm air, too, for the shore. 84 degrees on monday. speaking of warm air, or more likely hot air, the chester county balloon festival starts on friday, continues the weekend. looks like great weather for that. >> looks terrific. thanks, bill. >> a philadelphia police officer is recovering after his cruiser was hit by a septa bus this
10:28 am
morning. only nbc10 was there when he was loaded onto a stretcher and put in an ambulance, taken to penn presbyterian hospital. >> tonight, the 76ers are expected to take ben simmons with the first overall pick in the nba draft. he played for lsu. he worked out with the sixers on tuesday. you can count on nbc10 for coverage of tonight's nba draft. comcast sportsnet's john clark will be live in brooklyn for all the action. i'm tracy davidson. a full hour of news in about 30 minutes. you can stay updated throughout the day with the nbc10 app.
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10:30 am
it's thirsty thursday and two lovely ladies rolled out of bed early for ambush makeovers. they were hoping for some help with their out of control frizzy hair. like someone we know. >> you know what? i'm so tired -- >> i had nothing to do with it. >> that picture needs to be retired. >> no, that picture needs to go to the smithsonian museum. now we're ready to reveal the gorgeous new looks courtesy of our dynamic duo of "today" contributors. from the licari cutler salon, louis licari and author, fashionista and guinness world record holder, in case you have forgotten. how are you, kids? >> oh, great. it was humid, it's a perfect
10:31 am
summer day. what a perfect subject more than how to fight the frizzies. >> darcy was battling them this morning. she and her husband just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. her idea of dressing up was putting her hair into a high pony. let's take a listen to her story. >> we were laughing off camera because it's humid hair day makeover. we all have those days. you say i need help. >> yeah, i do need help. especially on a day like this. under these lights, i'm getting sweaty and my hair grows and grows and grows. >> you told me you put a lot of product in. >> don't leave home without your hair tie. >> what do you think about all this? >> it's very cool. i'm excited to have my mom get a new hair style and try a new thing. >> oh, yeah. >> she's here with her daughter clare and clare's entire dance troop. please keep your blindfolds on
10:32 am
for just one second. here's darcy before she was ambushed. let's see the new darcy griffin. oh, my gosh! >> you ready? take off your blindfolds. >> oh, my gosh! >> wow! >> okay, get ready. turn around. you're going to die. >> oh, my god! >> you look amazing. you look like courtney cox. >> we want to see you on camera 12 so we can all take a look-see. louis, what? >> first of all, there was a black rim around the hairline when you make your hair too dark. the other was this slight reddish color. what i immediately did was make it more even, added that highlight of red and vanessa gave her this great haircut.
10:33 am
>> i love that dress. that fits her like a glove. >> this is white house black market. i love it. you see the overlay? >> i love that. clare, clare, what do we think? >> it's very beautiful. i love it. >> how does the dance troupe like it? big round of applause. excellent! wow. all right. i have got number two. laura tormey is 56 from williamsburg, virginia. daily routine is putting her hair into a ponytail and throwing on shorts and sneakers. she was thrilled for the opportunity to get a glam new look. let's hear her story. >> so are you guys excited for mom or you don't really 100% know what's happening here? >> i know what's happening and i'm very excited for her. >> what do you think? >> i think that it's a fantastic opportunity and i'm very excited. >> what do you think, mom? >> i cannot believe that i got picked. it pays to look bad, i guess.
10:34 am
>> you don't look bad. we're going to make you look more beautiful. >> that's awesome. i couldn't be more excited. this is awesome. thank you so much. >> wonderful family. she's here with her husband barney' and her kids tristan and tyler. let's bring out the new ambushed laura tormey. wow! >> you guys ready? take them off. >> wow! >> unbelievable. >> so pretty. you want to look, laura? turn around, sweetie. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> you likey. >> i really looked bad. >> no, you did not. you just look so good. look at camera 12 for us. >> obviously, i toned the hair down. people always think blonder is
10:35 am
better. sometimes a little bit darker works. obviously, she is so much more beautiful. vanessa haircut, bangs on the side. product is essential, creams and you know, waxes. >> do you just need a really gray blow dry? they all have good hair. they just need to pull it right. >> vanessa is the queen of blow dries. enid did the makeup. again, the trick is soft, natural. don't pile it on, don't look like a woman that sells makeup. >> that's true. and the dress, the outfit? >> white house black market. >> okay. they're having a good day. thank you, everybody. wait, come here, darcy. step in here. big round of applause for both our ladies.
10:36 am
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visit to find the store nearest you. the change would impact more than 4 million people living in this country facing possible deportation. pete williams is at the court. what happened, pete? >> matt, what happened is the supreme court couldn't decide this case. it's a 4-4 tie. this is what a tie vote looks like in the u.s. supreme court. it's one line. it says basically the decision below is affirmed by an equally divided court. now, the decision below from the fifth circuit court of appeals said that president obama did not have the legal authority to
10:39 am
impose these immigration rules that were announced about a year and a half ago. so this decision changes -- this decision today changes nothing. it's as though the supreme court never took the case. that leaves the lower court ruling in place. that means the lower court order blocking the administration from carrying out this plan remains in place. as a practical matter, it means the obama administration cannot begin to put this program into force for the remaining days of the obama administration. now, there is still a lawsuit. it's still down in texas. what this means is it will continue to work its way through the lower courts. and at some point, this case may come back to the supreme court. but the real future of president obama's proposal on immigration, which is to allow adults to remain here if they have children in the u.s. who are citizens or lawful permanent residents, the real future will be up to the next friends. hillary clinton has said that she would uphold the president's policy. she would embrace it and take it
10:40 am
further. donald trump has said he's completely opposed to it. but it's dead for the remainder of the obama administration. >> and pete, just to make sure people understand, the state of texas has argued that not only did the president not have the legal authority to impose these new rules, but that it would impose an unfair cost on the state of texas. >> yes, surprisingly, the argument that texas and 25 other states made in getting to the supreme court is that it would cost the state more to issue driver's licenses for all the people who would be eligible to stay here and get driver's licenses. now, importantly, the obama administration had argued that the court should throw this case out. the obama administration said the states have no business on the issue of immigration, that that's exclusively the province of the federal government and as the lawyers say they had no legal standing to bring this case, but obviously, the court couldn't resolve that. it couldn't resolve the key question here of whether the
10:41 am
president has the executive authority to do this or whether this was such a change that it would require an act of congress. so this is the supreme court saying we can't decide this case. eight justices split 4-4. a one-line decision basically leaves everything as it is. >> pete, would she remind everyone, the reason we have eight justices, not nine, is because of the passing of justice antonin sculeelah, a replacement that has not been fill eed yet. did the tie opinion give you the breakdown. did this break down on the predictable lines of the court? >> this is all it says. it says they are split 4-4. i can assure you that that means that justice kennedy joined the three other conservatives, justices thomas alito and roberts. so that's the reason for the tie. that's a guess, but i think it's a pretty safe guess given that they were 4-4.
10:42 am
i'll tell you that we know from talking to people who are close to the justices, let me put it that way, that they were trying everything they could think of to try to avoid this outcome. they are really trying not to have tie votes. this is the second tie vote of this term. the first one involved a question of union dues, a decision that could have potentially weakened public sector unions. they tried to avoid it, but obviously they couldn't get there. >> pete williams with a quick read on the decision from the justices. we appreciate it. >> for once, it's a quick one. we have more on msnbc,, and tonight on nightly. we'll return most of you to "today." t of you to >> you can get this on amazon for a couple dollars. it's gold tape that's really thin. >> is that what you used? >> yeah. it's really easy. put that on, cover it with a
10:43 am
clear topcoat. speaking of one of the easiest manicures that looks so chic on these instagram photos is what's called negative space. you will see this is done and there's' just extra lines and you say how does somebody paint that? you just take scotch tape. talking about what you have at home. you simply just peel off after you have painted over it and you have a perfect line. then you just paint right over that with a clear topcoat. voila. on my nails, you'll see i have cellophane so extra gift wrapping paper. these were done by natalia. she uses pieces of cellophane and other interesting articles to layer it over. >> that's really cool. >> it's the perfect season. dip your toe into it. >> thank you so much. >> the stars of "hardcore pawn." after this. ♪
10:44 am
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do you have a bunch of old stuff stashed away in your home? >> like your kids' old instruments or toys or your grandma's silver tea set? >> we are about to help you figure out how much these things are worth and who better to do that than les and seth gold, the father and son team from the reality show "hardcore pawn." that takes you behind the scenes of their famed detroit pawnshop, american jewelry and loan. >> we love it. it's fascinating. >> you brought in a bunch of stuff from your shop and you will let us know if it's worth something or what to look for. >> we will start with instruments. you clean ougt the attic, find case and you open it up, it's a saxophone. first thing you do is look at the manufacturer. >> just google the manufacturer? >> google the manufacturer. ultimately, a vintage piece like
10:50 am
this, look at the serial number. that will show when it was actually made. the value on this is anywhere between $8,000 to $10,000 in the condition that it's in. >> you're kidding me. >> it is in pretty good condition. >> shall we go through the attic a little more? >> let's go through the attic. we're walking. okay. as you're walking through the attic, you look at silver tea pots. this particular one is sterling silver. you look on the bottom and you know it's sterling silver because it says sterling. a lot of them will say silver plate. doesn't have the value. this thing is worth probably $500. you will also see silver sterling flatwear. if it says sterling, it's a winner. you sell it individually, if you don't have a complete set. if you have a complete set, sell the whole set, lit git will get the most money. >> how much would it get you? >> we will talk about it soon but if you have a complete set
10:51 am
of sterling silver service for eight could be anywhere from $1500 to $5,000 depending on the pattern. >> is sterling the only thing really worth anything? >> sterling silver. if it's silver plated -- >> el-cheapo. >> very well put. very well put. >> we are still in the attic. vintage toys. >> if only we could hear it. >> well, keep the toys in the original box. this is an apollo robot. this thing is worth $200. the reason i know it's worth $200, we actually just sold it and are still waiting to ship it. we just brought it with us. >> it's in the box unopened or in the box the kids have played with already? >> even if they played with it. because you see some of the frame. >> okay. >> are these little elves? >> snow white and seven dwarfs. >> we only have five of them. if we had a complete set it would be worth a lot more. individually they are still worth about $25 apiece. if you had the full set -- >> how do you know they're worth something? >> do some research.
10:52 am
don't rely solely on the internet. take it to an appraiser, to a local pawnshop, see what they have to say. get multiple bids. >> let's talk about money. money's really interesting. it's no surprise that money, old money has some value, right? but everybody might not realize that in their pocket they might have something worth money. remember, they just changed to the new currency, the large face. money printed in the 1990s, there's still a premium on it. people are selling it for over face value which is kind of interesting. then quarters and dimes and half dollars and dollars prior to 1964 have silver content. so the actual value on this quarter is approximately ten times face value. sift through your coin collection. you might be sitting on some money. >> real quick. look at grandma's watch. this is a patek but look at the condition. turn it over with the silver. >> beautiful. >> if it's gold or platinum it has a lot of value. this is an original 1960s.
10:53 am
it's worth anywhere between $7,000 to $10,000 without the original band. >> if you just have a bunch of old magazines up there, how do you know if they're worth anything? >> iconic publications, this is the first issue of "sports illustrated." there will be a premium. whenever there's a major catastrophe, you have "people" magazine so that value isn't going to be there. you can't really predict the future on what will be expensive. it just so happens. >> got it. thanks, guys. >> we'll be back in just a moment.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
time for okay or not okay. typically when celebs walk the red carpet, they are all glamed up in designer duds. >> adam sandler, kevin james wore sweatpants and tee shirts to their movie premiere and halle berry and richard gere went casual in the past.
10:57 am
>> we were asked is it okay or not okay to dress down for your movie events. here's what we had to say. >> depending on the theme of the movie, of course it is. you wouldn't go couture for "dumb and dumber" would you? >> i might. i say as long as there are no stains on your outfit, i guess it's okay. to each, his or her own. >> there's always stains on yours. right? >> that is not true. i don't know why i said it. >> it mostly is true. tomorrow, we will catch up with blake lively. >> we love her. plus beyonce's mom is with us and her new husband. >> she's adorable. how to make a living working from home. >> joy will turn your junk food into joy food. see you tomorrow.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
that breaking news right now, a tie vote from the u.s. supreme court that blocks president obama's immigration plan to shield millions of people living in the u.s. illegally from deportation. the justices' one sentence opinion came down about 20 minutes ago. it effectively killed obama's immigration plan for the duration of his presidency. a tie vote sets no national precedent, but leaves in place the ruling by the lower court. in this case, the federal appeals court in new orleans ruled the obama administration did not have the authority to shield immigrants from being deported without approval from congress. there will no doubt be a lot of reaction to the story. of course, stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for


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